Do you ever think about how, in Anakin’s mind, the two people closest to him and who knew him best, who knew how kind and generous he could be, turned their backs on him when he needed them the most? Do you ever think about that and then remember that a little over two decades later, his son Luke, his son who had only encountered him a few times, his son whose hand he severed in a fight, his son who didn’t know him, who had no reason to love him at all because to all intents and purposes Anakin was now a hideous horrible monster… decided to sense the goodness that still existed inside him and fought tooth and nail to make Anakin surrender to it?

Do you ever remember that and cry? Because I do.

You know you’re so fucking bad when the thought of ending your life would be better than feeling the way you do or the fact that everything makes you cry. No one has ever fucked me up this bad.

anonymous asked:

do you ever want to cry because the 100 tag is completely monopolized by the rabid lex.a/cle.xa stans

it’s a tragedy isn’t it?