do you get the play on words do you

A Guide to Roleplaying Systems

Player: Can I do the thing?

Mutants and Masterminds: Yes you can do the thing.

GURPS: Fill out these forms in triplicate.

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition: Yes, but it’s really not worth it unless you are a Dream Elf with the Godblooded feat and at least five levels in the Thingomancer Prestige class from Complete Thing. Or you could just play a Wizard, they get The Thing as a 3rd level spell.

Call of Cthulu: You can do the thing, but you REALLY don’t want to.

FATE: That depends, can you bullshit the GM into believing that one of your vaguely-worded aspects supports you doing The thing?

7th Sea: Only if the thing is properly dramatic!

Shadowrun: Yes, but you’ll need a bathtub full of D6s.

Paranoia: The thing is treason.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition:

[I copied the above from this brilliant post, and I reblogged as text because I really felt the need to add the gif for 5e, and chat posts don’t allow gifs, dammit.]

Jack and Mark should NOT have to apologize for making triggered jokes cause they ARE NOT aimed at the mentally ill.

The jokes are aimed at the people who use ‘triggered’ to shut down an argument and try to gain sympathy points. The people who turned it into a goddamn joke. You can still use the word ‘triggered’ legitimately. I do. You just have to stop giving a fuck what some assholes might think about mental illness. Cause you can’t change them. Just because someone uses a JOKE doesn’t mean that they think badly of mental illness. Do you understand how much the guys really fucking care about us?

They aren’t aimed at you. Stop playing the victim. Get down from your high horse. The guys aren’t there to hurt you. LISTEN to what they say all the time. How much Jack cares. How much Mark cares. How both have done so much for the communities. How much they want us all to stay and NOT hurt ourselves, to stay healthy and try to stay happy. To fucking downplay all that for a joke not even aimed at you?? If they tried to accommodate to every little thing that upset you, there would be no channel, just 24/7 ‘I’m sorry for existing’.

In short, they shouldn’t have to apologize for making a triggered joke.

“Are you dating?”

Dex shrugs. “I don’t know, Sara.” Dex loves his sister, truly. But sometimes–like right now–she needs to lay off.

“Well, what do you do together?”


“Besides get off.”

Dex thinks. “We play hockey. We do homework. We went and got burritos once. We go running along the river.”

“So he’s like, a friend with benefits?”

“Except he’s not a friend,” Dex says, frustrated. “He went to Andover and his parents own a brownstone on the Upper West Side. Do you know how rich you have to be to own an apartment in New York, let alone a building?”

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carry on asks!

sour cherry scones: what’s your favorite comfort food?
magickal record: do you keep up with current events?
violin: play any musical instruments?
sword of mages: name an item or skill that you consider to be your weapon of choice.    
mage’s men: dream career? 
numpties: do you prefer being too hot or too cold?
vampires: would you choose to live forever?
dragon: do you prefer working in a team or working alone?
magic words: favorite book? 
elocution: what languages do you speak? 
pitch mansion: how big is your family?
covent garden: where is somewhere you’ve been that you never want to go back to?
football pitch: play any sports?
mummers house: have any roommates? 
the cloisters: name a woman who inspires you. 
weeping tower: what’s your favorite fictional world?
white chapel: do you want to get married?
catacombs: where do you usually go to be alone?
wavering wood: do you enjoy hiking/camping/just being out in nature?watford: what place in the world feels most like home?


So, this is All I Ask by Adele that Holster is singing. So I looked up the lyrics, and can I just say that this is such a sad!Holster song with We’re Graduating Soon!Holsom feelings!

Seriously, look at this:
“I will leave my heart at the door
I won’t say a word
They’ve all been said before you know
So why don’t we just play pretend
Like we’re not scared of what’s coming next
Or scared of having nothing left

Look, don’t get me wrong
I know there is no tomorrow
All I ask is

If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I’m more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
‘Cause what if I never love again?

I don’t need your honesty
It’s already in your eyes
And I’m sure my eyes, they speak for me
No one knows me like you do
And since you’re the only one that matters
Tell me who do I run to?”


#45- Breath play (Megstiel)

Requested by @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki​ for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1000ish

Warnings: smut, breath play

A/N: Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Meg isn’t big on communication, and she definitely doesn’t care to talk when there are more entertaining things to do. So when Castiel starts talking in between kisses, starts asking her questions as she undresses his upper body, she can’t help but get a little irritated and impatient.

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“Layne, you’d see him with sunglasses, you didn’t really know what his eyes were doing - he wore sunglasses the whole tour, including playing and at night. If you were to take him from his lyrics, you thought, ‘Well, I certainly don’t want to bother him with small talk.’ And it seemed hard to get to know him, but all you had to do was say two words. He’s really gentle, incredibly warm, and childlike - in the best of ways. That seems so different than how you’d anticipate him being or how you expected him to be from the songs.” - Eddie Vedder

I Wish I Was Mad (Lin x Reader)


Request Queue

Request- “Hi! I know you wont get the chance to do this for a while, but I love your writing so much I had to ask. Any chance you could do a high school Lin x reader fic where they get cast opposite each other in the school play and have to make out on stage. The reader is super nervous because she’s never been kissed and has a huge crush on him but Lin is really sweet about it. Thanks!”

Words- 3,029

You took a sip from your thermos as you opened the door to your high school. It was gloomy and about to rain outside, so the usually dim lights of the hallways seemed brighter. Chris waved at you as you walked in. You raised your eyebrows and waved back, quickly swallowing your coffee. 

“Hey, do you know if they’re gonna post the cast for the musical today?” he asked quickly. 

You shrugged. “No I uh…I have no idea when that’s going up.” you said, feeling more than a little awkward. You didn’t talk to Chris that often because he was a year above you. He nodded and fiddled with one of his crystal ear piercings. 

“Alright cool.” He smiled and waved again. “See you around, Y/N!” 

“Y-yeah.” You furrowed your brow, slightly confused as you watched him walk away. You shook your head and walked to your locker, unloading your backpack into it. 

“Hey hey hey!” your friend, Mandy, sang as she leaned against the locker next to yours. “Are you excited for the cast to come out today?” 

“It’s coming out today?” you asked, nerves casting a cloud over you. 

“Yep! After school. Did you forget?” She smiled and started bouncing. She was a shoe in for Nina and everyone knew it.

You smacked your forehead. “I should’ve told Chris…” you mumbled. 


“Nothing Chris Jackson just asked me if I knew when they were posting it and I said I didn’t know.” you shrugged and she nodded. 

“Oh I hope we both get leads!” She grabbed your hand as if pleading you to make it happen

“Hey, I’ll be fine with chorus again.” You held your hands up. “Chorus was fun freshman year, remember?” 

Mandy rolled her eyes. “Yes, but we’re juniors now! We would she be leads!” she said dramatically. You sighed and nodded in agreement. Your eyes floated over her shoulder to where you saw Lin leaning against a locker with the sleeves of his cardigan pushed up and his hands in his pockets, talking to Chris. Mandy followed your eyes and when she turned back around there was a devilish glint in her own. 

“No no. Mandy no don’t.” you begged. She smiled and whipped around. 

“Hey Chris!” she shouted. Both Lin and Chris turned their heads your direction. You quickly hid your face behind the door of your locker.  

“What’s up?” Chris asked when he and Lin reached you and Mandy. 

“Y/N here tells me you want to know when the cast will be up.” she taunted. You peeked your head out slightly and smiled, not even daring to look towards Lin.

“Yeah! Do you know? I really want Benny and the waiting is killing me.” he said. 

“I do! What was it that I said Y/N?” You fought every part of you that wanted to glare at her as she turned to you with a smile. 

“I don’t know, you’re the one who told me in the first place.” you said sassily before you could stop yourself. Great, now you looked like a bitch. Mandy smirked at you. 

“You’re right.” she turned back to Chris’s somewhat confused face. “I’m pretty sure it’ll be posted in the commons after school today.” she said with a smile. 

“Nice!” Lin said with a wide smile that made you melt. “Who did you guys try out for?” he asked you and Mandy. You paused waiting for her to answer first. You saw her fighting an eye roll and couldn’t help but smile. You felt eyes on you and turned your head to see Lin looking at you with a curious expression. You met his dark eyes and looked away quickly, blushing slightly. 

“Y/N will deny it to anybody and everybody, but she totally wants to be Vanessa.” Mandy whispered like you weren’t there. 

“Oh my god…” you groaned, putting a hand over your face. Chris and Lin both laughed. 

“That’s awesome, though! I heard your audition; I bet you’ll totally get it.” Lin said. You stared at him wide eyed. 

“Y-you heard my audition?” you stuttered. 

“Yeah…” he looked down. “Mine was right after yours. You did really good.” he said cheerily. 

“Really well.” you corrected automatically, instantly feeling terrible. “I-I mean…sorry.” you mumbled, but Lin just laughed heartily. The warning bell rang, and the hall started to become more crowded. 

“I’ll see you guys later!” Lin called, making his way to his own locker. Chris went the opposite direction, and Mandy turned to you with a smile. You hit your head against the door of your locker. 

“I am such an idiot…” you whispered. Mandy laughed and patted your back. 

You’d almost completely forgotten about the cast list until your last class, which you shared with Chris. Seeing him jogged your memory and you began to feel nervous again. From the looks of him, Chris was just as worried. His leg was bouncing and he was staring blankly at the wall. You sighed and put your face in your hands. Mandy had been right, you did want Vanessa, but that was a crazy dream. You were beginning to think that you might not make it all and how disappointing and embarrassing that would be. These thoughts distracted you completely, and you were hardly able to pay attention to the history lesson. 

The bell rang and students sprang out of their seats excitedly. You took your time putting your books and pencils away. As you stood up, you noticed Chris lingering behind as well. He smiled weakly at you. 

“Wanna walk together?” he asked. You nodded, trying to swallow the lump in your throat. You and Chris made your way slowly towards the commons. You took a deep breath when you saw the crowd around the announcements board. 

“We had to have at least made chorus right?” Chris said shakily. 

“Yeah totally.” you faked a bit of confidence. You and Chris walked over to the crowd, and he helped you find your way through. You had barely glanced at the list when Mandy was screaming in your ear. 

“We did it!” she cried. Your eyes scanned the list and sure enough, right across from the word Vanessa, your name was written. You turned and hugged Mandy, the two of you jumping up and down excitedly. She pulled away grinning, and you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned around and became face to face with Lin. 

“You got it! You’re Vanessa!” he said excitedly. 

“Yeah!” you exclaimed.

“Looks like you and are gonna be besties for the next few months then.” he grinned. You furrowed your brow, not getting what he meant. “I gotta run, but I’ll definitely see you later, okay?” You nodded. He flashed a dazzling smile before dashing away. Slightly stunned you turned slowly towards the casting list. Then you saw it, a few spots above your own name. 

Usnavi………Lin-Manuel Miranda

The first couple of weeks or so of musical practice were fairly low key, lots of practicing harmonies and rhythms and memorizing lines and blocking. It was weird playing opposite Lin, pretending to be all cool and popular  while he was drooling over you when in reality he was the cool senior and you couldn’t act chill around him. You thought that maybe this would be your opportunity to become more comfortable with him, but since you were getting to know him better, and liking what you learned, you only got more nervous around him. It was easy when you were acting because you weren’t being yourself, but as soon as you went from Usnavi and Vanessa to  Lin and Y/N, it got a lot harder to be calm. You just couldn’t seem to form sentences when he was looking at you, something Mandy gave you a lot of shit for.  

The directors were merciful for the first month and didn’t make you and Lin and kiss yet, but you knew the time was coming where they’d want to run scenes straight through, and there was nothing you could do then. 

As you were packing up your bag to head home after practice one day, your director called you and Lin over. 

“Tomorrow when we run through the blocking, I’d like you guys to do the kiss so we can work the timing out with the music. Is that alright?” she asked. 

“Sure!” Lin said comfortably. You flushed lightly and nodded. 

“Yep that’s….fine.” you choked out. 

“Awesome!” she gave you a thumbs up. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.” You nodded and walked away. You were almost out of the theater when you realized that Lin was following behind you. You panicked, realizing it looked like you had been ignoring him. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N!” he called with a smile. 

“B-bye Lin.” You waved, a whirlwind starting in your chest. As soon as you were in your car, you rested your head against your steering wheel, feeling incredibly stupid for no reason at all. You were going to have your first kiss ever tomorrow, and it was going to be with your crush. This was something you should be excited about, but you were scared out of your mind. 

“Were gonna run this one in the classroom.” your director said. “They’re using the stage for choreography right now.” You nodded. 

“What’s happening?” Lin asked from behind you. Your heart nearly jumped out of your chest as he walked up behind you suddenly. 

“Classroom.” you sputtered. Lin laughed lightly. 

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” he said. You shook your head as you took a deep breath. You and Lin followed your director into one of her classrooms. The implications of what was about to happen were crashing down on you, and you had to remind yourself how to breathe. 

When you reached your destination, your director sat at her desk, spreading her script and notes out in front of her. “This is your champagne for right now.” She held out an empty soda bottle. You giggled and took it from her, looking up to see Lin smiling at you.  “Alright! Let’s see how well you guys do without scripts, starting from Vanessa’s line.” she said eagerly. 

You closed your eyes, silently begging yourself to relax. 

“Ready?” the director asked. 

“Yep!” Lin said. You nodded, trying to get into the mindset of Vanessa. 

“You’ve got a point.” you said, smiling and turning to him. You heard a click and the soft piano melody started. 

“How’s it going?” Lin nodded his head to you. 

“So I got you a present…” you sang, cradling the empty bottle. “I went downtown to get it. Doing anything tonight?” 

“Cleaning.” Lin shrugged. 

You nodded.” Done for the day…”

“No way.” he held his hands up.

“Cause we’ve got a date.” Your voice faltered slightly and you prayed neither of them noticed. 

“Okay.” Lin gazed at you. 

“Before you board that plane…I owe you a bottle of cold champagne!” You lifted the soda bottle up eagerly. 

“No!” Lin stepped closer and took it from you. 

“Yeah!” You smiled proudly. “Cold champagne!” 

“Wow, the bottle’s all sweaty and everything!” He stared at it in amazement and you fought your laughter because it was just a piece of trash. 

“Pop the champagne!” you giggled stepping away. 

“I don’t know if we have coffee cups-” You turned around and smiled at him. “I think Sonny has the cups..” Lin eyes locked on yours, and you almost forgot your line. 

“Tonight, we’re drinking straight from the bottle.” you sang softly, staring into his eyes. You’d run this section like this before, but today it felt different. You turned away quickly, breathing deeply  “Usnavi!” 

“Y-yeah?” Lin stuttered and you furrowed your brow slightly, not daring to glance back at him.  

You continued to sing, watching Lin pretend to fiddle with the bottle, essentially just twisting the cap on and off repeatedly. You giggled, causing you to stumble over your line. Lin looked up at the sound and smiled at you. It was a Lin smile not an Usnavi smile and your heart began to race with nervousness as you lost your grip on your character.

“What can I say or do to possibly repay you for your kindness?” You took a step closer to him. 

Lin leaned over to you. “How do you get this gold shit off?” he asked. The music stopped. 

“Lin! You know we changed that.” Your director warned. 

“Sorry…” Lin mumbled. He looked up and winked at you. Your breath caught in your throat. “How do you get this gold stuff off?” he corrected. Your director sighed and started the music again. 



“Before we both leave town, before the corner’s changed and the signs are taking down,” You looked up at him through your eyelashes. Instead of playing with the bottle like he was supposed too. He locked eyes with you and stared. “Usnavi, are you alright?” you asked, taken aback by the way he was looking at you. He seemed to snap out of something. 

“I’m fine…I’m trying to open this champagne!” You smiled at him as he ranted to the soda bottle. 

“Let me see it.”

“No I got it!”

You ripped the bottle away from him. “Yo, Usnavi, drop the champagne!” You turned and set the bottle down, as he talked to you. “And it’s gonna be okay.” you sang softly, turning around to hold his gaze again. 

“I’m sorry it’s been a long day.” Lin looked down. You heart sped up. This was really happening. You weren’t ready.  

“You oughta stay.” you practically whispered. “You can use that money to fix this place.” you sang, looking around the classroom as if it were the corner store. You looked back at him gesticulating as you sang back and forth. 

“Yo what are you talking about?” 

“I’m just saying I think your ‘vacation’ can wait!” You took a step towards him angrily, finally getting back into character. But as Lin sang his next line he stepped towards you and you nearly stumbled backward at the closeness, barely managing to get your words out. 

“What are you trying to say?” Lin stepped towards you again.

“You’re leaving the country and were never gonna see you again.” you sang with less venom than you would have liked. You turned around and walked further away from him than the choreography called for. Your breaths became shallow, and you grew tense. 

“You get everyone addicted to your coffee then off you go-”

“Vanessa! I don’t know why you’re mad at me.”

You turned around, your body shaking with nerves. “I wish I…”

You froze about a foot away from him, your mouth hanging open slightly. He furrowed his brow in confusion. “You’re supposed to kiss me.” he whispered. 

You nodded slowly, “I know um..” You ran a hand through your hair and looked toward your director. “Can we take a break?” 

She gave you skeptical look but nodded anyway. “Sure, of course.” You smiled gratefully before practically sprinting out the door of the classroom. 

You turned down a hallway and leaned against the lockers there. You took slow and deep breaths, closing your eyes and willing your heart to slow down. There was no way you could do this. 

“Y/N?” You jumped at Lin’s voice. He was standing at the end of the hallway, looking at you with worry, his hands shoved in his pockets awkwardly. “Are you okay?” he asked carefully. 

You sighed. “Yeah….yeah I’m fine. Sorry.” you mumbled. 

He stepped in front of you. “Look, if you don’t want to kiss me it’s totally fine. I und-” 

“No no it’s not that I don’t want to kiss you!” you defended a little too quickly. He raised his eyebrows and felt your face heat up. “I mean no it’s just…agh!” You gripped onto your hair angrily. “I’ve…I’ve never kissed anyone before.” you confessed. 

Lin took a slight step back. “Wha-how..I mean…that-there’s nothing wrong with that.” he rambled. 

You scoffed. “Yeah, I’m a senior in high school and I’ve never been kissed. Totally not weird.” you said sarcastically. 

“Seriously,” Lin insisted. “That’s not a bad thing, and it’s totally understandable why you’d be uncomfortable with this.” he explained. 

“Thanks…” you whispered, leaning against the locker again.  You bit your lip and looked down, your hair billowing around your face. 

“What if your first kiss wasn’t acting?” he asked suddenly.

You looked up at him quickly. “What?”

He looked away and ran a hand through his hair. “What if you first kiss wasn’t acting?” 

You cocked your head to the side. You were about to ask what he meant, but then his hand was on the side of your neck, and his nose rubbed against yours. Your mouth parted slightly, your breath mingling with his. You closed your eyes and waited. 

Lin’s lips pushed against yours softly. You pressed back ever so slightly, your hands going to rest on his shoulders. Your legs went numb and you thought that you might collapse. 

Lin pulled away slowly, both of your eyes still closed. He held his face close to yours for a moment before pulling away from you completely. 

“Woah…” he breathed staring at you. ”Umm, okay.” He looked to the side. You stared down at your feet, blushing. 

“There you guys are!” your director said, coming around the corner. She glanced between the two of you and smiled. “Are you ready?”  

Lin looked to you with raised eyebrows. You smiled and looked to your director. “We’re ready.” 

Headcanons, Honey - Sleepy RFA

I’m quite tired myself, and I’m about to go to bed, so let’s have some sleepy RFA headcanons, shall we? Here’s my take on how you know they’re tired, how they get ready for bed (if they do), and how they like to drift off to dreamland. -M

- This bean tries so hard to convince you he’s not tired.
- But he’s slumping over more and more at his desk playing LOLOL.
- And he works his jaw every now and then like he’s swallowing yawns every ten minutes.
- This one’s also the kind of sleepy child to ramble a lot and slur words the later it gets.
- 10/10 would just brush his teeth and then collapse onto his bed if you didn’t make him also wash his face and change clothes
- Seriously, he becomes a little boy again when he’s sleepy.
- Only he doesn’t make you carry him
- Most of the time
- He sleeps on his face/stomach when alone but on his side when you’re there.
- Light, quiet snoring
- Probably a big shirt and boxers for pajamas
- Falls asleep super quickly if he’s touching you in some way, anything from holding your hand to spooning

- His body’s his alarm clock.
- The moment he yawns is the moment he starts getting ready for bed.
- But you can tell before then if he’s tired because he’ll get quiet.
- King of the Nighttime Regime
- This man might stay up late, but when it’s time for bed, he’s got a whole schedule.
- Like an hour-plus-long schedule
- Like brush teeth, floss, exfoliate, wash, tone, moisturize, night cream, he does EVERYTHING
- Shares any and all of his skincare products with you
- LOVES sharing his skincare products with you (within normal hygienic limits)
- He also helps you rub lotion on your body in hard-to-reach places hehehe.
- But for real his bedtime massages are heavenly.
- And sometimes result in the both of you NOT sleeping depending on both of your moods hehehe.
- Shirtless with undies for pajamas
- Sleeps on his back and falls asleep fastest when you snuggle next to him/on his chest

- This poor, sweet angel tries to buck the grips of sleep at every turn.
- And it’s not because she wants to.
- Because when she’s not working herself into the ground, she’s feeling like she’s forgetting something for work and needs to be doing something productive.
- She’d live off of quadruple shots of espresso if you and her doctors didn’t drill into her head how bad that is for her and how sleep is mandatory.
- She gets more flustered as she gets more tired because her coping mechanisms go kaput when she doesn’t have enough energy.
- On bad nights, she gets weepy because she’s overwhelmed while tired.
- Doesn’t put up a fight when you order her to get ready for bed
- But does insist that you go to bed too because she sleeps better when you’re holding her
- She hasn’t admitted that part to you yet but she’s out like a light if you cuddle her in bed.
- Big shirt and shorts for pajamas
- Occasionally drinks chamomile tea before bed if she’s too anxious
- Sleeps on her side in a semi-fetal position but with one leg stretched out and the other hiked up
- On some nights that leg is hiked up on you huehuehue

- This one understands the necessity of sleep but doesn’t necessarily like to sleep.
- But he gets Elizabeth the 3rd ready for bed each night.
- And he makes sure that you don’t stay up later than he does.
- Canon that he has a glass of wine before bed so you two share some and look over the city lights from his penthouse
- Is like Zen in the sense that he gets quieter the sleepier he is
- Expensive silk pajamas for both of you (of course he got matching sets)
- Used to be straight and stiff as a board when sleeping but has since loosened up
- Loves holding your hand as you share drowsy late-night convos
- His voice is a lullaby every single time.
- Occasionally whispers directly into your ear if he isn’t quite tired enough yet to see you react hehe

- Ohhhhhh boy
- Good luck getting this one to sleep when he doesn’t want to.
- Cranky mode goooooo~
- This man would never sleep if he had a choice.
- Gets snippier the sleepier he gets
- But when you call him out on it, he realizes what’s happening and begrudgingly gets ready for bed with you.
- But if he’s not tired enough to be cranky, be prepared for water fights, soap beards, and the like in the bathroom.
- It’s a huge damn mess afterward lol.
- Shirt or tank with boxers for pajamas
- Snores and denies it
- He needs to hold you close to his chest as you sleep (canon from one of the graphics!) so he sleeps on his side.
- Loves to stroke your hair so he can watch you fall asleep
- Falls asleep faster than you do if you stroke his hair
- Boi loves having his hair pet.
- It soothes every fiber of his being.
- Not to mention it smells wonderful and is unbelievably soft.

Early Christmas Gift


prompt-  hi this is a request! can you please do a smutty Niall one where the two of you are just relaxing at home once he’s come back from doing the jingle ball shows and you’re just watching a movie or something and it gets really dirty? I love your writing so I know it’ll be good ☺️ thanks if you do!

(A/N- thank you so much for requesting! And if any of you are going to the D.C jingle ball on Monday hmu because i’ll be there too.Also if you couldn’t tell already I suck at tittles)

~1,082 words


Playing with the hem of his t-shirt, your eyes on the television that played christmas vacation you thought about how happy you were that you had your boy back with you. He had just gotten back from doing the jingle ball shows a day ago and since then you two has not left the couch and decided to get into the holiday mood by watching christmas movies.

You moved your gaze to Niall, his facial hair starting to become unkempt and his now mostly brunette hair lay flat on his head because he was too lazy to do anything with it. You watched as he brought his beer up to his lips, his adam’s apple bobbing slightly as he swallowed the alcohol. He was just so fucking handsome and you missed him, you couldn’t remember the last time you guys were intimate, all you knew was it was at least two weeks and you needed him. You needed his body pressed against yours and you needed him in you.

Pausing the movie you moved to take the beer bottle out of his hand, catching him by surprise. “What are ya doin’ love?” He asked watching as you started to rid yourself of your shirt and cotton shorts leaving you in nothing but your panties and bra.  

“What does it look like Ni?” You whispered into his ear as you moved so that you were straddling his thin legs.

“Don’t ya want to move to the bedroom?” Niall said, still surprised by your actions but that didn’t stop his hands from finding their way to your bum.

“Nope, i’ve missed your body baby boy. And you did so good performing that i think you can get one of your christmas gifts a little early.” You ran your bottom lip over his neck and jawline until you got to his ear where you took the earlobe in between your teeth and gave it a little tug.

A shaky ‘oh’ left Niall’s lips as he readjusted his hips to try and get more friction off of you. He allowed you to take his t-shirt off of him and watched as you started to grind into his growing bulge. “I’m so proud of you, getting on that stage all by yourself with only your guitar. If only i was able to see it in person, you would have been getting it every night.” You teased as you started to grind a little harder.

“Don’t ya worry babe, when it’s my own tour you’ll be coming with me.” He said, his big hands gripped your ass so tight you were sure you were going to have bruises.   

“I better be.” Your breath caught in your throat when he pressed his gorgeous lips against the soft skin of your neck, he started to suck so that he’d leave a mark. You hoped it wouldn’t be so bad that you wouldn’t be able to cover it with fondation because you weren’t sure if you could face his family on christmas with a massive hickey on your neck.  

A sharp slap on your bum pulled you from your thoughts, “Stop yer teasn’.” He growled as he flipped you over so that your back was pressed against the soft cushions of the couch while he hovered above you. You loved it when he’d take control. Placing your hands on either side of his face you pulled him closer to you so your could kiss him. It was such a deep kiss that you seemed to get lost in his heavenly lips.

He pulled away from you and started to pull down his joggers along with his boxers, you followed suit and rid yourself of your panties and unclasped your bra throwing it somewhere across the room. “God you’re so fuckn’ beautiful.”

You layed back down and  relished the feeling of his big warm hands traveling all over your body until they stopped at where you needed them the most.  One long finger teased your bundle of nerves while his other hand held your hip down tightly, “I know it was only a two weeks or so but i missed seeing you like this princess.” Niall gently entered one finger into you and watched your face scrunch up with pleasure. “I missed seeing ya so needy for me.”

His words only turned you on more as you squirmed wanting him to fill you. He did just that and put two more digits into you and pumped them slowly in and out. “Fuck Ni, i need more than just your fingers.” You whined into the couch pillow into that layed next to your head. Much to your displeasure he didn’t take his fingers out of you but started to move them faster making you arch your back of the sofa. “Shit, I’m going to fucking cum.”

“Come on babe, do it. Show me how much you missed me.” He teased, he smirked at how worked up he got you. Listening to his words you reached your high. He allowed you to regain your breathing before he started to prep himself to enter you. “Ya ready for me babe.” Niall asked wanting to make sure you were okay.

You nodded your head and waited for him to enter you which you didn’t have to wait long for. A gasp left your lips as he did so and your hands traveled to his back digging your nails into the pale skin. Niall waited to make sure you were ready for him to continue before he started to get into his rhythm. “Shit, (Y/N).” He grunted. It felt so good you couldn’t help running your nails down his back, no doubt leaving scratches. You loved to watch his face, his eyes scrunching up, his mouth slightly open with grunts and curses spilling out as he chased his orgasm. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” He whispered as his thrust became harder and a tad sloppier.

“Niall!” You all but screamed as you felt another orgasm brewing. You knew you he was close so you tried your best to hold back wanting cum at the same time.

“Fuck, baby.” He finally said as his legs started to shake, finally reaching his peak. You screamed as you did as well, gripping his biceps to steady yourself. He pulled out and sat back to attempt to  catch his breath.

“Merry Christmas.” You breathed out finally making eye contact again.

“Merry Christmas.” Niall laughed as he leaned down to kiss you.


I hope that this is okay, kinda struggled with this.

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Are you ticklish? they ask, knowing full well what their fingers could do to you. How much damage they could do to your stoic, put-together reputation.

Are you ticklish? they ask, knowing full well what the tiniest touch could leave behind. What one poke could do to your sensitive body.

Are you ticklish? they ask, but you know it’s not really a question. They are waiting for the reaction they know their words will get. They are waiting for you to confirm it without them having to even reach out.

Are you ticklish? they ask, not caring about what your verbal response will be. They already know the truth, and they know that you know how this will all play out.

Are you ticklish? they ask, barely audible over your already hysterical giggling. They know exactly how to move their hands to get this reaction, and they know exactly what to do to break you completely.

Are you ticklish? they ask, knowing full well that you are as they have you at their mercy. Knowing full well that you’re enjoying this even more than they are. You deny it, but they know.

More or less (than) friends

Summary: Phil is popular and cool and has lots of friends, Dan is shy and doesn’t have any friends. Neither of those things turn out to be ideal, but they might be ideal together. 


Dan is just constantly blushing in this one and that’s about it. 

Excerpt: ‘Hey pretty boy, whatcha doing?’ Phil asked. Dan tried to hide his blush the compliment had brought out (and failed) and quietly answered: ‘homework, you should try it sometime.’  

Genre: fluff 

Word count: 2.9K 

A/N: So I should be studying for my test week next week, but instead this happened. I hope you like it :)

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Teuvo Teravainen #4

Requested by Anon:  Imagine where the READER asks out the guy in his native language? Preferably any Finn please! Maatta, aho, Teravainen, Lehkonen, etc.

*I chose Teuvo!! I wanted to do it with Artturi Lehkonen but I just had to do it with Teuvo because… you’ll see! The trade plays a huge deal in the story. :) Thank you and I hope you enjoy!*

Word count: 1, 164

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The pizza was getting colder by the second and no one gives a damn. On a normal basis, your mouth would be running at 300kph by now because you hate cold pizza. This time, though, your hands are beating the pizza in the temperature department. All you can think of is how your hands will freeze to death in the middle of North Carolina winter and not because of the weather!

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Double Your Word Count: A Sprint Game

I cannot take credit for this idea–I read it somewhere on the NaNo forums last year, and since they’re wiped yearly the post I saw is long gone. Someone awesome who isn’t me came up with this, but I love it and want to share it.

Here’s what you do:

Set a timer for 5 minutes and sprint. Record your word count–I played this morning and got 188 words.

Okay, double that to set your goal for the next sprint, 10 minutes. I needed 376 words; I actually wrote 481. Go me!

Double that (my new goal is 962) and do a 20-minute sprint. Oops! I failed the first time, and only wrote 870 words.

If you fail at the goal, you have to try again instead of doubling. My second try: a measly 737. I was getting tired.

I took a break and did some tumblring, then tried a third time.

After a while, I realized I hadn’t actually started my timer, when I thought “Shouldn’t it have gone off by now?” and saw it sitting at 0:00.

But I’d written 1,443 more words, bringing my total for the day to almost 4K. Success, even if I wasn’t actually playing the game anymore.

(If I had reached that goal, the next step would be to double it and do a 40-minute sprint–I’ve tried that twice before and never managed to make it. Fatigue sets in for me, and my most effective writing-time length seems to be 15-20 minutes max, if I’m going for speed. Give it a try, certainly, to see if it works for you!)

#27 [Seth Rollins]

Just a short little drabble I wrote for fun in between my other story.

#27: “We’re going downtown.” - “There’s a strip club downtown.” from the list here.

“This would be a good song to strip to.” Your words caused your boyfriend to look over at you quickly from the road, apparently surprised by your statement, the sounds of Halestorm’s ‘Gonna Get Mine’ still playing in the car. “What?”

“Is that how you judge if a song is good or bad?”

“Well, no,” you replied. “It has nothing to do with that. It’s just about the rhythm of the song, somewhat about the lyrics, that I think makes it good or bad for stripping.”

“And what other songs do you think would be good for stripping?” Seth’s tone was teasing, obviously not taking your philosophy seriously, as he continued to look out the windshield.

“Oh man…well, one I definitely always think is Depeche Mode ‘Personal Jesus’,” you stated.

“That’s just wrong,” he laughed.

“I know,” you giggled. “Which makes it so much better.” You paused. “Um…what else. …Fall Out Boy ‘Centuries’…. Most Rihanna songs… What’s one I heard recently…OH! Slipknot ‘Killpop’.”


“Seriously.” You affirmed. “Ya know, for someone who isn’t actively considering a career in stripping, I’m now realizing I might spend too much time thinking about what songs would be good for said career….”

“Yea, I’m realizing that too,” he agreed, making a right turn. “But I mean, if you do want to consider that career, but like only for me, I will support your aspirations.”

“We’ll see,” you smirked. He looked at you with a slight pout, causing you to stick out your tongue playfully. “I wonder how your entrance music would be for stripping…”

“I’m gonna go ahead and say, not good,” Seth decided, causing you to laugh.

“You’re probably right,” you concurred. “Hey, where are you taking me anyways for dinner?”

“We’re going downtown,” Seth answered.

“There’s a strip club downtown.”

“…OK? And? You wanna go give song advice to the strippers?”

“Yes!” Your enthusiastic response was apparently not what he had wanted as he sighed, shaking his head slightly to himself. “What? I always like to help people.”

“I know. Maybe after dinner,” he replied, clearly just humoring you. You beamed over at him, before leaning across the center console to play a kiss to his bearded cheek.

“Nah, we’ve got after dinner plans already,” you stated, sitting back in your seat.

“We do?” He questioned.

“Uh, yea,” you said in an ‘obviously’ tone. “If I’m going to pursue my new career path, I’m going to need help figuring out appropriate work clothes.”

“Well, I am definitely your guy.”

“Knew I could count on you,” you grinned, as he slid his hand off the steering wheel to take yours, entwining your fingers. “I’m thinking black.”

“I’m thinking I don’t want to go to dinner anymore.”

“Oh hell no,” you objected. “You try to deny me food, and you’re gonna get the opposite of a stripper when we get home. I’ll put on every sweatshirt in that house and barricade myself in the bedroom without you.”

“OK, OK,” he chuckled. “Dinner first.”

EXO reaction to you being really sassy

anonymous asked:  Hi~ i really love this blog and i saw you were taking requests! could you do an exo reaction to having a sassy gf? thank you!! <3333
A/N:Aww thank you
Xiumin- “You’re so hot when you’re sassy”

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Luhan- “Since I’m in a good mood today, I won’t punish you as I usually do baby girl”

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Kris- “Wanna play that game? I’ll play it, but beware I will roast you in the oven”

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Suho-*get scared by your sassiness while chen is standing there be like wow because he taught you*

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Lay- “How can you say that about my unicorns”

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Baekhyun- “I’ll just shut my mouth then”

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Chen- “Be careful with your words, or it’s going to come out in bed”

Originally posted by chenrrerorocher

Chanyeol- “Sorry…Jagiya..”

Originally posted by jungkooktouchbutts

D.O- “What did you say to me?”

Originally posted by wooyoung

Tao- “I’m telling mom”

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Kai- “well then..”

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Sehun- You wish you be as sassy as this bitch right here

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I keep getting the question. Don’t you think Sam’s defense of MM on her IG shows he cares? I will just do this once more, no more.

I will answer this as one question. No. First, she is not a child, she is coming up on 30 years old. Being in the business of acting, smoke and mirrors and just plain, it’s just PR, you won’t convince me that Miss innocent did not know what she was doing. When you are playing with a fandom known to inhabit trolls and you have already been attacked before, why would you put your ass front and center into a picture and not expect a reaction? Especially on Christmas? That’s like being in a bull ring and you wave a red flag at the bull, but you can’t understand why it comes charging at you. Really????? We are all women here and very few men in this fandom. Like we don’t know our own sex and the game being played. We aren’t all out of touch and don’t know the SM crap that goes on with posting shit regarding how great is my relationship and/or trying to break people up. SM is an elephant in the room and you only get to see the foot. I will give MM the benefit of the doubt and maybe she is just lacking in any etiquette or intelligence to know any difference. She didn’t know to stand in respect of Cait when she won her BAFTA award, but ignorance isn’t a good excuse to be rude is it? Sam got to tell her to stand, but it was to late. Maybe some classes in social behavior might help?

Justin Bieber threatened to close down his Twitter account when his fans attacked his new girlfriend. Selena Gomez tweeted back to him. Then why don’t you tell her to stop posting all that BS.
Ok Sam, why don’t you tell her if she posts certain shit then expect to get a reaction. Yes the nasty trolls don’t belong on her IG. I agree, they are really ugly, but yet she encourages it and leaves it to rot so people can see it. What does that say? I will post what I want, even if I know shit will rain on me? Then expect it. And don’t complain. Your IG is you. You can block, erase or even shut it down for a day. You control it. You do not have to be the victim. Being classy is just a thing I guess. Unless of course lack of it gets you more attention, good or bad.

Sam did come to Abbie’s rescue twice. The first was, stop the bullying. Even posted a no bullying sign. The second one was the kitchen fiasco. Her IG was crammed with BS. Finally she removed most of it. Shut it down even. Pictures gone and all in the end. Doesn’t spell BIG LOVE to me for her or blondie. I don’t think love has anything to do with this mess.

Whatever is happening is not just bullying. Look at Shatner, he has it down to a science. Be kind, get a tee shirt, but meanwhile he will bully the hell out of a shipper till she leaves and takes 8,000 followers with her. Why doesn’t that make sense to me? Because it’s a shit thing to do. Even Sam’s 300k followers were obtained the wrong way. Just like MM’s.

Sam seems to be making mistakes. Why would you let that many fans go? Why stand up for someone who is deliberately baiting your fandom? It isn’t even caring on MM’s part to do this. Talk about not caring for Sam’s fan, but don’t forget to look at her. I call it Fucking with the Fandom. We have been there before. Hope all this is worth it in the end. TPTB only look for instant gratification. Long term doesn’t exist for them.

Fame is a very fickle thing. It loves you today but hates you tomorrow. Someone who works in Sam’s. business world told me that a while ago. Maybe Sam needs to hear it.

ok i drag greek a lot, we all do, but do you ever just get that romantic feeling while you are struggling through it? Like you are translating a dead language and you don’t know who is speaking but it is like catching whispers behind a curtain, the voices lost and indistinguishable but the words remain, a shadow play of light without heat from stars now dead and light years away, snatches of things in a language no one learns on their mother’s knees anymore, foreign phrases and idioms in strange orders that sound more and more natural the more they appear to you - “Truly, you speak?” “Why indeed?” “I do not understand what you say” “I suppose” “To be one, or two?” Watching these words drop like pebbles and pass through other centuries, other decades, other languages and transcriptions, as blurred as they are illuminated.

Is that why I am still studying this?

strong women always feel like they have to do the work to get the man because they are intimidating. But the truth is, men and women both have a role to play. And if a man wanted you and was right for you, he would make the first move. Because as women, you are making a mistake if the first thing you do is settle for a man who can’t step up for you.