do you guys remember that video

Do you guys remember when I was on tumblr not too long ago, geeking out to you guys that I saw Anthony Ramos at a bar and I was too shy to meet him?? Then, cut to today, having lunch with him, laughing and joking, and making a video together… Life is a beautiful mess.


*warning! episode 10 spoilers*

WAIT wait wait wait I just realized one thing. It might be just my imagination, but after the episode 10 of YoI…. Like do you remember in the first episode when Victor saw Yuri skating his program and he suddenly decided to become his “coach”? Because why would you fly to another country to train your rival? This doesn’t really make any sense

What if he went all the way to Japan to see him not just  because of Yuri’s impressive figure skating skills, but because in that video Victor recognized in Yuri THAT guy he lost after the drunk party and where Yuri is right now?

THAT one guy who asked him to become his coach?

THAT one guy who awakened his feelings and love from the first sight?

Victor fell in love with Yuri even back than after the banquet, but they lost each other after the party. And guess what? Yuri didn’t remember anything from that night because he was too drunk. That’s why he acted so rude when Victor offered to take a photo. Because he didn’t remember. And that’s why Victor looked so lost when Yuri  walked away. Victor didn’t understand what he did wrong. THAT guy he was fascinated by just turned around and ignored him!

So let’s come back to this moment

What if he looks not just focused on the video, but kinda…. pissed?  Like “You are the first and only one I revealed my feelings to, I finally found you and what am I seeing here? You are skating my program like nothing happened. Do you think I will let you go so easily?”

And here is where  the story begins. The circle closed. Victor’s behavior, his ambiguous phrases, the desire to get closer to Yuri …. Everything makes sense now!

But the best thing about all this is  that Victor’s feelings are mutual. And he still can not believe in it

But he found Yuri

And will never let him go again

I’m just crying here this anime is so beautiful

  • me: *plays video games constantly*
  • person: oh you game? what do you play?
  • me: *suddenly cannot remember a single game i have ever played aside from cooking mama*
therock Think we made somethin’ special here guys and I’m extremely proud to deliver it to you and your family this Wednesday for Thanksgiving.
Remember our world is filled with so much noise.. we have to do our best to block out the noise and always listen to that little voice inside your heart that says “Yes I can”. Cause you’re right. You can.
Princecup?  Princecup

Do you guys remember princecup?  @saracorinnelikesthis inadvertently reminded me that he exists, and she’s such a treasure trove of happy videos, that this had to happen.  Also, I forgot how fun this au is?  And maybe it’s because I’m in a super rom com place in my life but…I think I need more dumb but inevitable prince/security guard romance.  

Part 1 | Part 2 

(Part 1 is bolded because it’s smutty.  So at your own risk right there.)  

So, Hiccup isn’t stupid enough to whine about being a prince.  That’s a long and pathetic road full of dictators and less-successful assholes, and he’s not complaining anyway, that’s too strong of a word.  He just wishes that someone understood that being Crown Prince of Berk isn’t fun, most of the time.  Grand balls aren’t fun, they’re just an excuse for his father to trot him out in public like a show horse.  Charity events aren’t fun, they’re just a reminder of how much and how little power he has, simultaneously.  Someday, he’ll be able to sign anything he wants into law with a flick of a pen, but now all he can do is sit there in front of walls of cameras, looking glossy in tabloids and being judged on the front page of newspapers.  

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k is there a video where Billie joe Armstrong is on stage and says something along the lines of “you know all those songs I wrote? they’re actually about guys” then everyone in the crowd booed and he said “Nono don’t do that. we’re not homophobic here” because I swear to god I’ve seen that video but I can’t find it or anything about it anywhere I think I’m crazy

SOOOO, here you guys go. this is because I made 800+ WONDERFUL followers on this blog.

just remember guys I love you and I really do care for everyone. SO here is a 3-second dorky video. I took a few more — but those won’t be posted any time soon. 

                                   I love you all. 


Y’all remember that midnight brainfart I had that turned into a song? Well it’s about as finished as i can get it for now so I have two questions.

1. Who wants to be tagged when I post the video?


2. Do you want to hear it

a) On guitar

b)On piano


c) Both! one vid for each




wow very pewds much fabulous such amazing like a pro.

I remember him when he had 2 million subscribers. This guy is actually my first youtuber and I am so glad that I started to watch his video. He has got an amazing girlfriend ( @marziacutiepie ) she always helps him and they have got a wonderful couple power. Also he has got incredible friends ( @kickthepj @danisnotonfire @amazingphil @markiplier @cryaotic ) and he has got a 50 million bros which always support him and be in his side. 

Stay awesome. 

Thank you @pewdie

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Paul McCartney on playing ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ to Brian Epstein and George Martin for the first time (The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years

‘And I always remember it being in Brian Epstein’s house, and John playing it to Brian, and to George Martin, and saying, What do you think of this? you know. But you could see this puzzlement going across their faces, you know. But instead of saying, Come on guys, I think you really ought to put another chord in - he knew to leave us alone by then.’



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hi roby, I just wanted to say how I appreciate everything that you do. You inspire me, give me loads of ideas and I always turn to your videos to watch when I'm sad (even if I've watched them a zillion times pfft). I also love the fact that you keep in contact with your fans/supporters, by answering questions on tumblr n stuff! I remember when you said hi to me on a stream I was so happy omgg. I hope when you get more successful you won't stop all of that. Ily senpai ❤️☺️

aw omg tysm that means a lot + i love talking to you guys honestly cause y’all keep me company and i love hearing feedback on drawings so i consider you more like friends than “fans” hhh plus i’m just another person who just happens to draw I’m nothing incredibly exciting irl 

So, do you guys remember Jagi? Ofcourse you remember. It happened during concert in Shanghai 150531. And you you guys remember Suho’s expression during that moment?

Now the same day, after jagi when their performed “Wolf” Kyungsoo and Kai were laughing at each others. And this happened:

He is so pissed off.
I wonder why…

Just look at him

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Phil's Pastels

“Hey guys!” My browsing was interrupted by Phil’s voice. He must be making a video. “So, do you remember when Dan and I made that ‘Punk Edits In Real Life’ video? When I had that awesome dragon neck tattoo?” I smirked to myself. It had taken me hours to get him to wash that off. “Well today I thought we would recreate another edit! Dan!”

Curious, I walked into Phil’s room. He hadn’t told me he needed me for his video. Phil immediately pulled me down onto the bed beside him, not giving me any explanation before continuing.

“Today, Dan and I are going to become pastel edits!” He grinned my way. I groaned, trying to inch out of the camera frame, only for him to pull me back in.

“Phil! You know I hate colour!” I hissed into his ear. His smile only grew wider at my words.

“Please? It’ll be fun!” He whispered back gleefully. I shook my head, trying once again to flee. His grip pulled me closer to him, so close that his breath washed over my ear. “I promise we can do whatever YOU want later…” My face reddened as I imagined what that meant. Taking my sudden blush as consent, he turned back to the camera.

“Ok, so I have a picture of the two of us here… I’ll put it on the screen so you guys can see it.” He held up his phone for my eyes. The two of us stood in what appeared to be a flowery background, dressed head to toe in bright colours. Phil was wearing a minty green sweater, with jeans and a yellow flower crown. I, however, was clad in pink.

“I am not wearing that!” I exclaimed, pushing his phone away. Phil’s features took on a determined tone immediately. He picked up a box from beside the bed, setting it on my lap.

“Put it on.” He ordered. I stared grumpily down at the so-not-black attire. Pushing it away with a huff, I shook my head. “Daniel…” He warned. “You’re not going to like the other option.” I shook my head stubbornly again.

I heard clothes rustling beside me. Out of the corner of my eyes I spotted Phil pulling his shirt off, tossing it onto the floor. I raked my eyes over the familiar skin. Ignoring my obvious staring, Phil pulled a green sweater over his head, hiding himself from my view. I pouted.

Phil tried to give the clothes to me one more time. “This is your last chance. Easy way or hard way?” I snickered silently to myself. I would pick 'hard’ Phil any day.

Phil sighed. And then his hands were on my shoulders, and he was pulling himself into my lap, his thighs on either side of my hips. I swallowed nervously as our gazes met. Surely he isn’t going to-

I gasped as his lips came into contact with my neck, my arms immediately fisting into his sweater. “Ph-Phil…” I stuttered uselessly, already rendered defenseless. His lips smouldered as they moved up, settling just under my left ear and biting down. I barely even registered that his hands were finding their way under my shirt until he pulled it off of me, his mouth breaking contact as it went over my head.

He grabbed a rose pink, oversized sweater from the box, giving me a slightly evil smirk before grinding down into my lap. My vision blurred. Phil picked up a slow, steady rhythm, grabbing my wrists and pulling them through the sleeves effortlessly, as my arms were limp with pleasure. He then proceeded to slip the fabric up my arms and over my head, before finally letting it settle onto my torso.

And then his touch was gone. I was left panting and hot as he slipped a flower crown onto his head, using his camera as a mirror as he adjusted his fringe until it was presentable. Then he placed one onto my hair, which was already curling from how sweaty I had become.

“My little pastel hobbit.” He grinned at me. I shot a glare his way, earning a chuckle.

“I hate you…” I muttered. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me into a side hug.

“Your body says otherwise.” He smirked, glancing down at the tent in my jeans. My face flushed deep red as I noticed the camera still recording. The fans were going to have an absolute field day with this.

As if reading my mind, Phil let go of my shoulders, letting a couple inches separate us. “I’ll edit it out, don’t worry.” He shot another smirk my way. The rest of the video continued like this, with Phil using kisses and touches to make me go along with him, then promising to remove it later.

By the end I was a mess, my hair long since plastered to my forehead and so curly I looked like a soggy poodle. My clothes were rumpled and sweaty, my jeans straining. I couldn’t have been more relieved when Phil finally turned off the camera.

The instant he sat back down, I pounced, pulling him on top of me as I layed down across his bedspread. A filthy smirk found its way to his lips.

“You look good in pink, Daniel.” I shot a weak glare his way. Phil leaned in close, purposely letting his breath was across my lips. “But I think you look best in nothing, don’t you agree?” I moaned at his words, already so far gone from all of his teasing.

Let’s just say there’s a reason we never wore those sweaters again….

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as much as i enjoy them, idubbbz/maxmoefoe/filthyfrank are all cut from the same cloth aimed towards 12-15 year olds who are fresh out of /b/. they call themselves "alternative" youtubers but that's just them calling themselves edgy without saying edgy. it's all cynical rants and challenges/skits which are alright if you enjoyed old jackass/dirty sanchez videos and shit. sadly if you comment on it like you did the hordes of fans will come out to defend grown men needlessly using slurs as 'humor'

i havent really seen hordes of fans but yeah 

its funny because I swear people used to really hate reaction videos and channels (remember the fine bros?) and then suddenly everyone loves these new guys who do.. the exact same thing

(Request) Dating/living with Ashton:
  • “Ashton you can’t play your drums now it’s 10 at night”
  • “I like your man bun”
  • Many selfies and videos 
  • Being friends with Lauren 
  • “Calum go home”
  • Working out together 
  • Getting him to try yoga 
  • Finding new bands together 
  • Listening to older music when he’s in the mood
  • Getting to hear new songs of theirs before you’re supposed to 
  • Him singing a lot 
  • Encouraging him to sing more 
  • Chick-flick movies 
  • Popcorn wars 
  • “We can’t have broccoli again”
  • Road trips 
  • Dealing with him being grumpy every now and again 
  • Listening to his stories about being on tour 
  • “And then me and Calum…”
  • “I’m not the new guy anymore!! :(”
  • Watching the videos on his old YouTube channel that he can’t remember the password to
  • “Babe did I tell you about this time in KFC”
  • “At the video shop…”
  • “No more videos Ash”
  • Super cute pet names 
  • Memes 
  • Him sending you texts that don’t make sense because he’s written them using only emojis 
  • “Tumblr” photos of you doing things 
  • Tracing his tally tattoo 
  • “That’s so unhealthy Y/N”
  • “Look at the sugar content!”
  • Dimples 
  • Hickies all over 
  • Taking turns to top 
  • “I don’t care how good it would look on Instagram” 

calum, michael, luke