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Tips on dating for when YOU have BPD

I’ve seen so many articles and posts on “how to date someone with BPD”, or worse “warning signs your partner has BPD” or “how to recover from dating someone with BPD”. But I could only find ONE article giving advice to people WITH BPD in relationships. So, I’ve made my own. Here are some tips on maintaining a good relationship when YOU have BPD:

  • Be open. I know you’ll be scared that if you’re too honest, you’ll scare the partner away. But you need to be truthful, or you’ll end up bottling things up, and then they explode.
  • Saying that, sometimes it’s okay not to express your fears. Small fears such as how your partner hasn’t texted back as fast as normal, don’t need to be expressed when they occur. Once you’ve calmed down, take the time to express it. Say “It makes me a bit sad when you don’t reply fast, but I understand that sometimes that happens” This way, your partners understands your fears, but also knows that you understand their limits too. Sometimes our fears are small and go away if we wait, so take a minute to thing logically (if you can).
  • It’s okay to show symptoms! Don’t be mad at yourself if you have a mood swing in front of your partner, it;s not your fault
  • Avoid expressing when you’re splitting. It’s hard not to let every things out when we’re mad and splitting, but try not to if you can. Try and suppress for a little time and express your feelings once you’ve settled. This way you can express them neutrally, without bias, and make sense when you do so.
  • Keep reminders of your partner’s care for you. Screen shot texts and keep them in a folder. When you feel unloved or the person isn’t responding, read through these to remind yourself that they love you
  • Ask your partner to give you small reminders. Ask “every now and again, can you remind me you love me?”. This isn’t a big ask- a small text once a day is not manipulative or needy, and your partner should be ahppy to as this makes you happy
  • Set guidelines. It’s okay to have certain things you get paranoid about. Tell your partner that there are some things you don’t like- e.g. “I don’t like it when you use full stops, it makes me think you’re angry, could you avoid doing so? I understand if you mess up though.” A relationship is about caring for each other and making each other comfortable, so your partner should be ahppy to make small changes to make you happy, just as you’ll make small changes to make them happy!
  • Be prepared to compensate. Sometimes we get paranoid about things that we just have to let happen. We get worried when our partner talks about other people, when they see other people. It’s okay to express this, but we have to learn that we can’t stop our partners doing this. This is hard, and something I struggle with myself, but it’s needed to make our partners feel comfortable. If your partner is out doing something you don’t like, distract yourself. 
  • Find someone else, with BPD is best, to vent to. I have a close friend or 2 who I vent my worries to, and they have BPD as well. They understand and validate my fears, so that I don’t feel needy or mean. This way you can express these fears without controlling and hurting your partner. E.g. I say to my friends “My partner is seeing his ex today. I get that’s his right to but it’s pissing me off and I just wanted to tell someone.” 
  • Remind yourself it’s okay to express yourself. Telling your partner you’re scared they’re going to leave you isn’t automatically abusive or manipulative, it’s true.Tell them you feel suicidal isn’t manipulative, you deserve support and love.
  • When splitting, learn to distance yourself. If you notice you’re splitting for an unfair reason, it’s okay to distance yourself. It’s okay to walk out a room, to stop replying for a minute to compose yourself. This way, you won’t lash out, and you can avoid getting more angry. Inform your partner you are splitting, so they can give you space.
  • Don’t let yourself be invalidated. If your parter says something invalidating, mean, or hurtful, tell them. We get scared that if we tell our partners they hurt us they may leave, but it’s important not to let our partners hurt us.
  • Tell your partner about your BPD- and if not that- about your symptoms. Tell them you split (you sometimes hate people for no reason), tell them you have abandonment fears (get scared they’ll leave you). This way your partner can adapt and help you. Give them tips to help you. e.g. “If I’m scared you’ll leave me, tell me you love me, and tell me why you love me”
  • Learn to say sorry. Sometimes we lash out, sometimes we get irrational and hurt our partners. this may not be our fault, but it is our responsibility. Learn to say “I’m sorry I lashed out”.
  • You deserve someone who’s willing to help you. You deserve someone who is willing to send you little messages, who is willing to validate and support you. Don’t settle for someone who gets mad at you for your mood swings or invalidates your feelings.
    We deserve a kind, loving, supporting relationship as much as anyone else.
Writer Ask Game
  • 1 : What age-group do you write?
  • 2 : What genre do you write?
  • 3 : Do you outline according to big ideas or small details?
  • 4 : Which do you prefer--line-editing or plot-revisions?
  • 5 : Do you write better with or without deadlines?
  • 6 : What would be the biggest compliment you could hope to receive on your current WIP?
  • 7 : How long is your current WIP?
  • 8 : What author would you be most excited to be compared to?
  • 9 : What do you struggle most with as a writer?
  • 10 : Do you brain-storm story ideas alone or with others?
  • 11 : Do you base your characters off of real people?
  • 12 : Is your writing space clean or cluttered?
  • 13 : Do you write character-driven or plot-driven stories?
  • 14 : Do you have a favorite writing-related quote?
  • 15 : If you transport your original characters into another author’s world, which world would you choose?
  • 16 : Would your story work better as a movie or tv show? Why?
  • 17 : Do you make soundtracks for each story?
  • 18 : If you could assign your story one song, what would it be?
  • 19 : Would you rather live in your characters’ world, or have your characters come live in our world?
  • 20 : What book would you love to see adapted for the big or small screen?
  • 21 : Do you finish most of the stories you start?
  • 22 : Has your own writing ever made you cry?
  • 23 : Are you proud or anxious to show off your writing?
  • 24 : When did you start considering yourself a writer?
  • 25 : What books are must-reads in your genre?
  • 26 : What would you like to see more of in your genre?
  • 27 : Where do you get inspiration from?
  • 28 : On a scale of 1-10, how much do you stress about choosing character names?
  • 29 : Do you tend to underwrite or overwrite in a first draft?
  • 30 : Does writing calm you down or stress you out?
  • 31 : What trope do you actually like?
  • 32 : Do you give your side-characters extensive backstories?
  • 33 : Do you flesh-out characters before you write, or let their personalities develop over time?
  • 34 : Describe your old writing in one word.
  • 35 : Is it more fun to write villains or heroes?
  • 36 : Do you write with a black and white sense of morality?
  • 37 : What’s one piece of advice you would give to new writers?
  • 38 : What’s one piece of writing advice you try--but fail--to follow?
  • 39 : How important is positive reinforcement to you as a writer?
  • 40 : What would you ask your favorite author if given one question?
  • 41 : Do you find it distracting to read while you’re writing a first draft?
  • 42 : Do critiques motivate or discourage you?
  • 43 : Do you tend to write protagonists like yourself or unlike yourself?
  • 44 : How do you decide what story idea to work on?
  • 45 : Do you find it harder or easier to write when you’re stressed out?
  • 46 : What Hogwarts house would your protagonist(s) be in?
  • 47 : Where do you see yourself as a writer in five years?
  • 48 : Would you ever co-write?
  • 49 : Are you a fast and rushed writer or a slow and deliberate writer?
  • 50 : Would you rather be remembered for your fantastic world-building or your lifelike characters?

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Ah I don't mean to bother you but do you have any advice on how to deal with depression I'm sorry for bothering you I just don't know what to do

 Hey, it’s ok yeah you can totally ask me. I’m probably not the best person to go to because I’m not a therapist or whatever, but I definitely have experience with dealing with Depression so, I’ll tell what you helped me. and hope that maybe it helps you in some way shape or form. 

So when I was in this abusive relationship with my ex, I hit total rock bottom and I have never been so low in my entire life. Honestly if you met me now, and then met me like 2 years ago, you literally would be talking to two different people it was so bad. but I don’t need to go into detail or describe depression. I’m sure you already know what it is very very well. 

So, the killer about Depression is that you feel empty, sad, angry, etc etc, and it’s kills all motivation and drive and inspiration to do the things that you once enjoyed ya know? like, you no longer enjoy doing whatever your hobbies were, and you have no interest in doing them anymore. Depression tells you that you want to is sleep, eat/not eat, sit and stare at nothing, do nothing, not talk to friends or family. And because Depression is so strong, it’s easy to fall into doing those things of just not doing anything, and isolate yourself from any form of social interaction with friends and family etc. And a lot of the time you feel like that’s all you can do, like you don’t have the literal energy to do anything else such as something as simple as getting up out of bed after sleeping in over 10 hours or something. (it’s not laziness, it’s depression.) 

Well those things that Depression makes you want to do, is the exact opposite of what you should do. And those things Depression says you hate and don’t want to do, – all those hobbies, or getting up and taking a walk, talking to friends, doing something, is exactly what you need to do, to help you with your depression. The best medicine I find is distractions, and not letting it control you. It’s tough, especially emotionally, and you’re gonna hate it for a really long time, but eventually doing all those things you useto like, and now hate, the likeness to it starts to come back. but it’s easier said than done, and it takes a LOT OF WORK! and it’s hard. but you can do it! 

Trying to find some kind of reason or obligation helps too. like what really got me on the stepping stones of doing better is I got this Indie game job, and I was given the like impossible task to make over 100 little paintings (all the custom artwork) in 3 and a half weeks, high quantity, in high quality. It forced me to paint and draw even though I had like no interest in art because of the major depression I was feeling, and that job forced me to draw 8 to sometimes 15 hours a day. It was brutal, and for a bit I hated having to draw so much cuz I didn’t really enjoy art, but then forcing myself to get up and do something I hate (but once loved) I started to like it again. And then when the Indie game ended, I wanted to keep pushing myself to improve and have a reason to keep me drawing, which is why I started Youtube. And it really helped me build my confidence and fight against the depression. 

Now the thing is, Depression never goes away, it’s a mental illness and it’s not something you can get rid of like a virus or bacteria. BUT FEAR NOT! just hear me out!  It’s a constant battle everyday. You can’t be cured, and no amount of therapy or med can change that. Don’t fall into the misconception that meds/therapy fixes the issues, because it doesn’t. It is HELP. and Help isn’t fixing, it is assistance for YOU to fix things. So getting medical or therapeutic help is definitely good and I promote it, but you can’t rely on it to fix your problems, because it has to be you to put forth the initiative, which is why I told you what I did above first. Meds and therapy try to regulate your hormones and work out solutions for you to deal with the issues in yourself and your environment so you can work out your depression. so the goal in getting better isn’t to find a cure, even still to this day I struggle with it a lot, and I have my moments and my episodes sometimes. BUT I’m not saying you’re going to be miserable for the rest of your life, because the truth is, you can be happy, while having depression. 

The goal is to learn how to maintain and live with it, so you aren’t controlled by it. I have control over my depression right now, and despite that it’s still always there in the back of my mind and it resurfaces sometimes, I’m actually very happy and have become a pretty stable person. (especially compared to who I use to be) 

So start by forcing yourself to get up, doing small things, try to seek out interests that distract you from depression, but also force yourself to fulfill responsibilities (work, school, chores, etc) which helps you get stronger and start gaining control of the depression. Seriously something I find very helpful is going on a walk. It’s easy to just slump around or sleep in bed and never get up, but walking, (that thing that you don’t want to do) actually helps a lot, and there’s a scientific reason for it too, not just it sounding nice. But the more you can do for yourself, and others even, the better you’ll feel, even if it doesn’t seem that way or a long time. It takes a lot of time to crawl out of the rut you’re in, but you’ll get the if you just keep going. 

I know I don’t give the best advice, but, I hope this helps in some way. 

Klangst Week: Day 1 - Unrequited

Keith rested his bruised and sore arm on the back of his chair, watching the dented and dirty armor sink into the soft material.

He leaned on it slightly, bending over in order to catch his breath. He shut his tired eyes for a few moments as he listened to his heartbeat slowly return to normal.

He had pushed himself really hard on that mission; too hard perhaps, Pidge had even pointed out that Keith had probably broken a record with the amount of Century’s he had defeated.

Pidge was sweet and all, but she wasn’t the person he had hoped would notice.

“Shiro! You were amazing! The way you blew up that ship with your lion before it could shoot down that village. We couldn’t have saved that planet without you.” Lance gushed to their leader.

Keith watched on angrily as Lance swooned over the black paladin.

“Umm… thanks, Lance. We all helped.” Shiro replied, seeming only half interested in what the Cuban had to say.

Keith scrunched the hand that was on his chair into a fist, gritting his teeth. Why did he even try with Shiro? Why couldn’t he see that Shiro wasn’t interested?

But he was. Oh, boy, Keith was. Why couldn’t lance be swooning over him instead? At least Keith would give him the time of day.

He looked back over to the pair now; lance still hovering over Shiro and admiring his every move, not even trying to be subtle. Shiro wasn’t even looking at the blue paladin.

“Hey, Shiro! You have to teach me how you did that thing with-”

“Princess.” Shiro cut Lance off unintentionally as the Altean Princess entered the controls room.

‘Shiro probably didn’t even know that Lance was talking in the first place…’ Thought Keith.

“Good work today everyone, you were extraordinary as a team! I’m so delighted that the team bonding exercises have been paying off!”

Keith noticed how Shiro’s posture changed as Allura spoke. While Lance spoke, Shiro was bent over his control panel focusing on the screen, not even facing the boy. Now he stood straight, giving full attention to the princess, hands held shyly behind his back.

“How did I do Allura?” He asked bashfully. The red paladin had never seen his leader so awkward and unconfident.

“Amazing!” Lance yelled from behind them.

“You did your job successfully Shiro, so good.” It was only a half-hearted answer but Shiro’s face lighted up at the mediocre comment. Lance looked taken back a bit at this. His smile turned to a hurt frown as he watched the others talk.

Keith thought he had gotten the message from Shiro, but as soon as Lance began butting in on Shiro and Allura’s conversation again, Keith decided that he had had enough.

He couldn’t stand watching Lance act like that, or be treated the way he was, for that matter.

He let out a loud exasperated sigh and stormed off past the other two tired paladins resting on the couch.

As he huffed past them, they made comments out loud about him, as if he couldn’t hear them.

“What’s wrong with Keith?” Hunk asked the group as Pidge fixed her glasses while staring lasers into the back of Keith’s head.

For the first time since getting back from the mission, Lance actually looked up and acknowledged Keith at all.

‘Finally’ Keith muttered to himself.

“Ha! Probably angry that he wasn’t the star of the mission; Right Shiro!” He laughed obnoxiously.

“Uh, yeah sure lance.” Sighed Shiro, quickly before turning back to watch what the princess was doing.

‘Shouldn’t have asked.


“Okay, team! This mission is a big one and we are going to need some supplies.” Announced Shiro. “Pidge and Hunk, I need you to wormhole through to the Xynos Nebula to collect more of those particles that generate the laser guns we found on that asteroid last week. Allura and I will stay with Coran and Slav to work out our battle plan. This leaves Keith and Lance with the modified pod to go down and scope the imprisoned planet undetected.”

Finally, he got to go somewhere with Lance. They had to report back to the base and all, but maybe on the way there they could talk and maybe Lance would like him more. Keith was admittedly bad a socializing, but who could blame him, sometimes he sounded rude and he wasn’t good at conversations, but he would 100% listen to lance ramble on in his beautiful voice for hours if Lance would even bother.

“Awww, why do I have to go with him!” Lance complained, pointing a thumb in his direction.

And the image in Keith’s head of the two finally getting somewhere with their friendship vanished as soon as those words were uttered.

‘What did I even do to make him hate me so much?’ He thought trying to keep a straight face as he pretended to listen. Most people think he is hotheaded and impulsive, but really most of the mission prep is spent looking at Lance or wondering why Lance hates him and he just… misses the instructions. He hopes he was hiding the hurt on his face well enough.

“You are the only ones left and you are the best pilots, I trust that you can report back to us.” Replied Shiro.

“No, I don’t wanna be stuck in that tiny pod with mullet over there! I think that my brilliant mind should stay here with you and work on the plan.” He argued.

“You’re going with Keith.”


‘Again with everyone pretending that I’m not right in front of them.”

Shiro placed his fingers to the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Fine whatever. Allura, what do you think?”

‘Predictable’ snicked Keith to himself.


So this is how Keith ended up in a small pod, sitting through an unending brutal silence with a person who hated every Galra to her core. She suggested taking Lances spot, but he was adamant in helping Shiro, thus landing them in this situation.

The task went sort of well. Keith piloted and Allura wouldn’t speak to him so he didn’t have to worry about a back seat driver. He followed Shiro’s coordinates and Allura reported back what she saw. They were back in record time.

When they got back into the controls room, lance was almost bouncing off the walls at the small amount of attention he was being given. When Shiro complemented and idea or had his hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“Good job you guys, we got all we needed to form our plan. You work really well together.” Shiro amended, more so that Allura would maybe be a little nicer to Keith.

“Sure, whatever.” She muttered.

Keith looked back over to Lance. He was truly beautiful. His smile, even if it was directed at Shiro; his laugh, his (presumably) soft hair and perfect tan skin. Damn Keith even liked his stupid jokes.

He didn’t even hide the fact that he likes Lance from himself. Pidge and Hunk had already guessed too and he thinks Shiro was catching on.

Why did Lance hate him so much? Keith could feel a burning sensation in his chest and throat, he knew what this was all too well. He was never good at dealing with emotions and everything with Lance was just building up. He adored the Cuban who didn’t even want to go in the same pod together for a mission. And Lance was head over heals for someone who had feelings for someone else and never gave him enough attention.

Keith knew that he would. He would give every second of every day to Lance. But lance hated him, and he was starting to hate himself too because of it.


Almost a week had gone by since that mission. Keith had spent less time with the group than before; he just couldn’t handle seeing Lance. In fact, Lance was probably enjoying not having him around.

He thought that someone would notice that he was missing a lot, but the only one who would really care that much was Shiro and they saw each other every day when they got up early to train. They acted normal and talked like normal.

Then Shiro would leave probably thinking that Keith would do the same. Little did he know that Keith barely left the training deck anymore.

Just before dinner every day they had a group training session, everyone just thought that Keith had come early. Technically that was true, he just hadn’t left since that morning.

He sliced through drone after drone while he watched Lance sit on the sidelines ogling at Shiro’s muscles as he worked out.

Keith let out a physical cry of rage as he took the heads off three more robots.

“HA!, Geez Mullet calm down, it’s just training!” Lance yelled out to him. His face flushed with embarrassment as he looked back at the robot’s he had destroyed.

“I, I um-” He Tried to speak.

“Hey, Shiro…”Lance piped up again, and Keith was back to not listening.

He was so tired. Everything ached, but he couldn’t stop working out, he needed the distraction.

He squirted water into his mouth as he rested his arm on the cool wall of the training deck. He buried his head into it and tried to hold back the tears that threatened to spill.

‘Why do I have to be like this!’ He yelled in his head.

‘Why do I have to like him so much!”

He accidently let a small cry escape his lips but quickly sealed them shut as he snapped back into reality, hoping that no one noticed.

“You need to stop.” Said a small but stern voice from behind his.

Keith’s eyes widened as he whipped around off the wall to face Pidge.

“What do you mean? Stop what?” He laughed awkwardly.

“You know what I mean. This much training is bad for you. Don’t think I don;t notice. I didn’t think you would listen to me anyway, but it’s getting worse. I know what you are trying to do. You are attempting to distract yourself. Please just find other ways to do this. I’m worried about you.”

She spilled out, you could hear the concern littering her voice.

“Aww Pidge that sweet, but I’m fine.” He laughed again.

“Please Keith. At least come to dinner. Training is almost done, we can go up early.”

Keith sighed, “I’m not hungry.” was all he said before leaving the room and going back to his own.

As soon as he was back in his room he flopped onto his bed, let everything that he was holding inside of his for the past week spill. He was so angry and hurt. He hated himself and he just needed to get everything out. He didn’t even think about anyone hearing him anymore. Everyone was all really happy without him, up at dinner right now laughing and celebrating a good session. Eventually, Keith cried himself to sleep.


Things finally began to look up for Keith on their next mission. He got paired with Lance again and Shiro was not in the mood for bargaining today.

They set out in Lance’s Lion to collect some rare ore or something that Keith didn’t hear.

Maybe today was they day he could try and talk to Lance.

“You and your lion seem to be pretty in sync hey.” Keith instantly regretted saying as he cringed at his choice of sentence.

‘What are you even thinking?’ He mentally face palmed.

“Yeah she is fast, hopefully, this will go quickly.” was all Lance replied with. He was so much quieter than usual, Keith noted, did he really hate his that much?

“Um… yeah” Keith stuttered, hoping that Lance would say something else. Thank God Lance talked so much that even when he was being quiet it was still enough to fill a silence.

“I mean, why didn’t Shiro let me stay with him again, we work so well together.”

Keith hummed in agreement. It was a start.

“But, like, I don’t really mind, Shiro is busy and he can’t always think everything out, Right? I mean, he does it so well cause he is amazing but, he is still human. Well unless you count that sick Galra robot arm.” Lance shot out.

“Can we please not talk about Shiro!” Keith basically yelled out before realizing that the look on Lance’s face said that that wasn’t in his head like it was supposed to be.

“Um, um, I m-mean.”

“What’s wrong with Shiro?” Lance questioned.

“Nothing nothing…” there was a brief silence “… you do know he isn’t interested in you in ‘that way’ right?” Said Keith.

“Umm… yeah!” Said Lance in a tone that made it sound like Keith had pointed out that the ship that they were in looked like a lion.

“Why would he be.” Lance choked out disguised in a laugh.

“Let’s just say, you’re not very subtle,” Keith said flatly.

“Yeah well, you’re just jealous!” Lance snapped.


“Shiro and I’s friendship.”

“What are you talking about. We are like brothers, Shiro barely talks to you.”

“Yes, he does.”


“A LOT, thank you very much!”

Keith let out another exasperated groan in annoyance.

He started yelling before he could even stop himself and register what was happening.


“That you what?” Lance snapped.

“Agh, nevermind, I’m leaving.”

“How! We’re in the middle of space.”

“Red’ll get me.” He sighed.

Lance didn’t even try to stop him.


Usually, when Keith was upset he would train, but he just didn’t have any energy left in him so he decided to go and sit in the Holodeck and space out for a while watching the stars and planets.

He sighed as he laid back on the tiled floor.

He had never lost it like that at Lance. So much for a friendship.

Keith didn’t even realize that he was crying until a tear rolled off the side of his face into his ear.

He just let them fall as he thought about Lance.

“Hey, are you okay?” He heard a familiar deep voice whisper.

“Yeah Shiro, I’m fine.” He wiped the tears off of his face.

“Come on, I don’t want to see my brother sad.” He tried to joke, still saying a good distance away from the teen on the floor.

“You heard all that, huh?” Keith said swallowing that lump that was gathering in his throat.

“Yeah, man, I didn’t know that I was that obvious around Allura.” He laughed.

Keith couldn’t help the smile that tugged at the corner of his mouth at hearing that. He sat up and Shiro took a seat next to him.

“Well, you are.” Keith smiled smugly. “Thanks, Shiro.” He added seriously.

“Anytime, I just want to make sure that you are fine. You have been training a lot, missing meals, what was it you were about to say to Lance before you cut yourself off but the way. If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Oh um… well, you see… I, I kind of… Li-like him. Lance. I like Lance.”

Keith stuttered.

“Bit late to the party there Keith we all figured it out. Well, Pidge told me cause she was worried about you.”



“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. Lance hates my guts.” Keith said as the tears welled up in his eyes again.

“Hey,” Shiro comforted “That’s not true.”

“Yes IT IS” he cried harder “he doesn’t even want to be in the same room as me! What did I even do to make him hate me! Why can’t he see that I like him? I- I LOVE HIM!”

Keith was a mess, sobbing and sniffling. Shiro engulfed him in a massive hug. “It’s okay Keith. There is no point thinking about it when you are this tired, you’ll only upset yourself more. Cover your face and I’ll walk you to your room, get some sleep, I’ll bring you food so that you don’t have to join us if you don’t want to.”

“Thanks, Shiro.”


That night Keith laid on top of his blankets, staring at the roof, he could feel the hard object that was his blade under his pillow. It was pitch black in his room and he was far off sleeping.

All he could think about was Lance.

He was ready to give up on sleep when he heard a knock at the door.

Without moving, Keith yelled out. “Who is it?” Knowing that it was probably Shiro.

But boy was he wrong.

“Why didn’t you tell me!”

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Hellooooo could you do a Sherlock x reader one shot where the reader is Moriarty's little sister but she trys to hide it because she doesn't want it to affect her relationship with Sherlock plzz ^-^


Sure, let me try!

Name: Moriarty?

“Lord, it must be somewhere here!” you go through your bag again, looking for your passport. “Sherlock, have you seen my phone?”

“Nope,” the genius answers, looking at you from the table. “Have you tried calling yourself?”

“I would if I didn’t mute it every night,” you sigh, sitting by Sherlock’s side and looking at him. “Come on, you are a detective.”

“And you are an idiot. What’s your point?” you puff and ruffle his hair.

“I will be late for work.”

“That is why you should have accepted John’s offer and work here.”

“Oh no, mister Holmes!” you laugh. “I don’t think we will work together well.”

“Because you would be a mess of a person?”

“Because you would not be able to pay attention to the case,” you answer simple, and he smiles a little, nodding.

“True… You do have… A distracting effect on me. Go, I’ll find your phone.”

“Really? And you won’t set it on fire?” he laughs and shakes his head. “Fine. See you in the evening.”

“Bye,” Sherlock smiles, as you quickly kiss him and rush out of the apartment, hoping to be at work on time, when he catches you with a simple phrase. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“About what?” you turn around, fearing that he learned about your brother.

“Your brother.”

“What… What about him?”

“He texted you,” Sherlock sighs finally and hands you the phone. “He said he was worrying about you and how you are living alone. You told me you have a difficult relationship, but he is… He is a loving brother. Like mine, but human.”

“I…” you quickly type Jim to get away from you. “I didn’t want to tell you…”

“Does he hurt you?” Sherlock always sees the truth, but not this time.

“No. Lord, no!” you shake your head. “He is a criminal.”

“You didn’t tell me because I catch criminals? Y/N, I am not police, I would just deduce stuff.”

“No, he is… A special criminal. I didn’t tell you because you will stop… You won’t talk to me after that,” you breathe in and look Sherlock in the eye for a second, trying to memorize his face as it is now - caring and kind. You are pretty sure that won’t continue for long. “I am a Moriarty.”

“You are a… Moriarty,” Sherlock repeats slowly, and you see how the smile slowly leaves his eyes. “And your brother is named Jim,” you nod, knowing that you will hardly have your normal relationship now. “And you have been hiding that from me.”

“I have nothing to do with Jim’s behavior, I swear! I would never follow his footsteps!” you look at Sherlock, trying to show how much you regret your blood connection to your brother. Sherlock stares back, his face absolutely blank, as if he is thinking whether you deserve even a second of his attention. “Sherlock?”

“It is painful, Y/N,” you sigh. “Did you really think you could hide it from me?”


“I always knew that he is your brother, Y/N,” Sherlock explains, his eyes laughing at your face. “I was simply checking if you were working with him, but… You wouldn’t expect the best detective in all of England to not know who your only brother is?”

“You knew.”

“Knew what?” John walks in the kitchen, still yawning. “He knew everything, but what in particular?”

“Nothing,” Sherlock answers for you, and John shrugs his shoulders, grabbing a random cup and taking a huge sip. And then spits it out, as you and Sherlock break in laughter, surprised that John still would drink anything that has every been anywhere near Sherlock.

“Oh John…”

“Again? Salt? Seriously, are you checking my receptors?”

“No… We are repeating Pavlov’s experiment,” you mumble. “And you are failing because we can’t teach you that Sherlock near a cup is always a bad sign.”

“Not even funny,” John throws a towel and gets out of the kitchen, mumbling something about you two being horrible people and worse friends.

“It is funny,” Sherlock comments, and you nod obediently. “C’mon, go to your work.”

“Are we… are we good?” you ask quietly.

“As always,” Sherlock answers simply. “Now go, I know you are looking forward to this new position you are trying to get.”

“Have I mentioned…”

“That I am amazing? Yes. Every day,” you smile at him and put the beg on your shoulder, realizing that Sherlock didn’t only not make a problem from your brother, but kept the truth from John, as you both know that he would probably change his opinion on you, or at least act weirdly for a while.

Got7 reaction to you being homesick

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Got7 reaction to you being homesick and wanting to go back home and visit for a while.



Jaebum couldn’t express to you just how much he actually relied on your company to make him feel better at the end of the day. He knew that you were the one for him, so to hear that you were going back home was scary to him because he didn’t want the possibility of you to leave him to arise. He understood the pain of missing home since he hears about it from his members all the time. He would make sure and text you, FaceTime and even send you stuff in the mail every opportunity that he could. He wanted to keep your relationship strong regardless of where either of you were in the world.

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 Mark knew all to well how hard it was to be away from your family and friends. When you told him that you wanted to visit home for a while he was more than supportive. He bought you a stuffed animal and sprayed his cologne on it for you to smell while you were away. He knew it would be hard to keep in contact with each other because of his busy schedule and the time difference. He would leave messages and send you cute videos whenever he missed you or thought about you.

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Jinyoung was nervous when you said that you wanted to go home, because to him that meant that your relationship was in jeopardy. You were his happy pill and he loved looking forward to seeing you everyday. He knew that the right thing to do was to let you go but he couldn’t help but want to ask you to stay. He would do everything in his power to reassure you that he would wait for you no matter how long you would be gone. 

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 Jackson could absolutely relate when you said that you were homesick and wanted to go home for a while. He helped you prepare for you trip and promised to help house sit for you while you were away. He had faith in your relationship and knew that you loved him as much as he loved you so he wasn’t worried for the two of you. But he would whine about how much he misses you whenever you two would talk. Before you were scheduled to come back home he would go to your apartment and decorate it with cute little presents and he would cook for you as a welcome home surprise.

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 Youngjae would be the most supportive boyfriend when you said you wanted to go. He would secretly pack a t-shirt of his and a few small cute gifts to surprise you with once you arrived home. He would stay up late to be able to hear your voice and facetime and would take pictures of little handwritten notes and drawings that he would make for you. He would never tell you just how much he missed you and wanted for you to come back to him because he didn’t want to be selfish and put pressure on you. Having you gone made him realize just how much you meant to him.

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Bambam would understand how hard it was to be away from home but would want you to stay with him. To him you were his second home so with you gone he felt like a part of him was missing. He would try to find things to do to distract himself while you were gone and would count down the days until you came home. When he went out or went shopping he was constantly buying things for you because it reminded him of you. And when the day came that you finally came home it was one of the best days of his life and he was more than excited to see you try on and react to all of the things that he had bought for you. 

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Yugyeom would be so sad when you told him that you were going back home for a while. And when you left his entire mood changed, he was no longer childish or goofy and energetic. He was constantly on Snow trying to send you photos of what he was doing and to see your face but with the time difference it proved to be difficult to see you. He would wear your favorite shirts of his and eat your favorite foods just to feel closer to you. When you finally came back he would cry in your arms because he realized how much he loved you and never wanted to separate from you ever again.

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DM Notes: Profiling

Do you find that your players are unhappy, constantly distracted or just not engaged as you want them to be? Well, ask yourself, are you giving them what they want? Do you know what they want? Many times you’ll say giving them what they want (especially problem players) will ruin the game! That’s because you give them: what they ask for. And there lies the crucial difference.

Whenever I introduce a new player into the game, any game, I make them a profile in my “Players Binder”. This profile is universal for every game, no matter the setting or system you play. Everyone has a page (or sometimes two) about what interests them, what captures their attention and other insights about them. Each aspect is gathered as you play with them, and requires you to take notice WHEN they engage and WHEN THEY DO NOT engage. As GMs we already do take this into some account when planning (or improving) sessions, but having it laid out so cleanly is far more useful than you can imagine.

And for players, do this to your fellow players. You can cater to their desires and in turn they’ll want to engage more with you, this fixes more problems then you at first may realize.

So here is my Formula:


DESIRE: What does this player want out of their game? What category of challenge or entertainment appeals to this player the most? To find this, listen to what the player Talks About and Remembers the most. Their “Desire” is the current reason that keeps them playing the game.

QUESTION(S): The game is not just for fun, there are times when the game is not fun at all but is absolutely Satisfying. That is what this section is about. I direct my games to answer a moral or life question, this doesn’t need to be overbearing but allows the player to explore something meaningful to them. For every character the player has or has had, make a question out of the main idea of the character. I prefer at least two questions, one which is the focus of their character and the other which is for even deeper meaning.

NEEDS: Your player is always complaining about this, is discourages them when it happens and they get super frustrated when they can’t overcome it. This is not the kind of frustration you want in the game, frustration within the game setting is wonderful when used correctly. Frustration with the game destroys someone’s enjoyment of the game and can cause them to leave or worse: give up. Ask yourself what the player needs to not be frustrated or left out of the game, what kind of encouragement they need so they can keep playing.

NOTICES: When your player looks away, is distracted by something or is simply lost in thought, what makes them spin their head, focus their eyes on you and go: WHAT?!. This can be one thing or many things, write each one down as they react to it and try & find the general reason they snapped back to the game. If something caused a player to be fully or mostly involved for an extended period of time, what was it? Write those things here.

FAULTS: We all have them, and when you’re playing they can come out. What are the most striking faults that your player possesses? Some aren’t very confident, some like to dominate other players, others will never engage or cooperate with the other players, Find as many of these as you can and make a list, we’ll be using these in the next section.

FIXES: There is always something you can do to help someone. It may not always be much, but every little bit you can do it helps. Write here what you can do in-game that will help the player overcome their faults, overlook or avoid unneeded frustration with the game and be fully engaged in the game. I make a section for each tabletop system that I have played with them. These can be little details to system breaks. If a player keeps rolling badly- let them automatically succeed as much as possible on little things. Is you’re player nostalgic because of their time playing AD&D as a young person? Read over some of the material and let the nostalgia wash over them. You can find ways to implement these things into your game without compromising that beautiful story you’ve written.

TWISTS: These are meta plot twists you can use to cause drama or knock a player down a titch when they get too excited and hog the spotlight. They cause the player to rethink and question everything around them, this may seem to be unhealthy at times- but it fully engages the player.
Remember that you’re goal is the same of that as a writer: any emotion that your listeners feel, good or bad, is a sign of your success. If something makes your players sad, amazing! Do they feel taken advantage of by NPCs, wonderful! Drama is not caused by always staying fun, there must be dips in fun for there to be highs in enjoyment. I do hope that this helps you learn to work with your players, and this creates an addictive gaming atmosphere.

Josiah - 5e Human Paladin

Healing (4)


Jackaboy landed back into Jack’s room with a spring in his step. Soon Jack would be back on his feet, Schneep would feel better, Anti would be defeated, and all would be well. He placed Marvin’s cape and Schneep’s cap on the floor and set off the smoke bombs. In a flash the other egos were back. The doctor stumbled a bit and gasped in shock as he appeared; clearly he would never get used to all of Marvin’s tricks.
“By the way,” Marvin pressed, “what turned out to be the problem with Jack?”
Schneep straightened himself up and replied, “At firzt I zought it vas a respiratory problem, like ze flue or bronchitis. It turned out to be zome kind of substance zat clogs ze blood and it began to shutz down hiz nervous syztem, and zen it shut down ze rest of hiz body and he died.” He paused for a moment. “Ze odd zing vas, it centred on hiz brain, giving him zings like memory loss, depression, and anxiety. It could have been eazily treated by a zimple draining of ze fluidz and a blood thinning agent. Hiz body ended up full to ze brim of ze substance, like zome kind of poison.”
“That must be why my magic wouldn’t go through his body.” Marvin concluded, “In that case, you can drain his systems, and then I’ll add the magic to bring him back! Job done!” His face lit up, as did the other ego’s.
“Let’s go then!” Jackaboy sang, and he rushed down the stairs ahead of the others into the dining room.
He froze on the spot, his heart in his throat. Marvin and Schneep walked in after him and they too stalled in shock.
There was no sign of Jack’s body.

“W-where did he go?” Jackaboy asked as they all approached the table anxiously.
“W̵̨̡hè̛͟rȩ͞ ͢dơ͞ ͜͞y̢o̵u̧͟ ͏̛t̡h̸i͢n̶͢k ͟h̨̀͢e͡ ẁ̛͠e̢͜n̴t͟?̧”
The egos snapped to attention and began scanning the room for the source of the voice. A small childish giggle bounced off the walls and surrounded them as the room strangely got darker. The three egos stayed close together, Jackaboy and Marvin ready to do what they must if anything got near. Schneeplestein wasn’t as confident, and began to frantically back further between the others as the darkness got closer and closer to them. The air became alive with electricity and static, and something moved in the smoky darkness; something green, something unstable, something smiling.
“A͏w̶w.̴̕” Anti’s raspy voice cooed, “Lo͏́͜oḱ͜ ͟a̸t̕ th̷͡e͏͞ ̴͟p̡͘o̡o̵r̶ ̸̵l̴̕͠í̵t̴t̴̛l͟͢e͘͟͝ ̨͠ḑo̶͝c͝tor, ̕͢t͞͝o͟͠o͠ s͜ca͏͠r̢͝e͘͢͟d͞ tơ͝ ͢ f͝a̴c̴̷̴e̡  ͘͡h͘͞i͡s̡͠ ̵ p̴̢u̴̧n͞is͘h̢͟m̧ȩ͡͏nt̕͡?”̵ A blade slipped out of the darkness and found itself pointing at Schneeplestein’s heart.
Jackaboy pulled him back and tried to grab at the knife but it glitched away at his touch. “Show yourself, Anti! Or are you a coward?”
“M̷̀̀é̛?̨̛͘ ͡A͟͠ ͏͟c͝o̡w̸̕a̢͢͞rd?̷̡͡ J͡u͏͟s̵t͜ ̢͜l̵͘͜ǫ̀͟o͞k͏̨͠ a͢t ͜yơ̷̵u̧͘͏r̴ ͢ņąiv̴̀ȩ͞,͘ ̵̧̀p͞at͟h̢̛e̸͝ti̸̡c̕ ͢ l͢it͟t͟͠͡l͟͞e ̡̡a̷s̸s̷, ͞͝t̢͞h̛̕͟in̸͞kì̡n̷̛g̶̀́ ͏ý͢͞ó̧̡u̕ ̕͜͝ar͘͘͟e̴͝ b̛́r̴̕a͏v̸er ̴͢t͠ḩa̸̢n ͠m̵̀͘e.” He laughed once more, and his voice morphed into sinister barks and growls. Suddenly huge fanged jaws of vicious dogs leaped out of the darkness at Jackaboy. He screeched and fell back in fright. Bloodied and blackened claws emerged and grabbed at his feet to try and pull him into the shadows, but the hero crawled away quickly. The demonic hounds disappeared. “J̴u̡s̶ţ͡ ̀͠a͘͟s͡ I̢̛͟ ̶͢t̷͝͡h̛o͘u̢g̛͜h̷t.͠.. ̴̶”
Marvin picked up Jackaboy off the floor, holding the hero’s hands steady for a moment as he pulled himself together. Marvin looked around angrily and demanded, “What have you done with Jack’s body?”
The egos could feel Anti’s presence stalking them like the wild animal he was. “I͝'́ve ͞h̛͏i͢d͟͜d̴̀e̷̵n̨ ́͞h̛̛i̶͏m̵͏͞,̷ o͠b͝v̛͢ìo̸͞u͜s͟͟ly.̴͟” Anti sneered, ”H̕o̵̧w̛͞ s̸tu͠p̴͏id̡ ̧̡d͝o ̴y͢o̴͡u ha͠v̶͢e͝͞ t̴͟͢o ͡͠b͝e  ̨̢͘t̸̀o̶̡ t̴a̧l̷k̛͢͞ a̴b͜o̡̡u̡t̸ ̡yo̴ur̢͜ ̀͞d̵͞e͏v̸̸͘io̡͘us̸ ͠li͘t̸̛t͟͠l͏͠ȩ ̢́͞pl̵͝a͠n͠͝s̷̡ ̷͘ oư͘ţ ́͢͡l͏͟͟ǫ̷ud͏̢͜?͜͞ ̷̡ Y̧̢o͜u ̕s̛h̵o̧͏̕u̵͞l͢ḑ͏ ą͝l̷̶l̴ ̶̧͏k̷n̷͞ow̡͞ by͝ ǹo̴w̸.͏́.͘.̕ I̛ ̷̶̨ç̧͝à͡n ͞h́e͢ar ̨͡ev͡ęry ͏͞o̶̕n̴̕e͏ ͏̕of y̕ò̀ų̛.́̕͜” Then his voice spoke from within them, inside their heads. “ I̴̷’m  a͢l̷̴w͡a̢y͘͠s ̸w̵̡atchi͟͝ņg ,̵̕͜  ͢͞a̛ĺ̨́w̡àys͜͡ ̨l̕i̴͟s͟te̛͠ni͜͏ng͡….̷̷ ͢”

Marvin shook his head clear and cleared his throat. He was feeling gutsy. “This doesn’t have to be this way, Anti. We just want Jack back, and if you would be so kind as to hand him over, then everything will be ok on all sides.”
There was a moment of silence as even Jackaboy and Schneep stared at him in puzzlement. Anti laughed as heartily as a heartless creature could. “Ỳ̕̕où'̷r̨͟e͏ ̡͡h̶͞on͝ę̶̷st̛l͠y̵ ͞a͏s̷͘͏ki̵̵͜n̨͏g͟ ͏m̷̴e̛̕ to͘ ̸̕͝g̡̧i̴͘ve̡͏ ̶h͡i̡͘ḿ̕ ͢͠bac̡ķ̴?́̕͟” he jeered.
“Well, I’d thought I’d give you the option to hand him over peacefully,” Marvin explained as he began to role up his sleeves, “but, judging by your tone, it seems you want to take this the messy way. In that case, bring it!”
“Yeah!” Jackaboy cheered, “There’s one of you verses three of us.” He readied his fists. “And we’re not leaving without Jack, right Schneep?”
Schneeplestein snapped to attention and nervously nodded. “Yez, exactly!” he whimpered as he stood a little taller, trying to look intimidating.
Stepping out of the darkness at last, Anti stood in front of the doctor, arms crossed with an unimpressed smirk across his face. “Ó̸͡h̡͟,̢͝ y̵o̷u̸̵ ͘͘c͟ąn ̢́͘t̴͟͢al̀͞k!͝͝ Yo̢ù're̵̕͝ ́t͏ḩ̀͟e ͡o̴n͟͟e ̴̧͘w̷͏h̸ơ̡ ̛ki̡l̢͢l̢͟͜ed̡ ͢͟͡h͜i̵̢͜m i̷͢n ̢͜t̴h̶̛e ̷f̛i̡͝͝r̨̀͟s̷̀t̡͞ ̸͢p͟l̴͠ace̵͞!”
Schneep stuttered, “N-no, I didn’t.”
“Oh̛ ̸́͏y͢es̸̵̸,̛͠ ̛yo͏u̵̧͝ ͠d́͝iḑ!̵” Anti snapped, causing Schneep to jump in fright. A smile grew on Anti’s poisonous face and he walked around Schneep menacingly. “An̡d̡̛͞ ̴y̕o̴u͝ c̴a̧̧lļ̷ y̕͠ou͜r̸̕͢s͝͝e̷͝l̵̀͏f ̶͘a do͝c͢͞t͟o͘̕r͞?̧̕” A knife slipped underneath the trembling Schneeplestein’s throat. “̡̢͢Y͢o̴̸̴u'̷̢̛d̴͜ ̕h͜ą̵v̢͘e̕̕ mo̧̨r̢͜e ͞u̧se ̴a̧͘͡t̛͝ ̧̕a̵̡ ̸c̡ŗ͡e͘m͘a̴͜t͞͡ơ̴ri̧ùm͏͏ ̢̛̕t̕ha̷͘n ̨̨͞à͏ ̧̧h̛͟o̕s̵͡p̕i̕ta̷l̢!͏”
Jackaboy screamed out, rather carelessly, “Leave him alone, you glitch bitch!”
Anti’s head whipped towards Jackaboy, giving a furious glare before blinking out of sight. Suddenly there was a deafeningly loud blast of white noise and a jolt in the ground, as if an invisible bolt of lightning struck at their feet, causing the egos to fall to the ground. Except for Jackaboy Man. In fact, he began to slowly rise up from the ground, desperately clutching at his neck, trying to stop an unseen force from choking him. Soon a hand that tightly gripped around the hero’s neck started to fuzz in and out of existence, and running from his arm to the rest of his faulty body, Anti began to materialize.
Anti stared darkly at him, eyes black and empty. “H̛͟͜ǫw̨.͞͞.̴͡.̸ DÀ͝R̡̀E!͟ ̢yơ͡u̡͏ c̨̕ąl͏̷l͏ ͠͏me ̛͞t̸̷͢h̵at͝.̡͡ ̧̧͝”

Suddenly there was a dire broken war-cry as Schneeplestein charged at Anti and grabbed his arm to pull him off Jackaboy. At this chance Marvin threw a smoke bomb at Anti’s head, in some way hoping to knock him out as well as blind him, but that didn’t happen. However, Anti was blinded, so Marvin pulled Schneeplestein and Jackaboy Man away. He waved his wand at the darkness and a strong breeze blew through the smoke to make a gap that lead back into the dining room of Jack’s house. After that he threw the two egos through the gap before throwing himself through to join them.
“Quick!” he urged, “We need to find where Anti’s hidden Jack’s body and bring him back before Anti stops us.”
Jackaboy looked back to the gap they fell from. It was like a crack in time hanging in the air, a floating fissure with a static frame leading into a void. He could faintly see the green blurry silhouette of Anti angrily flailing at the smoke, his knife slicing though the thick cloud and gradually dispersing it.
Jackaboy shook his head at Marvin. “We don’t have time. Your distraction is wearing off fast.”
“It’s ok.” Marvin said, “That gap will close soon and he’ll be sealed off from us, stuck in his own dimension.”
But Jackaboy wasn’t assured. They had trapped Anti like this before, last time he killed Jack, and the last 5 minutes proved that he couldn’t be held back for long. Anti would recover very soon, he’d come back, he’d stop them all before they could even find Jack’s body, and this time around he would be showing no mercy. Before the others could stop him, Jackaboy jumped back into Anti’s little pocket dimension and called out to them, “Find Jack and do what you need to do. I’ll distract Anti for now.” The gap closed up.
Jackaboy turned back to Anti just as he had cleared through the smoke bomb. His body was twitching out of shape and he growled at the magician through his sharp teeth and black eyes. He staggered forward, raising his knife with each step, “Ỳ̢o̴͡ų͡..̡͜. ̢p̨͢u̴͢͡n͏y.́.̸̴͠. l̢͝i̡t͏tlé!̡̛͠.͘.̶.̧̀-”
Before Anti could reach him, Jackaboy pulled out a small vial from his pocket; a vial of invisibility that Marvin slipped him when helping him up from Anti’s dogs. He raised it high in the air and smashed in at the ground below his feet. There was a blinding flash of white light, and the hero was gone. Anti swung at the air where he once stood, but nothing happened. He froze and listened closely… soft footprints were circling him.
“Ǫǫ̷ó̷h́͡.͜͡͡.̴̕.̨ ̧i̢̡̨t'͏s̢̛ ̸͢͟go͏i̡̧n͜͡g  t̛͢͜o ͏̨̕b̨́͞e ̵̷̡l̀͢͞i͏͞k̕e͞͝ t̶̨ḩ͢a̧t,͟ ̛́i̢s͢ ̡́i̵̛t?” He asked to nowhere in particular, walking back to the center of the clearing in the darkness.
Jackaboy didn’t answer. He didn’t want to give his position away just yet.
Anti giggled like a small boy, with a very very bad cold, and he casually twirled his knife playfully around his fingers.  ̵̀͠F̨i̵͟͢n̛e  ̷̨͜b̴̀̀y ́m̸e͠.͏ ̷̨”

Love Song

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Part I: YOU

Growing up, you always fantasized about the idea of being in love, of being loved. You had raised the bar and let it down for some, yet every little daydream you lived inside your mind, passing the time and abandoning reality, never came true. Not even once. And so, five and twenty years have passed.

Maybe you would grow old, untouched by anyone. Sometimes it felt okay; sometimes you can’t help feeling desperate. When everyone around you is holding someone’s hand, you wonder why you aren’t doing the same.

Then you met Kiseok.

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it’s you :)


it’s me

it’s so me

I’m doomed

Still love you guys though ^-^ hope you have a nice day!! Please get lots of sleep and don’t do what I do on a regular basis cause I’m a goof

anonymous asked:

So I'm going to try and commit to making a comic... any tips? I have a short attention span so making comics are quite difficult but I love making them.

Seeing you mentioned “have a short attention span” so here is some of my not-really-professional advices for you welp, hope they can help.

1) Grow a habit for marking down your ideas for plots/characters/even drafts for the comic! Just mark them down in a notebook/sketchbook/even your own phone. You can use your own spare time aka when you have nothing particular to do for doing this (e.g. wait for bus,breaks from lessons/work or during lessons because I am a irresponsible student lmao don’t follow me) As I am slowly starting on my own OC comic (it is a secret shhhhh) I started sketched down drafts for how my comic goes on, which just looks like this lmao:

(As far as you can understand the contents yourself, it is ok for your stuffs to be messy *Audible wink*)
This is not only for using time more efficiently in editing your ideas, also saving your energy when you start actually drawing stuffs out.

2) While you are drawing your comic, look out for whether yourself being distracted to doing other stuffs. If you find yourself have been sneaking out for shitposting on Tumblr/looking unrelated stuffs on other websites, drive yourself back into your drawing immediately, internet is always powerful enough to suck away your time. Of course you are allowed to take breaks, maybe set up several 10~15 minutes breaks for you to relax, let your eyes and hands and brain to rest is important. But above all, don’t force your body to do things out of your limit. It is ok to take things slowly, you draw for fun, if forced, nothing will be fun anymore.

3) Make sure you have enough energy when drawing. Drawing under a tired situation will never make you work be good as your brain can’t even work firmly. If you still want to finish another page first while it is already midnight, go sleep first. There is no time limit for your comics, you health is always on top of that. Moreover, sufficient sleep can gain you more attention span as well!

4) If your aim is to make a GOOD comic, don’t hesitate to look up tutorials and reference! There are already so many good teaching references from how to plan comic frames to basic anatomy, learning is forever good.

This post has talked about how to do well time management in a really clear way, way better than my clumsy words haha. I hope all these helps! 

Colleague - Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Word count: 438
Warnings: None
Pairing: Gender neutral
A/N: Hi guys! I’m not really a writer, but I love reader inserts so I tried! HAHA i probably suck at this bye mwa ((if this gets enough notes, i could make a part two whoop))

Living with Sherlock Holmes had its perks. You really just needed a new flat several months ago, but look at you now: solving crimes with a famous detective. He really did underestimate you at first, though. He asked you to be an assistant for fuck’s sake, but you damn well knew your master’s degree in Psychology wasn’t going to let you settle for assisting. You showed him that you were just as observant as he was by solving a case on your own—of course he didn’t want to take the case because he deemed it boring, but you decided to take it for him. That was when he started calling you his colleague.

Most days without a case were exactly like this: the both of you in the living room, with him in his mind palace and you reading.
“Stop that.” Sherlock hissed from across you.
“Stop what?” You tilted your head to the side. All you did was sit comfortably on what used to be John’s chair.
“Pondering. Your face, i-it’s distracting.” He closed his eyes and shook his head as he waved a hand around.
“My face?” You giggled. “How’s it distracting?”
Sherlock looked at you, slightly frozen. He may have misspoken. You prop your chin on your elbow. “Do you think I’m pretty?” You batted your eyelashes jokingly.
He rolled his eyes. “You know I have a completely different concept of beauty from you.”
“Okay, well why do you find my face distracting?” You pried as you sat up straight.
“Because…” Sherlock hesitated, calculating his words. “Every time I enter my mind palace, you’re there filling my thoughts and it’s not a distraction. It helps. Then I open my eyes and it doesn’t help at all. I see you and I get lost. You always look significantly better than your image in my head and I can’t understand why.”
You felt your cheeks heat up and your palms get sweaty. Now you were the one slightly frozen. Sherlock was never this open and sincere, and you wanted more of that. You were already so drawn to him before, now you were just wrapped around his finger.
“Say something.” He mumbled, looking away. He was obviously embarrassed by his lack of self-control.
“Sorry, I—Sherlock?” You spoke softly. He looked up expectantly. “Would you like to take me out on a date?” You bit your lip.
Sherlock breathed a smile. “Yes, I would.”
You chuckled and stood. “Let’s go then.”


Colleague. It was good while it lasted. Not so long after, he started calling you his partner. Oh yes, in that way.

Can I ask for some saihara headcannons for daily interactions? Please and thank you!!!

 I love me some Saihara headcannons. Thanks for requesting! To help myself I wrote this sort of as if it was a day in the life of the reader and Saihara on a weekend? I hope this is close enough to what you want. :)

These turned out to be more than just interactions I’m sORRY

Saihara Shuuichi

  • In the mornings you two like to cuddle
  • Sleeping in with him is really your favourite part of weekends!       
  • It sets an upbeat mood for the rest of your day
  • He’s not much of a cook so on whichever occasion he decides to make you breakfast in bed it’s usually a toasted cheese sandwich on a plate
  • But it’s a really good toasted cheese sandwich!!!
  • “What’s the special occasion?”
  • “You didn’t snore in your sleep this time, s/o.”
  • In the mornings you like to quietly sit on the couch and watch TV while he sleeps some more reads novels
  • When a show or whatever you find yourself doing gets extra boring you distract him by sitting on him
  • It’s not even in a seductive way or anything like that you just
  • Flop.
  • Say goodbye to that book Saihara your s/o is bored
  • He suggests going to a coffee shop could possibly be a pleasant idea?
  • Look at him. Up in here. Asking you out to coffee. What a gentleman
  • Really though, it sounds like fun!
  • Whenever the two of you go out for coffee he’s always the one to order because last time you ordered you ended up having a full blown conversation with the cashier about some TV show and it held up the line
  • Sometimes when he comes back to your table (no matter WHERE you’re eating at) he finds that you’ve already managed to scribble on the napkins??
  • He shouldn’t be surprised at this point but he still is??
  • Eating somewhere other than your kitchen counter is refreshing and you guys always enjoy it
  • Saihara giggles a lot when he notices bits of food on your face!
  • You don’t mind it though because he has a cute laugh
  • A few hours later, somehow your coffee brunch has turned into you and Saihara going to the new arcade that recently opened
  • It’s not unusual for you two to get distracted on your way home from outings!
  • Saihara isn’t one for arcades - they’re noisy and screaming children set him on edge
  • Anything for you, though
  • You’re the one that wins him the prizes
  • And for that his gratitude is endless! It makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you got him a present
  • “This pink fuzzy bear-”
  • “It’s a dog.”
  • “This pink fuzzy dog… I love him! Thanks so much, s/o.”
  • You guys trek home - it’s late!!
  • When you guys arrive home late from something, it certainly calls for a movie night.
  • A movie night which you fall asleep halfway through.
  • Saihara doesn’t mind it - you’re cute when you sleep!
  • With that in mind, he clocks out on the couch next to you, not even bothering to turn off the TV.
  • Just another casual Saturday with Saihara and s/o.
The Neighbours (Part 4)

Part 1 Part 2, Part 3Part 5 ,  Part 6

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Romance/Mild Angst

Summary: At last everything was going your way, you had a new flat, a nice job and fantastic friends. However, your life descends into chaos when one of Korea’s most popular boy groups, BTS move into the flat next door to you. And things go from bad to worse when you find yourself falling in love with one of them.

You wake up with a slight headache and a sharp stinging sensation in your hand.

You groan and roll over to your side to get a view of the small clock you kept by your bedside, the time read 12:07. For a second a surge of panic courses through your body until you remember that you have the day off from work today. You let out a sigh and turn over, burying yourself in the thick duvet.

After a few minutes the pain in your hand doesn’t stop and when you bring it into eyesight you almost let out a scream. Why was your hand wrapped in a bloody bandage? What were you doing last night?

You desperately think back to the night before, where had you been?

After a few seconds it comes back to you, you’d been next door having dinner with seven unbelievably attractive young men. You had been doing the dishes and cut your hand on a piece of broken glass.

Yoongi had helped you. Yoongi who you had learnt was actually not a complete ass. In fact he’d been sort of…sweet and cute. Sweet in a grumpy way. If that was even possible. He genuinely seemed to care that you were hurt and wanted to help you, the memories of his kindness sent a warm feeling spreading all over your body and an inadvertent little smile falls on your lips.

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#hogwartsreread debate

Chapter Four Discussion Question: Do you like it when a movie quotes directly from the book or do you find it distracting when rereading?