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How to Choose a Career

1. Think about what you really enjoy. What brings you alive? What could you do for hours – even if you weren’t paid to do it?

2. What do others say you’re good at? Sometimes we’re blind to our gifts and strengths but usually other people will comment on them. What do others notice, and constantly affirm?

3. What’s your work style? Do you prefer a more structured environment? Do you prefer to work with other people or on your own? Do you like to follow guidelines and be told the rules, or do you likely to be creative and have autonomy?

4. Where would you like to work? In a hospital, in a school, in an office, in your own home? Would you prefer the type of job where you travel frequently, and perhaps to different countries all around the world?

5. How important is money to you? Are you content with “just enough” or do you want to earn a huge amount? Do you want a regular and predictable monthly income or would you prefer that your salary was based on bonuses and commission?

6. How important is the work-life balance to you? Some careers require you to work long hours, to travel on a whim and to put your projects first. Others give employees more flexibility. They let you choose your hours and the days when you will work.

7. How do you feel about having to work shifts, on evenings, at weekends, or on public holidays? There are many careers that require you to do that.

8. How well do you function under pressure and stress? Again, decide if that is something that you mind in a career.

Sanctity [m]

genre : smut / demon!Yixing
summary : You’re a preachers daughter, the image of virginity and holiness. He, on the other hand, is anything but. He’s a demon and you’ve accidentally summoned him.

“You know, I thought you would’ve held out longer,” he sighed in blatant faux-disappointment. 

“The holiest ones are usually more tough, not you though. Only a day and your back like a keening kitten, I have to applaud myself.” he finished.

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anonymous asked:

u are the only voltron blog i follow and it really messes with my timeline cuz for a while it's just aes pics and good vibes but then i see your posts and it's like i'm teleported into another dimension where there is no god just you yelling

i feel like summer and i’s earlier conversation sums up what ur saying pretty well

Doot doot angry skelecat

Just Ask - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: Just Ask
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom admits to Harrison that he loves you
Word Count: 630
Warning: None.
A/N: Written for anon - ‘Tom and “i’m so in love with her that i don’t know what to do"’. Also, I might write a part 2 for this, so please let me know if you’re interested in that.

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Omfg new cool FFXV writing blog yaaay <3 How about the boyband crushing hard on a female friend but they don't want to ruin the friendship. Or appear to be that guy who is in it for the booty. So they accidentally fess up in a normal conversation and she's stunned. Does she reject them or agree to take it slow? Up to you love <3

Okay so this request got me so excited that I think I’m going to do both outcomes?? like what I’m putting here is her accepting their feelings, but I totally plan to break these boys’ hearts in a separate post. I can’t help it. I gotta do both

Thanks for the wonderful request, anon! Enjoy some nervous chocobros!

(looooong post, guys. strap in)


He didn’t mean to tell you.

He was content with his feelings remaining a secret. He was happy with simply being in your presence, even if you were oblivious to the way his heart raced any time that you were near. If it meant that he could stay with you for a little while longer, he would be just friends for as long as possible.

Then he went and screwed it up, throwing a wrench in his plans with a few simple words.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

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I Wanted It to be Real

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Baz and I walk down to breakfast on Sunday bickering.

‘You do it just to piss me off,’ I’m insisting.

‘It’s not my fault you can’t figure out how to cast a simple spell,’ Baz sneers.

‘You’re just showing off!’

‘You’re the one who keeps opening the window!’

‘Yeah, but at least I’m making the effort to get up and do it,’ I say, tugging on his hand to lead him across the dining hall.

‘That’s because you’re an idiot who doesn’t know how to use magic,’ Baz says.

‘You could just use more blankets.’

‘I shouldn’t need to.’

‘What am I supposed to do, then? It’s boiling with the window closed.’

‘It’s the fucking middle of winter.’

I harrumph. ‘So spell yourself warm if you’re so brilliant,’ I say.

Baz snorts. ‘Crowley. How can I be in love with such a git?’

I stumble, and Baz’s other hand comes up to my arm, steadying me.

‘Careful there, Chosen One. Can’t have you injuring yourself before you save the world, can we?’

‘Says the one plotting to kill me,’ I mumble. I realise we’ve drawn the attention of everyone at the tables around us, and I wish I could cast nothing to see here on all of them.

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I hate you so much, it must be true love

Murphy x Reader, little bit of Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: smut, nsfw, some swearing…I am trash…

Summary: After an argument about Pike, you and Bellamy break up. You want to hurt him. When you and Murphy get to talking you two start a love/ hate relationship. Things get heated. Fluff ending.

Ahem….I decided that there was not enough Murphy smut in this world. I’m usually more of a Bellamy girl but…he’s been a little brainwashed shit lately so I got more inspired by Murphy. I’m gonna consider this a oneshot I guess…slight POV change in the middle there. Sorry it’s a long one. I just couldn’t stop myself. Also sorry if it’s not good. It’s my first one and considering it’s mine…ofc it’s smut. :)


“I can’t believe what I’m hearing.” you say turning away from your boyfriend…well…kinda boyfriend. You and Bellamy had been sharing a room for four months now, ever since Clarke left. But sharing a bed was not all that you and Bellamy did at night. Everything was starting to look fine, until now.

“You actually think that this headcase is right? That anything Pike does is for ‘the good of the people’?!” You throw your arms in the air facing Bellamy, anger starting to fuel your actions. “Y/n, the grounders can’t be trusted. You of all people should know that!” “ Oh, don’t you dare bring this up right now!”

You lost your best friend in the ring of fire created to stop the grounder attack. That whole thing was a bit taboo, Bellamy had never even brought it up to you before right now. You felt betrayed by Bellamy. You had loved him, but you could no longer stand by his side with this.

“I’m sorry, but this is the hard truth. The grounders want us dead and if we don’t do something now, they will have their way. Pike understands that, why can’t you?” He crosses his arms and clenches his jaw. You can see that neither of you is going to back down from this.

“Believe me, I understand. But what you’re talking about….it’s bound to start another war. One that we might not be able to survive.” you step closer to him and lower your voice, fighting back the tears. “You’re talking about slaughtering 300 innocent people who were sent here to protect us!” You hear your voice break as a tear sets loose. Neither of you seem to be able to believe what the other is saying. Bellamy raises his voice completely overtaken by his stubbornness.

“Innocent!? Each and every one of these savages is to be blamed for the amount of people we’ve all lost. They started this, Y/n. We’re just going to end it.” Bellamy’s not the man that you thought he was. This proves it.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Bellamy yells after you as he sees you grab your packed bag and jacket. “I can’t do this anymore, Bell. It’s over and you know it.”


It has been a week. You haven’t even talked to Bellamy. You could barely look at his face since the massacre. To you Bellamy had become the monster he’d thought the grounders to be. He’d returned the battle unharmed, that somehow upset you even more. You wanted to hurt him, you wanted him to feel the pain that cursed through your heart and shadowed your mind.

“Why the sad face, Princess?” *ugh* Murphy was the last person you wanted to see. You’d never really talked to Murphy before. Bellamy always told you to stay away from him, that he was a murderer and that you would get hurt…but then again, Bellamy wasn’t here was he? His opinion no longer mattered to you.

“Boy drama.” You were sitting on a cut down log with bottle of whiskey in your hand. You’re guessing you didn’t look so good if even Murphy had noticed. “I see. So things must be going great with Bellamy.” He says with exaggerated sarcasm.

“Well, you could say that. I mean…we broke up about a week ago.” You finally look up at him. He looks disheveled. You all do most of the time. No time to sit in front of a mirror really.

“Eesh, tough luck. Mind if I sit here?” He asks gesturing the makeshift chair. “Sure.” You scoot over a bit to give him some space, and offer him a drink.

“No thanks. Can’t really drown my demons anymore. Those fuckers learned how to swim.” You chuckle a bit. Taking a sip for yourself. “What happened to your arm?” You ask pointing to the bandages on his forearm. “Uhm, dinner tried to eat me first I guess.” He gives you a crooked smile and you smile back. He doesn’t seem half as bad as Bellamy had made him out to be.


A few days had passed. You enjoyed Murphy’s company though you’d never tell anyone so. You two always bickered and flirted shamelessly.

“Hey, asshole! Has your face always looked this messed up or did you just forget to put on makeup today?” You give him a goofy smile as he gets closer. “Sup, bitch? What are you even doing here, shouldn’t you be workin’ the street corner?” He smiles back at you and you both shake your heads.

“Poor form, but nice try.” “Yeah, I’m not too proud of that one. I’ll keep working on it. You free tonight?” You always hung out in the evening after your shifts so you agreed to do the same tonight.

He made you happy. None of the others approved of your friendship but you didn’t mind basking in your hedonism. Especially because of the way you knew this made Bellamy feel. He hadn’t really stopped caring for you, but atleast he’d stopped his efforts to make contact with you.

Tonight was bonfire night…but something else was different. You sat a lot closer to Murphy. Your voice sounded a lot more sultry. Maybe it was because you could feel Bellamy’s eyes burn holes into your side. But that wasn’t it. You felt weirdly drawn to Murphy. He was smart, and funny. He made you feel safe enough to open up to him. Tell him things about yourself you never even allowed yourself to think of. You seemed to have the same sort of affect on him. Tonight, after a few drinks, your morals had disappeared and lust had settled in.

You dragged him off to a quiet hallway, away from peering eyes. You leaned against a wall and pulled him closer to you. He stared deep into your eyes, glancing at your lips every now and then. He placed a hand on your waist, squeezing a little to bring you closer. He wrapped his other hand in your hair, tugging at the strands as he ground himself against you.

“You want this, Princess?” His hot breath on your face made shivers run down your spine. You wrapped your arms behind his neck and a leg behind his. You kissed him passionately, letting your tongues explore each-others mouths as he lifted your leg higher around his waist so you could feel his erection grind against you through the unnecessary layers of clothing.

You reluctantly pull away from the kiss. He looks at you with a confused yet determined look on his face. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I just-” you gasp as he starts kissing your neck, definitely leaving marks for later. It feels so good so you urge him not to stop as you talk.

“I need you to remember, that I still hate you. This-this is just a momentary lapse of weakness brought on by involuntary abstinence. And I can’t do this if you feel something else or whatever. So I must ask. Do you hate me?” He stops for a little bit to look you in the eyes. His eyes seem darker, more focused. He clenches his jaw and shifts his eyes for a second. “Yea, sure.”

You didn’t really believe him but you also didn’t really care. You had never been too great with emotions but you could see he was a little scolded. But right now your brain had no power. Your body wanted him, and he wanted you.

“Then hell yea I want this.” That was the last coherent sentence you spoke. You pulled on his hair as he disheveled yours. The only thing cooling you down was the cold metal you were pinned up against.


Bellamy’s POV

He’d been drinking all night like everyone else. He needed a drink after seeing Y/n drape herself all over Murphy’s lap. He still cared for her, but he wasn’t sure if she cared for him. Maybe she was just trying to make him jealous. Maybe there was still hope for them.

He said goodnight to the rest of the guard and stumbled over to the Ark. He was heading down the halls when he stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Y/n and Murphy tangled up against a wall. Murphy seemed to notice him standing there but all he did was pull away from the kiss to give Bellamy a crooked smile before grabbing Y/n’s breast, kneading it in his hands as she moaned in his ear and sloppily kissed her neck.

Bellamy couldn’t take this. He practically ran back to the bonfire. He needed a few dozen more drinks before he could let himself think again.


Y/n’s POV

You’re still slightly intoxicated, yet everything seems much clearer. Murphy’s kissing your neck, sucking and biting at all the right places. You moan louder than you wanted to. You plead for Murphy to take you to your room.

When you somehow finally get there Murphy picks you up. You’re straddling him and kissing him while he kicks the door closed. You help him shrug off his jacket and do the same with your own. You’re tugging at his shirt as you try to get rid of yours. Once you succeed you find yourself on the bed. Frantically kissing him as he swiftly removes his shirt.

Your bodies are tightly pressed against each-other. His hands are roaming your body as you try to make the most of what he’s allowing you to move. He starts kissing down your jaw, your neck, stopping to suck and nibble at your nipples, kneading your breast with one hand. Then continues kissing your stomach, all the way down to your aching core. He strips you of your pants and underwear, kissing your inner thighs. Your back arches off the bed as he licks straight over your wet heat.

“All ready for me aren’t you?” He asks you meeting your gaze. You can’t help but stare. He looks so hot between your legs. “Yes-yes, Murphy. Gosh, just fuck me already!” “Impatient little doll. I promise you, I’ll make this worth your while.” And oh was he right. He shifts his focus from your eyes back to your core. He’s like Picasso with his tongue. He makes you grab the sheets in a pathetic attempt to steady yourself as you unravel and let out moans, screams and cusses of his name. Once he’s done you’ve already become a panting mess. He wipes your fluids off his chin and smirks at you.

“You were right, totally worth it!” You smile at him as gets up on his knees in front of you. “I’m always right.” “So you are.” You lift yourself off the bed to place sloppy kisses to his abdomen. You run your hands up the middle of his chest and down his sides, settling them on his belt. You keep kissing his hip bones and his small happy trail as you undo his belt and zipper. He helps you slide off his pants, his eyes glued to your every motion. You kiss the fabric that covers his erection. “Do you want me? Say you want me.” Your voice is light, yet sultry as ever. He practically groans his answer. “Yes, fuck yes I want you!” He pulls you up to kiss him again.

Soon enough he releases your body just enough that you can start kissing all the way down his neck, shoulders and chest. You take off his underwear and lay a firm grip on his throbbing cock. He throws his head back as you lick a small circle around his tip and pump a few times. He can’t seem to look away and decides to hold back your hair. Barely pushing you in any direction. You take him in your mouth little by little. His groaning, swears and moans of your name getting louder with each pump.

“That’s it, Princess! You’re in trouble now!” He pushes you back on the bed. Kissing you deeply, rubbing small circles around you clit. You’re now begging him for a release again. And he is sure willing to oblige. He pulls away and grabs his cock to guide himself through your entrance. You both groan from pleasure. You nod a little, giving him the ok to start moving. You’re both near your climaxes so his pace quickens. Any attempts of kissing fail because your mouth keeps dragging down his chin with each thrust. But neither of you mind.

He’s holding himself up on one elbow, burying his other hand’s fingers in your hips. You drag your fingernails over his back almost painfully enough to draw blood. This makes him grunt even more, his face still buried in the crook of your neck. You even bite his shoulder a little. His length slightly painful, but all the more enjoyable.

The rest of the world no longer exists. Just you and him. You barely hear the people outside. All you can sense is the sweat, the sound of skin against skin, the waves of pleasure washing over you. You keep working in harmony with his thrusts. Your eyes too intrigued by the movements of his lean muscles to dare close. You glance at the place where your bodies meet and feel yourself unraveling underneath him.

You scream his name into oblivion and his movements become less calculated and more uneven as he comes from the feeling of your walls clenching around him. He moans your name in response as he rides out both of your orgasms. He pulls out soon enough. Both of you panting and unable to speak as he lays beside you. You feel weak and you’re shivering, but not from cold. From absolute extacy.

Once you’ve both regained your composure you curl up to his side. He lifts one of your legs up over him and you place a hand on his chest to draw circles on his skin.

“That was…amazing.” He says smiling at you in the glow of the moonlight shining through the small window. “Yeah, it was. Would love to repeat that sometime soon.” You smile back at him. He kisses your head. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


Soon enough you feel yourself drifting off to sleep, until he speaks up again. “I lied earlier.” “What?” You rub your eyes a little until you can clearly see the guilty look on his face as he stares at the ceiling.

“What are you talking about?” He licks over his lips and looks at you. “Earlier, when I said that I hated you…I didn’t mean a word of it. I’m sorry but, you’re actually one of the few people I like in this hellhole. The only person, to be exact.”

You just keep smiling at him. “I know.” “Wha- but you said…” He looks at you with the same confused look from earlier, except this one isn’t shadowed by lust, it’s shaded by hope. “I know what I said. And I lied too. I actually like you too.” You kiss him for reassurance, before turning over and tugging him to spoon you. You’re both fading to sleep as you hear him mumble.

“Thank god.”

Rockabye baby part 2

Soooo you guys seemed to like my new multichapter so I thought I’d give the second part a go! Tell me what you think! Love you all!

Crying, shrieking, screaming. The halls of Riverdale were filled with the sounds of electronic home economics training baby dolls and overly stressed teenagers.

“It’s been two hours and Rex hasn’t cried since that first time, do you think he’s broken? Is he okay? All of the other babies are crying.” Betty held the tiny plastic doll to her chest, rocking slowly and humming softly under her breath as they walked the halls. It almost seemed too natural, too real to be strolling beside her as she cared for the fake infant.

Jughead ducked his head towards Betty’s shoulder pressing his ear to the dolls chest.

“Nope definitely not broken, I can hear him making that creepy breathing noise.”

Betty gasped swinging an arm out to whack Jugheads chest

“Don’t call our baby creepy! He’s perfect, maybe we’re just good parents! He doesn’t have to cry because we’re just such awesome parents.”

The dark haired boy snorted

“Yeah because we’ve got such great examples to model our parenting techniques after.” Images of late nights waiting for his father to come home, six year old Jughead sleeping on the couch by the front door to make sure no one came in and hurt his baby sister, flashed through his mind.

“Oh please, if anything our…… childhood experiences will benefit us as parents! I know for a fact I’ll never tell my daughter what she can and can’t be, if she wants to wear sweatpants to school well than she can wear them!” An indignant huff slid through the tiny blondes lips, Rex seemed to choose that exact moment to start whimpering causing both the teens to go stone still, Betty staring expectantly at Jughead as he nervously glanced around.

“He’s umm… he’s gonna start crying any second.” He offered.

Betty raised a brow

“I can see that, here take the baby, I have to find his pacifier, it’s somewhere in this bag.” She thrusted the doll forward, placing him in Jugheads arms as she rustled through the deep blue baby bag.

“Oh noooo, I don’t know how too… it’s small and…how do you even..” Jughead shifted the doll in his arms, awkwardly holding it in the stiffest way humanly possible.

“Aha!” Betty exclaimed! Pulling the pacifier from the bag and holding it up victoriously, her eyes fell on Jughead and she stifled a giggle. Moving closer Betty gently positioned the doll in the proper way and smiled “see, just like that.”

Jughead sighed in relief, already he felt more comfortable holding the baby, maybe it was Betty’s gentle way of teaching or maybe it was just the doll but for the first time all day he felt like maybe they could do this.

“Soooo…” betty broke the silence “I think you should take the baby home tonight. It’s the first night and I have cheerleading until 8.”

“What?! No I don’t think…”

“I’ll take him tomorrow Juggie, he’ll be fine! Just feed him and give him lots of cuddles! That’s all babies really need… oh and maybe… keep him away from some of your… friends okay? I know they ….play rough and we can’t afford to have little Rex all scratched up.”

He knew who she was referring too. The Serpents. He did a fairly good job at hiding his gang affiliation but she knew. Betty Cooper knew everything.

“I’ll keep him away from the Whyte Worm, they might try to fill his bottle with beer.” Jughead teased, wiggling his eyebrows playfully as Betty scrunched her nose and bit back a smile.

“Yeah yeah yeah. You’ll be fine Jug, it’ll be a piece of cake.”

He had believed her.

She had been wrong. So so wrong.

1:30 in the morning, the flashing red numbers on the bedside clock mocked him as the shrieking Screams of the baby doll in his arms pierced his ear drums.

“What do you want?! What can I do?!” The tired teenager moaned, rocking the baby quickly. Rex didn’t stop, he had been crying for two hours straight now.

“Screw it. If I can’t sleep your moms not sleeping either.”

He dialed Betty’s number so fast he didn’t even realize she was his number one on speed dial.

“Hello?” The sleepy voice of the long legged cheerleader answered from across the line.

“You were right, he is broken. Either that or he’s possessed, and honestly that second one is looking mighty plausible right now.”

He could hear sheets rustling before she spoke again.

“Mrs. Beasley said these dolls are just like real babies, they have all the Sensory features newborns do, tap his back, super slowly and super softly and use your fingers to tap out a rhythm.”

Jughead stalled

“Betty what are you..”

“Trust me Okay?”

Of course he did, he always would. And so he tapped, happy birthday, twinkle twinkle little star , the pledge of allegiance, until sure enough silence filled the tiny trailer.

“Did it work?” Betty’s questioned sleepily as Jughead placed Rex back in his carrier and dropped onto his bed.

“You’re a magician.” He answered.

He could almost hear her smile through the phone.

“Actually, that ones all you Jug.”


“We were seven I think and your mom, she got sick and she put us in charge of Jellybean, she was only a few months old, we were terrified, we sat by that crib in absolute silence for at least an hour, Afraid to even move. You held my hand for the first time that day remember?”

Jughead couldn’t keep the smile off of his face, Yeah he remembered, her hands were soft and tiny and he remembered squeezing so tight he was afraid her might hurt her

“Anyway” she continued “she started crying, really bad and your mom wasn’t waking up.” Sleeping pills, his mother was an addict, Betty was the only person who would ever know that “so you started tapping on her back because it was the only thing you could reach in between the bars, I sang have yourself a merry little Christmas and you tapped it out on her back and she stopped crying. It was the most relived I had ever felt in my seven year old life, do you remember?”

It was silent for a moment before Jughead spoke, voice barely above a whisper

“I remember.”

A pause

“I miss you Juggie.” She whispered.

“I miss you too betts.”

They stayed like that for a few moments before Betty yawned into the phone.

“Okay now that our child is sleeping I better get some rest of my own. I’ll see you tomorrow, and don’t forget to bring the diaper bag.” She hung up before he had a chance to respond but..

He felt lighter than he had in years.

take desperate to a new level

Evak and boy squad fic based off of this post by @shadeandadidas because it was just too good to pass up.

“Ugh, you guys are gross,” Jonas groaned staring at Isak and Even cuddled up on the couch of their apartment. The boys were over to hang and play fifa, and since the school year just ended Magnus felt it necessary to make a speech about why they had to “keep hanging out all together no matter what, even though Even graduated because it’s important you guys we gotta keep the squad together!” 

Mahdi laughed at Jonas’s comment, while Jonas started laughing at Isak’s instant glare and eye roll. 

“We’re not gross, we’re amazing,” Isak said petulantly, pressing his face further into Even’s chest. Even smiled down at him and pressed a kiss to his head.

“If amazing means gross, then yes,” Mahdi joked. 

“Aw, come on you guys!” Magnus exclaimed. “They’re cute, you can’t deny it.”

Even smiled. “Thank you, Magnus, I’m glad someone believes in us.”

Isak just gave a thumbs up, as he was too occupied trying to literally melt into his boyfriend’s side.

Jonas laughed again, trying to fathom how his best friend became so soft.

“Has it always been like this?” he asked.

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I’m just gonna keep going on about this cause it’s in my head now

Liam’s just been this close to cutting the throat of another hunter that’s after them, eyes flashing yellow, claws out, panting. In the corner, pushing himself up from a pile of shattered coffee table is Scott. Urging him to calm down, take a deep breath, Liam, he doesn’t have to die —

His blood is rushing in his ears, he can hear the hunter’s heart pounding fast, fast, faster, he feels like he’s about to jump out of his own skin when another voice cuts through the awful mess of sounds around him.

“Liam, stop.”

He blinks, the hunter’s face coming into focus as he stares blankly down at the body beneath him, shaking with fear. That voice…

“I should kill you,” he growls, because it’s Mason’s face flashing in his mind, bruised and bloodied. Because of this hunter.

“Please.” The hunter is begging, eyes desperate and terrified.

Liam growls again and tightens his fingers around the hunter’s neck. Suddenly Scott is beside him, quiet and calm, saying, “Liam, I’ve got him, you can let go,” and there’s a hand in the neck of his t-shirt and yanking, hard. He stumbles, feet dragging as Theo - fucking Theo, why not - hauls him into the next room, leaving Scott, Malia, and Corey with the hunter in Scott’s kitchen.

His breath is coming in sharp exhales, claws digging into his own palms. He can feel the blood dripping off his skin. Theo is bracing him against the wall, one arm over Liam’s chest and holding him securely in place. “Let me go,” Liam hisses at him.

It feels like Theo’s dark eyes have him pinned. Liam shifts uncomfortably. “What do you want? Why are you even still here? It’s safe to say Scott probably trusts you by now, you can drop the act,” he spits, venomous, waiting for Theo’s inevitably angry reaction, but Theo stills, leans in close enough that Liam flinches, and curls his fingers even tighter in Liam’s shirt.

“I’m here because of you, you unbelievably obtuse dumbass.”

presenting a bad poem i wrote in my head at work:

there is a sausage

floating in the well

i should take it out

but i dont

later i look again

the sausage is still floating


i ignore it

im not paid enough

Cheating/Revenge - [Isaac Lahey] - Preferences #2 [Requested] [*Smut]

* I got a lot of requests about “finding out that Isaac cheated on you with Alison“ but with different guys so I decided to do it as a preference, hope it’s okay with everyone! xx*


"Scott! What’s going on ?” You asked, getting impatient.
He had arrived to your house with no warnings, looking extremely upset about something, but yet, he still wouldn’t tell you what it was all about and you kept staring at him, standing in front of you.
“I don’t know how to tell you this…” He mumbled.
“Just say it Scott.” You answered.
He looked at you with a sorry face.
“Isaac and Alison. They were together tonight.” He said, carefully observing you, waiting for a reaction.
“I know, he often goes to the Argent’s, you told him to watch over them since you and Alison… You know, broke up.” You answered, shrugging.
“I didn’t ask him to watch over them! But I was okay with him doing it as long as he stayed away from Alison…” Scott replied, and his eyes shifted red for half a second.
“So what’s wrong?” You asked, still not understanding what was his point.
“They were together (Y/N) ! Like together, together!” Scott said, rising his voice.
You jumped a little, and he immediately apologized, knowing that it wasn’t your fault.

“Are you sure…?” You asked, after a while of silence.
“Yes… What else could it be, they were in their underwears… in her room…”
You saw Scott’s whole body tensing up, anger coming up again, not able to keep his eyes from shifting from times to times.
“Why do you even care ? Are you not with Kira?” You asked, harshly, finally realizing what was happening. You were the one who had the most reasons to be angry, Isaac was your boyfriend, Alison was only his ex-girlfriend after all and he pretty much had a new one.
“No, I’m not with Kira. Not like that. Alison is the one… was the one.” He answered, rising his voice again.

“He’s going to come home tonight with the scent of my girlfriend on him.” He mumbled, sitting down on your bed, burying his face in his hands.
You sat next to him, torn between the urge to punch something and start crying like a baby.
“Bring the scent of his girlfriend home with you too then…” You said, quickly glancing at him.
Your only answer was to press your lips on his. He kissed you back but did not try to go any further than that.
“Oh come on Scott, I know you want it, let me get my revenge on him…” You pleaded, before kissing him again.

That’s all it took him to embrace the rage inside of him, that same desire for revenge that was burning inside of both of you. He pushed you down on the bed and stood up, his werewolf strenght ripping your shorts off.
He was heavily breathing, not of lust but of rage. His eyes glowed and his face changed, taking its werewolf form. Maybe you should have been afraid that he might hurt you, but all you could really think about at the moment was at how angry you were at Isaac and how you were going to make him pay for cheating on you.
Scott ripped your shirt off, leaving you only in your panties, lying on the bed, at his mercy. The mercy of an angry werewolf.
Leaning down to let a few rough kisses on your lips, his hands caught your thighs, pulling you to the edge of the bed, his claws digging in your skin. You didn’t care for the pain, you were too focused on getting what you wanted.
With a simple move from his thumb over your hip, his claw teared up the fabric of your panties. He pulled it away from your body and you didn’t even notice him undoing his pants before you felt him shoving his length inside you, making you cry out.
He was hard, and big, and you weren’t used to him, it was hurting but he didn’t care, he was completely gone, not even really looking at you.
The werewolf growled when you cried out again, quickly sliding himself in and out of you, his claws deeply digging in the skin of your thighs with each one of his violent, hard thrusts. You felt dizzy, the pain from his thrusts slightly fading away but his claws were burning your skin and his loud growls were deafening in your ears, covering the sound of your light cries of pain, even once they had turned out into moans of pleasure, depsite the pain you still felt from his grip on your thighs.
You closed your eyes, as he continued his fast paced thrusts inside of you until he finally reached his peak and came inside of you, making you moan even louder as you reached your climax too.
When you opened your eyes again. the angry werewolf was back to his original form, his claws had finally disapeared , leaving some pretty deep, bleeding, holes in your skin, but it didn’t hurt anymore.
“I’m sorry” Scott said, when he noticed.
“Don’t be. That was great.” You managed to say, trying to catch your breath.
A sweet smile appeared on his lips, all his anger had faded out after he came and so had yours, you both had had your revenge on Isaac.


“(Y/N) ? What’s going on ? Why are you crying ?” Stiles’s worried voice asked but you could barely hear him, the music and the people around you were too loud.
You didn’t answer, trying to wipe your tears away, afraid that it was too noticeable and everyone at Lydia’s party would start questionning you. You tried to smile at Stiles and left the living room. You aimed for the bathroom, wanting to check on your mascara and your burning red cheeks but it was already taken.
Everyone around you was having fun, dancing and laughing, Lydia’s party was a success, as always, but your head was spinning, probably because of that glass of alcohol you just had, trying to erase the image of your boyfriend and Alison on the dancefloor, exchanging a pretty intense kiss, her body pressed against his and that tender look on his face that only you got to see before.

You closed your eyes for a second, feeling a hand holding yours and pulling you away. Stiles had followed you and was now guiding you to another door, near the staircase. You went down the few stairs leading to the modern basement of the Martin’s house and as soon as Stiles had shut the door behind him, a relaxing silence filled the place.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, in a soft tone.
His words are all it took for tears to start rolling down your cheeks again.
“Remember how Scott warned me about Isaac and Alison’s relationship ? Well he was right.” You answered, shaken by a violent sob.
Stiles’s arms closed around you, pulling you against him, and you allowed yourself to cry silently against his chest.
“That bastard…” You heard him mumble with anger.

You looked up to him, eyes still wet and left a quick peck on his lips, taking him by surprise. He looked back at you and finally pressed his lips on yours, his hands softly caressing your back until the kiss intensified. With all his will, he took a step back from you.
“I think you’re upset, and probably drunk… judging by the taste of your lips…” He said
“I’m upset, but I am not drunk.”
“Okay, prove it… Tell me the alphabet backwards.” He replied.
“Oh come on, I have to sing the alphabet in my head everytime I open a dictionary, I can’t do it backwards, even if I am sober!”

He looked at you carefully but eventually came to the conclusion that you weren’t drunk although you had drink a glass.
“So what, you want to use me to avenge yourself?” He asked.
“Partly.” You admitted. “Does that bother you…?”
“Not at all” He replied, with a happy smile, pulling you into a deep kiss.
His hands started caressing your back again, eventually sliding down under your shirt to touch your skin. You imitated him and he broke the kiss to pull his shirt off, offering your hands a better access to his chest.
You took a few steps backwards, pulling him with you until your back hit the washing machine, understanding, his hands made their way to the front of your jeans, slowly unbuttoning it, interupting himself everytime the kiss you were exchanging got more intense. Although you were eager, you forced yourself to slow down so that he could focus on taking your pants off. He pulled them down, along with your panties, and lifted you up to sit you on the machine.
You started kissing him passionately again, while you were unbuttoning his pants. Once you had opened them, they fell to his knees and his hand replaced yours, taking his dick out of his boxers.
You spread your legs, welcoming him, and he slowly entered you. He gave you some time to adjust and placed his hands on each side of you, holding on to the edge of the machine as he started thrusting. He leaned down against you and you closed your arms around his shoulders, trying to hold your body close to his. You closed your legs around his waist to give him a better access but after a while, he had to increase his pace and the pleasure building inside you made it to hard for you to keep them up around him. You moaned as he kept driving you closer and closer to your climax and you came at the same time, both loudly panting.
Once you had recovered, he pulled himself out of you, yours eyes met and you exchanged a smile before planting a soft kiss on his lips.


So that’s how your boyfriend was breaking up with you, over a phone call ? Instead of coming to see you at the loft ? You had found him cheating on you with Alison and instead of crying and begging for you to not leave him, he simply broke up with you… And why would he want to stay with you anyway? Ever since Alison and Scott broke up, she was the only girl he was thinking about, you weren’t that blind, you had understood it but you were naive enough to think that Isaac would have had broke up with you in person before attempting anything with her.
You hung up, throwing your cell phone away from you, wanting to yell and break everything that you found. You screamed in anger, thinking it would take that horrible feeling out of your chest but it only intensified it. You got up and pushed everything standing on the nightstand including the lamp on the ground, but it wasn’t enough. You started throwing everything you could find across the room, screams of rage mixing up with sobs.
That’s when Derek entered the room, in his wolf form, probably thinking that you were fighting a pack of werewolf in there.
He looked around, not really understanding, shifting back to his human form as you threw a pillow in his direction.
“(Y/N) !” He exclaimed, catching it, but you couldn’t care less and kept on breaking everything that you could. You found your laptop and were about to smash it against the wall but Derek held you back, making you let go of it. He was behind you, one arm around your waist, keeping you from moving and reaching something else so you started screaming, completely out of yourself.
“Calm down.” He said, gently, but you couldn’t help but keep on trying to escape his arms, rage boiling inside you.
He caught both of your arms and pushed you back, pinning you against the wall, hands held tightly above your head.
“Calm down!” He commanded and you had no choice but to obey.
His face was close to yours, your eyes got lost into his blue eyes, he was so strongly holding you pressed against the wall that you couldn’t move, and didn’t dare to anymore.
You could feel that same tension between you two than when you are training together, that same tension that made you want him really bad, and feel really guilty about it because of Isaac. Except that this time, there was no guilt left, only lust for him.
“He broke up with me” You said and you saw his eyes widen, probably feeling the same and understanding that suddenly, there was no more guilt to have from wanting each other that badly.

His lips immediately came crashing against yours, letting go of your hands, allowing you to put your arms around him, a hand brushing his hair as you felt like if you were about to suffocate under his furious kisses, but not wanting him to ever stop either.
You pulled his tank top over his head, breaking the kiss for only a second before connecting your lips again. You did it again when you took your shirt off, your lips were getting sore, and he started pressing the same furious kisses on your neck.
He walked you to your bed, and you lied down, him soon hovering you. You reached for his jeans, undoing them, and he grabbed yours, pulling them off in one sudden gesture, as eager to finally have you as you were.
He pushed himself inside of you, already making you moan of pleasure, finally satisfying that desire for him that you had for months now.
He was thrusting inside of you, and you were trying to follow his rhythm, pushing your hips up against him to take him deeper, your eyes locked to his until you felt close, coming in one loud moan, your body shaking like never before.


You were at school, looking at Isaac from across the hall. He seemed in a great mood, joking around with Scott, he even came over to you to say hi, careless as if nothing had happened. Alison looked slightly more ashamed, not able to look at you in the eyes when she walked by, though neither of them knew that you had seen them together. A violent fit of rage shook you as you watched your soon ex-boyfriend hanging out with Scott with no guilt at all. He hadn’t only betrayed you by sleeping with Alison, he betrayed his best friend too and how could Scott not notice ? The very first thing that you had noticed when Isaac kissed you is that he smelled like Alison.

Isaac saw you looking over them from across the hall and he smiled at you, you turned around to face your locker, closing your eyes in another fit of anger. Was it what it was going to be now ? He was shamelessly going to act as if you were the only one in his heart during the day and join Alison under her sheets at night ? There was no way that you were going to let it happen that way.

You spent the day with your friends, being distant with him but giving him a chance to tell you the truth but he never did. You saw Isaac leaving Lacrosse practice with Scott, closely followed by Stiles. You were all supposed to meet at the library to study with Lydia. Instead of following them, you pushed the boys’s locker room door. Ethan and Aiden were just out of the showers getting dressed.

“Hey (Y/N), you’re two minutes to late, otherwise you could have joined me in the showers.” Aiden said, with a smirk. You were used to him flirting with you, mostly because he didn’t like Isaac and Isaac simply hated him, so flirting with his girlfriend seemed to be the best way he had found to piss him off even more. “Would you mind going back?” You asked, walking straight to him with a determination you never had before. Both of the twins looked surprised and exchanged a look. “Is that the best way you found to get revenge on your boyfriend after what he did?” Ethan asked. “How do you know ? Scott didn’t even notice…” You asked him, confused. “I smelled it on her. His scent is all over her.” Ethan answered, quickly putting his shirt on and gathering his things. “So that’s what it is ? You just want to upset him ?” Aiden asked you. “Yes” You admitted, expecting him to laugh at you. “You know that I’d do anything to piss him off… Especially if that means finally having you.” He answered, a grin on his lips. Ethan slapped his brother in the back and quickly left the locker room, leaving you alone together.

Aiden took your hand, a proud look on his face and pulled you to the showers, walls still wet, air still humid, steam on the small windows up on the wall.
You stopped near the row of sinks, mirrors too steamy to reflect you and you looked at Aiden. Another smile crossed his lips before they came pressing against yours, in a kiss full of lust. You had to admit it, he was a great kisser, your brain had completely shut down, only focusing on kissing him back harder than he did.
He pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you in your bra and, as he started kissing you again, his hands worked to undo your pants and pull them down without you even noticing it. He walked you to the other side of the room, your back hitting against the cold but wet wall. You were completely overwhelmed by what was happening, almost forgetting the reason why all this was going on.
He pressed his naked torso against you, deeply kissing you before stepping back, taking the towel he had wrapped around his hips off. You couldn’t help but stare at his sculpted body for a while, although he was supposed to be your enemy, he sure was incredibly handsome. His fingers gently got under the elastic of your panties, he pressed a few soft kisses on your neck before pulling them down and in one move, he grabbed your legs and lifted you up, holding you up between his body and the wall.

He entered you, a light wave of pain shaking your body but it quickly faded away, pleasure replacing it. You held yourself to his shoulders, closing your eyes as he kept thrusting in you at a fast pace. A few moans of pleasure escaped your lips and he brought you close. Your body tensed up, your nails digging in his back and he moaned in answer, liking it, before your walls tightened around him, making you reach your high at the same time as he did.

Once you got down, you gathered your clothes, quickly getting dressed as he watched you with a very proud look on his face. “What?” You asked, wanting to sound annoyed but you couldn’t help but smile.
“Nothing… I was just going to say that if you ever want to use me to get revenge on someone again, I’m okay with it. Or if you just want to use me… With no particular purpose. I’ll be okay with it too.” He answered and you smiled at him.
“Yeah, okay, I’ll try to remember that.” You replied with a smirk, before leaving the locker room.


You were sitting on the steps outside the Argent’s building, tears silently falling from your cheeks as you were trying to get your thoughts back in order after surprising your boyfriend Isaac kissing none other than your best friend Alison. You were about to go visit her and ask her some help with your homework when you both found them on her bed, making out and he already had his shirt off.

You ran away and, in their passionate make out, they didn’t even notice that you were there. The two people you trusted the most and loved the most had just betrayed you and the pain in your chest only seemed to intensify and you couldn’t help but cry, replaying the scene in your head over and over again.

People were passing by, not even looking at you until you had to move to the side of the steps to let someone get to the door. The man climbed the few steps to the door but you heard him heavily sigh before turning around and coming back near you.

“Why so pathetic (Y/N) ?” The man asked and you jumped recognizing the familiar voice.

“Peter, what are you doing here?” You asked, between two sobs.

“Well, I live here. You would know that if you would actually come visit me.” He said, with a smirk.

“You never invited anyone.” You replied.

“True.” He admitted, shrugging his shoulders. “So do you want to come in or would you rather stay here, crying on the sidewalk?”

You got up, wipping the few tears on your face with the back of your hand and followed him back in the building, taking the elevator to a few floors above the Argent’s appartement.

Peter’s appartement was much smaller than the Argent’s, although it looked pretty empty and un-personalized, as if he had just moved in.
He went to the open kitchen to get you a cup of almost cold coffee and you sat on the sofa, the only piece of furniture of the living room.

“So? What’s the drama?” He asked, bringing a kitchen chair to sit in front of you.

Peter was the last person you’d want to share what had just happened with but since the two people who would actually be the first ones to know about it were the very ones that had betrayed you, Peter seemed like a better option for once.
You told him everything and started sobbing again when you arrived at the part where you saw them both in her bed and you had to stop yourself, unable to take your breath back.

“Oh please (Y/N)…” Peter sighed, handing you a paper towel.

And you only started sobbing louder.

You saw him rolling his eyes before getting up and sitting next to you.

“Teenage boys are stupid.” He simply said. “And Lahey was never the brightest of them all if you want my opinion.”

You couldn’t help but smile at his words.

“You’re smart, you’ll find someone else in no time. Be angry, get your revenge on them and then, make him regret what he did by living your life without him.”

“Wise words.” You said, wiping your tears away with the paper towel he had just given you.

“Older guys tend to be slightly wisest.” He answered

“So what kind of revenge do you suggest?” You asked

“Immediate revenge. While he’s still in the building.” Peter said, with that familiar smile meaning that he was up to not good.

“I don’t want to hurt him…” You answered but before you could finish, Peter was already pressing his lips against yours and you had no will to fight it back.

He pressed his body against yours, making you lie down on the sofa, hovering you, the kiss intensifying.
You were conflicted. You were enjoying it much more than you probably should but you also felt like you were doing something awfully wrong.
“Make sure he hears you…” Peter said, breaking the kiss to unbutton your shirt.
And as he pressed his lips on your collar bone, your mind went completely blank.
You closed your eyes, enjoying the sensation of his lips covering your skin as he kept slowly undressing you.
Once he was done leaving kissed around your belly button, he reached back for your lips, his body pressing on yours and, in a single thrust, he shoved himself inside of you, making you scream from the burning pain it provoked in you.
He started thrusting in you, moving his hips against yours and your sounds of pain quickly became sounds of pleasure. You followed his rhythm, moaning every time you felt him hitting deeply inside you.
“Louder…” He whispered, against your ear and you obeyed, not even forcing yourself.
You quickly reached an orgasm and he made it last as long as he could by keeping up with his thrusts, making you moan even louder.
“That’s him.” Peter said, before a knock on the door.
He pulled himself out of you, looking at you, waiting for your orders. “Isaac, go away!” You screamed and you heard a loud growl from the other side of the door, followed by a violent knock. “You got your puppy upset…” Peter said, with a smirk, as you got dressed up.

This is a list of good job options for anyone looking for a summer job or a job generally!

This is mostly my opinion from experience + some research and some of it could vary based on where you live. 

  • For the obvious, standard part time jobs at places like Walmart, Mcdonalds, or Cineplex (movie theatre chain), can be pretty good since they’re usually able to bend around your schedule. These jobs are especially good if it’s your first job since they rarely require any experience. Even if it’s not your first job though, these are fine for when you’re in school. Since they usually have a lot of employees, you can usually find someone to cover for you when you need extra time to study. Also, it’s usually not too hard to move up the ranks a little to become staff trainers or low level supervisors which looks really good on your resume. However, these jobs do have the obvious flaws since all coorperations are run through capitalism which relies on exploitation and you will be treated like just a number.
  • Serving jobs can be alright depending on where you live. If you live in an area where servers wage isn’t too low and tipping culture is big, then serving can be one of the more lucrative jobs for students. I live in Ontario, Canada and servers wage isn’t much lower than minimum but tipping is still a standard thing so you can usually make pretty good money. Obviously, the money made from serving can really vary and in a lot of places servers are treated like shit so it’s not always ideal. In my opinion, thought, serving can be a pretty good student job. 
  • Campus jobs are also a pretty good option. Most school’s have programs for low-income students to work on campus and usually these jobs pay fairly well. The downside to this is that you often don’t get many hours. If you are a low-income student but are taking a very rigerous program and do not want to have to work a lot of hours to make money, I would suggest trying to get a campus job. At a lot of them you can even do your homework during you shift if it’s not busy. 
  • Other really good jobs for students are things like office helpers, receptionists, or other admin jobs. Depending on where you work, you might be able to do homework when you’re not busy and, particularly for post-secondary students, these jobs can be helpful since almost every industry needs admin stuff so it can be a good way to gain some experience in your field. Further, a lot of admin jobs will pay more than minimum, too, especially when you start to gain experience which is a plus because then you don’t need to work as many hours and less work = more time to study. For a first job, admin isn’t a great start since most require some kind of work experience, even just customer service. They also usually look for people who seem mature and don’t usually hire teenagers (obviously, if you are a teenager and think you’re a good fit, apply anyway. You never know, and the worst that can happen is you don’t get it). 
Waking Up in Vegas

Part 1  Part 2

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Prompt: The reader spends a wild weekend in Vegas with her best friends, but what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay there.

Word Count: About 2.3k

A/N: Sooo this is my first time writing a rpf or anything outside the Teen Wolf and Supernatural fandom, but let me know what you think because this makes me nervous!

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There’s no need for this gif, I just like it.

The sun was shining through the window punishing me for whatever I did the night before or to remind me why I should’ve refused that sixth shot. Judging by the intensity of my brain pounding against my skull, it must have been seven. As soon as I had any strength to pull my eyes open, I quickly squeezed them shut once more. Maybe I could try again later, when my head doesn’t feel like it could explode at any moment.

The night before, I went out with my best friends, Gina and Ava, we ran into another group of friends who were visiting from out of town as well and became our drinking buddies for the night.

I was still in Vegas.

I reached down, to pull the covers over my shoulders and tugged slightly.

A sharp intake to breath, followed by a groan came from under me, “Highly doubt that’s what you’re looking for”

Finally realizing the “blanket” was a grown man and my hand was still between his legs, I jumped to the other side of the mattress, lost my balance, and fell off the bed entirely. Somehow I managed not to scream.

“Are you alright?”, he panicked making his way to my side to help me

He pulled me up, reassuring me that everything was fine. There was very little space between us. Bits and pieces of the night before resurfaced as I got a good look at his face. Running into him and his two friends, taking shots as a group, bar hopping, then separating ourselves from everyone else. In the corner of the bar, we ignored the world around us and made out like teenagers.

The more I remembered about being on my own with him, the faster the blush spread across my cheeks. We were standing next to the bed, staring at each other like the night before as if nothing else mattered in this moment except the two of us. I finally averted my gaze and looked down. If my blush wasn’t bad before, it most certainly was worse now.

We were both still naked.

I jumped back grabbing the blanket to cover up and squeezed my eyes shut.

“You’re not wearing any clothes”

“And neither are you”, he laughed as he found his boxers to put on, “It’s not like we didn’t see it all last night”

“Do you even remember anything?”, I asked nervously shifting back and forth

“We ran into you and your friends and bar hopped. Around the time we reached the third bar, things got a little fuzzy. You can look now”

“Do you remember the dancing?”, I asked as I began searching for my bra

He pulled it from under his jeans on the ground and tossed it to me, “We didn’t dan…oh. I asked you to dance and surprisingly you said yes”

“We drank..a lot. You shouldn’t be that surprised”, I stated as I motioned for him to turn around so I could put it on

Our clothes were thrown all over the floor and furniture, a bottle of champagne knocked off the table along with a lamp, a bouquet of flowers were scattered across the floor, and a condom wrapper was on the nightstand.

My heart was beating out of my chest as I took him in. He was gorgeous to say the least. A knowing smirk spread across his face and I felt my cheeks burn from embarrassment for a second time.

What if they’re still asleep?”, a voice mumbled from behind the door

Then we wake them. We do have to get back home you know”, another said

They knocked three times before they hesitantly pushed the door open.

“Daveed? (Y/N)?”, a man I recognized as one of his friends stepped in with his hands over his eyes, “Are you up yet?”

“Rafa, put your hand down. We’re decent”, he answered

“Thank God”, Rafa sighed as he moved his hand away and looked at the state of the room, “Seems like someone had an eventful night.”

“One that we can’t seem to remember entirely”, he mumbled

“Maybe we shouldn’t have gone to that third bar”, Ava said as she walked into the room, looking around the same way Rafa did

We all nodded in agreement.

“Adrienne and I are gonna get dressed in our room. After that we’re all going out for breakfast…brunch…we’re going out to get food! So be ready”, Rafa said as he turned to leave the room

“Those flowers weren’t here when we got the room, right?”, Ava finally asked

Rafa turned on his heel and marched right back in, eyeing the floor, “Aww Diggs that’s so romantic”, he cooed

“Get out”, he laughed as he threw a pillow at him

I don’t remember much, but I definitely don’t recall getting flowers either.

Daveed sat next to me, across from us, Rafa sat next to Adrienne, while Gina sat across from Ava. Gina was chatting animatedly about our upcoming proposal for work, but I could barely hear what she was saying. Daveed and I were in our own little world, talking about what ever came to mind.

His gaze never left mine and that shy smile never wavered.

What I would give to remember the rest of the night I spent with him. His eyes lingered on my lips for all of two seconds before Rafa started to call our names.

“Attention lovebirds!”, he laughed along with everyone else, “Our food is here”

We both looked at the plates in front of us, wondering when it got there. We were so caught up in each other, we never noticed. He gave me another shy grin before picking up his fork and directing his attention to his food.

“Are you excited for your proposal (Y/N)?”, Adrienne asked after a moment of silence

“What proposal?”, Daveed nearly choked, “I didn’t know you were here for a wedding"

“Smooth”, Rafa mumbled as Adrienne began to laugh at the expense of her friend

“No. Gina and I are working on something to get Tollville Industries to sign with our marketing company. If we get them to sign, the company gets more recognition and of course money, but we get–”

“Promotions!”, Gina sang, “And on top of that I get to see my girlfriend everyday because we’ll finally be working in the same building!”

“We live together”, Ava said as she tried not to smile

But their grins said it all. All three of us were beyond excited and terrified for this presentation. If we fail, our boss, who didn’t have any faith in us in the first place, will never let us hear the end of it. We needed this more than ever.

The excitement seemed to be rubbing off on the rest of the table as they begin to smile as well.

“That sounds amazing. Isn’t Tollville one of the top industries for–”

“Yup. Which is also why this may be one of the most terrifying moments of my life”, I mumbled

“You’ve got this. There’s plenty of time to prepare. It can be terrifying when you have all eyes on you, but trust me you forget about it soon enough and all is well”, Daveed said softly

“Is this coming from a previous experience?”

“Experiences”, Rafa chimed in, “We’ve been running this workshop that’s a cross between poetry and theater. We do performances all the time”

The rest of conversation went on about their workshop, how they put it all together, and how they met and became friends in the first place. Daveed’s smile started waiver once the check came. Our time together was coming to an end.

A part of me wanted things to work out, but this was a one night stand there’s nothing to it. You have your fun, say your goodbyes, and move on with your life. This may have been my first one, but I’m sure I know how they work. And that’s what I needed to do given that he lives on the west coast and I live in New York.

After leaving the restaurant, Rafa and Adrienne said their goodbyes and waited for Daveed.

“I guess I can’t say ‘I’ll see you around’ then”, he said softly

“I guess not”

He looked at me and smiled. The look in his eye told me he had something to ask, but couldn’t get it out.

“What?”, I asked

“This was just supposed to be a one night stand. I know this, but I want to ask for your number anyway”, he paused, “If that’s alright with you”

I grinned as I pulled a pen from my purse and scribbled my number on his wrist.

“Hopefully I’ll see you around”, I stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek, “Bye Daveed”

“Goodbye (Y/N)”

We went our separate ways with them heading back to their hotel while we headed to the airport. I knew this could be a risk, but there was no harm in being just friends, right?

Three Weeks Later

I hadn’t heard anything from Daveed since we left Vegas, which I chose to keep in the back of my mind. Getting this proposal prepared for next week has slightly taken over my life. The late nights and early mornings with Gina and Ava started getting to me by the time Wednesday rolled around. At least today was Friday and I had two hours left.

I finished the rest of my coffee, which did little to wake me up. Trying to resist the urge to throw my computer through the window proved to be a challenge given my sleep deprivation and apparent immunity to caffeine.

The research I was conducting had hit a dead end just as my office door was pushed open.

“(Y/N)!”, Greg chirped, “You’re still here, great! I need you to get all the info from the meeting we were in not too long ago. Margaret took notes on it and it’s a mess, no one understands it. So I need you to organize all of it, tables, charts, the whole nine”

“That was from three weeks ago. Why doesn’t Margaret just organize it herself? They are her notes”, I said trying to keep myself in check

“(Y/N), you’re not listening. I told you to do it. Besides I gave Margaret the rest of the day off”, he grinned, knowing exactly what he was doing, “Make sure it’s emailed to me by midnight tonight. Have fun”, he sang as he practically pranced out my office

It was now four o’clock. I was supposed to get off at five, yet here I am organizing someone else’s notes because my boss is a dick.

Maybe I should keep my computer and just toss Greg out the window instead.

I grabbed Margaret’s notes off and got to work. By five everyone, including Greg, were leaving the building. I was nowhere near finished.

“Make sure everything is on my desk by Monday morning so we have time for practice runs”, Gina grinned, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you supposed to be getting off at five too?”

“Not anymore”, I groaned, “Greg decided that I needed to organize Margaret’s notes from that meeting from three weeks ago because no one can understand them. It’s damn near twenty pages and she has the tiniest handwriting I’ve ever seen!”

“That bastard can’t do that!”, she said as she started to remove her coat, “Give me some of her papers. We’re gonna get this finished so you can get home and sleep”

“Gina, that won’t be necessary”, Greg said, magically weaseling his way into my office, “This is a solo project for (Y/N). You two have been so busy working on your little project, that you seem to forget that you have actual work to do. Leave (Y/N) be, she can handle it herself. If she can’t, then I don’t understand the purpose of us hiring her in the first place”

She shot a glare at Greg before making her way out the office. As Greg made his way out, he gave me a sickening grin. I should have thrown him out the window when I had the chance.

By nine thirty, I ran out the office after emailing Greg what he needed. If I didn’t get a drink, food, and some sleep soon, there would be hell to pay.I grabbed all my things, practically running out the building to be free for the weekend.

After getting the mail, I made my way into my apartment, kicking my heels off in the process. As the stress of the week started to dissipate, there was finally enough energy to go through the bills. One envelope stood out from the rest. It was the size of a normal sheet of paper, with an address from Las Vegas. It was probably a bill from the way we left the hotel room.

Reading the address was all it took to get my mind on Daveed again. There’s no reason I should be thinking of his warm brown eyes or that shy smile that made me feel things I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be smiling and thinking about him, when I know he isn’t thinking of me. He asked for my number and never called. Lesson learned I guess.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper. It had a gold embellishments with the names being the only thing written in cursive, but everything else could be read clear as day. A part of me thought it was sent to the wrong house until my eyes landed on my name along with the same man I met before leaving.

‘This certifies that (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Daveed Diggs were joined in marriage before witnesses. This day, November 18, 2017’

‘Witness: Ava Nichols’

‘Witness: Rafael Casal’

Holy shit.