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Did/ do watch glee? And, if so, did/ do you ship Klaine?

HFJDKDJDJ oh my god i used to be the biggest. most embarrassing glee fan ever holy SHIT. like, if you go back back into my blog You Will See (i revisited this phase a bit last year cuz i rewatched it lmao). Like i could tell u things abt my glee phase that would make yall laugh at me So Hard
and yes i was one of those gays tht #cried when they kissed :/

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eyy this is moderately song related so i thought id send it in: my fave AU idea ever is taking Ain't No Mountain High Enough and applying it to a ship, except that one of them is an assassin and the other is their mark BUT NO MATTER WHAT THEY (assassin) DO THE OTHER IS A STEP AHEAD and lmao the lyrics take on a whole new meaning when you skew them enough

that is genius, my friend. absolutely genius.

listen, soundtrack dissonance ect. is one of my favourite things to see in screen music. when music is picked to deliberately subvert it’s original intent or offset what’s happening on screen. and it completely changes the context and can incite entirely different emotions lIKE WOW. that’s pretty DAMN COOL RIGHT?!! like….. the juxtaposition of two completely different themes, the way music can serve so many different functions for what it is being paired with gosh it’s so cool. 

dirk gently’s holistic detective agency in the first episode does this phenomenally well during a chase scene. i won’t spoil it bc that show is a true gem, but it’s…. not at the music you’d expect when someone is being chased. and it’s REALLY SCARY AS A RESULT LIKE JFC. IT WAS TERRIFYING. @shirogane-s will probably know exactly what im talking about here. …. haha.

How to Tell Your Friend That You Need a Break From Supporting Them

When I worked at a mental health crisis centre, I couldn’t believe how many people came to us, not because of their own problems, but because they were so lost in a friend’s pain that they couldn’t take it anymore. I saw a lot of people who were so worn down from helping someone else that they couldn’t sleep, eat, socialize or focus at work or school. They were consumed with guilt every time they put down their phones, went to sleep, or dared to enjoy themselves and have a good time. All because they had no idea how to set boundaries. 

Helping your friends through a tough situation is a wonderful and noble thing to do, but it only works if you’re mentally in a place to do so. If you’re dealing with issues or mental illness of your own, you’re not always capable of being someone else’s shoulder to cry on 24/7. And that’s okay. Sometimes, you have to put yourself first. You can’t help someone else if you’re a mess yourself. You can’t save a drowning person with a sinking ship. 

Telling a friend that you’re overwhelmed and you need a break is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. Honesty is the best policy - don’t go radio silent on them, or avoid answering their messages. Be honest about how you’re feeling, and what you need from them. If you’re stuck on what to say and how to start the conversation, here are a few suggestions. Feel free to copy them exactly:

It’s really hard for me to admit this, but I’ve been feeling like I’m on the verge of a breakdown lately. I love you and I care about you, but I need to take some time to take care of myself for a while. 

I’m really concerned about you, but I honestly don’t know how to deal with this and I’m worried I’ll say the wrong thing. I really think that you should talk to a professional about this. 

This is hard for me to admit, but I have a lot going on in my life right now, and it’s getting to be too much for me. Would it be okay if we talked about lighter stuff for the next little while?

You deserve more support than I can give you. I think you need to tell a close family member or professional about what’s going on. 

It seems like every time we talk about this, things are worse for you. I’m worried that my advice isn’t helping you at all, and I think you should talk to someone more qualified than me. 

I’m really worried for your safety, and it breaks my heart, but I can’t keep you safe all by myself. Would it be okay if we told someone else what was going on? 

I’m sorry, but I can’t answer my text messages 24 hours per day. I really want to make sure that you always have someone to turn to if I’m not available. Are there some other people you would trust with this? I can help you tell them, if you’re not comfortable doing it by yourself. 

I hope these suggestions are helpful - best of luck to all of you, and make sure to put your own mental health first when you have to. 

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Okay, but Allura never got to finish saying what the Blue Lion's qualities are? Why would she just skip over Lance?! Okay, yeah, he interrupted her, but what was she going to say? Will we ever know? Will the characters ever know? What if she was going to say something about how attached/close the blue paladin can get to people? What if it had something to do with Lance's insecurities? Maybe the blue paladin is supposed to be the confident one, so Allura felt like she didn't need to explain herself? I HONESTLY NEED TO KNOW LIKE IF THIS IS NOT ADDRESSED IN SEASON THREE I WILL RIOT because I need a scene where someone (preferably Keith because Ship™) asks Allura all casual, "oh yeah, what were you about to say?" and it ends up being this extremely deep thing that they all realize describes Lance perfectly and I just hate that Lance got completely glossed over about why he should pilot the blue lion and mAYBE IF ALLURA TOLD HIM WHY HE WAS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE HE WOULDN'T DOUBT HIMSELF SO MUCH. I think about this way too much. I am so distressed.

Because there’s just way too much salt out there sometimes.

♥ What’s the absolute best experience you’ve had in RP?
♦ What’s your favorite thing about RP, generally?
♚ Have you ever made any lasting friends through RP?
⚜ Have you ever met anyone from RP in real life?
✮ Do you think you’ve improved as a writer through roleplaying?
☄ Has roleplay positively affected your life in some ways?
☯ Tell us all about your favorite muse you’ve ever written and why they meant so much to you.
☼ Have you learned any new skills from being involved in RP (coding, editing, making GIFs, etc)?
☀ Have you ever joined a new fandom that you only discovered through RP?
♨ What unlikely, ‘only possible in RP’ ships have you enjoyed writing with your muses?
❀ What is your favorite thing about your current fandom or RP community?
✉ Say something nice about someone you follow!

  • Tony: *Makes Clay a mixtape of romantic songs that remind him of how he feels about Clay*
  • Clay: Aw, Babe, you're so sweet
  • Alex: *to Justin* Why don't you ever do things like that for me?
  • Justin: *Makes Alex playlist*
  • Alex: Why are all of these sexual?


Is this the real life?
Or are they baiting me?
Is this a new gay ship,
That I can see on my TV?

Already too late.
I’ve chosen the fate for me…..
I’m just a queer girl, spends to long on AO3

Although the stray bullets,
my OTPS,
Despite all of,
The history
I’m hooked on a ship that may not ever be… ever be…

It seems to me.
That two women on the screen,
Can really only be seen as..
Gal pals. Why is this the case?
Why can’t they just go kiss each other’s faccceeee.

Shipping, ooohhhhhh
You see all it really takes,
Is a prolonged hug, stare or romantic gesture
For them to be, my OTP and all-time new obsession.

we should mention.
That we do actually have our share,
Of canon couples who now share some…
Screen time on our TVs,
But let’s be truuueee
The White Guy™ has more screen time than they ever dooooooo.

*cough* sanvers *cough*

Writers. Here’s a few tips,
If you wanna please the queers,
Here’s a list of things you really shouldn’t do……

(Gay Instrumental #1)

First here’s the thing all queer characters should be:
BULLETPROOF, (just take a look at jroth).
All stray bullets are a no,
For a gay girls way to go, see:
Hint hint Lexa. (Hint hint Lexa.)
Hint hint Lexa. (Hint hint Lexa.)
We won’t ever let that go….
Let that go-o-o-o-o.

It’s really tiring, seeing the same storyline.
Surely you should be trying, saving a queer from time to time.
At least until the end of the season three.

Lesbians, and bullets, aren’t one of the same.
NICOLE HAUGHT. Oh, can you see that on her chest. (Can you seeeee)
NICOLE HAUGHT. It’s a bulletproof vest. (How trippyyyyy)
NICOLE HAUGHT. A bulletproof vest. (I’m impressed)
A bulletproof vest (I’m impressed)
Oh yes, they are the best.
Stops every gay mess, oh

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Oh, learn-from-Andras, learn-from-Andras, (she really likes the gays)
Or make the queer females all immortal like Delphine,


(Gay instrumental #2)

Also remember that happy endings exisssttt.
And that queer couples can also live in blissss.
Root, Shaw; that wounds kinda still raw.
Arizona and Callie, Greys Anatomy what the hell?

So if you’re still struggling,
To write successfully,
Maybe you can just watch,
A show called Carmilla (season three).

Won’t ever let that go…..

Hamilton song asks act 1

“Alexander Hamilton”  - What have you done to get from where you started to where you are now?

"Aaron Burr, Sir”- If you could meet any person or book character that ever existed, who would it be and why? 

“My Shot”- What motivates you to keep working?

“The Story Of Tonight” - What unites you and your friend group?

“The Schuyler Sisters” - What’s your best response to a bad pick up line?

“Farmer Refuted” - What was one time that you stood up for what you believed in?

“You’ll Be Back” - What was your worst ex like during your break up?

“Right Hand Man” - Do people tend to rely on you?

“A Winter’s Ball” - Do you like to go to parties or stay at home?

“Helpless” - Have you ever fallen in love? What did it feel like?

“Satisfied” - What was the biggest sacrifice you made for someone you loved?

“The Story of Tonight (Reprise)” - How do you deal with crushes?

 "Wait For It" - What is your philosophy in life?

“Stay Alive” - What is your strategy when it seems like you’re going to lose?

“Ten Duel Commandments” - What is your method for dealing with conflict?

“Meet Me Inside” - What was the worst thing you’ve gotten in trouble for?

“That Would Be Enough” - Do you feel content where you are in life currently?

 "Guns and Ships" - Are you fluent in any other languages?

 "History Has Its Eyes On You" - What do you want to be remembered for in a hundred years?

“Yorktown” - What was your greatest success?

 "What Comes Next" - Where do you see yourself in a decade?

“Dear Theodosia” - How do you feel about kids? Would you ever have children?

“Non-Stop”- What do you want more than anything?


okay, but we need to talk about this parallel. Ali’s dimples. Ali’s happiness. Ali’s happiness with Emily. And only Emily. You know what else is so beautiful about this parallel too? “That’s why I love you. You’re big on happy endings”. Ali said this to Emily in episode 1x09. You know what Ali also said to emily in 7x16? “I wanna do this together. I wanna be a family. I love you”. After all those years, after everything, after all this time, her feelings for Emily were always there and never got away, and this ladies and gentlemen is one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen, and i’m emotional now bye

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Top 5 interactions you wish would happen?

Oooooh well. This gonna be a good (and probably very obvious) one.

1. BOKUTO AND OIKAWA. LISTEN. L I S T E N. I live and breath Bokuoi, they are the shape of my soul, my sun and stars, the light of my life, my one true guilty pleasure, my ultimate rare pair, I’ll give up everything for them ok???? #1 is not even enough, they’re in a league of their own and honestly this top 5 should be only Bokuto and Oikawa in all the 5 places because I’ll legit pay money to see them interact I just…need this so badly, it’s my only wish. No one could ever compare to them ok I love them so much !!!!!!!!!

2. Kuroo and Oikawa. This could be the greatest power friendship that world has ever seen or a complete train wreck. I honestly have a weakness for the first, let the Tokyo-Miyagi axis rise! They would simply JUDGE EXTRA HARD everyone, have a shit ton of inside jokes, pull the lamest pranks and talk about hair products 24/7. Salty, sassy, snaky, together they are just PERFECT

3. Bokuto and Kenma. Oh, I have a huge soft spot for this one. I’m genuinely curious of what they think of each other, if they enjoy each other company, if they ever talk to each other. I feel like they could get along really well, even surprisingly so. Bokuto is surely loud, but I think that Kenma would find his built quite comforting, almost a safe place to hide. Also whenever Kuroo and Kenma fight, I’m sure that Bokuto ALWAYS takes Kenma’s side. Idk I’m so weak for Bokuto being all protective with him and Kenma letting himself be protected by him <3 

4. The captain squad. OF COURSE. We all read national hod dad alliance (if you haven’t please do, it’s a fandom classic) and seeing Bokuto, Oikawa, Kuroo, Daichi and Ushijima interacting all together would be the ultimate blessing. @Furudate….please….I’m begging you. But, in the meantime…COLLEGE AU, COLLEGE AU, COLLEGE AU!!!!!! 

Originally posted by angrytobio

5. The next gen captain squad. Have you ever read fresh or something? Well, DO. Ennoshita, Yahaba, Akaashi, Shirabu, Terushima, Futakichi…all together are an explosive match. In the fic they organize a little day of tournament together and, honestly??? YES PLEASE ???? This is the most competitive and sassiest generation of captains ever, I’m sure their interactions would be LIT AF (also I low key ship some of them but that’s another story)

Thank you for your messages!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Ask me anything and I will answer honestly.
  1. What’s your favourite food?
  2. What’s your favourite place to eat?
  3. Someone you hate?
  4. Someone you like? (friends way)
  5. Crush?
  6. Got a job?
  7. Dream place to visit?
  8. Any plans for the future?
  9. Who’s the last person you hugged?
  10. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?
  11. Who’s your biggest inspiration?
  12. Who’s been seen your worst and still stuck around?
  13. 13 reason’s why (insert question)?
  14. What’s the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened?
  15. When was the last time you love someone?
  16. How did your last relationship end?
  17. Do you hate any of your ex/s?
  18. What’s the biggest lie you ever told?
  19. Who did you lie to?
  20. Why did you lie?
  21. What’s the biggest achievement so far?
  22. Who’s your celebrity crush?
  23. What makes you happy?
  24. What annoys the shit out of you?
  25. Who makes you smile most?
  26. The last time you cried?
  27. The last text/message you sent?
  28. The last person you texted/messaged?
  29. The one thing you look for in a person?
  30. What makes someone ugly?
  31. What makes a good first date?
  32. What is a good day out to you?
  33. Where do you shop (food)?
  34. Where do you shop (clothes)?
  35. Screenshot of your recent call list.
  36. Biggest ship?
  37. Ask me any question.

if you want to protect children in fandom, do you know what’s a good thing to fight for?

better tagging practices on works, more nuanced critiques of works that don’t involve embarrassing yourself by reporting it to ao3 and then whining when they don’t change their entire goal as a company to cater to you, better education for newer fans of filtering and curating their own fandom experiences and keeping themselves safe, a general move for all of fandom away from websites like tumblr or twitter where curating one’s own experience is made difficult or impossible by the format of the website itself

do you know what’s not a good thing to fight for?

a theoretical ~fandom paradise~ where the only ships you can find content for are good ships and all survivors cope with “healthy” methods that are Anti-Approved, and where no one who isn’t a survivor ever even Thinks about a bad ship, because just thinking about it Will turn you into a bad person if you aren’t a survivor, and where all dark content is completely banned because it’s dangerous

An Ask Meme I Just Made Up

I wanted to make one, so here you go. Drop a number in my askbox. Or reblog it and steal it for your own.

1. Are you a side, back, or front sleeper?

2. When you hum random music what song is it?

3. Explain your username

4: Explain my username

5: How did you fall into the tumblr hellpit?

6: What fan interest of yours would you least prefer to explain in your workplace?

7: What fan interest or yours would you most enjoy explaining in your workplace?

8: Last song you listened to?

9: Weirdest thing on your dash today?

10: In a perfect world, what animal would you most like to adopt?

11: What animal would you most like someone else to adopt?

12: What’s something trivial you have strong opinions about?

13: What would your super-villain finishing move be?

14: Explain your icon.

15: You meet your true love(s) today. Possibly again. Describe your ideal hilarious romcom meetcute. (can be aromantic)

16: Your comfort food, and why.

17: What type of mad science will you Show Them All with? (ex: mad chemical engineer, mad library scientist, mad linguist). Which of your creations will probably turn on you?

18: Favorite cheesy trope?

19: Favorite trope nobody writes enough of?

20: Rec me a book, comic, or anime, or other piece of media you wish there were more like.

21: Wierdest tumblr drama you’ve been a part of or stumbled across.

22: You know those things from a million years ago your brain suddenly reminds you to feel embarrased/guilty/bad about in full technicolor? Tell me one of them.

23: What is something you collect?

24: Pens. Do you know where the one closest to you came from? Would you be distressed if someone took it?

25: The last game you played is crossed with the zombie apocalypse and now going down outside your window. How boned are you?

26: What was the last thing that made you cry?

27: Most embarrassing/weird/personal body thing you’re willing to talk about.

28: Your icon is now the voice of your inner therapist. How is this gonna go?

29: Name a kink you only like hypothetically.

30: Name a kink you find bewildering.

31: You have acquired: a mouse, a lizard, a rabbit, a spider, a domestic fox. Name them! Who gets to sleep on the bed?

32: What was your favorite childhood toy? Do you still have it?

33: Hit “shuffle” on your media player and tell me your favorite lyric from the song that comes up.

34: What fan media (of yours or someone else’s) would you most like to see art/fic for?

35: What do you ship that you think would be hard to explain convincingly to other people? Attempt an explanation.

36: What meme gets on your nerves?

37: Showers or baths?

38: Who was your biggest childhood nemesis and why?

39: First writing prompt that comes to your head.

40: Least favorite color.

41: What was the last thing you got really obsessed with?

42: What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on a mind-altering substance? (prescription, recreational, otc, or food)

43: Shuffle up a random song on your media player. Now tell me what ship/story goes with it.

44: What’s making you happiest recently? :)

45: What’s scaring you these days? :(

46: Post a funny video for me.

47: Did you ever have a dream/nightmare that stuck with you for years?

48: What’s a movie you thought you’d hate but you turned out to love?

49: Tell me a really obscure fact you know.

50: Hot or cold?

51: How did your parent(s) punish you as a kid? What do you think of that?

52: What’s something you thought was true about yourself that your feelings have changed on over the years?

53: Write a story in seven words.

54: What is your favorite curse word?

55: Favorite food for every color of the rainbow.

56: If you were a poltergeist where would you haunt and what would be your preferred style of prank?

57: What is an art style, craft, or skill that you can’t do, but you really admire in others?

58: What is a skill you have that people probably don’t know about?

59: Name a pet peeve you have, and something you do that is probably a pet peeve for others.

60: Dragons, dinosaurs, or aliens?

61: What was the last big fight you had with someone about?

62: Insult the asker of this question creatively.

63: In an ideal world, what would you like done with your body after you die?

64: Find me a weird stock photo and post it.

65: What was your bedtime ritual as a kid? Did you have one?

66: What are the three traits you value the most in others?

67: What are the three most interesting wild animals you’ve encountered in your life?

68: What is a word you really enjoy saying?

69: Answer number 60 like it was a “fuck, marry, kill” rhetorical.

70: Describe something that happened to you today as if you were a narrator in a film noir, nature documentary, or 50s teaching video.

71: Create five new nicknames for yourself as quickly as you can.

72: Shorts, pants, skirts, or other?

73: What’s a song you hate and why?

74: If you were a superhero, what would be your one weakness?

75: Describe a weird encounter you had with a bug.

25 Questions For Your D&D Characters and OCs
  1. What is this character’s alignment?
  2. What is a notable quote from this character? Alternatively, what is their favorite quote?
  3. Summarize your character’s backstory with no more than three sentences.
  4. Describe your character using a song title.
  5. Are there any story arcs you would like this character to explore?
  6. What would your character like (or have liked) to do with their life?
  7. Who is your character’s best friend?
  8. Who is your character’s worst enemy?
  9. Who has, for better or worse, had the most impact on your character’s life?
  10. What is the most badass thing this character has done?
  11. What crime is this character most likely to be convicted of?
  12. What meme would you use to describe the character?
  13. Does this character swear frequently?
  14. What is this character’s relationship with religion or the church?
  15. Would this character ever make a deal with a devil or dark spirit?
  16. Emotion or Logic?
  17. Soup or Salad?
  18. What is the character’s favorite Pokémon? 
  19. What Pokémon Go team would they be on?
  20. Is your character currently in love? Is there anyone in love with your character?
  21. Do you ship your character with any other characters? (This includes characters from other universes and canons)
  22. How would this character seduce a lover?
  23. If your character could play any part in a drama, stage production, or musical, what part would they play?
  24. What is your character’s favorite album?
  25. What does this character mean to you?
Headcanons: Airship
  • The airship is arguably sentient and capable of thought. To some extent, it has a personality of its own.
  • It’s the airship’s job to look after Sportacus and assist him in his duties as a hero. This includes, but is not limited to providing him with food, alerting him to certain things such as the time or temperature, monitoring his physical and mental well-being, dropping things down upon request and reporting back to the village and elders in the form of statistics and data.
  • Rumour has it that its voice is modelled after the first hero’s partner, who had done all of that for her while alive.
  • While it follows Sportacus’ commands most of the time, it is capable of disobedience within certain parameters or in emergency situations.
  • Its main goal in ‘life’ is to ensure Sportacus is well. It would do anything, even against the hero’s wishes, to do so. Some would accuse it of being overly protective or mothering, but it has no concept of things like that.


  • Sportacus’ ship figured out he has a crush on Robbie long before the elf did. At first, it didn’t approve, but after thorough observations (yes, it has cameras) it came to the conclusion that the two would be perfect for each other.
  • Have you ever seen an airship play matchmaker? Would you like to?
  • It was very confusing for both Sportacus and Robbie to see an airship behave so… odd. Sportacus even let Robbie look over the wiring to see if anything was amiss. For days afterwards Sportacus had a feeling the ship sounded smug.
  • Once the two finally get their act together and start dating, the ship starts recognising Robbie’s voice, obeying a handful of commands without having to be programmed to do so.
  • The ship expands its care-taking to Robbie. It monitors his health, bodily functions and mental state, and takes measures to ensure he is fine and happy. While Sportacus’ crystal doesn’t work well with Robbie, the ship has no such problems. It also has no sense of privacy. 
  • Being mothered by an airship is both terrifying and oddly nice.
hold my beer

Ok so this is yet another idea that I will NEVER have time to write (for those that follow my Cross the River one shots, I’m still sorry for inflicting the half finished fics on you haha. But I’m not sorry for inflicting this idea on you

Three words:

Drunk. Ladynoir. Wedding. wait is ladynoir even technically a word?

  • It’s quite a few years into the future and Adrien and Marinette are happily revealed and happily married. Everything’s just friggin peachy
  • One day there is an akuma, a girl who got dumped by a dickhead bf for another girl and then goes on a rampage to show everyone she is ‘good enough.’ After they defeat her, they try to cheer her up
  • Chat, being Chat, thinks that being a flirt will help boost her self-esteem, bc, you know, getting flirted at by a superhero is an ego boost no matter how sad you are
  • Lo and behold, it backfires
  • The girl (lets call her Ada) gets pissed off that Chat is flirting with her right in front of Lady, because “Aren’t you guys like, together??”
  • Chat backpedals, Lady facepalms. No it’s still not official or public that they’re together (keep work separate from home, yknow what I’m sayin, and besides, it’s unwise to let Hawky know the full extent of how much they care for each other because they don’t want to be emotionally manipulated in battle)
  • The girl is like “shit I thought you guys were like.. the perfect relationship. Obviously not. If even you aren’t together, then where’s the hope for me…. sighh….” :’(
  • Ada is so upset that they decide to let her in on a little secret. That in their civilian lives… they are married
  • Ada is all,  :’D omg seriously
  • (^..^) and >(:-:) are like, yeah, but dont tell anyone. It’s a secret. ((SLAPS YOU WITH HEAVY-HANDED FORESHADOWING)) Hey I know what’ll cheer you up, Ada. Lets go out for drinks!
  • AND SO MY FRIENDS, that is how Adrien and Mari end up spending a night on the town with a recent akuma victim as Chat and Lady…

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TMIAppreciationWeek2017 Day 2 | Favorite Ship: Clary x Jace

“And now I’m looking at you,” he said, “and you’re asking me if I still want you, as if I could stop loving you. As if I would want to give up the thing that makes me stronger than anything else ever has. I never dared give much of myself to anyone before- bits of myself to the Lightwoods, to Isabelle and Alec, but it took years to do it- but, Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely. I still do. If you want me.”

OC Questions I haven’t seen:

1. what do they look like?

2. describe their personality in three words:

3. how tall are they?

4. favorite foods?

5. any allergies?

6. what is their build?

7. do they have curly, wavy, or straight hair?

8. do they like books? if so, how often do they read?

9. what are their talents?

10. two or more other fictional characters they’re similar to?

11. what is one strange hobby/talent they have?

12. five songs that fit them:

13. who do you think could play them in a live-action rendition?

14. do they just want to rest?

15. which OC did not sign up for this?

16. who’s their favorite person?

17. who do you ship them with?

18. have they experienced the death of a loved one?

19. have they ever been tortured?

20. what’s the worst thing you’ve done to them without spoiling anything?

21. any mental illnesses?

22. what’s their favorite animal?

23. what are their flaws?

24. what’s their favorite color?

25. pet peeves?

26. bad habits?

27. an OC they hate:

28. random fact about them:

29. family members?

30. Hogwarts house?

31. what makes them happy?

32. middle and last names (if they’re established)?

33. introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?

34. how old are they?

35. strange quirks they have:

36. any unhealthy obsessions?

37. looks like they could kill but is actually a cinnamon roll, looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you, looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll, looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you, or sinnamon roll

38. how smart are they?

39. master planner or master improviser?

40. species/race?

41. cat or dog person?

42. where are they from?

43. moral alignment?