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misdial | pcy

park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,6k words. fluff/angst. au

—it all started with one misdial, then a second and a third and…

this one is for Sasha @floofyeol

3.12 a.m: missed call from Park Chanyeol

“You called me?” 

“Oh, did I? I’m sorry, it was a misdial.”

“Oh, I see.”

3.14 a.m.: incoming call from Park Chanyeol


“Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice.”

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this or that: vine edition!

do you prefer, “chris, is that a weed?” or, “mary, is that a police?” do you prefer, “miss keesha? miss keesha?” or, “i’m a bad bitch—you can’t kill me!” do you prefer, “so no head?” or, “that was legitness.” do you prefer, “hey my name is jared i’m nineteen and i never fuckin learned how to read,” or, “got diagnosed with cool guy syndrome today.” do you prefer, “fuck off janice i’m not going to your fucking baby shower,” or, “birthday gift on my birthday.”

Things that probably Bitty has had to edit off his videos part 2.

“I don’t know, I just miss some things about last year. I even miss having to edit Shitty walking around the Haus naked off my videos” “you won’t have to miss it anymore” “oh my god what are you doi– when did you have time to take all your clothes off”. 

 -“Ransom I DON’T CARE if the girl didn’t want to fuck in a high place you don’t bang someone in your ROOMMATE’S bed.” 

 -“Guuuuys stop arguing!” 

 -“So you guys played with Jack Zimmermann?” “Jack? No. Do we know any Jack, Ransom?” “I don’t think so, wait.” [yelling outside Bitty’s room] “BITS, DO WE KNOW ANY JACK?” 

 -“Bits, Jack is coming to visit, fast, hide the stuffed bunny! You know, the one you think that we don’t know about.” 

 -“I have a message– why is Shitty asking me for pies and death?” 

 -Hours of footage of his empty room because he left so he could check on a pie and it was going to be just a minute, really, but Chowder wanted to ask him about something and Ransom and Holster were playing a game and– 


-Who has left and right socks who is so organized to do that.

 -“I am not touching you” “You are!” “This doesn’t count as touching” “Stop touching me!” 

 -“So Providence’s game just finished! It was–” “LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL MOTHERFUCKER AND THAT FUCKING BEAUTIFUL GOAL” “–great. And Shitty came here to watch it. Mhm. Obviously. 

 -“Today we met some of Lardo’s artsy friends! They were really nice even if–” “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HOOK UP WITH ANY OF THEM BITTY” “–we are really different I am sorry I am closing my door so I can work.” 

 -“So today I met a really nice guy in one of my classes and–” “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HOOK UP WITH HIM EITHER YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE KISSING JACK” “I am talking to someone, let me work!” 

 -[Jack trying to surprise Bitty, waiting at his door] “YOU MOTHERFUCKING BEAUTY–” [Shitty and Jack fighting on the floor] “… hi guys” 

- “I am in Providence spending a few days with the team at Jack’s! So if you see a background change or a lack of noise, it may be–” “JACK HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THE NAME OF ANY JUSTIN BIEBER SONGS WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM” “… I guess that means that there’s not going to be a lack of noise” 

-"Look I love Lardo to death and I am going to miss her when she leaves and–” “WE THOUGHT THAT YOU LOVED US, BITS. I AM HURT” “Stop doing this!" 

-"Bitty I don’t know how to tie this and I am sorry for interrupting you but you told me that I shouldn’t put my Shark’s hoodie on for this and–" 

-Is that a flying pillow. Who threw that. Why– he doesn’t even want to know.



Happy birthday Choi twins!! 💗💘💓💕💖💗

sorry if i haven’t posted here in a long time because i think i had the mood to post it where many people wouldn’t see lolol of course i wouldn’t miss their bday 💕 i will post the random stuff i post on both twitter and instagram but sometimes i dont feel like it so i hope you guys check it out now!!

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dating jae would include:

a/n: short drabble about my second ult bias jae from day6! i hope this isn’t too shockingly bad, id like to think after almost 6 years of writing fan fiction id be good but looks like its a no :) dt: @jaechicken !! 

- jae would be one of those boyfriends that would tease the crap out of you just because he could 

- like don’t get me wrong, the kid loves you but you’re too easy to tease and of course he can’t resist 

- pda! would be rare [unless he’s jealous, then you can bet he’s all over you]

- i think he’d really enjoy cuddling with a movie on in the background, you sat in his lap whilst his chin rests on your head. he’d be so content that way

- personal hype man??? jae is here. he’d probably hype your ass up just for eating some cereal knowing him 

- i can see him wanting you to wear his clothes, t-shirts, sweaters and such. he’d find it so so adorable to see it swamping you, laughing as you pout at him 

- jae just losing himself whilst talking to you and getting all embarrassed when he realises and asking you to never bring it up 

- i dont think he’d initiate skinship but low key loves it when you do 

- would want to teach you guitar, even if you protest 

- dates mostly including food and movies 

- telling you to “get it” for just breathing honestly, this child 

- texting you 24:7 just to update you on his day if he can’t see you

- he’s a shameless triple texter don’t fight me on this

- both of you annoying the fuck out of brian

- doing anything just to hear that beautiful laugh of his 

- jae telling you to square up for stealing his french fries during your first date 

- kisses are soft with him, he just wants to take it slow with you

- i can either see him worrying himself about confessing his love or he’d be really chill and drop it out of nowhere but either way deep down, he’s super nervous 

- but you smile and kiss him and you see his cheeks turn the loveliest shade of pink :))))))))))

- jae wanting to cook for you but burning it 

- memes

- he’d show you his top memes because he loves you

- prank wars seem very possible but wonpil would give it all away with that sunshine smile of his [we love him regardless]

- swearing to you that he can dance 

- jae: “can we have a sleepover?” 

 you : “jae we live together”

- would enjoy teaching you Korean, would be so proud when you started to recognise words and phrases [if you aren’t already fluent

- wearing his glasses 

- day trips !!! he’d wanna go somewhere cool, like the aquarium 

- sending each other stupid selfies whilst he’s away 

- he’d feel so helpless being away from you for long periods of time and even though he loved his job, he wishes he could see you more 

- both you saying stupid shit : “exhales in ifuckingloveyourstupidass” 

- sometimes you spend hours sat in silence on your phones, cuddled up but it’s okay because its relaxing and you both feel happy with each other close by

- snapshot wars : who can get the most blackmail on the other to post about on their birthday 

- sungjin loves having you around to supervise the children 

- hiding backstage during asc and surprising him 

- he’d walk out, smiling slightly from the fun show, only to see you standing a few metres away. he’d run towards you practically jumping into your arms. i think jae would just love having you to hold and you being there would of made him the happiest guy on earth

- to conclude: he’d always be there for you, i see him being the guy to go from friends to lovers because he’s a shy lil bug when it comes down to it :)) 

a/n: hihi so yea this is my first day6 au !! i hope its enjoyable to read, i will be checking over it, i usually miss typos even with editing so i apologise. i love jae so much he has a special place in my heart so i felt it was only write to do him first :]]] i have a brian au coming in a day or two so watch out !!!! feedback welcome ;; sort of ib: @yikes-anotherkpopblog



since you guys seem to have enjoyed a lot my do it for vitya and do it for yuuri stamps i decided to combine the best of both worlds and, tadaaaaa~


but then i was thinking… it’s not fair… there’s someone missing. and of course i had to create:

DO IT FOR THEM, the podium family edition!

these are available not only as tshirts but as stickers, posters, bags and mugs!

i hope you guys enjoy <3

V Route's Phone Call (Day 5 Updated)

I am so tired to be awake for along time yesterday so I kinda screw and missed 2 chatrooms. This day has lesser calls than usual.

If you by any chance get a call that I didn’t please tell me so I can fix this. It will also help me as my future reference when I replay a V route.

Anyway here it is, enjoy!! Oh btw thanks to @uyenxx!!

Edit: Hey guys!! I’m glad to tell you that I will update every guide that I marked as unofficial. Special thanks to @ijuforever. I really do appreciate your help.

5th Day


Ray Incoming
V Outgoing


V Outgoing
Ray Outgoing


Jumin Incoming
707 Outgoing


V Outgoing


Zen Incoming


Yoosung Outgoing


707 Incoming
V Outgoing


Yoosung Incoming
Zen Outgoing


Ray Outgoing


V Incoming
V Outgoing


no one picks up (based on @ijuforever)


Request by Anonymous: “Hi I would like to request a Bucky x reader where the reader is an avenger and is very touchy feely and hates sleeping alone so she ends up randomly sleeping in other team members beds and they’ll just wake up and she’ll be in their bed and they’ve all just accepted it. Buckys new and she ends up going to him and he wakes up with her in his bed and is all confused and has to go ask Steve about it and Bucky just ends up being all fluffy with the reader.”:

A/N: Thank you for the request!  Finally got my writing mojo back!  Hope you enjoy!

Bucky x reader

Word count: 1397 (yeesh, this turned out way longer than expected)

Summary: You are in need of constant physical touch, everyone on the team knows this.  But when Bucky joins the team and no one tells him about your craving for touch, things get a little awkward.

Warnings: none, I think

(GIF not mine)

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Worth Waiting For

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Peter Parker x Reader

Worth Waiting For

Prompt: None

Note: It has been literally forever, but Hannah and I have been swamped with school and I spent a while without a laptop and I’m still super, super busy, but I had a thought while I was on Tumblr (while I was supposed to be editing my manuscript, but I digress…) so here you go. As you all know by now, I’m a ho for soulmate AU’s. So yeah. But I’ve missed you guys a TON and I hope over break maybe I can do some more writing.

Warnings: None?

You watched the numbers on your wrist tick down. Twelve hours. A glance at the clock. It was nearly midnight. Tomorrow at lunch. Tomorrow. At. Lunch.

It was so close. Too close. All your life, you had watched the numbers roll by, but it had been so far away. Now it was here. Now it was real. And God, was it scary.

You had no idea who your soulmate was, no clue until tomorrow when you would lay your eyes on them for the first time. Would they reject you? Some did. It was uncommon, sure, but it happened. Maybe it would be one of the preps that was waaaaaaaay out of your league, or a jock with a pretty girlfriend and too many college scholarships to waste his time on you. You hoped they would like you, whoever they were. Or that they would at least give you a chance.

You let out a long sigh and stared at the ceiling of your apartment. There was no way you were getting any sleep tonight.


Peter Parker was a nervous wreck. Sure, he was a superhero that could bench-press a car like it was nothing, but being a hero doesn’t make you brave. Not brave enough to face something like this. No. Today was the day he was going to meet his soulmate.

“You doing all right in here?” May pushed open the door slowly.

“Does this shirt look all right?” Peter stared at the fabric of his red sweater, stretching it out with his hands and then smoothing it into place. He fussed over his hair and examined every bit of himself. He had already spent like half an hour brushing his teeth and he knew he would be sucking on breath mints all morning just to make sure his breath was fresh enough for a kiss. Well, if his soulmate wanted one, that was. God, he was not prepared.

“You look fine, Peter. You look good. Whoever your soulmate is, they will love you. You know that, right?” She straightened the collar of his undershirt. He swallowed nervously and nodded. Her little nephew was growing up so fast. “How much time have you got?”

“Like five hours.”

“Are you okay?”


“I wasn’t either.” She reminisced. Peter couldn’t take his eyes off of his reflection. He was silent for a long time. “Don’t wanna be late, kiddo.”

“Right.” He inhaled a shaky breath before walking out the door of his bedroom and then out of the apartment.

There was no going back now.


“Who do you think it is?” Your friend Lizzie asked, looking around the cafeteria with paranoia. You were dressed up nice today, a cute lacy red dress, matching lipstick, red flats, hair on point. You stared at the numbers, instead of looking around like the others. You didn’t want to know. It was here. It was already here. And it was terrifying.

“I don’t know.”

“If you don’t look up, you’re going to crash into something.”

“I know.” You continued to watch your wrist as you walked through the cafeteria.

“We’re gonna stand over there in the corner. Give me your phone so I can record it and you two can watch it when you’re cuddling later.”

“Okay.” You reached into your pocket and handed Lizzie the phone. She went over to stand with some of your other friends as they waited and watched for fate to unwind.

You stared at your wrist, standing there in the center of the cafeteria. It was abuzz with people moving every which way, not even fazed by the person at a complete halt at the center of it all. Your heart raced, and it felt as though your stomach was in your throat. Everything was tight, and there was so much light and noise and suddenly you were falling. Someone had pushed into you, and just as quickly, another person (with remarkable reflexes) caught you and pulled you to your feet.

At that very moment, your timer chimed. And so did his. You looked up from the blank, blinking timer and met his eyes. He offered a timid smile and a shy wave. One word came to his mind: Gorgeous.

“H-hi there. Um, I’m Peter. Peter Parker.” He gulped, shaking. He reached out to shake your hand. You took it in yours and shook it timidly. “It’s, uh, nice to uh, meet you. I’m so sorry. I’m just so bad at this. I don’t even know how to, uh-”

“I’m (Y/N).” You cut off his ramble with a kind smile. The more time you spent with him, the better you felt. God, he was cute. Tousled brown locks, warm brown eyes, and the sweetest smile you had ever seen. You had gotten lucky. “(Y/N) (L/N).”

“I, uh, do you want to like hug or something?” He asked, holding open his arms. You nodded, wrapping your arms tight around him in record time. Goodness gracious, Peter Parker, your soulmate, was more muscular than you had anticipated, and you loved it. He pulled you tight against his chest. You could tell by the way he held you that he didn’t get many hugs. Not romantic ones, anyway. His breaths calmed down, and you could hear his rapid heartbeat against your ear, slowly coming back to where it was supposed to be.

“You were worth waiting for.” You leaned up to whisper into his ear and felt him pull you tighter against him.

“So were you.” He laughed softly. There was a quiet moment. The question was burning on Peter’s tongue. God, he wanted to kiss you, but he didn’t want to force it either. So when he felt your hand wander up to his cheek. Your thumb stroked his soft skin for a few seconds. His eyes met yours. “Would it be okay if I…if we…?”

You cut him off with your lips. Your friends cheered and whistled teasingly. Peter pulled away slowly and then pressed another kiss to your forehead. His larger, warmer hand slipped into yours, fingers intertwining. You led him over to your friends.

“You two are the cutest couple ever, omg.” Lizzie held up your phone, still recording. “Have any words for us, soulmate of my best friend?”

“Well…” Peter thought for a moment. He squeezed your hand and kissed your cheek in a sudden well of confidence and affection. “I have the best soulmate on planet earth and I think I’m falling in love.”


It was a Saturday afternoon, so Peter decided to text you, his soulmate and now-girlfriend, but you were busy, unfortunately. Out of town, you claimed. Instead, he went to the Avengers Facility to train, as he sometimes did in his free time.

Once he arrived and unpacked his things for the weekend in the room Tony had assigned to him, he suited up and went to the training room. It seemed there was another member of the team there, a teenager about his own age. He had heard of this recruit, but they had never crossed paths before now.

He had his mask on, and so did the magnificent being in front of him. A white suit with red lining and a circle in the center of the chest. A long red cape hung from the back of the uniform, and she seemed to glow with power, taking out training dummies with blasts of energy. A long red wig covered her hair, and a thick red masquerade mask lined her eyes. When she noticed Peter standing there, she touched down, ending the simulation to meet her new teammate.

“Hi there. You must be Spiderman.” She held out her hand to him. Something about that voice, that smile. Peter narrowed his eyes, but shook her hand anyway.

“That I am. Who are you?”

“They call me Luminescence. I got my powers around the time videos of you started popping up in Queens. It’s crazy to get to meet you, man. You’re my hero.”

“Nice to meet you too. Your powers are insane! How did you get them?”

“Shooting Star landed in Central Park and I was too nosey to stay away from it. Boom, star powers.”

“That’s awesome!” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I just got bitten by a radioactive spider.”

“Dude are you kidding me? That’s so cool! Did it hurt?”

“A lot.”

“Where do your webs come from?”

“I engineered them myself.” He held up his arm and shot a blast of web at one of the targets. “Mr. Stark helped me perfect it though, made new web shooters for me and everything.”

“That’s so cool! Well, I’m from New York too. Maybe we’ll end up saving the world together or something.” She shrugged. He smiled under the mask, glad to have made a new friend.

“Count me in.”

“Kiddos, time for dinner,” Tony poked into the training room. “Ah, I see you’ve met. Peter, this is (Y/N) (L/N). I think she goes to your school. (Y/N), this is Peter Parker.”

Peter’s jaw hit the floor. He looked at you in awe, tearing off his mask.

“What, something wrong?” Tony checked, looking between the obviously not-okay super teenagers.

“He’s my soulmate. And boyfriend.” You stated, holding up your wrist to show off your empty timer. “Peter, oh my God.” You rushed into his arms. He held you close, still too shocked to force any words though his mouth.

“My girlfriend is a badass.” He mumbled.

“My boyfriend is Spiderman.” You murmured into his ear. He smiled and pressed a long kiss to your cheek.

“So I’m your hero, huh?”

“Shush, you,” you pushed him playfully. Tony stood there in shock, but also in smugness.

“So, dinner, right?” Stark jabbed a thumb out the door behind him. You nodded, shedding your mask and wig and leaving them in your locker before following Tony and Peter to where the others were eating.

“See, Stark. I told you two teenagers were too many. They met today and already they’re hooking up.” Bucky eyeballed your joint hands as you sat down for Saturday pizza night.

“Actually, we’re soulmates, and we’ve known each other for two weeks, Bucky.” You sassed, your head coming to rest on your boyfriend’s shoulder as you took a bite of pizza. “This was just a coincidence.”



“I don’t know. I think things worked out perfectly.” Peter looked down at you. “Or maybe it’s just you that’s perfect.”

Stooop!” You felt your cheeks burn at his compliment. He laughed at how cute you were when you were all shy.

“No PDA allowed in the presence of adults!” Tony pointed at you. “I mean it. Or you’ll both be grounded.”

“All right, Mom,” you rolled your eyes, pressing a kiss to Peter’s cheek and lacing your fingers through his. “We’ll play nice.”

“You better. I mean it.”

“Oh, lighten up, Tony.” Steve elbowed him in the chest. “They’re young. Young love is a precious thing.”

“Yeah, yeah…”


Part 01: A few days ago I had some problems and I even stopped talking to some people, first because I was not in the mood for it and second because I didn’t want to bother you. I thought about deleting this blog and sometimes I think about doing it, but I have lots of friends and I don’t want to lose them. I would miss you a lot if I left. I want to thank some people who helped me by sending me messages and also giving me edits (I don’t deserve this) but thank you very much ♥

Part 02: My classes started in a few days and that means I will not go in here often, so I’m sorry.

Part 03: Part 3: I got 7k+ \o/ Thank you so much guys!! Love you ♥

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hey guys, so it’s taken me a while to come to this point, but i’m making this post because i really need help. i’m barely scraping by to make ends meet right now and my bank account has been overdrawn for like 2 months. i’ve also missed several months rent payments due to lack of job/funds and while i’m on the right track now, i still really need help or i may not be able to stay in my apartment/buy food/etc. 

if you guys can help at ALL, i added a donate button to my blog or you could donate straight to my paypal which is you can also donate to my venmo which is kidcore! if you donate, please lemme know so i can personally thank you. i also do writing/edits/themes though theyre not formally commissions or anything.

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Okay, first of all. HOW? WHY? WHAT?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 22K FOLLOWERS. That’s nuts! I don’t think I deserve any of this. I have only been here for almost 3 years and you guys are being so nice! Thank you for reblogging, liking or just following my blog. It means so much to me!

Also, thank you for accepting me into the markiplier community, jse community and crankgameplays community. I am really having fun with you guys and I hope my blog keeps you happy or maybe cheered you up! All I want to do is to give you joy into your lives. Thank you for also motivating me to make gifs, edits, etc because I love doing them so much!

So here’s a FOLLOW FOREVER (I’m sorry if I missed any of you, i love you all a lot ♥)

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hey guys! I know it’s been a minute since my last masterpost and this one has been sitting in my drafts for editing even though it’s still poop lmao but I missed two weeks of school in late March and early April for college tours, so I really had to practice time management. I needed to study for AP tests, finals and do any other coinciding work I was assigned. Because of this, I thought I could share some of the tips I used to survive.

1. determine what you need to do prior to your trip

  • doing this will help you organize (and properly pack) your materials that you’ll have to bring with you to study or to complete your assignments. notify your teachers of your absence at least 2 weeks in advance so they can prepare the work for you to take with you. write a list of all the topics/assignments you have to do while you’re gone so you can just have a basic overview AND feel less overwhelmed.

2. reasonably plan out your work for the duration of your trip

  • okay so you can either 1) do all of your work before your trip or 2) spread it out throughout the duration of your trip. now, I personally had a SHIT TON of work so there was no way in HELLLL I was gonna be able to do it all before I left. SOOOO I used my bullet journal to plan out what I was going to do and when. If you already know the itinerary for your trip, try to plan your work around the things you have planned but THE KEY TO THIS IS: BE REALISTIC. If you’re going to Cancun, don’t plan to write 3 pages of your paper the day you arrive, okay? just break your work up into manageable pieces and your mind will be at more ease.
  • and remember, if you don’t follow your plan exactly, its okaaaay! I didn’t follow mine exactly but the only thing that matters is that you do it.  

3. bring things that motivate you/help you work efficiently

  • honestly, I cannot study or do homework without music. it makes me wanna shoot myself. SO prior to your trip (if you don’t already have these), create playlists of music that helps you focus or just a playlist that you could see yourself working to on a daily basis. bring things to help you relax during your study/homework breaks. during my breaks, I usually stretch or something.

I know this isn’t much but I was just thinking that this might be able to help you guys out in the future! If you have any masterpost suggestions, questions, or just wanna talk, feel free to send me asks or pm’s

V Route's Phone Call (Day 3 Updated)

I also missed 2 chatrooms here so its not perfect.

There are some times that won’t allow me to call Ray ( 16:32 and 23:07) however it allows me during 21:49

I don’t know if it is a bug or cheritz only stops me from wasting my hourglass further. 😀

Enough with that, so here it is !!

Edit: Hey guys!! I’m glad tell you that I will update every guide that I marked as unofficial. Special thanks to @ijuforever. I really do appreciate your help.

3rd Day


Zen Incoming
Ray Outgoing


Ray Incoming
707 Outgoing


Jaehee Incoming
V Outgoing


Jaehee Outgoing


Yoosung Outgoing
Zen Outgoing


707 Incoming
Ray Outgoing
707 Outgoing


Jumin Incoming


Jumin Outgoing
Zen Outgoing
Jaehee Outgoing
V Outgoing


707 Outgoing
Yoosung Outgoing


V Incoming
Jaehee Outgoing
Jumin Outgoing
Ray Outgoing


Yoosung Incoming
V Outgoing