do you feel my frustration

“I am officially done with the world for today.”

Enjolras looks up from his screen. Grantaire is lying face down on the bed, his laptop and books pushed away from him until they’re dangerously close to the edge of the mattress.

“It’s three in the afternoon,” he points out wearily. To be honest, he’s not having the best day himself.

“I don’t care,” Grantaire grunts into the duvet. “I’m done. Day’s done. Come again tomorrow.”

With a sigh Enjolras saves his document (3000 words worth of frustrated arguments about constitutional rights under secularism and laïcité respectively) and gets to his feet. He walks over to the bed and puts Grantaire’s laptop out of harm’s way on the bedside table. The screen is full of LaTex coding and mathematical formulas Enjolras knows he will never understand. “How do you save this?” he asks, frowning at the screen.

Grantaire lifts his head and reaches out, but instead of pointing at the screen, he grabs Enjolras’ sleeve and pulls him towards him.

“I still have a paper to finish,” Enjolras protests, sitting down on the side of his bed.

“Your ratio of paper writing and angrily scrolling twitter has passed the productivity crash point about an hour ago,” Grantaire says, rolling on his back and looking up at Enjolras. “Can’t we just agree the rest of today is cancelled?”

Enjolras glances at his laptop and the stupid blinking cursor on the page. “Just a minute then,” he sighs and he lets himself fall onto the bed next to Grantaire.

Grantaire makes  mildly triumphant noise and pulls lazily on Enjolras’ waist until he’s lying fully against him, his head nestled against Grantaire’s shoulder. Grantaire immediately weaves his fingers into Enjolras’ hair. Enjolras’ closes his eyes. “I said just a minute though…” he reminds him.

“Shhh,” Grantaire mutters. “Or I’ll cancel time too.”

Enjolras shifts his weight, wraps an arm around Grantaire and hugs him until he’s lying at least half on top of him. They’re clearly not going to be moving for a while.

Hi anyone wanna spend $15 on me 🙃


here’s a note about how I ship with Yuri because I saw this post that made me !!! in the worst ways. Yuri is 15/16 in my main verse and canon. And I will NOT ship him with any adult. Even Otabek, who is an ADULT legally. That’s the end of it. Im so disgusted by the posts i see that say things like “kids have sex too” and “kids in real life are with older people too!” That doesn’t make it right! Kids are traumatized after that and it’s still a fucked up piece of life. Why would anyone support and write that? We’re writing FICTION. It doesn’t have to emulate the shit in real life. kids rarely come out of these situation unscarred. 

You want to ship with me? Hey, I’m more than happy. But if you’re an adult, it will be in the other verses in which he is legal. I love age gaps. I love diffreent dynamics between characters. As long as Yuri is AT LEAST 18 years of age. That’s the only way Im willing to ship. Does that mean you shouldnt approach me? No, please do. But if you want to rp a relationship whats wrong with the slow burn? with a friendship that developes over years and then turns into a relationship? becuase im ALL ABOUT THAT!! let’s explore it in a verse where he’s not 15. But a relationship between a minor and an adult makes me extremely uncomfortable and I am not OK with that. 

If you want to unfollow me go ahead but I just dont think its ok for a minor to be fooling around with an adult, even if its just fiction.


Feeling pretty good tonight

Valentine’s Day is coming or, as I like to call it, a reminder that I’m going to die alone surrounded by 12 000 books.

Imagine Cas talking to Dean about how he feels for you

“What’s up, buddy?” Dean asked, taking the seat opposite Cas as the angel had requested.

“I need to ask you something about Y/N,” Cas stated, plainly.

Dean laughed a little, “Okay. What do you want to know?”

“What is she?” he asked, and when Dean frowned, he elaborated, “What powers does she possess?”

“Uh, none,” Dean replied, shaking his head, “What do you mean?”

Cas sighed, frustrated, “But she makes me feel… strange. My stomach tightens and my vessel’s heart rate increases when she speaks to me. If she has no powers, how does she do it?”

“Oh,” Dean smiled, relieved that his friend wasn’t going completely insane, “That’s not powers. That’s just your vessel’s way of telling you that you’re attracted to her.”

Cas’ eyes squinted slightly as he studied the hunter’s face in search of what he meant.

“I’m… attracted to Y/N?” he asked, unsure.

“Yeah,” Dean chuckled, “I’m sure of it. I can’t blame you, she’s a beautiful girl.”

Cas nodded, looking down at the floor and consequently missing that you had entered the room.

“I’m attracted to Y/N.”


This isn’t…where I used to be.

Stop playing baseball by yourself, idiot.

The right time

Neymar imagine - Requested by anon - Neymar and you have been married for two year and something happens. Y/N is black with big curly hair, - Enjoy!


‘It’s nothing Neymar, go back to sleep..’ I say, ignoring the worried look in his eyes. It’s 7 in the morning and his day off, but he woke up from the sound of me vomiting.
‘You sure? It seemed pretty intense.’ He says, leaning against the cupboard in our bathroom. I nod, and sigh deeply. This is the worst time to become ill, I have so many things to do today.. I quickly put my thick curly hair in a bun, and ignore Neymar’s eyes on me. Damn it, we’ve been married for two years and he still gives me butterflies when he gets that look in his eyes. I groan in frustration when all of my hair falls down again, it’s just too much. It’s close to being an afro, and I have a love/hate relationship with it. Neymar on the other hand adores my hair, just like now he’s chuckling at my frustration.
‘Can you please go do something? I’m feeling sick, and I’m not in the mood for jokes.’ I say, glaring at him. He sighs, and steps behind me. I jump a little when his arms wrap around my waist, and bite my lip when he plants small kisses on my shoulder and neck. He turns me around, tilting my chin to make me look him in the eye.
‘My beautiful wife.’ He mumbles, and I feel my cheeks heaten because I’m not sure if he intended to say that out loud. He takes a strand from my hair, and twists it around his finger.
‘We should go to the doctor you know, to check up.’ I cock my head to one side, confused.
‘Check up?’ He smiles at me.
‘You have morning sickness, that’s a sign..’ He starts but I shake my head.
‘No.. not possible.’ I say, and smile but he frowns.
‘It’s possible, we..’ I cut him off by putting my hand over his mouth.
‘My period can come anytime now, and when it does it will prove you wrong. No need to go see a doctor babe.’ I say, and he rolls his eyes at me. Really?
‘If you’re so sure, why don’t we get a test?’ He says, and this time I roll my eyes, wriggling myself out of his grip.
‘You get a test without paparazzi lurking on you, ready to start new rumours.’ I say, walking back to the bedroom. I take off my robe, and put on some jeans and a top. Secretly I know there’s a chance, but I don’t want to think about it. Neymar and I haven’t had a proper talk about it and it bothers me how easy he is about it. We need to be careful, because a child is a life long responsibility. Plus we’ve got Davi who enjoys being an only child.
‘Alright, I’ll see you when I get back.’ I say, putting on my jacket and walk over to Neymar who literally just got out of bed.
‘I love you.’ He whispers lazily, giving me a kiss. I smile at the sight of him, stretched on our bed.
I can’t help but think about the possibility of a child growing in my belly all day. I keep imagining a little girl with Neymar’s hazel eyes, and my deep brown skin, with curly hair. Or a little boy, with my dark eyes, and Neymar’s olive toned skin. The thought makes me happy and scared at the same time. What if it’s true? I’d rather know sooner than later, since there’s so many things we have to do if it’s real. I hesitate, but dial Ney’s number anyway.
‘Hey baby.’ He says as soon as he picks, up and I giggle. His voice is hoarse, as if he’’s slept and played FIFA all day.
‘Hey, I’ve been thinking about our talk this morning..’ I say, and I hear our bed creak, and I can imagine him immediately sitting up.
‘I think we should go see a doctor..’ I say, a bit unsure.
‘Say it..’ He says from the other line, and I roll my eyes.
‘You were right, now get your ass out of bed and get ready. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.’

Unbelievable how much can change in a time span of 10 hours. Seven hours ago I was puking and denying the possibility that I may be pregnant, and now I’m laying in bed with my head clouded with doubts and insecurities. Neymar is taking off his clothes to change, and we’re both silent. He sighs stretching next to me, on top of the covers. He stares at the ceiling, and I stare at him. There is a mini Neymar, or mini me growing in my belly. So many things we have to arrange, and so many talks we need to have, yet we’re both silent, waiting for the other one to mention the elephant in the room.
‘I’m sorry if you don’t like it Y/N, but I’m happy about this.’ He finally says, turning his head to me.
‘You’re the love of my life, and I would be blessed to raise our child with you. Why are you so sad?’ His voice sounds a little bit hurt, as if I’m sad the child is his. That’s the only thing I’m happy about.
‘We should’ve talked about it Ney, we kept procrastinating the talk and now it’s too late. Five weeks Neymar, five freaking weeks have already passed and we don’t even know a name.’ I start, and feel myself getting emotional.
‘Baby..’ He whispers, and takes my hand pulling me to him. I scoot over to his side, and he wraps his arm around me, playing with my hair.
‘Who cares about the talk? If anything we should be happy we don’t have to sit across each other, discussing when and where we’re gonna have a child. This is a blessing from God, and you have me standing by your side.’ He says, and I relax in his arms. His words always make me melt, and hearing these words from him have an extra impact on me.
‘Can you imagine how beautiful the child will be, with us as their parents.’ He says, with a cocky tone and I giggle.
‘You’re so full of yourself. I hope she or he gets your eyes.’ I say, and he nods.
‘And your skin, it will be the best combination.’ I nod in agreement. My dark skin, and his light brown eyes would make a nice contrast.
‘I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s a girl.’ I say, and I see a smile appear on his face.
‘So do i. I wanna call her Brooklyn, if it’s a girl.’ I shrug, and he looks down, confused.
‘Brooklyn? Seriously? That’s the whitest name you could choose.’ I laugh, and he chuckles.
‘So the name is up to you, I guess.’ He says, and I smile.
‘I’m so lucky to have you. Imagine Davi with a little brother or sister, we’ll have our own little family.’ He says, and I can’t help but imagine Davi playing with a little curly haired boy or girl.
‘I’ll think about that after I give birth.’ I say, and he cups my cheek, I look him in the eye.
‘Are you saying what I think you’re saying?’ He asks, and I nod.
‘I wanna have this baby Neymar, I love you and I wanna raise him or her with you.’ I say. Neymar leans in, and kisses me. A soft, sweet kiss that contains so many promises and doubts.

‘I wanna hold her..’ I say, exhausted but sharply keeping an eye on my newborn daughter. Neyma holds her tiny body in his arms like she is the most precious thing in the world, and I’m eager to see her beautiful little face cleaned up. I had an exhausting, and painful labour of 16 hours but it was all worth it. The 9 months of struggle, fights, and insecurities all came together and disappeared tonight.
‘Who’s daddy’s little girl.’ Neymar whispers sweetly, holding her as close to him as possible. He had to run out of training, when I called him and told him my water broke. We stayed home, until the pain got unbearable. I took a warm bath, and we went to the hospital. We had to go through a different entrance because the paparazzi were blocking the main entrance, and sitting there in that car with pain, I wanted to kill them all. Everything after that is a blur, a long painful blur.
‘Ney! I want to hold my daughter.’ I say, and Neymar cautiously hands her over to me. She’s wrapped in a white blanket, and seeing her from up close I realize she got a mix between our skin tones. She’s got Neymar’s full lips, and my small nose. I sigh, closing my eyes to fully enjoy this foreign feeling, which feels nostalgic at the same time. I feel so much love for this little human being, and it’s almost unbearable. By the look in Neymar’s eyes I can tell he feels the same.
‘I want her name to be Aaliyah.’ I say, and look up to Neymar grining at me.
‘That’s the perfect name for her.’ He says, looking at her with so much love in his eyes, I almost look away. He sits down next to me, and I rest my head on his chest, still holding Aaliyah close to my heart. I heard that they feel safer when they hear their mother’s heartbeat.
‘I love you.’ Neymar whispers in my ear, and kisses me softly.

김재중 - 그거 알아?
Kim Jaejoong - Do you know?

You close your eyes, and you feel frustrated
I shut my mouth, I don’t understand
Even the smallest expressions matter
If I say something, you don’t believe me
If you say something, it’s the truth
When things are not in your favor, you cry

They say men and women are from different worlds
What I really want to say is different
Though it may not be something to boast about

Because you are the one I love so very much
Because I want to look more manly in front of you
Because I’ve dipped into my credit line yet again
Though I can tell how you really feel as you pretend to me mad at me
Even just by looking at you, looking at your face
I pretend to be fooled by you
Because I’m the kind of guy who gives his all
I have heart made of glass
I’m quite soft-hearted

Oh, I can’t wrap my head around it
All you need to do is use your words
Even the smallest expressions matter
If you do something wrong, you ignore it
If I do something wrong, I’m in big trouble
You say that I simply don’t understand women

They say men and women are from different worlds
What I really want to say is different
Though it may not be something to boast about

Because you are the one I love so very much
Because I want to look more manly in front of you
Because I’ve dipped into my credit line yet again
Though I can tell how you really feel as you pretend to me mad at me
Even just by looking at you, looking at your face
I pretend to be fooled by you
Because I’m the kind of guy who gives his all

We met under free terms
Why do we live in the shadows now
Who is responsible for this, I wonder
But it doesn’t really matter
Whether it’s your fault or mine
All we need is love
All I need is love

Because you are the one I love so very much
Because I want to look more manly in front of you
Because I’ve dipped into my credit line yet again
Though I can tell how you really feel as you pretend to me mad at me
Even just by looking at you, looking at your face
I pretend to be fooled by you, and I give you my all

The reason I don’t need money
Is because I feel full just looking at you
You make everywhere we go beautiful
So it doesn’t matter where we go for dates

The reason I love you
There’s no such thing
Forget everything I said earlier
All you need to know is this
I love you very much
I like us, just the way we are

cr. Melodia_Muse