do you ever just sit and think about how horrid most of these origins beginnings are

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What are your HCs if someone were to find Victor and Yuuri's very raunchy homemade sex tape? Would they be able to look at Yuuri Katsuki the same way again

It takes Yuuri a moment to reconcile the number of alert bubbles on his lock screen with a reason to panic, but when he unlocks his phone and spies the little red bubble with "529″ above the messages icon, a cold hand has gripped him by the diaphragm and begun squeezing a frigid reality into his chest.

With shaking hands, he opens his missed calls—658, what the hell—and skips right to the voice mails that have stuffed his inbox completely full. Beside him, Victor mumbles something about grass into his pillow.

Everybody he’s seemingly ever met has tried to reach him at some point during the night, and their messages are all variations of the same theme.

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Not-So Bad Boy//Kunpimook Bhuwakul(Highschool AU)

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Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Fluff, suggestive?

Summary: You had grown apart from your childhood best friends, and you thought you had lost sight of him.

Author’s Note: Hello~ This was originally a smut request but with the way I wrote it i didn’t know how I could make it go straight into smut so I just made it suggestive :( but please enjoy it nonetheless!

xoxo Sara

Today had been the worst of all days for you. First, you had woke up late due to the power going out late last night because of a severe storm,  causing your phone to stop charging completely.  Second, you had realized that the storm hadn’t stopped, which meant that you had to walk to school inn the horrid weather. You thankfully had a nice umbrella, but it would completely protect you, since the wind was making the rain flaw a bit diagonally, and not straight down.

You arrived to your classroom a little damp, with only few minutes to spare. You quickly sat up your books and things, when you caught a glimpse of him.

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Kimohito now has a human boy added to his house. The boy is afraid of liminals because of a bad previous experience with one that scarred him, physically and mentally. He shows no hatred towards extraspecies, just pure fear. His parents asked smith to put him in a house where he can learn they’re not all bad people. They hope he can get past his fears and maybe make friends. How would the interactions between Him, Tio, Rachnera, and Miia go?

This actually gives me an idea for a fan fiction type thing but for now I’ll stick with the three… And may add more later in different parts. XD

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*She was one of the first extra species Smith introduced you to. She figured if anyone could potentially help you with your crippling fear it would be this gentle giant full of love. When Tio met you she was worried when you started shaking and more so when you left the room abruptly. Smith explained the horrid thing that happened to you and it broke Tio’s gentle heart. She is now determined to help you if she can. Though she hopes she doesn’t make your fear any worse than it already is.

*She would often visit you at Kimi’s house. The first day she did Kimi told her you’ve been locked in your room all day just trying to adjust. Tio understood. She would chat with you either on the other side of the door or over the phone to try and befriend you overtime. It takes awhile but you eventually let her in your room to talk with her. Over the course of a month, with Tio’s gentle and kind nature, she managed to get you to let her in your room. She greeted you softly and in that moment, for the first time in your life, you didn’t feel utter fear when looking at an extra species.

*She slowly got your fear of extra species to a manageable level. Her gentle and caring nature made it very easy for you to trust her. She would introduce you to one member of her team at a time. Doppel would be first that way if you’re fear hit you hard Doppel could change into a human and help you more. Slowly but surely you can overcome your fear… largely thanks to your gentle Ogre friend who loves and cares for you very much. Seeing you open up and make friends with all the extra species you now know, even if it is hard, fills her gentle and loving heart with joy. She’s immensely proud of her friend she loves so much. And she lets you know it to.

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*When Smith brought you and Rachnera saw you shaking she assumed you were nervous. But when Papi, the most innocent person in the house greeted you and you just whimpered and seemed to shrink in place she knew you were afraid of them. At first it made her mad thinking you were hateful or something. But that changed when you apologized and went to your room quickly. Smith told everyone what happened to you and it made Rachnera feel sympathy for you. She knows what its like to distrust a whole species thanks to her interactions with humans. She, from then on, tries to befriend you in her own way.

*It takes a long time for you to even acknowledge when she’s at your door due to your fear. She understands but never stops trying. She’s stubborn like that. Once you do let her in she sits on your floor and asks if you want to talk about it. She shares her own story of mistreatment by humans and how she hated them until she met Kimi. She offers, with the most sincere smile you have ever seen, to help you overcome your fear. When you accept she hugs you if you allow it.  The first small step of many.

*She slowly introduces you to the members of the house. Or re introduces you she should say. She goes from most to least crazy. You’ll be surprised to see that all of them understand your fear and ensure you that you don’t need to worry about them hurting you ever. It takes a long time, and not without several breakdowns, but with Rachnera’s patience and care, you begin to interact with the house more. Rachnera is always proud to see you chat or accept hugs from one of them. She loves her friend dearly so seeing you happy makes her happy.

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*When she met you, she noticed your shaking right away. She was the one to ask you what was wrong to which you whimpered in response. Miia was worried and that worry was justified once you ran to your new room and didn’t come out all day. Smith, before she left, explained your story to all the girls and Miia felt like crying. How could someone hurt you so badly. She worries for you greatly. Especially since you’re staying in a house full of the one thing you fear. She takes it on herself to help you overcome it. Just as Kimi did with her when she felt like she was less than human.

*She would try and speak to you everyday. Her sweet and kind voice was soothing to hear but you were still afraid of where it came from. She settled for sitting on the other side of the door so you two could chat. baby steps is what she thinks to herself. After sometime of doing this she gets you to let her in. She presents herself as non threatening as she can and asks to sit next to you. She tells you of her original fear of humans until Kimi showed her the truth and she wants to do the same for you. From there she slowly gained your trust and you learned just how sweet Miia truly is.

*It may take months but Miia is ready to wait that long if needed. But when you do agree to eat dinner with everyone, Miia reintroduces you to the house and holds your hand to calm your nerves as best she can. From that day on, with Miia’s love and care, your fear, though still present, is lessening with each interaction. It makes Miia happy to see you open up to everyone in the house. It warms her heart to no end. Seeing someone she loves overcome something terrible just fills her heart with joy. And trust me, she’ll be with you on the long journey to overcome your fear fully.

#Thirty-Six (#Eight P/BS) - The Nursery

This is the fourth time posting this because none of the tags would work on my actual tumblr page. It’s ridiculous because this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. I don’t understand I’m trying it write and it still doesn’t work. And what’s up with when you paste and the end is at the beginning bold? How dumb. Anyways! I’m trying to code my own tumblr page so sorry it looks horrible right now. But loom forward to new preferences and imagines! Hope you like them! xoxo c:

| Louis |

I told Louis more than a million times we were going to be having a GIRL. He still insisted with what he did could be for either gender. I beg to differ, at first glance and last glance it’s a boys room. Sure, yellow can be for a girl or boy. Most people use it when they don’t know the gender of their baby. CLEARLY we’re having a GIRL and he couldn’t understand that.

After fighting about it, I decided just not to care. Our daughter isn’t going to care or notice and it looks pretty nice. It’s sleek and clean which did surprise me. He managed not to get things that he wasn’t going to like later. He also found items that worked with the others. For that, I applaud him. Not every husband is able to decorate a room with another things in mind. (In which we’re having a girl wasn’t one of those thoughts.)

I’ll be happier once she’s born and we’re running around this house crazy. It won’t matter anymore. Plus it’ll look pretty great in photo albums and maybe, just maybe she’ll look back and like it. It’s for sure, her room won’t always look like this after all.

| Zayn |

You could say I am confident we’re going to be having a baby girl. Zayn really doesn’t know whether to think it’ll be a girl or boy. He’s let me plan out and decorate the nursery how I want, since I’m sure we’ll be having more kids. If it just so happens we’re having a baby boy, we can always save this room for later.

Zayn helped me pick out the color scheme; a soft pinkish red, white and a grayish blue. The room was already carpeted so of course we planned for it to be a babys room. I walked into the nursery each day just taking it in, realizing more and more each day - Zayn and I were having a baby. It warms my heart and sends chills through my body thinking about it. I’m waiting on my baby to be ready and soon this will all fly by. They’ll be grown up (hopefully with a brother or sister, or two) and going into the world.

For now I can just wait on my baby and stare at this nursery. Stare at what will become one of the busiest rooms in the house. What will become apart of my routine in just a few short months. 

| Harry |

It’s been hectic. The whole baby shower thing and when we decided to start on the baby’s room kind of started around the same time. We had a lot more room than we originally thought, making it a little harder to plan. We wanted something simple for the first few years and something easy to do. Being pregnant and having someone that has to deal with you pregnant, it’s hard to do things. We had one item already in there; the ceiling light. A big grey shade around it, hanging pretty high. It’s what we had to work with - I mean it was cute and could go with anything.

Harry came up with the craziest idea of all - a grey and white color scheme. It agreed and we went to work so we could finish before the baby shower. Of course our mothers were going to want to see it when they came. Then I got a package with a ton of giraffe things, baby things and little things to hang or set on shelves. That sprouted the idea that giraffes would be our new main focus. We hung things, set things on shelves, then found things to go along with them.

The hardest part of all had to of been finding the right bed. Having an oval bed wasn’t ideal in the beginning but the wood worked with everything else. Harry and I were so happy with the outcome, not believing we actually did that in less than two weeks. I’m just hoping our son likes giraffes.

| Liam |

We didn’t think figuring out the gender would be so fun, as if we waited for when they’re born. But we also needed to go ahead and get a nursery together for when he or she came. White is the most simple color so we decided to do the room plain. Liam and I’d child won’t even remember this room, only see it in pictures. Just a loop for us not finding out what the gender is.

I left it to Liam to plan the room out; pick the colors, furniture, lighting, accents, ect. He did a great job if I do say so myself. He made it amazing, better than I ever would have made it. I was very irritated when with that whole week when Liam decided to do it. I didn’t want to bother with it or have to worry about it. So Liam took it into his own hands and did what I thought would be the last thing. Now, every time I walk in my heart fills up with happiness.

For the bedroom being out here in the city (sort of), since we haven’t moved out of our old place. It’s perfect for now and I assume our child will be growing up here and for now - it’s ideal and what we wanted. I can already imagine Liam or I sitting in the chair in the corner diagonal from the door and holding our baby. I can see some pretty great memories, already. 

| Niall |

When Niall and I figured out we were having a baby we both were pretty excited. Surprisingly we both wanted a boy but of course would be happy if we were having a girl. So happy that we took it very seriously, trying to make it as cute as possible. We also had little room to work with since we were hard headed and couldn’t decide on a house soon enough. Which sucks because now we’re gonna be here for at least another year or two.

Despite so little room we still wanted it to be specious and have room for us to change diapers and carry him around. Niall would sometimes even come home with a funny new piece to add to the bedroom (hence the alligator and dog). We had a thing for animals going with baby rooms, incorporating it into the room. My favorite part has to be the crib I must say though. It looks adorable in my eyes and the sheets go along with what else is in the room.

I’d say that the room from the start to the finish took about three months. We started with the shutters (since the room was already painted) and the last thing was the dresser. We both also agree it came along nicely. Even though we thought it looked horrid half way through. It all worked out and I couldn’t be happier.