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Jason He's made out to be the new, better Percy . He is also a massive Gary Stu in my opinion. Leo He's really rude to Frank. I know they got over it but still also he acted like it was all Percy's fault Calypso was on the island even though Percy tried to help. Piper She had so much potential but whenever anyone talks about her being Aphrodite's best daughter or whatever I'm like 'Do you remember SELINA??!!) also she has a huge I'm not like other Girls complex and is kinda obsessed with Jason.

We have REALLY different views on them so I’m gonna see how well I can articulate My Analysis Of My Children okay let’s go:

Jason…I think the point was that he’s perceived as a ‘Gary Stu’, ‘better Percy’ type guy when that’s actually not the reality of who he is? Like, his whole life everyone’s always been “Your father is the king of the gods! You should lead us!” and so he’s had to get used to this role, he’s had to create this character to make people feel like they’re in good hands…but he hates it. He hates being the leader and being in power, but up until the 7 meet up that’s the only thing he really knows. He never really had a chance to discover himself outside of this role shoved onto him. At first, he doesn’t really know who he is other than ‘Jupiter’s Son’.

He can’t help that everyone has high expectations for him, and he’s a people pleaser so he’s going to do his damndest to meet those expectations, but like? We saw how stressed out he was leading the quest in HoH. He was barely sleeping and practically pulling his hair out, pushing himself to fix everything and make sure everyone was okay while ignoring his own problems. That’s what Jason must’ve been like when he was leading the legion- everyone remembers him as a strong and regal leader, because that’s the expectation, that’s what they want him to be, and he came damn well put on a good performance when he needs to, but 24/7 while he’s living in closed quarters with people? Yeah, no. He wanted Percy and Annabeth back so he could stop having pretending he knew what he was doing (and because he was worried about them obviously). 

The thing is, once you strip away “Son of Jupiter”…Jason doesn’t really meet any of the expectations placed on him. Over the course of the series he starts worrying about that less and less, he loosens up and actually starts to find out who he is other than what people want…He doesn’t match up to the image:

  • He’s not actually the strongest demigod out there- he’s a very well trained fighter, sure, but like…We’ve seen Thalia shoot out massive amounts of lightning like it’s no one’s business without breaking a sweat. Jason has to actually ask for a helpful bolt and the effort almost knocks him out. His talents lie with the winds, which…I don’t think ‘wind’ comes to anyone’s minds immediately when talking about Jupiter. And it’s also not a power that, at face value, seems super helpful. But Jason manages to cultivate it and makes it powerful enough to stall Gaea. 
  • He’s not strong and regal, he’s excitable and dorky. He gets so sucked in to reading some book he found interesting that he walks into a tree. He bounces and hugs people when he gets happy. He can’t keep his glasses on straight and looses them on top of his head. He loves talking about history. He got so distracted by how pretty his girlfriend is that he forgot what he was talking about. He got shish kabob-ed and his immediate reaction was “I finally managed to stay conscious for an entire fight”. He was trying to talk a goddess out of killing his friend and the first thing to come to mind is “I’ll get Olympus to make an action figure of you!”. This kid is a LOSER.
  • He’s not a stoic ruler, he worries about every single person under his command. Individually. He doesn’t lead troops like, well, troops- he leads them like teammates. He’s greatly affected when the people working with him are upset, and he’s very perceptive about their feelings. His constantly checking in on Nico after the Cupid scene, his understanding of Piper’s issues in TLH, his belief in Frank, his worrying about Percy and Annabeth…this boy knew Leo was upset simply by looking at his DRINK ORDER, and then even though Leo offered up no real information, it took him like under five minutes of just observing him to know Leo was heartbroken. 

There’s so many other points but like…Jason’s story was about a boy born with crazy expectations shedding those and growing into his own person while still maintaining the sense of duty he had to the people he cared about. He had an entire identity crisis for this very reason. Camp Jupiter was his home, but Camp Half Blood is where he found himself. He loved both places and by the end of the story he came out with a strong and comfortable sense of self. He came out of it with a new path and set of expectations that he decided for himself. He went through trials and dealt with his emotions and found peace with himself and his role in the world. I think it was a very compelling plotline and not ‘gary stu’ like at all. 

Leo…We really have to take into account that Leo’s always assumed the role of ‘the jokester’. Despite the fact he’s a genius, Leo doesn’t actually see himself as talented and the environment he grew up in absolutely shapes that. He said himself in TLH- being the funny guy kept him safe most of the time. He didn’t feel he had much else to offer, and no one around him believed he did either, people only kept him around for jokes. I think what happened with Frank was like…his default setting. That sounds bad (and it is) but it really does need to be taken into consideration- we know Leo’s only been in, like, exclusively bad environments before the events of the series. Anyone who just kept him around for a laugh probably didn’t wanna hear knock knock jokes about engineers. His best bet for not getting in trouble or abandoned would be to rag on someone who was an easier target than him. Leo knows he can trust Jason and Piper, and he’s scared of Annabeth but is mostly sure she won’t kill him…but then he gets possessed and blows up half of New Rome. Everyone’s mad at him. Including the three new people he knows absolutely nothing about but all look like they could eat his tiny scrawny ass for a snack. I feel like it’s not a stretch to say he felt an old urge to protect himself kick in, to make sure he fits into this group because what the hell is he gonna do if he doesn’t? The fact that Frank was already annoyed with him for looking like Sammy didn’t exactly help their dynamic…Like, I’m just saying, I think he really stepped it up on the Frank jokes because of his ‘seventh wheel’ complex. He’s used to using comedy to make himself valuable to people. He knows he has to be on this quest no matter what, but that doesn’t mean people have to want him there, you know? He wants to be wanted. That’s Leo’s whole thing? He already built the entire boat but they’re mad at him for things out of his control. He feels like he’s gotta do something else to be relevant to the group so he just…slides into his old defense mechanism and as he’d be used to, it’s easiest to go for the easiest target. Who is Frank. And the whole weird Sammy and Hazel situation definitely exacerbated the whole thing. And it wasn’t fair to Frank, absolutely, which Leo himself eventually realizes and knocks it off. But I just think it’s not fair to say “Leo’s doing this because he’s a dick”. Like, people are often more complicated than that. 

As for the Calypso situation…Listen, I think Percy feeling guilt for Calypso still being on her island made no sense and someone needs to assure him that that’s not his fault. However, Calypso didn’t know that. Calypso didn’t have all the facts. She had every right to be upset with Percy. It was going to be awkward with Leo and Percy anyway, because like, oh hey dude while you were in hell I made out with your ex and she loves me now. But like…I don’t think it was wrong for Leo to be upset on Calypso’s behalf? The girl he’s crazy about is trapped on an island because Jackson couldn’t be bothered to check on her! (Which is of course NOT THE CASE but that’s Calypso’s view on the matter, that’s what she told Leo). I’m just saying like, he’s relatively new to relationships and he heard a biased explanation of the situation…It makes sense that he’d side with her? 

The thing we need to remember is…Leo and Calypso both have abandonment issues. And from Leo’s understanding, he’s sharing a boat with the guy that had Severely Hurt the girl he now loves. (And if she HADN’T been so hurt when they met, they might’ve had more time as a couple before he had to plunge back into the unknown) Looking at his actions and thoughts from an outside, biased viewpoint might make him look awful and crazy but…From his specific point of view, it makes sense. And Percy was able to see that, which is why they were able to talk it all out. I just think it’s a real shame that Leo Valdez is this complex, compelling character, but people only remember him for fighting with Frank and being crazy about Calypso. It’s reducing him. He had a lot more going on and was a very believable character with easily explainable traits and actions. 

PiperWas one of Aphrodite’s best children, though? She had the most powerful charmspeak in generations. Like, that’s canon. Silena was a great character and a great cabin head, but she had no powers and was a relatively weak fighter. I love her as much as the next, but that’s just canonical fact. Her strongest asset was her heart and loyalty, which were used against her, and she died trying to make things right. She wouldn’t have made it on the Prophecy of the Seven quest. She wouldn’t. But Piper was a powerful charmspeak, was immensely brave, and constantly worked at being a better fighter (which, again, in canon, the Aphrodite kids are not the best fighters). By the time the series ends she’s a wickedly skilled swordsmen, is the only one who can work the cornucopia because of her inner strength and giving nature, has a dagger that can see the future, always knows how people around her are feeling, completely dominated a literal temple of fear and terror, and was powerful enough to order the literal planet earth to sleep. Piper is strong and brave and she’s constantly working on bettering herself. She was able to not only see the other side of Aphrodite, but to fight for it to be what everyone sees. She changes people’s perception of the cabin and the goddess herself. She did have a ‘not-like-other-girls’ complex when we first met her, but she was a bullied kid who grew up around rich white teens in Hollywood. But it’s a complex she catches in herself and grows out of- she stops trying to be #edgy and lets herself be comfortable in her skin, grows her hair out and wears a little makeup and puts thought into her outfits- but she also stops judging other people. She learns to see the beauty in everyone she meets. She redefines her outlook. That’s admirable, in my opinion. 

As for ‘obsessed with Jason’, I mean…it really just kinda reads, personally anyway, as “I’m A Teenage Girl And I Think My Significant Other Is Just The Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread”…? Like? He’s her boyfriend, she’s fifteen. He’s cute and cool and a dork all at the same time. She goes from ‘mega crush heart eyes’ mode to actually falling in love with him, that’s not an obsession, that’s like…a natural progression of feelings. She’s always had her own storylines and she’s fully able to focus on things that aren’t Jason. But of course she thinks about him, he’s important to her? They’re a good match, they’re usually on similar wavelengths, and they work well together. She doesn’t think about him more than Annabeth and Percy think about each other. Piper shouldn’t be reduced to a fangirl just because she occasionally thinks to herself “Damn my boyfriend is hot”. She’s a very relatable and impressive character that deserves more than that. 

I really hope this doesn’t end up being like, a ramble, and that I actually properly articulated how I see the characters, but like…yeah. I do love this trio. 

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If they're a couple and they share a lot of time together, and seeing that this is a lot of people's obsession and that many of these people aren't very respectful... why isn't there any single picture (fan picture I mean) of H&L together, like walking on the street, or, if they take the car for everything, in the car together? There isn't a single grafic clue in more than 18 months (appart of Louis performance at xfactor) and this is very suspect for me. Are they all the time at home?

I’ve had very similar asks to this a few times recently which I’ve chosen to ignore mainly because this line of questioning strikes me as antagonistic. For whatever reason, I feel like addressing it tonight. 

To begin with, Harry and Louis are heavily closeted and are, as you point out, the “obsession” of many people who “aren’t very respectful”. This means that they know what could happen if they go out to their local chippy holding hands. So, sadly, they aren’t able to do that. They’re also exceptionally famous and wealthy. So they go places where they’re guaranteed privacy – like a private island owned by Richard Branson, or an exclusive resort in Jamaica. They go places where other celebrities socialize because they know how to keep their mouths shut. They go to restaurants with private dining rooms or clubs where members are not allowed to take photographs. And there’s a part of me that thinks they’ve found ways to enjoy the “sneaking around” as well (I’m reminded of Louis’ smirk when Harry sang the line, “If you like havin’ secret little rendezvous” when they performed Perfect at The London Sessions).

If you think about it, we barely EVER see either of them out and about except when they’re working/stunting. And the few shady snaps from fans we’ve seen have been very few and far between. My guess is that because of both their fame and their closet they no longer are able to do the things you or I would casually do with our partners – supermarket shopping, walking through a farmers’ market holding hands, going to the local movies theater – and they, instead opt for spending time together in places and in ways where they can truly be themselves.

The fact that their fans haven’t seen “proof” of their relationship doesn’t make it any less real. 

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What endgame do you /want/ to see? Fluffy endgames for your favorite characters, what you think would be a fitting end to the story, whatever.

i mean i doubt the ending is going to be fluffy, but as far as realistic goes, i want:

  • sansa to have a role in ruling the north, 
  • the starks to be reunited at least briefly,
  • littlefinger to die a horrible death, 
  • asha to take theon back to the iron islands, 
  • brienne to feel like she’s fulfilled her duty, 
  • jon to find out about lyanna already jeez, 
  • jon connington to find out that rhaegar’s son has his name, 
  • arianne to help her people and prove herself worthy of rulling, 
  • barristan to crown daenerys in whatever capacity even metaphorical,
  • arya and gendry to meet again, 
  • jaime to die honorably

the list could go on forever 

and as far as cracky goes:

  • jon goes to dorne gets a tan and learns to surf
  • arya returns and goes around westeros in search of gendry and hotpie “we’re getting the band back together!”
  • one of tommen’s cats has seven kittens and they become symbols of peace when he dispatches them around the seven kingdoms “kitten gift” becomes a common phrase that means gesture of good will and is also the title of a bawdy tavern song
  • doran and sansa co-write a best-seller titled “putting up with shit: a guide to weathering other people’s rude behavior”
  • gilly reads the books sam studies and founds the first women only university and missandei and shireen are the first teachers hired
  • stannis davos melisandre and selyse all move into the same flat and the neighbors talk
  • bran and margaery bond over botany 
  • myrcella becomes a cyvasse world champion
  • tyrion and jorah open a b&b and snipe at each other over customers’ meals
  • dany starts a dragon sanctuary north of the wall
  • daario and arianne grow old and fat together and have the loudest party 20 year-olds have ever had at 70
  • loras moves into the same retirement home as jaime and karaoke night suddenly gets very aggressive
My Turn

Pairing: Lafferson x reader
Word Count: 2,162ish
T/W: Smut! (Daddy kinks) 
A/N: Haaa okay, no one asked for it really, but I saw @alicat1118‘s post about Lafayette x reader x Tjeff and wrote this! (Hope it’s okay that I tagged you)
((Side note imagine both of them being Sugar Daddies!))

“Babe!” you called out groggily, leaning your head against the door way, making sure the garage door shut. You called out again, this time a little more needy, turning, after closing the door to the house, “Babe!”

“Yes, Darlin’?” Thomas came down the stairs, noting your slouching posture, and bag dragging on the floor. 

You didn’t respond, making your way over to the bottom of the stairs where he had an arm on the end rail. Leaving your bag a few feet behind you, you looked up at him. He was looking down at you with that charming smile. You got lost for a moment in his brown eyes, before placing your forehead against his chest. 

“Aww, bad day at work, Honey?” he asked, wrapping you in his arms. 

You mumbled something along the lines of a ‘yes’ to which he comforted you, hearing you sigh. Staying in his embrace you felt warm and safe, you didn’t hug back, but he didn’t mind knowing you were a bit sad and just wanted to be held. You pulled back a little, admiring him, so far he was the nicest thing you’d seen all day.

“I’m sorry,”  he gave you a pout, rubbing your back, “wanna say hi to Laf?”

“Yeah,” you responded.

Thomas took your hand and lead you into the kitchen. Laf was bent over a tray of cookies, precisely frosting them with an icing tube. He didn’t even notice the two of you walk in, until Thomas cleared his throat. Laf instantly looked up, eyes going from Thomas who gave him the ‘she’s sad’ look to you standing next to him. You gave a soft wave to Laf, as he set down the icing. 

“Mon ange,” he came around the island counter in the middle of the kitchen and held his arms out for you. 

Letting go of Thomas’ hand you shuffled over to embrace Laf’s welcome. He tightly hugged you, one hand rubbing your back, the other holding your head gently against his chest. He mouthed ‘what’s wrong?’ to Thomas who silently answered ‘work.’ Laf nodded. You had an okay job, you usually liked it. Except sometimes your boss made you do everything because you were the best, but it got overwhelming and made you feel taken advantage of. Coming home to your boys was one of the best things possible, because they knew how to take care of you. 

“I missed you so much today, ma petite chéri,” Laf cooed, swaying you side to side, soothingly.

“I miss you too,” you hugged him back, he rested his head against yours closing his eyes.

Thomas smiled to himself watching both his lovers so soft and tenderly, together. Laf looked up a little to see Thomas, and he couldn’t help but smile back. Eventually Laf pulled back from the hug, holding your face in his hands. 

“How about you change into something comfier and meet Thomas on the couch?” Laf suggested, sweeping some hair out of your face, “I’ll be there as soon as I’m done. Okay?”

You nodded again, Laf placed a kiss to your forehead, before turning you around. You smiled shyly at Thomas and he kissed your temple. Picking up your bag with a sigh, you headed upstairs slowly. The boys watched until you were at the top and heard the bedroom door close. 

“What’s the plan?” Laf asked Thomas, concerned, “She seems pretty tense.”

Thomas just turned his head, smirking, “Come on, you know the best way to relax.”

Laf tilted his head giving him a ‘really’ look. 

“Oh, don’t give me that,” Thomas closed the space between them, “you know it’s true, mon beau. It works on you.”

“This is about her, not me,” Laf turned away from him, returning to the cookies, “you seem pretty stressed too, anything wrong?”

“Just work,” Thomas sighed. 

“Maybe I should let you have at her then,” Laf gave a sultry wink, “just let me hold her.”  

Thomas was about to add another comment, but heard you in the doorway. He turned to see you in an oversized t-shirt, Thomas’ old college one to be exact, and a cute pair of baby pink, pajama shorts, Laf had brought you back from a Paris boutique. Thomas walked over to you, taking your hand and leading you to the living room. He stood in front of the couch with you, waiting to see how you wanted to cuddle. You let go of his hand and placed your hands on his chest pushing him, so he sat. Straddling him, you got comfy and hugged around his neck. His arms slipped around your waist, rubbing your lower back. 

“I love you,” you whispered, sitting up and playing with his hair.

“I love you too, Doll,” Thomas studied your facial expression, “baby?”

“Hmm?” you acknowledged his question. 

“I want you to know you’re loved,” he secured an arm around your waist, laying you down on the couch, “and feel it.”

You smiled, excited at whatever was coming next, with Thomas resting above you. His lips found yours, pulling you into a sweet kiss. Your arms wrapped around his neck, spreading your legs to let his hips hit against yours. He ground his hips against you, making you moan into the kiss. His chest brushed against yours, arousing you further. Laf walked into the room, taking a moment to watch you two. He cleared his throat, making Thomas break the kiss to look over at him. Laf raised an eyebrow walking towards to couch. Thomas brought you back up, letting Laf sit behind you. Resting your head back against Laf’s chest, he brought his arms around you. Thomas undid his tie, leaving it hang around his neck, unbuttoning a few buttons, before rubbing the inside of your thighs. 

“You’re so pretty,” Thomas said pulling down your shorts. 

“This okay?” Laf asked.

“Mhmm,” you responded, placing your hands on top of his.

Thomas continued, removing your panties. Your knees were bent, giving him easy access, he kissed the inside of your thigh, rubbing the other with his hand. Laf’s hands slipped under your shirt, traveling up your body. His hands found your chest, gently massaging you, he dipped down to kiss the side of your neck. Thomas came up for a moment to capture your lips in a kiss as he started rubbing your clit. You ran a hand through his hair, before he pulled back. You felt yourself getting wetter and wetter with the stimulation they were giving you. The exact same moment Laf swiped his thumbs over your nipples, Thomas slipped two fingers inside you. 

“Ah, Daddy,” you closed your eyes, leaning your head back against Laf’s shoulder.

They both answered, “yes?” making you moan. 

Thomas pumped his fingers in and out of you, watching your facial expression as Laf made budding hickeys against your neck. Everything they were doing felt amazing. You reached a hand to Laf’s jawline, feeling him suck at your tender skin. Thomas decided to give you more ducking down to kitten lick your clit, while pumping you swiftly and deeply. Managing to arch your back, your other hand found its way, tangling in Thomas’ hair as if encouraging him. They knew exactly how to make you feel better, but you still wanted more

“Daddy?” you asked in a whine.

“Hmm?” Laf answered, as Thomas’ mouth was busy on you.

“I want more,” you squirmed a little.

Laf smiled against your neck, taking a pause from his kisses, “Thomas, darling.”

He looked up, giving you one more lick, his fingers still moving in and out of you.

“Baby girl wants more, do you think you can do that?” Laf asked, adding a sensual eyebrow raise. 

“Damn right I can,” Thomas, came up to kiss you, his fingertips teased at your g-spot, but didn’t quiet hit it, making you whine in his kiss. 

Pulling away from the kiss, Thomas slid his fingers out of you. You bit your lip watching him undo his belt buckle, dress pants, and dress shirt, leaving it hang around his frame, open. Laf helped you pull your shirt over your head, before his lips returned to your skin. Thomas pumped himself twice, asking if this was okay, to which you quickly nodded and said yes, wanting it desperately. As Thomas pushed his hard cock into you. Your hands found Laf’s, resting them on top of his, you threw your head back at the sudden pleasure. Thomas’ hands were on your hips, pressing down hard, he gave you a moment to adjust, before he started thrusting. You shivered when he did though, it felt so good. 

“Mmm, yes,” you moaned as Thomas started nipping at your collarbone

Laf felt your chest rise and fall, more rapidly. He knew exactly how to read your body language, sliding a hand down your body his fingers worked circles around your clit, while Thomas fucked you. The new stimulation made you jolt a little, enjoying the feeling. One of your hands rested on Laf’s forearm feeling his muscles move with his motion, the other grabbed a fistful of Thomas’ dress shirt. Closing your eyes you felt a heat rise to your core. Thomas looked up to watch Laf bite and suck at your neck, then sooth the bruises with a soft kiss. Laf noticed, leaning forward a bit to kiss his other lover. Opening your eyes to see them kiss only turned you on further, making you squeeze your knees around Thomas’ waist. 

“I like watching you work,” Laf kept his lips close, “Daddy.”

His last word made Thomas growl a little, thrusting harder into you. You gasped as he hit a new angle and Laf’s hands perfectly massaged your body. Thomas pounded deep into you, while Laf whispered dirty things in French to him. Their sexual tension made your head spin, it was so attractive to see them that way, and they knew you loved it. You whimpered softly, arching your back, as the heat in your core intensified. 

“D-daddy- r-right there,” you dug your nails into Laf’s arm. 

“Right there?” Laf purred in your ear. 

“Mhmm,” you pulled Thomas closer to you by his collar. 

“I think she likes it,” Laf told Thomas, who had started breathing a bit more rapidly. 

Laf gave a gentle pinch to your nipple, soothing it with his thumb. Thomas felt you tighten around him, making him curse under his breath. Dipping his hips he hit your g-spot perfectly. Taking your hand off his collar, you laced your fingers with Laf’s, on your chest. You panted both their names. Laf changed the rotation of circles around your clit, making you gasp. Jaw dropping, you tossed your head back. Thomas bit at your bottom lip, Laf bit at your neck and you couldn’t hold out any longer. 

“I-I think I- oh shit,” was all you could say. 

“Cum for us, mon amour,” Laf kissed your ear.

Letting go, you felt the entirety of you orgasm. Yelping a bit as neither of your boys let up on giving you pleasure. Thomas and Laf’s lips found each other as you were enjoying cloud 9. Laf took his hand away from your clit, up to Thomas’ chest, while he French kissed him. You heard Thomas moan into Laf’s mouth, you couldn’t help but moan too, feeling Thomas twitch inside you. Smiling, Laf broke the kiss. 

“Is daddy going to cum too?” Laf asked, returning his hand to you, rubbing harder. 

“Fuck,” Thomas dropped his head, feeling you pulse around him as you worked through you second wave of orgasm. 

You breathed his name, pushing him over the edge. With his release you pushed your chest up against his. Thomas’ nails dug into your hips, but you didn’t mind. Both of you were breathless. He gave you a deep kiss, before pulling out of you. Sitting back he pulled his boxers and dress pants back up, buttoning then and buckling his belt back around his waist. Laf’s hands rubbed your sides as you squeezed your thighs together. Thomas sat near your feet, dancing his fingers along your leg, watching you bite your lip, still coming down from your high. You set your hands on top of Laf’s again. Brushing your thumbs across his skin. 

“Laf,” you said softly. 

“Yes, mon ange?” he tilted his head, voice soft.

“You didn’t get anything…” you felt guilty. 

Laf and Thomas smiled at each other.

“Well, I can help you shower if you want?” Laf offered, and you nodded. 

Hopping off the couch you gave Thomas one more kiss, telling him thank you. Laf stood and took your hand, leading you to the stairs.  

“Hey,” Thomas walked up to Laf, “I had to share.”

Laf let go of your hand, you continued up the stairs to get the shower ready. 

“And I’m so very proud of you,” Laf ran a finger along Thomas’ jawline, giving him a teasing smile. 

Pulling him into a sweet kiss, Laf smiled against Thomas’ lips. 

“But it’s my turn to fuck her now, mon chéri.”

the south node and what it wants to teach you

Aries sn: ‘There is an aggressiveness, a selfishness, a strong will power to go your own way, but dear, you don’t see the faces of those who held your hand when you stopped running your marathon. You don’t see your own muddy face when you look into their eyes, the mirror. There is no beauty in destruction and conflict. Embrace the gentle voice of venus in your life.’

Taurus sn: ‘Like a hippogryph you gather around your belongings, you love feeling secure and comfort yourself in your values, because you realized you slowly became your values after a while. But while Venus gently holds you in her arms, Pluto wants you to jump down and deep dive into the coldest water and search for your own, personal values in yourself, the world and the cosmos. Strongly hold tight to your hidden sixth sense, you will need it under the surface.’

Gemini sn: ‘You sit in your own cage, a cage which is called ‘mind’. Gathering every piece of information there are bits of everything piled up in your room and visiting your neighbor and vomiting different words each day doesn’t bring you anywhere. There is a bigger picture, as big as Jupiter in person, you have to keep in mind or the world that hasn’t revealed itself yet. Reach a higher form of your mental energy, the cosmos is awaiting you, even if you have to travel up to the stars to finally see a clearer way, to finally be satisfied.’

Cancer sn: ‘Smothering, oh the moons hug is so smothering. Dependend on what your family gives you, you are home in your own shell, home in your own four walls, but what if there is more to the world? Not only the shell can be thick and hard, but your skin too, the world wants you and the world wants you to shine. You will master the strong authoritative voice of Saturn, until you guide others through the cold nights.’

Leo sn: ‘You think you are the sun and yes you do shine so warm and nicely, but sometimes you burn yourselves and others. The sun is not solely meant for you but for others as well so let the warmth embrace the ones who lived in the cold for far too long. Uranus sees your creativity, Uranus sees your potentional and strength, wouldn’t it be a waist to freeze to death?’

Virgo sn: ‘You live your life like the doll you made out if yourself. There is something holy when doing service but what is self sacrificing without the love? While the colder, earthy side if Mercury tried tying you to words and facts, Neptune demands you to open your mind to the unconsciousness, something surreal, the martyrer out of love, the genius inside his chaos, letting go and feeling warmth, floating to the next island.’

Libra sn: ‘It’s the same every day. Like a puppet people play with you, they look at you, wonderful porcelain maiden, they give you many names, many character, they love to be with you. But only watching the world from the window is getting frustrating and finally the magic spell of the fairy shakes you awake. Move your arms and legs, speak up, start running to your next goal; give yourself a name. A name you are worth being called, a name that everyone will connect to your beautiful, fiery presence.’

Scorpio sn: ‘You know you dig deep into life, you know that there are secrets in the past that you would rather not touch. You know that there are things left to see and things left to go after, still you scream each time pain aches through your body and you find yourself alone and misunderstood. There is a light guiding you, the simplicity of life wants to embrace you, the stability and feeling of self value will gently wheep you off the ground. Dear fighter, you will become the survivor.’

Sagittarius sn: ‘You are restless, the restless body of a wanderer who can’t contain themselves anymore. You speak with a mighty voice from the top of the mountain, but really they stopped listening long time ago. There is nothing higher you need to reach. Nothing bigger you can climb. There is a key in listening and perceiving, not thinking in the way of a God, but rather in the way of an apostle who takes things as they are - god given. Settle down, rest, listen to you brothers and sisters.’

Capricorn sn: ‘There is strength in being alone and independent and therefore tragic in living alone. While the man counts his money, he counts the sheep as well as they jump in front of the moon, ready to fall asleep. Saturn may keep you on track but the Moon kisses you with gentleness and allows you to rest. Help her guide you home and learn that the inner cycle must closed in order to follow the outer one. Your love doesn’t need to feel like winter anymore, summer is right ahead of you.’

Aquarius sn: ‘Uranus may gave you the feeling of being out of order, the typical syndrom of the ‘Monday product’ as they like to call it, out of a thousand the only one who isn’t working correctly. And while trying to figure out fate, you tried bringing out the best in others, others needs were yours - not anymore. One day to another the sun told you that you were not a monday product, rather a special edition and who is ready to guide others before themselves? Shine brightly as you can, brightly as the sun.’

Pisces sn: ‘There is a translucent area in your life you have to overcome. The world loves you for floating through time and reaility, compassionate and with your heart on your sleeve you try to build a castle for your dreams but outrun every knight that wants to rival you. This is not a time to ‘man up’, my dear, this is the time for self care and ambitiousness. Embrace the earthy side of Mercury as much as you gently embrace others and it will give you mental satisfactions.’

The South Node and What It Wants To Teach You

Aries sn: ‘There is an aggressiveness, a selfishness, a strong will power to go your own way, but dear, you don’t see the faces of those who held your hand when you stopped running your marathon. You don’t see your own muddy face when you look into their eyes, the mirror. There is no beauty in destruction and conflict. Embrace the gentle voice of venus in your life.’

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Strip Club - Part Two

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2188

Author’s Note: Here is part two that a lot of people wanted! It’s cute and got a little smut in it ;) I hope you guys enjoy it and there may or may not be a part three, so stay tuned! Thanks to my lovely friend @rememberstilinski for proofreading this for me!

Part One

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It’s been at least a month since Stiles and I met at the strip club and I’m still living at his place. I’ve felt terrible for intruding on their bro time and I mostly stay in Stiles’ room, sitting on his bed, searching and searching for jobs. I do like living here though, I like the feeling of having others to talk to which I don’t have when I’m living in my old place, since I lived alone. Plus, Stiles’ bed is way more comfier than mine and I like that the both of us cuddle every night. I’ve had a few job interviews, but no one seems to want to hire me, because I worked at a financial company that had been accused of fraud.

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Big Fucking Mess

Everything is just turning into a big fucking mess for Harry and Y/N. Things were supposed to be complication free, right?

This was requested: Can we have a FWB blurb? plot twist your a virgin and just want a FWB fling with harry and soon you two developed feelings for each other. 

It will also most definitely have a part two up soon-ish (: 

My Masterlist

   Drunk. You were incredibly drunk. The world was spinning but in that nice, floaty way that made you smile at everything. Harry wasn’t too far behind you, his words slurring and his head resting on your shoulder every few minutes or so. 

   The bride and groom had already shared their slow dance together, and now the dance floor was full of people grinding and laughing loudly. You watched as everyone squeezed together onto the small space. Usually, you would be out there bumping and grinding like the rest of your friends, celebrating the brand new bride and groom to the fullest. Tonight, for some reason, you were perfectly, drunkenly content with sitting next to Harry in the large booth that was now abandoned by everyone except for the two of you. 

   You looked over to see him watching the people dancing as well. His green eyes were glazed over, and there was a smile at the corner of his lips. You poked the dimple that was subtly showing and he turned his gaze to you. 

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Five


Word Count: 1700

Warnings: A lot of cursing. Angry Kappy. 

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

The following week had been uneventful. Work and errands seeming to take over all the days passing. You’ve noticed that recently you’ve been feeling motivated though. That you’re genuinely happy. Not a day goes by where you worry. You were enjoying life. You even got the chance to finally rearrange your living room to fit your personality better.

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autumn sun | part one

summary: jaebum’s quieter, all dark eyes and maybe he just doesn’t care about you at all. yugyeom’s a little louder, a little easier to talk to, but do you really care about him?

wordcount: 1057

Originally posted by mintokkies

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Vlog||Why don't we||Preference 3♡

Summary: A part in one of your Vlogs that was a cute moment in your relationship♡

Word count:2276


Daniel Seavey- “Goodmorning loves!” You smiled into your vlog camera. You started your vlogs the same way everyday, right when you woke up with probably some horrible bed head happening, but you didn’t mind and your fans loved it.

“So as you saw in my last vlog I stayed the night at my boyfriend Daniels house, and if you didn’t know that, it means your new here, so welcome!” You said with a grin on your face, waving your hand to the camera. You had been vlogging for over 230 days now and it had come your knew favourite thing. You had met logan while you were walking and vlogging on the streets of LA. He got excited and quickly made friends with a fellow vlogger. You were well on your way to one million when you met him 6 months ago and quickly after you met him you met Danny and the boys. You had now been dating Daniel for 5 months and you were well on your way to 3 million.

“When I woke up Danny wasn’t here so Im guessing he’s either downstairs or with the boys but its only 9 so I can’t see the others being up this early” You told them before getting out of bed. You got up and looked up in the mirror and smiled at yourself, you were wearing one of Daniels band-tees and it went to your knees, you just felt so right falling asleep and being next to him all night, it woke you up feeling like a queen.

You grabbed your camera and walked downstairs, making sure it was recording as you heard Daniels beautiful voice coming from the living room.

“Good morning baby” you smiled once his finished singing.

“Good morning princess” he smiled, waving his hand over and moving his guitar so you could take a seat on his lap. His arms went around your waist causing a huge smile to break out on your face for all your subscribers to see.

“So what are we doing today Danny boy” You smiled bringing the camera close to both of your faces before quickly moving it back.

“Well, I was about to come and wake you up so we could go get some food at the grove, but when I was thinking about this I then realized you were gonna wanna do some shopping as we were at the grove so we will be doing that as well and then Im sure the trip will end with us getting kicked out of somewhere because your recording and then you’ll be tired so we will come home and chill with the boys until its late at night then your tell me your worried about vlog content so you’ll make me get up and go somewhere at 9 pm” He explained causing you to roll your eyes playfully.

“You know me so well its ridiculous” you smiled at him, his eyes locking with yours. You brought your lips to his and both of you started kissing but not before handing moved his hand and covered the camera.

“Gotta keep this PG babe”

Jack Avery-“Hey guys! Its Jack here. So Im sure you are all disappointed to see me and not my beautiful y/n, but I just feel like you guys should see this” He said, huge goofy grin plastered on his face as he flipped the camera around and moving a little so they could fully see you. You were in sweats with a messy bun standing in your kitchen cooking the two of you dinner, as you were cooking you were singing and dancing to one of the boys songs, nobody gotta know.

After a few seconds Jack moved the camera back to him, the smile never leaving his face.

“Isn’t she perfect? I’m gonna make her my wife one day” he said to the camera but his eyes not leaving you. He walked into the kitchen, placing the camera on the island before coming up behind you and spinning you around before swaying you back and fourth while you sung.

“Jack what are you doing?” You giggled.

“Practicing for our wedding” He winked causing a huge laugh to come out of your mouth as you through your head back. Even after two years he made you feel like you were falling in love with him all over again.

Jonah Marais- “So we are now in the car and Jonah won’t tell me where we are going” You frowned, moving the camera more so you could get a clear shot of Jonah as he drove. Your hands intertwined as he drove he was singing along to whatever was on the radio, you secretly recorded him singing, having a huge smile on your face the whole time.

“I will give you a kiss if you tell me where we are going. I hate surprises” You told him, still recording the two of you.

“Okay” he smiled, taking his eyes off the road just for a second to look at you.

“Really?” You asked, happily.

“Nope, now sing along to the radio with me and be patient” He told you causing you to roll your eyes. You recorded a little bit of the two of you singing your hearts out.

Soon Jonah pulled into the parking lot for Pinkberry and you started recording again.

“You took me to Pinkberry?” you asked, smiling and looking over at him.

“You’ve been talking about it for the past 3 days so I thought I’d take my girl out” He said, you were assuming he had forgot you were recording because he was still a little camera shy when it came to you vlogging so he normally wouldn’t have said something so bold. You set the camera on the dashboard of the car, still holding his hand. You brought your lips to his before giving him a short yet loving kiss.

“I love you so much” you said to him, causing a huge smile to break out onto his face.

“Okay guys, so tonight is just gonna be a quiet night for me and Jo-nah, so I’m gonna end the vlog now! I love you all so much Ill see ya tomorrow bright and early. Goodbye loves!” You smiled before bringing your hand to the camera lens and then stopping the recording.

“You don’t wanna record Pinkberry baby?” He asked, giving you a confused look.

“No, I just want it to be us tonight. I feel like Im always vlogging us lately and I just want a nice, loving night with my boy” You smiled before letting go of his hand and opening the door to the car, getting out while he just sat there and smiled at you.

“God I love this girl” He whispered before getting you out of the car and running after you in the store.

Corbyn Besson- You sat next to Corbyn on your bed, the camera set up you were ready to start.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want to rush you” You said, looking down. You two had been dating for 3 months and it bad been a secret. It was extremely hard for both of you to keep it from Fans and when he slept over he’d have to make sure you didn’t get him in vlog shots and when he brought up the idea of finally telling everyone you two had a long talk about it. When you first started talking you had decided not to make it public until it was official and then once it became official you two had decided to hold off until you knew it was real. But now it was beyond real, for both of you.

“Im ready baby, I want the whole world to know” He smiled causing your heart to flutter. You got up and turned on the camera before sitting back down.

“Hello guys! So today isn’t a normal Vlog, as you can tell this is kinda serous and its been a long time since i’ve just sat down and talked to you” You paused and looked down to see Corbyn grabbing your hand and intertwining them, it wasn’t in the shot of camera, which made you smile, it wasn’t for the views or the fans, it was for you.

“So, this is Corbyn. Some of you know him from the beyond amazing band called Why don’t we, some of you know him from way before when he was posting videos on youtube, or maybe you don’t know him at all. But Corbyn isn’t just Corbyn to me” You stopped mid sentence , trying to form your next few words.

“Corbyn is my boyfriend, we have been dating for just over 3 months now. When we first started talking we were just being friendly, we started talking more and more before it became daily. Before we knew it we were hanging out more than once a week and talking on the phone every night and then little bean over here asked me on a date” You said, throwing your arm over his shoulder as both of you smiled into the camera.

“At first we weren’t sure how or where this ‘thing’  was going, he had just gotten out of a relationship about 3 months before we had met and as you all know I was still somewhat struggling over the events that happened with my ex Cameron. So it was a little hard and we just weren’t 100% on where it was all going. So we kept it out of the public. We kept going on dates and i started hanging out with him and the rest of the boys and we all clicked really well and I guess that was like when we started getting serous” You continued.

“It was really important that she got along with the guys, we spend so much time together and I feel like they had to like her as well. But they all loved her and now she’s like a sister to them” Corbyn added, talking for the first time.

“Then Corbs finally asked me out On April 17th and we have been together ever since. We were going to announce it that day, but apart of us weren’t completely ready so we waited, to make sure it was going to work out” You told them, arms around Corbyn kissing his cheek.

“But we decided that it was time to tell you guys. This is real and for sure, I think Im falling for her everyday more and more and I can’t believe that I never met her soon” He added, you turned your face to his, eyes locking with yours as a huge goofy smile spread across your face.

Zach Herron-“Hey party people!” You smiled into the camera for the second time today causing Zach to laugh from his spot next to you on the couch.

“So as I’m sure most of you know Zach just got back from his tour with the rest of the Why don’t we boys, their band is amazing and I’m so super proud of all of them. But as we haven’t seen each other in a few months the next few days are gonna be pretty chill for the two of us” you smiled as Zach kissed you on the cheek before standing up.

“Where are you going?!” You over dramatically yelled causing the beautiful laugh to fall off his lips as you frowned.

“To get you food” he yells back from the kitchen.

“You see guys, this is why I love him. I don’t even have to tell him I’m hungry anymore” you laughed moving the vlog camera a little closer to your face.

“So I think me and Zach are gonna binge watch either Netflix or YouTube, I’m not sure yet. By the way I’m running low on good shows that have more than one season, ya girl has binge watching to do and not enough shows for it so if you could comment some good shows either on Netflix or hulu that would be amazing also #notsponsed but if Netflix feels the want or need to sponsor me than please feel free!” You said into your camera before Zach came back, this time sitting on your lap. He placed his head in your neck while your arms wrapped around his waist.

“Ya know I think normally I’m supposed to be on your lap but since we are both extremely cuddly today I’m not gonna do anything about it” you said causing him to laugh into your neck.

“It’s currently like 11 pm and neither of us have had dinner yet and Zach was unsuccessful at finding me food so I’m gonna go before I get grumpy! I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog, don’t forget to like and subscribe as I make new videos every single day! I hope you enjoy Zach because he probably will be in the next few” you chucked as Zach looked into the camera with you.

“Bye!!!” You smile before being the camera close to both of you and then hit the end record button.

The Drowned God’s Daughter

Pairing: Theon Greyjoy x Reader


A/N: My first Theon, yayyy!! This story was made possible by an argument had between my boyfriend and I that went a little something like this. “No there can’t be mermaids in Westeros”. “There’s literally dragons and a woman who brings people back from the dead”. “Ok, but there can’t be mermaids”. “Ok, but have you seen what the Night King can do”? Followed by silence and a winning argument.  

Prompt; Theon has finally gotten away from Ramsay, but still finds himself struggling with his true identity. While on a ship travelling to the Iron Islands, a storm hits and Theon “falls” overboard. In Westeros, mermaids are said to serve and attend those ironborn who drown in the sea. As you watch Theon slowly give up on life, you go against your duty and try to save him instead. 

Theon is nervous. More nervous than usual today. His hands won’t stop shaking and he feels like his heart is going to fall out of his ass at any second.  It’s not like going home is a scary thought; it’s the going home alone that has him on edge. With Yara gone, he is supposed to be the King of the Iron Islands but he can barely remember his own name. 

He knows Ramsay is dead, people have told him time and time again that Sansa had gotten justice for the both of them. But, Theon still finds himself looking over his shoulder every few seconds waiting for Ramsay to be there wearing a giant smile and aiming a bow and arrow at him. Sometimes the worry is so real that he actually does see the bastard standing there and it sends him into a panic. 

It’s the kind of panic that Theon realizes he will never shake. The anxious feeling only fuels his confirmation that he cannot rule these Iron Islands. Sure, the Dragon Queen and her new husband had given him an army so large no one would try to usurp him, but he shouldn’t need them, he needs to be as strong as Yara. He can’t be as arrogant as the old Theon and he cannot be as cowardly as Reek. He needs to find a balance between the two that he fears will never come. 

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fistulatedcow  asked:

Hi! I just started following you and I was wondering if you had a post that talks about Kaiju's...origin story I guess? I'm just really interested in what drew you to tegus and why/how you ended up with Kaiju. She's super cute and I can tell you really love her!

Picture this: A teenager running wild on an island in the summer. She’s got a bike and her cell phone and her parents’ permission to go anywhere she wants- it’s a small island, not a lot can happen- and anyways, there’s more bikes than cars. So long as she stays out of the swamps and doesn’t leave the island, she can pretty much do as she likes. It’s a heady feeling, freedom- knowing that you’re at your liberty to do whatever you like without having to compromise. Just you and your thoughts and what seems like an endless summer day before the sun sinks into the ocean. 

And that teenager, being me, had some favorite places on the island. The old cemetery, the library, the historical village, the beach, the bayou (ha ha like I’m gonna stay out of the swamp), and the nature center, complete with its trails and lookouts and places to kayak. So one day, I’m tooling around Sanibel and I stop at one of the little cafés that dot the island- there’s dozens of them, little restaurants with charming names and coffee shops that sell shade and air conditioning as much as they sell coffee- and I’m browsing through a flier of events for the week and I see there’s going to be a talk about American crocodiles over at the nature center. Now, I’ve got a deep and abiding love for American crocodiles and their close cousins, the Cuban crocodile- so I pedal over there, intent on going. I got there a lot earlier than I needed to for the program, and I catch the tail end of another program on invasive species- and that’s when I saw the picture.

Five feet long, black and white, a striking lizard with beautiful eyes. A long pink tongue poked out, and I could tell it walked with a purpose. I’d always wanted a big lizard, but had never even seen one of those before. I knew it wasn’t a monitor, but what was it? Tegu. I’d seen the word before, when I was a kid. I had this big encyclopedia-type book of reptiles, and all I remembered was that they were so much of a pest to chicken farmers in Argentina that some of the Argentinian chicken farmers actually switched over to farming the tegus. I hadn’t ever thought about it since, and I’d never seen an actual picture of one this big and pretty. 

Awed by the lizard, I put it out of my mind- after all, I was living in a dorm room. But then, several years later, I’d moved out and was in an apartment that was a-ok with me having animals. I knew the time was right to get a big lizard. I had the time, the space, the money, and the experience. Originally, I’d wanted a peach-throat monitor, but something about them just didn’t feel right. I’d started researching them about a year before I moved, and there were some things that just didn’t quite mesh with my lifestyle. But then I considered the tegu and realize that we’d be perfect for each other. 

The question, then, was which tegu to get? I knew I wanted a black and white or a blue, and I knew I didn’t want a baby. A yearling, I thought. That’d be ideal. So I started looking at breeders and sellers and seeing who had what- and that’s when I came across a guy who trapped ferals and sold them as pets. So here was a guy engaging directly in Everglades conservation by removing individuals from the population, but at the same time, not killing them. I was charmed immediately. He didn’t have any females listed on his site, but I sent him an e-mail and asked, and he sent me some pictures of two younger females he had for sale. One was this spectacular flashy high white lady; the other was smaller, darker, and slightly out of focus.

But there was just… something about her. I couldn’t explain it, really- I just saw the picture and went “yup, that’s my lizard.”

She was at my house three days later. She’s a lot bigger now and as far as I can tell, nice and content to be living in an apartment rather than a swamp.

Brave (Movie! Jake Portman x reader)

Anonymous said: Could you write an imagine where I got in a fight with a wight but I don’t want anyone to know so I cover up the busies and scratches but one day Emma notices and she, Jake, and Enoch all try to get me to tell the what happened but I cry and it’s really emotional because I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t handle it. (This is SO long sorry!!!)

Here you go! I hope you like it! x

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about people in Florida and how they're going to get hit by Hurricane Irma and most likely have catastrophic damage? :')

what kinda thing is this to ask..? “how do u feel about sad puppies” obvs it’s awful, both of the hurricanes have wiped out three of my childhood hometowns (houston & galveston island in tx, and irma just wrecked st maarten) so yes, im definitely of the controversial opinion that hurricanes suck i guess.

There are days when you feel it’s just not your day, and that everything is going wrong. The more you try, the worse the situation becomes. Everyone has days like that. That’s when it’s time to stop everything, go home, and to take refuge in yourself.

The first thing to do is to close the doors and windows. The eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind are the six windows you close when everything feels like a mess. Our six senses are windows to the mind. Close everything in order to prevent the strong wind from blowing in and making you miserable.

… if we only rely on external conditions, we will get lost. We need a refuge we can always rely on, and that is the island of self. Firmly established on our inner island, we’re very safe. We can take time to recover and restore ourselves, and become stronger, until we’re ready to go out again and engage.

—  Thich Nhat Hanh, At Home In The World

Haru*Hana Vol 42; Chanyeol’s Interview (Part 2)

Question: Aside from the main plot of the story, the script also included a side story about the suicide of “ Dreamers” solo lyricist Jaehyun. Jung Kyung Ho, who plays the character of JunOh, band leader of “Dreamers”, had been widely blamed and discriminated for the suicide of Jaehyun who had been distraught over not being able to be part of the band. As the plot develops, the truth begins to resurface. Chanyeol has stated that the relationship between Jaehyun and JunOh left the deepest impression on him.
Chanyeol: The relationship the two share always makes me feel stuffy. Because i know that in reality, there are people at present, facing the same situation as Jaehyun, which makes the pain worse as i feel for them. So much so that i’ve actually had a dream depicting the exact same thing, with the exception of the two characters.

Question: If you were to place an EXO member inside the scene of filming?
Chanyeol: As I’m playing the role of maknae in the drama, there are countless amounts of times where i have to address others as “hyung”. Originally, the script did not include that many instances of me requiring to address someone as “ hyung”. Because i’m the maknae, i’ve said it so often that it’s as though that’s the only line there is in the script (laughs). I even made a joke about it to the director, saying that my lines only included the word “hyung” and nothing else. The director himself is also a very interesting individual, there were certain points where it was not my turn to recite my parts, where he would tease me by saying “maybe you could include the word "hyung” in here" (laughs). As such, the instances of me calling “hyung” became greater.

Question: If I were to make you choose which was the best scene which involved you saying “hyung”, which one would you choose?
Chanyeol: This is so hard, ah (laughs). This is obviously something that i cant choose, since there are many scenes of me saying that. I think every one of them (scenes) is the best.

Question: If I were to ask you to assign every EXO member to a specific role in the drama <Missing 9>, how would you go about doing so?
Chanyeol: If we were the only occupants on the stranded island, the results would probably be beyond the point of salvage and disastrous (laughs). First of all, i would play the role of JunOh; because i’m always the one deciding where to go when we go out usually. Also, since i got the chance to participate in the “Law of Jungle” series, i feel like i have gained enough exposure to be able to lead my fellow team members. I think Sehun would be very much like me as well. Even though he is the maknae, he is able to lead the members well and has a strong sense of loyalty and leadership abilities. Lee Yeol’s character would be given to the calm D.O. He would always be the one silently offering moral support to everyone. Lay shall play the role of the naive side of Lee Yeol-ie. Baekhyun would assume the role of manager, Ki Joon. As he would probably be the mood maker of the group. Suho would play the role of Hwang Jae Guk, Xiumin too, he and Jae Guk share similarities with each other. Chen shall take the role of Ra Bong Hee, since they both are similar in terms of the fact that they are courageous individuals, always calm and collected. Kai is always the cheeky one so he would assume the role of Tae Ho Hwang (Jae Guk’s secretary). Noone in EXO would fit Taeho’s role, since we are all pretty gentle in nature. Taeho has the meanest role in the whole drama in my opinion.

(Japanese to Korean translation ©suikahoshi)

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)


Alternative title; How Shanks finds out his little baby is dating


Glancing up at Yasopp’s bellow, Shanks stills upon the deck, reaching out with his Observation to see just what it is that has caught his snipers attention.

The answer has a smile stealing across his face. For that extra little bit of confirmation, Yasopp calls down a “Riskua ahoy, Captain!”

“To the island, Beckman!”

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Meanwhile on the boat that's heading away from Jabborwock Island
  • Hinata: Are we forgetting anything?
  • Kuzuryu: nope
  • Souda: Miss Sonia is here so I'm good
  • Sonia: I believe we're all set
  • Owari: I've got food with me so I'm ok
  • Hinata: Then why do I feel like we're forgetting something
  • Everyone: ...
  • Owari: *pulls on the steering wheel*
  • Owari: *steering wheel breaks*
  • Sonia: oh no
  • Hinata: Okay okay, everybody CALM DOWNnnn
  • Souda: MISS SONIA NO-
  • Sonia: *Jumps out of the boat*
  • Owari: I'M GOING TOO
  • Kuzuryu: Wait.. Hinata, do you have a license to even use a boat?
  • Hinata: h-huh? no why?
  • Kuzuryu: *Jumps out*
  • Hinata: Souda I swear to god if you even dare step out that boat-
  • Souda: *Jumps off*
  • Hinata: I hate everyone
Beauty And The Beast. (Oliver Queen)

Summary: She was soft, supple and he was hard, scarred but when her hands touched him, he felt like precious silk and red hot love.

Her hair fell over her face like a curtain, eyes focused on the book in front of her as her leg bounced sporadically. She was getting to an intense part, he could tell from a mile away and a smile lifted his lips as he continued to slam fist after fist into the punching bag. He couldn’t really focus on anything when she was sitting there like that, curled up on top of the desk with a thick blanket over her lap. Her eyes roved the pages, delicate fingers flipping pages with slow turns as she drank in each letter. The gasp that left her lips drew his attention fully, his feet stumbling as he missed the punch and whirled around to face her.

“Darling?” He demanded, her face popping up as she gave him a breathtaking smile. He relaxed, eyes searching for any sign of pain on her face but she was seemingly alright as he positioned himself in front of her. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! They got together. The weird couple, the one that other readers refused to ship because they are so different but I knew it!” She grinned, poking his chest as she leaned into his sweaty chest.

“How are they different?”

“It’s a play on Beauty in the Beast, so she’s this demure girl who runs a bakery and he is an FBI agent, but I knew she’d chose him.” Oliver’s ears quirked. A little pang of hidden insecurity in his chest at the parallel between him and her, the beauty and the beast.

“How did you know?”

“Because, the other guy was nice and all but he didn’t make her feel. He was just someone she could be with, no problem. While the man she chose, made her feel alive. Yeah, it was dangerous and scary but what they had was tangible and safe, something that draws you in and holds you close because it’s so real and beautiful - and I’m rambling, sorry.” She gave him a sheepish smile, ducking her head into his collarbone. Her teeth raked a healed bullet wound as she smiled at his laugh.

“Did you know I used to think you wouldn’t give me a chance?” Her head snapped up, a delicate hand touching his cheek. He had thought his sheets were soft after being on that island but nothing beat the feel of her, her skin and her touch.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m all of the dark things this world has to offer and you’re everything bright and love-filled. And you know what, I did know you’d give me a chance because you’re a good person but that just made me work harder not to fall in love with you. I knew I was the monster that lurked in the shadows of your life, that I would be the one to ruin the good in you and I couldn’t do that to you.” He smoothed the back of his hand over her cheek, finger catching her chin as she smiled sadly at him.

“Oliver, as much as you like to hold the weight of literally everything on your shoulders, that isn’t true. You aren’t dark. You’re a survivor who did what he had to do to live through the island, and all the other places you went during those five years, and you shut off the parts of you that feel because you can’t survive something like that if you’re letting emotions cloud you. But I have always seen the good in you, the little flickers of light that shine out when you help someone while in the suit, or as you lead this city as Mayor. You’re a good man Oliver Queen, who has been through a lot and no matter how ‘dark’ you get, I am going to be by your side.”

He had to kiss her then, her lips rounding letters into a beautiful soliloquy of hope and love. She was radiant, even under the ugly fluorescent she shined and he had to thank his lucky stars. She was more than he deserved and more than he could hope to have, but here she was - kissing him back with a smile on her lips and soft fingers dancing over his scares.

And for once he felt less like the beast within, and more like a man.