do you ever stop being adorable

TLC Characters as things my friends and I have said
  • Cinder: Let's be honest, if I stole shoelaces from Donald Trump I'd probably be deported...and I was born here
  • Kai: I'm going to assault you *throws salt*... stop being salty about it
  • Scarlet: Soda + mentos + active shooter = survival
  • Wolf: Do you ever just get the urge to low key go outside in the middle of the night and start screaming at the moon?
  • Cress: That's one freaking big train
  • Thorne: If you hear police sirens, think of me. If you want to put together a bail pool that would be nice
  • Winter: Bus children
  • Jacin: I tolerate Bruno Mars
  • Iko: Look at the adorable little fucklings
  • Levana: Avacommunists
Infinite as birds

[with the help of @www-modcloth-com]

Sunggyu - (peacock) Very flashy, bling bling banjjak banjjak. Screams occasionally. Basically tries to be a show off while doing nothing. 

Dongwoo - (chickadee) Forever cute and special. Tiny and hops around singing. Here to have a good time. 

Woohyun - (parrot) Won’t shut up, ever. Has a poppin nose. Here to be annoying but ends up being adorable. 

Hoya - (swan) Resting bitch face for days. Glow up was real. Looks nice but will bite you. 

Sungyeol - (seagull) Wild af. Squawking 99% of the time. Sneaks and scares the shit out of people. More squawking. 

Myungsoo - (penguin) Waddles. Likes to cuddle with anything and everything. Low key dying. 

Sungjong - (flamingo) Fabulous. Legs for days. Can’t stop wont stop. Might try to eat you. Watch me be beautiful. 

SEVENTEEN’s reaction when their girlfriend gets jealous


“You don’t have to be jealous! You are the one that I love!” *you are  Seungkwan in the gif*


“Don’t be jealous! Here, let’s take a selfie! You like those.” ((- cuz u know.. why not!?-))


“Why would you ever get jealous? I’m only yours.”


“You are so cute!” *gives you a kiss*



“Will you stop being so cute!”


“Don’t worry. You are the only I adore.”


“You are so adorable!” *you are Vernon in the gif*


“WOAH! You get jealous?”


*does aegyo to cheer you up*


“Here you go. A kiss. Now stop acting weird. It’s scaring me”


“What do I do..?”


“Let me tell you a secret. I only like you.”

**I don’t own the gifs*

Ship Meme: Ponyboy Curtis

Gives nose/forehead kisses

Both of you do! You turn it into a game - not one with rules or anything, but you try to surprise/startle each other with little face kisses. One time you kept it up for three days until Dally walked by and said something to the effect of For the love of god, stop being so disgustingly cute.

Gets jealous the most

He does and it’s the cutest thing ever omg - so sometimes you make him jealous on purpose because the puppy eyes he gives you when you do are just so adorable.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

I feel like this would be him. Darry probably scared him into never drinking seriously ever, so he’s more than likely the sober one. (Besides, he’d probably be a weepy romantic drunk.) 

Takes care of on sick days

You do. He’s actually…strangely adorable when he’s sick? Like he’s got a high fever and glazed eyes and his hair’s probably a mess but there’s something endearing about how quiet his voice gets and how he clearly wants nothing more than for you to be near him.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

You do! And he’ll definitely follow you and grin and say how cute you are, but I feel like he’d be more interested in walking along the beach and collecting shells and….dare I say? Watching the sunset with you.

Gives unprompted massages

You do, and it catches him off guard every. single. time. He’s just “??? you want to do that for me???” Yes, Pony, I do. Now stop fidgeting.

Drives/rides shotgun

You’re usually the one driving because he loves to daydream, watch the scenery, and talk with you on long car trips. Some of your deepest and most meaningful conversations have happened with him in the passenger seat while you drive.

Brings the other lunch at work

You do! Just to have an excuse to see him, really - and it always makes your stomach flutter seeing how his face lights up at seeing you. So, full disclosure time: sometimes you hide his lunch in the morning so you’ll have to bring him food.

Has the better parental relationship

His parents were amazing and frankly, no matter what he might’ve thought during the events of the book, Darry is an amazing dad. 

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Lmao do not give this boy alcohol he is terrible.

Still cries watching Titanic

Both of you are outright sobbing and it’s absolutely hilarious. Dally walks by like “Ha, losers” or something like that and then the both of you look at him with tear-filled puppy eyes and he grumbles and walks away.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

I can actually totally see this being him? The gang will make fun of you two to be sure, but you both look cute and neither one of you care.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Well, if anyone is going to be breaking that rule it’s not him - not because he wou;dn’t like to, but because he can’t. The Curtises don’t have much to spare, but I can totally see Pony writing you a poem or saving up to frame a picture he really loves of the two of you.

Makes the other eat breakfast

It’s the first time you scold him about not eating that Darry decides he likes you and that you’re good for Pony. 

Remembers anniversaries

Are you kidding me this boy is the most classical romantic out there of course he remembers. He spends like a month trying to find a beautiful way to celebrate without spending too much because reasons.

Brings up having kids

He does - mostly to ask if you want to, really. He says he thinks he’d be a good dad, and if you’d like to, he’d be honored to be the father of your children.

I’m on a roll today, but I like this roll! 

Okay, people sometimes tend to underestimate Hufflepuff and even more so, the friendship between a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff. It’s always categorized as the Slytherin being ‘Just-waiting-to-rule-the-world’ and Hufflepuff stopping them by being all adorable. Well, as a Hufflepuff myself with 98% of my friends being Slytherin, I can tell you that you might have gotten things a bit wrong even though there are right points. 

If you see a Hufflepuff-Slytherin friendship, you need to do two things immediately: 

1) Note in your head never to insult either one of them. If you hurt them verbally, you should be warned. You go for the physical aspect, you should get insurance. Don’t EVER insult one of them out loud. Hufflepuff is loyal and will cut you, either with kindness or in full FITE range. Slytherin will just cut you, in ways you will even admire later because they’re classy (even if they’re dorks, they’re classy dorks).

2) Don’t expect them to go against each other for you. They have their fights, they have their issues, but if you try to make them choose or try to drive a wedge, they will pick up on that. Try escaping a determined badger and an angry snake. It’s not a pretty picture.

This is one of the most solid friendship bases I have seen and it’s not because there are no conflicts. It’s because both these houses develop a high respect for the other. The Slytherin knows a Hufflepuff’s tenacity and strength. The Hufflepuff knows a Slytherin’s drive and dignity. They’re usually not dismissive of the other. They also have a high fondness for each other and feel a natural level of comfort at most times. 

I just really love this friendship.

I know that this is my personal opinion and you might have a different one, but that’s cool. I still hope you enjoy these houses and their friendships. :D

Dear Inky,

The guys have been telling me to man up and tell you how I feel about you. After some time thinking, I finally decided to do it. I’m going to tell you how I feel in this letter. No regrets.

Okay, maybe a little regret if you reject me and you stop being friends with me. Okay, actually a lot. I’m really scared of losing our friendship. But, here I go.

I love you.

You’re the most cutest girl I’ve ever met, especially when you get so flustered and embarrassed. It’s really cute seeing you blush so brightly. You’re just a really adorable person.

You’re also the most talented person I know. Your artwork is always beautiful and the amount of detail you put in to it always amazes me. I’m glad you started drawing and painting again. I was kinda sad that you stopped for a while.

You’re both cute and talented. I just couldn’t help myself and fell hard for you.

It didn’t really help that you always cared for me as well. I still have the scarf you made for me because you didn’t want me to get sick during winter. Up to this day, it’s still the most precious gift I have received and cherished. You’re the most sweetest and thoughtful person as well.

Even if you don’t like me back, let’s still be friends, okay? You’re a really great person to be friends with. I still want to enjoy the days we go out to walk in the woods. And I still want to be there to make you happy in any way I can.


@iinkpools Here’s Prompto’s letter! Gladio’s and Ignis’s will be showing up sometime later. :)

anonymous asked:

do you have any 00Q fics you could recommend? I've been drawn in deep :o thank you !

Oh boy do I

The Inevitability of Time by dhampir72

9 chapters, 27k, literally made me cry actual tears twice. It’s a soulmate/identifying marks fic and I usually don’t go for those but this one is just perfect and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever recover. Beautifully written.

Chiefly Responsible for Discipline by rsadelle

1 chapter, 6k, hot as hell and full of sin. Did you know a quartermaster’s traditional role involved dealing with discipline? Now you do.

the body electric by 8611

Series, 2 works, 14k, cyborg AU. Wonderful writing and lots of cool cyborg goodness.

Normal by hyphyp

1 chapter, 5k, high demand!Q. Equal parts adorable and hilarious. Q has a lot of interesting ex-partners, but of course he only wants James – though this doesn’t stop James from being wonderfully jealous.

Smoke and Chains by Magnetism_bind

25 chapters, 34k, Q before he was Q. Might not be for everyone so make sure to read the warnings, but basically Q is working for the bad guys and he’s tasked with dealing with James. Lots of sin.

not one will know of the war by 8611

1 chapter, 2k, AI!Q. Really beautifully written but definitely not a happy fic. Lovely imagery and an interesting idea but no happy ending.

The Tragedy of Time by lunicole

1 chapter, 4k, really angsty. Like, no spoilers but this is not a happy fic. At all. Wonderfully written, established relationship, but also not a happy ending and will probably make you cry like it did me.

Playing the Part by corvusTempus

8 chapters, 23k, badass!Q goes on the field with James and it’s funny and exasperating and everything you would expect from having to go anywhere with James Bond. Also they have to pretend to be dating.

Scars, Cords by quigonejinn

1 chapter, 1k, dom!Q struggling to work out just how this works. Hot, kind of funny, some good old fashioned sinning.

an oral history by 8611

1 chapter, 10k, (non-zombie) apocalypse AU. Q is a badass but doesn’t work for MI6, the world ends and he runs into James and Eve on their way up to Skyfall. It’s really cute, kind of gothic, and James is prickly.


I’ll probably remember a whole load more but I think this will keep you busy for now!

0blue-bird0  asked:

so im just curious- how did you get into things like superbat and batjokes? do you watch the movies/animated series? or do you read the comics or did you just sorta look at it and decide 'i like this thing now' (cause i do that one aloooot)

Yeah I grew up watching the animated series and rewatch them sometimes, I also love the movies a lot. I had a tape of the one with Jim Carrey as The Riddler and I adored that movie because he’s one of my idols and I watched it SO MUCH, but now that I’m older I realize how flawed those films were haha.
I do read the comics, I got really into them when I was a teenager but I also work at a comic book store, so I’m surrounded by it all the time too. I got back into superbat heavily when my roommate and I rewatched the Justice League series a few years back (they also got me into wonderbat bc of that rewatch jfc) but after watching the lego batman I basically got dropped hardcore back into clown hell.
Joker’s always been one of my favorite DC characters, he was number one in my heart for most of my youth but now he’s numero dos because I adore Shazam too haha. It was actually really funny to me when I first started liking Doflamingo in OP because he reminded me of the joker, but when Oda revealed Joker was Doffy’s underground boss name I was like ‘I obviously have a damn type jfc’…
I’ve always been a sucker for villains and villain/hero relationships tho


The final part of the thank you posts I’ll be doing; I realised that a lot of artists I do admire don’t really concentrate on the one Sans, so I’ll just… put everyone here I guess :P Even people I tagged to UnderSwap Sans.

@sansational-attraction First awesome friend that I ever made on this website! Even with us being in different time zones, you’re always there to lend an ear in my time of need, just as I will always be here for you for anything that troubles you. You da best girrrrrl :3

@barasans Your audios were what actually got me into the fandom and eventually led me back into making art. For that, you have the greatest of thanks! <3 (btw you have a fantastic voice okthnxbye)

@sansscham I love your art style and I look up your blog everyday to feel inspired (even if it is nsfw :P)

@rattlecat I got drawn to your shitposts, motivational posts and recently with commission-related queries (thanks again for the link btw!) Your words alone are a highlight of my day, any day :]

@skeletonsmoochingprincessmika, @kiara-strumi, @puppeteerunderground You guys are constantly liking and reblogging a lot of my stuff, and this is me here just letting you know that I appreciate it :)

(and @joah, @singingsans, @ttoba, @sharktunarts and @ck0529draws for being generally awesome, adorable and… well, being you! :D)

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing art and inspiration you have imbued into my previously depressed and unmotivated life. I couldn’t be any more grateful for all that has happened for me, thanks to you guys!!

For my followers, stay tuned for more art and more updates to come!

Just a quick reminder...

Louis Tomlinson adores kids. Louis Tomlinson would do anything to protect his family. Louis Tomlinson would never in a billion years let anybody mock his child’s existence.

Nothing will ever convince me that the guy you see in these pictures wouldn’t go to great lengths to stop TMZ if that was his actual non-plastic, non-fake kid.

Thanks for your time. Bye.


So when we met Thomas he asked us how we wanted to pose for the picture and so my sister heyitsemeraldorbs thought since he dressed up as Hans we should do the heart at the end of liaod (love is an open door) and Thomas wasn’t sure how to do it at first so in the first photo you can see a very confused Thomas and in the 2nd photo where he figured it out you can see how excited he got. Thank you so much thatsthat24 for making my day perfect just as you usually do. Never ever stop being the most adorable ray of sunshine because you make this world a lovely place 💖 also Yay for both being hufflepuffs ✌👌

Reasons why I’m dead
  • Nicole calling Waverly “Waves”
  • Waverly closing all the office blinds in a gay frenzy
  • Nicole’s adorable confusion
  • Waverly attacking Nicole’s mouth with her mouth
  • Waverly pushing Nicole onto the couch
  • Nicole breathing into Waverly’s mouth
  • More adorable confusion from Nicole
  • Waverly’s hand on Nicole’s thigh
  • Waverly’s awkward attempt at being romantic
  • NIcole’s look of realization
  • “… I scare you”
  • “When I think about what I want to do most in this world, it’s you”
  • Nicole’s “yes please” face
  • “Maybe you should stop talking too”
  • “Maybe you should make me”
  • Nicole’s flirty little grin
  • Nicole pushing Waverly onto her back
  • Waverly smiling into Nicole’s mouth
  • Pausing to look at each other
  • Nicole touching Waverly’s face tenderly
  • Their looks of pure joy
  • My dead body in the background
Tv Crushes That Make You Tune In.

Reblog with your top five tv crushes…

1.Richie Gecko because he’s the bad boy you wouldn’t bring home to mama. He’s a little bit vampire and a little bit snake, but damn is he sexy.

2.Stiles Stilinski because he’s a little bit geeky in all the right ways. He is extremely brave and fierce when it comes to saving the people he loves and well, just look at him…

3.Brandon Foster because he will still your heart with a song and make you the center of his world. He’s adorable and is the most selfless human being who continues to sacrafise his own heart.

4.Bellamy Blake because he doesn’t stop fighting for his people and he will do what ever it takes to protect the ones he loves. Oh and it doesnt hurt that he looks like that.

5.Damon Salvatore because he is strong enough to endure anything that comes his way. He is stubborn but loyal to a fault. He will always try to keep you safe and well he’s gorgeous. 

Tagging everyone, because you’re all guilty.

Thoughts on FT Zero 11 :

Anwwwwh, what a beautiful cover <3

Askvjelgkjfeds my precious angel omfg

Anwwwh, the first thing he thinks about he’s Mavis <3

Omg no what happened to her ?! Our precious baby. And Yuriy worrying omg  (◕‿◕✿)

OMG NO POOR BABY D: But that means FTZ will last longer than we fought  (◕‿◕✿) (I’d love to see her as an adult)

I totally don’t ship them, I don’t see what you’re talking about


Look how happy she seem when he says he consider her as a friend :3


“You’re the first girl person I’ve ever met that I’ve been able to trust from the bottom of my heart.”


“I want to live for your dreams.” 



“friends” yeah sure Yuriy

Anwh <3

Yuriy, why are you making this face ? You’re scarying me. “Best buds”  (◕‿◕✿)

I’m getting more and more scared…

I knew it was about her… Just look at the cover.

At first I thought he didn’t like her (“I cannot see her” = “Je peux pas la voir”, french expression for “I don’t like her at all”. Idk if we say it in english so…) 

Omg omg omg no… Mavis’s magic is magic illusion, but I didn’t thought she could make herself see things…

KILL ME (This outfit suits Yuriy so well omg (this is out of the question I’m sorry)

This chapter is full of shipping awful omg…

But wait, does this means :


It doesn't matter what Rowan did, he has always had my heart from day one.

Rowan: *doesn’t even talk to Aelin on their way to Maeve*

Me: Awww he’s the cutest

Rowan: *has only one facial expression*

Me: Omg is he ever gonna stop being adorable

Rowan: *beats the hell out of her. every. damn. day.*

Me: Freaking perfection

Rowan: “You mean nothing to me and I do not care.”

Me: Rowanpoo you’re cute when you try to lie

Rowan: *makes her save Luca from the frozen lake with the big ass monster in it*

Me: He’s so smart. He knows just how to make Aelin take action

Rowan: *realizes Aelin is grown and not a bratty child*

Me: Isn’t he just the smartest little cookie in the jar?

Rowan: *carries Aelin even though a she burns the hell out of him*

Me: *crying* he’s so perfect

Rowan: *takes the blood oath*

Me: Yas

Rowan: *beats Aedion because he disobeyed Aelin*


Rowan: *kisses Aelin*

Me: *chokes on my own excitement*

Rowan: “When I make you moan, Aelin”