do you ever cry bc this one line

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Do you have a top 5 favorite Minjoon moments? :D

I actually do! You ready? ♡ 

1. So, this one was when bangtan got first place on mcountdown, and not only namjoon was seen hugging and backhugging jimin during the video, he said to jimin when he was bawling (happy bc of the win) something along these lines “we couldn’t win first place without jimin” and that made me so happy, knowing namjoon recognizes him as such an important member of bangtan 

2. this was when bangtan got their first win ever on a music show (music bank in this case) with i need u! and namjoon was crying backstage after they received the trophy and jimin was there comforting him ♡ 

3. this cute vlive in which they were not only looking super fluffy together but they were like, commenting about the hyyh pt. 2 pictures, and when they reached jimins pic w the bubbles, namjoon said smth like “jimin is cute like bubbles” ♡ 

4.  one of the purest videos out there is this one where jimin bought namjoon a ryan cake for his birthday, and namjoon literally got so happy he started jumping and then he backhugged jimin 

 5. and this video (around 30:00 minutes) of an old japanese interview they did, and theres an specific moment where jimin jumps on namjoon’s arms and namjoon carries him for a moment while they are both super shy, it’s so cute

+bonus for you, some minjoon pictures under read more ♡

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watching titanic w/ Michael would include:
  • him getting slightly jealous bc you keep talking about how hot leo is
  • *stutters* i’m not jealous *grabs your hand and squeezes it*
  • you cuddling into his neck and him side hugging you
  • him finishing the popcorn 20 minutes into the movie
  • him being bored and playing with your hands
  • you being concentrated to the movie, letting him watch you with fond
  • “babe, i’ll never let you go”
  • him making the titanic pickup line
  • “michael, are you crying?”
  • “no, i’m not. there’s just a dick in my eye”
  • cuddling and crying together
  • him kissing you desperately everywhere bc he doesn’t want to lose you like rose did jack
  • concentrating on you rather than the movie
  • him asking if you want to do the ‘jack and rose thingy’ after the movie
  • “you’ll never let me go, right?”
  • “bc i’ll never ever let you go”

do you ever:

  • cry
  • scream
  • scream
  • cry
  • fucking yell at everyone
  • want to jump off a cliff
  • laugh
  • smile (usually through the tears)
  • want to talk to somebody
  • ask yourself why why why why
  • but why

just because of these fucking guys who are so in love and i wanna scream rn bc some people really are blind k


aaaand as a finish line

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