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Just for one night (Yoongi Smut)

idk what this is, I literally don’t even know what this is, I just wanted to write it. But enjoy <3

You didn’t know what it was that made you do such daring things. Maybe all the liquor you had so irresponsibly consumed or maybe it was how caught up in your emotions you got. Perhaps it was the way his eyes burned into your skin as he watched you from across the room. This little game of cat and mouse having been going on since you arrived into one of the most secluded bars in Seoul. Your senses were more alert tonight, your heart rate steadily increasing with each shot you consumed. Your mind blurred, images of everything and nothing running through your head. You were stressed, it was too much to get your hands on at once, how could something so beautiful become so boring, so dull and lifeless? Had your love been a lie this whole time? And the poor fool actually thought you both were doing better than ever, but was it for his or your parents sake? Sighing you shook your head side to side letting the tips of your silky hair press against your face. You didn’t want to think about that tonight, no you wanted to forget. You needed a distraction and a great one. Eyes dancing up and cascading over to the figure that had been recently watching you, your eyes took him in as he downed his own shot asking for another round. He hair dark black hair blue highlights on the top part. He wasn’t much on the muscles but that wasn’t to say he didn’t look attractive because he did. Seductive and mysterious. His long nimble fingers grabbing at the clear shot glass knocking it back once again letting the bitter liquor quench his thirst for a moment. The burn that felt so good was how you looked at it. He was wearing nothing overly fancy, skin tight gray skinny jeans a black leather jacket and from what you could see little white fabric poked out from the back of his jacket giving you the imagination that maybe he had on a white shirt. Too caught up in checking him from head to toe you didn’t notice the way he watched you check him out. Not leaving you far from his sight watching you from the corner of his eye. Tilting his head slightly he waited for you to look up looking his eyes dead on yours, a cocky smirk plastered across his pink lips.

You sat up straight shifting in your seat. Hands moving to fumble with your small phone wallet so that you could pull your card out only to be stopped as the male bartender looked at you. “Drinks on him.” Your eyes moved to the line of fire, seeing the same attractive male turn up another shot giving you a wink before he looked off. Your head swam with thoughts, inappropriate thoughts. Like how it would feel to have his fingers plunging in and out of your wetness. How hard he could possibly fuck you against the wall. Sighing softly, you tried to think of something else, this wasn’t like you cheating wasn’t you. Lifting your head slowly your eyes shifted taking everything in. The thick smoke of weed that lingered throughout the place, the strippers dancing on the pole swinging around the silver material making their ends meet for tonight. The other cheaters that were there after their 9-5 just waiting to get a quick fuck and go back home to their lovers as if nothing happened. Nothing here was interesting to you anymore, it became boring like home so why not go back there?

Hopping out of your chair you smiled to the male bidding him goodnight. Staggering slightly, you walked outside, finding your feet as if you were a toddler walking for the first time again. Groaning you had a right mind to take off your heels, but it made your ass look good in your dress. Making your way outside the cool air whipped across your skin kissing you in a welcome as the bright lights from the street lights welcomed you. Placing your hand against the wall you gave yourself time to calm down from the throbbing headache that seemed to die down now that the fog of the club was gone. Walking off from your spot you were going to walk to the street and catch a cab. A hand reached out to grab your wrist pulling you backwards. Instantly a smile spread across your cherry red lips letting the male drag you backwards because you were certain who he was. He pulled you back until you were in the middle of the alley, it wasn’t dark enough for no one not to see you but it wasn’t light to where you would get caught instantly either. He looked down at you, inspecting you for some time. Even up close while he was looking at you with smoldering eyes you could tell he was indeed attractive, his soft scented cologne hitting your senses and causing your face to lean forward wanting to smell more of him. Opening your mouth, you were going to say something until he pressed his finger against your lips. Looking up at him, you paused for a second not getting his memo, but then his lips were pressing against yours. His body against yours holding you against the wall, soft sighs of pleasure escaping your lips as you kissed him back. His hands moved from up by your neck downwards through the dip of your breast, cupping your braless chest he fondled you through the thin black material that you were wearing. Your legs buckled lightly from his touch, his hands rough and unforgiving as he flicked his fingers against your perky nipples causing the flesh to harden under his touch. His lips kept pressing against yours setting a rhythm of the kiss. He swiped his tongue across your bottom lip and you opened your mouth welcoming in his pink tongue that roamed freely in your mouth. He sucked and tugged on your tongue trying to pull it into his mouth as his teeth occasionally nibbled on the flesh. One leg sliding in between yours, he ground himself against you and his tight pants left nothing to the imaginary. His half hard bulge poking against your lower stomach as his hands moved to grip at the hems of your dress sliding it a little bit. Groaning you reached for his hands, some part of your mind still trying to fight it. The male still tried to tug up your dress, your hands going to grab at his hands causing him to pull back for air giving you a questioning look.

“I can’t.” You simply uttered shaking against him, you could feel how hard he had gotten but you couldn’t do this here. Not like this.

“Can’t or won’t?” He asked, his deep raspy voice sounding a bit rough from the liquor he had consumed.

“I-“ You paused thinking about it for a while, confused within yourself. The male leaned his head into the crook of your neck inhaling your scent, his tongue dancing across your flesh instantly finding spots that would make you moan gently from him. He smirked against your skin, his hand moving to pin both of yours above your head, his free hand reaching under your dress to tug your panties down roughly to your knees. Almost ripping the fabric in half, it caused you to moan out from the rough treatment, the way he looked up at you was a clear warning that he would give you all you were looking for if you kept moaning like that. His fingers crept up the inside of your thighs igniting your skin with puckering bumps along your flesh. An arch of your body following as you squirmed in his hold. He took his time raising his hand up your leg, pressing his fingers to cup at your pussy. Rubbing it slowly he watched you, his eyes burning into yours as his long slender finger found your clit. Slowly he stroked the bud in a circle, your legs shaking lightly you chewed on your bottom lip trying to stop from moaning out since you didn’t even know his name. The male rested his forehead against yours, teasing your clit until he could feel the wetness start to seep on his hand.

“Do you always get so wet for random men?” He mocked tapping his finger against your clit. You shook your head side to side voice failing you. “Good.” He smirked crookedly slipping his finger slowly down your slit until he was teasing your entrance.

“Do you always fuck random girls?” You countered and he shoved his finger deep inside of your burying it to the hilt.

“Only when they are pretty.” He said simply. You couldn’t tell if he was joking with you or not, some part of you felt bad you wanted to feel special like in all of those cheesy movies, but who the hell were you kidding? He could see the different thoughts in your mind, wanting to change them he slipped his ring finger inside of you as well. Thrusting it in and out of you slowly watching as your hips reacted to his touch sliding down onto his fingers. Your head rolled back and you told yourself to just enjoy it squeezing lightly around his fingers that were curving and plunging deeper into your heat. He smirked leaning down to suck on your breast through your dress, he moved his hand from your wrist to pull your dress towards the middle of your breast freeing them on each side. A growl erupted from his lips his fingers pinching and playing with your sensitive skin he loved to hear how you whined for him. Latching his lips onto your plump breast he flicked his tongue against your heated skin trying to get your breast to ache with need. His free hand kneading your other breast and his fingers pumped faster inside of your pussy, his thumb rubbing over your clit. You were in complete ecstasy the thrill of getting caught only making this more daring and fun, something you had been missing for a while. The male switched his mouth to the other side sucking on your nipple like a baby in feeding pulling back to bit onto the bud lightly. He could hear the squelching wet sounds of his fingers plunging in your heat causing him to move his fingers from inside of you. He licked the clean eyeing you before he turned you around the wall. Dragging you away from it he pressed his hand down against the lower part of your back holding you in place. His hand making quick work of unzipping his pants and pulling his dick out through the opening he spread his legs and yours rubbing his dick up and down your wet slit slowly. Leaning over you with his chest to your back he nipped on your ear as he pressed his tip against your entrance.

“Yoongi.” Was all he said before he snapped his hips forward burying himself into your wet walls. Your mouth flew open as a cry of pleasure escaped, and quickly you were bringing your hand up to your mouth so that you could keep yourself quiet and not get caught. Yoongi held onto your hips, biting his lips as he looked at your plump ass. He pulled out until only the tip was left in before he was slamming back into you at a slow pace pulling out to keep doing the same thing over and over again. His nails dug into your flesh as he pounded into your walls, the wetness from your pussy sliding down his thick shaft landing onto his balls. His eyes glued to how he slipped in and out of you, he couldn’t get enough you were so wet and so warm, fitting him in the deepest ways possible. He stretched you out marking your pussy as his for just this time only. Groaning he shifted to lift you up, pressing you against the wall, one of his hands lifted your leg, the underside of your knee resting into the crook of his arm as he pounded harder into you. Your panties were being stretched and you knew they were tore in some areas but you could care less. You wouldn’t have cared in this moment if anyone came out and wanted to record you. He made you feel so good, his hips rotating and pushing harder against yours, his balls slapping against your pussy as he slammed inside of you.

“Yoongi, fuck please harder.” You whimpered out for him, he reached a hand up roughly pulling your head back by your hair making it rest against your chest.

“You want me to go harder? Tell me whose slut are you?” He asked watching you with dark eyes.

“I’m yours!” You didn’t miss a beat while answering.

“And whose pussy is this?” He asked you again and without fail you answered.

“It’s yours Yoongi! Shit it’s all yours just please, please fuck me Yoongi please.” You were close to sobbing from how much you wanted him and he obliged. Shifting his hips, he built up speed slamming into you as hard and fast as he could angling his thrusts until he found your spot. Slamming into you once you cried out for him to press there. His name falling off your lips like a mantra. Your eyes rolled back, body becoming drenched with sweat and your makeup smeared. Yoongi loved it watching your face as you contorted it in pleasure. You tried to warn him how close you were but the tightening of your pussy and how your legs shook told him all he needed to know. Slipping his hand down he rubbed at your clit until you were trying your hardest to hold your cries of pleasure in, tears streaking down your face and body writhing against the wall you came hard for him, your orgasm sweeping through you like a tidal wave. Your wetness continuing to trickle down your parted thighs as he fucked it out of you. Yoongi groaned burying his face in your neck, slamming deep into you until he was ready to cum.

“Can I?” He asked and you nodded your head okaying him to cum inside of you. He bit onto your shoulder with a soft growl as his own orgasm rocked through his body shooting thick ropes of his white cum into your pussy. You took deep breaths taking it in letting some of it spill out of you. Yoongi held you close until you both were calmed down.

He pulled out of you a few minutes later hearing voices start to swarm around you he knew that soon for the most part everyone would be going home. He was used to this after all. Helping you get dressed Yoongi turned you around leaning close to press one last kiss against your lips slipping away with a teasing wink. You stare at him watching him slip back into the club to possibly pick up another victim and how you wished in that moment that he would just stay with you. Sighing you pushed from the wall hauling a cab and going home, the ride was short, it seemed shorter than what it usually did. Your hands fidgeting with your phone wallet and your keys. Once you were at the house you paid the fare to the cab and got out, walking towards your car, you got into the driver seat changing from your clubbing dress to a more formal one. You combed your hair and removed your makeup with makeup wipes. Smiling widely at your reflection you pulled your ring from the cup holder and walked towards your home, going to take a shower.

A few hours later strong arms wrapped around you from behind causing you to roll over and stare up into your fiance’s eyes. He nuzzled his nose with yours and you gave into him, holding onto him as if you hadn’t wiped away every ounce of trust between the two of you, falling asleep and trying to shake your mind of the handsome stranger you pulled your lover closer to you blacking out for the night.

I keep seeing gamers going berserk because their favourite game got a bad review score therefore it will NEVER be GOTY material.

Who the fuck cares?

GOTY awards are subjective and really, do you only watch movies that win Oscars because I can tell you right now most of my favourite movies have never even approached being nominated for an Oscar.

What is it with people and their numbers?


A French streamer played a French XBox One copy of Mass Effect Andromeda, and in so doing let viewers see a … pronounced difference in the facial animation quality.

Even the run animation is more stable.

It’s at times like these when I wish I knew more about the tech side of game development.

What could account for quality such as this on a French console when US PC users seem to have no end of… the sort of thing posted in a lot of places by now?

I mean, that is a non-zero difference.

If you watch the stream, you see that it is indeed the default Ryder face – but even if it weren’t, why would a custom face fix the leg animation?


I’ve noted this in replies and reblogs of replies and seen it here and there over a thousand notes, so I might as well mention it in the main post.

The US PC “default” face did in fact appear in the French streamer’s video, when it came time to select male or female:

However, the streamer on French XBO did not select a default face, and did not select his Sara Ryder through that male/female option. He backed out and ultimately selected a quickstart Sara Ryder:

Which gave him the face in the top images.

My question is still “Why, though?

I’ve also been told that he was playing a previous build. If it was a different version than release, however, why is the US PC’s Sara face still there in the sex selection? Was the streamer playing a very particular version that came in the development process after making both of those default faces but before settling on one?

I keep asking these sorts of questions because it confuses me. It actually doesn’t affect me very much because I plan to make a custom face that looks like neither of the ones presented. I’m just baffled from a technical perspective, and can’t abide a mystery that seems like it should have a knowable answer.

(And as for the run animation, I’ve been told that there was nothing inherently wrong with it, but that it can be made to look weird with the right wiggling of directions on the controller. So there’s that part answered, at least.)

Don't feel ashamed of doing "CHILDISH" things

•buy toys/dolls/crayons
•play with Legos
•play old videogames/dress up games
•weave friendship bracelets
•watch cartoons
•use stickers
•draw pics of your favorite characters

If it makes you feel nice, do it.
Don’t even worry about what other people think, because it doesn’t matter–if it brings you happiness, it’s not “ridiculous”, or “immature”.

You deserve to enjoy yourself.

kevin and neil headcanons because i dont see nearly enough for them

☆neil: what is ‘dabbing’ kevin: absolutely not
☆kevin has to chop vegetables into tiny pieces and sneak them into neils dinners because his eating habits are shit
☆they go grocery shopping together and neil keeps putting junk food in the cart and kevin keeps shoving it back onto random shelves with varying levels of rage
☆neil: do i even weigh anything to you? kevin, holding him a foot off the ground: no. its like holding a bag of grapes
☆whack each other w their exy racquets when they get too Extra during practice
☆scary movie ride or die fans
☆kevin curls up and watches through his fingers and neil punches kevins leg when a jumpscare gets him
☆kevin: *mentions anyone who has even slightly inconvenienced him* neil: you should kill them
☆kevin can always sense neils bullshit and he will, inevitably and invariably, be able to tell when neil is doing Something Stupid
☆neil photobombs kevins interviews at/after games ALL THE TIME
☆kevin: it was a tough game but our hard work paid off
☆neil: in the background wearing 3 pairs of sunglasses and dumping an entire gatorade over his head while maintaining eye contact with the camera
☆neil can suplex kevin
☆they are savage at dragging like god help whoever brings down their Roasting Session upon themselves bc they will taste the wrath of a god
☆neil makes a game of how many outlandish claims he can make and still have kevin believe him
☆neil: did you know i once spent a week in australia and had to eat nothing but jellyfish and twinkies to survive
☆kevin, wide eyed and scandalized: how are you alive
☆neil WILL pick a fight in a fast food restaurant and kevin has to bail him out
☆kevin listens to 80s pop music when he works out and neil finds out. neil Finds Out.
☆neil plays 21 loops of tom jones’ ‘whats new pussycat’ and kevin tells him to put in 1 ‘its not unusual’
☆kevin will send neil a million texts until he gets a response. like in a row, in the span of 15 seconds buzz buzz bitch where are you
☆neil watches chopped and kevin loses his mind because neil will drag a contestant for mixing caviar with peppers while at the same time eating like mac n cheese with nutella
☆they get too into laser tag and get kicked out

thanks i love them

Watch Me Babygirl [pt.2]

A much requested part two! 

[previous part] [next part]

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

warnings: language

“Hey are you going to the game tonight?”

You slid farther down in your seat, doing your best to continue to ignore Jungkook. You hadn’t been able to look him in the eye all week. In fact, you’d even contemplated faking an illness to stay home from school just so you could avoid him. However, school was important to you and a small part of you didn’t want to give the Jungkook the satisfaction of knowing that he’d gotten to you. He had though, and he knew it.

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hello guys 🌻 so, i just finished my A-levels *cheers* and basically i have not the slightest idea what to do with my free time but i’m determined to stay productive, hence this is the reason for this masterpost. hope you all enjoy it too!!

stuff to do after exams

  • treat yourself!!!
  • get into a bath and chill
  • play your fave songs
  • get back to watching that series you stopped watching before exams
  • meet up with your friends and do something fun [and try to avoid talking about exams as much as you can]
  • get back to doing that hobby you loved doing
  • plan a trip [even if it’s just in your own country, have fun and act like a tourist!]
  • organise a sleepover with your friends + play some board games [be safe if you’re drinking please!!]
  • check out local events, there is bound to be something you like [for example, we have a nature festival soon here + i’m rly excited to go!!!]
  • download some new apps yay!!!
  • do new things! [read new books, watch new tv shows, find a new hobby, do anything]
  • spend time with your family and friends
  • exercise maybe idk!!! find a new workout you like + try to stick to it
  • meditate
  • try finding a job [check my job tag for tips + resources]
  • try out new restaurants + coffeeshops + so many other things!!
  • volunteer omg!!
  • help out around the house
  • visit relatives you didn’t have the chance to visit during exams
  • cute june quote!!

academics + learning

where to get motivation

+ my masterposts

hope this helped you guys, enjoy your summer!!

- helena xx

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Owari no Seraph Chapter 54 TRANSLATED

Part One: Read Here!

Part Two: Read Here!

Part Three: Read Here!

Part Four: Read Here!

Translations by: @panadabro and @cherrysakura8 (They helped with the Japanese text at the beginning! Thank you!)

Editing by: @lestkarrkingofeurope (Hi I’m suffering who are you?)




I ALSO HAVE MY CONCERNS ABOUT EVERYTHING IN GENERAL??? Ky Luc didn’t notice Mahiru’s presence at all, yet obviously Ferid at the end seems like he did???? So I’m just ???? Again, there’s something very unique about Ferid, and I REALLY hope it turns out to be something big and important bc I’M GOING TO SC R E AM 

And the issue about the curse?? I mean I haven’t read the LNs, but if it’s just Mahiru TELLING Guren that the curse works like the squad can only live again for ten more years, and plus they’ll die if they learn they were revived? But how about it wasn’t actually proven? Just someone saying? So PLOT TWIST actually that’s not it??? And it’s only to keep Guren and the others in check?? SO YEAH IF THIS WASN’T EXPLAINED CLEARLY IN THE LN THEN THIS IS WHAT I BET – AND IF IT HAS BEEN PROVEN AND STATED THEN WELL RUN ME OVER OKAY?

But yeah all in all that’s about it – I’m just REALLY hoping now that next month’s chapter we can get some news about the vampires…I really want to see more of Urd and Lest obviously, then see a glimpse of Saitou perhaps, and I WANT TO KNOW WHERE HORN AND CHESS WENT LIKE GODDAMN! Okay but yeah all in all that’s the basic gist of it! Sorry for being so slow ;;;; Please enjoy! ))

do you know who the real MVP is? kinoshita hisashi, that’s who. #7 for karasuno. the kid with light brown spiky hair and cat eyes. do you know what he does? he encourages narita and ennoshita during the rare instances they do get to play. he wholeheartedly vouches for ennoshita as next year’s captain. he cheers karasuno on in every single game. he performs all the penalties, all the flying receives and sprints up grassy hills, all the drills and all the practices. and yet, he’s always just watching from the sidelines. he has literally never played in an official match since we have come to know him. he gives his everything to karasuno and his team despite never having played. not even once. 

please love kinoshita hisashi.

the foxhole court gothic
  • there are people on the roof. they are making out. when aren’t they.
  • there’s this guy at your school. you swear his eyes were brown last week. were they ever blue before? it doesn’t matter. oh look, they’re brown again.
  • you hear rumours about a terrifying man. the terrifying man is actually five feet tall. somehow, you’re still scared.
  • there’s two of the man now. maybe three? four? you wonder how many you’ve missed.
  • you watch a match. there’s girls kissing. in your home team, there’s three men with a boyfriend. you wonder if everyone who does sports is gay. this might be the time to get closer to the athletes.
  • the athletes have disappeared. do they even attend school?
  • it is game night. the athletes are still gone. suddenly, the athletes are on the field. of course they are. it is game night.
  • you turn on the tv. there is a game on. you turn the tv off. there is a different game playing. you turn it on. yet another game. it must be the athletes.
  • the cheerleaders are practising. you turn around. they’re in front of you. you wonder how many there are. it’s never the same cheerleaders.
  • you have only ever talked to 10 people in your entire school. it’s okay. it’s like that for everyone.
  • you’re not sure how long you’ve been a student. you think it’s five years. you look at the calendar. wrong. it’s been 3 days. maybe you should take a nap.

Guest comic by @minibritti-draws
♥︎ one week of self care ♥︎

Sometimes I find myself in need of some me time, some self care, and I have no idea what I should do. So I made this little chart of self care suggestions for the good of myself, and anyone else who might have this little problem.

Sky the blue bird would like to share their self care routine for the week with you!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

♥︎ Media Monday
Watch your favorite tv show or movie, play your favorite video game, or listen to your favorite albums.

♥︎ Tuesday Treat
Treat yourself to something sweet, or your favorite comfort food.

♥︎ Work-on Wednesday
Creative outlets are a wonderful way to release pent up emotions. Take some time to write, draw, sew, or do some sort of craft.

♥︎ Thankful Thursday
Think back over the past week, and write down (or mentally list) all the things that happened that you are thankful for. Even if it seems insignificant, write it down! If it’s important to you, it’s important.

♥︎ Friday Favorite
The weekend is here! Take some time to partake in your favorite positive activity.

♥︎ Saturday Stroll
Take some time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Exercise and vitamin D are important to your emotional and physical happiness.

♥︎ Sunday Soak
The weekend is almost over, so relax to the max! Have a relaxing soak in a bubble bath, or toss in your favorite bath bomb.

honestly i love watching @kickthepj vids. No politics. No drama. No hate. No shouting. Just video games and quirky lil arty things. Maybe a lil nostalgia thing here. Lil bit of montage here. Sweet, jazzy music you’re not supposed to dance to, more like clean ur room or do a lil doodlin. Weird questions with even weirder answers. No real obscure clickbait. Just honest, nerdy, arty Peej (and Wiggles). 

love it.

Jimin: *lying sexily in front of the tv*
Jungkook: Jimin what are you doing and where is my game console at?
Jimin: *points to himself* right here cuz I’m the only game you need to play ;)
Jungkook: *chokes*
Yoongi: that’s it i’m done ya’ll need Jesus, can’t even watch the damn tv in peace around here

Dating Ethan Might Include

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(( gif not mine ))


  • yelling
  • always
  • empty insults
  • always
  • empty threats as well
  • “I will put toothpaste in your fucking pizza.”
  • yelling at Tyler when he picks on you
  • teaming up on Ethan
  • cute protective Ethan
  • always
  • arm around you somewhere
  • proud af of you
  • gaming together
  • you watching him game
  • just to fuck with him
  • because you know it distracts him
  • he just keeps giggling
  • “I’mmmm Ethan, and I’m still going through puberty.”
  • “I’mmmm Ethan, and I don’t pass off as twenty.”
  • with the whole gang, that’s how you taunt him
  • tbh you all do it to each other regardless
  • will take every chance to kiss your face
  • even if he dies trying
  • cuddling is hard fam
  • he’s so squirmy and giggly wtf
  • “Go stand over there for a sec…”
  • “No, fuck you.”
  • hugs always accepted
  • cute nicknames from inside jokes
  • violent nicknames from inside jokes
  • using Mark to pull intense pranks on him

(A/n): heyyyy hey heyy I’mmmmm august and I want to die

I’mmmmm august and I procrastinate too much

I’mmmmmmmm august and I might post a story later tonight

Day 2: 12 Days of CP! Christmas

Prompt list here

Ice Skating (not the hockey kind!)

“Of course the Zimmermann’s have their own rink,” Bitty said, shaking his head with a smile. He bent down to tighten the laces on his skates, jerking when he was rewarded for his sass with a slap to the butt.

“It’s not a rink, it’s a pond,” Jack said. “Just because it’s frozen and round doesn’t make it a rink.”

Bitty leveled him with a look. “Don’t even try to tell me you haven’t played games on it.”

“OK, I won’t tell you that,” Jack grinned, grabbing Bitty by one mitten-covered hand and pulling him out onto the ice.

Bitty laughed and let himself be pulled along, watching his breath make little puffs in the frigid Canadian air. The two of them skated in a lazy circle, unwilling to let go of the other’s hand.

“Will you teach me how to do a jump?” Jack asked.

Bitty snorted. “And risk injuring your $10million ankles? No thank you.”

“Okay, that’s fair,” Jack said with a nod. “Will you do a jump for me, then?”

“I’m hardly warmed up enough for that.”

Another nod. “A lift, then. We can do it like in Dirty Dancing.”

As alluring as the idea was, and something Bitty had fantasized about many times, he shook his head. “No way, honey. We’ll both die. And I don’t want to die before I’ve given you your Christmas present.”

“You won’t know unless you try it,” Jack said, pulling Bitty closer to him. They slowed to a stop and simply held onto one another in the middle of the pond, wrapped in warm clothes and wrapped in each other.

“Why are you so keen to do some tricks with me, hm?” Bitty asked, stretching himself as much as he could to nose along Jack’s jawline. “Got a new interest in figure skating, Jack?”

Jack shivered delightfully as Bitty’s cold nose found the soft spot under his chin. “No, I’ve just got an existing interest in watching you skate. You know a few weeks after you joined the team I asked Coach Murray for your tryout tape?”

“Really?” Bitty pulled back to look at him.

“Yeah.” A little blush appeared high over Jack’s cheekbones. “And I never gave it back. I still watch it sometimes.”

“Because you liked my tight costume, right?” Bitty chirped, letting his hands wander down to grip Jack by his substantial ass. He pulled Jack tighter against him, wanting to feel as much of him as possible in that moment.

“Well, yes,” Jack admitted, lowering his mouth to the hair at Bitty’s temple. “But mostly because you’re beautiful, Bits. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’re so graceful and fluid and ….”


“And bendy,” Jack breathed into his ear, “Very, very bendy.”

Bitty’s laughed echoed across the frozen pond and into the trees along the back fence of the Zimmermann’s holiday house. They would skate around for a little while longer, but he knew it was only a matter of time now before the two of them were much more naked and a whole lot warmer.

Gamer's vs. Jocks
  • Gamer: Do you seriously enjoy watching this stuff?
  • Jock: Yup, sports are fun.
  • Gamer: But there's no action.
  • Jock: Sports are all action, dude.
  • Gamer: Yeah, but where's all the space marines? Where are the princesses to save? Are there any zombies to massacre? Can you even level up? I can't wrap my brain around this madness.
  • Jock: Do you love being the most irritating person on the face of the earth?
  • Gamer: I'm just trying to bond with you!
  • Jock: Yeah, I get that, but I play games too, man. It's really not that special anymore. Everyone does it.
  • Gamer: I mean, yeah, but have you faced off against the covenant on an epic ring planet? Have you fought bare fisted with a super mutant in the Nevada wasteland? Have battled an epic underwater behemoth just to save a little girl with mutant powers? Have you teamed up with five other heroes in order to transport a-
  • Jock: Dude, I fucking get it. You play video games. You're just straight up referencing some of the most popular video games out there at the moment and you're not impressing me. Now will you shut the fuck up. This Parcheesi match is finally getting good and I'd like to actually watch instead it instead of listening to ramble off Buzzfeed's top ten best video game list.
  • Gamer: *internally* Dammit, video games don't capture his attention like they used to. I need to find something new to impress him with or he won't bother hanging out with me anymore.
  • *weeks later*
  • Jock: *casually skinning potatoes in his kitchen*
  • Gamer: *falls through the ceiling, wheezing* Hey, man.
  • Jock: Holy shit, dude! Are you okay?
  • Gamer: *coughs up dust* I'm fine. Great even.
  • Jock: You're so pale, dude. You look like you're dying. Oh my god, there's stuff growing on you.
  • Gamer: Those are mushrooms.
  • Jock: Jesus, we need to call someone!
  • Gamer: No, don't. It's my new hobby. I'm a mushroom collector now. It got kind of out of hand. *coughs up spores* But, I'm fine.
  • Jock: I'm calling an ambulance.
  • Gamer: No, stop! *grabs onto the jock's legs*
  • Jock: *shakes him off*
  • Gamer: *hand flies off*
  • Jock: What the fuck!?
  • Gamer: Oh, no! How am I going to game now?
  • Jock: What did you do to yourself?
  • Gamer: Alright, I ate some really weird mushrooms I ordered online.
  • Jock: Why the hell would you do that?
  • Gamer: I wanted to impress you by making think I was into drugs since you don't think video games are cool anymore.
  • Jock: Why the hell would you think doing drugs would impress me?
  • Gamer: I don't know. Aren't like all jocks and extroverts into drugs and stuff?
  • Jock: Fuck no! What the hell is wrong with you? I'm not even a jock. I just like watching sports every now and then. You have all these weird beliefs about how people function and it all comes from video games and comics and movies. Have you ever had a single realistic thought in your life? This is why our relationship isn't working out. You think everything works like a goddamn cartoon and blah blah blah blah...
  • Gamer: *internally* God, I've gotten myself into a bad situation. I wonder what Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Revolution would do in this situation? Or Samus from Metroid? Or Sans from Undertale? Or... uhh... Dark Souls guy?
  • Jock: Are you listening to me!?
  • Gamer: Huh, what?
  • Jock: I said that I'm breaking up with you.
  • Gamer: No, you can't! We still haven't leveled up into marriage.
  • Jock: You're the worst boyfriend ever and possibly the dumbest person ever too. You can stay here and enjoy your mushrooms or video games or whatever. I'm leaving, and don't bother calling me. *storms out of the kitchen angrily*
  • Gamer: Wait, before you go you should actually call an ambulance! I can't walk because my legs became a very heavy chitinous substance.
  • Gamer: Hello, are you there?
  • Gamer: You're not really going to leave me here, are you?
  • Gamer: ...Dude?
  • *later*
  • Gamer: *his body is covered entirely in mushrooms. he has been converted into nothing more than a chitinous food source for budding mushroom children which now infest the once vibrant kitchen of this poor gay couple. let this be a cautionary tale for all of you drug doers out there. the deep web is real and dangerous. don't order strange drugs from off the internet. you'll go to hell before you die. i know this is more serious than the typical funny-relatable post, but i believe this is an important message. thank you for reading this very special update and please stick around for us for future developments.*
jungkook scenario | make me blush

Could I hold your hand? >> Jungkook
requested by anon
drabble // fluff // 600 words

When you sit with Jungkook, splayed out on the ground, smiling smiles over bottles of soda, sky-watching… when you ask each other strings of questions ranging from: “How was your day?” to “Do you think there are rabbits on the moon?”… when you quietly (no fuss, no ‘no’s) sink into Jungkook’s molasses eyes… 

…these are the most dangerous seconds, minutes, hours of your life. This is when you end up caring too much.

You should stop playing this game – the ‘question game’.

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Friendship grows in special ways, but when a man and a beast bond, they can be inseparable. Even for life.

I finished The Last Guardian a while ago, as well as watched Jacks play through, and man! What a BEAUTIFUL game it has been! And in a recent poll I wanted to stream, and @therealjacksepticeye​ himself told me to do: “Whatever your heart leans more towards :)”

My heart was leaning toward Trico! And to follow my personal goal to draw you, Jack, in every long play though / games I personally like that you’ve played!

I’m kinda flipping my shit at this panel because freaking Celestia Ludenberg aka the Ultimate Gambler is on a card game LIT ON FIRE BY MONOKUMA


you sat your phone on the coffee table and sat up in your sofa, looking out of the window at the small drops of water that fell from the gray and cloudy sky. the day was a drag, you didn’t really like rainy weather. you loved when the sun was out and the weather was at a comfortable degree. those were the days that you spent smiling and actually feeling like yourself.

for the whole day, you were lonely. you were lonely because yugyeom was busy with work and couldn’t talk to you. none of your friends were available to come over or even talk to you because of school or work. you were bored out of your mind.

literally, there was nothing on tv..what the hell could you watch on a sunday?

you tried to do a whole bunch of different things to resolve the problem, but nothing worked. you tried doing your hair, reading a book, taking a nap, playing a game on your phone, etcetera.

you felt like a vegetable.

“y/n?” yugyeom’s voice invaded your thoughts. you didn’t even notice his arrival. “hey baby.” he sat down beside you and pecked your lips. he put the tray of cups down and reached in the bag that he brought with him, pulling out a lunch platter. seeing that it was your favorite meal made your eyes light up..but you barely smiled.

you watched him as he grabbed the remote and got onto netflix. from the direction that he was going, you could tell that he was trying to find a cartoon/childhood movie.

“hmm you see anything?” he turned to you.

“can we watch toy story?” you slightly smiled, remembering when it first came out and how it influenced you to watch your toys to see if they’d move. it was your favorite movie.

“you’re so cute.” he chuckled and rubbed your thigh causing you to actually smile. yugyeom saw this which made him smile too. “aye y/n is smiling!” he poked your cheek.

“yeah yeah..” you lightly giggled.

he turned to the movie and grabbed the table, pulling it closer so that the food would be in reach. “hear you go my beloved chris brownie.” he jokingly said as he handed you a pair of chopsticks.

“okay yugyeom we’re gonna have to fight for that one.” you laughed.

“what? what’s wrong with that nickname?” he asked.

“everything.” you said which only earned you a pout from him. you grabbed his chin and turned his face to yours. you softly kissed his lips and you longed it. before he could bite your lip and enter your mouth with his tongue, you backed up.

“did you make me come over here just so you could bully me?” he pretended to wipe away tears.

“of course not..” you put all of your focus back on the food and began eating.

yugyeom on the other hand, decided to just stare at you. he adored the way you ate with chopsticks. since you were foreign, it just looked impressive. but since you were his girlfriend, it looked cute and impressive.

“baby why aren’t you eating?” you asked, getting a little worried.

“oh.. me?”

“no..i was talking to paul over there- duh yugyeom you!” you laughed and shook your head in disbelief. he could be a little slow at times.

“you’re not sad anymore right?” he changed the subject.

you looked out the window behind you and noticed that it was still pouring. “i’m not sad thanks to you but now i feel kind of…gloomy.”

like the weather?” he was assuming since he saw you look out of the window.

like the weather.” you nodded.


you and yugyeom finished up the food and lied back on the couch…but of course, that didn’t last.

he tugged on the sleeve of your sweater. “come here”

you two were cuddling, watching the second toy story movie and halfway asleep. he was basically the big spoon. he had his arm over you and he lied his head on the top of yours. you on the other hand, were the little spoon. you were surrounded by his warmth which put you on the verge of dozing off. a couple of minutes later, you did.

“baby?” yugyeom spoke lowly. when you didn’t respond and started to lightly snore, a small smile appeared on his face. you were adorable.

he got up and turned off the tv, while picking you up bridal style in the process. he carried you to your bed, tucked you in and pecked your lips. he started for the door but ending up stopping in his tracks once you called out to him.

“can you stay with me?”

of course with him being hella soft for you, he decided to stay. “okay y/n.” he reached in one of your drawers where he kept some of his stuff and pulled out a pair of shorts to change in for comfort. after he changed, he climbed in behind you and pulled you closer to him. you both quickly fell asleep, with the help of the rain.