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In which anti-shippers prove not watching scenes they don’t like and then meta’ing about how they’re not important makes them look foolish.  

Regina expressing a desire for romantic love.


Here we have Tink offering to help her find love and she doesn’t think it’s possible.

Tinker Bell: You know, I’ve got an idea. I can help people find what they need, Regina.
Regina: And what do I need?
Tinker Bell: You don’t even know? That’s so sad. Regina, love. You need love.
Regina: You’re gonna help me find another soulmate?
Tinker Bell: It is possible to find love again. I’ve never seen pixie dust fail. It will find you your perfect match. If you let it, you’ll find your happy ending.

And here we have Regina expressing regret that she didn’t allow herself to take a chance on love.


And here we have Snow telling her not to hold herself back and… shockingly she goes and finds the man she has feelings for.

Snow:  Don’t let anything hold you back.


And here we have Regina wishing she’d taken a chance on love decades ago.

Regina: This makes me wonder why we didn’t do this a few decades ago.

Essentially the entire season 3 and 4A plot revolves around Regina’s desire for this relationship and for romantic love in general and her belief that her loss of it is karmic.  That’s why she goes looking for the author.  It is her central motivating force.

No matter how much whining you do about the idiocy of the pixie dust plot device will change that this is the story they told.  If it’s the story they should have told is a debatable point.  If there were better stories they could have told is a debatable point.  But pretending that this material isn’t relevant just because you don’t want it to be is silly.

Oh and let’s go back to how her entire soul broke in two.  So you don’t like Outlaw Queen.  How about some Stable Queen.




If you are saying that is not her story you have willfully ignored entire swaths of the narrative that don’t fit your desires.  Frankly I don’t care.  You are perfectly welcome to not like Outlaw Queen (or Stable Queen but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Stable Queen).  But you look like a fool to sit here and argue that Regina doesn’t want romantic love.

This is the danger of skipping scenes you do not like and not taking the writing of your NoTP seriously while still claiming to meta about one of the characters involved.

You can not discuss Regina Mills canon story and ignore Outlaw Queen.  You can’t.  

Imagine Sage being one of the few oldbloods in Tir Na Nog to willingly experiment with and learn about new technology from the Iron Kingdom. After a few uneasy and extraordinarily awkward discussions with Glitch during a couple of Elysiums, Sage manages to convince the Lieutenant to meet him for a few hours every so often and let him tinker with the tech the Iron fey brings him.

“You know,” Glitch tells him around the seventh time, after noticing that Sage is sporting several burned and blistered fingers as he pokes around an alarm clock, “I could bring you some gloves if you want…”

Sage shrugs, clearly too absorbed in his prodding to care. Glitch rolls his eyes and sighs, exasperated, and lets the Prince continue his tinkering. 

“Why do you even want to do this?” he asks later as they’re packing up to head back to their respective Courts. “Did Mab give you the idea or something?”

“The opposite,” Sage admits with a half smile, “She wants me as far away from it all as possible, but if I avoided everything dangerous to me I’d never learn anything.”

“I mean…” Glitch shrugs, “This stuff could kill you.”

“So could that rock if you threw it hard enough,” Sage points out, eyebrows raised.

Glitch opens his mouth, stops, and closes it again. “Fair point,” he concedes, grinning. 

Captain America .VS. The Winter Soldier: The Fight For Tony Stark

Part Three

A/N: The long awaited third part to the Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes love triangle. 

Tony was bent over the table when Bucky walked into the lab. He had on a black tank top and a pair of jeans hanging low on his hips. Bucky leaned in the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest and waited for Tony to realize he was standing there.

“Please, don’t stop dancing on my account,” Bucky drawled when Tony had stopped moving to the music as he spotted Bucky.

Tony cleared his throat. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to watch you dance your way through Twisted Sister,” Bucky answered.

Tony blushed a bit and set down the wrench in his hand. “What can I help you with?”

“My arm keeps seizing up on me,” Bucky answered. “Feel like tinkering around in there?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Tony replied. “Jarvis, lower the music a bit would ya?”

Tony motioned Bucky over and he sat down on the stool while Tony grabbed a few more tools. He worked silently, fiddling with certain things.

“The prototype for your new arm is almost done. Gonna need to call a surgeon up though so we can detach this one. I know a guy, but it’s up to you,” Tony told him.

Bucky nodded. “You wanna grab a bite to eat after this?”

“We could order some take out,” Tony offered.

“I was thinking we go to an actual restaurant,” Bucky replied. “You can even pick the place.”

“Yeah? I’ll just pick something expensive,” Tony told him.

“And I’ll pay,” Bucky said.

Tony raised an eyebrow. “You sure?” He set down his tools and wiped his hands off.

“I do have my own money you know,” Bucky answered. “We had banks before the war.”

“Okay okay,” Tony smiled a bit. “I’ll pick the place, you pay for the meal. I’ll make us reservation for say seven thirty?”

“You need that much time to make yourself all pretty?” Bucky teased.

“When a handsome man wants to have dinner with me, I like to look my best,” Tony winked.

Bucky chuckled and stood up. “Well then, I look forward to it.”

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Swan Queen Week Day 05: Soulmate AU

Tinkerbell: You know, I’ve got an idea. I can help people find what they need, Regina.

Regina: And what do I need?

Tinker Bell: You don’t even know? That’s so sad. Regina, love. You need love.

Regina: You’re gonna help me find another soulmate?

Tinker Bell: It is possible to find love again. I’ve never seen pixie dust fail. It will find you your perfect match. If you let it, you’ll find your happy ending. Aren’t you at least curious? What if I can do what I say?

Regina: Well, then, let’s say that’ll be real magic.

Tinker Bell: I’m a fairy. You might wanna try believing in me.

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Jesus brad, most played heros are Riki and Bounty Hunter, 6 Phantom Assassin games in a row, you've never played Rubick or Tinker or Invoker. Do you even actually like Dota? Ever supported once in your miserable Dota career? How about bought a courier? I know you have a lot of games on your plate with the site and all but by this point you should have at least tried all the hero's. What the fuck dude?

Public service announcement: don’t play Dota unless you enjoy interacting with people like this.

Brotp Ficlet

“Hmm” John intoned, flitting over the corpse laid out in the gravel. “There’s something in the mouth”, the doctor took out a pen light, carefully pushing the jaws open to look inside. 

John fought the urge to gag as his gloved fingers pulled out a deceptively long strand of slimey green… something from the victim’s mouth. “Guh, what is this?!”

“It appears to be some form of kelp or algae. Won’t know for certain until we get it back to the lab. Bag it.” Sherlock ordered distantly. 

“I will do just as soon as you give me an evidence bag.” John held out his hand in expectation of receiving the aforementioned bag. Sherlock gave a look of surprise as he patted the outside of his pockets. 

“I er… don’t have them.” He answered in seeming disbelief. 

“You don’t have them? How could you not have them?” John batted back, even more disbelieving. 

“I was in a hurry, I must have forgotten them.” Sherlock’s voice was an irritated growl.

John was perplexed, he’d seen his best friend this annoyed many times but it, was rather unusual for him to remain so while at a crime scene. “Why were in a hurry? You weren’t even doing anything. You said you were just tinkering around in the kitchen with Molly.”

“People forget things, John. The entropic nature of the universe dictates that, on occasion, even Sherlock Holmes can forget something, alright!?” 

“Yeah, alright. I still need something to put this- guh… goop in. Have you got anything? Anything at all?” John was shuddering at the prospect of being told to hold it in his hand all the way back to the lab. 

That’s the moment Sherlock did the unthinkable. He cut his eyes to each side making sure there was no one else about, reached inside his coat pocket and held out an all-too familiar foil square. 

John gaped for a moment, blinking slowly. Sherlock could practically hear the neurons firing like an old jalopy inside his friend’s brain as he put it all together. “I’m very flattered.” John began, “But I’m a happily married man.” He said through his hearty chuckles. 

“Ha. Ha. Do you want the damn thing or not? You’re more than welcome to hold your proverbial load all the way to Barts.” Sherlock fired back. 

“Ugh, phrasing, Sherlock.” John said before snatching the johnny with his free hand, ripping the packet open with his teeth, shaking it into unraveling and gently guiding the mystery anaerobic plant life into the latex tube. 

He tied it off expertly, handing it off to the detective who was avoiding the good doctor’s gaze like a call from Mycroft. Still he took the prophylactic-turned-evidence bag and dropped it into the cavernous recesses of his coat pocket. 

John rose from the ground, brushing the dirt off of his knees. “So…” He looked up at Sherlock. “Molly?”

Sherlock cleared his throat, giving only the slightest of nods in affirmation before glancing briefly to see his best mate’s reaction to the news.

Anger, doubt, and/or a fevered interrogation would have all been reactions within the spectrum of John Watson’s reactions. Instead he rose to his full height, modest though it may be, and held out a closed fist expectantly. 

Not that Sherlock was unfamiliar with the gesture, it had just never been offered to him before. But responded in kind, smirking slightly as he bumped his knuckles against John’s. 

“Nice, mate.” John answered approvingly, slapping Sherlock’s back. 

Sherlock shook his head, murmuring something about John being “juvenile” but grinned in spite of himself.