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Iramako- Mankanshoku Mako X Gamagori Ira (Requested by @anskuruu)

I’ve been so busy with assignments lately and sleep so I’m super sorry potential readers since this is super late and I ended up having zero time to read Kill la Kill, just the first few chapters haha :( but from what I’ve seen so far, they’re pretty cute 😂 Mako seems like a pretty easy going type of person (?) whereas Ira is super uptight and kinda full of himself (?) not completely sure, maybe I’m wrong and they probably get better haha 😂 but either way this is ANOTHER case of opposites attract (I seem to be doing A LOT of opposites attract lately ;3 ) I remember watching a few clips for this ship and omg! She so small!! So cute! And he’s like… So towering :0 HAHAHA XD it’s super cute and I can’t remember but if you guys wanna help me out haha I remember this super cute scene where I think Ira was preparing for a fight or something or I’m not entirely sure but Mako was like encouraging him and stuff?? Idk but it was really cute haha X3 maybe I’ll revisit this ship AFTER I’ve watched the anime cuz man that manga updates pretty damn slowly o_O but either ways, if anyone has read this PLEASE help me out here XD I feel so clueless and just stabbing around in a dimly lit room with a blindfold on- probably already got something but I can never really be sure :3 share your opinions on this shiiiiip and I’m not sure if anyone in the Kill la Kill fandom are against this ship but if you are please comment why or idk do something haha thank you for reading if you did :3

Rating: 9/10 (I’ll revisit no worries ;3 )

(Credits to- ok I’m not entirely 100% sure if they own this but if they do then sorry for the misunderstanding and if not please tell me the real artist thank you ^^ @guardianathens )

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do you guys remember that fight between gon and hisoka in the heavens arena arc where gon was able to land a punch on hisoka’s face? i was a kid when i first saw it so i dont really know whats happening but im rewatching the entire series now AND HOLY SHIT DID HISOKA JUST ORGASMED RIGHT THERE ON THE FUCKING STAGE???

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I've noticed some Crystal defenders already getting upset about our worries, saying stuff like "Omg why do you guys think Uranus and Neptune are gonna be straight-washed??" Like, no, that's not it. The problem is how their relationship was portrayed in the manga.

I completely agree.

Even though this arc is probably the favourite one in the fandom, there are some things I never really liked about it.

Take Neptune and Uranus for example, they are really different as characters as they were portrayed in the classic anime (which is what made Neptune and Uranus the flawless lesbians we all remember and love).

Also, if it weren’t for the classic anime we wouldn’t know for a fact that they’re actually in a relationship, this is all very subtle in the manga.

Another thing that I didn’t like about this arc in the manga (regarding Uranus and Neptune) is that our good sis Neptune is basically an accessory to Uranus. She is more like a supporting character for a supporting character which is wrong especially when you take into account how flawless the classic anime made these two ladies.

So yeah, we have already endured how bad the adaption can get in Crystal so when it comes to a risky arc like this, you can only expect the worst unless they get themselves together.