do you even shift

presenting a bad poem i wrote in my head at work:

there is a sausage

floating in the well

i should take it out

but i dont

later i look again

the sausage is still floating


i ignore it

im not paid enough

The CRONCH: a Dear Evan Hansen fanfiction

(Quick note before we start:
@dearevanhansenheadcanons hey! I was the anon who submitted that headcanon [i had to use anon cause my main blog, the one I’m using to submit rn is actually for study stuff. This fic is also on my secondary blog @justamusicalobsessedkid] about Jared inventing a new edible bath bomb at Lush and I actually wrote an entire story on it!! Thus, The CRONCH ~ a Dear Evan Hansen fanfiction was created. Anyway, hope you give this a quick look. Thanks!!!)


Jared Kleinman was a strange boy.
Strange, yes, but no one could deny the fact that he was intelligent in a way, particularly in anything technology related.
In his own words: “I’ve got skills, son.”
However, Jared wasn’t limited to his skills in the digital world. No one ever expected the young man to have a talent for innovation, as well.
Evan Hansen stood in the midst of shelves filled with bath bombs at Lush, waiting for his friend to finally finish his shift for the day.
“What time do you even end? Mom said for me to be with you by six-thirty. ”
“I get out of this perfume-scented hell hole at six. Why does your mom even want you to hang out with me?” Came the reply from Jared, restocking a shelf full of green and blue bath bombs.
Evan shrugged. “Because you’re my friend, aren’t you? I mean, you did tell me after we made up when the whole Connor thing was over that I wasn’t just a family-friend anymore. Also my mom’s taking the night shift again and she doesn’t want me to be lonely so I gotta stay the night over at your place, now.”
“Fine then.” Jared said, just as he finished placing all the small spherical bath bombs unto the shelf, leaving one to slip into his jacket pocket.
Evan’s eyes widened.
“You steal bath bombs?” He screeched.
Jared hurriedly made a ‘shush’ sign at the other boy and turned his head towards the room behind the main shop, checking to see if his boss was anywhere around.
He breathed a sigh of relief upon not seeing George, his boss, anywhere in earshot. He was far out the back of the shop, taking a phone call. Jared glared at Evan, fixing his glasses momentarily.
“Shut up, will you? If Cranky Old George finds out, I’m out the door.” He hissed.
“I save them for myself and sometimes even my mom likes them. Besides,” the sarcastic boy added half jokingly, “they almost look good enough to eat.”
Evan stammered, staring at the his sneakers. “S-sorry. But I-I-I mean, why don’t you just buy them?”
“Says the guy who only paid me twenty bucks to make fake emails.” Jared shot back.
“Point taken.”
The clock struck five-fifty.
Jared brushed the bath bomb dust off on his jeans.
“Stay there, I’ll just go out back and see if I still have something to do. If I don’t, the old one’ll let me go early.”
Evan nodded, turning to examine the Lush products that filled the entire shop.

Within minutes, he heard loud, angry talking coming from the back room. He gulped nervously, even considering just getting out of the shop and going to the Kleinman residence on his own, just when Jared came right out of the back room.
He had a slightly worried expression on his face as he took off the uniform all Lush employees wore, leaving it in a messy heap on the counter.
“So,” he said. “good news is I’m getting let off early today. Bad news—a customer called, complaining to Cranky Old George about me.”
Evan’s eyes widened. “What did they say?”
Jared snorted, speaking in a high-pitched voice that Evan knew he used when imitating elderly women while making flamboyant gestures. “'Hello, you know that laddie who works in your shop? The one who’s name tag says his name is Jared Kleinman? Well, you see, son, when I asked that young man for one of those water bombs of yours with hearts in them the lad laughed at me and asked if I was going to use it in the hot tub along with my hubby, as he—oh, what did that boy say, again? Ah, yes—sticks his di–'”
"Okay let’s stop there Jared.” Evan said, his face flushing bright pink.
“First of all,” he said, in horror. “you made ‘those’ jokes to a customer?”
Jared rolled his eyes. “Yes, brilliant observation from my small reenactment, Hansen. Do I really still need to repeat everything in that old lady voice to confirm for you? And don’t call them ‘those’ jokes, they’re my jokes and frankly, I’m quite proud of them.”
Evan sighed. It was very typical for Jared to be this way, but it did tend to get inconvenient from time to time.
“So what did your boss say?”
Jared scrunched his eyebrows, obviously thinking about what George had told—or more accurately, yelled at—him.
“Something about me having to do extra work or else he’ll fire me by next week. I gotta think of a new idea for a bath bomb in three days or something like that.”
“You what?” Evan rambled, his eyes as wide as plates. “That’s incredibly pressuring Jared, you know you could come up with a bad idea or not even come up with anything at all and then you’ll lose your job.”
“I know,” The other boy mumbled. “And this job is giving me my car insurance money. Can’t lose that now.”
The two reached the Kleinman household, with Evan in a state of mid-panic and Jared in worry for the future of his car insurance.
Mrs. Kleinman smiled at Evan the moment he stepped into the door with Jared. “Hi Evan, dear. Your mom called, said you’re supposed to stay here for the night.”
Evan nodded just as he and Jared began ascending up the stairs that led to the house’s second floor.
The worried boy dropped his bag on Jared’s bed, pacing around the room nervously. “What are you gonna do? You have, like, three days to just suddenly come up with some brilliant idea or you’ll get the boot.”
“Calm yourself, Hansen. I’ll think of something sooner or later.” Jared replied.

However, it wasn’t until during dinner when Jared finally got a good idea, which—strangely—came to him mid-sip of a glass of Kool-Aid.
His eyes widened as he jumped up from his seat so quickly he nearly knocked his glasses off his face.
Evan looked at him in concern. “Jared, what are you—?”
“Mom, do we still have Kool Aid?”
Mrs. Kleinman looked confused. “Yes, why?”
She received no answer from Jared, instead the boy rushed into the kitchen, grabbing an unused bowl from the side of the table.
Mrs. Kleinman looked at Evan, who looked as equally perplexed.
“Excuse him,” she chuckled, tilting her head to try and catch a glance at what her son was up to in the kitchen. “Jared really is rather… Odd.”
Evan managed a small smile. “I know.”
Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Jared was acting completely on impulse. He pushed the thick-framed square glasses that framed his eyes up his face, flinging open the doors to the Kleinmans’ small pantry. His eyes scanned the shelves packed with bags and boxes, reaching out every once in a while to rapidly grab an item from inside. Once he decided he had everything, he set to work.
Eventually, Evan popped his head into the kitchen, checking on Jared.
“Your mom’s wondering what you’re up to.” He said, watching Jared press a sand-like mixture into spherical molds.
Jared shook his head in reply, tossing his head to the side for a moment in an attempt to brush away the few strands of hair that fell on his face without using his hands, still busy packing his creation.
When he had finished, he tossed the bowl and the spoon he used into the sink and flashed a mischievous grin up at Evan, who had been watching his friend the entire time.
“What did you just—?”
Jared chuckled excitedly. “Patience, Hansen. You’ll see.”

The next day, Jared Kleinman stood in the back room of Lush, facing his boss a little too confidently.
He brought a paper bag with him, filled with the little things he had spent around an hour making and a water jug.
Jared stuck one hand into the bag, gripping around for one of the spherical bath bombs he had made.
He beamed at George, who had began scrutinizing the young boy the minute he stepped into the shop on that day.
“May I present to you, Sir, my creation—a revolutionary breakthrough that will surely make our sales skyrocket.” He said enthusiastically, holding the bath bomb in front of George.
The older man laughed, almost in pity. “A bath bomb? Mr. Kleinman, Lush has plenty of those. I simply don’t see how this’ll be able to be 'a revolutionary breakthrough.’”
Jared laughed cockily, to George’s annoyance.
“Sir, you don’t see how my bath bomb can can be insanely cool,” He paused, chuckling, before adding “much like me.” under his breath.
Jared raised the red bath bomb to his mouth, grinning at George.
“You have to taste it.” He said, before taking a huge bite out of the bath bomb.
If Jared hadn’t caught George’s attention earlier, he certainly had now.
“Edible.” He chuckled, offering a new bath bomb to George. “They’re edible.”
George sniffed the bath bomb tentatively, before taking a small bite out of it.
It tasted wonderful, not to mention the sound it made when bitten into it was loud, noisy… Just like biting into a wafer bar but much louder. Just like crunching on trail mix, but instead of just a soft crunch, the sound was more of a loud cronch.
George was amazed. He had never seen or tasted anything like such in his life. “What—what is it made of?”
Jared smirked, seeing the amazement on his boss’ face.
“Baking soda, corn starch, powdered sugar, and critic acid for the base.” He said, taking another bite of his bath bomb. “I added Kool Aid in different flavors to give it that color and the way it tastes. Finished with rock fizz candy and edible glitter, too.”
Jared placed the water jug on the desk and uncapped it.
“Oh, and did I mention—” he said, dropping another bath bomb into the water, watching as it slowly dissolved just like a normal bath bomb would.
“You can also make a drink out of them” Jared concluded, taking a sip out of the now purple colored drink.
George shook his head in bewilderment.
“Mr. Kleinman,” he started, in pure disbelief. “This is… Amazing. You have made such a wonderful contribution to our store. I will pitch your edible bath bombs as an idea—with all credits to you, of course—and hopefully in a month or two we’ll see your bath bombs soon lining one of our shelves.”
He smiled up at his employee, reaching out to shake Jared’s hand. “I really cannot believe you created this… Figured everything out all by yourself.”
“Well,” Jared allowed himself to admit. “I still haven’t decided on what to name it. I was thinking to just sell the pink ones and name them Kinky Pinks but I felt am unavoidable shame for the other flavors that customers might also want to try.”
Luckily for him, though, George had it all figured out.
“Not a problem, Mr. Kleinman. I have a name that might just be fitting for your product…”

A month and a half passed. Lush was booming with new customers.
On a display in the middle of the store, bath bombs in every color stood out from the rest, accompanied with a sign that read:
”NEW!! the CRONCH: an edible bath bomb experience, brought to you by Lush, concept developed by our very own employee— Jared Kleinman"
To this day, Jared works at Lush, dashing around the store to attend to customers. A certain proud habit of his that developed over the days was that while assisting people, Jared would make his way over to the Cronch’s shelf and grab a bath bomb from it, taking a huge bite of it in front of the customers, who would look at him with expressions of disbelief and amazement.
This certain effective 'marketing strategy’ (as George called it) did cause Jared to be the victim of many jokes and pranks, though. A notable prank his coworkers pulled on him was done during April Fools, when they decided to switch up bath bomb displays without informing Jared—placing his edible bath bombs on a different shelf and actual bath bombs on the one his product used to rest on.
Sure enough, Jared didn’t notice the switch and just as he was entertaining a customer, he took a huge bite out of a real bath bomb as his coworkers—looking on earnestly from the counter—all burst out laughing.
He couldn’t deny the fact that he may have enjoyed the actual bath bomb, however. Even though he wouldn’t quite admit it to many.

On a particularly busy day at Lush, Evan dropped by to check on his friend again.
He smiled at Jared, who shot him a quick smirk as he took a bite out of another edible bath bomb.
“Loving the cronch, Jared?” He asked jokingly.
Jared grinned mischievously, winking. “You gotta love that cronch.”

(Small note: the recipe for the edible bath bombs [tHAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!] came from my amazing friend– who can literally search for, and successfully find, anything on the internet. You know who you are. Thanks, buddy. Sincerely, me, A)

I hate you so much, it must be true love

Murphy x Reader, little bit of Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: smut, nsfw, some swearing…I am trash…

Summary: After an argument about Pike, you and Bellamy break up. You want to hurt him. When you and Murphy get to talking you two start a love/ hate relationship. Things get heated. Fluff ending.

Ahem….I decided that there was not enough Murphy smut in this world. I’m usually more of a Bellamy girl but…he’s been a little brainwashed shit lately so I got more inspired by Murphy. I’m gonna consider this a oneshot I guess…slight POV change in the middle there. Sorry it’s a long one. I just couldn’t stop myself. Also sorry if it’s not good. It’s my first one and considering it’s mine…ofc it’s smut. :)


“I can’t believe what I’m hearing.” you say turning away from your boyfriend…well…kinda boyfriend. You and Bellamy had been sharing a room for four months now, ever since Clarke left. But sharing a bed was not all that you and Bellamy did at night. Everything was starting to look fine, until now.

“You actually think that this headcase is right? That anything Pike does is for ‘the good of the people’?!” You throw your arms in the air facing Bellamy, anger starting to fuel your actions. “Y/n, the grounders can’t be trusted. You of all people should know that!” “ Oh, don’t you dare bring this up right now!”

You lost your best friend in the ring of fire created to stop the grounder attack. That whole thing was a bit taboo, Bellamy had never even brought it up to you before right now. You felt betrayed by Bellamy. You had loved him, but you could no longer stand by his side with this.

“I’m sorry, but this is the hard truth. The grounders want us dead and if we don’t do something now, they will have their way. Pike understands that, why can’t you?” He crosses his arms and clenches his jaw. You can see that neither of you is going to back down from this.

“Believe me, I understand. But what you’re talking about….it’s bound to start another war. One that we might not be able to survive.” you step closer to him and lower your voice, fighting back the tears. “You’re talking about slaughtering 300 innocent people who were sent here to protect us!” You hear your voice break as a tear sets loose. Neither of you seem to be able to believe what the other is saying. Bellamy raises his voice completely overtaken by his stubbornness.

“Innocent!? Each and every one of these savages is to be blamed for the amount of people we’ve all lost. They started this, Y/n. We’re just going to end it.” Bellamy’s not the man that you thought he was. This proves it.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Bellamy yells after you as he sees you grab your packed bag and jacket. “I can’t do this anymore, Bell. It’s over and you know it.”


It has been a week. You haven’t even talked to Bellamy. You could barely look at his face since the massacre. To you Bellamy had become the monster he’d thought the grounders to be. He’d returned the battle unharmed, that somehow upset you even more. You wanted to hurt him, you wanted him to feel the pain that cursed through your heart and shadowed your mind.

“Why the sad face, Princess?” *ugh* Murphy was the last person you wanted to see. You’d never really talked to Murphy before. Bellamy always told you to stay away from him, that he was a murderer and that you would get hurt…but then again, Bellamy wasn’t here was he? His opinion no longer mattered to you.

“Boy drama.” You were sitting on a cut down log with bottle of whiskey in your hand. You’re guessing you didn’t look so good if even Murphy had noticed. “I see. So things must be going great with Bellamy.” He says with exaggerated sarcasm.

“Well, you could say that. I mean…we broke up about a week ago.” You finally look up at him. He looks disheveled. You all do most of the time. No time to sit in front of a mirror really.

“Eesh, tough luck. Mind if I sit here?” He asks gesturing the makeshift chair. “Sure.” You scoot over a bit to give him some space, and offer him a drink.

“No thanks. Can’t really drown my demons anymore. Those fuckers learned how to swim.” You chuckle a bit. Taking a sip for yourself. “What happened to your arm?” You ask pointing to the bandages on his forearm. “Uhm, dinner tried to eat me first I guess.” He gives you a crooked smile and you smile back. He doesn’t seem half as bad as Bellamy had made him out to be.


A few days had passed. You enjoyed Murphy’s company though you’d never tell anyone so. You two always bickered and flirted shamelessly.

“Hey, asshole! Has your face always looked this messed up or did you just forget to put on makeup today?” You give him a goofy smile as he gets closer. “Sup, bitch? What are you even doing here, shouldn’t you be workin’ the street corner?” He smiles back at you and you both shake your heads.

“Poor form, but nice try.” “Yeah, I’m not too proud of that one. I’ll keep working on it. You free tonight?” You always hung out in the evening after your shifts so you agreed to do the same tonight.

He made you happy. None of the others approved of your friendship but you didn’t mind basking in your hedonism. Especially because of the way you knew this made Bellamy feel. He hadn’t really stopped caring for you, but atleast he’d stopped his efforts to make contact with you.

Tonight was bonfire night…but something else was different. You sat a lot closer to Murphy. Your voice sounded a lot more sultry. Maybe it was because you could feel Bellamy’s eyes burn holes into your side. But that wasn’t it. You felt weirdly drawn to Murphy. He was smart, and funny. He made you feel safe enough to open up to him. Tell him things about yourself you never even allowed yourself to think of. You seemed to have the same sort of affect on him. Tonight, after a few drinks, your morals had disappeared and lust had settled in.

You dragged him off to a quiet hallway, away from peering eyes. You leaned against a wall and pulled him closer to you. He stared deep into your eyes, glancing at your lips every now and then. He placed a hand on your waist, squeezing a little to bring you closer. He wrapped his other hand in your hair, tugging at the strands as he ground himself against you.

“You want this, Princess?” His hot breath on your face made shivers run down your spine. You wrapped your arms behind his neck and a leg behind his. You kissed him passionately, letting your tongues explore each-others mouths as he lifted your leg higher around his waist so you could feel his erection grind against you through the unnecessary layers of clothing.

You reluctantly pull away from the kiss. He looks at you with a confused yet determined look on his face. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I just-” you gasp as he starts kissing your neck, definitely leaving marks for later. It feels so good so you urge him not to stop as you talk.

“I need you to remember, that I still hate you. This-this is just a momentary lapse of weakness brought on by involuntary abstinence. And I can’t do this if you feel something else or whatever. So I must ask. Do you hate me?” He stops for a little bit to look you in the eyes. His eyes seem darker, more focused. He clenches his jaw and shifts his eyes for a second. “Yea, sure.”

You didn’t really believe him but you also didn’t really care. You had never been too great with emotions but you could see he was a little scolded. But right now your brain had no power. Your body wanted him, and he wanted you.

“Then hell yea I want this.” That was the last coherent sentence you spoke. You pulled on his hair as he disheveled yours. The only thing cooling you down was the cold metal you were pinned up against.


Bellamy’s POV

He’d been drinking all night like everyone else. He needed a drink after seeing Y/n drape herself all over Murphy’s lap. He still cared for her, but he wasn’t sure if she cared for him. Maybe she was just trying to make him jealous. Maybe there was still hope for them.

He said goodnight to the rest of the guard and stumbled over to the Ark. He was heading down the halls when he stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Y/n and Murphy tangled up against a wall. Murphy seemed to notice him standing there but all he did was pull away from the kiss to give Bellamy a crooked smile before grabbing Y/n’s breast, kneading it in his hands as she moaned in his ear and sloppily kissed her neck.

Bellamy couldn’t take this. He practically ran back to the bonfire. He needed a few dozen more drinks before he could let himself think again.


Y/n’s POV

You’re still slightly intoxicated, yet everything seems much clearer. Murphy’s kissing your neck, sucking and biting at all the right places. You moan louder than you wanted to. You plead for Murphy to take you to your room.

When you somehow finally get there Murphy picks you up. You’re straddling him and kissing him while he kicks the door closed. You help him shrug off his jacket and do the same with your own. You’re tugging at his shirt as you try to get rid of yours. Once you succeed you find yourself on the bed. Frantically kissing him as he swiftly removes his shirt.

Your bodies are tightly pressed against each-other. His hands are roaming your body as you try to make the most of what he’s allowing you to move. He starts kissing down your jaw, your neck, stopping to suck and nibble at your nipples, kneading your breast with one hand. Then continues kissing your stomach, all the way down to your aching core. He strips you of your pants and underwear, kissing your inner thighs. Your back arches off the bed as he licks straight over your wet heat.

“All ready for me aren’t you?” He asks you meeting your gaze. You can’t help but stare. He looks so hot between your legs. “Yes-yes, Murphy. Gosh, just fuck me already!” “Impatient little doll. I promise you, I’ll make this worth your while.” And oh was he right. He shifts his focus from your eyes back to your core. He’s like Picasso with his tongue. He makes you grab the sheets in a pathetic attempt to steady yourself as you unravel and let out moans, screams and cusses of his name. Once he’s done you’ve already become a panting mess. He wipes your fluids off his chin and smirks at you.

“You were right, totally worth it!” You smile at him as gets up on his knees in front of you. “I’m always right.” “So you are.” You lift yourself off the bed to place sloppy kisses to his abdomen. You run your hands up the middle of his chest and down his sides, settling them on his belt. You keep kissing his hip bones and his small happy trail as you undo his belt and zipper. He helps you slide off his pants, his eyes glued to your every motion. You kiss the fabric that covers his erection. “Do you want me? Say you want me.” Your voice is light, yet sultry as ever. He practically groans his answer. “Yes, fuck yes I want you!” He pulls you up to kiss him again.

Soon enough he releases your body just enough that you can start kissing all the way down his neck, shoulders and chest. You take off his underwear and lay a firm grip on his throbbing cock. He throws his head back as you lick a small circle around his tip and pump a few times. He can’t seem to look away and decides to hold back your hair. Barely pushing you in any direction. You take him in your mouth little by little. His groaning, swears and moans of your name getting louder with each pump.

“That’s it, Princess! You’re in trouble now!” He pushes you back on the bed. Kissing you deeply, rubbing small circles around you clit. You’re now begging him for a release again. And he is sure willing to oblige. He pulls away and grabs his cock to guide himself through your entrance. You both groan from pleasure. You nod a little, giving him the ok to start moving. You’re both near your climaxes so his pace quickens. Any attempts of kissing fail because your mouth keeps dragging down his chin with each thrust. But neither of you mind.

He’s holding himself up on one elbow, burying his other hand’s fingers in your hips. You drag your fingernails over his back almost painfully enough to draw blood. This makes him grunt even more, his face still buried in the crook of your neck. You even bite his shoulder a little. His length slightly painful, but all the more enjoyable.

The rest of the world no longer exists. Just you and him. You barely hear the people outside. All you can sense is the sweat, the sound of skin against skin, the waves of pleasure washing over you. You keep working in harmony with his thrusts. Your eyes too intrigued by the movements of his lean muscles to dare close. You glance at the place where your bodies meet and feel yourself unraveling underneath him.

You scream his name into oblivion and his movements become less calculated and more uneven as he comes from the feeling of your walls clenching around him. He moans your name in response as he rides out both of your orgasms. He pulls out soon enough. Both of you panting and unable to speak as he lays beside you. You feel weak and you’re shivering, but not from cold. From absolute extacy.

Once you’ve both regained your composure you curl up to his side. He lifts one of your legs up over him and you place a hand on his chest to draw circles on his skin.

“That was…amazing.” He says smiling at you in the glow of the moonlight shining through the small window. “Yeah, it was. Would love to repeat that sometime soon.” You smile back at him. He kisses your head. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


Soon enough you feel yourself drifting off to sleep, until he speaks up again. “I lied earlier.” “What?” You rub your eyes a little until you can clearly see the guilty look on his face as he stares at the ceiling.

“What are you talking about?” He licks over his lips and looks at you. “Earlier, when I said that I hated you…I didn’t mean a word of it. I’m sorry but, you’re actually one of the few people I like in this hellhole. The only person, to be exact.”

You just keep smiling at him. “I know.” “Wha- but you said…” He looks at you with the same confused look from earlier, except this one isn’t shadowed by lust, it’s shaded by hope. “I know what I said. And I lied too. I actually like you too.” You kiss him for reassurance, before turning over and tugging him to spoon you. You’re both fading to sleep as you hear him mumble.

“Thank god.”

The Healing Corner

Anon: Could I request some Keith where he’s stuffy and miserable Hunk and Lance (team mom’s) are just bombarding him with home remedies, and he’s just like guy’s it just a cold chill. (bonus if he’s secretly enjoying being fussed over.)

A/N: I strayed a bit from the home remedies, but I think you’ll like the alternative. There’s some Klance if you squint. Also, I’d like to cash in that bonus, please. Can I cash it in for more annoyed Keith getting a piggy-back ride? The world needs more of those.

“I’m not sick.”

“I call bullshit.”

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Tricks and Treats(M)

BTS; Taehyung

Genre: Smut | slight fluff | Devilboy! AU

Word count: 5k

Warnings: Blood mention at the end

Description: Devilboy Taehyung comes out to play every Halloween and he just so happens to pick you up at a party, but when he keeps showing up after that, will it mean the end of his devilish ways?

A/N: I was tagged in this post here, to pick a prompt based off my birthday. thanks @cloudsofsonder for tagging me, this was so fun ;) I was going to post this on or before Halloween, but time got away from me lol Guys I honestly hoped that the ending would have turned out better than it did, but I hope you guys like it regardless :)

Originally posted by kths

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I’m a real adult

I’m apparently getting up a little past 4 in the morning so I can get in line outside Toys R Us at 5 to try to score a Switch. I am skipping the staff meeting happening at 9 to do this, because Toys R Us open at 10. I have to be at work to open the library at 10:45, but it’s only like 15 minutes away, which gives me a whole half hour to grab a console and BotW, as long as I get in line early enough.

If I do not get in line early enough, I am going to come home and go back to sleep until work, probably; either way, the meeting is not happening.

anonymous asked:

you think Deacon's ever had this weird sudden realization hes old? a midlife crisis?

That’s a really good question that I’ll probably overcomplicate, because that’s my signature move: over complicating things. I’m also Tumblr old (early 30′s) so my perspective on this might be different than someone younger, and might be different than someone older (and I’d love to have them chime in).

I personally put Deacon in his mid-40s so he’s midlife for a Wastelander, maybe even older than midlife, I’d say? The thing is, I never got the impression that being “old” was held in the same negative regards as we do in the US now. In the US we’re obsessed with youth and beauty. I haven’t experienced those things being valued in the Commonwealth. 

Surviving to your 40′s might be a big accomplishment in the Wasteland, maybe you’re more respected for your wisdom and life experience? Maybe you know trying to hold onto your youth, or being perceived as youthful, is pointless in comparison to staying alive?

Deacon’s survived many (at least 5-8) attacks by the Institute, however many partners, run however many synths to their new homes, and he’s seen many people he’s cared about, die. Just within the events of Fallout 4 he loses everyone at the Switchboard (at least 10 named people, countless unnamed), loses the people in the simultaneous attacks on four other safehouses, Ticonderoga where he loses High-Rise and all of his people, then Glory and the other agents killed during the BOS attack at Old North Church. He can keep track of the years that have passed based on the number of synths they’ve smuggled out and who they’ve lost to bullets or bombs.

If anything, I’d think this would set his perspective for what’s important and what isn’t important. Being young, holding onto his youth, expressing it by getting a hairpiece, a red hot rod, and dating a young piece of ass, might not be very important to him. It might be more likely that he has a secret case of survivor’s guilt when he thinks about the age he’s managed to survive to, while countless others haven’t.

This a really roundabout way of saying that I don’t believe Deacon would think of being old in the context of a midlife crisis, of trying to reclaim his youth, but more likely that he thinks of being old in the context of the time that he’s spent, the life that he’s lived, and memories of all of the good and bad events that have occurred within that time.

Also, if you believe his story about Barbara, he extra-hated the person he was when he was young. I don’t think he’d try to recapture or relive that time in his life.

Translation: Kollektivet (The Flat Chat) at 20:26 pm - 12.12

Monday December 12th. Shift part 1 of 2. Even awoke around 10:30. I prepared two slices of bread with brown cheese and jam. He ate one. Went back to bed but yours truly got him out to the living room, played a bit of Yatzhee, and watched a bit of Planet Earth before Noora took over. Even was in a great mood into Noora’s shift. Or, great mood, given the circumstances. Experienced a small positive development since morning.

He was completely chill during my shift.

Owh, Noora. You have to write the way I do. Like what day you had and which shift and what Even was doing. Then you round off with your subjective opinion in regards to Even’s mental state.

Isak: Really, thanks. Both of you. I owe you.

Explain then, Noora, how was Even doing?

I just wrote that he was completely chill. He was sleeping the whole time. Gave him a cup of tea.

Would’ve been more fun if you wrote it the same way as me.

Eskild, now you’re crazy


Don’t gang up on me.
Isak, how’s Even doing now?

Okay. We’ve gone out to buy kebab. Out is good.

Out is very good.

Isak: Thx again peeps

Reiya's Guide to Astral Travel

What is it?
- Using your astral body to travel in this or another realm while leaving your physical body behind.

Where can you go?
-Your home
-Your Astral Temple
-Your Astral Home
-Safe places
-Feel good places
-The Otherworld/Astral Plane
-Wherever it takes you
You can go just about anywhere when you travel, just be careful about it. Going to unfamiliar places can lead to you getting lost, which can make it very hard to get back to your body.

What can you do there?
-Talk to your Guide
-Talk to your Familiar
-Talk to you Deity
-Talk to Spirits
-Be alone with yourself
-Grow as a witch
-Strengthen psychic abilities
You can do just about anything you want! You can even shape shift if that’s your thing. Just be aware that it’ll still take practice. You might have to try things several times before you start to get the hang of it.

Dangers of astral travel
-Dying in the Astral Plane
-Meeting malevolent Entities
-Fighting with said Entities
-Astral wounds can carry onto the physical body
-Getting lost in an unfamiliar place and unable to make it back to your physical body
-Being kept from re entering your physical body by a spirit
-Dark things clinging to you and being brought into the physical world
Remember to protect your physical and astral self before you travel. Set up a shield or circle around your bed, make protective/dream pouches to put under your pillow, etc. traveling can be extremely dangerous on it own, so this is crucial if you want to avoid any physical or mental harm and the possibility of carrying things back with you. Be sure to cleanse the area and center and ground yourself before and after travel.

How can you get there?
-Meditation and Visualization
-Lucid dreaming
-Out of body experiences
There are many ways one can astral travel, however not all of these will work for everyone. Play around and figure out what works for you, just be aware that this might take a lot longer than you think.

How can you get back to your body?
-By going back the way you came. For example, if you rose from your body and left it in your bedroom and left from there, retrace your steps back to your room.
-Many people simply fall into the same position as their physical body. Like if it is laying down, they will lay down inside of it.
This is where going to familiar places comes into play. If you know the area you are in it becomes much easier to find whatever doorway or what have you that you came through to begin with. When you enter into a place you do not know it’s easier to get lost, so if this happens either leave immediately or do not stray far from where you arrived.

Remember that not everyone can use the same method to travel, so what works for me and the next person probably will not work for you. There are a few things that you can try and tweak that tend to work better than others. These things include:
-Opening doors without thinking about what might be on the other side
-Visualizing the place you would like to visit prior to and during meditation or as you are falling asleep.

Happy Travels!!

Cheating/Revenge - [Isaac Lahey] - Preferences #2 [Requested] [*Smut]

* I got a lot of requests about “finding out that Isaac cheated on you with Alison“ but with different guys so I decided to do it as a preference, hope it’s okay with everyone! xx*


"Scott! What’s going on ?” You asked, getting impatient.
He had arrived to your house with no warnings, looking extremely upset about something, but yet, he still wouldn’t tell you what it was all about and you kept staring at him, standing in front of you.
“I don’t know how to tell you this…” He mumbled.
“Just say it Scott.” You answered.
He looked at you with a sorry face.
“Isaac and Alison. They were together tonight.” He said, carefully observing you, waiting for a reaction.
“I know, he often goes to the Argent’s, you told him to watch over them since you and Alison… You know, broke up.” You answered, shrugging.
“I didn’t ask him to watch over them! But I was okay with him doing it as long as he stayed away from Alison…” Scott replied, and his eyes shifted red for half a second.
“So what’s wrong?” You asked, still not understanding what was his point.
“They were together (Y/N) ! Like together, together!” Scott said, rising his voice.
You jumped a little, and he immediately apologized, knowing that it wasn’t your fault.

“Are you sure…?” You asked, after a while of silence.
“Yes… What else could it be, they were in their underwears… in her room…”
You saw Scott’s whole body tensing up, anger coming up again, not able to keep his eyes from shifting from times to times.
“Why do you even care ? Are you not with Kira?” You asked, harshly, finally realizing what was happening. You were the one who had the most reasons to be angry, Isaac was your boyfriend, Alison was only his ex-girlfriend after all and he pretty much had a new one.
“No, I’m not with Kira. Not like that. Alison is the one… was the one.” He answered, rising his voice again.

“He’s going to come home tonight with the scent of my girlfriend on him.” He mumbled, sitting down on your bed, burying his face in his hands.
You sat next to him, torn between the urge to punch something and start crying like a baby.
“Bring the scent of his girlfriend home with you too then…” You said, quickly glancing at him.
Your only answer was to press your lips on his. He kissed you back but did not try to go any further than that.
“Oh come on Scott, I know you want it, let me get my revenge on him…” You pleaded, before kissing him again.

That’s all it took him to embrace the rage inside of him, that same desire for revenge that was burning inside of both of you. He pushed you down on the bed and stood up, his werewolf strenght ripping your shorts off.
He was heavily breathing, not of lust but of rage. His eyes glowed and his face changed, taking its werewolf form. Maybe you should have been afraid that he might hurt you, but all you could really think about at the moment was at how angry you were at Isaac and how you were going to make him pay for cheating on you.
Scott ripped your shirt off, leaving you only in your panties, lying on the bed, at his mercy. The mercy of an angry werewolf.
Leaning down to let a few rough kisses on your lips, his hands caught your thighs, pulling you to the edge of the bed, his claws digging in your skin. You didn’t care for the pain, you were too focused on getting what you wanted.
With a simple move from his thumb over your hip, his claw teared up the fabric of your panties. He pulled it away from your body and you didn’t even notice him undoing his pants before you felt him shoving his length inside you, making you cry out.
He was hard, and big, and you weren’t used to him, it was hurting but he didn’t care, he was completely gone, not even really looking at you.
The werewolf growled when you cried out again, quickly sliding himself in and out of you, his claws deeply digging in the skin of your thighs with each one of his violent, hard thrusts. You felt dizzy, the pain from his thrusts slightly fading away but his claws were burning your skin and his loud growls were deafening in your ears, covering the sound of your light cries of pain, even once they had turned out into moans of pleasure, depsite the pain you still felt from his grip on your thighs.
You closed your eyes, as he continued his fast paced thrusts inside of you until he finally reached his peak and came inside of you, making you moan even louder as you reached your climax too.
When you opened your eyes again. the angry werewolf was back to his original form, his claws had finally disapeared , leaving some pretty deep, bleeding, holes in your skin, but it didn’t hurt anymore.
“I’m sorry” Scott said, when he noticed.
“Don’t be. That was great.” You managed to say, trying to catch your breath.
A sweet smile appeared on his lips, all his anger had faded out after he came and so had yours, you both had had your revenge on Isaac.


“(Y/N) ? What’s going on ? Why are you crying ?” Stiles’s worried voice asked but you could barely hear him, the music and the people around you were too loud.
You didn’t answer, trying to wipe your tears away, afraid that it was too noticeable and everyone at Lydia’s party would start questionning you. You tried to smile at Stiles and left the living room. You aimed for the bathroom, wanting to check on your mascara and your burning red cheeks but it was already taken.
Everyone around you was having fun, dancing and laughing, Lydia’s party was a success, as always, but your head was spinning, probably because of that glass of alcohol you just had, trying to erase the image of your boyfriend and Alison on the dancefloor, exchanging a pretty intense kiss, her body pressed against his and that tender look on his face that only you got to see before.

You closed your eyes for a second, feeling a hand holding yours and pulling you away. Stiles had followed you and was now guiding you to another door, near the staircase. You went down the few stairs leading to the modern basement of the Martin’s house and as soon as Stiles had shut the door behind him, a relaxing silence filled the place.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, in a soft tone.
His words are all it took for tears to start rolling down your cheeks again.
“Remember how Scott warned me about Isaac and Alison’s relationship ? Well he was right.” You answered, shaken by a violent sob.
Stiles’s arms closed around you, pulling you against him, and you allowed yourself to cry silently against his chest.
“That bastard…” You heard him mumble with anger.

You looked up to him, eyes still wet and left a quick peck on his lips, taking him by surprise. He looked back at you and finally pressed his lips on yours, his hands softly caressing your back until the kiss intensified. With all his will, he took a step back from you.
“I think you’re upset, and probably drunk… judging by the taste of your lips…” He said
“I’m upset, but I am not drunk.”
“Okay, prove it… Tell me the alphabet backwards.” He replied.
“Oh come on, I have to sing the alphabet in my head everytime I open a dictionary, I can’t do it backwards, even if I am sober!”

He looked at you carefully but eventually came to the conclusion that you weren’t drunk although you had drink a glass.
“So what, you want to use me to avenge yourself?” He asked.
“Partly.” You admitted. “Does that bother you…?”
“Not at all” He replied, with a happy smile, pulling you into a deep kiss.
His hands started caressing your back again, eventually sliding down under your shirt to touch your skin. You imitated him and he broke the kiss to pull his shirt off, offering your hands a better access to his chest.
You took a few steps backwards, pulling him with you until your back hit the washing machine, understanding, his hands made their way to the front of your jeans, slowly unbuttoning it, interupting himself everytime the kiss you were exchanging got more intense. Although you were eager, you forced yourself to slow down so that he could focus on taking your pants off. He pulled them down, along with your panties, and lifted you up to sit you on the machine.
You started kissing him passionately again, while you were unbuttoning his pants. Once you had opened them, they fell to his knees and his hand replaced yours, taking his dick out of his boxers.
You spread your legs, welcoming him, and he slowly entered you. He gave you some time to adjust and placed his hands on each side of you, holding on to the edge of the machine as he started thrusting. He leaned down against you and you closed your arms around his shoulders, trying to hold your body close to his. You closed your legs around his waist to give him a better access but after a while, he had to increase his pace and the pleasure building inside you made it to hard for you to keep them up around him. You moaned as he kept driving you closer and closer to your climax and you came at the same time, both loudly panting.
Once you had recovered, he pulled himself out of you, yours eyes met and you exchanged a smile before planting a soft kiss on his lips.


So that’s how your boyfriend was breaking up with you, over a phone call ? Instead of coming to see you at the loft ? You had found him cheating on you with Alison and instead of crying and begging for you to not leave him, he simply broke up with you… And why would he want to stay with you anyway? Ever since Alison and Scott broke up, she was the only girl he was thinking about, you weren’t that blind, you had understood it but you were naive enough to think that Isaac would have had broke up with you in person before attempting anything with her.
You hung up, throwing your cell phone away from you, wanting to yell and break everything that you found. You screamed in anger, thinking it would take that horrible feeling out of your chest but it only intensified it. You got up and pushed everything standing on the nightstand including the lamp on the ground, but it wasn’t enough. You started throwing everything you could find across the room, screams of rage mixing up with sobs.
That’s when Derek entered the room, in his wolf form, probably thinking that you were fighting a pack of werewolf in there.
He looked around, not really understanding, shifting back to his human form as you threw a pillow in his direction.
“(Y/N) !” He exclaimed, catching it, but you couldn’t care less and kept on breaking everything that you could. You found your laptop and were about to smash it against the wall but Derek held you back, making you let go of it. He was behind you, one arm around your waist, keeping you from moving and reaching something else so you started screaming, completely out of yourself.
“Calm down.” He said, gently, but you couldn’t help but keep on trying to escape his arms, rage boiling inside you.
He caught both of your arms and pushed you back, pinning you against the wall, hands held tightly above your head.
“Calm down!” He commanded and you had no choice but to obey.
His face was close to yours, your eyes got lost into his blue eyes, he was so strongly holding you pressed against the wall that you couldn’t move, and didn’t dare to anymore.
You could feel that same tension between you two than when you are training together, that same tension that made you want him really bad, and feel really guilty about it because of Isaac. Except that this time, there was no guilt left, only lust for him.
“He broke up with me” You said and you saw his eyes widen, probably feeling the same and understanding that suddenly, there was no more guilt to have from wanting each other that badly.

His lips immediately came crashing against yours, letting go of your hands, allowing you to put your arms around him, a hand brushing his hair as you felt like if you were about to suffocate under his furious kisses, but not wanting him to ever stop either.
You pulled his tank top over his head, breaking the kiss for only a second before connecting your lips again. You did it again when you took your shirt off, your lips were getting sore, and he started pressing the same furious kisses on your neck.
He walked you to your bed, and you lied down, him soon hovering you. You reached for his jeans, undoing them, and he grabbed yours, pulling them off in one sudden gesture, as eager to finally have you as you were.
He pushed himself inside of you, already making you moan of pleasure, finally satisfying that desire for him that you had for months now.
He was thrusting inside of you, and you were trying to follow his rhythm, pushing your hips up against him to take him deeper, your eyes locked to his until you felt close, coming in one loud moan, your body shaking like never before.


You were at school, looking at Isaac from across the hall. He seemed in a great mood, joking around with Scott, he even came over to you to say hi, careless as if nothing had happened. Alison looked slightly more ashamed, not able to look at you in the eyes when she walked by, though neither of them knew that you had seen them together. A violent fit of rage shook you as you watched your soon ex-boyfriend hanging out with Scott with no guilt at all. He hadn’t only betrayed you by sleeping with Alison, he betrayed his best friend too and how could Scott not notice ? The very first thing that you had noticed when Isaac kissed you is that he smelled like Alison.

Isaac saw you looking over them from across the hall and he smiled at you, you turned around to face your locker, closing your eyes in another fit of anger. Was it what it was going to be now ? He was shamelessly going to act as if you were the only one in his heart during the day and join Alison under her sheets at night ? There was no way that you were going to let it happen that way.

You spent the day with your friends, being distant with him but giving him a chance to tell you the truth but he never did. You saw Isaac leaving Lacrosse practice with Scott, closely followed by Stiles. You were all supposed to meet at the library to study with Lydia. Instead of following them, you pushed the boys’s locker room door. Ethan and Aiden were just out of the showers getting dressed.

“Hey (Y/N), you’re two minutes to late, otherwise you could have joined me in the showers.” Aiden said, with a smirk. You were used to him flirting with you, mostly because he didn’t like Isaac and Isaac simply hated him, so flirting with his girlfriend seemed to be the best way he had found to piss him off even more. “Would you mind going back?” You asked, walking straight to him with a determination you never had before. Both of the twins looked surprised and exchanged a look. “Is that the best way you found to get revenge on your boyfriend after what he did?” Ethan asked. “How do you know ? Scott didn’t even notice…” You asked him, confused. “I smelled it on her. His scent is all over her.” Ethan answered, quickly putting his shirt on and gathering his things. “So that’s what it is ? You just want to upset him ?” Aiden asked you. “Yes” You admitted, expecting him to laugh at you. “You know that I’d do anything to piss him off… Especially if that means finally having you.” He answered, a grin on his lips. Ethan slapped his brother in the back and quickly left the locker room, leaving you alone together.

Aiden took your hand, a proud look on his face and pulled you to the showers, walls still wet, air still humid, steam on the small windows up on the wall.
You stopped near the row of sinks, mirrors too steamy to reflect you and you looked at Aiden. Another smile crossed his lips before they came pressing against yours, in a kiss full of lust. You had to admit it, he was a great kisser, your brain had completely shut down, only focusing on kissing him back harder than he did.
He pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you in your bra and, as he started kissing you again, his hands worked to undo your pants and pull them down without you even noticing it. He walked you to the other side of the room, your back hitting against the cold but wet wall. You were completely overwhelmed by what was happening, almost forgetting the reason why all this was going on.
He pressed his naked torso against you, deeply kissing you before stepping back, taking the towel he had wrapped around his hips off. You couldn’t help but stare at his sculpted body for a while, although he was supposed to be your enemy, he sure was incredibly handsome. His fingers gently got under the elastic of your panties, he pressed a few soft kisses on your neck before pulling them down and in one move, he grabbed your legs and lifted you up, holding you up between his body and the wall.

He entered you, a light wave of pain shaking your body but it quickly faded away, pleasure replacing it. You held yourself to his shoulders, closing your eyes as he kept thrusting in you at a fast pace. A few moans of pleasure escaped your lips and he brought you close. Your body tensed up, your nails digging in his back and he moaned in answer, liking it, before your walls tightened around him, making you reach your high at the same time as he did.

Once you got down, you gathered your clothes, quickly getting dressed as he watched you with a very proud look on his face. “What?” You asked, wanting to sound annoyed but you couldn’t help but smile.
“Nothing… I was just going to say that if you ever want to use me to get revenge on someone again, I’m okay with it. Or if you just want to use me… With no particular purpose. I’ll be okay with it too.” He answered and you smiled at him.
“Yeah, okay, I’ll try to remember that.” You replied with a smirk, before leaving the locker room.


You were sitting on the steps outside the Argent’s building, tears silently falling from your cheeks as you were trying to get your thoughts back in order after surprising your boyfriend Isaac kissing none other than your best friend Alison. You were about to go visit her and ask her some help with your homework when you both found them on her bed, making out and he already had his shirt off.

You ran away and, in their passionate make out, they didn’t even notice that you were there. The two people you trusted the most and loved the most had just betrayed you and the pain in your chest only seemed to intensify and you couldn’t help but cry, replaying the scene in your head over and over again.

People were passing by, not even looking at you until you had to move to the side of the steps to let someone get to the door. The man climbed the few steps to the door but you heard him heavily sigh before turning around and coming back near you.

“Why so pathetic (Y/N) ?” The man asked and you jumped recognizing the familiar voice.

“Peter, what are you doing here?” You asked, between two sobs.

“Well, I live here. You would know that if you would actually come visit me.” He said, with a smirk.

“You never invited anyone.” You replied.

“True.” He admitted, shrugging his shoulders. “So do you want to come in or would you rather stay here, crying on the sidewalk?”

You got up, wipping the few tears on your face with the back of your hand and followed him back in the building, taking the elevator to a few floors above the Argent’s appartement.

Peter’s appartement was much smaller than the Argent’s, although it looked pretty empty and un-personalized, as if he had just moved in.
He went to the open kitchen to get you a cup of almost cold coffee and you sat on the sofa, the only piece of furniture of the living room.

“So? What’s the drama?” He asked, bringing a kitchen chair to sit in front of you.

Peter was the last person you’d want to share what had just happened with but since the two people who would actually be the first ones to know about it were the very ones that had betrayed you, Peter seemed like a better option for once.
You told him everything and started sobbing again when you arrived at the part where you saw them both in her bed and you had to stop yourself, unable to take your breath back.

“Oh please (Y/N)…” Peter sighed, handing you a paper towel.

And you only started sobbing louder.

You saw him rolling his eyes before getting up and sitting next to you.

“Teenage boys are stupid.” He simply said. “And Lahey was never the brightest of them all if you want my opinion.”

You couldn’t help but smile at his words.

“You’re smart, you’ll find someone else in no time. Be angry, get your revenge on them and then, make him regret what he did by living your life without him.”

“Wise words.” You said, wiping your tears away with the paper towel he had just given you.

“Older guys tend to be slightly wisest.” He answered

“So what kind of revenge do you suggest?” You asked

“Immediate revenge. While he’s still in the building.” Peter said, with that familiar smile meaning that he was up to not good.

“I don’t want to hurt him…” You answered but before you could finish, Peter was already pressing his lips against yours and you had no will to fight it back.

He pressed his body against yours, making you lie down on the sofa, hovering you, the kiss intensifying.
You were conflicted. You were enjoying it much more than you probably should but you also felt like you were doing something awfully wrong.
“Make sure he hears you…” Peter said, breaking the kiss to unbutton your shirt.
And as he pressed his lips on your collar bone, your mind went completely blank.
You closed your eyes, enjoying the sensation of his lips covering your skin as he kept slowly undressing you.
Once he was done leaving kissed around your belly button, he reached back for your lips, his body pressing on yours and, in a single thrust, he shoved himself inside of you, making you scream from the burning pain it provoked in you.
He started thrusting in you, moving his hips against yours and your sounds of pain quickly became sounds of pleasure. You followed his rhythm, moaning every time you felt him hitting deeply inside you.
“Louder…” He whispered, against your ear and you obeyed, not even forcing yourself.
You quickly reached an orgasm and he made it last as long as he could by keeping up with his thrusts, making you moan even louder.
“That’s him.” Peter said, before a knock on the door.
He pulled himself out of you, looking at you, waiting for your orders. “Isaac, go away!” You screamed and you heard a loud growl from the other side of the door, followed by a violent knock. “You got your puppy upset…” Peter said, with a smirk, as you got dressed up.


Pack Mom | Derek Hale Imagine

request ; Hello can you an imagine about the reader/Derek being like a mother to the pack and they adoring that idk but yeah.😊

word count ; 1171

warnings ; fluff fluff fluff and like one swear word (bad liam)

a/n ; this request was perfect ty. 

You hadn’t really meant for it to happen, you becoming the unofficial mother of the entire pack. You were naturally caring, kind; and even though they weren’t even that much younger than you, you were extremely protective over the members of the pack. You were human, so you did whatever you could to try and help, and everyone loved you for it. 

You did it accidentally sometimes, the whole “mother” thing. It sort of happened. Like today, when you strolled inside Derek’s loft with your arms full of groceries and your keys in hand. Scott, Stiles, and Derek were all seated in the living room, chatting away about whatever supernatural creature thing was threatening the town now. Just a regular Tuesday, anyhow. 

“Boys, come help me with these, please,” you called, not really caring which boys stood up as long as someone took these ridiculously heavy bags out of your grasp. All three rushed over to you, Stiles and Scott relieving you of the groceries and Derek pecking you lightly on the lips after they did so. 

“Did you buys snacks? I need some cookies,” Stiles muttered the last part to himself, rifling through one of the bags with a determined expression. You gently smacked his hand away.

“Buy your own cookies then, it’s not Y/N’s job to buy you snacks. You don’t even live here,” Derek pointed out, sitting down at the kitchen island. You rolled your eyes at him, covering his mouth with your hand. 

“I shouldn’t have to buy you groceries either, except you never leave the apartment,” you said to him, patting his cheek. It was his turn to roll his eyes now, but your mother-like scolding was kind of adorable. You rounded on Stiles next, “And I don’t think you need anymore sugar.” 

“We are growing boys, Y/N,” Scott informed you, grinning in triumph when he pulled out a box of Chips Ahoy. You let them have it, and they retreated into the living room happily. Derek shook his head, rubbing his eyes tiredly. He cared about those two idiots a lot more then he let on, though. You knew that for sure.

“Make sure the two seven year olds in the living room don’t get crumbs on the couch for me, will you?” You smiled sweetly at Derek, who groaned but picked himself up from the chair and dragged himself into the living room. “Thank you, babe!” You called out as you busied yourself with unpacking. You heard the door to the loft open and shut loudly, a frustrated sigh following in suit. 

“Is that Isaac or Liam?” You asked, raising your voice a pitch so that Stiles could hear you as well. Whenever someone walked in moodily, it was either Isaac, Liam, or Derek, and the latter was in the living room.

“Liam,” they all chorused back, two voices muffled by the sound of the boys shoving more food into their mouths. 

“Come help me in here, Li? I need to ask you something!” You already knew something was up, maybe you could lighten the mood. You were already firing up the stove to make some tea when he walked in, throwing himself into a chair with another sigh. “So, bad day?” You turned to smile softly at him, letting him know you were being just a little sarcastic. Obviously he was having a bad day. He nodded, rubbing a hand over his face in exasperation. 

“Yeah, it’s nothing…” He went silent, and you waited patiently, because he was so about to spill everything to you. You had that effect on people. “Just some girl…she’s kind of hated me since the sixth grade and now she’s being kind of bitchy.” 

You raised your eyebrows at him. “Need me to kick her ass?” You joked, leaning across the table and ruffling his hair affectionately. He grinned up at you, and you succeeded in tugging a smile out of the upset Beta. There we go, you thought cheerfully. He shook his head, still grinning. “Seriously, Liam, what’d you even to do her?” Suddenly uncomfortable, he shifted in his chair and put his head in his hands. You moved back to the stove, filling two mugs with tea and handing one to Liam, who took it gratefully.

“I might have broken her nose on picture day, but she broke mine, too! So really, it wasn’t even that bad!” He added hastily, not wanting you to think he was some kid who went around hitting girls. It was only the one time, and he couldn’t control his anger that well, and he would never even think about doing it again. Despite yourself, you laughed, and then slapped a hand over your mouth when you realized you shouldn’t have. 

“Jesus, Liam! Okay, I can see why she might be kind of mad still,” Liam stood up, about to just leave the room when he realized you were about to defend her. Quickly, you grabbed his wrist and pulled him back into his seat. “But, I think you should just be nice to her and she’ll come around eventually. You’re a good kid, Liam.” You patted his hand, smiling at him again. 

Derek entered the room just then, arms folded. “Stiles said he loved you.”

“Did you threaten him again? Seriously, Derek. He doesn’t mean it in the girlfriend/boyfriend love way. He means it in the way you would tell your older sister or your mom.’ How many times do I have to explain this to you?” Derek wrapped an arm around your waist, playing with the ends of your hair. Liam sipped his tea awkwardly. 

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Derek said absentmindedly, preoccupied with your hair. 

“I’m serious,” you said, poking his stomach lightly. “I love you a whole lot differently than I love the boys.” Derek went to speak again, but Liam interrupted him. 

“But I’m your favorite, right?” He put his mug down, staring at you intently. Derek muffled his laughter into your hair, and you pressed your lips together in an attempt to control the loud laughter that was threatening to spill from your lips. 

“Of course, Liam.” You said, patting him on the head fondly. He pecked you quickly on the cheek before rushing toward the living room, hollering at the top of his lungs about how he was your favorite. 

Two minutes later, right on schedule, the three boys were arguing in voices that probably carried throughout the entire loft about whether or not Liam was really your favorite. 

“They really are seven year olds,” Derek remarked quietly, kissing your temple and letting his forehead rest against your own. You nodded, interlacing your fingers with his. 

“Definitely,” you murmured, leaning in to kiss him. He pulled away though, his expression curious. 

“I’m your real favorite, right, babe?” Derek asked. You rolled your eyes, pushing him in the direction of the living room. 

“Shut up, and go hang out with the other babies, Der. It’s where you truly belong.“ You turned to the stove once again, about to start on dinner when Derek decided to try again. ” 

“I was joking around!” There was silence. “But seriously, you love me the most, right?”

A Little Too Late Part 32

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 32

Characters: Balthazar, Gabriel, Lucifer, Sam, Dean, Cas, Y/N (no pairing for now)

Word count: 1,198

Warnings: Angst

A/N: In this part, the reader gets alone time with Balthazar.  What will it be like? I guess we’ll find out! I hope you all enjoy this next part! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

The masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

You sat down, putting your hands against your forehead.  How could it be that your mom was even alive?  What happened to her?  Was it your fault?  There were so  many questions you didn’t have answers to.  

You stood up, walking up to Sam.  “What is she,” you asked, keeping your voice low.

Gabriel and Lucifer’s gazed went from Sam to you to Dean.  “Oooh, silence.  Not a good sign,” Lucifer remarked.  Gabriel glared at his brother, silencing him.

“She’s a vampire,” Sam spoke, avoiding eye contact with you.  “She’s a part of the nest you were tracking.”

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How to Choose a Career

1. Think about what you really enjoy. What brings you alive? What could you do for hours – even if you weren’t paid to do it?

2. What do others say you’re good at? Sometimes we’re blind to our gifts and strengths but usually other people will comment on them. What do others notice, and constantly affirm?

3. What’s your work style? Do you prefer a more structured environment? Do you prefer to work with other people or on your own? Do you like to follow guidelines and be told the rules, or do you likely to be creative and have autonomy?

4. Where would you like to work? In a hospital, in a school, in an office, in your own home? Would you prefer the type of job where you travel frequently, and perhaps to different countries all around the world?

5. How important is money to you? Are you content with “just enough” or do you want to earn a huge amount? Do you want a regular and predictable monthly income or would you prefer that your salary was based on bonuses and commission?

6. How important is the work-life balance to you? Some careers require you to work long hours, to travel on a whim and to put your projects first. Others give employees more flexibility. They let you choose your hours and the days when you will work.

7. How do you feel about having to work shifts, on evenings, at weekends, or on public holidays? There are many careers that require you to do that.

8. How well do you function under pressure and stress? Again, decide if that is something that you mind in a career.

Oh Sehun

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Group: Exo

Member: Sehun

Genre: Fluff

You don’t much care for Oh Sehun, and he sure doesn’t care about you. Right?

A/N Please send in some requests and sorry this is so long. I got a little carried away. Enjoy!

Oh Sehun.

You liked calling him that. It was simple and quick, not to mention just fun to say. The way it rolled off your tongue made you grin, loving how it condescending it sounded; as if you were scolding him.

Oh, Sehun, what did you do now?

Oh, Sehun, not again.

Oh, Sehun, I can’t believe this! 

God knows he should be scolded more often.

No one ever seemed to be the one who wanted to do it. You never understood why, considering how rude and disrespectful he was. It would never make sense to you how he came to be as popular as he was. Perhaps people were simply afraid of him.

You weren’t though.

He was a jerk, that was all, and there were a lot scarier things in the world than that.

Sure, there were rumors. He was in a gang, he had a drug business on the side, he had thrown a chair at a judge once, he had sold his own kidney on the black market; you know, the usual.

Despite all this however he still seemed to be the top dog at school, which you found quite odd. It wasn’t even strange because he wasn’t very nice, it was strange because he was quiet. Truth be told you’d only heard him speak a handful of times, each of them being blunt and rather impolite, so it wasn’t like anyone had a reason to put him on a pedestal like they did.

OK, even you could admit he was good-looking, gorgeous actually, but with his ill manners and hot temper, it was quite easy to forget how attractive he was.

Well, to you at least. Nearly every other girl either swooned over him or ran in the opposite direction, too scared of him to form a proper opinion.

You did neither, just did your best to stay clear of the boy in general. The closest thing you’d ever had to interaction was when you were forced to sit next to him during detention one day. Other than that, all you did was make fun of him in your head and give your opinion when one of the girls at lunch decided to bring him up.

So why was he staring at you?

You were sure you hadn’t given him any reason to. Your uniform was clean and ironed, your hair washed and you’d just blown your nose last period so that wasn’t the issue. You just looked the same as you always did; hair out of your face, phone in your hand, makeup applied minimally. So why was he staring?

You turned to your friend, a slight concern beginning to work its way into your mind.

“Is there something on my face?”

She gave you a strange look and shook her head, confused considering you had asked her the same question just 10 minutes ago when lunch had ended.

“Why?” She wanted to know.

“Oh Sehun is staring and it’s really starting to creep me out,” you said in a hushed tone making sure your mouth moved as little as possible in case the boy who had his eyes fixated on you could read lips.

“Wha-” Your friend began to turn towards male in question before you grabbed her arm and hissed at her to stop drawing even more attention in your direction. By now some people were starting to notice and it was making you feel awkward.

Unsure of what to do you sent a small wave in Sehun’s direction, causing him to look away immediately.

“What the hell?” Your friend said as you made your say out of the room. “What was that all about?”

You just shook your head. How would you know?

“He’s doing it again,” your friend informed you during fourth period.

“I know,” you replied through gritted teeth in an effort to stop the teacher from catching you whispering in class.

It had been a week since the staring had started and it had only gotten worse. In every class you shared with him you could feel his eyes boring into the back of your head, annoying you and even making you a little nervous. In the cafeteria he had changed which side of the table he sat on so he was now facing you and you had noticed how he always seemed to be in the hall when you were on your way to class.

Perhaps you were his next victim, you reasoned. He didn’t like people saying things about him behind his back. Maybe he had heard one of your conversations at the lunch table. Maybe he was trying to unnerve you.

Maybe it was working.

“Y/N!” Your boss called just as you had finished untying your apron. You sighed, just knowing he would ask you to do something else even though your shift was technically over.


“Someone spilled on the window seat; can you clean it up before you leave?”

You grit your teeth and nodded, before putting your apron back on and moving out from behind the counter, a cloth in one hand, a spray bottle in the other. It wasn’t so much that it was that bothersome to be asked to clean up a simple spill, it was just that this was the third time this week that your boss had kept you past your shift’s end and it was only Thursday.

Even so, you made your way over to the table with the bubble tea dripping from it, hoping against hope that somehow you would be compensated for all the extra time you were putting in.

Perhaps it was because of your annoyance that you didn’t notice the small child running towards you, or maybe you were simply too engrossed in humming your favourite song, but whatever the reason, you did not see the kid until it was too late. He slammed into you at full force, apparently unable to stop at his age, causing you to topple over into the remaining bubble tea and pulling a customer down with you by accident.

You landed in an awkward position, you laying oddly on top of said customer with your nose pressed against his ribs and your arm twisted strangely beneath you. Things only got worse from there.

“Oh Sehun?!” You yelped in shock as you caught sight of the person’s face of whom you were currently using as a mattress. He simply looked back at you with a raised eyebrow, his expression less angry than it should’ve been and his hair slick with bubble tea.

It took you a moment to find words and a moment more to find your footing. You stood quickly, face flushed, as you offered him a hand. One which he refused.

“I am so sorry,” You babbled as he inspected himself silently, shaking his hair out best he could. “I-”

“Do you live nearby?” He asked, interrupting your apology.

“What?” Your surprise was evident in your tone. Why did he want to know where you live? Wait, why was he here in the first place? Was he following you? At this point you wouldn’t put it past him.

“I said, do you live nearby?” He repeated, looking somewhat annoyed.

"Why do you need to know?” You asked, narrowing your eyes in suspicion.

“Because I have a very important appointment in 45 minutes and now I need a shower.” He replied as if it were obvious.

You gaped at him for a moment. He wanted to know where you lived so he could shower?

“Why not just go home?” You said, after you got over the initial shock of his response.

“My apartment is too far away,” he answered, getting more annoyed by the second. “So I’ll ask you again; do you live nearby?”

Unsure of how else to respond you nodded. What else could you do? Sure, he was weird and rude and everything else in between but you figured the least you could do was let him shower at your place considering you’re the one who got him into this mess in the first place.

“Just give me a moment.”

To your surprise, he nodded and went over to stand by the door without complaint, allowing you to finish cleaning and getting ready to go in peace. Unfortunately, as was his usual manner, he didn’t take his eyes off you the whole time, making you rather self conscious.

“Okay, let’s go,” You said finally once you had grabbed your favourite bubble tea that your friend had made you on your way out and a pastry of your choice.

The first five minutes of the walk were spent in silence, with him seemingly unbothered and calm about this whole thing, except for the fact that he was standing much too close for your liking. Closer than he ever stood to anyone, as far as you could recall.

It was only after those five minutes that you noticed him eyeing your bubble tea and for the first time you considered that perhaps he had simply been in the shop at the same time as you due to coincidence. Perhaps, for once, he wasn’t being creepy and he was simply there to get a drink like everyone else.

Hesitantly and silently, you offered him your cup without meeting his eyes. You were unable to see his expression as he took it from you, though you could practically feel something melting away from the gentleness in his touch as his fingers brushed yours.

"It’s just a block more,” you told him, breaking the silence. “How far away is your meeting?”

“Close,” was all he said as he took another sip of his tea, a look you’d never seen before crossing his features for a moment before he became stoic once more.

There was another minute of silence before he decided to speak again.

“This…is your favourite type?” he asked, referring to the bubble tea.

He sounded almost…shy as he said it, if that was possible. No, shy wasn’t the word, but his tone didn’t hold the same power behind it as it usually did. He seemed more unsure than anything; though unsure of what, you didn’t know.

You nodded in reply. “Mmhm, by far.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment before taking another sip. “Huh,” was all he said.

The last minute or so was spent without words before you reached your small apartment, guiding Sehun up the stairs to a rather ugly door at the end of the hall.

“This is where you live?” Sehun asked with a raised eyebrow and a look of disbelief as he scanned the tiny area.

Immediately you became defensive, annoyed that you had invited him in only to have him criticize your living conditions.

“If you don’t like it, you can go shower elsewhere,” you answered harshly, dumping your bag on the coffee table.

“Where are your parents?” He asked, ignoring your previous comment.

“They move around a lot,” was all you said before thinking better of it and adding, “but I wasn’t abandoned or anything. I just wanted to stay in one place.”

Oh Sehun nodded as if he actually understood before you remembered why he was here in the first place.

“The bathroom’s through there,” you told him, pointing at a door across the room. “Towels are in the cupboard beside the sink. Go knock yourself out.”

Again he nodded, making his way to the door before turning as if he was going to say something but apparently thinking better of it and letting himself into the washroom.

“You’re welcome,” you said under your breath, your mind only on how long it would take him to get out of your apartment. He wasn’t the only one who needed to shower.

Oh Sehun was naked.

Oh Sehun, the most popular, sought after boy in school was naked in your home and you hadn’t even realized it for a good 30 seconds.

Well, technically he was half naked, considering he wore a towel around his waist, but that didn’t stop you from dropping the bowl of chips you had been holding when you turned around and finally caught sight of him.

To be fair, it was quite a shock to find a wet, attractive boy standing less than a foot away when you had forgotten that you weren’t alone. Still, later you would wonder why you were so surprised by this whole thing. Obviously he had no clothes to change into other than his soaked outfit in the bathroom and it wasn’t as if he was chubby or anything. Still, you hadn’t expected abs sculpted by Michelangelo himself. You weren’t sure what you had expected but it sure wasn’t that. Whatever it had been, it wasn’t that.

“Where did you put my bag?” Sehun asked, once you had managed to bring your eyes back up to his face again. At least one thing that could be said about this boy, was that he didn’t tease you or even acknowledge the fact that you had obviously been checking him out.

"Bag?” You repeated, dumbfounded, before you got your head on straight and remembered the backpack he had been carrying. “Oh yeah, sorry. I put it by the door.”

Wordlessly he went to retrieve it, carrying it with him back into the washroom and causing you to let out a breath you had been holding in as you slumped against the counter.

Within moments he was dressed and ready to go, his bag slung over his shoulder and his hair combed to the side.

“Sorry again,” You apologized as he was leaving.

He turned back to you, looking mildly confused. “For what?”

“For getting you covered in bubble tea?” You reminded him, still feeling slightly guilty about the whole thing.

He shook his head. “It wasn’t your fault,” he told you in a flat tone before turning and walking out the door without another word, leaving you with no hot water and way too many conflicting emotions.

“Don’t look now,” Your best friend said as you did your best to rearrange the contents of your bag so one of your books would stop stabbing you in the back every time you moved, “but Oh Sehun is coming this way.”

You sighed, too annoyed with everything even though it was still early morning to care properly. “What does he want?” You asked exasperatedly, turning in the direction in which your friend was looking.

"Just this,” said Sehun himself as he completely filled your entire field of vision, startling you slightly.

“Just wha-?” You began to say before getting shocked speechless by the feel of his lips against your cheek.

“Thank you,” he said, once he pulled back, placing something in your hand, “for this weekend.”

You just stared at him as he looked back at you with his deep brown eyes, seemingly trying to decide something.

“It really helped,” he finally settled on, leaning down once more; almost hesitantly letting his lips brush yours for less than a second before pulling away once again and walking back in the direction from which he’d came.

“What?!” Your best friend all but yelled. “What just happened?! Are you dating him?! What does he mean by the weekend…”

You ignored her questions and the other student’s stares as you looked down to see what he had given you. A small laugh escaped your lips.

“What now?” You friend wanted to know.

You smiled at her involuntarily, unable to stop your lips from curling upwards. You held your favourite flavour of bubble tea tightly to your chest as you replied, warmth filling your whole body as you continued to grin.

“He remembered.”

“I didn’t know you could dance.”

Your voice surprised him, pulling him out of his intense (and rather adorable) concentration mode.

You were more comfortable around him now, having formed a rather odd relationship with Oh Sehun after that day in the hall. He would show up at your place unannounced with some feeble excuse such as forgetting what the homework was or needing directions to something down the street and he would come to the tea shop nearly everyday, you handing him his order before he could even get the words out. You would hang out in the library, reading side by side or he’d wait for you to finish work simply to walk you home. You spent most of your time together in silence, but it was not awkward or strange. In fact, it felt natural; more than anything else you’d ever felt before.

This was why, nearly a month after he had kissed you (if you could even call that a kiss), you felt comfortable simply barging into the practice room where he had been doing some sort of routine and well, you might add. At least now you knew where his abs came from.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” he replied, wiping his face with a small towel before coming over to join you on the floor where you had been observing his dance moves.

“Then tell me,” you answered simply, meaning it.

A lot had changed over the last month, including your feelings for the boy sitting next to you. You had went from finding him rude to creepy to odd to…something you couldn’t really describe. All you knew was that you liked it. A lot. Maybe too much.

You had begun to daydream about him and your heart always swelled at the idea of him. Never before had you had such a strong urge to be near as someone as you did with him, never before had you wanted to grab someone’s hand so much, or even, though you didn’t want to admit it, to kiss someone like you wanted to kiss him.

Without any explanation, reason or rhyme, you were falling for Oh Sehun, the boy you would’ve loved to scold barely a month ago, and you found yourself not even trying to stop it.

You never talked about the (so called) kiss, even though against all your best judgement all you wanted to do was bring it up. Sometimes you thought he might too, but he’d shut his mouth and turn away before he’d thought you’d notice and continue to keep quiet about the whole thing. It was driving you insane, but then he’d touch your arm or send you a rare smile and for that moment you let that be enough.

“Why did you used to stare at me?”

You’d asked this with only a drop of alcohol in your system, not even enough to make you tipsy but just enough that you could make yourself believe that it gave you courage.

“Because you saw me as I was,” he replied simply.

“But not who you are now?”

Oh Sehun shook his head. “I’d like to think not.”

“So now when you look at me, what do you see?” You asked, curious.

“My opinion is too biased now,” was his response as he looked away from you.

“What? Why?”

“Because I cannot answer honestly if I can only look with clouded eyes.”

“Clouded by what?” You questioned, holding your breath.

He took a moment to respond, apparently trying to find the right words. “Friendship,” he answered finally.

You let out your breath in a slightly bitter laugh. “Right,” you said with a forced smile. “Friendship.”

Sehun gave you an unidentifiable look.

“Yes, friends,” he repeated, staring at you intently. “Because that’s what we are.”

You were about to nod when his tone changed slightly, laced with something you’d never heard from him before.


“Well, we do friend type things,” You reasoned cautiously. “We hang out.”

“And we know things about each other.”

“And sometimes we share drinks.”

“Exactly,” Sehun agreed. “So we’re definitely friends.”

You nodded, trying not to think about the sadness beginning to pool in the bottom of your stomach.

“But…” the dancer began, looking slightly uncertain, something incredibly uncommon coming from him. “Do friends shower at each other’s houses?”

You shrugged, doing your best to seem nonchalant, “If there’s a need to, I suppose.”

“Of course,” Sehun nodded, falling silent for a moment before raising his eyes to meet yours once again. “Do friends kiss though?”

Your heart caught in your throat, your mind wildly trying to come up with ways that would somehow confirm that what he was saying was for sure what you wanted to hear. “I mean…maybe once, if they’re really close, you know or if-”

“Twice though?” Sehun asked, cutting you off.

Your brows furrowed in response.

“Twice-” you began and then his lips were on yours and he was kissing you like there was no tomorrow, his mouth moving against your own with such a warmth coming from him, you thought perhaps your whole body had caught fire.

“Do friends do that?” he asked once he’d pulled away.

You shook your head breathlessly.

“Then I suppose we can’t be friends,” he said, resting his forehead on yours and searching your eyes.

“I guess not, Oh Sehun,” you managed to get out.

Without warning he kissed you again, even more deeply than before, his hands cradling your neck and back as he pulled you to him.

“I really like how you say my name,” he said before pressing his mouth to yours once more.

You supposed that maybe there were better reasons to call him Oh Sehun than to simply scold him.

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One more time, you told yourself. You took a deep breath and slid into your stance. You reached towards the water, visualizing your spirit extending from your hands and grabbing the water. You lifted your arms, and you watched as a portion of the water in the small lake in the park rose up. You managed to get a bubble of water, but as soon as you tried to do anything with it, it splashed back into the lake.

“Dang it!” you hissed in frustration.

“You’re not shifting your weight as you should be,” a voice told you. It sounded really familiar. You turned to look, surprised to see the Avatar herself.

“A-Avatar Korra!” you exclaimed, surprised to see her.

“Sorry if I’m intruding,” Korra apologized.

“No, no, not at all,” you said. “It’s just my parents are both non-benders, so I haven’t really had a chance to be taught.”

“Well, it’s your lucky day. Who better to teach you than me?” Korra said. “When you bend, you have to be like the moon and the tides. Pushing and pulling.” She got into a waterbending stance, shifting her weight from leg to leg smoothly. You got into the same stance, copying her movements.

“Like this?” you asked.

“Well, different maneuvers will need you to shift your weight at different times,” Korra said. “Start with your front leg, then as you raise the water up, slowly shift to the back. That will help stabilize the water.” As she explained, she demonstrated, pulling water out of the pond. “Then as you want to do something else with the water, shift forward again as you do so.” She turned the sphere into a long whip. She then flicked her wrist to send the end of the water whip out like an actual whip, then let the rest of the water fall.

You concentrated, trying to copy what Korra just did. You pulled the water up, shifting your weight back. But you seemed to do even worse than before.

“You’re shifting your weight too quickly,” Korra said, stepping in front of you and putting her hands on your shoulders. You blushed at the contact and caught yourself staring at her muscles. “It needs to be more slow and smooth.” She did the appropriate movement, causing you to move with her.

After showing you a couple times how the stance shift should feel, Korra dropped her hands. “Now try.”

You took a breath to steady your nerves as you tried again, this time fully able to copy Korra’s water whip. “Yes!” you celebrated.

“Good job!” Korra cheered, scooping you up in her arms in a hug. You felt her lift you completely off the ground. With Korra’s face right there, you had no idea what came over you. You leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She seemed surprised at first, but when you pulled out of the kiss, embarrassed, she leaned back in, kissing you in return.