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Name: Sydney

Nickname: Syd (sometimes Sam), Big Big (by one of my sisters; I call her little little in return), Ginga Ninja (I’m a redhead), Diet Coke (inside joke)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Hogwarts House: SLYTHERIN!

Height: 5 foot 7

Sexual Orientation: straight

Ethnicity: pretty damn white. I do technically have Native American Cherokee blood in me, but in my looks I got mostly the Scottish and Irish. Yay red hair, freckles, and fair skin.

Favourite Fruit: Grapes probably

Favourite Season: FALL

Favourite Book Series: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Favourite Fictional Character: Ooo it’s a tie between Dean Winchester from Supernatural and Bucky Barnes from the Marvel Captain America movies (gotta love them protective big brother types haha)

Favourite Flower: Tiger lilies probably (I’m not really sure??)

Favourite Scent: I love lavender and citrus scents, fresh warm clean laundry, sawdust, and freshly mown grass. Also whatever that scent is that plants make when it rains (I can’t remember)

Favourite Colour: BLUE

Favourite Animal: TIGERS

Favourite Band: Florida Georgia Line is my fav I guess (It’s country) though I listen to all sorts of stuff.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate

Average Hours of Sleep: Ok well I’m an insomniac that only got 4 hours last night, so it’s really anywhere between 4 and 7. Good days I get 8. (I’m chronically tired)

Number of blankets: As many as possible.

Dream Trip: I’d love to go to Scotland. It’s part of my heritage.

Last Thing I Googled: Gryffindor house slogan

Blog Created: Umm….pretty sure it was December 2016. Not even a year old yet lol

How Many Blogs Do I Follow?: 664 (so close to 666 damnit *goes to follow 2 more blogs for the hell of it*….get it? The hell of it?? I’ll stop now)

Number of Followers: 246 (hot damn)

What do I usually post?: Pictures of books and libraries, writing advice and tips, my own writing, excerpts from my WIP, stuff about my OCs, and just random ramblings lol

Do I get asks regularly?: Not usually. I’ve gotten a lot lately though like in the past week or so (which is totally awesome! Keep ‘em coming!)

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5 Things

I got tagged by @itsmartinbruh

5 things you find on my blog
-cute guys
-things I find funny
-things that need to be said
-me trying hard to be noticed
5 things you would find in my room
-gaming laptop
-clothes on the floor
-glow in the dark stars from 10 years ago
-unread books
-rainbow flag
5 things I have always wanted to do
-write and direct a movie
-live in Ireland by myself
-see my life back and forth
-raise kids while still having fun
-have meaning
5 things that make me happy
-lana, lorde, Kesha while also liking electro
-feeling sexy
-the outdoors
-men in underwear
5 things on my to do list
-talk to friends
-find some weed lol
-pack for college
-work out
-move on/find relationship on any kind
5 things you might not know about me
-embarrassed about last 4 years of life
-embarrassed that I don’t have a drivers license
-bad at communication
-i dated a guy with a large age gap

I’ll tag @nocturan @mexicanjesuschrist @cobaltdays

i honestly feel like i interact so little with my followers since the last few months?? maybe even the last year.

so my pals, what have you been up to? what book(s) are you reading? what music have you been listening to? what movies and series have you been watching? 

send me some asks just talking about what you’ve been enjoying lately! i want to know how you’re all doing :)

Emmerdale Live and Organized - August 16, 2017

Welcome to Wednesday in the village! Let’s begin the review! 

Seriously guys. What are McCains Jackets? Like, a baked potato? I can’t find info on it. It’s bugging me, and I must know. Thank you. Let’s DO THIS COIRA THING NOW! By the way, this week is mostly women writers, and it has been kicking good story butt. Let’s keep it up!

Emma/The Bartons

Still praying the sin away? Not going to work. *sing song voice*

I like how Ross is like, it’s just a comic book convention.

Oh, Emma. God.

Moira House/Farm

Moira my darling. I’ve missed you.

I kind of forgot about Jack. Sarah is that awesome of a character.

Oh my god. That is my worst fear. Getting my hair stuck like that. God. I’m squirming over here.

“Oh, it’s you.” – Moira (All the Coira fans wake up and rejoice!) YES! It’s happening guys! It’s all happening! *fangirl squee*

Wow. That was quite the view of Cain and Moira. *flirty wink* HA

Moira doing the lords work *all bow down to Moira for making the first move*

Cain looks like he just woke up. Oh god. He left. Damn.

YES! Oh my god this is great. Moira is still in love (duh Cain) and Cain’s tremble in his voice asking her what she is doing?

The Attic Crew

Nicola and Jimmy make me happy. Don’t ask me why. They just do.

Kerry and Dan are going running? HA! I only run because I’m scared. If you see me running something is wrong. Very wrong. *wink*

Hamster talk with Nicola and Jimmy. Oh right. The bet. LET’S DO THIS JIMMY AND DAN. My money is on Jimmy.  Dan is going to sneak cheese at night under stress and ruin it.

The Café Crew

More Pete and Moira scenes. Interesting.

Adam annoys me. Even his appearance doing nothing annoys me.

Oh, I like this song by Lady Gaga. Million Reasons? Good Robron song.


Leyla doesn’t find Priyas obsession with the wedding odd to her? I mean she is helping, but Priya seems way too into it.  


Never Have I Ever? Oh god. Haven’t played that in awhile.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN! Welcome to my neck of the woods kids. *Jersey Pride*

Again, Leyla. Think about it. Why would Priya know that? Come on now. I would notice her noticing that.

You couldn’t even pick a good Springsteen song?!? Come on! As a Jersey Girl born and raised there are better Bruce songs than this!

Born to Run is better. A little better. I guess they wouldn’t play the Nebraska Album at a Hen Party.

Emma is drunk. Oh god. This could be funny and sad at once.

The Pub Crew

Pearl. Just have a drink. No one will judge you here.

Oh god. Moira texted Debbie about it? I’m ok with this. Maybe because I don’t find Harriet and Cain that interesting. *Shrug* *Coira Fan For Life!*

Petes stag night reminds me of college.  What fun. *eye roll*

I need Robert and Aaron to have a huge stag night when they get back together. Seriously. That would be comedy/drama gold.

Jimmy hiding from Nicola? Ok then.

Adam. Just…Adam. *I’m watching you, little boy*

Oh god. That last phone call between Pete and Leyla. Geez. They couldn’t be less excited for this wedding.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’ 

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

musicals as vine quotes cause why not

Phantom Of The Opera: “Hey, guys. Hit that like button if you think being haunted is. Kinda hot.”

Wicked: “And they were roommates!” “Oh my god they were roommates.”

Dear Evan Hansen: “He’s dead…” “… Oh ‘not the dickhead’ what do you want me to say?”


Spring Awakening: “Hey, ma, what’s good? How old are you?” “Fifteen.” [UNINTELLIGABLE YELLING NOISES]


Be More Chill: “Hey bro what do you wanna eat?” “ T̠̤̭̘̬̀h͖͉e̴͉̼ ̬̙͡s͍̦̖̘̥̮͙o̳̕ụ̪ḻ̣͞s͓͖̬ ͚̬o͍̮͉f̜̫̼̲̭ ͖̕t̲̱̮̣͎͍͈h̝͇̮̦̥͜e͙̺̝ ͈̼in̶̗̪̪̪̝n̗̮̭̣̺͈o͙̻̟̜͙̞c͎̻e̹̤̭̟n̘͞t” “A bagel.” “ N̟̦̬̭͖͍̗O͓̼͟!̣͢ “

American Idiot: “Don’t let anybody else ruin your life. Because it’s your life. You should ruin it.”

Les Misérables: “Hey ~  How ya doin? Well, I’m doin just fine. I lied. I’m dying inside.”

Rent: The “Completely Giving Up” vine that has all the characters named Me

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:  “My god, they’ve been in there forever.” “Eh, they probably just-” “WHOA WHAT THE FUCK WE’RE THE SAME PERSON” “HOLY SHIT” “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN” “STOP YELLING AT ME”

Waitress: “Why did you seat that couple before us?” “It’s a table for two.” “Yeah?” “You have ten people.” “Yeah?” [”We Like To Party” by Vengaboys plays]

Chicago: Could ya stop playin that damn music?” “Don’t talk shit on my music!” [GUNSHOT] ♪ say you’ll remember me ♪

Happy Tuesday everyone! One of my favorite book badasses Manon Blackbeak! :D She’s a character from  Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass book serie, hope you guys like it. Added a bit more FX then what I usually do for these color sketches, trying to hit a balance between speed and niceness.

I missed my chance, didn’t I?“ He looked down and waited for an answer he didn’t want to hear.

“If you were to go to her right now, she would choose you in a heartbeat and there’s no doubt about it. You shouldn’t though. This other guy has been in love with her since the day he met her. I’ve never seen her smile as much as I do when she’s with him. She loves you with everything in her but it’s her turn to know what it’s like to be with someone who’s trust is never questionable. ”

—  She deserves the world and you’re just not quite ready to give that to her.
the signs as shit my english teacher has said

aries: if you start you essay with “In the book The Great Gatsby…” im gonna throw you out that window 

taurus: elvish looks nothing like that

gemini: when we get back, you’re playing the trumpet or I’m failing you

cancer: oh I forget this class doesn’t get irony

leo: I’m definitely lawful good, c’mon, have you met me?

virgo: you guys know what raisins are right?

libra: *uses the word ‘artifice’ 13 times in 3 sentences* 

scorpio: “Jesus Christ” Just Jonathan will do, thanks

sagittarius: I wonder if [Ryan Ross]’s an asshole

capricorn: I respect any song that has heavy breathing as a bass line

aquarius: I fucking hate sublime, like we get it. you smoked weed once and it was cool

pisces: Hamlet’s long, but he’s worth it

I met my favorite person this weekend.

I have these Native American reenactments in the summer, okay. We dress in authentic Native garb and go teach about our culture and whatnot at historical events. There’s this one on a weekend that housed all reenactors from Ancient Greece to World War II–you can walk through a timeline of living history. It’s cool.

So there are these guys in a tent on the far hill called the Scottish Highlanders. They bring about two to five people to their thing per year. They do all the good medieval Scottish jazz. Kilts, weapons, challenging you to fights.

But theres this one guy that is there every time. I always go visit to hear him give in depth talks about Scottish Reavers and their malitia and weaponry and stuff. He’s fun, so I go talk to him and he’s asking about what school I’m going to, what I want to do, etc.

So I tell him I want to be a history teacher and I like to write. He asks me if I have anything published, and I say no, thinking he means an actual book. But he waves me off and asks, “No, online. Have you ever heard of”

Let me explain a thing. This guy. Is well over six feet. His biceps are bigger than my head, he’s about 45 years old, he has the thickest Scottish accent you’ve ever witnessed, he can wave two axes around like nobody’s business, he usually resolves friendly arguments with full on battle in armor with real weaponry with the scars to prove it, and he kind of has a biker gang.

And this guy starts telling me about the 700 page Doctor Who fanfiction that he’s been writing for six years and still running. 

Shamelessly continues to explain how he gets together with his badass biker buddies and they ride to his house with bottles of Jack Daniels and talk about the next fanfiction that they’re going to write together. (More Doctor Who, Xena Warrior Princess, Agents of Shield, Lord of the Rings…) They dare each other to write crossovers for interesting character interaction. This guy raves with excitement over character development and analysis. 

I cried. 

reblog if u ARE the new librarian, u SUPPORT the new librarian, or u want OLD PEOPLE to get OFF FACEBOOK

I fall in love too much. Too easily. Just like that. The boy on the subway, flipping fingers through a copy of some Shakespeare drama or the one in tight kaki pants who covers my coffee the day I leave my wallet at home. The tallest guy in the office who talks about sports in the break room as I nod along. I fall in love with what they might be. Could be. The kind that slips his hand into my back pocket or calls me by my last name. Who’s stricken every time I walk into the room. Astonished. I fall in love like this. With strangers and possibilities. With abandon, stupidity. With hope. I fall in love too much. Too easily. But maybe you do, too. Maybe we all do.
—  yourhandwrittenletter
  • Ravenclaw: There's going to be snow!
  • Sytherin: Yup, enough to bury small animals.
  • Ravenclaw: Why must you be like this?
  • Slytherin: Why are you so excited about it?
  • Ravenclaw: Because now I can sit in front of the fireplace and read books.
  • Slytherin: You do that anyway.
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah, but now there's aesthetic.

monday, july 10 — first attempt at journaling! i got very inspired today, maybe because i watched the movie wild and read few articles about simone veil yesterday night but yea, here is my page for the day! i really like journaling even if everything is new to me. what i like the most is even if you screw up something (like my first mountain that i particularly hate) it doesn’t matter! who cares? you write and create for your own self!🙌🏻 if you do like what im doing i can insert more journaling in my account. my version of journaling is quite personal, i do it to inspire myself, remember important things that i don’t want to forget in ten years, i want to illustrate my life, my thoughts, and more. i don’t want to spend hours a day journaling, i mean I want to keep it productive and just to important things, sometimes there will only be 2 lignes or 2 words for a day, or nothing for a week but that’s how i see it!

do you guys keep a journal or something similar like a bullet journal? i hope you had an amazing day!
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I’ve been contemplating on posting this (I feel like I’m such a private person), but might as well 😂 I had uni all day on May 2nd and had to do a group presentation, so I BEGGED my bf to pick up my book for me. He’s in grad school (in graphic design), so his classes are super important right now so I was just so GRATEFUL he skipped class for this

Side note: this is part 1 of my May 2nd day, if you guys want i’ll post my second part of the day!

100 Reasons to Love Kim Namjoon

today is my 3 year anniversary of loving namjoon and so here’s 100 reasons everyone should love him !!!!!!!

  1. he gave up a stable future of studying and going to college (despite being so smart) to risk everything and pursue his dream of becoming a rapper
  2. had to fight criticism for being an ‘idol’ rapper and struggled for years with his decision and identity
  3. when he says he loves himself !!!!
  4. never forget this cute tummy flash !!!!!!!!
  5. he loves all his members so much sosososo much, he always puts them before himself 
  7. that one time tae came to sleep next to namjoon and namjoon sleepily held tae’s hand and wouldn’t let go
  8. his signature move when he takes his two index fingers and covers one of his eyes while looking deadass into the camera
  10. professional self-dragger, literally willingly drags his own ass
  11. his mixtape release in 2015, every song was so important and deep and okay, it’s largely forgotten because of yoongi’s mixtape but it has so much emotion and meaning behind every song
  12. he loveloveloves dogs !
  13. literally has looked like the best thing the world has to offer no matter what rainbow ass hair color bighit sticks him with
  14. that golden age when his hair was black when will that look come back from the war ://////////
  15. you know that thing he does when he’s been rapping and suddenly breaks out into a smile and scrunches his nose and winks with one eye mmmmmmmmokay !!!!
  16. his angry rap when his neck veins show because he’s literally putting his all into it
  17. the way he looks in beanies !!!!!!!!! with one ear tucked in and the other sticking out
  18. the mole on the left side right under his jawline 
  19. the fact that he literally read books on philosophy for hyyh
  20. THE WAY !!!!!!!!! HE LOOKS !!!!!!!!!!!! IN A SUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. that time his speaker wasn’t working and he yelled at it and it started to work, Legends Only
  22. the fact that he isn’t afraid to try out weird kinds of fashion and won’t hear shit about it
  23. has been known to support LGBT since 2012
  25. when he’s too lazy to wear contacts so he wears his thick black rimmed glasses :’(((((((((((
  26. that time he had a wardrobe malfunction and had his whole shirt ripped off during that dance break and he did the whole performance holding up the sorry remains of his shirt 
  27. the fact that kim namjoon invented dimples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no really he did
  28. how he is literally incapable of doing a fan sign without making it a display of how much aegyo he can fit in any given span of time and then immediately be shy and embarrassed about it
  29. 6 feet tall, he is 6 feet tall also don’t forget that he is literally the eiffel tower because nothing is taller than 6 feet just sayin
  30. that amazing and blessed time he had silver hair and my heart literally exploded !!!!!!!!!!!
  32. that time bts was doing rainism and he was the only one who didn’t know all the moves and messed up but pulled it off confidently in the end
  33. he literally loves his mom so much i’m :’(((((((
  35. the fact that every time someone tells him to do a freestyle dance, it’s literally the same awkward robotic jerky dance with the failing arms and legs since 2013
  36. when he tries to sing even though the members laugh at him
  38. his cute soft pretty pink knees :’))))))))))
  39. in the fire era when he had that acorn haircut and pulled that shit off when will your fave ever
  40. he reads, he has an IQ of 148, he was the nation’s top 1% in 5 subjects in high school, he -
  41. his smile his beautiful glorious soft glowing stunning breathtaking smile that smile that you only have the privilege of seeing someone have one in a million times in your life, the kind of smile that could change the world
  42. the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a chok-
  43. okay !!!!!!!!!! but his cute squishy tiny nose so kissable n someone please bop it and pinch it and it’s soosososo cute 
  44. the way he gets his hands inky and dirty every single fan sign every single darn one !!!!!!!!!!!! why are they dirty? what is he doing ?????
  46. the way his arms look in sleeveless tops his arms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. the way he looks in snapbacks mmmmmmmmmmmm
  48. that time on running man when everyone was supposed to have as many boxes as possible and he literally got his box snatched from his hands and he tripped over nothing he’s the dorkiest softest boy -
  49. SAILORMON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. that time he wore the army khakis and outfit and i just ://////// oh my god
  51. his side profile his perfect gorgeous beautiful angelic side profile !!!!
  52. his obsession with ryan and how happy he got when jimin got him a ryan cake for his birthday fkdsfhgfd
  53. legs for days !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. that time namjoon was a minion for halloween 
  55. “I had to dance to survive in this cold, cruel world.”
  56. his cute outfit in the baepsae dance practice video :((((((((((
  57. he looks sosoososososo unbeliveably beautiful bare faced i just love him so much 
  58. that time during the hyyh prologue shooting when all the members were piling onto him and he yelled ‘MY BALLS, MAN’
  59. his fucnkgn !!!!!!!!!! puma photoshoot binch !!!!!!!!!!!
  60. the fact that he sang expensive girl and took the fact that he didn’t get a grammy for it like a man :///
  61. that time they won their first award in 2015 and he was cleARLY CRYING but denied it like “i’m not crying”
  63. that one time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bts had an outdoor performance and his white shirt got sososososooso sweaty it was basically stuck to him and see through if you don’t know what i’m talking about then goodbye
  64. those RARE times when he smiles and sticks his tongue out at the same time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. that time he was complaining about jungkook and the fruit flies and the weird as shit way he pronounced ‘vaccuum’
  66. his messy friendship with jackson 
  67. the fact that he apologized for the mistakes he has made in the past and made no excuses about them 
  68. award for having the world’s cutest and flattest tushy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. i don’t know if anyone noticed but the way he holds his fingers when he’s explaining something like he puts them in awkward bent angles and they’re really long and expressive i just looooovvveeeee
  70. that time he was doing a duet with this female singer for a show and he picked her up from the airport and held a sign with her name and got shy around her he’s the biggest gentleman DDDD:
  71. deep husky voice like shots of pure liquid gold sends shivers down my spine ://////////
  72.  KIM DAILY
  73. that time he held a tiny itty bitty baby frog on his index finger i dont know why it was so cute of him i just !!!
  74. sweaty namjoon when namjoon sweats the sweat namjoon produces 
  75. that time he tried to twerk but ‘something keeps dangling’
  76. when !!!!!!!!!! he wears tight pants and his thighs are almost bursting out of his pants jdfkkhkj
  77. the way he says ‘baby’
  79. that time he was asked to pick between solo and bts and didn’t hesitate for a microsecond before saying bts
  81. taught himself english by listening to 10 english dvds 10 times over 3 years 
  82. special thank you to every namjoon stylist who made him wear low cut shirts
  83. THE WAY HE LOOKS WEARING A MASSIVE HOODIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. ‘and i’m sexy like a porn star’
  85. accepts and settles for being the least popular bts member
  86. the way he looks when he wears headbands 
  87. when his sleeves are super long so he has sweater paws and his pretty fingers stick out slightly jdsfkshgkjfmncvb
  88. sub par body rolls that can still make you squirm and cry :////////
  89. once when he was the first in a lineup in a fan sign he told a fan ‘now you’ve practiced on me, you can do this in front of your real bias’
  90. got to write in “힙합하다 1” (‘This is Hip Hop 1: South Korea, Hip Hop and Life’) which is a hip hop book for 42 top korean hip hop artists
  92. the way he looks in a tie ohohohoohohoho my gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. that time in the ariport the cameraman said ‘the girls love you guys’ and namjoon was like ‘thanks, we love you too’
  94. the way he wrote about the sunset in his diary when he went to dubai 
  96. he once told a fan ‘sorry’ when she told him she got him photocard
  97. he said that he wanted to know what it was like going to college and sometimes he feels like he missed out on that experience :///
  98. can you believe namjoon invented having pretty hands??????? Amazing
  99. he cares sosooso much about other people he’s always wondering how his fans are doing, what they feel like, always giving advice, always learning and growing, never stopping
  100. “I’m still existing, still breathing. Even though I keep looking forward and run, sometimes I still look back. The path in front and behind are still far, but even so, if the people who look at me are still dreaming and picking up their strengths, that alone makes me feel good. It’s okay to live this way, breaking down, getting hurt and looking back at the past. I will live. I am living like this. Me. Us.”
Let Me Help

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. Anon: hey! I really love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a reid x reader where the reader has a wet dream about Spencer and she finally tells him about her dream after he asks her what’s wrong and it ends in smut?? thank you so much

Word Count: 3,589, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex.

A/N: Oh my God okay so I went a little crazy on this one and it’s a full fledged long fic. I was writing this and I actually needed to take a break my palms were sweating because Reid is so fucking hot. Anyway, I hope you like it! Please let me know if you want a Part 2 ;)

- M xo

(Gif not mine, credit to owner)

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

Sprawled out on your bed, your naked form was being admired and touched by a handsome man. He glided his fingers up and down the sides of your thighs as he placed sensual kisses on your stomach. “God, you’re so beautiful.”, whispered Spencer. 

Wait what? Spencer? Hold on. Did you just have a wet dream about your nerdy co-worker?

You woke up in your bed covered in sweat as you tried to calm down your flustered state as you panted heavily trying to vaguely recollect the memories of the dream you had just had. It wasn’t a bad dream, in fact, it was amazing. You squeezed your thighs together in hopes of some sort of relief, but all you could do was think about the dream, which made your state even worse.

You sat there in silence as you tried to comprehend what had just happened. You’d been working at the BAU for 4 years now and you had never thought of Spencer that way. Sure he was tall, had gorgeous chiselled cheekbones and never failed to amaze you with his intelligent brain. Oh, God. Here you were thinking inappropriately about your co-worker at 3 in the morning when you had to be in for work at 7. There was no way you were going to act normal in front of him after this strange yet intoxicating image of you and Spencer practically having sex ingrained in your brain. All you could do was try to get back to sleep and hope that the flush would be over in the morning.

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i wanna talk to you guys a little, so come at me:

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these are just some suggestions that came to my mind right now, so feel free to send me whatever! and feel free to reblog if you want to have a sleepover too ☆

BTS as things my friends have said in History class...
  • Seokjin: Why is no one in this textbook good-looking?
  • Yoongi: It was 1932... No, 1935. Wait! 1939! That's right - I know my dates.
  • Hoseok: Okay but imagine how fabulous I would have been in that century!
  • Namjoon: *asks for another two pieces of paper* How have you guys only used one side of A4?
  • Taehyung: *deep in thought* I need to think of something epic I can do so that they put me in one of these textbooks
  • Jimin: ... It's times like this when I lose faith in humanity
  • Jungkook: *points at a picture of a random guy in the book* That's you! *starts laughing his head off*