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hey michael, since rich knows who you fancy, do you have any idea if he fancies anyone and who it is? if so, how'd you find out?

Micheal : “ It was pretty obvious whenever he even mentioned Jake, honestly. “

another good behind the scenes story from the AVs is, shortly after they started one of them was at a doctor who convention and ran into Michael Wisher in the bar and it turned out Michael Wisher loved acting & doctor who and was up for anything so he agreed to come do dalek voices for them

and it went really well so when it came to making The Mutant Phase (their second dalek story) they called up Michael Wisher and were like ‘hey do you fancy doing another audio visual’ and his response was, to paraphrase, ‘i am absolutely game provided i don’t have to voice the fucking daleks again’

so like they’re like haha ok… okay then & they wrote an actual character for Michael Wisher to play

but then they’re like well shit now who’s gonna do the dalek voices. I guess we’ll all pitch in and see what works??

& long story short, that’s how nicholas briggs wound up voicing the daleks and now it’s his job


Reader X John X Michael

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The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language.

A/N - I have included some dialogue from S3ep01 but I’ve altered it to fit the situation. I hope this is cool with everyone :)

Standing at the table where one of Tommy’s maids were pouring glasses of wine, you picked up a glass as you watched John saunter over to you wearing a flirtatious grin he saves just for you. It was Tommy’s wedding day and you were invited as a friend of the family, not only were you invited by Tommy and Grace but you were also asked as a date by both John and Michael. However you gently declined both of them for fear of causing further tension between them both. It was true that you did hold more feelings for John but until you were sure you thought it was best to not encourage either of them.

“Hey (Y/N) how’s it going?” John said as he tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

“I’m good thanks, the wedding was beautiful wasn’t it.” You said blushing as you looked down at the floor.

“Yeah it was but not as beautiful as you’re looking right now.” John replied as you looked up and locked eyes with him. In that instance there was an undeniable connection and you knew you both felt it. The moment was however interrupted by Michael coughing, you and John were so fixated on one another that you failed to see Michael approach.

“(Y/N) do you fancy talking a walk in the gardens with me.” Michael asked choosing to ignore John.

Before you could answer John interjected. “No she doesn’t, as you can see she’s talking to me so go fuck off elsewhere!”

“I don’t recall asking you Johnny Boy.” Michael quipped back as they closed in on one another, getting so close that they almost looked as if we’re going to clash heads.

“Calm down the pair of you, I’m not going anywhere with anyone so quit it now.” You pleaded as you attempted to separate them.

“RIGH’ BOYS, KITCHEN, IN 2 MINUTES.” Shouted Tommy from somewhere in the room.


“Alrigh’ boys, you’re all here.” Tommy said as he stood amongst the hustle and bustle of the kitchen surrounded by the rest of the Peaky Blinders including John and Michael. “Today is my fuckin’ wedding day, now for Grace’s sake nothing will go wrong, those bastards out there are her family and if any of you fuckers do anything to embarrass her; your kin, your cousins, your fuckin’ kids. If any of you do anything, now that includes; no sport, no racing, no telling fortunes and NO FUCKIN’ fighting over that goddamn woman!” Tommy growled as he walked over to John and Michael pointing a finger of accusation.

“Yes John, Yes Michael I’m looking at you. I’m sick of you John getting all jealous like a sodding child while you go fuckin’ winding him up Michael. Don’t you boys think I didn’t see you arguing just now. I suggest you fight amongst yourselves in your own time and not on MY FUCKIN’ WEDDING DAY!” Tommy shouted as he slapped John and Michael around the head.


So. Babysitter!Hartley.

The first time he’s on babysitting duty, there’s an emergency at the CCPD. Both Cold and Flash go and everyone else is either at the scene or STAR labs, helping them out from there. The nearest home was Hartley’s (who Len trusts with his son, but Barry is still a bit iffy about), so they don’t bother arguing and just drop him off there.

I’m gonna go ahead and say Michael is 5 at this point.

Now Hartley? Doesn’t do kids. He goes heart eyes for the occasional baby, but other than that? Nope. He’s always kept his distance.

On the rare occasion Hartley did happen to be with a kid for a long period of time, he had no idea how to treat them. What you are and aren’t supposed to say. What they can and can’t watch on TV. Barry and Len probably picked THE worst person to babysit their kid and Hartley is actually going to feel really shitty if something happens to this kid.

Hartley ends up talking to Michael like he’s an adult. Adults, that’s something he can do. Something he’s pretty decent at. It can’t be too different, right.

“So…what do you want be when you grow up?”

“A superhero!”

“Pfft. You can’t support a family on that salary. You have a backup plan?”

It’s even worse when Michael can’t stop asking questions. Everyone else just gives him the same old “You’ll find out when you’re older.” excuse. Not Hartley, though. Though he does seem a bit annoyed by the questions, rolling his eyes every once in a while. But he still answers them.

“Where do babies come from?”


“What’s a vagina?”


“Where’s my mom?”

“Out saving the city.”


“Yep! Barry Allen? About this tall? Tight red suit?”

“Dad is my mom?”


“Is Santa real?”

“Nope. But if you pretend to believe in him, your parents will keep buying you present every year. Just don’t tell them you know.”


Michael asks every question that pops into his head. And Hartley must be super smart because he had an answer for everything from dinosaurs to cars to movies.

Once Michael gets tired of the questions, Hartley searches through Netflix for a good five minutes looking for something the kid can watch. Hartley just ends up handing the kid the remote and walking to the kitchen to find them some lunch.

At some point, Shawna calls. They end up having a pretty long conversation. Shawna complaining about Mark, Hartley complaining about being single. He’s so into the conversation, he forgets there’s even a kid in the living room. He definitely doesn’t notice the kid listening in, repeating the words he’s saying to Shawna. Words that aren’t exactly…kid friendly.

Michael ends up watching an entire episode of Criminal Minds before Hartley makes him turn it off because he’s about 95% sure that show isn’t for kids. He goes back into the kitchen, leaving Michael to pick something else.

Deciding they can just go out for lunch (he hasn’t been grocery shopping okay), he walks back into the living room. Only to see Michael immersed in The Wire. Which….yeah Hartley should probably not let him watch. But oooh, this is exactly where he left off. Maybe if they just watch the rest of this episode….

Five episodes later and they’re still on the couch. There’s an empty bag of chips between them, which means Hartley is officially out of food. The sixth episode is starting and Hartley isn’t even sure Michael understands anything that’s going in the show. He looks like it though. He hears the kids stomach growl and decides that’s enough Netflix for now. They were supposed to eat lunch hours ago and now it’s damn near dinner time.

They end up going to some really fancy restaurant. In which Hartley spends a good twenty minutes trying to find something a kid might like.

When he glances up from the menu, he sees Michael slouching. Gazing warily around the room, looking just like Len. Hartley wants to laugh because of course Len taught his five year old son to case a restaurant.

When the waiter asks them about drinks, Michael whispers it to Hartley rather than saying it aloud. Which…Hartley doesn’t really get.

He ends up teaching Michael to sit up straight. Where to put his napkin, what utensils to use, to keep his elbows off the table. He even makes a deal with him. If he orders his own food, Hartley will let him have dessert. The kid agrees immediately. Who can resist dessert?

Michael is on the other side of the table, sitting up straight, menu in hand as if he’s reading it too. Almost as if..he’s copying Hartley. Hartley raises a hand to scratch his ear but pauses in midair when Michael’s hand reaches up to do the same. He puts it down. So does Michael. He refuses to call it cute, okay? But when he lets out a small chuckle and the kid smiles brightly at him, he can’t help but admit he might be a bit fond of the kid. But that’s it!

Michael ends up ordering the spaghetti.

“May I have the spaghetti and a side of salad, please?” Michael asks, smiling up at the waiter just like Hartley taught him.

Hartley’s heart literally melts at that point. This is quite possibly the best kid in the world.

Hartley ends up looking at the people around them and just making random comments.

“He’s gay.”

“She’s gay.”

“The dress is horrible.”

“Where the hell did he get those shoes?”

“How did he even get in here?”

“Look at her hair.”

And he has Michael in hysterics. His dad’s always told him if he doesn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. Doesn’t mean he can laugh when someone else says it. Hartley knows he’s gotta stop saying things like that in front of the kid. But look at that smile!

Okay okay, he’s not gonna do it anymore. The last thing he needs is Michael repeating any of this.

Hartley ends up flirting a bit with their waiter (who probably has a thing for guys with kids but Hartley isn’t gonna tell the truth he’s gonna get laid). Complimenting his shirt, smiling up at him, leaving a generous tip, and getting his number before they leave. Michael watches all of this, probably thinking that’s what you’re supposed to do before you leave fancy restaurants.

When they get back, Michael literally begs him to turn on The Wire. Full on puppy dog eyes that he obviously got from his dad.

Hartley only realizes how terrible this idea was when Michael starts saying “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit”. Over and over. For the rest of the night.

At some point, they both get really bored. There’s nothing on Netflix. Michael can’t keep a decent conversation going about anything but dinosaurs and The Wire. They decide to play hide and seek.

Which, isn’t a problem. Hartley’s apartment isn’t that big. He won’t be too hard to find.

And then it’s been 20 minutes. Then 40. Then an hour. And Hartley has no idea where the kid has gone.

Which is the exact moment Len and Barry decide to come pick him up.

“I told you this was a bad, Len! He lost our kid!”

“Cool it, Barry. He’s around here somewhere.”

He ends up being under the bed.

So everything is fine! Right? The kid is safe. He’s fed. He was entertained. Nothing went wrong! Barry even apologized to a smug looking Hartley and thanks him for taking care of Michael.

Except that’s not the end of it.

For weeks, Michael begs them to take him back to Hartley’s. Puppy dog eyes and all.

And they just don’t get it. What could Hartley have possibly done to make the kid like him so much?

It starts when they all go out to dinner for Barry’s birthday. They notice Michael sitting up straight, menu in hand, frowning down at the words. As if he can actually read them. He does lean over everyone once in a while to ask Len “What does that say?”

Len and Barry give each other confused looks before shrugging it off. At least he isn’t slouching anymore.

When the waiter comes over, Michael orders spaghetti. By himself. Careful to include “please” and “thank you”. Usually, he has Barry or Len do it for him. Much too shy around strangers. They’re both pleasantly surprised after that, smiling proudly at him as they order their own meals.

When asked where he learned all this from, he smiles proudly and says “Hartley!” Which makes Len sip his drink smugly while Barry glares back at Len. He was rightfully concerned! It’s Hartley, for crying out loud!

But Barry actually allows himself to think that maybe he was wrong. That Hartley might not be the best person ever, but he’s amazing with kids.

Which is basically shoved out the window, rolled down the driveway, to be trampled on by oncoming traffic as soon as the waiter leaves and Michael opens his mouth.

“He’s gay.”

Both Barry and Len stop and stare at their son. Their son who is staring right back at them as if he hadn’t said anything.

“Come again?”

“He’s gay.” Michael repeats, sipping his orange juice innocently. Holding the straw in a familiar way that neither parent can pinpoint at the moment.

When neither of them say anything, Michael elaborates.

“You didn’t see him staring at you the whole time, dad?” Michael asks Barry, completely serious. “He looked like he wanted to…jump your bones?”

Len chokes on his water while Barry stares at his son in horror. Michael doesn’t seem to notice either of them as his eyes keep scanning the room, like he’s looking for something specific.

“That dress is horrible.”

And apparently, Michael hadn’t mastered the art of whispering because every woman in the vicinity turns to glare at their table.

Barry does damage control (assuring every woman that their son wasn’t talking about them and they will definitely handle this) while Len calms down enough to turn to his son with a stern face, trying so hard not to laugh.

They know their son well enough to know that these aren’t his own words. It’s something he heard somewhere and is repeating. However, they don’t want to cause a scene in the middle of the restaurant, so they decided this conversation can wait until they get home.

Only, it gets much worse. Michael starts…flirting? With the waiter? Who thinks it’s adorable, really. But Barry isn’t amused by this at all and is determined to know who the hell taught his kid this so he can’t strangle them.

“Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, this spaghetti is hot!”

Len can’t hold it in anymore. His face turns red with laughter and he’s trying to stop he really is, this is totally inappropriate and Barry is glaring at him over the table but dammit the kids been watching The Wire, who let him do that?

Barry is horrified and asks for the check and the food to go before Michael says anything else.

“We’re leaving? Why?”

“Because you are in a lot of trouble.” Barry whispers as the waiter comes over to hand over the check.

Michael rolls his eyes. Rolls his eyes! Barry can’t believe what he’s seeing!

“Hartley is way cooler than you, I wish I lived with him!”

In which Len immediately sobers up because aw hell, he should’ve recognized the signs. This is literally a mini Hartley. Eye rolling and all. Why didn’t he sees it!? And now Barry is going to gloat forever about being right!

So despite the fact that Michael did learn many…good things from Hartley, he learn just as many bad things. Therefore, he is not aloud to babysit anymore. Eventually…Barry cools off and allows him to babysit again. He just never lets him do it alone.

Little Insecurities- Luke Hemmings Imagine (Smut/Fluff) Requested- Yes

Anon-  Hii!! Can I request something? Can it be a luke imagine where he’s really insecure and like I make him feel better and we end up having like really sweet gentle sex and like he wants to be in control because he wants to know he still has my heart and like he’s sniffling and whimpering and had tears in his eyes and it’s like SuPer CUte?! Also don’t feel as though U have to do this I totally understand if you don’t want to haha. Thanks love you xxxxxxx

You sprayed your drink across the table in the most ungraceful fashion as Michael made you laugh and Ashton and Calum lifted their hands over their faces in defence.

“Sorry,” you laughed, “Mikey you are so funny!”  

Michael grinned, pleased with himself.

You looked round at your boyfriend, Luke.

“isn’t he hilarious Luke?”  you giggled.

“I guess,”  Luke replied and you frowned at him.  Why did he look so sour?  

“We should get home,”  Luke added, standing up.  You had been leaning against him and you almost fell off the sofa.  You’d joined Luke with his band mates for a coffee.  It was nice to get out of the house for a bit and catch up with your friends.  You wondered why Luke was leaving so early  but you didn’t argue.  You could tell something was up.

He drove you home and you watched him the whole way, trying to figure out what was wrong.  As you pulled in to your driveway you gave in.

“Luke what’s wrong with you?”  you demanded as you got out the car.  Luke unlocked the front door and simply shrugged at you.

“Luke,” you sighed, “what is it?”

“Do you fancy Michael?”

You blinked in shock.  That was the last thing you had expected.  You couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  Was he serious?

“Great. Laugh at me why don’t you?”  Luke turned to walk away but you reached out and stopped him.

“Luke I’m laughing cause the idea of me liking Mikey like that is funny.”

Luke turns back to you and you can see how wounded he is.  His eyes are brimming with tears and his nose is crinkled up in the way it does when he’s holding back his emotions.

“Why would you even think that?” you ask, lifting a hand to his cheek. He nuzzles his face against your hand and the tears slip down his face and pool in your palm.  You don’t move.

“You think he is hilarious and you always call him Mikey.”

“So do you,”  you remind him.  He blinks.

“I don’t fancy Michael, Luke or Ashton or Calum or anyone but you.  I fancy you.  Hell I love you.  Only you.”

“But Michael is so much cooler than me and you guys have more in common and-”

You move your hand from his cheek and place your finger against his lips, silencing him.

“What can I do to make you see that you are the only one I love?  Tell me babe.”

Luke ponders for a second then takes your hand and leads you up the stairs.  You don’t speak.  You know what he needs and you have no complaints.  You turn to push him down on your bed but he grabs your hands, against his chest and shakes his head.  You see what he wants and smile as you step round him, kick your shoes off and lay back on the bed.  Luke climbs on top of you, holding himself up on his elbows and your lips meet for the first time tonight.  You moan in to his mouth, knowing how wild that drives him.  He’s so soft and his lips are damp with salty tears.  He is still crying and he sniffs slightly as he peels back and his hands go to the bottom of your top.  You lift your back from the bed, allowing him the space to remove it. You stay like that as he chucks your top aside and he slides his hands over your stomach, feeling the skin where his tears have dropped, rubbing them in to your flesh then his hands snake around to your back and he unclips your bra, pulling it clean off your body.  

You lower your back again and your hands slip around his neck and in to his hair.  He takes his time, tracing a finger up your stomach, dipping it in to your navel then up the crease between your breasts before gently ghosting it over one nipple.  Now he leans in and your breath hitches as you see what he is about to do.  His mouth latches to your free breast, his tongue feathers over the nipple and it stiffens in his mouth.  You groan and tilt your head back, pushing it in to the pillows.  Your grip in his hair tightens just a little. Luke is so insecure right now and you know that what he needs is to make love.  Usually you fuck and it;s wild and erotic and passion filled but, on the occasion when one of you just needs some love the sex becomes so much more.  You watch as he moves back and his hand spreads out between your breasts.  A small smile plays on his tear stained face as he feels your heart beat under his palm.  

“It beats for you,”  you whisper and he purses his lips as fresh tears spill over.

“I don’t know how to live without you baby,”  he replies, softly.

“You don’t have to,” you promise and you sit up and grip his face with your hands.  You can feel the stubble against your fingers. Truthfully you like him best when he doesn’t shave.  Of course he looks amazing groomed but his scruffy look is so adorable and it warms your heart that you are the only girl who gets to trace your fingers over his stubble like this.  You lower your hands and pull his top off, her lifts his arms, helping you then brings them down, running his hands down your arms.

You’re skin erupts, hair standing on end and you lean in and bring your lips to his collar bone.  The horny, desperate side of you longs to suck down until you leave a mark but you know he needs something more meaningful just now so you place soft kisses down his collar bone then lean back and continue them down his chest, feeling his chest hair tickle your lips.  Luke keeps his hands on your arms, barely touching your skin as he rubs little circles.  

“Let me take your jeans off,”  he pleads, leaning in to whisper it in your ear.  You lay back and he unbuttons your jeans and slides the zip down before gripping them at your waist and pulling them right down your legs before chucking them on the floor.  You moan as he leans over and pushes your legs up and pushes them open with your knees.   He trails kisses from your knee to your inner thigh on one leg then switches to the other side.

“God I love you,”   he whispers against your skin.

“Luke,” you mewl, breathlessly.

“You are so beautiful,”  he continues up to your core and kisses you gently through your panties.  Your back arches and you did your hands in to the sheets, gripping them tight.  He hooks his fingers in the band of your underwear and pulls them down.  You squirm as he gingerly places kisses across your sex, above the most sensitive spot then he steps off the bed and unzips his jeans.  He pulls them down along with his boxers and your hand reaches for his length. He steps back and shakes his head.  You nod and reach out to the drawer beside the bed, opening it and handing him a condom.

He slides it on and climbs back on the bed, positioning himself between your legs.

“Can I?”  he says so quietly you almost don’t hear.

You nod, bracing yourself and he lines up at your entrance and slowly pushes inside.

You whine as he fills you, stretching you.

“You okay?”  he checks.  You nod again.  He slips his hands under you at the bottom of your back and pulls you up so you are sitting on his lap.  The pair of you start to move, tantalisingly slowly.  You love how this feels but you frown and lean back as you hear Luke sniff.  

“Babe why are you crying again?”  you ask, concerned.

“I just love you,”  he whispers, “I get so worried that one day you will realise how much better you can do and leave me and then you give yourself to me like this and I remember how lucky I am and I know that you love me.”

“Of course I love you silly,”  you smile.

“I know but sometimes actions speak louder than words yeah?”  he grins through his tears and you feel tears well up in your own eyes.

“Well you should feel nothing but love right now,”  you assure him.

“Same to you,”  he whispers as your lips crash together in a deepened kiss.  You continue moving against each other and your breaths become ragged, sweat and tears drip down your faces and Luke buries his head in the nook of your neck, sniffling against you, breathing hot air on to your skin.

“Y/N I’m close,”  he whispers.

“Me too,”  you reply, “Come together?”

He nods against your shoulder and you count to three.  The pair of you come undone, you just a fraction of a second after Luke and tears fall down your face.  What a beautiful insecure boy you have.  Your heart is over flowing with love for him as you look down at his handsome face.  

“I love being this close to you,”  Luke whispers and he makes a quick attempt to wipe the tears from his face but you stop him.

“I love it to.  Don’t ever doubt I love you Luke.  You don’t have to be insecure around me because to me nobody is more perfect than you are.”

“I don’t want to move from this bed,”  he replies, “like ever.”

“Hmm I think I can deal with that,”  you giggle as you press your sweaty heads together.  You climb off his lap and lay down, beckoning for him to come to you.  He shifts up the bed and lays down with his head against your naked chest and you wrap your arms around him and kiss him through the soft sandy hair.  

“I love you Luke.  I always will,”  you assure him and you feel him smile against you.

“I love you too Y/N and I promise to stop being so insecure.”

“No,” you whisper, “Don’t stop.  It makes you who you are and I love you exactly the way you are.  Just try and remember that I only love you and I have no intentions of going anywhere.

Preferences. 1. You're in love with him but he gets a girlfriend

Okay this is my first preference and it’s a four part preference. I’m really sorry if you don’t like preferences with more than one part but I’m still learning and I’d love some feed back. I also know that Cal’s isn’t really being in love with him so for that I apologise, also I’m sorry if this sucks. Please feel free to send in requests. x


“Another round?” you asked lifting up your controller in an attempt to pursuade him. You looked up into his eyes and you couldn’t help but feel your chest ache at the perfection of your best friend. “Sorry Y/N, I can’t, I’ve got to go.” Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “But Mikey you don’t have anything to do with the band today.” You stated looking round at the other members of the band still lying on the sofas.“I’m sorry but this isn’t to do band work, it’s to go on a date” he began, you felt your heart break, you tried to speak normally hoping Michael wouldn’t notice the shaking in your voice “A date? With who?” You looked around the other boys were now staring at Michael too. “With my girlfriend, Elinor.” That hurt even more, shattering your already broken heart in to smithereens. You just looked at him in disbelief for what seemed an eternity “How long have you been seeing this girl?” Luke asked, you looked at him and smiled weakly, thanking him for breaking the awkward silence. “About two weeks now.” Michael said casually pulling on his coat. You snapped “Two weeks Michael, two fucking weeks and you didn’t think to tell me?” You fumed, blinking back tears “Look I get that I’m a girl and you might not have wanted to discuss this with me but we’re supposed to be best friends and friends tell each other stuff.” He looked at you unsure of how to reply but you spoke again before he could string a sentence together. “Fine you didn’t tell me but you could’ve told the boys, god you’re so infuriating!” You couldn’t hold back any longer and two tears came sliding down both your cheeks. “Wow Y/N you don’t need to get that upset because I didn’t tell you something, as you said, I didn’t tell the boys either and they’re not fucking crying.” Anger rolled through your veins, anger that you loved him, anger that he was dating someone. “You just don’t fucking get it do you?” You screamed at him, he just rolled his eyes “Wow, nice one Y/N I’m going to be late so I’m leaving but hopefully you’ll be over all this by the time I get back.” He turned and walked out the door barely catching you scream “I didn’t ask to feel like this you inconsiderate dick.” As you shouted you fell to the floor thinking how you wished you could get over him.


You got dressed into sweat shorts an oversized jumper and put your hair into a messy bun, well after a couple of attempts, but it looked okay. You grabbed the snack bag and headed to your red Seat Ibiza. You put the keys in and started driving to your best friend Ashton’s house. Every Thursday night, in which the two of you had jokingly nicknamed ‘date night’ you two would get together and have a movie night and spend the evening playing games and eating junk food. This week it was your turn to pick up the food and decide what kind of take out you wanted. You arrived at his house and started walking towards his door. You knocked and waited for him to answer, you had learnt it not walk straight in to his house without knocking after the incident you’d encountered previously. “Y/N?” He asked apparently shocked upon opening the door. “What are you doing here?” You laughed thinking he was joking and then took in his appearance, he was wearing a nice suit and he looked very formal. “Ash, it’s date night remember?” You thought for a second before adding “I’m sorry, do you have a meeting or something?” He bit his lip clearly thinking “No, Y/N I have a date, a real one with my girlfriend.” Your mouth fell open. You couldn’t speak for several moments, you felt like you’d been hit in the chest. Yeah sure you had a thing for Ash in the early stages of your friendship but you decided that you’d rather have his friendship than nothing and over the years you’d tried to bury your feelings but you knew that they’d never go completely away, especially when you got to know him better. “Oh, um okay.” You mumbled, still unsure of what to say. “Yeah, I’m sorry, I guess I forgot to tell you Y/N. And can I ask a small favour?” You nodded silently “Do you think you can leave before she gets here? It’s not a good sign if you turn up to someone’s house for a date and see him there with another girl, maybe we can reschedule?” That’s when you found your voice “Ash, I’d understand if you had something important to do and that’s why you’re cancelling on me but this is to just fuck some random girl and you didn’t even give me any warning, do you know how many times I’ve cancelled plans or turned down evenings out with my friends because it was our night? Clearly not, and now you want me to just leave so she doesn’t get the wrong impression. Maybe I should stay so she knows how much of an arsehole you are, friends are for ever, you’re important to me Ash and I thought I was important to you, but I was obviously wrong so I don’t think we should reschedule.”


You giggled as Luke picked you up at twirled you around. He joined in your laughter and he put you down. He placed his arm around your shoulders as he usually did, you knew deep down you loved him and secretly hoped that he would reciprocate however, you were too nervous to bring up this subject. You made your way to the coffee shop and smiled as the bell above the door rang, signalling that customers were ready to be served. You went and sat at a table whilst Luke went up and ordered. You smiled when you saw your phone light up with a twitter notification and smiled even more when you saw that Luke had tagged you in a picture of your coffees. He walked back over to the table with your orders and sat down. “Here Y/N.” You thanked him and he shot you a toothy smile which you found to be contagious. “So remember we can’t stay long because I have to get to an interview with the rest of the band.” He then continued the conversation. Talking with Luke was easy, comfortable and natural, you knew every thing about one another and you could talk for hours. You finished your coffee and made your way out of the cafe. You started spinning around and giggling, to start with Luke stood there laughing at you then joined in, you both twirling like ballerinas. He picked you up and spun you around making you feel dizzy and collapse onto his shoulders. “Luke, dizzy.” You said and he carefully put you down, “Sorry, ah come on.” He pulled you into him and walked you home, his arm draped around your shoulders. You felt that familiar fluttering feeling you got whenever you made physical contact with Luke and as usual, you tried your hardest to ignore this feeling, you would rather pretend you didn’t feel this way than lose your friendship with Luke, anything was better than losing him, you knew that you wouldn’t be able to cope with that. You reached your front door and turned to face Luke, “Thanks for walking me home, as usual.” He licked his lips before replying “And as usual, you are very welcome, I enjoy the scenery, it gives me nice memories.” You bit your lip trying not to laugh, “Thanks again Luke.” You turned and walked into your house resting yourself on the door as you shut it. You decided to spend the rest of the afternoon just watching tv, after deciding nothing good was on you tuned into the interview with Luke and the other boys from 5 Seconds of Summer. You weren’t really paying attention as you were multitasking, you were checking twitter simultaneously. “So Luke, what’s going on with you and Y/N, are you guys together?” You turned and faced the screen and saw that Luke was just as surprised as you were, “You seem to be spending a lot of time with her recently, in fact you were with her this morning weren’t you?” Luke ran his teeth over his lip piercing before speaking “Yeah, we were together this morning but just as friends, Y/N is a good friend, but we’re not together because I have a girlfriend.”


“Alright Calum, truth or dare?” Michael questioned. “Well seeing as I’ve already been made to eat a whole stick of butter, order a tampon from the front desk of a hotel and eaten a whole chilli, I’ll stick to truth.” You laughed thinking of how funny it was to actually watch all of these events happen. “Okay, suit yourself, who do you fancy?” He chuckled nervously, shifting and crossing his legs “Michael, man you know please don’t make me say it.” You looked at Michael and saw him sigh dramatically “Well Mr Hood, I do know, and luckily for you, I am not going to make you divulge that information, I just needed to hear you admit it.” You were confused but unfazed as you turned to face Luke continuing with the game. “Y/N, truth or dare?” You were adventurous and thought that nothing really bad could come out of it so you picked dare. Luke rubbed his hands together whist looking around for inspiration. His eyes lit up when they focused on Calum “Y/N, I dare you to kiss Calum, and none of this pecking crap, real, full on kissing, for a whole two minutes.” At first you were hesitant and you noticed how the blush had creeped up into Calum’s cheeks. Yeah sure he was your friend and it was awkward but it’s a dare and surprisingly to yourself, you wanted to kiss him. “Come on Cal, we’re only friends and it doesn’t mean anything because it was a dare, let’s prove to the boys that we aren’t chickens.” Calum laughed again and you began to notice more and more how every time he was nervous he laughed, his way of coping you guessed. “Get the timer ready boys.” You looked directly into Calum’s eyes and you felt your cheeks get hot, you ignored it as you leaned in. Your lips made contact with Calum’s and you gasped, his lips were so soft, just as you’d imagined but you still felt the heat and passion, Calum lead you, deepening the kiss, but varying the pressure on your lips. Fireworks didn’t even come close to what you were experiencing with Calum. The timer went off and you broke away from Calum, looking sheepishly at all the other boys who were looking shocked and a little bit uncomfortable. You sat back down and looked up. You cleared your throat and spoke up “Ash, truth or dare?” Ash looked relieved at some kind of change to the situation. “Dare” You looked around thinking of a good dare to remove the awkwardness from the group.