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Viktor knows Yuuri gets flustered when he says harsh things with a smile, and even more when he gets flirty in public. (Much to the dismay of the workers who get caught up in their lovey-dovey moments.😆)


Based on @arcs-and-blah Ice Cream for Two! I read it this morning and it gave me such warm feelings TQT!! <3

I wanted to draw their Friday date and Akashi low-key pining for Nijimura. He’s totally thinking: I could step up and kiss him right now and he wouldn’t even notice; who eats ice cream with their eyes closed anyways? Jeez.

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umm goat chara... do you get along with undyne?

* I always get too embarrassed to talk to her and end out just staring at her for hours… she’s oddly okay with it


((Asks cannot directly interact with the story, any questions that the characters answer are being asked by an in-story character. And that character does not know Undyne would make a good match for Alphys))



“Can you at least try to take this seriously?” Iwaizumi questioned in an irritated voice.

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AU where Robbie is a renowned food critic (specifically a desert critic) & sport opens a new restaurant that Rob has to review and obviously it’s an all natural healthy place and Rob is already DISGUSTED but he shows up anyway and curses the food the whole time until sport comes out from the back to meet him and rob is like “….oh fuck he’s hot”
so he gives sportacus a good review and continues to come back under the guise of work but really it’s just so he can see sport bc roberto is Gay until one day sport is like “dude…’ve been here 9 times in 2 weeks how often do you have to review places???” and Rob gets embarrassed and doesn’t come back for a few weeks and sport feels bad bc he didn’t mean to hurt Rob’s feelings (and also bc sport is gay and would watch Rob intently as fuck everytime he came in) and now he misses him and then the next time Rob comes in (to actually get food bc sport is actually a really good chef) sport flips out and is like
“WHY DONT YOU COME IN ANYMORE PLEASE COME BACK YOURE REALLY HANDSOME AND I MISS U” and Rob’s like “….ok” and when Rob comes in again sport sits with him and they talk for hours and then they fall in Gay Love (:

Are You Scared?

Request- Can you do one where you are bra shopping with Peter and he gets embarrassed 

AN- Send me some prompts or ideas for me to write, I’ll try and write as many as I can then add them to my queue.

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Peter didn’t know where to look the second you two walked into the shop, posters in clothing that left very little to the imagination. So instead of looking around at his surroundings he couldn’t seem to escape, he kept his head down, looking directly at his feet.

That did work, until of course, he walked into a railing of hot pink push-up bras. The crashing of the metal against the floor made you whip you head around in his direction, seeing Peter quickly stand up and pull one of the pieces of underwear off his head.

“Alright there, Parker?”

Peter had been a close friend for years, ever since you’d been partnered up for a science project in middle school, and you two just got closer with each given day. Although the two of you were close, you didn’t spend much time together in school, him being in all the higher classes, your timetables never enabled you to talk, so you treasured moments when you did stuff together. Even if it involved Peter wrecking a bra display.

He met your eyes, then raised a hand to his usually gelled hair, which had been messed up because of his clumsiness, then walked over to you, trying to play it off. 

“Fine, just fine.”

Rolling your eyes, you walked towards the back of the shop, where the changing rooms were, and stepped into one of the rooms, Peter waiting outside on one of the sofas there.

He sat there looking very tense, seeing a handful of girls walking in and giggling at him sitting there, as if he was the most hilarious thing in the world. It made him feel quite awkward, Peter never did like attention being brought to him.

When the curtain opened, Peter looked up at you, but only saw your back as you were looking in the mirror.

“Hey, Pete, can you see the bra through this t-shirt?”

Turning around you saw Peter looking anywhere other than you, thinking you wouldn’t be looking at him. His eyes wandered the ceiling, not noticing the burn of your eyes on him.

“Nope, can’t see a thing.”

“Peter you’re not looking.”

His eyes flitted to you for no more than a second, seeing your body leaning against the doorway, your eyebrows raised at Peters behaviour.

“Peter Parker, are you scared?”

“Pft, me? No.”

Bending over slightly to rest your hands on your legs, you started to laugh at Peter, noticing the pink that was beginning to make it’s way from his neck to his cheeks in embarrassment.

Sighing, he finally looked at your beaming face, the sight making a smile on his face as well. You came to sit next to him, leaning your head on his shoulder, still shaking a little from laughing at the boy.

“You’re never gonna let this go are you?”

“Never in a million years, Parker.”

Okay listen Imagine lying in bed all cuddled up next to your boyfriend Calum, while he is still asleep. So you use the moment to not so creepily watch him, because he usually gets to shy when you study his features and you just can’t yourself and admire your handsome boy, wondering how you got so lucky. After some time he opens his eyes and as soon as he catches you staring he starts to hide his face in his hands and crawls further under the blanket and demands with his raspy morning voice that you should stop staring. You do as he wishes, because you know how embarrassed he gets and tell him that you’ll go and make breakfast, but Calum just holds onto you and doesn’t let you leave the bed, trying to hold on to one of the rare mornings you both have together as long as possible. Soon you start to notice that he studies you features just as well, as you try to do with his and ask him why he is allowed to do so and you aren’t. And he just answered that he tries to not to get to close to you, in case you have to break up over the long distance or he fucks something up while he is on tour. And you knew calum had some issues with relationships and the term of love, that is what everyone was saying at least. So you start to ramble about how you want to spend the time you together as close as possible in the best way ever, so you have nothing to regret in case you may break up. And suprisingly he agrees and in your euphoria about the achievement, you accidentally let the three big words slip out of your mouth and you immediately close your eyes, you don’t wanna see the reaction of the boy that apparently isn’t capable of love. But he just says it back, telling you that the time he spends with you, is in fact the first time he feels alive and at peace since a long time!

Fanfic reader problem #5

Second hand embarrassment!! Your character is doing something super embarrassing and you get embarrassed too. You seriously can’t deal with it and you throw your phone bc WHYYY??? Or you make those incoherent sounds. It’s basically the same reaction you have to fluff but it’s different.

Second hand embarrassment from books

Sometimes it gets so bad I legitimately have so set the book down for a few minutes. What about you guys? Do you get second hand embarrassment from books? What do you do?

I know I am an over thinker, and an over reactor. I know that when I see the slightest change in your behavior it sends my mind on a wild goose chase. I know that I get a little much sometimes but believe me when I say I continuously beat myself up over taking it out on you. I know that being dependent on someone else is scary. I know that it does sting a little when I know something’s up and you won’t tell me anything. I know that I’m a brat all the time and I hope you know not to take me too seriously all the time. I know that you have the weirdest allergies I’ve ever heard of and that makes me laugh. I know that you think your laugh sounds like a lawn mower but I want to hear that laugh for the rest of my life. I know that you hate when I put my feet on the dash, but you know Im probably going to do it anyways. I know how you get embarrassed of me when I go on a rant around people, I can see it in your face. I know I’m loud and overconfident and proud, but please understand it took me such a long time to feel myself and be those things. I know that your eyes are my favourite shade of green I’ve ever looked at. I know to get extra croutons because you’re going to eat them all if I don’t. I know that you don’t like hearing bad things that have happened to me because you’ll get nightmares. I also know that you light up my day, that I don’t know how my life would be if I didn’t have you to laugh with, that I love you more than I’ve loved anyone, that you’re my person, and no one has ever earned that title before.
—  I know, believe me

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How would Yuri P., Minami, and Guang Hong Xi react to to heaving a s/o who could carry them bride style?


-Don’t you dare

-Don’t. You. Dare.

-Gets’s really embarrassed if they do it


-Finds it really cute

-But not sure he likes it

-It makes him feel a bit like a child

Guang Hong:

-Blushes if they do it

-It actually feels really nice

-Likes being carried around

I don’t understand people who don’t let their dogs on the furniture. I get pissed when my dog doesn’t want to spoon with me at night and you wont even let them sit next to you??? How do you even snuggle? 

missing you (blurb)

but just imagine getting a phone call from shawn, and being super confused because it’s the middle of the night where he is. you’d answer it and he would sound super sad, and you’d ask if he’s okay to which he would reply with a quiet, ‘i just really miss you’, making your heart melt. it would be really obvious that he’s crying, but you wouldn’t bring it up, knowing he would get all embarrassed. not really knowing what to do, you’d ask him how his day had been, doing everything you could to make him forget about how he was feeling and make him smile again, but to shawn, it was just your voice that made him happier. SO CUTE