do you ever get emotional over these two

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Danny and Ryan are going to break our hearts. SSW week was amazing but I have a feeling that next week is going to be something else. And then every Robron moment will be precious for a while and then when they are reunited... Can you imagine? They will never let each other go. And for a long long time, we won't ever have to worry about Aaron and prison again 👍

Danny and Ryan always break my heart. They have been doing for well over two years. Next week is going to be emotional and heartbreaking, I’m not quote sure how I’m going to get through it. Aaron terrified about going to prison and being separated from Robert. Robert devastated about being separated from the love of his life. But that reunion is going to to be something else.

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I think some of your followers haven't picked up on the fact that this is a genuine emotional desire for you... not a script to a cheesy porno. I admit, I'm looking forward greatly for the day when you two achieve connectivity. But the sleazy aspect some are suggesting diminishes the dynamic for me. Do you ever get tired of all the cheap perverts messaging you?

Truthfully, it does get rather tiresome hearing the same porn movie script suggestions over and over.  I’ve gotten to where I just delete those messages anymore.  Thank you for understanding.

does anyone else ever get really emotional about the relationship between gin and sougo?

like do you ever think about how the first person that came to sougo’s mind when he needed someone to pretend to be his friend to put mitsuba at ease was gin, whether because he figured gin wouldn’t make fun of him or because he actually has a lot of respect for the guy or just because he knew he’d be easiest to win over because of his dumb sweet tooth

or how sougo is so informal with everyone, either calling them by nicknames or by the minimum amount of politeness required if they rank above him, but he calls gin of all people danna, which is a pretty respectful honorific term if i understand correctly

or how the two of them literally bonded over their sadistic natures and mutual enjoyment of torturing poor hijikata

or how both of them know how it feels to destroy someone’s happiness in order to protect them

how gin was so worried about mitsuba that he couldn’t sleep but pretended to take a nap outside her room to stay close and keep an eye on her and sougo without being intrusive

or how he kept on pretending to be asleep so that sougo could have someone to talk to without feeling embarrassed and didn’t show that he was awake until it became apparent to him that sougo needed his help

or how sougo counted gin as one of his only three good friends in the world

or how it was implied that gin cried after mitsuba passed away and couldn’t bring himself to leave the hospital

or how moved and disturbed the shinsengumi were to see gin beg them for a favor with his nose in the dirt and how sougo said that they couldn’t possibly refuse him anything after seeing him like that

or how sougo supposedly took a picture of gin begging, maybe to try to make the matter lighter than it actually was because he was so disturbed by it, but couldn’t bring himself to keep it and deleted it from his phone almost immediately

just do you ever think about how sougo is really about the same age as gin’s kids, and underneath all of the sadist jokes and the crude remarks and the flinging literal poop at each other, gin genuinely looks out for him and shows concern for him and sougo looks up to and respects gin in his own way in return

because i think about that a lot and it fucking kills me

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Wow, amazing analysis. I never would have thought to compare these two. The way you explains it makes it so obvious. Though I think Hux is more angry with Ren because Hux was told by Snoke to capture the droid or destroy it. Which ever means that the rebels do not get it. Ren demands the Hux have his men retrieve it and implies that they are incompetent if they can’t. This follows your argument. Ren doesn’t have the authority over Hux to demand that and is manipulating. Hux shows anger at that.

Thank you!  Thanks for reading it! ~*~

And I’m glad my analysis makes sense to you!  I tried to give as many examples as I could think of from the movie, so I’m glad it all paid off! :D

Oh yeah 100% Hux is angry at Ren in that scene (and thus Snoke for unjustly chastising him).  And it does fit into my argument that Hux would be angry with Ren for trying to be one of his authority figures (in limiting how many options Hux had for retrieving BB8).  In being co-commanders and of the same rank, Ren doesn’t have that authority over Hux.  Obviously, Hux would be pissed at Ren’s insinuation of that (Hux is prideful after all).

Thanks for pointing this out to me!  And thanks again for reading it! :D 

“False rape accusations are the real problem,” you say?

TW: Sexual assault
I am 100% sure that false rape accusations are not a real problem. How do I know this? I have been raped, and I reported it to the police. After actually experiencing the clusterfuck that is the American criminal justice system, I can tell you with certainty that no one in their right mind would put themselves through it without serious personal conviction. It was nothing short of torture, and easily the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.
I was raped by someone I was dating at the time. Physical and emotional abuse were also involved. I didn’t get out of the relationship until about six months after the abuse started. I went to the police a week after that, and I officially pressed charges two months after I reported it.
My assailant actually admitted that he raped me roughly a dozen times over text, all of which I saved and took screenshots. One of the admissions was after I point-blank asked him: “Do you admit that you raped me?” to which he responded, “Yes.” He also admitted it to my therapist at the time, who had his admission in her records, and he admitted it to mutual friends, who discussed it with me through texts that I also saved.
And he was never even charged. Today, he walks free. I exposed myself and my story to dozens of people in vain hopes that I could stop this from happening to someone else, and it did not work. He hired the best attorney in the state to represent him, and he got off on the defense that he admitted to raping me “to make me feel better.” I can’t make this shit up – this actually happened, and it is considered a valid defense. My rapist’s only punishment was having to pay a few thousand dollars in legal fees, while a year later, I am still scrambling to pick up the shattered pieces of my life.
I’ve heard he has a new girlfriend now. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t wonder whether he’s doing the same things to her that he did to me. Sometimes, I consider contacting her just to warn her about the kind of man he is, but I never do. I am too afraid, both of him, and of her not listening. 
Not only did I lose the better part of a year to this man, but I also lost friends. I lost respect. People who used to like me now whisper behind my back about my “bitterness” and “attention-seeking.” Eventually, my mental health deteriorated to the point where I became unable to work, and I lost my job, too. Now, every single night before I go to sleep, I hear the neighbors’ floors creaking and my cats playing in the living room, and I am positive that the noises are him and he has broken into my apartment to hurt me again. I calm myself down almost enough to drift off to sleep, and then another sound wakes me, and the cycle repeats. When I finally do fall asleep, often after hours of failed attempts, I’m usually startled awake by horrifyingly vivid nightmares. Every time I step out of the elevator and approach my front door, I brace myself to find him waiting for me. I can’t go into a bar or a restaurant or a grocery store in the city where he lives without frantically searching for his face and trying to hide mine in case he’s there and I can’t see him. I get a maximum of six hours of sleep most nights. I am tired, but more than that, I’m terrified. I live in fear.
I was raped, and it wasn’t just once. I was raped again when I was denied justice, and I am raped every time I still fucking suffer for what he did. I did not ask for this. I did not want this. Yet, somehow, cleaning up the mess he made is 100% my responsibility, and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.
Do false accusations happen? Sure they do, and the falsely accused are indeed victims. But the exception doesn’t become the rule by default just because it tends to hurts men instead of women. My life and my story aren’t worth less than those of a falsely accused man. And the statistics are clear: victims like me outnumber victims of false rape accusations roughly 25 to 1, but somehow, the falsely accused are coming to the forefront and being touted as the “real” victims. But the truth is not hard to see. Our society’s problem is not crazy, vengeful women ruining the lives of innocent men for shits and giggles. Our society’s problem is rape victims taking the blame and paying the price for other people’s disgusting choices.

Why I Will Never Ship Demara...

I REFUSE to ship something where one of the two partners is under mind control/coercion/etc. There is nothing consensual about what is happening between Dean and Amara. If you ship this, I am sorry, but you are shipping what amounts to psychological/emotional abuse. Also, if there is a sex scene between the two, its rape- plain and simple. Also, do not argue with me by saying it isn’t because Dean has to get aroused for it to happen–an erection is a physiological response that the body has no control over. Also, many rape victims experience orgasm despite saying no and/or not wanting to have sex. It still qualifies as rape. A friend I love dearly was raped, and I refuse to ever be okay with sex or relationships that are in any way abusive, coerced, or resulted in rape. Also, if you would rather see the Demara pairing then Destiel paring, then frankly, I will judge you for it. This is one of the few times I will judge you for a ship, and I do not apologize for it. So any hate msgs/mails/asks will be suitably ignored and the person blocked so don’t waste your energy trying to argue with me because I am sure as hell not wasting my precious time arguing with you.


so um why don’t you sit down cause i think we have a story to tell…. so waking up a groupchat full of over emotional people is not the best thing ever…my job was to find out why but before i could do that, i get about 4 notifications at the same time, two twitter and two from tumblr. looking at the twitter notifications first, my heart drops. “so yeah, we broke up…” okay…i had put down my phone for a second. but then reading through the responses on the tweets, i smiled at how…just understanding we are about it…hugs were given and tears were shed in gifs and emojis, but a majority of these message were “i just hope your happy” “this was so brave” “sad but happy your still friends”… i was just proud at that point….THEN IT HIT ME…

we have been seeing snaps and thinking they’re dates and little cute things but no, they aren’t….these are snaps of two awesome friends who had a past relationship but wouldn’t want to lose an awesome friendship because said past. the “what am i touching” video is just proof of that. in our mind set, they were still dating, but in reality they were just two friends goofing around with a camera and being hilarious. and that’s my main take out of all of the 4 months that they were official. they were best friends and partners at one point, but now they are just best friends. best friends who got over a bump together and go and do things with each other all the time and still have a lot of great times together. they did nyc fashion week together as FRIENDS, they co-found a company together as FRIENDS, they went to the movies as FRIENDS. they are awesome at being together, romantically or platoniclly.

so with that said, they are broken up. so i’m not sure yet what i want to do with this account, whether i should keep it and keep posting fanfic ( like h!artbig fans, who i love and support, with the exception of a few ) or whether this should be put in the library and to never come ( carmilla reference anyone huh huh? ) . i’ll let you guys decide though message me here or go vote on the poll on my twitter. this was a fun ride while it lasted and i have met so many good people and made so many new best friends because of this. i just wanted to say all of this in a nice place and that is here. thx.