do you ever cry because perfect

Dear future daughter,

I wanted to write this as a sort of time capsule, so that you would know how your mother was at sixteen and what I expect of you as my daughter.

I love music and singing, and I expect I’ll put you for music classes early on, unless you don’t like singing and composing which is completely okay.
You can quit and join karate or anything you want.
I won’t force you, instead I’ll let you find your own path in life, like my mom let me.

You wanna ride horses? Cool. I liked that too.
You wanna go for kickboxing and learn how to defend yourself? Cool.
You wanna do ballet and enthrall the audience with your magnificent coordination? Amazing.

Anything you want to do babe, I am hundred percent right behind you.

I am big on reading as well, and this may sound odd, but unlike dancing or singing, I would very much adore it if you loved reading as much as me.
I will introduce it gently of course, by telling you adventure stories I wrote for you, about bears and fairies, and any thing you like.
Then I would introduce all sorts of new books, the same ones my mom introduced to me,Malory Towers, St. Claires, Tin-Tin’s, Secret Seven and so on.
If you don’t like reading, I understand.
I hope you do, though.

I am really sorry but you may or may not have my acne.
I am so sorry, I know how much you suffer trying to talk to that cute boy who’s the next Zac Efron, or how hard you try to cover it up.
Or how much you cry over something that someone said about your skin.
I wish I could change things in that department but I can’t. You have combination skin just like me, and it only gets better everyday, and soon enough a beautiful sense of maturity and compassion will bloom, like those Violets you adore.

You might deal with a lot of appearance issues, and trust me, even all the way back in 2017, we still have them.
Let me tell you this, your weight is just the relationship you have with gravity.
It doesn’t define your intellect, beauty, the amount of love you can give to the universe around you.
W=m x g
That’s all weight is.
So eat that pizza, gobble that pancake and never starve yourself.
I am not saying don’t be healthy and exercise, oh no, but its okay to be kind to yourself once in a while.

I am not going to say I am not going to behind your grades, or behind you to keep them up, but I will give you a chance to improve if you mess up, which you will and thats okay.
That’s life.
To me, do what you love.
Do something that keeps you happy, something that keeps you interested.
Do something that makes you excited to walk into work.
I hope I am doing the same honestly.
To me, education is not just about books and grades, and the colleges you get into.
I’ve probably taken you to so many places in the world, and all that you’ve learned, all the food you’ve eaten, all the cultures you’ve experienced, that is what you have truly experienced. Of course, it won’t pay your bills and it sure as hell won’t help you get to college, but it will make you better citizens of this earth, better human beings, more accepting, less judgmental.

Oh my, honey, you are going to fall so hard.
For a broken boy with broken promises.
With the talented singer.
With the most popular boy in school.
With someone half way across the world.

In the end, after everyone, you will realize you don’t need to settle for someone who makes you feel terrible about yourself, you just need someone who treats you like the princess you are.
Trust me, its not the prettiest or the most popular that gets to be the keeper of your precious heart.

Of course, if you decide you don’t want to be in a relationship, that’s great.
You’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to tell her how downright amazing she is.
(feminist alert! haha)

Trust me.
They are going to break you, shatter you, make you feel like you can never love again.
You will love again though.
Again and again.

(You can change the genders above to suit you)
I expect by the time you are old enough to realize who you love, who you’re attracted to, it won’t matter.
I hope for Goodness sakes, we live in progressive times.
If we don’t, I will love you no matter what, if you’re bi, demi, gender fluid or anyone.
I will love you the same.
Coming out will be the easiest thing you will ever have to do, I promise.

Well, I am an agnostic, but if you decide that you want to follow a religion I will allow it.
Preferably Hinduism because that would make my mom and dad, (your grandma and grandpa happy) but if its Buddhism, Christianity or any religion, be my guest.
Explore, decide and tell me.
I will respect you if you decide to believe in a higher power, because I think that takes a certain amount of strength.

I might get mad at you, scream, cry and you have to realize I am not perfect.
Far from it.
I just want you to be a nice, respectful and loving human being.
Your grades and talents are secondary to me.
Sure I might not buy everything you want me to, but I promise I will provide you with everything you need.

I need to leave now, but it’s been great getting to know you,
this is sixteen year old me signing out.

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Hi!! Do you have any "five times" fic recs? I see them sprinkled everywhere but I would LOVE to see them all in one place, because they're my favorite!! Thank you so much

What a great request! I absolutely adore these fics! Thank you!

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Five Times (5+1) Fics

Five Times Viktor Got Jealous (and the one time Yuuri noticed) by braveten, Teen, 10k
Before now, Viktor hadn’t realized that he was the jealous type. What an interesting revelation. Must read!

Five Times Phichit Takes Embarrassing Photos of Yuuri by cutthroatpixie, Gen, 4.9k
A series of short stories telling the story behind embarrassing pictures of Yuuri. Definitely recommend!

5 Hidden Talents of Yuuri Katsuki (And one not so hidden) by Fangirlshrewt97, Gen, 16k
There are only a few days to the Victuuri wedding so all the skaters have joined our favorite couple at Hatsetsu in the days leading up to it. During their stay, they all learn some new things about the Japanese skater that they had previously not known. OMG LOVE!

Ten Days of Perfect Tunes, the Colors Red and Blue by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Explicit, 7.9k
The five times Victor tried to deepen his relationship with Yuuri, getting blocked in the process, and the one time it finally went the way it should. Great fic!

Unworthy by heartsdesire456, Teen, 6.5k
5 Times Victor Overheard People Saying Yuuri Wasn’t Good Enough For Him and 1 Time Someone Told Him Yuuri Was Too Good For Him. Cute!

Five Times Viktor and Yuuri Were Jealous of Makkachin (and the one time they weren’t) by braveten, Teen, 6.4k
Viktor and Yuuri are jealous of Makkachin on multiple occasions, but the adorable brown poodle might be the only way to get them to realize their love for one another.

Going Down in History by ivelostallcontrolofmylife, Mature, 6.4k
Viktor Nikiforov has absolutely no self control and a penchant for bad pickup lines. AKA Five Times Viktor Shamelessly Flirted With and Embarrassed Yuuri in Public, and the One Time He Got His Ass Absolutely Owned. OMG HAHA I LOVE THIS!

5 Times Yuuri Tried to Kiss Victor + 1 Time he Did by kireiflora, Gen, 7.2k
Yuuri has always wanted to kiss Victor, and he has, many times since he burst into his life, but there are five attempts that stick out most. And the most important one that actually happened. SO FRICKIN’ CUTE OMG

Oh My Lord, I’ve Been Blessed by Herperlo_D, Teen, 2.5k
Five times Viktor was struck dead by Yuuri’s killer thighs and the one time he did something about it. Thick thighs save lives, especially Victor’s!!

5 Annoying Things About Being Married To Victor by heartsdesire456, Teen, 5.9k
+1 thing that never gets old, no matter how much annoying stuff Yuuri has to put up with. Do you ever just want to cry because a fic is so perfect?? This is one of those fics

Exceeding Expectations by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato), Explicit, 8.3k
5 times Yuuri and Viktor failed at sex and one time they didn’t. Thumbs up!

Five Times Yuuri Katsuki Freaked Out About Living with Viktor Nikiforov (and the One Time It Was Viktor’s Turn) by Ame (Ulan), Teen, 7k
Viktor could not help his wide smile. Life with Yuuri in Saint Petersburg was off to a great start. He was happy; he was excited. He had never felt anything more wonderful and overwhelming and amazing in his life. Which probably meant that Yuuri was off somewhere, feeling the same, and freaking out. LOOOOOOVE!

The Bedroom of a Skater by PippinSqueaks, Gen, 2.3k
5 times Victor snuck into Yuuri’s bedroom and the one time he didn’t have to. So fluffy!

Your Love Is More Than Worth Its Weight In Gold by youaresunlight, Mature, 3.5k
Five times Victor and Yuri kiss after the Grand Prix Final, and one time it leads to more. Definitely recommend!

A Message to Your Heart by cutthroatpixie, Gen, 1.8k
5 times Yuuri leaves Viktor a note + 1 time Viktor returns the favour. Love! Bonus angsty Yurio!!!

5 Times Soulmate Marks Made Things Easier by Teabagger, Gen, 9.7k (WIP)
And one time they really, really didn’t. Six different soulmate mark short stories! Must read!

Going Down in History by ivelostallcontrolofmylife, Mature, 6.4k
Five Times Viktor Shamelessly Flirted With and Embarrassed Yuuri in Public, and the One Time He Got His Ass Absolutely Owned. Rec’d by a follower!


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Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader

Request: “40 – Montgomery de la Cruz”


40. “Your girlfriend hates me too.”

Word count: 1.890

Posted: 22nd of May 2017

A/N: Here’s another imagine from Aja’s long list. I am happy to say that I’ve almost made through her list and I might post two imagines tomorrow. Who knows? I am hoping.
Anyways, I hope that you like this imagine. I hate myself, because I keep on coming up with sad endings. Sorry. HAHAHA. A massive thank you for your support guys and I love you so much. I am happy to receive some positive feedbacks from you and your nice comments really make my day complete. Thank you so so so much, really! Enjoy this imagine!

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x 

Link: Prompt list

Warning: contains swearing

“(Y/N), I need a muse for my Arts project, please.” Tyler, your best friend, insisted for the millionth time as he wanted you to model for him. He was the professional photographer of your school and he took pictures of everyone, but he has always wanted to have his own personal muse.

“Ty, I know that I’ve always been your muse, but I am busy this week. C'mon!” You answered, miffed. You explained him for more than thirty minutes why you were turning him down that time, but it didn’t seem that he understood your point.

“Damn!” He unleashed a heavy sigh as he watched you getting the things you needed for your Science class in your locker. “Who’s going to be my muse now?”

“I don’t know, Ty.” You shoved your books in your backpack and you carelessly shut your locker’s door. “Sorry.” You’ve never declined his offer, because you always had fun during your photoshoots with him, but you were really busy and you really felt sorry for him.

“Can’t you think of anyone who might accept my offer?” He desperately asked and followed you along the hallway as you started to walk towards your class.

You didn’t want to disappoint your best friend and you knew how paranoid he became when it came to searching for his muse. He never had this problem, since you’ve always accepted his offer, and he didn’t know what to do, panic was surely occupying his emotions.

You knew Tyler and he would always stick to only one subject for his school projects. You surely disappointed him, but he couldn’t blame you, because he knew that you had your own life too.

“Ty, why don’t you ask Jessica or Sheri?” You suggested as you stopped yourself from walking, which caused you and Tyler to bump into each other, fortunately not hurting yourselves.

“Alright, but you owe me one.” He was offended, but Tyler was a sweetheart and he understood serious things quickly. He was your best friend because he knew how to cope with you and how to respect your own decisions.

“No, I don’t!” You playfully replied, giggling as you saw him flashing his sweetest smile.

“Of course, you do.” He winked at you as he fidgeted with the cameras dangling on his neck. You both laughed, nevertheless it wasn’t really a big deal.

“I need to go, Ty.” You flashed him a smile as you thrusted your head to your classroom’s direction. He nodded with a big and wide smile on his face.

“Take care, okay?” He reminded you and you just nodded as you started to walk again, increasing the distance between the two of you. “You owe me something, remember that!”

“She doesn’t!” You heard a deep voice along the hallway and you perfectly knew to whom it belonged: Montgomery, your boyfriend.

“What do you want, Montgomery?” Tyler’s shaky voice demanded for you to turn around and to check what was going on between them. The hallway was almost empty and some students were already in their respective classrooms. “(Y/N) is my best friend, I have the right to talk to her.”

“No, you leave her alone.” Your eyes widen and you quickly ran back to Tyler and Montgomery as you heard a sudden loud and sharp bang against the cold metal locker doors. “Freak!”

“Monty!” You stopped your boyfriend, but he just grabbed Tyler’s midnight blue button up shirt and tightened his grip as much as he could.

“Fucking leave her alone.” Montgomery threatened your best friend with his angry voice and eyes widened, showing that the sight of Tyler talking to you displeased and vexed him.

“These are thousand dollar cameras.” Your best friend tried to defend himself, protecting his beloved cameras. He really loved them, because photography was his life and favourite hobby too. You stood in front of them and you thought that your presence would have stopped Montgomery from pushing Tyler against the lockers behind him.

“Oh, yeah.” Montgomery nodded as he looked straight into Tyler’s eyes. He was struggling a little bit as Tyler was little taller than him. “I’ll break them on your face.”

“Montgomery, stop!” You pushed your boyfriend away, pulling his fist off Tyler’s clothes.

Montgomery was acting up, because he was jealous of your relationship with Tyler. You surely knew Tyler longer than you and Montgomery did, so he was afraid that you would leave him for your best friend.

“Threatening Tyler with your useless shit wouldn’t help you to ruin my relationship with him, okay?” You fiercely looked at your boyfriend’s eyes as you let him understand that he was doing the wrong thing.

“Don’t worry,” Tyler blurted out as he fixed his crumpled shirt. “your girlfriend hates me too.” He pointed out as he was referring to your action before, declining his proposal to be his muse. He shrugged his shoulders off, trying to assure Montgomery.

“Cut it off, Tyler!” You rolled your eyes. “I can do this on my own, go to your next class and I will see you later.”

“Alright, fine!” Tyler guiltily responded as he walked quickly through the empty corridors of your school. You watched his silhouette disappearing slowly from afar and you turned yourself to your still-miffed-boyfriend.

“Let’s go, de la Cruz!” You grabbed his forearm and you dragged him to the main entrance of your school. “We’re talking about your behaviour, because I am starting to be fed up. Okay?”

You heard him unleashing a long sigh and he foresaw the trouble that he was into. He was just afraid to lose you and you couldn’t blame him, but he was overreacting and he was menacing someone who meant a lot to you.

You both sat down on a bench, putting your school materials aside, and you inhaled some fresh air first, before you let the happening sink in your mind once again. The rage wrapped your body one more time and you looked at Montgomery, trying to catch his gaze.

“Fuck this silence!” Montgomery threw a fit and he stood up from the bench. He seriously considered your eyes and he saw your dull gaze. “I’m sorry, okay? I was just jealous.”

“I know, Montgomery,” You unleashed a deep and heavy sigh. You couldn’t believe that he was still jealous of Tyler and you were already dating for almost five months, five long months. “but you couldn’t keep on threatening my best friend whenever your jealousy takes control of your good and kind heart.”

“Of course, I can.” He bravely objected your statement. “I’m your boyfriend, he’s just your best friend.”

You knew Montgomery and he was a tough guy. He would do anything to protect you and your relationship. He would fight against people to maintain the bond between the two of you.

You loved him even though he was like that and you were trying to let him understand that he should stop worrying about your relationship, because your heart beat only for him. In fact, he was the perfect boyfriend that you could ever wish for, but all of us had our own imperfections. Montgomery’s imperfection was this: his inability to control his anger and his jealousy.

“It doesn’t work that way. Do you know that?” You remained calm as you fidgeted with your long dark sleeves. Finally shaking off the thought that you were skipping your class for a pointless chaos. You tried to not to cry, because you had to be strong. He had to listen to you and you knew that he wouldn’t if you just broke down.

“He is obstructing our relationship, (Y/N). I would be worried if I didn’t care about what he was doing, you know?” He debated, not getting the real point of your opinion. He was a hard-headed guy and you sometimes despised him for being one.

“No, Montgomery!” You protested, standing up from the bench. “You know what is obstructing our relationship?”

“Tyler!” He stated as he raised his voice, still convinced that the real cause was Tyler. You shook your head continuously to let him know that his answer was wrong. He wasn’t stupid, but he was blinded by his jealousy. Of course.

“Wrong!” You whispered as you leant towards him, diminishing the distances of your faces. “Your trust, Montgomery.” You poked his chest with your index finger as you ferociously pointed out. “Trust.”

“Okay, I had my doubts, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t trust you.” Montgomery lowered his voice as he calmly explained his thoughts, but you thought that they were just some sort of excuses.

“Your doubts?” You questioned him. “You had your doubts again?”

“Yes!” He bravely answered, almost shouting against you.

“And you want us to be together, nevertheless your doubts?” You asked him, being sure of what he had in his mind. Tears were about to escape, but you stopped them. You needed to be strong, remember? You couldn’t believe that he doubted on you once again, even though you never missed any chance to make him feel that you loved him. He doubted on you and it seriously hurt you.

“Yes!” He repeated with a sure and convinced voice timbre. He didn’t notice that you were hurt and he still kept his pride, shielding himself against your opinion.

“You know what those doubts are doing in our relationship?” You mumbled, the words were almost couldn’t be heard.

“No.” His feet suddenly became more interesting than seeing your face. His voice died as he honestly responded to your question.

“They are wrecking us.” You weakly blurted out. You couldn’t imagine your life without Montgomery and it broke you, everything broke you. “So, if you don’t want to lose me, start shaking off those doubts, because I love you. You, only you, and no one else, Montgomery!”

You grabbed your backpack and your books from the bench as you slowly walked away from Montgomery, leaving him with his mouth ajar. You decided to head to your Science class, although you were already late. It was always better to be late, than never. Right?

The journey was hard and heavy for you. The love that you were feeling for Montgomery was pulling you to bring you back next to him. You wanted to let him know that he would never lose you, no matter what happened between the two of you. He would never lose you, because you didn’t want to lose him either.

You loved Montgomery so much, but he doubted on you. It was heart-breaking, because you didn’t expect that he would doubt on you again, the first time was when he didn’t know that Tyler was your best friend and he thought that you were cheating on him. Sad, right? But he was excused that time.

You walked away from him and you let your tears to run down your face, letting your resentments out. Tears were slowly burning your crimson red cheeks.

He had his point on being jealous of your relationship with Tyler, but doubting on you? That was wrong, because, after all, doubts were the one who ruined relationships the most.

Montgomery hurt you and you would always forgive him, he just needed to realize his mistake after you opened his eyes.

It was better to be safe than to be sorry, right? Right.

Shoutout to people with OCPD

Shoutout to the people with OCPD who can’t make New Years resolutions or goals or else they will take up their life

Shoutout to OCPD people who hyperfocus for hours on one thing and can’t move on from it

Shoutout to OCPD people who obsess over things and let it get priority over everything, including basic life necessities

Shoutout to people with OCPD who can’t answer a single question in their inbox without thoroughly researching the topic as if it’s an essay

Shoutout to people with OCPD who need the tags to be in the same order every single time

Shoutout to people with OCPD who can’t try anything new because they can’t risk failing

Shoutout to my OCPD people who can’t handle people moving on or going away because then everything changes

Shoutout to OCPD people who cut off people because they aren’t part of the schedule anymore or they don’t match up with your moralities

Shoutout to my OCPD people who will have panic attacks when they loose anything big or small

Shoutout to the OCPD people who when they start counting something (I.e. Train cars or jars of peanut butter in the store) they cannot stop

Shoutout to my OCPD people who need to make lists for their lists that they are going to make

Shoutout to the OCPD people who refuse to accept their diagnosis or get help because that would be admitting that they are not perfect

Shoutout to the OCPD people who when they make a tiny mistake their whole day is ruined and they can’t stop crying

You aren’t weak, you aren’t weird, you aren’t annoying, you aren’t a failure, and you most certainly aren’t worthless

If you ever need help my inbox and messages are always open.

I believe in you, please keep doing you. I love all of you


dating yoongi; dating taehyung; masterlist

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dating namjoon would include:

  • you falling head over heels before you even knew what was happening, let’s be real here
  • namjoon always seems confident when he’s on stage
  • and he’s a good leader for his group, he knows what to say and what to do and he seems to have his shit together all the time
  • but when he’s around you, he turns into a dork that always messes up and says the dumbest things and gets clumsy with words
  • which is surprising for someone like him
  • and that’s how you immediately knew he liked you, and once you started playing with the idea of being with him, you fell so fast you surprised yourself
  • once he realized you were into him, he got his confidence back little by little
  • and every day spent with you makes him more and more confident in himself and in your relationship
  • he’s a good leader, which means he often brings work home with him, in his head, that is
  • he’s constantly worried about work, about his friends, about music, about a million things that could go wrong if he’s not there to take care of them
  • sometimes he feels like the weight of the world is on his shoulders, even when he’s not working and he has free time, which he decides to spend with you
  • and you’re the only one that helps him with that, you always tell him he’s great at what he does and that he worries too much because nothing will go wrong
  • you know how to get his mind off of things
  • you’re both interested in the same things so it’s easy for you to spend time together and go on dates or trips
  • you want to go visit the same places, you read the same books, you’re into same bands and artists
  • you know namjoon like the back of your hand, so when he sends you texts like
  • “thinking of you”
  • “miss you”
  • “i wanna hear your voice”
  • you know they actually mean “i’m feeling lonely and burdened and i wish you were here with me to comfort me”
  • and it breaks your heart he feels that way, but you know you can’t change that, that’s just who he is, he’s an over achiever, he works hard and he’s scared of losing the things he’s worked for
  • he’s made a lot of sacrifices to be where he is, but you’re not one of them
  • he never lets you down because of work
  • if he has plans with you, he keeps them
  • when things first started getting serious, he made you sit down with him and have a serious talk
  • “i just want you to know it’s not too late to back out. work and the guys take so much of my time and i’m always thinking about work, even when i’m not there, and what time i have left only for you is a lot less than what you deserve from someone who loves you”
  • “but i love you and i’ll give you all the time i can, i promise you that, you’ll never need anything, i’ll make sure of that”
  • “i know that you want more and you deserve more, you deserve everything, and if you think you could be happier with a guy who’d be around you more, then i’ll have to let you go because i don’t deserve that sacrifice”
  • and you’d be like but you’re namjoon, the reason i get up every morning??? what other guy???
  • he’d know he doesn’t spend enough time with you, so he’d try to make it up all the time
  • you like cuddling and kissing and holding hands and hugging and just all kind of skin contact, often, and he doesn’t really, but he does these things all the time for you, because that’s what makes you happy, and with time he starts liking skin contact just as much as you do
  • and you’re his priority when he’s home, he makes good on his promises
  • and when he’s away, he tries to be there in every way he can
  • he sends you books or postcards or random stuff by mail just to let you know he’s thinking of you when he’s on tour
  • he texts you all the time and sends you pics from their tour, the cities they visit, he sends you ugly selfies of him and all the other guys, and he sends you selfies to approve before he posts them
  • he values your opinion because you’re his support system
  • he’s pretty self-reliable, he doesn’t need anyone, he could live on his own without even seeing anyone for weeks and be okay with it
  • but with you, it’s different because you rely on him, and that’s why he needs you
  • he loves to feel needed and he loves to protect you and take care of you, and you return these favors in your own ways
  • such as cooking his favorite meal when he comes back from tour, buying him concert tickets, finding a rare edition of a book he likes, spending hours looking for an old blues record you want him to listen to, going through his lyrics and getting teary eyed, which is the biggest compliment he could think of
  • you really do have everything you need when you’re with namjoon, and you can’t wait for the two of you to settle down and finally live life like you want to
  • but until then you don’t say anything about it to namjoon because you don’t want him to think you’re unhappy because he’s always on the road
  • because that’s so far from the truth, you’re happy you have him even when you don’t have him by your side
  • he’s very excited about everything when he’s home with you
  • you two always stay up late and talk about everything
  • namjoon wants to know every detail about you, he wants to know everything, so you two are constantly geting to know each other
  • he knows you better than any of your friends
  • one minute you’d be talking about a tv show, the other he’d be asking if you believe in ghosts or in god or in aliens or in karma
  • talking to him is always easy and never feels like a commitment
  • sex with him blows your mind every time
  • you expected him to be rough and dominant when in fact he was just as shy and inexperienced as you were when you first started
  • he took his time before he finally tried to get you in bed, he wanted to make sure everything was right for the both of you
  • and he’d worship you in bed even after all the time you spent together
  • every time would feel better than the last time with him, he’d always make sure you were enjoying yourself, and he’d never be too pushy, he understands that your mood depends on your problems and if you have too many, there’s no way you could concentrate and enjoy anything sexual
  • but he’s smart and he knows how to get you to do exactly what he wants you to
  • he knows how to get you in the mood, first by relieving stress and listening to your problems, giving you a massage, giving you compliments, or just generally being the good boyfriend that he always is, then he’d get you in the mood physically, and he’d do it right, because he got to know you so well he knows every inch of you
  • he worships you in the bedroom, enough said
  • but he worships you always, you are someone who gives him strength that he tries to give everyone else, and sometimes gives away too much and has nothing left, and then he comes to you for your support and care, which is why you’re number one in his life
  • if namjoon sees you upset, he tries to comfort you physically first, by hugging you and running his fingers through your hair and peppering kisses over your forehead, and then by talking about what’s bothering you
  • if someone did something to you, all hell would break loose
  • namjoon is very protective over the people he loves, and he loves you the most, more than himself, he likes to think
  • and when he’d tell you that, you’d always tell him you loved him more, because you really do love him more than you’ve ever loved anyone
  • he’s the perfect boyfriend, all in all
  • thoughtful, protective, generous, intelligent, caring, loving, you name it
  • he never forgets any important dates in your life
  • and that makes you feel special
  • you know you could get anything you asked of him
  • but you never ask for anything other than him
  • brb crying and wishing i was spending namjoon’s birthday with him

do you ever just stop and wonder if it brings producers and directors pleasure to watch us suffer at the hands of tv characters. like do they scroll through tumblr tags watching us cry because these two people are perfect but won’t fucking get together…

It won’t be flawless ever again. First loves always feel perfect, like the world is yours and you are each others’ and nothing could ever come between you. Something will, though. It always does. And you’ll fall in love again, because that’s what people do. They pick up their pieces and tape them back together and move on, even if the edges don’t fit quite right anymore. You’ll move on, and you’ll find someone new, and they’ll make you feel incredible, but it won’t ever be the same. Nothing will ever feel like first love does. It won’t feel so perfect, so incredibly right. You only get one of those epic, infinite loves. But every other love is still worth it. Maybe it won’t feel heart-stopping, but you’ll still laugh and cry and smile and at the end of the day, you’ll be happy. Because even if you only get one chance at a soulmate, you get an infinite number of chances at happiness.
—  from an unfinished story #672
Bar Time Blues - Dean x Reader

Synopsis: (Y/N) has had a pretty crappy past with birthdays, what about this time around?

Warnings: Alcohol… lots of it, angst, language

Word Count: 1320

A/N This is for @splendidcas  ‘s birthday fic challenge, so my prompt was “You believe me, right?” and I like how it turned out. 

Note to Shannon: I’d like to say happy birthday to you lovely person, and also, you know how badly I wanted this to end in angst? It was perfect, but no, it has a fluff fluff end. :)

Another year older, another shitty birthday. That’s how the saying goes right? No? Oh, well it should. At least for you anyways, for the past three years, the so-called ‘special day’ had been nothing but bad luck. Your best friends were always gone on a stupid hunt, promising they would be back to celebrate, but shocker, they never were.

They left you to sit in the bunker by yourself every damn time, and you were sick of it frankly. Always being stood up and having to spend the day sitting on your bed watching movies on your laptop. Then the night you went out to the closest bar to drink away the loneliness and maybe hook up with whoever you saw that night.

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Accepting [DPR Live]

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Artist: DPR Live | Word Count: 2.178

Hell yess my baby dabin is getting so much love out there! Here’s my first oneshot for this cutie. Hope you’ll like it:)


“Hey, did anyone see (Name)?” Dabin asked, popping out of the makeup room. His face was clear from the foundation and other things the makeup artists applied, and he felt fresher than ever despite the clock hitting midnight. They had wrapped the shoot of his music video, and he wanted to talk to you, the person in charge of coloring the videos, before he goes off to sleep. There was an ounce of energy left inside him, and Dabin was going to use it to his might to seek you first.

“I think she went back to her room?” Barom said, his voice holding a hint of confusion, “She’s probably going to get some rest, so you’ll probably find her there.” Dabin got up and thanked his friend, quickly escaping the rest of the team and was greeted by the deserted hallways of the hotel.

Dabin tried to remember which floor you were and your room number. Since the shooting took a few days in Busan, the rest of the crew booked hotel rooms and also squeezed in a little bit of holiday in between the work. If he remembered correctly, the girls were on the fifth floor, and you were in room 505. When he arrived in front of your door, he hastily knocked on the wooden door, hoping that he got the right door. A minute passed and there was no answer. Dabin knocked again, this time louder and sharper, but he couldn’t hear a sound from the other side of the door.

“Dabin? Is that you?” The black haired man whirled around, seeing one of the makeup artists standing at the hallway, “(Name) isn’t there. She just went out a few minutes ago.” She wore an amused look on her face when she saw the disappointment in Dabin’s eyes.

“Did you know where she went?”

“(Name) did say she needed fresh air, so maybe she went outside?”

“Alright, thanks.” Dabin quickly ran to the lift, leaving the makeup artist alone. When he got inside, he debated on whether to go down or to the highest floor. He then chose to press the number of the highest floor, knowing how much you liked to feel the cold air against you skin and the view of the stars from high points. He couldn’t help the nervousness building inside of him, his foot stomping lightly over the carpet floor. This was a really important question he wanted to ask, and Dabin wasn’t sure what your reaction would be.

When Dabin arrived at the 30th floor, he quickly darted to the end of the hallway, and discovered the emergency staircase door hanging wide open. He knew you would be up there, and quickly climbed the flight of stairs that ended up to another old door. Dabin pushed the door open without hesitance, and saw your body sitting at the edge of the building, gazing up to the stars that glittered up in the sky. He was entranced for a moment, his breath taken away by how the moon and the stars made you glow, how you seemed like an angel that was waiting for him. But when the chilly spring air hit him, Dabin was taken back to reality, as he realized that you haven’t noticed his presence yet.

“(Name)? What are you doing there?” Snapping your head to the source of the voice, your tired eyes were met with Dabin’s warm ones, and you could only smile weakly at your friend.

“Oh, hey there Dabin,” The black haired man waved shyly, taking small steps towards you and sat next to you, “What are you doing up here?” Although you were pretty sure of the reason behind his arrival here, the feeling of someone wanting to see you felt like a foreign concept for you.

“I’m looking for you,” There you go, your guess was right after all, “I didn’t get to say thanks for your hard work today.” Dabin could only nervously grin towards you because that really wasn’t the reason he was here for.

“Well, thank you for your hard word as well,” You chuckled, breaking the gaze and moving it towards the sky, “The video will turn out great, you did amazing there.” As the words escaped your lips, you didn’t notice how Dabin looked slightly flustered under the shine of the moon.

“You’ve never failed to amaze me (Name), I’m sure the music video will come out with flying colors.” You could only snort at his statement, not failing to notice the pun he slipped between his words.

But soon silence enveloped you both, as your eyes were locked with the twinkling stars, while Dabin was openly admiring your features, to the point that he forgot the real reason he was here beside you. He liked the way the wind gently caressed your hair, and oh how he wished he could be the one to run his fingers through your shiny locks. Dabin noticed now that your skin looked so soft, and it seemed glowing more than ever tonight. And your eyes, those beautiful orbs, they looked dull tonight. The smile on his lips fell when he noticed the blank look across your face, how the eyes he fell in love to flashed fatigue inside.

“Are you alright?” Dabin asked, his voice in a mere whisper, “You look kind of tired tonight.” It surprised you when Dabin broke the silence, and it took you aback when he noticed the exhaustion in your eyes.

“I just… I’m fine,” You sighed, leaning down to avoid Dabin’s careful gaze, “Just a little bit tired, that’s why I came up for some fresh air. It’ll be gone with a good quality sleep, no worries.” Swallowing hard, you hoped Dabin would take the lie, because a good shut eye won’t be enough to make this kind of tiredness disappear.

“You can always talk to me!” Dabin offered, feeling his heart break a little because he could see through the lie, and you were far from okay, “I mean, we’re friend right? You can trust me to be a good listener.” At that moment, you felt his words hit the walls you built, how the genuine look in his eyes made you melt, and you thought that maybe it was alright to spill a bit of your problem to the lover boy.

“I just— I wish people would accept me as who I am, you know?” That’s when you lost it, as the loud sigh that crept past your lips was the sign that you were done with the world, “Why can’t they just let me be who I am? I like my job so much, but being fake so people would like me is way too overwhelming for me. And I hate myself for being weak, for not standing up for myself, for being someone who I am not just to not hear those nasty comments from them. I just hate all of this, because nothing would change, because people wouldn’t like me if I wasn’t myself.” At this point you had fisted your hair, feeling frustration well up inside of you. Pulling your legs closer to your chest, you rest your head on top of your knees, the safety of yourself being the last thing on your mind.

“Who said those things to you?” Dabin asked, and he was more than shocked knowing that it was that bad, “What did they say? How long have this been going on?” There was guilt inside of him for not seeing this coming as well, nonetheless from his colleagues.

“The girls of course, the guys never really cared as long as I did my work well,” Another sigh escaped your lips, and you sounded so fragile to Dabin, “They said I looked sloppy, always wearing clothes that felt comfortable to me. They told me I was so unsocial, always declining their invitations to party, but I never liked parties and getting drunk. They told me my work wasn’t enough from the very first time I finished my first project, but Barom always said my work was perfect. They’re probably jealous they can’t get the boss’ attention, since you know well why they work with us in the first place.” You tried fighting the tears, because you knew they didn’t deserve your tears, but you just felt everything piling up inside of you that you couldn’t help it. Dabin panicked on the inside and quickly scooted closer, carefully laying his hand on your shoulder in an attempt to stop your cries.

“Hey, don’t cry! I hate seeing you cry (Name),” Dabin awkwardly wiped away your tears, while you could only let out a weak chuckle at his sweet attempts to lighten up your mood, “I mean, I do believe people will never accept us as who we are, because only the ones who wants to be our friends will really accept us as the real us. You have me, Barom, Scott, and the other guys here, and despite none of us having no knowledge on girly things, we can be decent friends! And I think you’re perfect just the way you are, even when you’re crying like this. I think you’re amazing: the quirky you, the talented you, the loving side of you, any sides of you! So if the girls ever say mean words again, you know you can come to me and I’ll show you what a fantastic person you are, and that you really don’t need to be fake, because I accept you as what you really are, as the real you.”

It was a minute later, when you gazed deeply into his eyes, that Dabin had realized the fiery speech he had just say. He coughed awkwardly to break the silence, because that was something really deep that he had just spat, but tonight was the first time he saw you smile genuinely today, as the tears that were now sliding from your cheeks were from joy. Your heart fluttered against its case, as there was so much love in Dabin’s eyes that you realized that none of the girls’ words mattered now, as if the horrible feeling that ate you up evaporated in seconds. Because you only needed one man to tell you that he accepted you for what you are, and that man was sitting right in front of you, the sweetest man you’ve ever known.

“That’s all that I need to hear, Hong Dabin,” You launched yourself at him, circling your arms on his neck and hugging the black haired rapper close, feeling immense gratefulness at how he can turn your mood upside down, “Thank you so much.” There was a chuckle coming from Dabin as you felt his body relax, his own arms protectively engulfing you to his warmth.

“You’re welcome, darling.” It took a lot for him to call you that, but it clearly made your heart beat faster that you were sure Dabin could even feel it. His words were soft spoken and heartfelt that you could hear the smile on his face.

Silence covered the both of you again, but it was a comfortable one, because you really need to recollect yourself and get whatever composure you have up. You knew you probably looked like a mess, but for once you didn’t want to hide away. Dabin’s arms were comfortable that you really didn’t felt like letting go. He also felt the same, because all that Dabin wanted to do was protect you from all the madness in this world. He was angry at himself for not being able to prevent this from happening, but he was also glad he could paint another smile on your face.

“So, what was the real reason you searched me tonight?” You could finally part away from his warmth, flashing a wide smile towards him. Dabin turned pink as he was reminded of the question he wanted to ask, as he took a deep breath before he asked you.    

“I was wondering— would you want to go get some food with me?” Dabin murmured, but it was audible to your ears that he didn’t need to repeat twice, “I mean, the sea food restaurants near the beach is open 24 hours. Or maybe we can get something else?” Happiness exploded inside of you when you thought your heart was already too overjoyed, because Dabin had finally asked to spend time together with you. And you were sure it wasn’t as an artist and his coworker, or as friends. And deep down the both of you liked how the night is unfolding.

“I thought the day you’ll ask will never come,” You chuckled, lacing your fingers with his as if you had done it plenty of times, because they fit so perfectly like a puzzle piece, “But I’m paying! Count this as a way to say thank you.” Dabin laughed, a wide grin on his face that was sure will never leave the night.

“Just being with you already makes me happy, (Name).”

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Can you do a fic where Y/N is in an abusive relationship and Josh tries to get her out and then says he's in love with her and all that. I know it's dark but I think it would be cute if you did


The sound of your own soft sniffles fill the silence of the lonely bedroom. The whimpers and the sound of faint, barely audible hiccups makes the room seem less comforting than its supposed to be. This was always your safe place.  Your eyes are so tired from the tears still falling and the bags that are under them. You’ve bitten your lip far too much, causing the pink flesh to appear swollen.

You were deep within the blankets of the bed, and you lie there motionless, your knees curled, causing you to look as though you were curled up into a small ball, much like a wounded animal. Last night was supposed to be perfect. Last night marked a year of you two dating, and you ruined it, just like always.

Alex is very handsome and good looking, but not well put together. With dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, tall and masculine figure, he’s extremely blunt when it comes to you, always pointing out your flaws and giving you “tips” on how to fix them.  Not to mention, he’s very over protective and controlling of you, treats you as though you’re a child and even has rules for you to follow.

But no matter how rude and harsh Alex got, you always reminded yourself that he loved you and that’s all that mattered. You didn’t care about getting yelled at for small things, or being forced to have sex even when you didn’t really want to.  You took the pain and dealt with it as though it didn’t bother you. But it did.

At the end of most nights, you find yourself crying your way to sleep because of all the harsh things Alex has said to you.

“Stop talking, your voice is irritating me.”

“Can you cover yourself up? Stop wearing those tight outfits and such, you look like a slut. Is that because you are one?”

"Get down on your knees for me.”

“You’re an ugly cow, you know that. It’s embarrassing having you around me.”

He forced you to throw up your dinner one night to help you lose some weight. You’ve been doing it ever since and although it hurts, you just really want to be perfect for Alex.

Alex got you drunk one time and when you weren’t even aware of your surroundings anymore, Alex took advantage of you for the very first time, taking away your virginity, the only pure thing you had left inside of yourself.

But he loved you.  He loved you and that’s all that mattered.

Last night, their one year anniversary, was a bad day for the two of you though. You woke up early in the morning because you wanted to make Alex breakfast in bed, but Alex wasn’t there. And he didn’t leave a note. You tried calling, but Alex wouldn’t pick up, which meant he was out and didn’t want to be bothered.

So you spent the day alone. You weren’t necessarily disappointed, but you were a little upset.  But it was all okay because you loved Alex and you would wait for him. And since he wasn’t home, that gave you time to bake a cake with the words “happy anniversary, Y/N + Alex” written in blue icing on top; you even decorated it with flowers and hearts of all sorts of colors.  You’d have to thank your best friend, Josh, for the baking tips.  You spent the latter portion of the afternoon on the phone with him, after all.  He told you what ingredients you needed and how long to bake the cake.  

“God, I hope he likes it.  Tell me he’s gonna love it…”  you beg.

“He’s definitely gonna love it,” he tells you with a shaky laugh from the other end of the line.

Once the cake was complete, you grabbed some candles and spread them all around their empty bedroom because you knew that you two would be making love tonight. It hasn’t happened ever before, but you hoped it would tonight.  It was always rough sex, even if you weren’t up for it. Never has Alex once went slow on you.

So you waited all afternoon for him to come home. You spent an hour talking to Josh on the phone, spent an hour watching Netflix, spent a few hours cleaning up anxiously. You skipped breakfast and lunch just so you’d feel extra skinny tonight, took a bath and shaved your legs and underarms because you knew Alex thought you looked ugly with any body hair. You prodded and prepped yourself for Alex’s return and when he finally came home, the peaceful silence and calm aroma of the house was immediately replaced with intensity and anger.

Your entire being seemed to light up when the door slammed shut and you quickly picked yourself up off the couch, rushing over to Alex and throwing his arms around his neck. “Babe I missed you! Happy one year!” You spoke with a huge grin. You went to press a kiss to Alex’s cheek but instead, got forcefully shoved away, and thrown to the ground.

A pathetic whimper left your lips as his relief and excitement died. You slowly looked up to Alex, who was now taking his shoes off. Did you do something wrong?

“Is everything okay?” you spoke softly, taking a few moments to lift yourself up off the ground and stand up, brushing yourself off. Alex scoffed.

“Yeah everything is great. Are you fucking stupid? Obviously things aren’t okay, dumbass.” The taller of the two rolled his eyes and moved past you, walking into the kitchen and taking out a beer. You quietly followed him in, noticing the cake was still sitting down on the counter but you decided not to bring it up.

“What happened?”

“I fucking lost at the slots.” He shouted in anger, slamming the bottle of beer down on the counter. You flinched and slowly backed away. Alex noticed and smirked.

“Please don’t do it anymore.” you whispered, frowning as you thought about all the money he wasted in the casino.

Alex looked over to you, and moved in to corner you against the counters. He brought a hand up and smacked it across your cheek. “Don’t you tell me what to do, slut.”

Your head whipped to the side as you felt the sting on your cheek. Alex was powerful and strong, so of course the slap hurt like a bitch.

"You baked a cake?” Alex asked, raising an eyebrow at the homemade cake. You nodded, keeping your hand on the cheek that was slapped. “How’s that supposed to help you lose weight? You can’t eat stuff like that, idiot.“

The words hurt but Alex loved you, so it was okay. You looked down to your stomach, which was slightly poking out. You hadn’t been throwing up your food lately like you should’ve been.

"Hello?” Alex forcefully hit the back of your head to get you back to reality, and you found yourself whimpering loudly with tears pooling in your eyes. This seemed to make Alex smile, but it wasn’t a comforting one. It was full of pure evil and sadism, but you didn’t want to believe that.

He hits you again, striking the back of your head, harder this time.  “What’re you fucking daydreaming about now?” he snaps.

You take a deep breathe, trying to summon some courage before speaking, “I was thinking— about how I wish you’d stop gambling all our money away.”

Your words are shaky and unsure of themselves, but they’re out there.  The dark look on Alex’s face assures you that they’re out there.

“You fucking, entitled bitch—“ he snaps harshly before raising his fist.  He swings it in a blur, his hand colliding with the side of your face and ear, making things ring out.  It’s harder than he’s ever hit you before.  You quickly feel a warm, wet liquid falling down your face and you know it’s his rings that have cut you open.  Before you know what’s happening, Alex is turning you around and shoving you against the wall forcefully, “Someone needs to fix you. Someone needs to perfect you. And who is that, Y/N?” Alex shouts, pushing your head into the wall harder and harder before starting to strip down.

“Y-you,” you whisper, it’ll always be him.

Alex forcefully shoves himself inside of you, making you cry out.  You squeeze your eyes shut and bite down on your lip, waiting for it to be over.  Once Alex finishes, he released the tight grip around your arm and lets you fall to the floor pathetically, before walking into the living room, remembering to grab his beer first.  

Your entire body hurt, but at the same time, you felt completely numb and you didn’t know how to fix it.  You wanted to perfect yourself so you can stay with Alex, because you loved him and you don’t want to give up everything that you and Alex have. Alex is your first love and you wouldn’t just give that up, you couldn’t.

But there’s something in the back of your head screaming for you to run. Run and never go back to Alex because this wasn’t right, this relationship wasn’t right at all. A voice that’s been there, but you’d been ignoring for months now.

You decide to finally listen.

You collect yourself off the floor and clumsily try to gather yourself.  You’re dizzy from being hit so hard, but you know that you have to get out.  

Alex has plopped himself in front of the television with his beer balanced on his knee.  You look carefully at him, your vision blurred from tears and blood before tiptoeing towards the door.    

You sneakily made your way to the front door as Alex continued to yell at some sports game. You quickly slipped on your shoes on and slid out the door, being sure to close it very quietly. Thankfully, you makes it out successfully and run off to the only safe place you know.


By the time you make it to Josh’s place, you’re severely out of breath.  This is the reason that you need to get more fit, because you’re too fat to even run.  

You see as single light on in his house and his car in the driveway and sigh a breathe of relief.  You weren’t sure what you would’ve done if he hadn’t been home.  

You rush up to the front door and knock hastily, feeling anxious and agitated, like Alex might’ve followed you the whole way.  

Josh answers the door, his face dwarfed into pure confusion before elapsing into horror.  Seeing him look at you with those wide, disbelieving eyes makes your insides sink.  His face soon softens and you see him swallow a lump in his throat before whispering your name in sympathy.  

“Hey,” you whisper back.  “Can I come in?” your voice is choked, but Josh nods, stepping to the side while holding the door open for you.  

Josh gets you a glass of water and offers you about a million things to eat.  But you politely decline, and take a seat at the kitchen counter instead.  After getting your water, Josh sits in the chair beside you and sighs deeply.  

Josh is probably the only friend that you have left. When Alex forced all those rules on you, your friends gave up on making plans because Alex wouldn’t let you go out. Josh on the other hand, stuck with you, and promised to always be there no matter what. You’d been friends since grade school, and here you are now, still in the same town that you grew up in. You both were practically inseparable, but when Alex noticed that, he flipped a shit and told you that you couldn’t hang out with him anymore.

But that didn’t stop you.

After regaining your breath and sipping the water, you looked up to Josh, who’s hair was longer than ever. It was now a bright yellow color, pushed back with a beanie. He had a sympathetic smile across his lips.

“Can we go to the bathroom and check out that cut?” he asks finally.

You bring your hand to the side of your face and touch the tender spot, flinching slightly at the pain.  You nod and let Josh lead the way into his bathroom, where he flips both sets of lights on and gets a washcloth from the cabinet.

“What the hell happened?” he finally asks, his tone is gentle.

“I fell,” you lie thickly.  “I wanted to see you tonight, but I tripped on my way—“ You’re almost certain Josh knows you’re lying, but he doesn’t push further.  

He’s careful not to press too harshly on the cut, but he pokes and prods mats of your hair away to get a better look at the cut.  He tells you it doesn’t need stitches, because the bleeding had stopped.  

“Are you okay alone?” he asks nervously.  He’s wary to leave you to shower, but you insist.

“I just feel gross,” you tell him.  “I really want to clean up.”

“Okay,” he agrees.  He backs out, “Holler if you need me.”

It feels like you shower for hours. You want Alex’s scent to go away for good. You want his germs killed. You want the numbness to go away. You shower in hot water and scrub your body for the longest time, shampoos your hair at least three times and conditions twice. You want everything of the night gone without a trace.

When you’re done, you open the door and notice Josh setting up a pillow and blanket on the couch.

“You can have my bed-“ he says, once he sees you’ve emerged from the bathroom.  “I changed the pillow case for you, put some extra blankets on the side.”

You nod, crossing your arms awkwardly around you.  

“You know where my shirts and stuff are, too.  So help yourself.”

“Thanks, Josh,” you say, grateful for your best friend.  

“I’m really tired—“ you say, making your way towards his room, before your voice can break.  “I think I’m going to lay down now.”

Josh nods quickly before standing up, “If you need anything, I’ll be here.”

“Thanks,” you say again, offering him a small smile before retreating to his bedroom for the night.  You dig out one of his old sweatshirts and tug it over yourself before crawling into his bed.  You sigh heavily and start biting your lip harshly, thinking back to how you managed to fuck the night up so badly.  You had such high hopes for a romantic evening but you went and ruined it.  You end up crying yourself to sleep once again.


You slept most of the night at Josh’s.  When you finally wake up to the moonlight shining through the open curtain, your chest fills with a sudden rush of panic.  Alex was going to be so angry at you for leaving.  What were you thinking being gone so long?  You quickly slide Josh’s sweatshirt off and change back into your original clothing.  You quickly move to throw your shoes on before rushing out of Josh’s bedroom.

“Y/N?” Josh says sleepily, sitting up from the couch and rubbing his eyes.

“I need to go.” you shake your head and stand up, starting to quickly make your way to the door. Josh runs after him and grabs your wrist, causing your sleeve to roll up.  Josh looks down and notices the influx of bruises scattered around your forearm.   His sudden movement caused you to flinch harshly, throwing your arm up in defense.  Josh immediately releases his grip and takes a step back, looking worried.

“I have to go—“ you repeat, embarrassed and so flustered.  You couldn’t think about anything besides how mad Alex was going to be.  You leave Josh’s stunned face with a slam of the door.

As you walk home, you go through all the texts Alex left you, texts that said “where the fuck are you?” “Did you sneak out?” “You’re such a fucking pain.” “You’re gonna get it when you get home.” You know what to expect when you walk through those doors and when you do, you’re not surprised that you’re shaking with fear.

“Where the hell were you!?” Alex is immediately in front of you, slamming you against the door with your wrists pinned above your head. You cry out and shake your head because Alex is going to be so mad when he finds out where you were.

“You weren’t here all fucking night! Do you know how that makes me feel?!” he yells, starting to dig his nails into your skin. You whimper and shake your head fast, closing your eyes. You refuse to make eye contact with him.

"Look at me and answer, bitch!” The wind is immediately knocked out of you when you’re kneed in the stomach. You try not to fall to the ground when your knees suddenly become very weak, and it takes all of your energy just to regain your breath. You slowly open your eyes to look into Alex’s narrowed and angered ones.

"I was with Josh but-” you were quickly interrupted with a slap to the face.

“Didn’t I tell you not to hang out with him?”

“Yes but-”

“After all I do for you!?” Alex screams, and proceeds to grip your wrist and throw you against the wall.

“You were a pathetic piece of shit and I helped you!” Alex accuses and lifts your head back up, dragging you to your bedroom. You try to keep up but you’re in too much pain, whimpering and crying as you listen to Alex’s rant. Everything he says is true.

“Im fucking helping you fix yourself! Your flaws, your weight, your worth, everything! And this is the thanks I get!?” You’re thrown against the dresser.

“I fucking made you. And you cheat on me!” He spits in your face.

“I wasn’t cheating!” You managed to say.

“You’re so ungrateful!” he grips your shoulders and slams you into the other wall, before punching the mirror beside your head, the glass shattering over your shoulder and onto the floor. “I thought you loved me!”

“I do!” you whimper loudly but Alex just slams you back into the wall. This is the worst he’s gotten, but it’s just because he’s mad.  You shouldn’t have gone to Josh’s, it was your fault.  He was doing it because he loved you and he was just mad.  

As Alex continues shouting, you continue to cry. You almost think that you hear the doorbell ring but you convince yourself it was just your imagination, making you get your hopes up for help. You want this to end, you want to leave and never come back. You want to die because no one will ever love you. Nobody will ever stay with you because of how ugly and fat and annoying you are. No one will ever date you because you’re an embarrassment to this world. You’re disgusting and repulsive and slutty, and only Alex will ever know that.

You were crying too hard to realize that Josh came inside the room. Once you feel Alex’s grip loosen on your shoulder, you look up to see Josh’s angry face gripping his shirt collar.  You could hear profanities- a lot of profanities being shouted out throughout the house. You see physical violence and punches being thrown and that only makes you want to cry more. You cover your mouth and curl up against the dresser, shriveled up into a ball and squeeze your eyes shut. You were just so done with this, done with everything in your life.

And before you knew it, your entire being gave out and the only thing you remember hearing is something about treating you right. And then everything went black.


When you wake up finally. You haven’t opened your eyes yet, and you’re sure you don’t want to. You don’t know what happened, except for Alex being way more aggressive than usual. You assume that you passed out in the middle of this rage and you’re waking up in the middle of the afternoon because of the pain.

Pain. That’s all you feel. It’s all over you. Your head, throat, tummy, arms, emotions, everything. You just feels pain, and that makes you whimper with tears forming in your eyes.

You lift the blankets off of you to look at all the bruises you might have gotten from yesterday, except you’re wearing an unfamiliar sweatshirt and a pair of boxers- a pair that don’t belong to Alex. In fact, as you look around the bedroom, it doesn’t look anything like yours.

It’s Josh’s.

“Y/N?“ A deep but soft voice interrupts your thoughts. You look over to the door, and there’s your best friend, poking his yellow head out before walking inside, closing the door behind him.

You ignore him- somewhat- and lift the sweatshirt up to look at the bruise Alex gave you this morning.  You deeply frown, and then slide the sleeves of your sweatshirt up, looking down at your wrists, which have little crescent shapes indented in the skin, all thanks to Alex and his sharp finger nails.

"Can you check my back?” you ask, voice cracking as you slowly sit up.

“I did when I dressed you..” Josh bit his bottom lip as he sat down at the foot of the bed.


Josh frowns, ”There was a huge bruise on it. Did he hit you?“

You don’t want to talk about it but Josh has a right to know.

"He slammed me into the wall, and I fell to the floor.”

"I came over because I had some leftover brownies for you. I knew you were feeling lousy and I wanted to cheer you up.” Josh chuckles for no reason and looks across the bed at you. “I rang the doorbell a few times but no one answered, so I just let myself in.

"I called for you but no one answered, that is until I heard yelling and screaming. So I set the brownies down and hurried to where I heard everything. And that’s when I found him hurting you.”

“I yelled at him. And pulled him off of you as quick as I could. He started cursing me out and telling me to fuck off because I don’t own you, but he said that he did.” You shake your head, and let a tear fall from your cheek. Josh inhaled deeply and frowned the scared girl in front of him.

That’s when you notice a bruise on Josh’s forehead, near his hairline and your chest tightens.  

You bite your lip, trying to fight it, but you can’t.  The force of tears is too powerful for you to ward off and before you know it, you’ve burst into tears.  Josh is quick to scoot across the bed and wrap his arms around you.  And that’s when you collapse into his chest and cry. You cry because it’s your fault.  It’s your fault Josh followed you home and found all of this out.  It’s your fault he got hurt.  

“I’m sorry—“ you choke out, but your words are blubbery and hard to understand.  

“Shh,” Josh soothes, scooping you into his lap and rocking back and forth on the mattress.  You lean into his chest and inhale the smell of his t-shirt sharply, hoping that his squeezes were enough to keep you held together.

You finally look up at him once your tears have subsided, Josh has wetness in his eyes but he is quick to wipe them away. It shows how much Josh cares about you, and suddenly that’s all you want.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Or anyone?” Josh sniffles, more tears forming in his eyes. “I could’ve helped.”

You shake your head, ”I loved him.“

But Josh shakes his head back, a sad moan leaving his lips as he lays his head back against the headboard. "That’s not love.” Tears start to stream down his cheeks, and the sight of Josh crying over this situation has you starting to cry again as well.

You thought what you and Alex had was love. You did stuff for him, pleased him because you thought it was love. You suffered because you thought it was love. You thought Alex loved you and you thought he loved you back. But everything was just a lie. Your entire relationship sunk into an ocean of lies.

“I don’t know what true love is. It’s not my fault.” You sobbed, and that’s when Josh cupped your cheeks and wiped the tears away. You made eye contact, and it never broke.

“Love is feeling passion inside of you, whether you’re thinking about the person or looking at them, or being with them. It’s when your entire world lights up and everything seems possible. It’s when you and them know everything about each other and share everything and do everything together. Love is gentle touches and kisses, it’s acceptance and compliments, it’s admiration and cheesy pick up lines. Love is an unconditional passion you have towards someone else. It’s most definitely not what you and Alex had. Not at all.”

You don’t really know why you’re doing it, but you do. You lean forward to press a kiss to Josh’s lips, and it feels so much better than the kisses you’d shared with Alex.

It’s sweet. It’s very sweet. It’s so calming as Josh moves his soft lips against your chapped ones, but that doesn’t matter. It’s just so nice, and you don’t ever want it to stop.

When you pull back, you’re quick to lay your head back on Josh’s chest, encouraging him to wrap his arms around you once again.  Your eyes flutter shut as you find yourself murmuring, “show me what love really is.” Because that’s all you’ve ever wanted since the beginning.

Josh presses a kiss to the top of your head, his hand moving to the back of your neck to comb his fingers through your hair, lips lingering against your hair as he murmurs, “I’d be glad to.”

Because it was Josh all along.

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So I was just was looking through your blog (Which has A+ art keep being you my dude) and i noticed you make a lot of AU's too! But have you ever considered Model!Shance? Like Lance is a model that likes choosing to do crazy things that his photographers keep leaving for because he and his ideas are too reckless and outlandish. But Shiro, a photographer, finds Lance and loves to indulge in his crazy ideas, where no one else ever did.

I’m going to CRY this is perfect!
….would you mind if i drew some art for this sometime down the line. it sounds so good like I could see Lance conforming to what photographers and like the industry wnats him to be because after years of being told no he’s developed a well of self doubt and then Shiro comes along. 

maybe they’re like at a runway afterparty or smth Lance is having fun and a little tipsy and ends up telling random hot guy about his ideas, not aware that Shiro is actually a photographer

and Shiro is like O_O oh my gosh that sounds awesome let’s do it and lance is like PSHHH okay big guy sick meme and Shiro just tucks his business card into Lance’s hand or smth and the next day lance is like oh my god is this really a thing right now???

I love that bye

Like do you ever see a pic of Sportacus in the show where he’s smiling and his eyes are half lidded or just a wide smile that makes his eyes crinkle? Or those little amused grins or proud beams? Honestly, just all of his happy, excited expressions?

When I write, I feel like describing it can’t do it justice when its already so perfect. In other words, I cry when I see those kinds of expressions because he’s just so cute and adorable and his smiles breaths life into my weary college consumed soul.

Zhang Yixing//Oh God

You’re a teacher filling in for another class, and having trouble from one of the students. In an attempt to sort it out, you discover that you’re a lot more friendly with his parent than you originally thought.
Scenario: Fluff, smut mention
Word count: 3,837

The walk of shame had actually been more of a parade of triumph this morning, if you were going to be completely honest.
He’d been tall, handsome, muscular and well, you could say he was somewhat talented. You’d been stunned waking up next to him after your slightly drunken one night stand and it was revealed to your sober eyes that he was still as good looking this morning as he was the night before. You’d sneaked out of his room at 7am, down the dark hallway and out of the apartment quietly - as proud of yourself as you were for picking up such a gorgeous man, you weren’t up for the sheer embarrassment that would come with having to part if you’d woken him up too. So you’d bolted out as quickly as possible, texting your best friend and coworker Rani to meet you at the closest coffee house.

So you sat, ignoring the uncomfortable ache in the pit of your stomach - God, you were having flashbacks of his wonderful pelvis in action - and sipped on your coffee, trying to work out what details you’d give to explain your disappearance the night before. Rani spotted you immediately, short dyed blonde hair swinging as she plonked herself down across from you.
“You got laid!” She squealed, and you had to shush her as the other patrons were giving you a disapproving look. “You got laid!” She repeated, quieter, and you rolled your eyes.
“So - good or bad?” Her eyes were sparkling with anticipation, “Come on, we need to make this quick, I have an entire class’ homework to mark by tomorrow and I need to facetime my Naniji because it’s her birthday, although God knows what she’ll say about my hair. She may cry.” You took a deep breath in and grinned at your friend’s rambling.
“Okay, okay. So it was really good.” You relented, and she squealed again. “So he spoke Korean, but I’m pretty sure he’s Chinese because on certain words he’d sometimes have an accent.”
“Ooooh.” Rani grinned, and you flicked her forehead from across the table.
“Oooh indeed, because he was the most perfect specimen that’s ever been within a hundred yards of me.”
“Do tell.”
“He was a good height.” You tilted your head, thinking, “He was like…lean but completely ripped. Full on six pack of abs. He had the best hair too, it was all slick and dark and there was this one tendril that kept falling into his eyes and - oh, his eyes.” You could see Rani practically living for this. “They were so intense. He kept doing this thing where he’d look up from under his lashes and slow blink and it was amazing. Like, the biggest turn on.”
“God, I’m so single.” Rani sighed, and you grinned at her again,
“Shall I continue?”
“Yes. Please. He sounds like a slice of heaven.” She leaned her head on the table, looking up at you. “How was he?” Your cheeks burned slightly, but you told her anyway.
“Amazing. Like, best I’ve ever had. I think he must be a dancer or something, because those hips - umph, I can’t even think about it.”
“What kind was it?” She propped her chin on her hand, henna poking out from her sleeve and travelling down her fingers. “Like, slow and sweet or…sexy-time sexy time?”
“Dude, honestly - both.” You warmed your hands on the coffee cup, sighing deeply. “I’m ruined. How the hell am I ever going to drunkenly phone my ex and sleep with him again after this? I don’t think seven minutes in the back of his car is going to cut it after last night’s suitor.”
“Ugh, when was the last time you phoned your ex?”
“Ages ago, don’t worry. My drunk brain seems to have forgotten him.” You giggled, and she looked relieved.
“Thank God.” You swirled the coffee round with your pinkie.
“I didn’t leave my number or anything, I just ran. I just wanted to leave the perfect one night stand the way it was, no disappointment or embarrassment.”
“For once, I’m going to disagree here.” Rani shook her head. “You find a man that can move his hips like that, looks that good and is caring and hot at the same time during sex? You put a ring on it, damn.
“I don’t even know his name.” Her phone buzzed on the table then, and she jumped up.
“Oh God, it’s my Naniji. I need to take this -” She weaved her way through the chairs of the coffeehouse, and you could hear babbled Hindi flowing from her mouth like water in a creek. You shook your head at her hectic personality and life, getting up, too. You needed to finish marking your own class’ reading homework before tomorrow, and frankly, your hangover was not being kind either.

Monday was slightly more hectic than usual, as another class’ teacher was ill, making you cover for her when you should have been having a break, as your class was on a school trip for the next few days. But no, you were stuck covering for the youngest and most boisterous class in the school, so all you expected was constant crazy, non-stop action.
One particular group of 5 year olds, lead by a surprisingly quiet, small boy, kept up the highest energy, making sure you were never off your feet - Zhang Baozhi was like a quiet storm. He had taken a notion in the last few days to constantly convince other kids to do stupid shit, but never take part so as not to get into trouble. You started to miss the 10 year olds you usually taught as you were cleaning paint off the face of the quiet leader of the class that his friends had covered him in.
“Come on Changyun, really, settle down.” You scolded the main perpetrator, but the kid shook his head violently.
“Baozhi told me to!” You looked to the boy whose nose you were wiping sunset orange from delicately, his eyes blinking at you slowly.
“Is that true?” You asked him, your tone serious as you crouched down to meet his eyes. He blinked again, seeming indifferent. “You don’t want to get your friends in trouble, do you?” He sighed, an awfully mature sound coming from this three-and-a-half foot tall child.
“I told him to.”
“See!” Changyun stuck his tongue out at you, then grinned at his friend before hopping back to his seat. You grasped Baozhi under his arms and sat him up on your desk to be able to clean him up without crouching down.
“You can’t keep telling your friends to do these silly things.” You said, your tone soft - not because you thought he was sensitive, but because you knew there was no need for The Teacher Voice, as he would respond the same either way. “We don’t get our friends into trouble, alright?” He shrugged, again, indifferent, and you shook your head slightly, perplexed by the kid. You finished mopping up the hues of blue and pink from his little face and pulled him down from your desk, patting his back to let him know he was free to go back to his seat.

The next day, Baozhi caused much more ruckus with his influence on the other kids, stressing you out to no end. He started a food fight at break time by nudging Jeonghyun to throw his yogurt at Minwon, which took your proper, strict Teacher Voice to defuse that situation. Then, he convinced Eunhye and Dahyoon that it would be fun to braid their hair together, which got horrifically tangled and caused a lot of tears, making you painstakingly sit and part their hair for a half hour while the other kids drew their mother’s day cards. By eleven, he had started a game of whispers round the room, ending with Moonbin shouting at the top of his lungs a Chinese swear - which you only knew due to your old college roommate Biyu, who was an exchange student from Beijing. The last straw was when every kid in the small class other than Baozhi dunked their hands into the class fish tank to try and catch one. Thankfully, you’d managed to stop that before any fishes were harmed, but you decided enough was enough. You had to find out why Baozhi was acting out this way - you’d covered this class before, and he’d never given you a problem then - and so you pulled him aside an hour before school ended to ask him who collected him at the end of the day.
“I get the school bus.” He’d said, and you pursed your lips. You’d just need to phone his parents and ask them if they could come and pick him up so that you could speak to them personally about him. And so, when the kids were taken by the P.E. teacher to run around in the school gym for the last part of the day, you sat in the now-quiet class and dialed up the number you’d found in the office. It almost rang out, but then it was answered by a worried voice.
“Hi there, am I speaking to the parent or carer of Zhang Baozhi?” You confirmed, tapping a pen against your notebook with all of the small child’s crimes written down.
“Yes, this is his father speaking, why? Is he alright? Why is his school calling me?”
“It’s nothing to worry about, Mr Zhang, I assure you, Baozhi is physically perfect - I’m just calling as his behavior has been slightly, um…” You sucked in at your teeth, “…questionable, these past few days. I was just wondering if there’s any way you could drop by to talk and try to work this out.” There was only silence on the other end of the line for a few seconds, and you noticed the similarity between the father and son with their quiet pauses.
“I can’t come by today, but if he stays a half hour later tomorrow after school then I can pick him up and talk then.” You found yourself doodling on the page.
“That sounds good. I can put him in with the after school club in the next classroom, and we can talk while he plays.” You blew air up into the loose strands of your hair, continuing, “Does that work for you?”
“Yes, that’s fine.” You nodded as though he could see you. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then, Miss.”

3 o’clock rolled round the next day, and you sent Baozhi into the after school club that Rani was taking charge of, hastily cleaning up the classroom of the mess that the kids had left. You,yourself, were quite the sight to behold. At the beginning of the day, you’d been downright adorable - your hair sat perfectly, your makeup was blended and cute, you had on a spotless striped blouse tucked into a black skirt, black tights, little heeled boots.
And by the end of the day, by now, you had green and orange paint spattered across your face like alien freckles, you’d had to roll up the sleeves on your shirt, your skirt was back-to-front, your tights had been ripped at both knees where you had to kneel down to help coax a child out from under the slide in the playground. Your hair was sad and out of place, strands escaping haphazardly, and you’d cast your heels aside for some battered sneakers, but it didn’t matter what you looked like, you thought pathetically, it was just a Bhaozi’s dad. It didn’t matter because all that did matter was making sure he was alright and fixing what wasn’t. So you dashed around, taking paint pots to the sink in the corner and wiping crumbs off of desks when you heard a throat clearing from the doorway. You whipped around, and your eyes widened considerably.
Imagine your surprise when your one-night stand from the weekend was standing in the door, tall and handsome, looking around the classroom curiously, having not lain eyes on you yet. He was dressed almost identically to the way he was in the bar on Saturday - light washed jeans, black fitted tee, sneakers.
“What are you doing here?” You squeaked out, and he let his slow eyes land on you. You watched as his expression mirrored yours, and his mouth dropped open.
“It’s - you - you work here?” He stammered, and you straightened up a little. “You just left…” You could feel your cheeks heating up, especially when you looked down and caught sight of the ladders in your tights. When you looked back up at him, you could feel his discomfort, as though he was trying to figure out an explanation to his appearance. You got impatient then, embarrassed,
“Could you please - can we do this later? I have a meeting scheduled with a kid’s parent right now so could you…” You trailed off as you studied his face, and it dawned on you. The slow blink, the almost indifferent attitude - it was mirrored right here. “Oh my God.” He took a few steps inside the classroom, shutting the door.
“You called about Baozhi.” He said, his voice quiet, and you felt your face drain, bracing yourself against your desk. Rani would have a field day with this one.
“I…” He was looking at you as if bracing your reaction. The thoughts were whirling almost violently in your head, especially when you caught sight of a ring on his finger. “You…oh my God.”
“I know this isn’t ideal-” He started, but you stood up straight, shaking your head violently to cut him off.
“Ideal? This is the worst thing,” His face fell completely, and you felt disgust at yourself and at him overwhelm you. “You have a child - you’re the father of a student I teach -”
“If you-”
“No!” Teacher Voice was on, and he stood stock still. “So you’re what married with a child and you take me home? Are you nuts? Do I - do I look like a home wrecker? I’m a freaking primary school teacher-”
“I’m not married.” He cut you off quietly, and you froze, looking at him suspiciously.
“You have a child and a ring.” You pointed out, your frantic tone dying down. He looked down at his hand and realisation dawned on his features.
“This is actually a family ring. My father gave me it. It’s not a romantic thing.” He twirled it on his finger, turning it and extending it to you so that you could see the Chinese characters spelling out Zhang on the underside.
“Oh.” You leaned back against the desk. “So…you didn’t cheat on anybody with me?” He nose wrinkled slightly and he shook his head determinedly.
“Definitely not. There’s nobody to cheat on.” Another thought burned in your mind and you cringed.
”You better not tell me that Baozhi was home when I…when we…” You shuddered at the unprofessionalism of it all, saying a silent prayer.
”No! God, no, he was staying at Changyun’s house at the weekend.” His face was pale, “I wouldn’t leave my 5 year old son home alone while I went to the bar and took someone home.”
“Alright then.” You muttered.It was quiet then, awkward. You stared at his sneakers, clean white, apart from a scribble in biro pen on the side, which you assumed was down to the child in question. He cleared his throat.
“Uh, so, what’s the matter with Baozhi?” You almost jumped to attention.
“Oh, right!” You gestured for him to follow you round the classroom as you explained all of his child’s misdemeanors and blame ridden leadership of the class. As the final piece of evidence you whirled round to face - oh God, you didn’t know anything other than his name was Zhang Something and that he had rock hard abs under that tee and a pelvis that moved like - Jesus, that was enough, stop thinking -
“This is the last thing he managed to convince the kids to do,” You said, staring him down. He stared right back, occasionally blinking.
“What?” You scrunched your nose.
“Paint,” You clarified, the colours across your face moving as your nose did. He let a small smile creep onto his face, and you stepped back. “So I want to figure out why he’s acting like this. I’ve taught him before and he was a sweet kid. Now he’s like a little dictator. I mean, he was supposed to be writing out his mother’s day card, and all of a sudden, I hear this whisper going round the room, and bam, there it is. Chinese for ‘fuck’.” Zhang’s eyes narrow slightly.
“Wait, what did you say?”
“Chinese for ‘fuck.’”
“No, before that.” You raised an eyebrow at his prying for detail.
“He was supposed to be writing out his mother’s day card?” And it was then that he groaned and stepped back, bumping into a sitting position on a desk.
“What does that have to do with it?” You didn’t get it.
“Baozhi isn’t mine by blood,” He explained, his voice slightly thick, “I took him in as a baby…he never knew his mother, and he doesn’t have anyone like a mother to him.” Your hands flew to your mouth realising that you’d been asking a motherless child to write a card explaining how much he loved his mother.
“Oh my God. Oh my God, I’m the worst.” You whispered, “I should have made sure before I set them the task - oh my God. I can’t believe I did that.”
“No, it’s an easy mistake to make.” He tried to clear it up but you were on full guilt mode.
“Jesus, I might as well have just asked him to bring her into school, oh my God I’m an idiot.”
“Hey, no, it’s fine, I’ll talk to him.” He stood up, his hands on your shoulders, and you sighed heavily.
“I’m so sorry.”
“It’s really alright.” He then let out a huff of breath, letting his hands drop. “I should’ve have noticed Mother’s day was coming up. I usually let the teacher know - Miss Banner knew already, that’s why I didn’t this year.”
“I’m just covering this class right now.” You let him know, “Just so you don’t need to worry about Baozhi being left with me at all times.” Your joke was feeble and he shook his head.
“I’m really sorry that you’ve had to deal with…” He gestured to the rips in your tights, your face splattered with paint and then around the messy classroom. “…all of this. When he gets upset he acts out.” It was then that your door opened, and Rani, panting, poked her head in.
“(Y/N), seriously, I really need you to come in and help me out, one of my kids has her head stuck inside a drawer and -” She noticed Baozhi’s dad then, and her eyes widened at his …well, his everything. You gave her a look, saying through gritted teeth,
“I’ll be there in a minute.” She ducked out the room, and you heard your name repeated from behind you. You turned to look at -
“Yixing.” He said, a little crooked smile tugging at his lips. “Since we didn’t get to, um…introduce ourselves properly on Saturday.” You found your cheeks heating up.
“That’s…a really nice name.” You said, lamely, and he let out a chuckle. “Um, now that we know why Baozhi was acting up, I’ll let you go take him home-”
“He can play in there for a minute more,” He fiddled with his jeans pocket, nervously looking down at you. You could feel the nerves affecting you, making you bite the inside of your cheek. “Why did you leave without a word?” You scoffed, and looked at everything but him, positive your cheeks were radiating heat of up to 50 degrees Celsius.
“I - I just didn’t want to, ah, impose.” You gave him a pleading look, as if, please be okay with this answer.
“Ah, right.” He nodded and turned, walking towards the classroom door, and you felt your lungs deflate in relief. It was as his hand touched the door handle that he spun once more, looking you in the eyes. “It’s just that I had a good time on Saturday, and I’m pretty sure you did too by the sounds-”
“Hey hey hey, that’s enough!” You panicked, rushing over and placing your hands over his mouth, feeling him smirking underneath your palms. You narrowed your eyes at him, keeping your hands firmly placed. “Saturday was very fun. And I may have left super early because I didn’t want you to totally regret it once you woke up, and I figured it would stay a nice little fantasy of a great night if I just left.” You saw his eyebrows raise, but still you didn’t budge, keeping him mute. “Alright, fine - I was scared you might be a total douchebag and that it would ruin the memory of the amazing sex. Happy?” You saw his eyes turn into little crescents and his laughter was muffled against your hands as you pulled them away.
“You thought that it was amazing?” He looked proud, and you pouted.
“Would I have said that if it wasn’t true?” He shrugged, a huge grin still on his face as he leaned against the door.
“Well, you did say on Saturday that you’d give me your number, but I don’t recall that happening.” You scoffed, arms folded, but a sudden rush of confidence ran through you, making you grab a pen from a nearby desk and pull Yixing’s arm out towards you, scribbling your number onto his skin.
“I do what I say I’ll do.” You said, proudly, and re-folded your arms, earning a blindingly bright smile from him.
“Good. So, uh, dinner tonight?” It was your turn to slow blink.
“What about Baozhi?” You fretted, “There isn’t anyone to look after him, is there?” Yixing laughed, and you frowned at him again. “What, is this funny? Poor Baozhi, after I messed up his little life for a week his own father wants to-”
“He could come along too.” You blinked again.
“If you don’t mind, he could come too.” You felt a grin work it’s way across your face although you tried to suppress it.
“I’d like that.” You grabbed your coat from the hook by the door and put it on, much to Yixing’s surprise. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get Baozhi and then get pizza.”
“Pizza?” He cocked his head at your decision and you shrugged.
“He wrote down for his make-a-sentence homework the other day that it was his favourite.”
And it was at that moment that Yixing knew you wouldn’t be getting rid of him for a long time.

People ask me why I ship certain ships.

Maybe it was because they made me laugh 

Or made me cry 

Or maybe they were just so perfect for each other that I couldn’t help it

But most of all, I ship them because they taught me 




to truly 


and care 

for someone 

more than 

you do 

for yourself.

             “ True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.” -Ricardo Montalban