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In Your Head - Pt 3

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 3,522

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

By the time lunch hit, you were relieved to be half way through school. You actually liked class unlike most people there, but your head just kept replaying the previous nights nightmares. Memories really.

“Hey Sweetheart. You okay? You were quieter than usual this morning.” Jughead gave a reassuring smile that was laced with concern. You had gotten to the lunch table before everyone else, barely picking at your food.

“Yeah I’m fine, just stayed up later than I noticed”. Part of that was true. You hadn’t really been looking forward to sleep lately.

“You still going tonight?”, Veronica had chimed in and slid in next to you.

“Yeah I guess, I think I’ve been cooped up to much in my house…”

“Yeah you went home pretty early last night…” Betty didn’t really finish her sentence while sitting down across the table.

“I just needed to finish some homework and then got through a good chunk of my novel…“

“So what’s the plan ladies?”, Kevin somehow managed to eye all 3 of you wanting to know when to come over to Veronica’s.

“Let’s say 6ish at Betty’s place and we’ll go to my place from there ”, Veronica answered making sure the 3 of you nodded.

“I’ll be with Archie and helping set up for Val with him”, Jughead looked to you rubbing your hand.

“Alright, we’ll see you there”. You gave a reassuring look to Betty making sure it was still okay to meet in her house.

Archie had sat down beginning to talk about and reiterate what Val had told him of their set for the night. He seemed rather excited for her even though the Pussycat’s had easily played bigger gigs.

The bell chimed and you flinched a little out of nowhere. Your body had jumped enough for both Jughead and Betty to notice and without you knowing, they gave a look to each other. “See you after school”? He gave you a kiss on your neck while squeezing your thigh before he got up with his tray.
“Of course, I don’t have to get Y/B/N today. He’s got his bike. So I have a little bit before I head over to Betty’s”.
“Okay, see you then”, he leaned in for a kiss on your lips before giving a slow sprint behind Betty to meet up with.

POV of Jughead

You tugged on Betty’s sleeve really quick, “Hey, can you do something for me”?

“Of course Juggs, what”? Betty gave her classic smile of friendship that was filled with sincerity.

“Can you talk to Y/N for me? I know the rumors of last year but she seems a little on edge, more than normal anyway. I just don’t want to pry and think a “fellow woman” might be more of the answer.

“Yeah I can, I wanted to ask her something as well…” Betty seemed to not be giving complete answers that day.

“Thanks Betts”, you smiled before heading back to go your locker.

POV of Y/N “Hey, my house at 5 instead, V changed her mind”.

K”, you answered in reply to Betty before putting your phone away and before the bell rang again.     

                                                 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Now having less time, instead of going to Pop’s, Jughead had walked you home. Hand in hand and all the while taking brief moments to pause and kiss you. Once in the middle of the sidewalk, another against a tree and so on. At the next pause, he kissed your neck, which made you blush, while you reached for the side of his cheek bringing his lips to yours. You used your lips to grasp his bottom one and with a breath he moved his lips to do the same to yours. You opened your jaw wider letting a little bit of your tongue sneak through. You could feel him smiling while kissing you back. After a few moments, you released him. Opening your eyes you saw a blushed and gleeful look upon Jughead.
You had made it to your block. About 4 past Archies place that Jughead had been at for more than a month. Still holding your hand, he glanced over giving a look of concern, similar to the one he had earlier in the day.
“You sure your okay? You jumped earlier…”
You cut him off with what felt like a fake smile. “Yeah, just got startled was all. So…I’ll see you there tonight Heathcliff”?
“Heathcliff?” He gave a heavy smirk before rolling his eyes, “oh God you started reading Wuthering Heights…”
You giggled, “don’t worry, I’m not romantcizing that one. I know the ending is like Romeo and Juliet on crack”.
He gave a big laugh, “Well goodnight for now then Juliet”. He gave a kiss to your hand before pretending to bow.
You smiled walking away keeping your eyes on Jughead before he turned back around. He had only been to your place once, and knew that there was some tension in that house even if you hadn’t explained why.

                                                 *  *   *  *  *  *  *  *  *
The clock turned 4:30. By this time you had done some of your brothers laundry for him, made sure he had something to eat and even managed to play some ps4 before getting back to your room.
You put some lip balm on, a different shirt with a black cardigan while grabbing a bag of your pjs, a book, your pill bottle and clothes for the next day. You nodded to your brother by the living room before heading out the 4 blocks down to Betty’s.

You glanced outside and already saw that the truck Archie surely took with Jughead was gone.

You rang the door bell. Betty answered rather quickly with a “hey”.
You waved to her mother before heading up to her room with her. She closed the door while saying “V said she would be a little bit so we can just stay up here till then”. While you found Betty’s demure odd, you did know Veronica had a habit of being late to everything.
You looked around the rather large pink room, noticing the amount of flowers on the walls. “So, I don’t want to be abrupt but can I ask you something?”. You assumed it either had to do with Jughead or someone else in the group so you nodded.
“A few months back, when V and I found that book with Ethel….” as she spoke these words you started to clam up. You weren’t sure you were in there before she finished her sentence. “Your name was in there, Y/N. Next to Chuck….but you hadn’t told any of us that he had lied about it like he did Ethel and the others” you could tell she was afraid to make eye contact but she looked at you anyway, not with judgement but concern. You moved to the base of her bed looking at your feet trying not to stare back.
Your mouth went dry and you had to pause, mustering up what little courage you had to speak. “That’s because it wasn’t a lie…what did it say”? You looked back up at her while pulling your sleeves over your hands.
“The whole book, had a point system. And like Veronica, you had a “new girls” point with your name”.

She moved her body down and sat next to you, bracing your shoulder.
You took a deep breathe, “I wasn’t sure I was in there….I didn’t think he would be stupid enough to put it in…” you stopped mid sentence. You held your arms trying not to cry, and with taking a deep breathe “I wasn’t….” you paused again “I wasn’t a willing participant ”. You looked up at her, she had a tear in her eye with only concern for you.
“Does Juggie know?”, she asked already knowing the answer.
“No, we haven’t gotten that physical yet and it’s uhhh….well it’s almost been a year since. I know he knows something has been putting me on edge a bit, and I want to tell him…I’s already hard for me to think about”. You felt a lump in your throat, you hadn’t really cried but you felt on the edge of it.
“Okay.” She chimed up with purpose and grabbed you up with her by grabbing your palm. She wiped away her tear. “Do you still want to go tonight”?

You thought for a second, knowing you didn’t really want to go home. “Yeah, I need a night where I don’t get in my head as much”. For the first time in two days, you finally felt like you actually wanted to go to Cheryl’s party. “I want a night out with Juggs too….you know, even if you two are off sleuthing for a bit”. You smiled trying to convince her that everything was okay.
“Alright, we got like 15 until Kev gets here and then V with her driver…” she looked towards the side of her room and back to you, “So did Jughead ever tell you the time he ruined my birthday by eating my cake before I got to blow out my candles”?!
You laughed, “No!” Yet when you thought about it, it seemed perfectly in character of the man you were growing to love.

                                                    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
“So if I quote Mean Girls and say “get in bitches” will you guys still do it”? Veronica gave a smile with her driver waiting outside the driveway.

Kevin had been there for a little bit, “Only if I’m Gretchen…..”. You all gave a laugh before putting all your stuff in the trunk and got in with your friends.

                                                    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Getting ready to get out of the bathroom, you stared into the mirror. You didn’t exactly feel like yourself in Veronica’s clothes. And while you had convinced her out of putting you in a dress or a skirt, she still gave you rather tight forming clothes - complete with a crop top and skinny black pants. You had to remind yourself that this was from the girl that felt completely comfortable in a cat suit not 3 weeks ago. You picked up your black cardigan and put it back on, you weren’t entirely behind your arms showing too much. You were still hiding some things from people even if Betty had now known more about you than anyone besides your therapist.
You took a deep breath and turned the knob.

“Yeeeesssss”! Kevin gave a look up and down of approval. He was in a nice button up and what looked like really expensive jeans. “Here, let me put your hair up…” something you didn’t usually took the time to do in the morning but you welcomed the gesture nonetheless.

Veronica and Betty had finished putting makeup on each other. Veronica in a tight fitted black dress without too much embellishment beyond her necklace. Betty was also in something in Veronica’s but it was black, something unusual for Betty as you had only ever seen her in bright colors and pastels. Hers was less form fitted and flared out at the bottom.
Betty went up to you “you look great Y/N”!
“You too”. You glanced towards Betty and while a little out of place in Veronica’s clothing as well, she had a body you envied for. Sometimes you weren’t sure what Jughead saw in you when he was around these two gorgeous girls all the time.
“Come on”, she grabbed you down with Veronica to the vanity and they began to do your makeup.
You looked at the vanity below you, “….nothing too crazy right”?.
“Nah, we got you”, Veronica said reassuringly.

                                                 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

We’re about to walk up” you texted back to Jughead who was apparently bored out of his mind with Archie and Val. You felt a little nervous as well a little silly before realizing you were in the midst of Thornhill once again. You looked up a few minutes later greeted by Jughead who had a look of being somewhat stunned. You covered your midriff with your arms, a little uncomfortable in what you were wearing.
“Well….”? You were looking for some kind of reaction from Jughead. Veronica, Betty and Kevin gave a nod while all heading to Cheryl’s door and walking in.
“You look amazing”. He couldn’t stop staring up and down until meeting your eyes. “You always look gorgeous, but this is just different…I mean a good different”! You could tell Jughead got a little nervous himself.
You brought him in close, kissed him hard while grasping the back if his hair.
He smiled while you parted, “come on”, he said while grasping your hand. You went in, and what was from memory, you knew where you were walking too. The closer you got to the middle of the house, the louder the music got. Vibrations filled the house, which was saying something considering the enormously large vintage home.

Jughead led you to the kitchen, where the rest of the gang including Archie was. Jughead took a beer from Archie while you just stuck to a soda. You looked at the bottles, and while engrossed with the familiarity of the smell, you tried to remain with your red cup. Betty and Jughead gave eyes to each other when Betty noticed you and gave you a reassuring nod. Jughead himself saw, a little confused with your mutual look.
You tugged at his shirt, “go ahead, I know you want to go into Sherlock mode”, you whispered into his ear.
“You sure?!” He was shouting a bit while making sure you could hear him over the music. You nodded and gave a look to Veronica. Both you and Kevin followed Veronica and Archie out of the kitchen after you gave Jughead a slight kiss on the neck. At the corner of your eye you could see him smile again. While watching Betty and Jughead make their way to the stairs, you leaned back into the kitchen tossing some of the rum into your drink, then hurried back to the rest of your friends.

The music was loud, but at least good. The Pussycats were all in matching slinky outfits, something you could never have the confidence to adorn. Kevin pulled you in to dance while you took a large sip of your drink, he leaned over to smell your cup. “Ha! I knew you would partake with us”! Both with drinks in hand you loosened up a bit dancing with Veronica and Kevin. Archie was closer to the band making sure Valerie had sight of him. By the time the song ended you finished your drink and Kevin and you went back to the kitchen for more. Veronica gave a nod of holding your spots on the dance floor. You hadn’t really scanned the house to see who was there, but it felt like the whole school was. You hadn’t even seen Cheryl which in itself was a welcomed gift.
“Come on!” Kevin gave you a shot of something and you tapped back the small glass with his. He took shots better than you it seemed, and you threw back what seemed like tequila. You once again mixed some rum with some soda and Kevin did the same before heading out. He grabbed your wrist making your way back to the dance floor with Veronica.

Your eyes drew back to the corner of the room where you saw Chuck and some of the football team talking. He seemed to pause mid sentence while glancing back at you. You drew your attention elsewhere. Moose had made his way down to the dance area with Midge while glancing at you and Kevin. You looked back at Kevin who then chimed in before you could say anything - “Don’t even get me started with that situation”. You smiled and both drank more out of your cups while bouncing to the music.

The trip to the kitchen occurred a few more times, including a instance when you filled up Veronica’s glass for her. You looked at your phone and there wasn’t a message from Jughead. You had assumed Betty and him had found something important.
The air was getting thin and while the house was quite large, the air was getting a bit hot.
“I’m going to get some air!”. Shouting yourself, you made sure Kevin heard you before you gave him a nod looking at the side porch.
“Alright! I’ll be there in a minute!” He kept dancing with Veronica.
A bit more than tipsy now, and almost tripping over Veronica’s flats that were just a slight too big for you, you made it to the porch. The cool wind felt nice, and you decided to text Jughead asking if he had found anything vital.
“Well look at you. You certainly got yourself back into your old habits….” Your spine gave a shudder as you directed your head to Chuck coming out of the doorway.
“Just leave me alone Chuck”, you had enough liquid courage in you to at least speak back to him.
You could smell his breath from there, you assumed he had been at the party longer.
“Now why would I do that when you obviously came back here for a reason”? He edged his way near you and you tried to scoot away from him on the bench. Your body began to freeze and his arm went behind your back grasping onto the porch. He put his drink down only to start trying to touch your thigh while your closed your eyes, heavily breathing while Chuck began to move his hands on you. You began to shout “leave me alone”!
You looked up while hearing someone coming to the porch.
It was Jughead. He forced Chuck’s shoulder towards him and punched him in the face. “She said to leave her alone”!

Chuck was drunk enough that his body weight went to the ground pretty hard. Jughead grabbed your hand and you followed him back to the kitchen. He grabbed your face with both hands and looked in your eyes, “are you okay”?!
“Yeah…yeah I’m alright…” you were still coming out of being frozen from the porch. Trying to take deep breathes, Jughead grabbed your hand again leading you to another room while Betty made sure no one followed the two of you. You were grateful for that.

It was quieter once Jughead closed the door to what seemed like the Thornhill library.
“Are you sure”? Jughead wasn’t shouting anymore but rather being reassuring while grasping your shoulder.
“Yeah, yeah” you took another breath “I’m okay”.
“Y/N…” He paused “you’re crying”. He looked at you in your eyes until you touched your face, not realizing that you had been.
“Yeah, no. I’m alright. Thank you.” You paused. “For that. For being there…” 

Your words trailed. You knew you had to tell him but when you looked back up you already knew Betty had told him something.
“Y/N…..what happened with Chuck…and with you, last year”? He looked down at his feet not sure of his words before his eyes met yours.
“Did…did Betty tell you”? You had hoped that your friend had kept this private.
“She told me about the book. What else happened”? His concern grew while you lead him towards the grand love seat to the side of you.
“I’ve uh….I’ve been here before. Cheryl was rather nice to me last year”. You had practiced this in your head a thousand times, you knew you were going to tell him at some point and you knew then what words you wanted to say. “My second party here….I danced with Chuck. I did a lot of drinks that night. I honestly still don’t know how many. When it got late, he offered to drive me home”. You paused again because now while you were saying these words, the visuals were all coming back to you. You were looking just at the floor now. “He stopped the car at Pickens Park. I thought he liked me. I didn’t notice how drunk he was until he kissed me”. 

You paused again. 1, 2, 3….4….Jughead held your hand. “He uh, pushed me back after that…locked the doors. He moved on top of me and I tried screaming. I tried kicking him, but he’s a lot bigger than me. He grabbed me, and….and I just screamed as loud as I could before he covered my mouth. He hit me to shut up a few times…”, 5…6….7…"when I finally did, is when he…” you paused again while it all coming back as a rush. You closed your eyes hard while trying to give yourself a break before opening them again. You shook your head and you left it there.
You looked up, and saw Jugheads face. You had never seen him cry before. He pulled you in and held you.
“It’s okay. I got you”. You hadn’t realized you were crying again. You held him back and close.
A few moments later, after holding you tight in the embrace, you heard Jughead under his breath “I’m going to kill him…”

rebel w/out a cause

hi guys. So, I watched Rebel Without a Cause a week or so ago, and I definitely have some stuff to say. (Unpopular opinion, I liked the movie! PLEASE DON’T THROW THINGS!!) Anyway, this movie hits many relevant arguments, but the overarcing theme or topic of the movie that got me thinking the most was the quote right before the chickie fight, when Buzz tells Jim he actually does like him, and Jim’s like, “yo, why are we doing this then?” and Buzz says “hey, you gotta do something, right?” When humans become teens for the first time, it is also the first time we face real, adult problems and must confront them. What this quote, or this theme of the movie is saying plays right to the title. A “rebel without a cause” is someone who isn’t satisfied with society, but doesnt have a specific aim to fight for, so they just “do something.” and if that something is drive a stolen car off of a cliff, so be it. Teens don’t value destruction, they value change - they just don’t know how to go about the process. Teenagers value action without thinking about consequences, so when conflict arises, they retreat to the “I’m just a kid” line. This differs from characters who live in fear, such as the adults in the movie, who clearly value minding consequences than anything else. Both Jim’s mother and father were fearful in their own ways, because they valued the “what if” scenerio. Mom was mortified of Jim acting out, constently demanding they move city to city. Dad was fearful of Jim in a different way, clearly caring about his well being, but at the same time, would not stand up to his wife for him. (I feel like the dad was a super complex character, but overall he valued consequences much higher than change.) This movie in particular was a very different style of movie than I’m used to, (from 1956) simply because of the difference in the portrayal of teens. I feel as if teens today react very internal when conflict arises, we are constantly keeping baggage behind closed doors, where teens in these movies are VERY brash and bold, and jump the gun…or drive off of a cliff…or try to shoot someone until they get shot down, and James Dean comes screaming “I GOT THE BULLETS!!” and everything is awkward…but anyways. I think this movie is to show both adults and teens, but mostly adults, that the other genoration’s problems they face are very real and very valid, even if our values are different. also i found a gif of James Dean saying I GOT THE BULLETS, so there you go.

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  • Mitch: He's been saying all this stuff to me like "i'm gonna break your legs"
  • Matt: Break a leg is something somebody says when they're wishing you good luck
  • *flashback*
  • Connor Brown: Break a leg, guys!
  • Mitch: What did you say to me? I don't want to break a leg i'm gonna play hockey, that's what i'm gonna do
  • Connor Brown: hey, break a leg
  • Mitch: how about i break your leg!
  • *flashback ends*
  • Mitch: Oh.

I took up smoking – I don’t smoke – I took up smoking a month before starting the filming. I smoked two or three a day, leading up to doing the film, because … I’m glad you didn’t know if I was a smoker or not because I wanted it to look like I was. But that was part of the work. Actually, I was smoking very very light cigarettes myself. And then when we came to shoot the film, the props guys, I think, had bought some herbal stuff. But they didn’t put any filters in the cigarettes the first day, they didn’t have any, so I obviously wasn’t used to that. I had a massive throat infection for quite a while after that. Dedication!

Why do we hate gency?

Ok so today I read many text post’s in the gency tag. And there where things like" ugh all gency shipper are racist,homophob and stupid!!“ Like c'mon guys. It’s okay when you don’t like the ship but that doesn’t mean you have to hate people because of this? So let me tell you a few things about me: I’m neither racist nor homophob and I support lgbt and stuff. But I still shipp gency? And I don’t hate other shipping’s? You can’t judge people because they ship gency ya know. It’s kinda rude tho. I’m fine with every other ship and won’t judge people because of it. I mean I guess I would support them because they love it and it makes them happy. You hate gency? I’m fine it’s your option? Do I hate you for this? Noo why should I?? So guy’s please stop saying every gency shipper is retarded or stuff. That’s not nice. Thanks ( it can that something is wrong with the grammar because it’s usually not my language lol)

Nice to meet you | Josh Pieters imagine

Nice to meet you | Josh Pieters | Imagine
Word count: 1275
A/N: Hey guys! So I thought I could work something out really quick before this weekend end for real. I had this idea when on my Baci chocolate I picked the quote you will see ahead and I thought on it through all the last week. Hope you guys like it! See you soon!
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Since there do not exist two individuals exactly alike, there must be for each particular man a particular woman […] who corresponds most perfectly. A really passionate love is as rare as the accident of these two meeting.” Arthur Schopenhauer

Someone should tell London it was almost summer time, because you were freezing as hell (well, if hell is extremely cold… You don’t know that, you’ve never been there). Beloved London, did you know June is the next month? Of course not, that’s why you were heading to buy something to warm you. it didn’t matter if was a hot chocolate, a coffee or a tea, you just wanted to survive until it was really summer.

“Hello, Y/N!” Giuseppe, the nice old man who owned the little cafe palace said to you. The place was really close to your apartment, so you would always go there.

“Hi!” You greeted, nodding to his new employee too (he got the job last week). “How is your granddaughter? Did she turned well on yesterday assignment?” You asked, his grandaughter needed help for the task and you happened to be in the store, so, as her grandpa wasn’t able to support her, you volunteered (thanks God she was little, because it was Math and you weren’t good at all with Math).

“Great! Thanks for helping, by the way.” He said. “What are you going to order today, missy?”

“I don’t know… What do you recommend? I’m really cold, I need something to help me with that.”

“What about some irish coffee?”

You frowned. “I thought you were from Italy.”

He laughed. “I am, however I’m british now and I learned how to warm up.”

“I never had one of those.” You commented. “I didn’t know you guys do this in here.”

Giuseppe winked. “We don’t.”

You giggled and accepted the drink.

“So, you know what’s happening down the street?” You asked as he started making you your drink.

You saw large vehicles closing the street with some big lights and stuff like that, it seemed a production.

“Yeah, they’re filming a video. I don’t know if it’s for TV or not, though.”

“It’s for Youtube, grandpa.” A little blonde girl said, getting out from the door across the bar. On the other side of it was the stairs that headed to Giuseppe’s house.

“Hey, girl.” You greeted and she opened a smile.

“Y/N!” she exclaimed.

“How was school today?”

“Great! Thanks for helping me.”

“You’re more than welcome, dear.”

Giuseppe had a small bell on the front door, so when a customer entered, he could realize. That was the sound you heard that afternoon, the sound that would change your whole life.

“Hello! How can I help you?” The employee asked, being the cashier as the owner finished preparing your drink.

“Hi. I just want a coffee and a macchiato, please.” the stranger told. He was about to open his wallet to pay when he noticed the open bottle on the bar that Giuseppe just had putted down. “Actually, do you make irish coffee? I want one of these instead of the macchiato.”

“Actually we don’t do that.” The employee informed.

You were smiling still. Giuseppe’s granddaughter was talking about her day as you waited, then he interrupted her.

“Here it is, Y/N.” Giuseppe said, handing to you your cup.

“Thank you.” You smiled, taking a sip of it. “Oh, that’s delicious.”

“Alright, she is too pretty, I wouldn’t deny her anything too.” The stranger said, smiling and standing his credit car. “You can leave the original order then.”

You heard his comment and looked at him, paying attention on the customer for the first time. He was a tall ginger guy with a gentle smile, using what seemed to be a lot of coats.

“What happened?” Giuseppe asked to his employee and the younger told him the story. “Oh, that’s ok! I can do another, everything is already out.” He said. “It’s on the house.”

“There’s no need, thank you.” the ginger answered.

“I insist, new customers don’t become old customers unless we put effort on it.” Giuseppe declared.

“Well, in this case, thank you so much.” The client nodded his head in appreciation and paid his order. He walked and stood by your side, waiting to his drinks.

“Thank you for the compliment back there.” You said with a little smile.

“I meant it.” He said. You blushed, not knowing what to do. “I’ll take that silence as the confirmation that it wasn’t my best pick up line.” He joked.

“Oh my God, no.” You giggled. “That wasn’t it. I just don’t know how to react when people compliment me.”

“This should be a serious problem then, because I bet people are always complimenting you.”

“Yeah, that’s an improvement of pick up line.” You made fun, still not knowing how to behave. “I’m Y/N, by the way.” You extended your hand.


“Josh!’ You heard a sharp void exclaim. “You’re Josh Pieters! I knew it was something about Youtube!” Giuseppe’s granddaughter was almost jumping from emotion, you forgot she was there. “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!”

Josh laughed. “Hey, young lady, you shouldn’t know who I am, I do many inappropriate things for your age.”

She giggled. “I don’t watch you!”

“Ouch.” he said, putting his hand in his chest. “You don’t need to be mean.”

The little girl giggled again. “I watch Joe! because Joe is Zoella’s brother. You are always on his channel!”

“Well, Joe isn’t good for kids children either, but I guess it’s ok if you are just a huge Zoella fan.” Josh shrugged and you noticed he had the brightest smile you had ever seen.

“Have you met her? Is she nice? Can you tell her I love her? She must be beautiful!”

You laughed, definitely the girl wasn’t that excited to you helping her with the Math’s task.

“Don’t annoy the customer, dear.” Giuseppe said, heading Josh his order on a paper support. “Here it is.”

“It’s nothing, really.” Josh told, picking the cups. “Thank you.” He turned to the grandaughter again. “Yes, I know Zoe, she’s really nice and of course I’m telling her I met her biggest fan.”

You smiled at him. “That’s really nice of you.” You commented.

“Thank you.” He nodded his head, extending his hand. “As I was saying, I’m Josh.”

You shook his hand, ignoring the shiver you had. “Nice to meet you, Josh.”

“This is your code to ‘you can have my number’?” Josh asked.

“The pick up lines’ game are only going up, huh?” You joked. “Yes, it is.”

“Nice.” he smiled.

You two exchanged numbers and he went away after saying bye to all of you. You couldn’t stop smile because you just met the nicest guy ever. He was really sweet and seemed to be someone who was easy to make smile, you loved people like that.

And the craziest thing of that day wasn’t meeting the love of your life in that place you would return many times after (alone at first, but then you would be always with Josh, even if it was far away from the house you would move in together). The craziest thing was that Josh would tell his kids that their mom was drinking coffee with Irish whiskey in the first time you met each other, after all, you never liked drinking. Of course, they wouldn’t know that the only reason you didn’t drink anymore was that day when you and their dad got so drunk that you… Well, this is a story for another time, isn’t it?

Rewatching Band of Brothers

Part 1- Currahee

  • Ok but can we just talk about that in Episode one the first conversation we hear between Nix and Winters is them talking about moving to Chicago together??? Like???? Ur gay???? Get married???
  • I just love the scene where Sobel is inspecting the men bc it established personalities and relationships between the men like Muck’s glance at Malarkey and Winters and Lipton’s glances at Sobel when he walked away, the fact that Bull is standing right behind Martin (!!!) and even

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so.... idk.

this blog is basically dead. i get like 3 notes a day at most, even when i post original stuff. most of the content i reblog isn’t even kotlc-related, but kotlc is the reason i joined tumblr so i don’t wanna become just a meme acc. do you guys wanna see more kotlc original content? maybe some edits, some incorrect quotes, some moodboards? what do you guys want? i’m very directionless when it comes to this blog and i’ll do anything if it makes some people happy. just tell me, what do you want to see?

15 minutes remained for midnight
  • enfp: *shares a lovey dovey quote on doing things for the people you love in the group chat*
  • enfp: btw when you guys ask me to do something for you even if it's as little as a google search makes me happy! I may end up joking around on how annoying that is, it's not. I love doing it. I love helping you guys in ways I can. It's a way I like to show you I care and love you guys. Even when one of you say let's watch this together or read this together stuff like that makes me feel special and I'm always down for that bc it makes me happy doing something for you guys and helping out. I love you all 🤡😘
  • infp (2): enfp the ball of fluffy happy marshmallow
  • infj: love you too bro
  • infp (2): ^me2
  • infp (3): is it the time of the month
Let’s get Lost ch.2

(photo creds: @the-ogoc)

Chapter 2

Word Count: 1,865

“Is that your boyfriend?” She asked referring to G standing at the door
“Haha no, come in”


“Sam this is Gerald, Gerald this is Sam” You said
“Hi” They both said and shook hands

“So how did you guys meet?” He asked
“My mom and her mom worked together, then we became best friends” Sam said

G’s phone rang.  
“Well nice talking to you Sam, I have to take this” He said and went outside

“Come to my room” You said leading Sam to your room

“Nice, I like it” She said admiring the room

“So have you, you know what with G yet?” Sam asked
“No, oh my gosh Samantha! He is 26 years old, no way”
“Dude he is hot, I know you have thought of it don’t act all good”
“I have, a lot but no way”
“I would, totally”

“Actually he kissed me before you came” You said
She smirked

“He wants you, He’s 26 and he wants you!” She said
“Stop o gosh”

“Were his lips soft, is he a good kisser?”
“Yes and oh hell yes”
You guys laughed

“What if he wants to be in a relationship with you?”
“There is noway he is not ready for one relationship, he’s the type of guy to use you for sex and drop you within seconds of being with you”

“Poor, (y/n) she wants a slice of G’s pie” Sam said
“Why are you even here?” You teased
“Because you begged me to come duh”

“Hey you guys wanna go out to eat?!” G yelled from downstairs
“Sure” Sam yelled

You threw on a long coat and zipped up your boots.  You guys started to walk and G put his arm around your neck, pulling you close you guys walked in sync.  Sam’s moved her eyebrows up and down looking at you and G.  You rolled your eyes and flicked her off.  

“So where are we going?” Sam asked
“The first restaurant I came to when I came to New York” G said
“Cool, a little bit of G History” Sam laughed

You guys arrived to this tiny Italian restaurant on the corner of a random street.  A waitress greeted you guys with a smile and sat you down.  G and you sat across from Sam, she smirked at you and you rolled your eyes.  

“There is this party tomorrow night you guys are invited” Sam said
“Yea, I’m down” G said
“Good, G you seemed like the partying type” Sam said
“Ha, yea” He said

“So are you going to NYC in the fall too?” G asked Sam
“What are you majoring in?” He asked
“I want to major in party” She laughed
“Only if” You laughed
“I want to become a doctor or nurse”
“Wow you both want to go through a hell of a lot of school”

The waitress came and took your orders.  You guys ate, paid and went back home.  

“It’s late I should go” Sam said
“You could stay the night my room if you want to”
“I mean if you want” She grinned
“Yea, stay”

You and her went to your room.  You guys watched a movie and fell asleep.  

Your eyes opened and you got up from your bed, making sure not to wake Sam.  She’s not a morning person.  You decided to make breakfast but there isn’t anything in the kitchen so you put clothes on.  You knocked on G’s door, he opened it.  He had only a towel on and his hair was wet.  

“Uh Do you want anything from the store?” You asked
“No but let me come with you” He said and closed the door

You walked down the stairs and waited for G.  He walked down the stairs wearing all black.  

“Do you know any grocery stores near by?” You asked
“Yea there is one not too far”
“Okay, well I guess we will walk?”
“If you want”

You guys decided to walk to the store.  

“So is Sam still at the house?” G asked
“Yea, she isn’t much of a morning person”

On the walk to the grocery you guys talked about random things.  You walked into the local store and grabbed a cart.  

“I don’t want things to be weird” G said
“Why would things be weird?”
“We kissed”
“Oh” You said remembering

“It was just a kiss right?” He said
“Yep” You said popping the ‘p’

He actually made things weird by saying ‘I don’t want things to be weird’.  You guys searched through the isles not saying much.  You stopped the cart.

“Okay now things are weird” You said
“I know”

You looked up at him and laughed, he joined.  

He grabbed your face and placed a kiss on your lips, you kissed him back.  You placed your hands on his leather jacket, softly skimming the fabric.  He put his hand on your back and brought you closer.  He released from the kiss and you looked up at him.  

“I just made things weirder” He said
“I know” You said not loosing eye contact
“What am I doing, you’re 19” He said looking at something at the distance and back at you
“I-I don’t know”
“I can’t….not with you” He said and grabbed his head

You looked down at the ground.  

“I didn’t mean it like that, I just don’t want a girlfriend” He said
“Yea I get it, lets just go home”

He did make things more awkward then they already were.  Why would he kiss you if he didn’t want a girlfriend, he must be on like a guy period or something.  You tried to shrug it off but the thought of being with him wouldn’t leave your mind.  

He’s 27 and you’re 19.  It would be hard being in a relationship with him because people love to judge but he seems like the type of guy wouldn’t even think about being judged.  

You guys finished shopping for food and paid.  The walk to the house was weirdly quiet and there was lots of tension between the two of you.  

He opened the door to the house and you guys walked inside.  You started to make breakfast, Sam was still asleep so you went upstairs to wake her up.  Her eyelids went back and you saw her eyes, you smiled at her.  She smiled back.  

“I made food it’s downstairs” You said

She bounced out of bed and went downstairs.  G was already at the table, waiting it looked like.  You all sat down at the table and started to eat.  Sam noticed the tension between you and G.  She looked up from her plate and looked at you and smirked.  You rolled your eyes, she was probably thinking you and G did the dirty.  

G looked down at his food you could tell he was thinking a lot because he wasn’t even eating, he was just staring at it.  The whole breakfast was quiet, all you could hear was the noise of the fork touching the plate.  You guys all finished and threw away your plates since they were plastic.  

-Later that day-

You told Sam about the thing that happened at the grocery store.  She said he definitely wants you but you didn’t really believe her.  He was hot and all but he was just a little too old.  He also has a career where you wont be able to see him often and he doesn’t even want a girlfriend.  So there wouldn’t be a point in trying to date him.  

Sam reminded you and G of the party you guys agreed to go to.  So you all started to get dress you let Sam borrow one of your dresses.  *pic*

(Not my pics)

You guys were done with everything, Sam said that the party started at 7 and it was 7:13pm so you guys rushed downstairs to get G who was sitting on the couch ready.  

He looked and smiled at you.  

“You look great, i mean you both look great” He said 

“Thank you” You and Sam said 

“Guys the party start like 15 minutes ago so I guess we will be fashionably late” Sam laughed 

You shook your head and chuckled at her comment.  You guys called a taxi and headed to the party.  You made Sam sit in the middle because things we still weird between you and G.  

The party was loud when you walked in, people already were drunk off of their asses.  You squeezed threw the sweaty people to find Sam.  You guys just got here and were already split up.  G was still following behind you, you were surprised some random girl didn’t come and snatch him up.  

“(y/n)!!!” G yelled over the music 

You stopped, turned around and looked up at him.  

“Yea!!?” You yelled 

“I want to talk things out with you!!” He yelled 


If he wanted to talk things out you needed a few drinks.  You grabbed a drink off of a tray and chugged down the liquid.  There was no way you and G could have a conversation inside so you walked outside to the backyard.  You could still hear the music and people we everywhere outside too but you just started to talk.  

“G if you have feelings for me or you like me just tell me” You blurted 

That was definitely the alcohol talking, there was noway you would have said that without a drink in you.  

“Honestly, I do, I don’t want to but I do, there’s nothing around with you it’s me I’ll ruin you” He said 

“You have a your whole life ahead of you, you’re going places i can tell, i just don’t want to get in the way of that” He added 

“G..I like you too, the only reason I’m saying that is because I’m not sober but if I was I would try to talk myself out of it” You said 

“I don’t know what to do, my heart is telling me to kiss your lips off of you face but then my mind is telling me, you’ll ruin her don’t do it G-” He said 

“Ruin me” You cut him off 

“Ruin all of me, every inch” You added 

He grabbed you and kissed you, you kissed back.  The kiss got deeper and deeper.  His hand roamed your body, his kisses were placed everywhere.  He pushed your hair to the side so he had more access to your neck.  He placed his wet kisses on your neck.  You breath was becoming short, he was so intimidating.  

He signaled you to jump, you obeyed and wrapped your legs around his torso.  G grabbed under your legs and went to an up stairs room as he held you.  As he walked you admired his features, every curve and beauty mark he had.  He saw you and grinned.  The grinned that was the death of you.  

He opened a random to a room, making sure it wasn’t occupied.  He walked In and threw you on the bed, you knew tonight was going to be a fun night.  

A/N: Hello, hello! Well sorry there is no smut I’m actually really bad at it but if you guys want it tell me and I will write it in the next chapter :) I do request here, so request stuff so I can write more for you guys.  hope you liked it if you have any feedback or ideas on this series tell me, i would be more then happy to add them, if I can.  Thank u for reading love u guys ! -i 

P.S. do you guys like when I add pics? 

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get to know me!!

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Name: macie
Nickname: mack, mace
Favourite colour: i rlly like light/pastel colors but my alllllll time fav is the blueish grey
Average hours of sleep: according to my phone,, around 7.5
Last thing I googled: “guy fieri"
Number of blankets​ I sleep with: 1
Favourite fictional character: this is soososos o hard but rory gilmore (?? does it count if it’s a tv person?? idk)
Favourite book: probably “note to self” by connor franta <33
Favourite bands/musical artists: the lumineers, khalid, daniel caesar, mumford and sons, oh wonder
When did you create your blog: the beginning of september 2016 i think
Amount of followers: lol like 10 😂 jk like 23
What do you post about: aesthetic stuff pretty pictures and occasionally super funny stuff 
When did your blog reach its ‘peak’: hunny im still growing lol
Most active follower: ill edit this when i get home but idk i’m on mobile
What made your decide to make a tumblr: i had my classic meme trash blog i made when i was like 12, and i was like i gotta leave that behind so now i’m an aesthetic hoe lol
Why did your choose your url: ok so my dog irl is like half blind bc he has glaucoma i think?? and his eyes are really pretty despite it like he has lil galaxies in eyes and i love it so much so i was like in gonna name my blog after his eyeballs lol
Gender: i’m a girl (cis)
Sign: scorpio
Age: 16
Sexual orientation: tbh idk lol i’m pretty sure i’m straight butt
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff 
Time right now: 11:03 am
Lucky numbers: 13, 15, 709, 909
Dream trips: i realllyllylyyly want to go to dublin, glasgow, and london

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  • Ranpo: My favorite thing to do is act like I can’t understand something very simple when someone is explaining it to me. So I could see how dumb they think I am.
  • Yosano: This, my dear, is called deception.
  • Ranpo: What do you mean?
  • Yosano: It’s a form of dishonesty that you are using for self gain or amusement. It’s actually quite sophisticated stuff. Well done.
  • Ranpo: Sorry, I don’t get it?


au-mieux  asked:

Hi Father. In a previous post, you mentioned both conservatives and people in the lgbtq community as having crises of faith due to how much they agree or disagree with the stance of the church on certain political issues. How do we separate our faith from our feelings about these issues? Should we even be separating them? And is it possible to have great faith in the Church, in spite of knowingly disagreeing with the Church's stance on an issue? How do we reconcile these conflicts? Thank you.


For a Catholic, at least, humility is the key, and having an intensely personal relationship with Jesus through the sacraments, rosary, Scripture study, apologetics, and reading the lives of the saints.

A Catholic also has to have a personal love for the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ. In their minds, that means seeing pastors and people in pilgrimage together under the Lordship of Jesus. 

Too many Catholics see the external Church, and their imagination is limited and boxed in. They see hierarchy, buildings, rituals, and visible structures, and for them, the Church is almost like Microsoft or Apple–a huge corporate structure which thunders orders from on high.

So, dissent from many Catholic teachings is like “disagreeing with corporate headquarters” and being independent from “powerful fat cats who want to tell me how to run my life.” People refuse to obey a Catholic teaching because “the Church has persecuted people” or because “this doctrine is made up by people who don’t know what my problems are like.”

That is where an erroneous and unrealistic imagination (e.g. “mighty, external, powerful Church) can lead to an erroneous conscience (e.g. dissent on abortion, gay marriage, women priests). The fact is this. Catholic doctrine is not the spin of some powerful, mighty structure that old celibate men invented.

Catholic doctrine, the teachings of faith and morals, are actually from the hearts and souls of the people who have been in struggle and toil to follow Christ for 2,000 years. It is true–that the synods and councils of the Church, where doctrine receives formulation, are composed mostly of bishops. 

However, each bishop comes from a region of the Church where he has heard his people and interacted with them, rich and poor, of diverse languages and education. When a particular bishop attends a synod or a council, what does he do there? A bishop contributes, not his own personal voice and opinion, but the Catholic faith as he has seen it lived out among his people in their towns and parishes, in rural areas and learning centers.

So, this is how it works. The Father and Jesus send forth their Spirit into the members of the Church, as they embrace the Gospel, are baptized, and live the virtues, with trial and error, that their faith calls them to live in the Church. 

Blessed John Henry Newman said that among the people, united with their bishop, a sense of the true Catholic Faith develops in the life of their diocese. People who are united to their bishop, study their faith, receive the sacraments faithfully, and persevere in the practice of the Faith, form a true Catholic spirit of faith and doctrine–the “sensus fidelium” or “sense of the faithful.”

The sensus fidelium, or sense of true faith, from thousands of communities, is what the bishops take with them to a synod or council of the Church, where they debate and discuss, and true doctrine is sorted apart from wrong interpretations of Christianity (heresy). 

Confirmed by the pope, these teachings receive further explanation and clarification with each succeeding council or synod of the Church. This is what Blessed Cardinal Newman called the “development of doctrine” in the Catholic Church. This sense of correct doctrine, or sensus fidelium, started in the first communities where the Apostles preached, and continues unabated through the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit. 

But the point is that the Catholic doctrine of faith and morals is not “from on high” like a corporation, nor is it just grass roots from below, according to what is the popular opinion or political correctness of the day. The Catholic Faith is taught and nourished both by the diocesan bishop and his priests when they preach and teach from Apostolic Tradition, and also by the people sitting in the pew when they confirm back to the pastors of the Church whether what they heard is sound doctrine or not–according to Apostolic Tradition. 

Sometimes the pastors correct the people–sometimes the people correct the pastor, depending on who is being more faithful to the true sense of Catholic Faith. The Holy Spirit decides at Church councils what is the best way to express the Faith that is loyal to the deposit entrusted by Jesus and the Apostles. 

Now, getting back to your question. What about when a Church teaching totally goes against something that is important to me? Well, the first step is to ask, “Am I being humble? And if I am wrong, am I open to correction from the Mystical Body of Christ?” The passions and peer pressure work against that kind of humility, and is one reason so many modern Catholics dissent from sound doctrine.

Taking one example–in the matter of homosexual intercourse, it is one thing to be a Catholic who reads and studies and feels confident about following Catholic teaching. It is totally a different thing to be a homosexual who is in love. Because when you are in love, you have to contend not with the mind alone, but with the passions and romance that come along with being in love. And while your mind might think the Church sounds logical, your heart is saying, “NO NO NO. I love this person and it is beautiful. How can it be wrong to have sex with them?”

This is seen over and over on Tumblr. A Catholic gay or lesbian starts a blog and gushes about saints and rituals, about chant and gorgeous vestments, about holy priests and nuns throughout history, and pious quotes from wise books. And for a while, it seems like the “Catholic stuff” will be enough make one a happy Catholic.

But then the gay guy meets another gay guy. The lesbian meets another lesbian. They fall in love. Sometimes passionately in love. When you are young and in love, you often want to have sex with, cuddle with, and be physical with that person. At first, you say, “I don’t think I can do that.” Later, you say to yourself, “But why not?”

A whole plethora of emotions can follow. But eventually such a person finds themselves mired in resentment, frustration, and anger with the Catholic Church. They know in their minds that the Catholic Church has never approved of gay sex. The Catholic Church, either primitive, patristic, medieval, or Renaissance, has never approved of gay marriage. Then follows mental acrobatics or rationalizations of fitting gay sex in with true Catholic Faith.

Out of 10,000 doctrinal quotes, a gay person may find 10 examples of where someone in Catholic history seemed to approve of gay sex. It is stretching the concept of development of doctrine, to say the least. Out of the thousands of Catholics bishops who teach against gay sex, they will gravitate to the small handful who seem to be fine with it. Then, the Fr. James Martin, SJ, quotes will appear, insinuating that speaking Catholic truth on this matter might be hurtful and homophobic.

Quite a few Catholic bloggers will be honest and say, “I was once very staunch in Catholic Faith, but now it is time for me to find another religious practice and community, perhaps the Anglicans, where I can be gay, have gay sex, get gay married, and feel included and at peace.” 

They may continue their love of high Church liturgy and art and culture, but seek out what they see as the advantage of a denomination where doctrine is not rooted in Apostolic Tradition. Rather, their new denomination emphasizes a pseudo “Christian philosophy” of love and service. Some of those who remain will dedicate themselves to the attempt to “change the Catholic Church from within.” Talk about a hopeless exercise in futility. 

Then there are those very heroic souls who say, “I am gay, and I am often a gay person with crushes and fond loves, but I want to be gay, and I also want to be a strong Catholic.” It is not that they are separating their faith from their politics, nor that they wish to separate their faith from what they feel is the real experience of their lives. Rather, they come to the conclusion that “Being Catholic is hard as well as easy, and it brings you joy as well as pissing you off at times.”

A gay Catholic who seeks to flourish in the Catholic Faith is a work of great grace. At the same time that they question certain Church teachings, they also have the humility to knowing that they may be wrong and need correction. At the same time that they see homophobia in the Church and this angers them, they also know that those who truly live as Catholics are charitable and kind to gays. At the same time that they fall in love and also fall from grace by engaging in sinful sex, they also wish to go back to the drawing board and try again because the ideal Christian life, is the life where you are not controlled and enslaved by your passions.

How do such people stay gay, and stay in the Church making the effort to be holy? They accept that there is tension between the two, and they go to Christ with love and openness to the grace He gives in the sacraments. They continue to let themselves be inspired by the saints, who remind them that holiness is always in their reach, no matter how much our fallen nature rebels against holiness. 

And finally, they know that if they so choose to remain, that the Church always will be their home. For a devout gay Catholic, the Church has never been like Microsoft or Apple to them, a powerful external corporation. For them, the Church has always been the Mystical Body, where pilgrims gather and walk toward the kingdom. And they love this motley crew sinners and shepherds without making demands to change the Faith.

Staying with the Church, and striving to incorporate into our minds the teachings of faith and morals, is only possible if there is deep love for the Lord Jesus and an open collaboration with the members of His Mystical Body on earth. There is no silver bullet that takes away all of our disagreements or angers with the Church–all at once. But the experience of millions through the centuries is that every effort at persevering as a Catholic finds fruit in the healing of our angers, and inner turmoils. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

“My name’s Ralph, and I’m a bad guy. Uh, let’s see… I’m nine feet tall, I weigh six hundred and forty three pounds, got a bit of a temper on me. My passion level’s very near the surface, I guess, not gonna lie. Anyhoo, what else, uh… I’m a wrecker. I wreck things, professionally. I mean, I’m very good at what I do. Probably the best I know. Thing is, fixing’s the name of the game. Literally. Fix-It Felix Jr. So yeah, naturally, the guy with the name Fix-It Felix is the good guy. He’s nice enough as good guys go. Definitely fixes stuff really well. But, uh, if you got a magic hammer from your father, how hard can it be? If he was a regular contractor, carpenter guy, I guarantee you, you will not be able to fix the damage that I do as quickly. When Felix does a good job, he gets a medal. But, are there medals for wrecking stuff really well? To that, I say, ha! And no, there aren’t. For thirty years I have been doing this, and I have seen a lot of other games come and go, how sad. Think about those guys at Asteroids? Boom, gone. Centipede? Who knows where that guy is, you know? Look, a steady arcade gig is nothing to sneeze at, I’m very lucky. It’s just, I gotta say, it becomes kinda hard to love your job… when no one else seems to like you for doing it.” - Wreck-It Ralph

graxity-deactivated20140916  asked:

I'm so sad about not being able to make your meet up in August this year!! I was wondering if you guys are planning on having another meet up soon!?!?

I love doing meet ups so absolutely! I’d imagine Rosie and I will start planning another one when we return to the UK after New York! It’s so fun actually talking to people who watch the videos we make. Sometimes they quote stuff I’ve said and I can’t remember saying it so I walk away like, sounds like something a DICK would say hahahaha. 

700 Bananas Forever

Well, here we are again. seven is a lucky, magical number.  And i have exactly one hundred sevens now. So I guess this makes me the luckiest guy alive, huh? And that’s not even counting the 600 other wonderful individuals that got us there.  it’s really not been very long since i joined, thinking back on it. 

October 15, 2015…It’s been nearly four months since I first joined Tumblr. And in that time I’ve come to learn quite a bit about myself and even more regarding this zany website and the cool people I’ve met here. Undertale and its community in general has been nothing but a joy for me to participate in so far, and  I never really would’ve gotten my feet wet with the voice acting if not for all of you.  And with that being said, let’s go through my special thanks list and meet a few of them. 

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This post represents my public commitment that I am going to bed now, AND NOT winding myself the fuck up by going through terf blogs to find examples of terfs explicitly saying over and over that it’s whether you experience misogyny from being read as female that makes you a woman so nb genders don’t matter.

and then posting them side by side with the stuff people say about the straw man cis bi guy who is really straight because he only likes “women and similar genders”

(and where that argument goes when trans women show up, I do not know)

If anybody feels like their blood pressure is too low and they want to find me quotes to throw around tomorrow though, you’re welcome to

Although I don’t necessarily advise it