do you even wear those

The truth behind Fresh’s sunglasses

Paper Jam: Fresh, why do you always wear those sunglasses?

Paper Jam: I mean. You even wear them when you’re indoors.

Fresh: oh these

Fresh: they’re actually prescription glasses

Fresh: I just radified them

Fresh: I mean really, all us crayon queen kids’ve got sight issues

Fresh: geno all up keeps walkin’ into things

Fresh: error has the eyesight of a stereotypical grandma

Fresh: know what I mean

tahjan  asked:

"This ISN'T okay."

Thanks for the ask! Let’s see some more of my awful writing…

“Well?” Reeves asked and tilted his head.

“This ISN’T okay.” Aelia said with a grimace and a slight shake of her head.

“Whatever do you mean? I’m even wearing a cape! Don’t you like those?” Reeves asked with a charming smile, not that it helped with the atrocious outfit he had picked for himself.

“Look, when I said ‘Get yourself in something nice and fancy’ I meant a tux or similar, not that.” Aelia added with a groan “Just go get your suit. This ISN’T okay, at all.”