do you guys like how the coloring came out

Here’s Pearl from my Succubus AU.

Her outfit was fun to design. I incorporated her tutu from her old outfit into it since I miss it so much. I like how her outfit came out even though its not exactly the way I want it to be. but oh well.

As for her colors. I couldn’t figure out what colors to make it so I just mono-chromed it.

Hope you guys like it.

Now all I need to figure out is who I’m gonna do next. Do y’all want to vote?

I don’t understand why guys think it’s such a feminine or girly thing to describe color in detail. Like, it’s not that hard to say sky blue, ochre, pea green, or salmon. How boring do you have to be to limit yourself like, “Oh my god, why do you keep calling it lavender? It’s just purple lol girls am I right?” Like, chill bruh, it’s not my fault you think colors, a construct of our eye genetics and literally just light bouncing off things, are going to threaten your manliness.


At long last, the Flight Rising Pearlcatcher I have mentioned before!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make this picture as bright as my normal photos because the white yarn kept washing out against the white background, so I brightened it up enough to improve it and called it good.

I have actually had all the crocheting part of this guy done for a few months now, I was just procrastinating on all the mane and fuzzy bits because they can be tedious to put in. In the end though, I like how he came out, and as you can see, it is a male because he sports the two horns.

I chose white because dragons on Flight Rising sport the same color underbelly in white where they don’t in other colors, and the underbellies can make certain colors really hard to make because I don’t have every possible shade of every color under the sun in yarn. That and at the time I started this guy, underbellies were really hard for me to do. I do plan to make a female either in Platinum primary or Maize primary.

The eye was a clear cat pupiled eye that I painted to look like a Wind Flight dragon’s eye, since that’s the Flight I joined when I first started and I figured it would be appropriate. The secondary color I picked at random, the yarn color I say is Jade-ish in shade.

One thing he is missing are his whiskers, I’m still trying to figure those out, but I thought those were a minor detail at this point since in the art, Pearlcatcher whiskers are really thin that sometimes, for me, they don’t register while I’m looking at the art.

Pearlcatchers belong to Flight Rising and its creators.

The plush design and pattern belongs to me.