do you guys get all the references

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I've done art of the three main characters from YOI, meaning Yuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisetsky, and Victor Nikiforov. (If you want you can see it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but I can never get Victor quite right. Any tips?

I wanna see!! You guys’ art will always be encouraged on this blog! We love art!!!

As for tips? I don’t think I can help ya, buddy. I’m a writer, not an artist, and Kitty has never drawn Viktor so all they can tell you to do is practice.

Maybe try only drawing Viktor, or the parts of him you can’t get right? Repetition is bound to produce some results c:

-mod Viena

Mod Kitty here to say that drawing a new character with a bunch of picture references up helps a ton! Make sure that the pictures are of the character in different angels and just do quick little sketches! It’s helps a lot in the end~

Mod Star is here to repeat her roommate’s advice: draw them in different angels. Yes, you read that correctly. Draw NSFW angel x Vic. That’s how you get good at art.

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Ya know I kind of agree that you all have been really harsh on some asks. I know that you guys 100% do NOT owe your followers anything but it doesn't hurt to be a least decent with other people who seem to be coming from a genuine place. I get that you are not Google and you shouldn't have to be. I dunno I think I have to unfollow because you guys have become like a negative space. I just had to say something before I left.

What posts are you referring to? Because I’m never polite to racists or misogynists, or transphobes, no matter what mood I’m in. 

Also, in response to “it doesn’t hurt to be a least decent with other people who seem to be coming from a genuine place”: emotional labor is incredibly draining, and it’s something that isn’t valued in a capitalistic society, which is why people in privilege can take other people being polite to them for granted


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when I get home today, I'm going to draw a reference up for all the mafia!au kids. I know requests are closed, but could you put all the outfit ideas for each member in a post or something so it's easier to access? thanks so much if you do this 😘

~Okay well sorry this took so dang long! I really love seeing you guys come up with your own ideas for how you imagine them in this?? But I don’t mind sharing how I envision them!


The pants are wrong. But i cant find a photo that works. Imagine the looser, rolled-up slacks that are more 20′s fashion. And finger-less gloves! 



Okay minus robe in that left pic hahahaha but, suit and that scarf. It seems so…actor-ish and dramatic like I can totally see him like this haha. He does wear just plain suits as well, though.


I’ve uploaded another ref photo of her as well but here’s something else I could see her in!


But the trench coat would be brown, not black.


Yes. A cane. He always has it.

alright, since my other masterpost seems to be doing pretty well with OVER 300 NOTES OMG THANK YOU, i decided that i would create another one about staying organized, per request. (shoutout again to @studyblrsab for the icon) alright so lets get started. Here is how I stay organized!!

1. Archive any papers from your teachers into a folder!!

  • okay so, idk about you guys but I get a lot of handouts from my teachers, especially in AP Literature and AP Psychology that contain terms, reading questions, references, etc and these can be great study materials later down the road so I put all of them into a specific folder!! This is also helpful when you’re doing homework and can’t remember a certain thing, but you know you have the handout so you can reference it! 

2. To-do lists are your friend.

  • Whenever i have a bunch of things to do, I create a to-do list to ensure that I don’t leave any important task out, plus you’re more likely to get things done when you right them down. For me, seeing me check off an accomplishment makes me feel happy because I can visually see my progress. But sometimes the basic to-do list gets boring so….

3. Use printables to spice it up a bit! Esp the calendars to keep track of long term assignments

  • The studyblr community has soooo many printables out there and they’re all so useful! In addition to being useful, they can make your study session look cool and motivate you to study since you don’t want to put such a pretty printable to waste! haha. If you don’t know where to start looking for printables, try my printables tag.
  • The calendar printables by @theorganisedstudent or @thearialligraphyproject are great to keep track of long term assignments. Personally, I write down any projects I know I will have in that coming month down. Then, I post the calendar above my desk so whenever I’m doing homework, I can look at it to ensure that I am on track. 

4. Purchase a planner or create a bullet journal system!

  • So this is kind of related to-do lists, but investing in a planner or creating a bullet journal can also keep track of tasks, events, homework, projects, and the like. As you guys know, your planner can be from anywhere and your bullet journal doesn’t have to be extravagant! Remember: don’t compare and do what works for you. For the year of 2017, I’m creating a bullet journal to see if its something I like! I think they look cool and its a great idea, but if its not something you’re into, SCRATCH IT. Don’t continue to do things that don’t interest or help you with your organization.
  • If you need some bullet journal inspiration (remember your bullet journal doesn’t have to be perfect or exactly like the ones you see), here’s my bullet journal tag. 

5. Try to keep a clean study area.

  • I shouldn’t be saying this because my desk looks like a tsunami hit it but you should try to keep your study place clean so you don’t misplace papers that are important. Here’s a tip in a tip:
    • Try the method of tacking important papers (assignment rubrics, scholarship stuff, etc) on the wall in front of or near your desk so they don’t go anywhere! As  I previously mentioned, having those things in front of me give me a visual to look at while I’m working to see where I’m currently at and what still needs to be done.

6. Set reminders in your phone/computer/etc, too!!

  • Technology is sooooo cool guys so utilize it! Set reminders in your phone about things you absolutely need to remember. For example, I set scholarship reminders into my calendar when their deadlines are so far down the road. 

well i hope this was helpful in some sort of way, although i doubt it was. Please let me know what you think of this master post and let me know if it help you in any way!! Send me requests and don’t forget to take care of yourself before you do anything. 

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  • so my guy friends have started referring to each other as “my guy” or “my dude”
  • and i can’t get the image of matt doing this with neil out of my head
  • like neil walk into the room at 6 in the morning  (while he still lives with matt)
  • and matt will just have woken up and be making coffee
  • and neil will say “i ran 10 miles this morning, can you make me a cup”
  • and matt will be like “my guy… please you need to sleep”
  • and then make him some coffee bc someone needs to take care of neil gdi
  • or
  • when the hamilton mixtape first comes out with some preview singles nicky won’t be able to shut up about it
  • and he’ll be going on about it at like a team dinner and neil will really quietly turn to matt and be like “what’s hamilton”
  • and matt, a true hamilton stan,
  • (that’s a headcannon for another time)
  • will be all “my dude… my guy… pls”
  • OR
  • neil and matt will be having bro time
  • (another headcannon digression oops) in the foxes-verse they came out with an exy version of FIFA and it’s the only video game neil knows how to play or cares about and he loves it so much
  • even kevin loves it
  • andrew only plays once after he’s watched neil beat every one of the foxes (neil is so good at this made up game no one else stands a chance it makes kevin so mad)
  • bc neil gets a big head about it and andrew plays only to prove that neil can be beaten
  • neil doesn’t speak to him for the rest of the day
  • anyways
  • neil and matt are playing it (and neil is kicking matts ass fight me matt only plays this much bc it makes neil so happy)
  • and neil just quietly turns to matt and is like “this is nice… my guy”
  • and matt cries bc he’s neil’s guy, neil’s dude and he just loves and values their friendship so much
  • there’s probably more to this and i got really off topic a lot but yeah
  • neil and matt call each other my guy and my dude as a symbol of their never ending friendship
Spider bruises

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Okay I don’t know if you do this, but could I have a Peter Parker imagine where you guys are friends at school and you like him and you’re getting suspicious of all of the bruises and marks he has and you know he’s lying when he says it’s nothing?

For Anon

Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 1681

There was no spec on which Peter Parker so I’ve done new Spidey, Tom Holland, because I wanted to reference The Avengers. Set after Captain America : Civil War

You greeted him and fell back with your arms crossed onto the lockers so you could scrutinise his appearance.
“Y/N.” He greeted a little too cheerfully and hid his head inside his locker.
“I will miss bio to stand here and wait.” You warned him.
He let out a long suffering sigh at your mothering which echoed in his locker before he pulled his head out and slammed the locker shut. He held out his arms dramatically so that you could survey the damage.

His face and neck were covered in blue and purple bruises and small cuts and scratches. His shoulders and arms were covered by his jacket but you could imagine just from the state of his knuckles that the bruises continued down his arms. After running your gaze over his various injuries before continuing back to focus on his blackened eyes.
“Bit heavy on the eyeshadow there pal.” You joked but your tone was deadpan.  You’d tried to joke, you really had, but the more Peter came into school battered the more fear kidnapped your thoughts.

“Oh haha,” He laughed overly sarcastically and tucked his booked under one arm, “If you must know the guy was huge.”
You narrowed your eyes and pushed yourself from the lockers, “And just who are you fighting, young man?”
“Young man?” He mimicked as you both began to wander through the doors. Classes were about to start and he knew the only way that you weren’t going to cause a scene was if you two skipped class and talked it out.

“Look, its nothing. Just this guy Steve, he was massive but I handled it.” He sounded almost smug as you walked away from the school.
“Steve, where the hell have you met this Steve guy?” You asked dubious, you were fairly sure that he was lying.
“He’s from Brooklyn.” Peter smirked then winced as the movement in his face hurt his bruised eyes.
“Hmm well Steve from Brooklyn sounds made up.” You mused before stopping him mid-step and pulling him by the jacket to face you. He pouted at you but you held his gaze.

“Peter, please, tell me what’s happened? Did your Aunt do this to you?” you asked and for a moment he looked confused.
“My Aunt?” Peter asked you before his expression turned soft, “Y/N my Aunt is tiny, she couldn’t hurt a fly.”
You shook your head, “Bullshit, height and weight don’t mean shit when it comes to ab - abuse.” You swallowed hard stumbling over the last word, “Peter I can help, you can come and stay with me and –”
He cut you off with soft hands on your shoulders, “I appreciate that Y/N, I do. You’re lovely. But Aunt May didn’t do this, she was super pissed I was in a fight but I swear that it was Steve and his friends.”

You stared at his eyes for a moment before you were happy that his words were genuine.

“Okay, well Steve sounds like a dick.” You concluded as you carried on your walk down the street.
“Eh, he wasn’t that bad.” He laughed and dropped his arms around your shoulders to give you a playful squeeze.

Okay, so you were willing to believe that a Steve did exist. And sure, him and his friends could have been massive but what was Peter doing fighting them in the first place?
Peter hadn’t been himself in weeks, always covered in scrapes and he seemed super sensitive to everything and you were sick of it. That’s why you were crouched behind the bushes outside of Peter’s apartment block ready to get to the bottom of it. Alright, stalking your best friend did have a bad ring to it but this was for his own good. You knew Peter and if he had gotten himself into trouble then he wouldn’t want to tell you for fear of getting you involved.

If Peter knew that he was being followed then he didn’t show it, he sauntered down the street ahead of you, occasionally pulling his backpack around so he could check the contents. You narrowed your eyes as you watched him, he was acting suspiciously.

He ducked down into an alley and you followed at a distance, this wasn’t like him. Is this where he was meeting these people that he kept fighting with? Some kind of weedy-teenager-alley way-fight-club?
But when you rounded the alley, he was nowhere to be seen.
The cursed to yourself, where the fuck did he go? It was a dead-end!

Cursing again you made your way back from towards his apartment; it was time for Plan B.

Plan B involved more criminal damage than Plan A.

All you had to do was break in to the apartment and do a little snooping. If Aunt may was in you wouldn’t even need to break in because she was used to you coming and going with her nephew.

She wasn’t in but the spare key that she sometimes left under the plant pot outside their door was, so you slipped inside the apartment and hastily shut the door. It was odd; this place was like a second home to you but being here uninvited made it so unnerving. You snuck into Peter’s room and left the door open out of habit, May didn’t want two teenagers in the same room with the door shut, and set about prying into Peter’s business. You knew what you were doing was wrong and if he caught you then you’d accept his anger but if truth be told, it had gotten to the stage that you were scared for him.

After a few minutes you finally found something of interest, pulling open a drawer you found odd machinery.
Was he stealing these machines from people?

Is that why he was in trouble?

The front door clicked open and you dove into Peter’s wardrobe. God you were in so much trouble, you could hear your heart beat in your ears.
“Peter?” Someone called through the apartment.


Was that a male voice?


After a hard day stopping idiot hoodlums from mugging innocent people as Spiderman, Peter Parker was tired and hungry. The only thing he wanted to do was eat his own weight in food, have a long soak and an early night.

God he was like an old man.

The very last thing he expected was for you to be waiting in his apartment for him to return. Not that he wasn’t always happy to see you but he wasn’t too keen to see you happily chatting away with your company.
“Er what’s going on?” Peter mumbled, hoping beyond hope that you’d not found out about him.

He had no such look.

Tony Stark sat opposite you on the sofa and held his hands up in defence, “It’s not my fault.” He pointed at you, “She lied to me.”
“I’m not the only liar around here, Mr. Stark.” You snapped and crossed your arms and fixed Peter with a scowl.
He held his hands out and rushed, “No, no in my defence. I didn’t lie, I didn’t. I just didn’t tell you. And Mr. Stark how could you tell her?”
Tony pulled a face, “Like I said she lied to me.” He faced you, “Ever want to be a spy? I know a couple of good mentors. Well, one good one and one okay one. Well, one psychotic Russian and one rubbish farmer. Though technically the farmer is in a maximum security jail and it was partially our fault.” He gestured between himself and Peter.

“No don’t tell her that.” Peter mumbled with his hand to his face.
“You’ve met Natasha Romanov?!” You asked, anger suddenly forgotten. She’d been an idol of yours since The Avengers had first come to light and fought off an alien invasion, then years later when all the details of her life had been leaked online when Captain America brought down Shield you’d worshipped her even more.

“If I get you her autograph, will you promise not to kill me?” Peter tried with a smile.
You stood up and shook your head, “Oh no, I’m definitely going to get you for lying to me. Not even Natasha Romanov can save you now.”

Tony, who had pulled a hip flask from the inside of his jacket, smirked at you both, “Oh yeah Natasha will like you. I had no idea you had such a sneaky girlfriend Spidey.”
His face flushed as read as his costume and he tried to stammer out an answer but you cut him off, “He doesn’t.”

His face fell and you stepped around to give him an affectionate hug, “I am happy you’re okay. We can work on the girlfriend thing after you explain everything to me.”
He blushed again and held you close into the hug, he kissed your cheek as you embraced and you wondered if he’d have been brave enough to try to kiss you if Tony wasn’t sat on the sofa smirking at you both.

“Look at that, so cute. Young love, it’s disgusting.” Tony mumbled at you both.
You turned in his Peter’s arms and he rested his head on your shoulder as you pointed at Tony, “Don’t think I don’t know that you encouraged him, you’re in trouble too, Tony.”
He pouted slightly, “What happened to Mr. Stark?”
“You have to earn that back.” You answered and Peter laughed in your ear.
“Yeah Nat will definitely like you.” Peter mumbled and kissed your cheek. He sighed slightly when he felt your cheeks heat up, he knew you had some hard conversations coming but right now he couldn’t bring himself to be mad that you knew.

Merry Miscmas - 2016 Christmas requests

Hi everyone! This is Choko, Kabula and I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone who has been following us, new and old. We’ve had this blog up for about a year now and we’ve got close to 1k followers (we’re at 997!!!).

While both of us have had numbers like that before on past blogs, this is the first time we’ve sorta hosted a blog that has (almost) all original content on it. Kabula and I both ran Pokémon blogs before this. But getting as many followers from our own original creations really means a lot to the both of us! Seeing so many people like characters like Desi, Cadence, Janette, Thomas, and so many more honestly fills my heart with joy.

So thanks to everyone for being there to show your love and support for what the two of us do! You guys are awesome <333333 Here’s a Juli as a thank you, I’ve been trying to practice with some body references and stuff. I haven’t drawn Juli in a while!


well boys.
you did it again.
headed to the super bowl for the ninth time, fresh off your 6th consecutive afc championship game. you’re facing off against the formidable falcons. it’ll be a battle but i know you can do it. the amount of heart and soul each member puts into the game is beautiful. watching the smiles on your faces as the clock ticked down to zero brought tears to my eyes. i always knew you could do it and i have never stopped believing in you. even when i was ridiculed by everyone under the sun, when deflategate was rocking the nation, i stood up for you guys no matter what. even through all the injuries and pain, all the blood, sweat, and tears, you all managed to push through. now it’s time to buckle down and, excuse my high school musical reference, get your head in the game. super bowl 51. an iconic super bowl with two amazing quarterbacks on display and you’re one half of the starring show. everything you’ve worked for is coming to a head at that moment. continue to grind and work as hard as you always have and you’ll make me happy no matter the outcome. the drive for 5 starts and ends there. there isn’t anything you can’t do. go hard and take names. nothing can stop you if you stay focused and stay positive. i love you boys through thick and thin. thank you for bringing such light to my life. we’re on to super bowl 51. let’s go.


Opening up some commissions in light of Christmas coming up and I wanna buy presents for all my friends ^^ YOU guys get to rake in some sweet art with a good deal as well!! From now until Christmas if you order two commissions then the third one will be free! There are some rules though, so here they are:

  1. Ponies only
  2. No seriously intricate designs (I might charge you slightly more if your pony design is intricate)
  3. I retain the right to turn down any commission I’m not comfortable with
  4. I won’t be doing backgrounds with these
  5. Only one pony per image
  6. Please have a reference or a full body image of your pony I can use as reference (if you don’t have one I will need to charge extra)
  7. I use paypal as payment
  8. You need to be willing to share your email address with me so I can send you an invoice

Well I think that’s all ^^ Please pop me a message over here on tumblr if you’re interested. I’m only opening ten spots for the time being so first come first serve.

<3 Nyx


Imagine Thor not understanding why you call him Prince Charming.

“Come on, Prince Charming, it’s time for breakfast.”

Thor frowned, tilting his head to one side, “I do not understand.”

You blinked, “What do you mean? The Prince Charming thing?”

“Yes, I do not understand. Is this a human reference?”

Your lips quirked into a crooked smile, “Yeah, I guess you could say that. It’s a fairy tale thing. The damsel in distress gets rescued by their Prince Charming and they become a princess. Prince Charming is just a classic sort of arch-type I guess.”

Thor nodded seriously, “I believe we have something like this in Asgardian mythology.”

You grinned, “I’d love to hear all about it. But right now, breakfast. Come on, big guy, it’s gonna get cold. And remind me to introduce you to some Disney movies sometime.”

Gif Credit: Thor

Hey guys!  I’m gonna be doing weekly commissions and starting this week I’m going to be taking four so I can get my bearings (It’s been a little while.)

Listed above are the standard prices I have, which will vary depending on additional characters or amount of detail you’re looking for.

Before you send in your messages here are a few things I want to go over real fast:

- Please present ALL info up front. I can’t guarantee you a slot just cause you messaged me asking for one with no info. The more references and details you have the better!

- Please DO NOT send your info through the tumblr instant messaging system. Ask or Submit messages only please. It’s tidier that way.

- You must upfront through paypal only. There are no refunds after your commission is completed.

- Nsfw commissions are fine with me, just no extreme fetishes.

- If I don’t take your commission I don’t need to tell you why.

- I retain the copyright for the artwork commissioned yada yada you may upload the artwork and use it for personal use but you may not sell my work you get the picture.

Last thing I’d like to add and that is please try to be attentive to any messages I respond back to you with. If you send in all your info and I message you saying you’re good to go but you don’t respond back in say, a couple hours? Your spot will be given to someone else.

Commission are CLOSED will open again next week

the stranger things cast, according to my grandma:

finn: “he’s gonna be a little heartbreaker when he gets older, he’s so adorable.”

gaten: “i’m adopting that one, he’s precious! look at his little curls and that smile!”

noah: “oh my god, he’s so tiny! can i adopt him, too? he reminds me a little of that big-eyed guy from the wizard ring movies you used to watch all the time.” (it took me almost five minutes to realize she meant lord of the rings and i think she was referring to elijah wood)

caleb: “another future heartbreaker.”

millie: “hey, we have the same name! but she’s much more gorgeous than i was or ever will be. she looks so stylish.”

charlie: “river phoenix.”

joe: “flock of seagulls cover band front man. also looks like that guy who played the spidery man.”

natalia: “gorgeous flower child.”

david: “big burly man who i would be very interested in dating.”

winona: “isn’t she the woman you’re in love with?”


Lately there’s been lots of issues around captions. And I really felt like getting my word out about it.
Captions are NOT comments!
Captions are NOT a place to hide eastereggs!
Especially with the “Sara is missing” videos from @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye , aswell for videos from other youtubers
But especially for Jacksepticeye.
Anti is NOT hiding in the captions!
Whatever reference to Anti in the captions is made by a fan.
Not by Jack, not by Robin.

You guys all need to know, and understand that they do NOT make captions!

Captions are made by fans, not by creators.

There is a very good friend of me, @ant-eye-septic who needs the captions in order to watch videos.

I don’t mean to start drama here, or hate on anybody making captions currently. But please understand how important it is that they are accurate to what the creator is saying. If you feel like you need to be heard, you can talk to me personally. If you think you need to get your opinion out, go to the comment section, its made especially for that.

And if you are still not sure about the captions.. Check the description of the video, you can see exactly who makes the captions, and I’ll guarentee you its never going to be Jack or Robin.

Captions are subtitles.
Captions are there for people who have issues hearing.
Captions are NOT comments


Do you guys realise that tomorrow we get sanvers?? Actual CANON Sanvers?!?!? We might even get real actual sanvers pet names What if Kara or Winn or someone actually starts actually referring to them as sanvers?? I can’t even imagine all of the possibilities OMG WHAT IF LIKE THE VERY FIRST SCENE IS THEM CUDDLING OR DOING SOMETHING ADORABLE AND AGHHHHHHHHHH What if Kara walks in on them doing things?!?😏😏 And also…

Originally posted by sanversual

I really want drunk Kara danvers

Commissions are going on sale!! It’s a buy one character, get the second one free extravaganza :OO For example, if you get two characters commissioned for a sketch headshot, it’s literally only $2!! THAT’S CRAZY. Any and all help is extremely appreciated. Deats are under the readmore. Thanks guys!! Have a happy and safe December! :+)) 


Original commission post

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(not confession) well sometimes I'm really wondering why some confessions are just a word or a sentence that doesn't seem to relate to LL or any character at all (like the YEAH BOOOIIII one for example) and yet you guys still can edit an image for it, I'm really curious about how you guys do that lol

The submission for that one actually said something like “(to the new dia UR) YEAH BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII”, so that’s why I used Dia, lmao.

Other times it’s just us having fun with it, haha. 
Although I will admit sometimes we get a confession that’s something vague like that and it’s like.. shit I don’t get the reference, what do I do

-Admin Maki


Eddie, are you ok?
So, Eddie are you ok?
Are you ok, Eddie?
You’ve been smooched by
You’ve been smooched by
A smooth criminal

(no, those are not the real lyrics. lol)

After reading that certain chapter this was all i could think of. FOR DAYS. and it always made me laugh no matter how many times i reread it. So here i am at 2 in the morning doing this quick little something to get it out of my system.

I am referring this is from a marvelous Scriddler story called Batman: We Get Along, written by the brilliant @teamof1.

Like, it’s so good you guys. You have to read it. Their character is spot on, the interactions, conflicts, discussions, their thoughts, their fears and emotions. It’s all just so in depth. Real quality stuff here that you need to get in on.

Here. Here is the link .Go read it. Go. Like now. Why are you still here?

clicky the linky ^^^^^^^^ you need this in your life. You just don’t know it yet.

✨💕 super detailed blogrates 💕✨

may have stolen this format from @arianagrandes it’s beautiful. never done super detailed rates before, just wanna give you guys something cause you all put up with a lot of my complaining and i really appreiciate all the love i got this last weekend. 

  • must be following me
  • must reblog this post
  • send me an ask with an interesting question/fmk/would you rather or tell me a fancast idea you like for like any of the fandoms im in or complain about something to me, tell me about somone/something you hate and maybe we can both be netagive together haha just send me literally anything!
  • format under the cut:

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Ship Event

I’ve seen people around tumblr designing the lovechild of different ship!
SO, I thought I’d like to do the same with SKETCHY Trixie X any character here!
So send in your suggestions, canon, fanon, other universes etc

I will NOT make them all, so please don’t get upset if i dont pick yours!
Only reason I’m doing this is because I love drawing designs and stuff, and kind of wanted to do something that include you guys for once as well!

Send reference/ask please!

Even lasts until I go to bed!