do you ever ship a thing

Do you ever see someone’s list of OTP’s and it’s so straight and you have this moment where you remember that not everyone delves into fandom and shipping to be submerged into the gay content you’re deprived of in conventional media


Okay so, I’m starting writing commissions and I’m gonna do a short rundown of how they work. Basically, I’m a student, I’ve been writing since…Forever. My longest piece ever was about 69,000 words and had… A fuckton of views. For samples, you have to first message me. I need money for… General stuff. To save up, books stuff like that.

What I’ll write:
Most anything Gore wise. No intense nsfw etc. Just ask. I cannot legally write fanworks, don’t ask. I do do most genres, tons of ship stuff, angst, fluff, whatever!

Things I can write for u besides include;
-Cryptid pages. I can make pages/stories/logs of your ‘cryptid oc’s’
-Au’s for you oc’s
-Short stories for oc’s
-I’ve been looking for some very long work. If you have a longer idea, suggest it and we can talk

How much it’ll cost:
$7 anything under 1000 words. $13 for things over up to 5,000 words. $15 for anything up to 10,000 words. $20 for things over 10,000 and $40 for anything like…novella size. plus labor costs. Labor is $0.50 for every hour after 12 hours worth of work.

How/When you’ll pay me:
Google wallet. It’s actually very easy to use so…that’s what we’ve got. You’ll pay me when you commission the piece. From there I’ll send an invoice, I believe from an invoice I can accept most payment methods but I’ve never tried so?

Tbh I have…no specific length requirements. Give me a page/word number and I’ll give you pricing based on that.

Open Spots:
As many as I think I can handle, first come first serve. I reserve the right to refuse a commission.

How to order a commission:
-Message me.
-List your Name
-What you’d like to commission
-How long you’d like the piece

What happens when I approve the commission:
You give me info about oc’s and characters you want, references etc., I tell you about how long it’ll take me to make the piece etc. From there, feel free to check up on it. I will also add you to a contact list to keep everything organized.

I think that’s all so message me, let me know if you have questions!

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Okay, but Allura never got to finish saying what the Blue Lion's qualities are? Why would she just skip over Lance?! Okay, yeah, he interrupted her, but what was she going to say? Will we ever know? Will the characters ever know? What if she was going to say something about how attached/close the blue paladin can get to people? What if it had something to do with Lance's insecurities? Maybe the blue paladin is supposed to be the confident one, so Allura felt like she didn't need to explain herself? I HONESTLY NEED TO KNOW LIKE IF THIS IS NOT ADDRESSED IN SEASON THREE I WILL RIOT because I need a scene where someone (preferably Keith because Ship™) asks Allura all casual, "oh yeah, what were you about to say?" and it ends up being this extremely deep thing that they all realize describes Lance perfectly and I just hate that Lance got completely glossed over about why he should pilot the blue lion and mAYBE IF ALLURA TOLD HIM WHY HE WAS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE HE WOULDN'T DOUBT HIMSELF SO MUCH. I think about this way too much. I am so distressed.
Fanfiction Questions

Fandom Questions

1. What was the first fandom you got involved in?

2. What is your latest fandom?

3. What is the best fandom you’ve ever been involved in?

4. Do you regret getting involved in any fandoms?

5. Which fandoms have your written fanfiction for?

6. List your OTP from each fandom you’ve been involved in.

7. List your NoTPs from each fandom you’ve been in.

8. How did you get involved in your latest fandom?

9. What are the best things about your current fandom?

10.  Is there a fandom you read fic from but don’t write in?

Ship Questions for your Current Fandom

11. Who is your current OTP?

12. Who is your current OT3?

13. Any NoTPs?

14. Go on, who are your BroTPs?

15. Is there an obscure ship which you love?

16. Are their any popular ships in your fandom which you dislike?

17. Who was your first OTP and are they still your favourite?

18. What ship have you written the most about?

19. Is there a ship which you wished you could get behind, but you just don’t feel them?

20. Any ships which you surprised yourself by liking?

Author Questions

21. What was the first fanfic you ever wrote?

22. Is there anything you regret writing?

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it.

24. What fic do you desperately need to rewrite or edit?

25. What’s your most popular fanfic?

26. How do you come up with your fanfic titles?

27. What do you hate more: Coming up with titles or writing summaries?

28. If someone were to draw a piece of fanart for your story, which story would it be and what would the picture be of?

29. Do you have a beta reader? Why/Why not?

30. What inspires you to write?

31. What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said about your writing?

32. Do you listen to music when you write or does music inspire you? If so, which band or genre of music does it for you?

33. Do you write oneshots, multi-chapter fics or huuuuuge epics?

34. What’s the word count on your longest fic?

35. Do you write drabbles? If so, what do you normally write them about?

36. What’s your favourite genre to write?

37. First person or third person - what do you write in and why?

38. Do you use established canon characters or do you create OCs?

39. What is you greatest strength as a writer?

40. What do you struggle the most with in your writing?

Fanfiction Questions

41. List and link to 5 fanfics you are currently reading:

42. List and link to 5 fanfiction authors who are amazing:

43. Is there anyone in your fandom who really inspires you?

44. What ship do you feel needs more attention?

45. What is your all time favourite fanfic?

46. If someone was to read one of your fanfics, which fic would you recommend to them and why?

47. Archive Of Our Own, or Tumblr - where do you prefer to post and why?

48. Do you leave reviews when you read fanfiction? Why/Why not?

49. Do you care if people comment/reblog your writing? Why/why not?

50. How did you get into reading and/or writing fanfiction?

51. Rant or Gush about one thing you love or hate in the world of fanfiction! Go!


nico you’re the sweetest brother ever

i was watching victorious yesterday and this scene came up (it’s from 03x02) and lazel was the only thing in my head when i saw it - in more of the friendship way, but im totally cool with this ship - i mean this is something leo would do, right? and that would be hazel’s reaction, i’m sure!!

so leo came along with jason to visit camp jupiter before christmas and revealed he’s hazel’s secret santa - cause all of them love playing this on christmas. i believe that leo would give the most creative presents!!

things i wanted to point out: jason’s outfit (which was also inspired by victorious). reyna smiling at leo in the name of my leyna shipper’s days - still on it btw. frank smiling at leo. cause cmon they ARE cute buddies. and nico’s funny outfit. yep. nico is everyone’s candy man

✩ Interview with a Mun ✩

➊ How many ships do you have on this blog?

➋ Have you ever roleplayed with someone that just left an unforgettable impression on you?

➌ Which of your ships on this blog is the fluffiest?

➍ Would you say you’re a decent roleplayer or do you have any self doubts?

➎ Have you made lots of friends on this blog?

➏ What’s the one thing you especially love about roleplaying your muse?

➐ Are there any people you’ve been to afraid of approaching?

➑ Give us a rough estimate: How much time have you spent on your graphics? (icons, theme, banners, promos, etc)

➒ Got any memorable threads on here? Care to mention a few?

➓ What were some of the most frustrating moments you had with your muse’s interaction with another muse?

❂ Wild card! (Ask a question of your own!)

happy whatever it is you celebrate and happy new year for all of u


But hear me out… Yurio totally lowkey ships Victuuri


^This was actually the first thing I drew and I just thought that it needed a cute little backstory ^-^

Once again, this is my new art blog, if you like this check it out if you like shit like this.

I also do art requests ❤

Do you ever read so much fanfiction that the actual thing it’s about and the fanfic gets jumbled and you have to double take to remember what’s real and what’s not? I mean it’s all fiction anyway but it’s this mess of, “Oh right this isn’t real. This is the fiction of the fiction.”

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BTS ideal type vs what they need


he needs that loud girl who say the best jokes ever. the girl is the center of attention due to here stories. always the type to hug you first. No matter what. She’s always out to have fun. Oh we’re going grocery shopping, why not do this and make it more fun? Oh we’re cooking dinner? lets make dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. Basically the full on fun package kid. But you know what gets to him? every time she sweetly calls him “Tae oppa” something flutters in his heart. She’d be the type to always hang around in sun dresses or huge sweaters, skin ship is her thing by the way.

  1. Looks
  • Not too small. maybe 163 to 168 ish
  • A little tanned. Goes, this boy has a natural curiosity and you’d just drag him towards you.
  • Doesn’t matter whether you have long or short hair, he just wants to twirl it in his fingers.

    2.  Personality

  • Very childish
  • Someone who’s loud
  • A 4D human being!!!!!!
  • Someone who can find the positivity in everything.
  • Sweet!!!!
  • Kind!!!!!!
  • they type to love kids

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Even though this all good, its incomplete. Yes he needs someone childish, but at the same time he needs someone who can take care of him. Not someone completely laidback you know. And yes, the skin ship is a major part, but so is the video games and the countess pranks. He needs a friend more than he needs a girlfriend. He needs to be able to lean his head on your shoulder and just calmly talk  about his day. And as tempting as chicken nuggets sound, if you’re a good baker, that’s one more thing for the both of you to do together. In all honesty, he’d probably mess up, but that’s why you’d be there to help him fix all his mistakes.

  1. Looks
  • Not super small… 163 to 168 ishhh..
  • Listen he needs some chubby chubby to poke okkk
  • You know what’d he love the most?? the bright colors of your hair. Like one day you came home and you had red hair, the next week you have a blue ombre?? he’d love to just stand there and admire these beautiful colors.

     2.  Personality

  • Sweet, caring, motherly But not soooo much. More in a friendly way.
  • Really really really childish
  • Hyperactive kid squad
  • Thoughtful and mature
  • gamer, even if not a hardcore one
  • Pranking DUO!!
  • Not necessarily smart, but more so clever (for all those pranks to be planned)
  • Animal lover. (Soonhim is just adorable ok??)
  • A good kisser. **ahem** **coughs** who said that?? **coughs**
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me: love and kindness in the fandom guys!! anyone can have their own ships and theories it’s just supposed to be fun teehee!!!

*someone theorizes Azriel will die in ACOWAR*

also me: listen here bitch don’t you ever fucking speak another word about Azriel ever again do you understand me i will literally destroy you how dare you come into my house and speak such blasphemy if you ever even think of saying anything even slightly akin to any bad thing ever happening to my shadow husband again you will reap the consequences literally don’t ever speak to me why don’t you go take a long hard look in the mirror and just think about your choices

Top 5 Ships

I was not tagged by anyone but I really wanted to do this so let’s just ignore this information. 


My first OTP! The ‘’will you go out with me, Evans’’ kind of love. Freaking soulmates!  After reading Harry Potter at age 11 I was kinda obsessed with them and when next books were realased I was always hoping for more Jily moments. 


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The purest love! Puppy love! This probably the cutest OTP I ever had. They are meant to be endgame.


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At first I was Beronica stan but after seeing their cute interactions I totally switched and joined Bughead fam. 


I shipped it since the beginning of their interactions. In my opinion they are perfect for each other. I was so mad when CW separated Klaus from Caroline. But now the last episode of TVD gives some of kind hope. 


I actually did not feel this kind emotions between them when I first read the books. But after reading fan theories and fanfictions I started shipping them. And I noticed some moments between in them when I reread the books. I still think they should be endgame and not boring Rom///ione. 

And I am tagging: @bettysponytaiil @evalocity @jughead-trash

You ever have that one ship, that one ship that makes you complete shipper trash. That one ship that you basically, eat, breathe, and sleep that ship. It’s the ship that’s on your mind when you wake up, and it’s the last thing on your mind before you go to bed. That one ship that just makes you curl up into a ball when your thinking about happy, fluffy, sad, angsty headcanons. It’s the ship that you love anything in the whole world and that you’d do anything to protect your precious baby. 

Why do you ship swan queen?

Well, you see, when they look at each other like this

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it does things to my little gay heart and i wanna see them together forever and ever. 

Oh and also because of this

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and this.

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Remember guys, if your parents ever shame you for shipping fake characters, remind them that if they ever watch the Bachelor or any other Dating show, they do the exact same thing. Just with real people.


Takumi and Camilla:

Takumi grew into his position as a leader and prince. He was a crucial part of Hoshido’s recovery. His wife, Camilla, gave up her royal title and spent her days at home doting on her family.

(Btw - you can imagine who ever you want is in there~ Imaaaagination)


I’ve been holding my tongue on this for about a week now, but I’m actually really angry with the cast and crew of The 100.

For years now they have pretended as if we were delusional to ship Bellarke. To see possible romance between these characters. To imagine that the story was leading us to an eventual romance. 

Like…actual years. 

And then, the script for Day Trip is released and it’s the most fanfiction-y, romantic bullshit I’ve ever read? 

And sure, it’s one thing to not want the story spoiler and so you talk around it. It’s a completely different thing to say that we’re not doing that at all. When clearly you were (and probably still are).

I’m just….really upset by that.