do you guys even realise this


Little did Hudson know that Paisley had also invited Trent as well.

TRAVIS : What’s he doing here?

PAISLEY : Video games are more fun with company, so I invited you both! Come on, it’ll be fun!

As she wandered into her house, oblivious to the tension between the two men, Trent found himself scowling at the thought of Paisley spending time with another guy.

TRAVIS : Look, I don’t care who you are, but you already get on my nerves and Paisley is sure to realise how annoying you are too, so just back off.

HUDSON : Okay… I mean, I haven’t even said anything yet –



How do you know if a guy is right for you? 

You’ll just have to feel it. 

All I feel is my back breaking out. 

You’ll know, okay? You just have to let it happen. And then, probably when you’re not looking, you’ll find someone who complements you.

Favourite EOH Josuke hair insults: a collection

Old Joseph:

…do you even realise what you’re saying?


[Insert fanart of Josuke with a Polnareff haircut]


Kakyoin’s hair noodle is very refined


Woah… just… woah…

Hol Horse:

Nice guy™ Hol Horse strikes again


How to be shady in dog language

Pet Shop:



Josuke’s hairdo is so intense even a blind man can hear it


[Guitar solo playing in the distance]


I hate myself for laughing at this one


… what kind of battle strategy is this???


Shade shade shade

Weather Report:

The poor guy just genuinely wants to know


Not a productive use of your stand, Anasui

Funny Valentine:

That’s abuse of power, Mr. President

And my ultimate fave, Diavolo’s

It just works

fetish: boiling evak down to their sex scenes or their ‘cute’ scenes and not giving a shit about plot or character. seeing them as ‘two hot guys making out’ and nothing else. asking for hour long sex scenes.

not a fetish: watching evak scenes and enjoying them. feeling happy when isak and even are happy (they’re your ship after all). appreciating the character depth, development, and issues raised in the show. 

(my opinion btw. i do not hold the gospel truth on what is a fetish)

so i finally got my act together to do my first follow forever since the end of 2014 and I’m not even kidding its still 90% all the same people. I love you guys all so much ♡ 

ps. if for some reason you aren’t on this list I’m so sorry, I didn’t even realise how many people I follow, and i know and have this sinking feeling that i’ve at least missed someone

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Seeing Him With Another Girl || Brooklyn Beckham

Anon: Heyyyyy, I love your writing could you please do a Imagine were you dating *insert boy* and you go to a party and a girl is all over him and you get sad and leave, and he doesn’t realise then he comes over the next day and you can finish the rest. Thanks! Btw could you do it with Brooklyn Beckham or Hayes Grier or do two separate ones :) sorry I know this is a lot to ask.

Hey there, babes (maybe even guys, I don’t know). Here another image about Brooks ^^. Okay, I’m keeping my talk short ‘cause my laptop is being so slow. Hope you like it. Xoxo


The loud music penetrated inside my ears and I began, somewhat lonely, to search for my friends. We were invited to some frat party at some boy’s house. I walked my way through the dancing crowed toward the kitchen, expecting my friends to be there. When I entered the kitchen, I saw everybody standing there with a red cup in their hands.

“Hey, guys. Sorry I’m late, had to take the bus and ugh. You know the crap,” I excused myself. I looked around the circle of friends and saw that someone was missing. “Where’s Brooklyn?”

Jay shrugged. “Should be hooking up with some blond girl already,” he smirked.

I sent him an annoyed look.

“Hm, funny, Jay. Very funny.”

I looked up when I heard Brooklyn’s familiar voice and smiled at him. He smiled back chilly.

“I didn’t. But some blond stopped my tracks and got my attention.” A smirk was plastered on his face and the guys began yelling at him. “Yeah, but I had to blew her off, though.”

I rolled my eyes and grabbed a red cup from the counter. “I really need some alcohol. Had a really busy week.” I poured some vodka in the cup and drank it all in once.

“Woah there, girl. Calm down with the vodka.” Fay took my cup from me.

“No! Give it back to me! I want more.”

“You can get more later tonight, okay?” Jay looked at me warningly and worried.

I just shrugged it off. “Promise?”

“Promise.” A sigh left Jay’s mouth and he gave me my empty cup.

Jay was my best friend and he knew about me crushing on Brooklyn. He thought it was cute. Though he didn’t want me to be in a relationship with Brooklyn. Brooklyn was a boy who played girls’ hearts and Jay wanted to protect me from that.

I slowly stumbled toward Jay and wrapped my arm around his waist.

“What’s the matter, princess?” Jay watched me, chuckling.

I chuckled back. “I just missed you. I haven’t seen you in two weeks. We’ve only spoke to each other through the phone.”

“You used to call me on my sell phone,” Fay began to sing so I burst out laughter.

“Oh, stop. You silly,” I smirked. I felt myself getting more loose and grabbed Jay’s hand. “Come, dance with me.”

“Are you already drunk because of that little bit of vodka?” Jay looked suspiciously at me.

“No, of course not. I’m just having fun,” I smiled. I looked at Jay sharply so he got me and walked with me toward the living room.


I laughed out loud when Brandon told some story. No, I still wasn’t drunk. After that shot of vodka, I haven’t drank anything. Just some coke without Bacardi.

“Okay, let’s do some truth or dare.” Nina looked around the circle of people, smirking and waiting for people to agree. Everybody agreed. “Okay, (Y/N). Truth or dare?”

I smirked. “Dare, of course.”

“An easy one, go dance with Brooklyn. Ten minutes.”

I just shrugged and stood up. Brooklyn followed me toward the ‘dance floor’ and began to dance. Brooklyn rested his hands on my hips and danced to the music, pulling me with him.


“You know, you’re actually a really nice girl. Even though you’re a brunette,” yelled Brooklyn in my ear.

I looked at him indignantly. “Am I supposed to thank you?”

Brooklyn chuckled. “I didn’t mean it like that. You’re really nice. I think I’m starting to like you.”

“In what way,” I laughed, feeling a little nervous already.

“In an ‘I-think-you’re-really-pretty’-way.” Brooklyn pulled back a bit so he could look at me, grinning.

A smile crossed my face and I shut my eyes down for a second before I looked up at him again. “I like you too.”

“Of course you do!” he shouted laughing. I rolled my eyes and playfully pushed him. “Hey, do you want something to drink?” I nodded. “Coke?” I nodded again. “Okay, I’ll be right back. Stay here, beautiful.”

My smile widened while I watched Brooklyn making his way to the kitchen. I walked back to the couch where the rest of our friends was and sat down next to Fay.

“So, that weren’t ten minutes, girl.” Fay smirked at me and I rolled my eyes while I laughed.

“I know, does it matter?”

“Of course it does. Tell me, what did he say to you, you were all blushing and giggling.”

I smiled slightly. “He told me he was starting to like me. So I said that I liked him too.”

“Why would you say that.” Jay looked at my with a straight face.

“Because I do like him? Duh.”

“Hm, you know what I mean,” chuckled Jay while he rolled his eyes at me. “Anyways, I’m gonna search for Vanessa. See you guys later. Text me when we’re going home.”

After Jay left to search for his girlfriend, I stood up, too. “Alright, I’m going to look for Brooklyn. He said he was getting us something to drink.” Fay nodded and went talking with some boy.

When I entered the kitchen, I wished I didn’t look for Brooklyn. He was leaning against the counter and was kissing passionately with some blond girl. A loud gasp left my mouth. Brooklyn immediately pushed the girl away from him, but when he saw me his eyes were full of relieve. Ouch. I shook my head that it was okay, turned around and went back to Fay while I sent Jay and Vanessa a text. I wanted to go home.


*Next Day


I tiredly shuffled toward the front door to open it. Somebody had rang the doorbell for ten minutes, nonstop.

Being all cranky, I opened the door and looked past the person who was standing in front of me, not knowing who it was. “Wasn’t it clear enough that I’m not in the mood for any company?” I snapped.

“(Y/N),” stammered a familiar voice.

I looked up. I stared straight into Brooklyn’s eyes. “Brooklyn,” I mumbled. “Look, I’m very tired so keep it short. What are you doing here?” I really wasn’t in the mood.

“I wanted to talk about yesterday,” he began and he faced me with guilty eyes. As if I was in the mood for an excuse for his sweet words from yesterday, that they weren’t true and that he secretly had a girlfriend.

“Talk,” I mumbled while I closed my eyes and ran a hand through my hair. “Wait, come in. “I’m not in the mood to stand here either.” Let’s say, I wasn’t in the mood for anything. With dislike, I opened the door further so Brooklyn could come in. I walked in front of him toward the living room and didn’t even ask if he’d like something to drink. “Now, talk.” I looked at him, stolid, while I pulled my legs up on the couch. I totally forgot about me wearing only an oversized sweater. My legs were bare. I coughed awkwardly, what attracted Brooklyn’s attention. His cheeks turned pink and he leaned with his elbows on his knees in the loveseat diagonal in front of me.

“I’m an idiot,” he said after a short moment of silence. I didn’t disagree. “I shouldn’t have kissed that stupid girl while I was busy with you.” I raised my eyebrows. He saw me as an object. “No, wait. That sounded very stupid. Let me say it again.” He went silent again. “I shouldn’t have kissed that blond at all. I meant what I said yesterday, I really, really like you, (Y/N).”

I raised my eyebrows at him again, speechless. “Okay,” I mumbled with effort.

“Okay?” mumbled Brooklyn and he looked at me with an emotion I couldn’t recognize. “That’s all you have to say? Okay?”

I sighed. “Look, Brooklyn, what do you expect me to say? We’ve never really talked until yesterday. Gosh, I don’t even know if we are friends or not. You never gave me the feeling that you felt like talking to me while you always talked so easily with the others. I always thought, and I still think, that you kind of hate me for no reason.”

Brooklyn’s eyes widened a bit. “No! No- I mean- Look, (Y/N), I’ve liked you for a very, very long time. And when that girl came with that stupid dare yesterday, I saw that as a perfect opportunity to talk to you. I never really knew how or what to talk about with you. I never really knew you, and I still don’t really know you. But I getting somewhere and now I totally screwed up by kissing some stupid blond who was annoying me. She asked me to kiss her and I asked her if I kissed her she’d stop to irritate me. She said yes, so I kissed her. I’m so sorry.” He looked helplessly at me, though I sent him a stolid look back. He nodded slightly. “Well, at least now I know I’ve screwed my chanced with you.”

A small smile appeared on my face. “Actually, not.”

He faced me, surprised. “You don’t hate me?”

I lachte. “Gosh, Brooklyn, no. Of course not.”

“Well,” he grinned slightly, “may I ask you on a date, then?”

I grinned back. “Of course.”

“And may I say that you look totally hot in that oversized sweater?”

“No you may not. That’s forbidden zone for you, honey.”

Brooklyn smirked and took a seat next to me. He softly pulled my toward him and I placed both my legs over his lap so I still sat on the couch with my bum.

“You called me honey, sweetheart.”

“I know.”


I hope you liked your imagine, Anon ^^

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Hey guys, first, i love you! Second, do you have any really cute established realationship, where taekook is relationship goals?❤️

Heya! We love you too! 😘 for some reason there aren't many fanfics that start with taekook already in a relationship, but i tried my best to find them being #relationshipgoals (though taekook might not even realise it…)

There’s Nothing Like Us (Nothing Like You And Me Baby) “Maybe it feels so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.“ 

✄ Just like a Star (across the sky) ‘I couldn’t help but notice you’re watching a show that I really like instead of studying in the middle of lecture’ AUor where Jeongguk just wanted to sleep but this cute blonde guy is Hella Cute and Jeongguk just wanted to know his name [Not really established but the fluff™ is strong in this one]

✄ Photograph (we made these memories for ourselves) Pictures are taken to remember all the moments in our life that should be remembered and are worth of being kept. Time’s forever frozen in a photograph. Just as love is. [okay this is more of ‘friends to lovers’ but they’re still relationship goals]

✄ Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste chapter 1: Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle & Chapter 2: Dating one of South Korea’s top rising actors isn’t easy. [Taekook is rly cute in the 1st chapter and established in the 2nd chapter, I’m srsly recommending this fic, again, for the billionth time. sorry guys.]

And as always, even though these all are fluff© and cute™, check the tags of the fic before reading! ^-^/

✄ Admin Amanda

Monsta X Reaction: When they catch you singing along to a dirty song

Thank you to anon for the request!


He would probably feel a little uncomfortable actually. Listening to the song on its own would make him feel uncomfortable so to hear you singing along would be way worse for him.  He would be really awkward but he would stay quiet, probably trying to hum to himself to block it out or moving to the next room so that he didn’t have to listen. He would be really flustered and wouldn’t know what to do with himself.

Originally posted by hyeonwoo


Oh man this guy’s smirk when he realises that you’re singing along. It was be the most greasy smile you have ever seen in your life. He would just be grinning and wiggling his eyebrow at you as you continued to sing, probably even licking his lips a you on purpose to get a reaction. You would giggle at him and he would carry on being a lil shit checking you out and giving vocal reactions to the lyrics and wolf whistling. What a shit he is.

Originally posted by twice-ooh


He would be such a diva. The moment the song even came on he would shield your ears. When you started singing along he would be mortified and probably start screaming while covering your mouth too. ‘No, don’t be corrupted by this song!’ He would shout and probably pin you down so that you couldn’t do anything. He would be desperate to get you to stop listening and singing because you would be too innocent to him to carry on.

Originally posted by chiqkihyun


He would be shocked at first, like his eyes would widen and he would gape at you a little. He would look at you like you were crazy and you would have really surprised him, then he would seem rather impressed, I think. He would smile and nod, accepting the behaviour and actually quite enjoying it. He would like that you were open enough to sing a dirty song in front of him or at all really and he would just be really impressed with you.

Originally posted by wonhontology


He would get really flustered, like Shownu. He wouldn’t really know where to put himself but I feel like he would find it really funny yet painful to listen to. He wouldn’t interrupt or distract you at all, he would just silently have a cringe fit and start laughing to himself quietly, not really knowing how else to react. He would just bite his knuckle to try and calm himself own but he would be so flustered he wouldn’t be able to control it.

Originally posted by skele-chim


He would probably find it hilarious. He would be surprised at first but then he would just laugh. He would find it so funny that you were singing a dirty song and he would be in fits of giggles and start cheering you on. He would get up and dance with you and probably sing along himself, cringing when there were particularly rude lines but just finding it humorous. He would love the fact that you were singing along and he would probably tease you a little afterwards.

Originally posted by ayeyojooheon


He would be quite surprised and a little flustered and he would probably get really shy. It would surprise him that you weren’t as innocent as he had thought but he would also kind of like that. He would keep his head down and cover his face out of awkwardness, but he would be watching you from the corners of his eyes, cringing but also being a little amused by it. When you caught him watching and listening he would smile at you and tell you to continue, by all means.

Originally posted by monxbebe

Hope you enjoyed the reactions! Requests are open~

Always Been That Way (Requested)

request: Can you do a oneshot based on the stuart imagine (LOVED THAT) and the reader starts crying after one of their arguments and Stuart surprisingly comforts her and it gets all fluffy pls?

A/N: Hope you like it! Btw I realised there are like not even a dozen Stuart Twombly imagines on Tumblr. He’s my baby so never hesitate to request something about him! It doesn’t even have to be special, just Stuart-ness in general. I could write a part two if you guys want me to. I still have a request for Stuart smut anyway…

Warnings: Stuart being a dick


“I refuse to neglect my appearance just because some stupid asshole thinks that a woman has to be either smart or pretty. Now, if you want me to, I’m ready to shove down a big fat 80′s computer in his a-”

“Now, now, I don’t think this kind of wording suits a queen bee of high school.”, Stuart smirked as he sat down opposite to me and next to Neha. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I mean, my whole life I’ve been trying to impress anti-social, sexist idiots like you! I hope you can forgive me because if you’re not in love with me, what kind of man would be?”, I fake gasped and he rolled his eyes at me. 

“Oh, no no, don’t feel insulted by what I say. I bet lots of guys like you. Typical, I mean lots of guys watch porn so…”

“Porn star, mhm got it. Because everyone that doesn’t look like Quasimodo is a porn star in your eyes. Anything more original? Or am I suppose to let you ponder about a new insult that a 12-year-old would’ve found too childish?”

“What’s your problem? I mean it’s hard earned money. Like really hard earned money. I think I even found a few films you might like. Just from hard worker to hard worker.”, he grinned and leaned forward.

“Is that the only thing you have to say?”

“Well, I could continue about your clear enjoyment of guys turning to look at your too short dresses and the way you try to make everyone around you feel like one of your servants.”

“There’s nothing wrong with flirting, Stewie did nobody teach you that? Oh, I forgot, no one ever tried to flirt with you anyway. And maybe people listen to me because I can be polite and actually nice unless they’re assholes like you of course.”

“I’m sorry your majesty; would you like me to kill the puppies now?”

“Were you born a douchebag?”

“Were you born an arrogant, narcissistic bitch?”, he shot back. When I didn’t reply, he leaned back with a satisfied smirk and began to do something on his phone. Like always.

Surprisingly, his words had hit me harder than usually. The whole team was used to our bickering by now, so Neha examined me carefully as I did not dive into another argument. Truth was, through my whole life (And holy shit I was 21) I was being called a ‘bitch’ for not doing as I was told. I was a bitch for not being like the others, I was a bitch for not being the way everyone wanted me to be. The confidence I wore like an armour around me didn’t come from nowhere. I had to earn it. I had to gain it all by myself. I had built a wall over the years, shielding me from every doubt and insult. 

Then, I met Stuart and my whole world turned upside down. Not in the good, cheesy way, more in the ‘hey I‘m beginning to think my life and I are crap’ kind of way. I didn’t realise I openly showed how hard that affected me until a single tear ran down my cheek. 

“Are you alright?”, Neha asked as I hastily grabbed my phone and my bag before going/running back inside. I just saw Stuart looking up for a split second, I didn’t dare to look at him longer, he wasn’t supposed to know how much of an impact he actually had on me. 

But truth was, it didn’t matter how much confidence I would show, I was always only millimetres away from breaking down. Like right now. I scoffed and threw my bag towards the nearest couch in the office we were working in. The glass doors couldn’t shield me away, but I was quick to contain my emotions, even if I was such a mess, besides it was lunch time. 

That was why I was even more surprised to hear someone clear their throat after a few minutes of me sitting on the ground with arms wrapped around my knees, trying to prevent me from completely losing it. I didn’t notice anyone coming in. Not that that would’ve made it better. 

“For someone so confident you look pretty grounded.”, Stuart said and awkwardly moved his hands in his pockets. 

“Go away. I’m busy with being an arrogant, narcissistic bitch.”, I spat though it didn’t sound all that impressing with a cracked and high voice like mine.

“I- just thought nothing could bring you down, to be honest.”, Stuart continued while slowly stepping closer. I was about to tell him to go fuck himself when I realised that he was actually serious and not joking. 

“Oh, save it, Stuart. You know exactly I have about no confidence at all. I just don’t want to scream that out loud.”

“That ‘I’m better than you’-thing did work on me.”, he responded and sat down next to me.  “And to be fair, joking about your height isn’t that professional either.”, he admitted. 

“Not everyone can be- yeah how fucking tall are you?”

“5′11. It’s actually not that tall. You’re just-”

“Shut uuup. I’m not short. It’s a normal height.”, I smiled but refused to look away from my thighs. 

“I’m sorry if I hurt you.”, he said sincerely and when I finally looked up at him I saw that he was saying the truth. 

“Sorry for being a bitch.”, I muttered. We continue to sit there in silence until my breathing became steady again.


“Sooo what do people do after a fight?”, I asked and played with my fingers. 

“Start another one?”

“I think I know why the term ‘anti-social’ describes us so perfectly.”, I laughed and he joined in after a while. It was weird seeing him actually be nice and happy, not the teasing smirk he normally wore, a genuine smile. 

“I’m sorry for calling you a porn star too. It was my way of saying you’re very pretty and I don’t understand why I noticed that.”

“That doesn’t make any sense. Like at all.”, I giggled and before I knew it, we were making out on the floor, in an office at Google. If anyone would’ve told me that a few days ago, I would’ve laughed. 

I found myself sitting in his lap faster than I knew and his hands were caressing my thighs. Good day to wear ‘Victoria’s Secret’ underwear. I gasped when I felt his hand softly grabbing my butt, making me writhe in pleasure. 

“As much as I hate to say this, we probably shouldn’t have sex right now. Especially not here.”, I sighed. 

“Why are you always right?”, Stuart groaned as he pulled my skirt back down and I helped him getting up.

“Sometimes I hate it.”, I joked in a dramatic voice. But I knew the tension was still there, and boy  would I regret not having sex with Stuart Twombly.

Translation: Dette er Even (this is even)

- I’m so hungry now
- Me too
- I want food

Jonas: Are you joining us or not?
Isak: No, I will not join you
Jonas: Come on!
Mahdi: It’s the best pizza!
Magnus: Just ask someone in class to take notes for you
Isak: It’s not so easy for me, you don’t have to ditch class, I do
Mahdi: One hour?
Magnus: You can practice for the test at home!
Isak: No, I can’t do that. Studies show that you learn a lot more in class
Magnus: What did you just say?
Jonas: Come on!

*Even comes in*

Even: Hey guys
Guys: Hey
Isak: Guys, this is Even. Even, this is…
*The guys presents themselves*
Even: So, what’s up?
Mahdi: We were about to go get som food, but he’s got one hour (lesson) left so he doesn’t seem very interested
Even: Sucks
Magnus: *suddenly realising he’s talking to Isak’s boyfriend* OH IT’S EVEN! Fuck, sorry man! Hi, I’m Magnus. Nice to meet you!
Even: Nice to meet you too
Magnus: It’s the guy that threw us out, right?
Guys: Yeaaah, we were thrown out because of him
Mahdi: You threw us out because of this hottie/handsome guy?
Isak: I didn’t throw you out. (to Even): They were going to a party
Magnus: It was very sudden, you know: “Guys, get out!”
Isak: You were going to a party!
Magnus: Yeah, with you! But then you… didn’t go because of him
Even: I think it was a good thing that you weren’t there (cheeky one ;))

Mahdi: Honestly guys, we need to go get some food!
Magnus: Yeah, done, we need to go. We’re getting some pizza
Even: Have fun, guys
Guys: Nice meeting you
Magnus (to Isak and Even): Have fun. Bye! *Hugs Even* GUYS!

*Unknown number is calling*
Isak: Hi, it’s Isak
Voice on the phone: Hi, this is Sonja. Even’s sonja.
Isak (to Even): It’s Sonja?!
Even (takes the phone): Don’t call Isak! *Hangs up*
Isak: Why did you do that?
Even: Don’t talk to her
Isak: Why not? What is it that she want?
Even: She wants to control you
Isak: Control me? How can she control me?
Even: Because, she doesn’t like people who live free and are real

*Kisses him and walks away*

Even: You’re so fucking hot, Isak!

(I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes, my english is not perfect haha)


Imagine being the only girl on tour With All Time low. All of the guys absolutely love you. The only problem is that Alex in the beginning always was pissing you off and teasing you since you were the youngest and again, the only girl on tour. During the past few months and towards the end of the tour Alex and You grew a bond with one another, he treated you like his little sister and protected you when any of the guys, mostly Jack were drunk and tried to… do.. ‘the do’ with you. You guys shared clothes, hugged non stop and even ended up sleeping in the same bunk when you’d get homesick. He loved you so much and even if he attempted to show it through kindness or through poking fun at you, you’d never realise just how much you meant to him.


boiii lemme introduce you to a device called foreshadowing. this stuff was 1-2 seasons before they realised they’d fallen in love :)

“you’re at a kegger full of hot girls, you deserve to have fun” “so what do i do, grab a girl, throw her over my shoulder, take her out onto the dance floor?” *does that with caroline"

“i think that someday you’ll meet someone new and you’ll fall madly in love without even realising it”

“caroline forbes… you’re much hotter in person”

“you have me” *hold hands*

“that’s what makes you you” *fall asleep cuddling*

like… i knew you guys were delusional but this is a whole new level. steroline was the one ship of the show that wasn’t fanservice. can’t say the same about the quickie in the woods and letter + money klaus sent to buy the love (once again) of a newly widowed woman 💀💀

if you ever feel like you’ve accidentally been ignorant about other countries just remember the time i met an old american couple who didnt realise that scotland actually had real roads :/


ASFGJKH I can’t believe I’m actually fighting with this paparazzi ass on Twitter right now 😂😂😂 He’s such a freakin dickhead!!!! He doesn’t even realise that what he’s doing is wrong! Like he deadass wants to play dumb?! You can’t play me bitch! His tweets speak for themselves sooo…I really can’t believe those ppl! He can’t even have a proper conversation with me 😂😂 And apperantly there is another guy involved…freakin parasites! They’re seriously invading someones privacy in the worst way possible to make some quick cash! And that’s a fact! He seriously said it’s just a matter of money! And they are absolutely ok with that?! I’m so freakin disgusted!!!! I’M DISGUSTED BY THESE GUYS BUT EVEN MORE BY THE SO CALLED “FANS” WHO ARE ENCOURAGING AND SUPPORTING THEM!!! You all always up on your high horse wanting to lecture the haters but this behaviour is not better!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!! IT’S NO ONES BUISNESS! IF THEY TOGETHER AND WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT IT THEY WILL TELL/SHOW US THEMSELVES!! But you’re here like vultures waiting for those pics to be released, pics Melissa and Chris probably doesn’t even know about and probably doesn’t want to be published!! You should be ashamed!! And I can’t believe I have to say this to my own fandom!

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do u realise how much sucess joji could have if he made something like are you serious with "actual" lyrics?? not that this isnt actual music but do u know what i mean

on the day pink season was released it was #2 on the itunes charts for new releases and in the first week of its release it was #76 on the billboard hot 100. and past that, while it may not be for everyone, you do realize that even if the pink guy album doesn’t see mainstream success, joji has already made a decently profitable career off of it. it doesn’t need to be serious, it’s still real music. don’t complain about how successful he’d be if he was “serious about” whatever, because we all know that without filthy frank, we wouldn’t have him, and he definitely wouldn’t be getting all the opportunities that he is now with his solo music.

All Time Low.

Okay, so I went to the All Time Low concert in Cambridge last night and holy fucking shit it was amazing. I love that band with all my heart. Their music is on another level and you can tell that they have some mad love for their fans. Their energy on stage is incredible and they’re just big kids who love what they do, which makes me love them even more. All Time Low’s music has helped me through some pretty tough times and being there last night was so surreal because it made me realise that these people that helped me out really do care, because the way they spoke to us? It was like we were their friends and they actually gave a crap. Fucking love those guys.

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Would you guys end a relationship or friendship over biphobia? Also even if it was a family member as well?


so…I am not sure if this is going to be a good advice but in my personal opinion

biphobic people don’t deserve bi people’s love.

It’s not your responsibility to change biphobic people’s opinions and to make them realise their mistakes. If they don’t want to put the effort into it to better themselves and unlearn their biphobia on their own then they do not deserve your love! It’s as simple as that.

This also goes for family. If a family member is biphobic and even keeps being biphobic after it’s been pointed out to them that what they say and do it hurtful to a bisexual family member then fuck them. You are not obliged to forgive them just because you are related.

This also (and especially!!!) goes for romantic and sexual partners. If the person you are physically and/or emotionally intimate with hates an essential part of who you are then I honestly don’t see how this relationship could be healthy for you.

All of this may sound harsh but I know how it is when you keep brushing things off and swallowing it because you love the person but if they keep hurting you then cut them out of your life. It’s for the better in the long run!


EDIT: I dunno about family or friends, because I already put up with a lot of shit from then that I probably shouldn’t. I guess I just don’t like conflict. But when it comes to romantic partners then hell fucking yes. I might say some stuff to family or friends who are biphobic, try and educate them. But with a romantic partner I wouldn’t even give them a chance to change, I’d drop them without a second thought lol. That being said, I’ve never truly been in love, but I hope that if I were, I still wouldn’t put up with that shit. Biphobia is unacceptable. Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t respect you.



Romeo & Juliet 2.0

[Imagine having a “Romeo and Juliet” love story with Rick; where they are both trying to deny there feelings for eachother and get on with the mission but somehow Harley makes them realise they love each other? Maybe the reader is a bad guy or another soldier?]

“Kill them.”


“Do I need to this myself, Flag?” Waller didn’t even look up from the papers she was going over. “Kill them.”

He swallowed thickly, unsure of what to say. He couldn’t deny her request. He couldn’t kill you either.

Waller sighed, stretching out her shoulders and leaned back into her black, leather chair. “She’s interfering with the mission, Flag. We need this to go smoothly. I’ll give you a chance to…put them in line, but the moment they step foot across that line again you blow their brains out. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good.” She took one more look at the boy before gesturing to the door, “Next time, don’t fall for one of the candidates. It makes both our jobs harder.”

He swallowed thickly, unsure of what to say as he turned and left the room. He could feel her eyes bore into his back. He felt like a deer caught in the headlights. To think he could push those feelings aside and pretend like they never existed seemed too good to be true. Amanda Waller knew and that thought scared him.


“Shit, fuck nuggets.” You held your arm, gripping the open wound as you tried to rip off a piece of your shirt to use as a bandage.

“Y/N, status.”

You pressed your shoulder against your ear, trying to respond quickly as the you lowered yourself behind the pillar. You seriously didn’t want to die right now. “Kind of trying not to die right now, Waller. But yolo, I guess.”

“I’ve lost all communications with the squad. Where are they?”

“Um,” You took a moment to look over the debris in hopes of spotting at least one of your squad mates. It was too dark to see, and the bullets from the guns weren’t helping either. “I don’t know.”

“You need to evacuate the threat.

“What ab-“

NOW.L/N. We don’t have the time to argue.”

You picked yourself up and off the ground, grunting into the com as a way of saying ‘Fine’. You were worried, not much for yourself, but for your team. You wouldn’t be caught dead saying that you actually, sorta, kinda cared for them. After all the missions you’ve all been through, it was kind of hard not liking them. Some more than others.

You scanned the area again before darting for the building across from you. You could hear screams and groans, but nothing that stood out. You focused on your mission knowing very well that if you didn’t do this then bye-bye head.

You slid into the room, quickly slamming the door. The small shack was the perfect place to store the briefcase until the ambush was over. Who would look here? Probably no one. Maybe.

You shook your head, digging through the tight, enclosed space for the case. Once your hand grasped the metal, you radio in: “Boss lady, I’ve got the case. What do you want me to do?”

“Head to the evac zone. A helicopter will be waiting for your arrival-“

“Wait, what about the team? What about Flag? What the fuck, man?”

“Your team is presumed dead, L/N. Now, get your ass to the zone.”

No threat.

“On my way.”

Waller never missed a chance to threaten you. Never. She sounded almost desperate. She needed you to get out of there.

You couldn’t leave. Not until you were sure your h- team was safe. Or dead.

You opened the case, surprised that there wasn’t a combination lock. You rolled your eyes and grabbed the bottle inside. You weren’t exactly sure what was in the bottle, you presumed it was something toxic. You stuffed into the waistband of your pants. Tossing the briefcase aside, you slowly opened the door and looked around for any source of action.


“What you gonna do? Kill me? Blow my head off? Huh? I just saved your ass, Waller! If I didn’t go back and make sure they weren’t actually dead, then you would be stuck with just me and a long explanation as to why you need new candidates for this suicide program of yours.”

Waller flicked her hand, ignoring your words as hands gripped your arms, keeping you still. “Flag, take her away.”

Rick nodded, pulling you off as you struggled in his grasp.

“You can’t fucking do this, Waller! I saw what that stuff can do! I saved your ass!”


You couldn’t remember how long it’s been since you were pulled away from the woman. More like the devil.

Rick had eased his grip, cursing at himself for holding onto you so tightly. He kept a stoic face as the two of you walked, every so often glancing over at you. You stopped talking the moment you were pulled into the elevator. He had to remind himself to stay cool, that this would be over soon.

The elevator stopped, opening up to reveal a long hallway. No camera’s in sight. He pulled you out and kept his voice low, “There’s an escape tunnel, just at the end of the hall. Waller expects me to dumb your remains there, but neither one of us would want that, now do we?”

His cheek barely brushed against yours as he spoke. You had to swallow and steady your breathing before you tried to talk. “She’s going to kill you if she finds out what you’re about to do, Rick.”

“It’s either you or me, Y/N.”

DATE: AUG. 8 2016
NOTES: Not sure what this was tbh
It was the first thing I wrote when reading over the request. I really hope the person who requested this liked it!

[EDIT: I fixed the name things. I have an extension on chrome that changes all X Reader codes rip I’m so sorry]

Excuse?? Me?? Are we talking about the same guy here? Because I don’t remember Hunk being an oaf. I remember Hunk as the guy who heard a series of numbers and realised it was the spectrum for an element that doesn’t even exist

Then proceeded to build a ‘Voltron Geirger counter’ and single-handedly find the Blue Lion when no one else had managed to for 10,000 years. Like holy shit, it took him like one day to solve the mystery Keith had been puzzling over for months! Everyone else needs to get on Hunk’s level, the show wouldn’t even have happened without this crazy intelligent boy

Oh, and remember that time Lance dropped Hunk off to find the Yellow Lion and he just casually figured out how to use the lift down to the cave even though it was alien technology he’d never seen before? While barely even paying attention - he was bitching about Lance the whole time. He just took one look inside the controls and knew instantly which wires to spark, like boi I don’t know what to tell you if you don’t already see what kind of miracle Hunk is

So is this really?? The Hunk?? You’re talking about?? Because yeah he’s often comic relief and not always that brave but we’ve covered that under lovable, so may I suggest an alternative word, because oaf is honestly not the first thing that comes to mind

You’re welcome, have a good day