do you guys like how the coloring came out


So I’ve got a big comic for you guys! And I really do mean big, this was originally drawn on a 26″x40″ piece of paper, scanned (in 9 chunks!) and digitally colored. I printed it at size, and it’ll be hanging on the third floor at MCAD this Friday!

I can’t say I want to do any more work at this size but I’m very happy with how this came out!! The image is split up to be easier to read, but if you’d like to read it at it’s full size (arguably the way it should be) you can buy it as a poster from my redbubble!

I don’t understand why guys think it’s such a feminine or girly thing to describe color in detail. Like, it’s not that hard to say sky blue, ochre, pea green, or salmon. How boring do you have to be to limit yourself like, “Oh my god, why do you keep calling it lavender? It’s just purple lol girls am I right?” Like, chill bruh, it’s not my fault you think colors, a construct of our eye genetics and literally just light bouncing off things, are going to threaten your manliness.