do you ever just start crying because of these two

bad | 05

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: future smut, romance, fluff, badboy!jungkook

WORDS: 7 159

WARNINGS: mature themes, language

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A/N: I hope ya’ll have fun reading this. hopefully it quenches some thirst- what? fucken not today teaser got me shook as fuck, I screamed out loud! and thank you so much for all the sweet messages <3 sry for taking so long

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Marrying Min Yoongi

SeriesPark Jimin | Jung Hoseok | Jeon Jungkook | Kim Namjoon | Kim Seokjin | Kim Taehyung

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  • So, we’re talking about our boi Yoongi here
  • he’s like this aesthetic fluff grump hybrid but
  • still, a total sweetheart
  • so when he proposes to you, your head sort of combusts and your heart flies out of your mouth like ??!?!?!?!?! because you’re honestly so excited and WHY’D IT TAKE SO LONG MIN YOONGI U LITTLE
  • but it’s okay now because you’re getting married
  • M-A-R-R-I-E-D

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RFA +V&Saeran's reaction to sassy MC??

I liv,,,,e for sass lmao, I’m personally that good at it but it really does make my day lol. I hope you like this one anon!!!


     - This bo,,y

     - He is just blown away by your sass

     - Honestly he’s super impressed by your ability to come up with witty and funny replies so quickly, although sometimes they’re a little mean

     - The first time you sass him he cries a little although he’ll try to deny it later.

     - Why would you do that to him he’s a precious baby 

     - But after that first time be grows a thick skin to it lol

     - He’s used to Seven doing stuff like that to him, and he loves you so he just  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

     - He knows you can’t really help it because a lot of your responses to people are instantaneous

     - He’s always secretly worried that someone will get mad at you but don’t worry bc he’ll be Super Yoosung for you any day at any time.

     - Overall, very impressed by your sass and wishes he could be that cool lol


     - Beware the Beast™

     - Seriously though he’s also high key impressed by it

     - Except he differs from Yoosung in that it kind of turns him on a bit lmao

     - He especially loves it when you sass one of his rude coworkers when the two of you are alone, because tbh they deserve it and you’re absolutely hilarious

     - The first time you sass him though

     - He feels a bit betrayed

     - “MC I thought that was what we did to them

     - He’s a bit of a drama queen but we love him

     - He doesn’t really care as long as it was good though, only the best roasts for him lmao

     - Eventually his sass skills get better, so you two become and unstoppable duo. No one can escape your clutches.


     - You wouldn’t think it

     - But she’s a sass master

     - You have finally met your match

     - When she worked for Jumin, she couldn’t ever really show that side of her because he’s her boss, and she was representing the company so she had to be on her best behavior 25/8.

     - But now she runs the cafe with you 

     - And it’s like all that pent up sass just pours from her

     - You get a rude customer? Dude doesn’t even know what hit him when Jaehee smiles at him sweetly and roasts him to within an inch of his life

     - Jumin’s going on about cat projects in the Messenger and making Yoosung’s life a living hell? Better put on some shades because Mama Jaehee’s in the house

     - The two of you will spend a lot of time in the cafe and in your apartment just sassing each other

     - It’s a bonding experience and neither of you would trade it for anything

     - Bonus: You frighten the other RFA members so much that they’ll never bother the two of you lol


     - He doesn’t really get it??? Not at first at least

     - One day the two of you are at a lunch meeting with a few other business associates of his

     - And some lady who’s CEO of some such company makes a snide remark about how you don’t really fit in at the fancy restaurant among so many successful people

     - Jumin picked up on what she was saying and is about to tell her off for it (and probably cancel C&R’s deal with her company no one talks to his darling like that)

     - But you just smile and???

     - “Judging by what you’re wearing, you don’t really belong here either?”

     - Jumin is S H O O K ™

     - The lady doesn’t say another word about you for the rest of the meal tho so it’s win/win

     - When you’re back in the car Jumin asks you what that was about

     - And you just go “Oh sorry I can’t help but sass people when they get like that, I’m sorry if it upset you or anything”

     - It doesn’t upset him

     - Far from it

     - From then on he tries to pay more attention to what you say since now he knows what sass sounds like

     - He loves it omg

     - Once he tried to sass back at you once and while it wasn’t good it was cute and you kissed his cheek

     - #BlessJuminHan


     - He loves it

     - He loves you 

     - This is the best thing ever bless

     - You two only communicate to each other through sass and puns

     - No one else ever understands anything you’re saying

     - But you guys know

     - Whenever you sass someone else you bet he’s literally standing there cheering and eating popcorn

     - When the two of you get really into a sass battle, he’ll set up a sound system and have it like a rap battle

     - Saeran’s in the corner banging his head against the wall why does he have to endure this

     - There’s an unspoken rule that you don’t sass Saeran because you both know it will result in death

     - The two of you will wax poetic about each other through thoughtful roasts that you spent like a day writing up

     - The others in the RFA will get tired of the two of you but also jealous bc you guys are just so good for each other


     - Look, if anyone else ever were to sass him

     - They would die

     - With you, however, he views it as a friendly competition

     - He only goes for the really top tier, right on the edge of being super mean sass though.

     - He likes to see how many times he can make other people *coughcoughSevencoughcough* cry in a day

     - His record is four

     - He doesn’t really mean any of it though, he just thinks it’s fun

    - Alright maybe he means it a little

    - You guys don’t always sass battle each other though, he likes the times that you don’t just as much as when you do

    - Just something fun the two of you do together <3


     - Surprisingly he understands your sass

     - He thinks it’s super funny and adorable

     - You roast him and he’ll just laugh and go “Tru”

     - Please don’t roast him he is also a precious baby

     - He’s sassy too, but in a super low-key way

     - You didn’t even realize it until like a year after you started dating

     - You bring it up to Jumin and for the first time ever you see him cry because finally he has someone else to relate to

     - He loves taking pictures of you when you’re sassing someone to the moon

     - You just get so animated, it’s amazing

     - A year and a half after you start dating (about 8 months since he finally got the surgery) he takes you to his most recent exhibition

     - He refuses to tell you it’s theme before you see it

     - You get there and there are just tons of pictures of you, roasting and sassing to your heart’s content.

     - It’s a huge success, everyone loves the emotion present in the pictures, it’s like they’re literally there themselves

     - At the end of the night, you ask V what the theme was

     - He smiles sweetly

     - “Salt”

Hope you liked it anon!!! I had to consult outside help from my friend bc I am not sassy at all and could not think of any good replies for Jumin’s lol.

Also whoops V’s got super long did not intend for that


Dating Sehun would include...

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; you are his universe.

A/N: this is what fuels me to write for my hun. if some of the things i wrote down seems to be copied/same as other’s dating - would include, i’m sorry. i’ve read too many of them and got inspiration from them. enjoy!

boyfriend? sehun, kyungsoo, junmyeon, baekhyun, ?

masterlist // get to know me

  • him being so extra with you, but acts like a serious, manly, and protective boyfriend in public
  • literally always sticks by your side and holds onto your hand when you’re out, making sure no guy dares to lay their eyes on you
  • not really into pda/skinship in public, but when alone or at home, his hands and lips would basically be all over you
  • adorable assholehun surfacing everytime you hug someone that wasn’t him
  • sehun being so huggable all the time (even in public) that you’d bury your face in his chest
  • he has a small smile on his face when you do so and he makes sure you don’t see it, so you won’t tease him about it
  • being bestfriends with chanyeol to make sehun jealous that you and yeol hang out a lot
  • “she’s my girlfriend, hyung. go find yourself one!”
  • having to calm down kyungsoo everytime sehun ticks him off by doing or even saying something stupid
  • “soo, if you kill sehun, i won’t have a boyfriend anymore.”
  • spending more money on food than anything else
  • “bubble tea isn’t healthy, hun.”
  • sehun lowkey likes to say romantic things bluntly/randomly/casually just to see you blush and get embarrassed
  • spontaneous dates filled with sweets, laughter, wrong directions, and getting lost
  • most dates being at home cuddling cus that’s what you both do best
  • “babe, kiss me. you look so cute.”
  • “i knew it. you only love me for my looks.”
  • sehun kissing you on the cheek before he leaves early in the morning for work while you’re still asleep because he loves the way you’d instantly smile at the touch of his lips
  • talking about the future (a wedding, babies, a house) with each other and you laughing at the ideas while sehun’s taking mental and vital notes to use in the future
  • “but i want a daughter, jagiya!”
  • “you know i can’t control the gender of the baby.”
  • “then we’ll just have to keep on trying then do we, babe?”
  • legit always cuddling all the time even after sexy time
  • sehun loving it when you dominate over him in bed, it fuels him to be more rough with you, and he knows you’ve always liked it rough
  • never being able to walk the next morning cus you’re so sore from sehun last night
  • sehun teasing you on how you can’t walk or stand when you moaned so loud for him
  • you having to get his long arms and legs away from your body all night long as you both slept
  • waking up next to a sexy yet cute, bare chested, messy hair sehun and kissing him the moment you open your eyes because you can’t believe this angel is yours
  • sehun smirking when you do this cus he knows you love him the way he loves you
  • it ends up with you catching his lil smirk and teasing him about it
  • “you like knowing i love you, don’t you?”
  • “nope, i just like how so many people are so in love me.”
  • you being in awe whenever he dances cus he looks so handsome and manly for some reason
  • always getting the “why are you so obsessed with me” from sehun
  • with his 184cm height and sassy attitude, he’d forever tease you about your height and how you’re so “tiny” just because he’s taller than you
  • you always staring at his butt because damn, that ass is beautiful and yours too
  • never getting hurt (emotionally, mentally, physically) cus sehun would explode
  • sehun unable to resist tearing up when you cry even if he doesn’t know why you started crying
  • he’d listen to whatever you’d say and do his best to comfort you cus he doesn’t want to ever see you sad
  • sehun always on cute loving boyfriend mode
  • never having a day where you’d be in a bad mood cus you have his kisses, weird jokes, and him
  • never having to worry about leaving an empty space between you two in bed after a fight cus he’ll always swallow up his pride and hug you cus his love for you is greater than anything else
  • always knowing sehun loves you soooooooo much because he’ll never let a day go by he doesn’t say you’re his universe
  • and always replying by giving him the most meaningful kiss you could give that meant just the same as his words for you, but for him

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Request~ MM guys reacting to MC being kidnapped by Unknown! Not necessarily the bad end where it's also a MM guy that's also taken, but just MC. you can take it further if you'd like(how long are they missing, how they are found) doesn't matter

ooo i like this request! :) it’s a bit angsty, but honestly I like angsty MM imagines sometimes, it really shows you how much the characters care for the MC (you!) and it just makes me feel good :D hopefully this suits your request~

♥ He’d be the quickest to notice you were gone. He’d freak out so much when you weren’t joining chatrooms or answering his calls/texts.
♥ He wouldn’t know what to do at first, poor puppy boy would get so overwhelmed.
♥ He would cry so goddamn much, he can’t even think clearly. He doesn’t know where you are and he’s just clutching onto his phone hoping you’re okay.
♥ He can’t lose you. He won’t lose you.
♥ probably creates makeshift “MISSING PERSON” signs with college ruled paper and highlighters.
♥ After a couple days pass, he finally realizes you might be in grave danger and gets Seven almost immediately to help find you.
♥ HE’S SUPER SERIOUS NOW, HE IS READY TO KILL A BITCH (yandere yoosnuggle ooo)
♥ Once he finds out you were kidnapped by Unknown, he starts sobbing again.
♥ YOU WERE KIDNAPPED ALL THIS TIME AND HE DIDN’T KNOW? he’s screeching what if unknown held your hand?? HE IS THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO DO THAT!!
♥ After regaining his senses, he goes to Unknown’s place accompanied by Seven to help get you back.
♥ AND BOY, once he does get you back he’s so relieved.
♥ Constantly hugging and kissing you from that point on, he’s never letting you get into danger again.
“I will protect you always, I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.”

♥ tbh he’d probably be kinda slow to figure out you were gone. hE HAS LOTS OF WORKOUTS/PRACTICE TO DO OK
♥ When he realizes you’re missing, he doesn’t know what to do, he just starts screaming and crying. He probably picks up a cigarette or two.
♥ The one person that really mattered to him was missing and he had no idea what to do.
♥ He stops going to practice and stops working out. It’s not very fun when he doesn’t have you to compliment him.
♥ Seven would probably get on the case super quick. Zen wouldn’t ask for Seven’s help because he wants to find you on your own, but Seven knows that Zen wouldn’t be able to do it on his own so he just jumps in.
♥ He is so passionate to get you back, he can’t even think of another man loving you like he does.
♥ Once Seven gives him directions to Unknown’s hideout, Zen hops on his motorcycle and VROOM VROOM
♥ This eager bugger probably sucker punches Unknown in the face then steals you away.
“Nobody will take you away from me, nobody. I’ll always be there to get you back, my princess.”

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I would die of happiness if you did the OTP Parent with Cassian Andor.

who’s the one to wake up the kids:
Cassian gets up too early for it to be fair on the kids for him to wake them up, but he goes into their rooms and gives them a kiss on the forehead before he leaves to work on his ship.

who makes the breakfast:
Again, Cassian gets up too early, but he gets all the bowls and ingredients out for you before he leaves so that he’s at least helping out in some way.

who’s the one to cry for everything:
Neither of you really cry much? He gets emotional at births though, half out of worry for you and half out of excitement to meet his newest child.

who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one:
Cassian is probably the stricter parent, but not in a way that would scare your kids. He’s just more firm with them if they’re not doing what they’re told to, but he never shouts. He’s the master of the disappointed tone of voice that makes the kids wish he would just yell at them instead.

who does baby talk:
CASSIAN. It’s the cutest thing ever because he just rambles on and on to the babies, and they get so enthralled by his voice that literally all he needs to do to stop them crying is to talk to them about anything.

who wakes up for midnight feedings:
You try to get up before Cassian wakes if the baby starts crying in the night because he gets up so early and needs all the sleep he can get. He’s quite a light sleeper though so will usually come and sit with you and cuddle with the baby for a while, because he doesn’t mind losing sleep for you two.

who’s the one who always worries:
I think Cassian’s probably the worrier in the family. He lost his family so young, and the thought of that happening to his children terrifies him.

who’s the competitive parent:
Neither of you are exactly competitive, but you both want your children to be the best they can be. You don’t put too much pressure of them though.

who kisses the ouches:
Both of you. The kids come to Cassian for a kiss then they want a group cuddle with both of you.

who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes:
Cassian can’t resist them. The kids have him wrapped around their little fingers.

who makes the “dad jokes”:
Probably you. Whenever you make a joke, the sounds of Cassian and the kids putting their heads on the table and groaning can be heard across the galaxy.

who embarrasses their kid for fun:
I’m not saying it’s Cassian but it’s totally Cassian. He likes to embarrass the kids with lots of affection when he gets back from a mission, but they love it really.

who’s the over protective one:
You’re both quite protective because you’re raising them in a dangerous time, but you also realise you can’t protect them from everything and they need their freedom.

who’s the “take a sweater!” parent:
I don’t think either of you would be like that? You live on a jungle moon, wearing a sweater would probably kill them.


do you ever find yourself just getting so so so emotional over Jeller when you’re going about doing normal everyday stuff and you just need to take a moment because you really don’t know what to do or how to act because you just feel your heart start to swell in your chest, and your stomach is squirming and you want to laugh and cry but you’re in public and you’re thinking to yourself that two fictional people should not be able to do this to you but you can’t help it because they just do and then you’re just sitting there with all these emotions and you need to pretend they’re not there because the world wouldn’t understand? Yeah. That feeling.

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Waves (Blurb)

A one shot where Dad Harry takes you and your son to the beach for the day!            

can we discuss harry taking his baby girl swimming for the first time in their pool, the baby maybe being 8 months

Some people wanted a boy, some people wanted a girl, so I made twins! :)


“Harry, I can take one of them if you want me to. I have a free arm.”

“I’ve got them, love.”

You watched as Harry walked a few steps ahead of you with a little boy in one arm and a little girl in the other. You were sincerely happy that Harry had two fully functioning arms because, ever since the twins had been born, he hadn’t been able to put either of them down. Now at eight months old, the babies were starting to do a little more than just eat, sleep, cry and poop, and you knew Harry was excited to start doing more and more activities with them as they grew.

One of those activities was the one that you were currently embarking on. You had spent over an hour that morning with Harry, trying to get the kids dressed and lathered in sunscreen in order to take them on their first trip to the beach. Harry had been talking about it for months - wanting to wait for the warmest possible weather - and now he had both of his babies in his arms as you squished through the sand toward the water.

The beach was mildly full, as it was a beautiful day out, but you managed to find a decent spot away from the thick of the crowd to set up your towels and umbrella.

When Harry sat both kids down in the sand, they looked up at him at the first feel of the strange sensation against their hands.

“Does that feel funny?” Harry chuckled, sitting down in between them and picking up a handful of sand, “This is sand. S’fun to play in; you can make sand castles and stuff.”

Neither child, of course, knew what he was talking about but your daughter started babbling away happily while your son attempted to grab the handful of sand out of Harry’s hand. As soon as Harry let him have a chunk, the hand went straight for his mouth and Harry had to jump in order to stop his son from finding out what sand tasted like.

“Ah, ah, ah, s’not for eating,” he said, gently taking his son’s hand and forcing him to drop the sand.

The little boy started to whine a bit, but Harry quickly soothed him by picking him up and allowing his toes to dig into the sand while Harry kept a firm hold on him in order to keep him upright. Your son absolutely loved the feeling of the sand between his toes and it cheered him up instantly as he started to try and bounce up and down.

In the meantime, your daughter decided that she was going to go on an adventure and began crawling away off of the towel in he direction of the water. Harry quickly tucked his son down on his knee with an arm around his waist and grabbed for his daughter, picking her up and sitting her on the other knee.

“Where do you think you’re going, little lady?”

“I think she wants to go for a swim, Harry.”

Harry smiled, looking down at both of his kids who were squirming in his lap.

“Well, I think that sounds like a great idea.”

You opted to stay with the umbrella while Harry took both kids down toward the water. He had one on each hip as he slowly waded out into the water. He didn’t go any deeper than his waist and then very gently lowered himself until the babies’ toes dipped just below the surface.

Your son immediately tried to tuck his feet back up and whined at the cold, but your daughter seemed to love it and started to giggle.

“What’s wrong with you. bud?” Harry asked, looking at his son who seemed very unhappy, “Are you not a water bug? Happier in the sand, just like your mumma?”

Your son continued to whine and didn’t seem to be enjoying himself at all, so Harry walked back up the beach to drop him off with you, where he would be happier. As soon as he was plopped down in the sand, he cheered up. You made sure to keep a careful eye on where the sand ended up, but when you pulled out a little plastic shovel for him to hold, he didn’t even attempt to put the sand in his mouth again.

Harry, in the meantime, was back in the water with your daughter. She didn’t mind the cold whatsoever and giggled and laughed every time Harry dipped her little legs below the surface.

“You’re going to be quite the little fish, aren’t you?” Harry chuckled as he held his baby girl out in front of him with his hand under her armpits and swung her feet through the water, “I think swimming lessons might be in order in a few months.”

By the time Harry got back to the towel, your son had been fed and was now napping soundly in your arms under the shade of the umbrella. Harry sat with your daughter in his lap for a bit until she too started to drift off and you decided to call it a day.The kids were so tired out that they both slept in their car seats the entire drive home and didn’t stir a bit as you took them up to their room and placed them down in their cribs.

You and Harry both hoped that this would be the first of many beach days.

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Can I get a scenario where Jimin gets angry with you so he starts yelling at you and you're just quiet and trying not to hold back tears because you hate the fact that you're so innocent and oblivious to what you did wrong? Then he feels bad for making you cry (then a sweet ending please<3) thanks sorry if it's so specific!! ><

When the two of you had first started dating, you warned Jimin that he was your first ever boyfriend and that you didn’t know what you were doing. He assured you that he didn’t mind - “If anything, it makes you even cuter,” he teased, giving you that smirk that makes your knees feel weak.

It seemed that that was all backfiring now, though. You’d never seen Jimin so angry - and all because you’d gone to dinner with a guy from school. He’d asked so nicely, and he seemed friendly and genuinely interested in talking to you. What was the problem?

“You don’t see a problem with that?” Jimin demanded, folding his arms. “This guy is practically drooling over you, ____! Even if you didn’t, he saw it as a date!”

You frowned, shifting uncomfortably in your seat, unable to meet Jimin’s eyes. He’d never been mad at you before, and it felt terrible. You could feel tears prickling your eyes, and you sniffled. “Sorry,” you whispered faintly. At this point, you just wanted to sink through the floor. It felt more terrible than you could have ever imagined.

“That’s all you have to say?” Jimin snapped, huffing angrily. You thought he might go on, but as the first tears rolled down your cheeks, he went suddenly silent for several seconds.


“I’m sorry…” you whimpered again, wiping your eyes quickly. “I’m a terrible girlfriend. I’m so sorry.”

Suddenly, you felt Jimin’s strong arms wrap around you, holding you tight, and his nose nuzzle against your cheek. “Please don’t cry,” he whispered. “I didn’t mean to make you cry. I…I was just upset. I wasn’t thinking. Please. We’ll work on it, okay?”

You nodded, cuddling into his shoulder. Once you started crying, it was hard for you to stop, but Jimin held you close, kissing you atop your head. Even though you both made mistakes, you knew that your boyfriend would stick by you - after all, that was love.

- Admin Rin

Rich Games pt. 8 (Suho Scenario)

Summary: Everything is just fun and games for the rich boy, Suho.
Members: Suho x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 3,741 Words

 Okay, sorry this isn’t that long. I am working on this on a school computer while mine is broken, so I didn’t have that much time, but I did write most of this in my notebook. Anyways, I’m so happy you guys liked the 7th chapter and I REALLY hope you like this one as well. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be originally, but I like the character development and the growing relationship between characters. I hope you like it as well. Please let me know <3</p>

-Admin Kat

Pt. 1, Pt.2,  Pt. 3,   Pt. 4,  Pt. 5,   Pt.6,  Pt. 7,  Pt. 8,  Pt. 9,  Pt. 10,  Pt. 11,Pt. 12, Pt. 13,  Pt. 14,  Pt. 15,  Pt. 16,  Pt.17, Pt. 18, Pt. 19, Pt. 20,Pt. 21, Pt. 22, Pt. 23, Pt. 24, Pt. 25, Pt. 26

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The second Suho stopped outside, he saw a large group of students circling around the fight. He pushed past them with ease; everyone parting like the Red Sea once they saw him. He found Chen and Jimin standing at the center of the circle. Jimin was clearly ready for a fight as he held up his fists. Chen, on the other hand, was pulling his usual shtick of smiling and taunting as he watched the younger boy throwing punches in the air. “Is Lily really worth this?” Chen asked as he stretched his hands over his head. Suho looked around and saw Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Xiumin standing behind Chen and on the other side there was Hoseok, Taehyung, and Jungkook preparing to jump in if need be.  He let out a sigh and walked over to the boys. He stood in front of Chen.

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You Have Me

after finding out your sick you feel like you have to let your boyfriend go aka nathan sticks by your side regardless 

word count: 1,505

“I’m so sorry.”

Those were not the words you had expected to hear when you came back for a follow up doctor’s appointment. Over the phone your doctor had seemed so much warmer, like an actual person. Instead he was now delivering you the worst news of your life, he was playing grim reaper.

“If you’d like I can start taking you through what these next steps are?”

The problem was, in no way did you want to think about what these next steps were. You had never known anyone with cancer; it didn’t seem fair that the first was you. There was not a thought in your head on how to proceed, none of it seemed real or possible in the slightest. The thoughts you did have going on in your head had to do with the future, and whether there would even be one. Maybe these “next steps” would help prolong that future, but there was no definite guarantee. You knew that much. The biggest thing you thought of was Nathan. How this would affect Nathan.  

Clearing your throat, not wanting to get caught up in any emotions, you tell the doctor the truth, “I- um I don’t think I’m ready for that quite yet. If it’s okay I’d just like some time to process this all first…”

“Of course. I mean the sooner the better, but I completely understand. We have some great support groups available if you need to talk to anyone who’s in a similar situation.”

Similar situation

“No thanks, I think I’m okay.” Grabbing your purse off the ground you make the move to leave the office. The office that you knew would be haunting you for the rest of the time you had left. 


You looked at the clock in the kitchen for the fourth time in ten minutes. Nathan was going to be home from practice any minute and you were nervous with what you had to tell him.

After leaving the doctor’s office you went over what must have been millions of options on what to do about Nathan. There was no possible way that you could put him through what a long, emotional process this would be. He had his swimming to focus on, a professional career that would only dwindle if his mind were somewhere else besides the pool. You felt like you couldn’t tell him the truth; he would drop everything for you at a moment’s notice, which was the complete opposite of what you wanted. Ending it was the only thing you could think of that would leave you without feeling completely guilty. Of course you would feel guilty in the slightest because not only were you breaking your own heart, you were above all breaking Nathan’s.

The front door opens and you hear the 6’7” boy’s heavy footsteps walk from the front of the apartment into the kitchen. As soon as you see him you feel your heart race from his award-winning smile and also from what you’re about to do.  He comes closer and engulfs you into a hug holding you for a moment.

“Practice was tough today. Coach kicked my butt but I just thought about coming home to you the whole time and that helped me get through,” he looks down at you in the hug and kisses the top of your head. You break apart and he leans against the counter.

“Do you still want to make dinner tonight? We can always just go out, I mean I think I definitely deserve a cheat meal,” he says wiggling his eyebrows at you and smiling brightly once again. It was infectious and you had to break out into a smile yourself. He wasn’t making this any easier.

“Can we talk?”

Nathan laughs a bit, “Oh no, I’m in trouble” he says with a bit of humor in his voice. Motioning for him to follow you into the living space, you both take a seat on the couch.

“You don’t have to play up how serious this is. I know I used your razor again but I was late this morning and I ran out of clean blades, it’s not that big of a-” he tries to defend himself from a small issue that hasn’t bothered you since the first week of living together but you cut him off. “Nathan…” You sigh, unsure of how to go on. “I-I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

There’s a long pause, both of you just staring at each other for a moment. You had done it, said the words that you never thought either of you would say in your relationship. When you used to think about the two of you together you only saw a long future, but now with the feeling of an impending death on you, it wasn’t too clear.

“Please tell me you’re joking.” His voice breaks in the middle of his sentence and you feel the guilt begin to ooze into your veins trying your best to hold back any tears. You couldn’t have him suspecting anything; it would only make things worse.

“I-I’m not. I just don’t think we’re good for each other anymore.” Your voice takes on the same shaky qualities as Nathan’s. There was no way you could get through this with dry eyes.

As soon as the words are out of your mouth he quickly stands up from the couch and looks down at you, “Bullshit. We’re made for each other! We’re soul mates!”

“People sometimes have different, multiple soul mates.” Your heart only continues to tear in two. It’s hard to look at him anymore, your eyes move to the carpet of the living room as the first tear rolls down your face. “No! Not us… Why are you doing this?”

Nathan sits back down and you feel the weight of the couch change. You feel him grab your hand and gently rub his thumb over yours.

Since the first tear came out they’ve only continued, getting worse as they go on. You had to tell him. There was no way you could betray your best friend, the love of your life that way. To cheat him out of the truth.

Looking back up at him, it’s obvious to see that he too had shed a few tears. Something you had never seen him do in your lengthy relationship. Taking a deep breath in you let the words fall out of your mouth, “I’m sick. I have cancer a-and I don’t know what to do.”

The tears never stop, they come out faster and they come out wetter. You have no idea how to stop and you feel as though you can’t remember what it was like before you started crying. You just feel Nathan hold you, rubbing your back softly and let them continue.

“I love you so much and we’re going to get through this together,” Nathan finally says after about ten minutes of just silence and your tears.

His words warmed you because the thought of you two doing this together was more than what you could ever want, but you knew that Nathan didn’t understand how much it would hold him back. “No,” you say as soon as you can speak again. “Nathan I can’t let you watch me go through this. You’ll only suffer and I can’t let that be because of me.”

He shakes his head instantly, “y/n, we’re a team. It’s you and me. There’s no way I’m letting you do this without me. I’m going to be there every step of the way.”

“Don’t you understand?” You being to raise your voice, “I don’t even know if I’m going to survive! You have swimming you need to focus on!”

He looks into your eyes, “If you think that swimming is more important to me than your life, then you’re completely mistaken. You’re the reason I do anything, the reason I get up in the morning.” With that you once again find tears on your cheeks, “Swimming will take a back burner to this, and I can’t let that happen. I can’t do that to your passion.”

Putting his head in his hands, he groans. It’s clear as the conversation continues he gets more and more frustrated. “Please don’t be this way. Why would you ever want to do this by yourself when you have me right here? We’re going to manage as things come our way, I love you so much and I can’t let you walk away from me.”

You crawl back into his arms and throw yourself into him because it feels like everything’s okay and everything’s all right when he’s holding you.

“What if something happens to me?” You ask with your eyes shut tight.

“I promise nothing’s going to happen. I’m going to keep you safe.”

With him and his warmth all around you, you know that he’s right. He’s the only one that could keep you safe, the only one that you could get through this with.

J-Hope: It was a simple drunken mistake. That’s what he kept telling himself. You two had gotten in a fight and he stormed out. He had gone out to a bar and he saw a girl. A girl he thought was you. He hooked up with her and when he woke up in the morning next to her in bed he freaked out. He had little memory of what happened but he regretted it. He couldn’t believe he did that to you. He loves you more than anything. He snuck out of bed and he left the girls house. He immediately ran to your place in tears and apologized profusely. He couldn’t believe what he had done. He hated himself. It was all a mistake. He just wanted you. You didn’t know what to do. You just heard him out and made your decision.

Jimin: You two went out to a club and he was so drunk it was almost sickening. He was dancing with other girls and you tried to ignore it until you lost him and you went outside to see him making out with another girl. You didn’t even realize that you had started crying. He pulled away when he heard your small voice yell softly “jimin..” he looked at you with wide eyes before looking back at the girl and his eyes widened even more. “Nononononono baby it’s not what it looks like jagi please wait!” You start running. You just keep running. You don’t look back. You don’t really know where you are, you just know it’s a park. You sit down on a bench and just cry. It starts to rain but you don’t move. When you suddenly feel a jacket over you and then an umbrella, you look up to see jimin’s sopping wet figure in front of you. “Jagi, I made a terrible mistake. I’ve never regretted anything more. Not even that one time when I decided to make dinner compares to now” you laugh softly as you remember the memory. “Please forgive me.. I was stupid. I didn’t realize it wasn’t you. I feel terrible.. please…” he gets down on his knees and wraps his arms around your legs as he cries and begs. You end up forgiving him

Jin: He’d have been angry at you because he thought you were cheating so he decided to get you back by cheating too. But you weren’t cheating on him at all. You came home one day to see him kissing a girl on the couch. You immediately dropped everything. “J-Jin?” he looked up at you slowly, smirking ever so slightly but that disappeared the moment you started crying. You didn’t let him talk you just ran. “shit” he kicked the girl out, who was just a simple actor he asked to do this. He chased after her quickly. You went to Yoongi’s place knowing he’d be the best one to hide from jin with. You sat in his bathroom sobbing as Yoongi comforted you. There was a bang at the door and Yoongi knew who it was. “Lock the door. Take a shower. I won’t let him in” you did as you were told as he answered the door. You could hear Jin’s yelling over the water. When you got out, you walked out and saw him. He ran to you in tears. He explained it all. You didn’t know what to do. You told him you’d have to think about it

Jungkook: He didn’t know what he was doing. He just let it happen, not thinking about the consequences. Taehyung had seen it all happen. He saw Jungkook kissing her and they left together. He told you. You didn’t go back to yours and Jungkook’s place that night, you went to Taehyung’s place. He held you as you cried and carried you to bed. You made him sleep in the bed with you, not wanting to be alone. The next morning you woke up alone but you could hear footsteps. You expected Taehyung’s happy smiling face with breakfast put you were greeted with Jungkook’s sad face, red from crying. “J-Jungkook…” he ran to you and cried harder. “J-Jagi I-I-I’m so s-so-sorry-” he’d break down and you couldn’t help but hold him. He explained himself. He apologized over and over again. You had to forgive him. He was so heartbroken when he realized what he did that you just knew he was as sorry as he said

Rap Monster: He didn’t really have much of a reason. He just wanted to have sex with someone and you weren’t supposed to be home from work until 5 so he went to a bar and got a girl and brought her back. You had come home to surprise Namjoon with a bubble bath and his favorite movie but instead of hearing him laughing at a tv show, you heard moans. You thought he might have been doing stuff himself but the moment you heard a girl moaning, you froze. You walked over to the door that was cracked open and you peeked inside and your heart broke. He was having sex with another girl. You started crying but you didn’t care. You just sat down in the living room and stared at the blank tv and let the tears fall. When you heard them emerging from the room, you could hear him and the girl joking and laughing and then it stopped. You heard him mumble “fuck.” he forced the girl to leave. You walked over to the couch and sat down next to you. “Jagi.. What are you doing home..?” he asked you nervously. “I-I came to surprise you..” you turned to him and handed him the bubble stuff and his favorite movie. He saw you crying and he knew he was an idiot. “Jagi… I’m so sorry.. None of this should have happened. I just.. I needed physical contact… You never want me anymore…” you two sat in silence. “Because I’m pregnant, Namjoon…” he froze. “Wh-What?!” You couldn’t look at him anymore. “You heard me. I don’t want you hurting me like this..” He started apologizing more than he ever had for anything. He started crying. He was full-on begging at your feet. You gave in after a while

Suga: it was just terrible timing. He didn’t want any of that. One of his friends came over to confess to him that she liked him, not knowing he had a girlfriend. She kissed him as you came home. You stopped in your tracks as she pulled away. “Yoongi, who is she?” He turned to you quickly with wide eyes “Y/N- It’s not at all what it looks like- She kissed me-” You were already gone. He chased after you, knowing where you were going. He turned you around and kissed you. You tried to push him away but he wouldn’t move. When he finally did, he didn’t let you go. “Jagi.. I promise that wasn’t what you thought. She’s just a friend. She didn’t know about us, Jagi. She came to confess and as I was about to tell her about us, she kissed me. You’re the one I love. Please… I regret letting her do something like that. I’m so sorry..” he teared up. You couldn’t let this slip. You ran and he sighed. He got you flowers and then went to where you were. He held them out for you but he couldn’t look at you as he started crying. You knew he was sincere. You forgave him

V: You two were at a huge party to celebrate their new album release. He had several drinks and you had wandered off to find the bathroom. As you checked rooms to see if they were the bathroom, you found him making out with some girl on a bed. “O-Oh my god-” you slammed the door and ran. You could hear him come out and run after you. He was having trouble finding you since you hid in a closet in a room but he eventually found you. You were crying and hugging your knees to your chest. He heard you and he was very careful as he approached you. Seeing you like that, sobered him up a bit. He knew he was an idiot. He didn’t realize it wasn’t you. He was so angry with himself. “J-Jagi… I know I’m stupid-” “yes you are-” “-but.. I really need you to forgive me… it was a huge mistake… I didn’t want that to happen… Please… Oh god please…” and then he broke down, apologizing over and over and over until you gave in

i’m sorry this took so long i hope you like it!

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Nowhere left to hide: Pt.2

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Pt.1 // Pt.3 // Pt.4

Genre: Bts Mafia AU is all I’m going to say once again.

Word Count: 2,548

Summary: What do you do when the one person who was supposed to be there for you the most betrays your trust? Who do you turn to when it starts to look like your father doesn’t even seem to care?

A/N: I really tried to make this one shorter, hope you like it^^

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I just think about the Bethyl reunion and I have to hold back the squeals- can you imagine? The double take when he first sees her again, the slack jawed look before starts running and then the two of them crashing into each other and him bear hugging her because he never wants to let her go ever again. The tears he’ll cry, the things he’ll mumble into her hair, Beth’s laughter because it’s all she can do when they take each others faces in their hands. UGH I CANT WAIT TILL OCTOBER

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I know your goal is probably to help others study and motivate them to do their best. But. Do you have any advice for the opposite? I feel extremely compelled to be perfect. And it has gotten to a point where I will spend hours rewriting a few notes until I'm happy with my handwriting. I can't go to bed knowing I have something I could be studying. The all nighters are becoming frequent and I don't know how relax. I feel so stupid for even saying all this. But I'm about to shatter completely.

Hello. This is actually something I’ve been going through as well, almost like an obsession. I’ll tell you my experience at the end of this ask. (Sorry, this is long. Can’t put it on read more rn, I’m on my phone)

I’m not saying that you should stop completely, but I’m saying that you should tone it down. At first, it’s not gonna be easy, you’re gonna keep thinking about how unproductive you are and what you could be doing, but you need to give yourself time to rest.

IF YOU DON’T STOP, YOU’RE ACTUALLY GONNA START TO BE LESS AND LESS PRODUCTIVE. Study is great, it’s amazing, but, just like anything else in life, it can’t be extreme. If you don’t give yourself some time to recharge, you’re gonna be learning less and less because of lack of focus and stamina.

Start like this: cut the all nighters. You are NOT gonna do something more productive by skipping sleep, in fact, you’re gonna start tearing yourself apart. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but the last thing you want to do is pass out during an exam or a class. GIVE YOUR BODY A REWARD AND S L E E P.

Wanna be more productive? Fine. Be. But take care of your body before anything else. You are not “losing time” by eating, sleeping, or even going for a walk. You’re not losing time by resting your brain for an hour.

You are not losing time by stopping. If anything, you are gaining future productivity.

Stop checking studyblr that often. Watch a movie, or a series. Listen to music. Clean your head. Stop thinking about failure and start being confident that you know enough. Celebrate every step, and don’t say you could have done more. What you’re doing is enough, even if you don’t think so. Start telling yourself that you’re “perfect” enough, and one day you’ll believe it.

Now, about me. If you follow me for some time, you may have read that I have abusive parents. Not getting into details on the subject, I’ve learned that anything below 100% is not good enough. I’m not gonna lie to you, to this day I have to tell myself otherwise. If I don’t, I’ll push too far and end up fucking everything up like I did years ago.
So, here’s the thing: you’re 12 and you just brought home your first “B” ever. Your parents start screaming, they take away everything you like and lock you in your room for three hours so you can “do something good with your time and study”. But there is a problem: you don’t get the subject. At all. It seems like there is a blockage and you’re starting to freak out. You have another test in two weeks and you don’t even know what it’s gonna be in it.
Two weeks later, you bring home a C.
That’s it. Hell starts. You’re only twelve and you’re already crying everyday you get home because your parents keep pressuring you to get better. You stay up until 3am cramming a subject you don’t even understand just so you can prove that you’re not gonna be a failure in life. Your teacher tells you that they’re disappointed, other grades start to slowly fall because you’re too tired to focus and you distance yourself from your friends more and more.
So yeah, you got that A. But at what coast?

Almost five years later and I still have the same mentality. Still the eternal feeling that I’ll never be good enough, the feeling that my grades define who I am as a person.

Yeah, I could be doing something else right now. I could just ignore your message and go study chemistry or something. But I’m not, because there’s more in life than being productive 24/7.

Sometimes you need to stop and tell yourself that is okay not to give your all every second of your day.

Give your all for a situation that actually deserves it, friend. Trust me.

Don’t try to be productive all the time, it’s not worth it. Relax, even if just for an hour.

Rest, eat, get hydrated, and take care. Good luck!! ❤️

So, I wrote a letter to my future self during my exams this year...

The following letter strongly suggests I am insane/crazy etc, but keep in mind that I was severely sleep deprived. I do come across a bit “off” though, don’t I?

Dear future – second, third, fourth and fifth year, Steps taking, residency preparing – *insert my name*,

These are lessons learned in our first year of medical school.

  • Sleep by 10pm and wake up by 5am – just make sure to get 7 hours of sleep daily.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Exercise.
  • Study everyday – every single day of studying would take a huge load off of last minute studying/revising for modular tests and semester examinations. You are also allowed to take breaks - between few hours to a whole day off is perfect, don’t take more than 1 day off. You will procrastinate even more after! Trust me. It has happened.
  • Make one study sheet (of notes) for each lecture everyday – make sure they have only the most important information, nothing extra or unnecessary, nothing you already know well. Make another sheet just for diagrams, charts, flow charts, drawings, tables etc if needed. They should be optimum for revising, and have everything you could possibly need to know about that lecture.
  • Revise all study sheets from past week(s) on Sundays – this will help considerably in retaining what you’ve learned.
  • Pre read all lectures.
  • Attend all lectures, or as many as you can. Don’t skip lectures for no reason.
  • Treat yourself for finishing a set number of hours or lectures. You will love it. In fact, celebrate these little victories. It’s great motivation. Just don’t get carried away.

(The following text is me being angry at, well, me.)

Don’t you dare repeat the same mistake of not studying the lectures the same day again! Don’t ever procrastinate again! I am here desperate to sleep and eat and I badly want to cry because I have to revise so much of Respiratory and CVS, and it’s almost 2am! The exam is in exactly 12 hours! Like dammit woman, what were you doing for two months?! Please, please, please start studying every single day. Make proper notes to revise in situations like this. Make sure to get everything done a lot sooner than the night before the exam! Please. You do not want to experience this madness again. You just don’t.

I wish you all the very best in trying to stick to these guidelines or ones you come up in the meanwhile. I sincerely hope we accomplish what we want and get where we want.

With loads and loads of love, (Yes, I give myself love through a letter. Don’t judge me.)

2nd-semester-exams-taking *insert my name*

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can you do a song preference of too late by 5sos please?

Sure thing, this might suck because it’s like the first preference i’ve ever done. I’m just gonna do Calum and Michael to start with i’ll do the other two later.

But I’m always too late
I’m always too late
I see you but I always hesitate


It was too late. Like always. He would break up with his previous girlfriend then come crying to me. And about a week later he would find himself a new girlfriend before I could tell him how I really felt. We had been best friends ever since we were smaller and i’ve been in love with him ever since I was 14. But he would never look at me as more than a best friend unfortunately.

I only once came close to telling him until he got distracted by his newest girlfriend. Whenever I see him I hesitate. Do I tell him? or do I just let him carry on being happy without me. I’m brought out of my thoughts as I feel some one sit down next to  me making me isnk lower into the couch.

“what are you thinking about?” Calum asked

“I have to tell you something” I whispered

“what is it? are you okay? are you ill? has something happened?” I could see him start to panic

“no, it’s nothing like that!” I said in a hurry

“jeez you scared me then” He laughed

“sorry” I apologised

“anyway, what do you need to tell me?” He asked

“I-I- well… I kind of-” I started but was rudley interupted

“CALUM BABE” A high pitched squeal emitted from the door way as his newest girlfriend came running into the room.

“hey babe” he greeted getting up and planting a kiss on her lips.

I could feel the jealousy radiating off of me. The way he looked at her. With such love. Even though they had only been going out a few weeks. 

In that moment I realised he would never be that way with me. He would never need me as much as I need him.

“what did you want to say?” Calum asked turning to me as if suddenly remembering I was there.

“It doesn’t matter” I said sighing

“are you sure?” He asked

“It was nothing, I’ve got to go, i’ll see you later” I said grabbing my things and rushing out of his house. It was too late to tell him now he was finally happy.


Wanted to tell you
What I feel inside
Don’t wanna hurt you
I’ll make you feel alright

Michael was the bad boy of the school. His reputation was the worst out of everyones; drugs, Alcohol, one night stands and constant partying. I hated him.

Just my luck that my brother Luke was best friends with him which mean’t he was constantly round and I would always end up walking past him or dodging him in the hallway or kitchen. I hated to admit it but altough I hated him, he was pretty attractive. He always had a different hair colour which kept him interesting. 

Me and my brother Luke are complete opposites, he’s like Michael but not as bad, whereas i’m unsociable and would prefer to study or read a book than party and get drunk.

I was sitting on the kitchen counter studing my maths book intently trying to work out some algerbraic fractions when I heard the door slam and voices wander to the kitchen. Looking up I saw Luke and Micheal enter the room, cans of beer and bottles of vodka filling up their arms.

“hey Y/N” Luke smiled

“hey Lukey” I smirked, while Michael chuckled at the name 

“Lukey?” He laughed

“shut up” Luke groaned walking out of the room and up the stairs. I assumed he was going to get changed.

“so Y/N,” Michael said leaning over the counter right next to my face.

“what?” I questioned 

“You joining us tonight?" 

"hahaha no” I said returning my gaze to my maths book. Suddenly it was ripped from my hands.

“Pleaseee” He begged

“why would you want me at a party?” I asked 

“look, I know this is insane but, I’ve always wanted to tell you this, I like you okay?” He said almost embarassed

“What?” I chocked out completely shocked. “but i’m just an ordinary boring person, why would you like someone like me?”

“please just give me a chance, I’ll make you feel alive, I’ll make you feel alright” He said taking hold of my hand.

“okay” I whispered before he broke out into a massive grin.

A/N: I’m sorry if this is really bad it’s my first preference thing. Anyway I’ll do Luke and Ashton later. Thanks for reading please like or Reblog if I should carry on!!!!