do you ever cry bc this one line

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thoughts on phanthony collab? i thought it was so good and they worked well together. i'll admit i was kind of nervous because phil's chemistry can be hit or miss with people but this was so nice and calm i loved it

yessss omg these american youtubers are the only ppl who apparently truly understand fan service and keep giving the people what we actually want!!!!!!! this vid was just 10 mins of phil being soft and fawning over a cute dog and also a cute boy :( i love it so much. their sense of humor actually rly did blend so well, and anthony was so receptive to phil being his quirky self and phil was so calm and gentle and not over-performing!!! plus like just the aesthetics alone are top-notch, the way anthony colors his videos is gorgeous, and they’re both beautiful humans, and phil in that jacket is nearly painfully lovely hahaha. i just wrote out thoughts on my fav moments while watching so i’ll paste those: 

  • lmao @ anthony smooching the drawing of phil right on the mouth. why is he so flirtatious with both dan and phil it’s genuinely so funny 
  • phil sounds .. so good …. over the phone
  • ‘phil, i was trying out a new nickname for you. phil .. me up’ damn anthony is relentless, i need to take notes
  • that firm hug when phil first arrives, wow what a man
  • at 3:48 when they’re figuring out how they’re going to make the sweater and phil just starts barking and tickles anthony’s neck .. i love that he is just so phil and doesn’t rly try to filter that, like he is so unique and somehow mixes that in w being touchy and cute whenever he’s around people and it’s so fun to watch how other ppl react to it tbh. i love that anthony just rolls with it and giggles and plays along. this + all the flirting is why the chemistry is There people
  • i love that the first things phil thinks of for how to make the sweater special are glitter and sparkles
  • phil can’t whistle. did we know that? i don’t think i knew that
  • phil’s shaky hands :( he’s always had shaky hands when he’s slightly under pressure and you can see it in videos sometimes and i think it was so cute that he kind of pointed it out himself here and then just laughed and brushed it off :((( i love him 
  • 4:26 instantly iconic moment of phil almost calling anthony ‘dan’ but cutting himself off at the last moment hahahaha tragic
  • ‘pet me anthony’ ok i can’t fault my mans for availing himself of this opportunity to just go all out and flirt w a pretty boy in his distinctly phil style
  • anthony joins the legions of men before him who have touched phil’s skin and instantly commented on how soft it is. phil immediately offers up that he moisturizes in the same proud tone as always and i am more in love than ever before and more bitter too bc when will phil do an actual comprehensive run-down of his skincare routine
  • ‘let me phil you in’ … apparently he crossed a line with that one anthony looks disgusted ahahaha .. same tbh
  • 5:53 phil listening to anthony talk with his hands pressed to his cheeks is maybe cuter than anything in this video 
  • phil refusing to even write the word bitch and anthony nearly crying with laughter bc of it is a Big Mood
  • phil adding a doodle of some lips to the ‘chic bitch’ is an even bigger mood he’s so fucking funny and good omg
  • phil saying ‘helloooo’ to the pup :(((( end me :( 
  • the cute high pitched voice he uses when he says ‘we made you a little sweater’!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck!!!!!!!!!! little sweater!!!!!!!!!! there are tears in my eyes!!!!!!!!
  • phil’s assessment: roux hates the sweater bc it has foul language and no glitter, and it’s made out of something anthony’s crotch has pressed against djfksdfjskdfj his  mind is a marvel. this video is a marvel

i loved everything so much it was so soft and good :( feelin nothing but grateful to anthony for including dnp in such nice lil videos :((( truly a talent i owe him my life now

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Do you have a top 5 favorite Minjoon moments? :D

I actually do! You ready? ♡ 

1. So, this one was when bangtan got first place on mcountdown, and not only namjoon was seen hugging and backhugging jimin during the video, he said to jimin when he was bawling (happy bc of the win) something along these lines “we couldn’t win first place without jimin” and that made me so happy, knowing namjoon recognizes him as such an important member of bangtan 

2. this was when bangtan got their first win ever on a music show (music bank in this case) with i need u! and namjoon was crying backstage after they received the trophy and jimin was there comforting him ♡ 

3. this cute vlive in which they were not only looking super fluffy together but they were like, commenting about the hyyh pt. 2 pictures, and when they reached jimins pic w the bubbles, namjoon said smth like “jimin is cute like bubbles” ♡ 

4.  one of the purest videos out there is this one where jimin bought namjoon a ryan cake for his birthday, and namjoon literally got so happy he started jumping and then he backhugged jimin 

 5. and this video (around 30:00 minutes) of an old japanese interview they did, and theres an specific moment where jimin jumps on namjoon’s arms and namjoon carries him for a moment while they are both super shy, it’s so cute

+bonus for you, some minjoon pictures under read more ♡

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watching titanic w/ Michael would include:
  • him getting slightly jealous bc you keep talking about how hot leo is
  • *stutters* i’m not jealous *grabs your hand and squeezes it*
  • you cuddling into his neck and him side hugging you
  • him finishing the popcorn 20 minutes into the movie
  • him being bored and playing with your hands
  • you being concentrated to the movie, letting him watch you with fond
  • “babe, i’ll never let you go”
  • him making the titanic pickup line
  • “michael, are you crying?”
  • “no, i’m not. there’s just a dick in my eye”
  • cuddling and crying together
  • him kissing you desperately everywhere bc he doesn’t want to lose you like rose did jack
  • concentrating on you rather than the movie
  • him asking if you want to do the ‘jack and rose thingy’ after the movie
  • “you’ll never let me go, right?”
  • “bc i’ll never ever let you go”

do you ever:

  • cry
  • scream
  • scream
  • cry
  • fucking yell at everyone
  • want to jump off a cliff
  • laugh
  • smile (usually through the tears)
  • want to talk to somebody
  • ask yourself why why why why
  • but why

just because of these fucking guys who are so in love and i wanna scream rn bc some people really are blind k


aaaand as a finish line

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