do you guys have any idea how happy i am right now

Day 14

I am so sorry, if this post is gonna be weird but I am so high on endorphines right now ( for those who dont know, it´s Hormone of HAPPINESS, released by your body during workout or orgasms.. you know.. good stuff. 😂 )

If you have ANY questions, and I mean ANY questions you want to ask me, go for it, my ask box is always open.. 😉 

Soooooo, I bench pressed 20kgs ( 44lbs) today and for the first time I upped the weights, cause it was 15kgs ( 33lbs), so thats a big YAY for me!! 
To be honest, I have ( excuse the language) NO FUCKING IDEA how guys do this and it´s one of their favourite exercise!! Just the thought of having this big ass weights above my FACE scares me everytime I am doing that…. it´s just, well, not uncomfortable, just weird. 
Also I upped my cycling ( 5+5 miles ), but I am still just on 2 miles on cross trainer… cause it´s MEH and I dont really like it… 😂😂 
What else was new today?? let me see… hmm.. 
MY GYM OUTFIT!!!!! 😂😂😂😂 I am sorry, I need to show it to you, I am such an asshole, but it made me so happy.. 😂

aaaaand I finally learned how to take a freaking picture without my face… 😂😂😂😂😂 

That´s all for today folks, I am off to finish food preparations so I have something to eat tomorrow.. 😂 
Much love,