do you even shift

Translation: Kollektivet (The Flat Chat) at 20:26 pm - 12.12

Monday December 12th. Shift part 1 of 2. Even awoke around 10:30. I prepared two slices of bread with brown cheese and jam. He ate one. Went back to bed but yours truly got him out to the living room, played a bit of Yatzhee, and watched a bit of Planet Earth before Noora took over. Even was in a great mood into Noora’s shift. Or, great mood, given the circumstances. Experienced a small positive development since morning.

He was completely chill during my shift.

Owh, Noora. You have to write the way I do. Like what day you had and which shift and what Even was doing. Then you round off with your subjective opinion in regards to Even’s mental state.

Isak: Really, thanks. Both of you. I owe you.

Explain then, Noora, how was Even doing?

I just wrote that he was completely chill. He was sleeping the whole time. Gave him a cup of tea.

Would’ve been more fun if you wrote it the same way as me.

Eskild, now you’re crazy


Don’t gang up on me.
Isak, how’s Even doing now?

Okay. We’ve gone out to buy kebab. Out is good.

Out is very good.

Isak: Thx again peeps

dandelion eyes

i’m only human
and i’m afraid
that i may fall
for dandelion grey

i’m only human
and they’ve seen
that i’m falling
for dandelion green

i’m only human
and it’s true
that i’m falling
for dandelion blue

i’m only human
and tell myself lies
because i’ve fallen
for dandelion eyes

Reiya's Guide to Astral Travel

What is it?
- Using your astral body to travel in this or another realm while leaving your physical body behind.

Where can you go?
-Your home
-Your Astral Temple
-Your Astral Home
-Safe places
-Feel good places
-The Otherworld/Astral Plane
-Wherever it takes you
You can go just about anywhere when you travel, just be careful about it. Going to unfamiliar places can lead to you getting lost, which can make it very hard to get back to your body.

What can you do there?
-Talk to your Guide
-Talk to your Familiar
-Talk to you Deity
-Talk to Spirits
-Be alone with yourself
-Grow as a witch
-Strengthen psychic abilities
You can do just about anything you want! You can even shape shift if that’s your thing. Just be aware that it’ll still take practice. You might have to try things several times before you start to get the hang of it.

Dangers of astral travel
-Dying in the Astral Plane
-Meeting malevolent Entities
-Fighting with said Entities
-Astral wounds can carry onto the physical body
-Getting lost in an unfamiliar place and unable to make it back to your physical body
-Being kept from re entering your physical body by a spirit
-Dark things clinging to you and being brought into the physical world
Remember to protect your physical and astral self before you travel. Set up a shield or circle around your bed, make protective/dream pouches to put under your pillow, etc. traveling can be extremely dangerous on it own, so this is crucial if you want to avoid any physical or mental harm and the possibility of carrying things back with you. Be sure to cleanse the area and center and ground yourself before and after travel.

How can you get there?
-Meditation and Visualization
-Lucid dreaming
-Out of body experiences
There are many ways one can astral travel, however not all of these will work for everyone. Play around and figure out what works for you, just be aware that this might take a lot longer than you think.

How can you get back to your body?
-By going back the way you came. For example, if you rose from your body and left it in your bedroom and left from there, retrace your steps back to your room.
-Many people simply fall into the same position as their physical body. Like if it is laying down, they will lay down inside of it.
This is where going to familiar places comes into play. If you know the area you are in it becomes much easier to find whatever doorway or what have you that you came through to begin with. When you enter into a place you do not know it’s easier to get lost, so if this happens either leave immediately or do not stray far from where you arrived.

Remember that not everyone can use the same method to travel, so what works for me and the next person probably will not work for you. There are a few things that you can try and tweak that tend to work better than others. These things include:
-Opening doors without thinking about what might be on the other side
-Visualizing the place you would like to visit prior to and during meditation or as you are falling asleep.

Happy Travels!!

My “ICU Nightmare Survival Kit”

Just yesterday The Nurse Path (a FB page I follow) had an article on the “Critical-melt-down-totally-losing-it emergency response sanity evacuation and resuscitation kit”. I thought, “I have one of those!”, and I thought I would share my kit so maybe you can get your own together. It is such a fantastic way to make sure that you have things you need just hanging out in your locker for that moment when you just CAN’T EVEN.

Whether you have been asked to do another overtime shift, or you have got a train wreck admission coming, or that nurse you’re paired with just is giving you the shits, this little kit is a fail safe to making you feel better.

So. Examine mine.

Mine comes in a cute floral bag. It’s happy and floral and reminds me of being outside. I got it from my Aunty for Christmas so it has a nice connotation too. Added bonus.

First, the essentials.

1. Socks

Have you ever had someone urinate directly onto/into your shoes? I have. And believe me it only takes one time of this happening to carry your own socks in your pack. It helps with the feeling of disgust to be able to pull on a pair of your clean socks.

2. Undies

Have you ever had someone vomit directly into your lap? I have. Have you ever had an NG feed explode over you? Have you ever walked into a patient having an oesophageal varice rupture and you are literally covered in blood? I have to all of these things. And believe me friends, nothing feels better than jumping into the decontamination shower and being able to pull on a new pair of undies. Going commando just doesn’t do it for me.

3. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Because is there a better way to refresh your body and mindset than to take 2 minutes to scrub your chompers? Easy and light to just have there. And I use this one the most out of my pack.

Next, the almost essentials.

4. Deodorant

Being an ICU nurse, I am constantly moving. Fast. And because of that, I run hot. I am often a bit stinky and sweaty by my lunch break. So this is a little handy deodorant to make me feel like I am at least covering up the smell I am leaving in my wake.

5. Hair ties/bobby pins/clips

Every single girl knows the pain of your hair tie breaking. Now imagine it happening while you are in the middle of holding a burns patients leg up for dressings change. There ain’t NO WAY you want your hair out for that. So I have a few to make sure that I never have that situation again.

6. Chocolate

Last week I had the busiest week I had had in about a year. I don’t think I stopped for a toilet break until I got back home at 8:15pm that night for 4 days in a row. By day 4 I had had it. I was over worked, under supported and I felt under appreciated. This, coupled with my already volatile emotions, I needed to have 3 minutes to myself to have a silent tantrum…in the toilet cubicle. After 2 minutes of silently venting my frustration at the walls I came out, washed my hands and went straight for the pick me up. Snickers bar. I ate my Snickers and gave myself a pep talk.

Next, the personal effects.

7. Make up

I am vain. I know I am. I like to have make up on, I like having my eyebrows waxed and I like knowing that I put effort into my appearance. I do that purely for me. I feel more professional when I put an effort into my look. I don’t mean that I look like a porcelain doll all day (certainly after a 12hr shift!) but when I come back from my power nap on nights or my lunch during the day I have my powder and concealer to help me look fresh.

8. Comb

Because I’m vain. And my hair is CRAZY curly so sometimes I need to tame it with a quick comb before putting it back up in a messy bun.

9. Hand cream

I have this decadent hand cream I got for my birthday that smells INCREDIBLE that I have in my pack. A few weeks ago I had a terrible day and I was able to take a second to myself to get my head back on track. I only had 2 minutes so I squirted some hand cream into my hand, stood in the stock room and closed my eyes as I massaged my hands. And then I was able to go straight back out to my patients family and be happy nurse Jess again.

10. Peppermint tea

I love my peppermint tea. I find it soothing to even just smell (which, during a busy shift is all you get to do sometimes!). But I love to have it in a cup and sip on until. It gets cold. It is a good way to stay hydrated.

11. Chupa Chup lollipop

For that extra sugar hit!  

So my lovely bag sits in my locker and I use it as much as I need. I don’t use it much, but when I am having one of those days it is wonderful to know I can reach into my locker and pull out the vital piece I need!

Don’t even get me STARTED on my work bag.

So. Tell me what is in your “work nightmare” bag!