do you even ride

when you and the squad all ready to go out but none of you can drive so a mom has to


Nakamoto Yuta x Mabuchi Kou visual similarities [Part 2✌🏼] 

Part 1 here

WonderTrev + Timeline

I see a lot of posts about how short the time that Diana and Steve have together. And, yeah, it definitely feels that way. But there are 100% canon reasons to believe they had more than a few days together. The best evidence is Etta’s pronouncement that Steve has been missing for weeks. Long enough for him to be thought dead. Not checking in isn’t like him, so we can imagine awhile passed between stealing the notebook and arriving in London. Thoughts:


The editing makes it seem like Diana leaves with Steve that night. But it’s probable it’s at least a few days.

After the beach battle, there had to be time to gather the Senators, mount a guard, get the lasso, and see to the dead.

Diana is getting her wound checked not looked at for the first time. Plus, Steve has had conversations with the nurse.

We didn’t see Antiope’s burial, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t one before Diana left. The losses don’t seem as raw.

“We can’t keep him forever,” makes it sound like they have kept him for at least some time already.

Boat Ride

Sailing from Greece to England is not something you can do overnight, even with a ride. Because it goes from Diana falling asleep to Diana waking up, it seems like one night. But her hair is bound when they first set off and loose when they reached London.

They totally spent days together on that boat with nothing to do but get to know each other. Topics of conversation could include: the war, their childhoods, modern life, Greek myth, breakfast, flying, etc.


They arrive in London very early in the morning. Steve calls Etta. They spend the afternoon getting attired, attacked, and it’s implied they go back to the office before going to see the council (news of Steve’s return travels). It’s dark by the time they go to the pub to find Sameer and Charlie. So they spend the night in London.

The next day, they take a train late enough that ice-cream sellers are out. So you know Steve took Diana to breakfast and around the city. (Swoon!)


This we know is two days, because that’s the deal. They sleep in the camp, get to the trenches, rescue the town all in the early morning/afternoon. By nightfall, they’re cleaned up and the town is out celebrating. That afternoon they would have had time to decompress. Then they, you know, dance and get it on. This is the last time Steve Trevor will ever sleep. (OH GOD, WHY) Then the gala and the battle.

So, it’s true. Steve and Diana only have four days together from arriving in London to the final battle.

But before then there is at most weeks that need to be accounted for. That’s still a quick time to fall for someone, but it gives some breathing room to believe in off-screen relationship development. More importantly, it gives a ton of leeway for missing scene fic!

(Shameless plug for my WIP “Variations on the Word Sleep” on ao3).

  • America: *sighs* everyone says that my airlines are bad! This isn't good for the status of national airlines!
  • England: same, hardly anyone ride my national airlines these days...
  • China: you guys have that problem too? We should really do something about it then...
  • Bulgaria: yeah, and that will definitely step up our image! Let's device a plan then!
  • Dubai: do you guys even ride your national airlines?
  • America, England, China, Bulgaria: ............ no.

reioka  asked:

You know what that last one was really sad so here: Tony is a champion equestrian. Steve is totally uninterested in horses but Peggy, who loves dressage, drags him to events because he lost a bet one time and she continues to hold it over him gleefully. Tony sees this adorable, tiny blond and mistakes him for a jockey and starts talking horses with him. Steve LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH because Tony is also adorable. Tony is even more adorable when he realizes his mistake and blushes and apologizes.

Listen, give me Peggy Carter on a horse. Oh my god, the very thought. I’m weak in the knees. For that matter, Haley Atwell on a horse. Jeezums, be still my beating heart.

On to the AU!

Tony would totally be a great equestrian. It fits his background so well, such a prim and proper thing for the son of a rich business empire. I picture him riding English style, but having always secretly envied Western style riders because there’s something about cowboys that makes him a little hot and bothered. Can you imagine him in those riding pants? Tony’s perfect bubble butt and the pants.

And he’s damn good at riding, too. He’s small enough, but strong enough, and he loves his horse. He loves tech, but he also spends his off days designing riding equipment and he’s in the stables every day to ride and care for Excelsior, his chestnut gelding.

And then there’s city boy Steve who thinks that the only place horses ought to be is far away from him, but he loves Peggy, even if it didn’t work out between them romantically, and he’ll literally bend over backwards for her. So he puts up with her “dumb overgrown carrot-eating dogs” because she begs him to come and see her perform, and then he sees this amazing guy and his horse jumping the fences and something in him just lurches and he’s not the only one.

Once Tony clears the end of the track and is waiting for his scoring announcement, he notices a little guy standing off to the side with Peggy Carter. His first thought is “new competition” and his second thought is “yes please.” He dismounts and trots Excelsior over because he’s gonna make a good impression on this amazing little jockey and clearly he is because jockey looks like he’s about to swallow his tongue.

“You here with Peggy? You in one of the events?”

“I, uh, yeah. Yeah. Yes I am. I am in an event.”

And Peggy, who’s just walked up behind him, grins and knows she’s going to have fun. “Tony, lovely to see you. This is my friend Steve. He loves horses and racing.”

“Oh? Nice to meet you, Steve. What event are you entered in?”

“I’m…I’m in a horse event. With horses.”

“He runs the barrels,” Peggy supplies and Steve resists the urge to turn and give her a look because what the hell does that even mean?

“Yep,” he says instead. “Barrels.”

“Ooh, a Western rider,” Tony says, and he has a niggling suspicion, but Peggy looks like the cat who got the canary and Steve is clearly trying hard, so he goes with it a little while longer. “I’d love to meet your horse.”

“Right. My horse. My horse who is named…uh, Rembrandt.”

“Like the toothpaste?”

“Like the artist.”

“So can I meet him?”

“Sure he’s…he’s right over there.” Steve gestures at a horse about twenty feet away hitched to the fence, and Tony resists the urge to giggle, because that horse is done up in an English saddle, and is a mare, and he knows her, because she belongs to Carol Danvers. But he nods and turns back to Steve with the biggest eyes.

“Will you show me her?”

And Steve is doomed, because he’s gonna do it. He’s gonna pretend this dumb overgrown carrot-eating dog is his and he’s gonna try and act like he loves it all so he can impress Tony. So he leads Tony and Excelsior over and starts attempting to pet Marvel, which goes about as well as Tony expected, given that Marvel is notoriously mischievous. She’s got Steve’s hair in her mouth in two seconds flat and in no time, Steve’s sporting a horse-slobber hairdo.

It only gets better when Carol shows up and says, “Tony? Why is this man molesting my horse?”

Tony can’t keep it together at this point anymore and he bursts out laughing and Steve is mortified.

“You were so cute, though, trying to look like you knew what you were talking about. Do you even know the difference between English and Western riding?”

“…The hats?”

Tony snorts and mumbles, “I guess you’re not wrong,” and then he says, “You wanna try riding Excelsior? I’ll lead you around a little.”

And Steve steels himself, because for this amazing guy named Tony, apparently he’s going to ride a dumb overgrown carrot-eating dog.

Play Time With A Monster - Final

 Genre; Smut  

Length; 1,900+ words

Kink(s); Daddy kink, mild breath play/choking, cm/nw (kinda), etc

Your soft gasp as his large hand tenderly wrapped around your throat only seemed to entice his need to completely own you right then and there. 
Giving it a slight squeeze, he began grinding his hardening member against your dampening core. 

“See how badly Daddy needs you, little one?” He lowly purred, his plump lips against your jaw, “I know you need me too… I can already feel how wet you’re for me.” 

Your cheeks flushed a bright rose as he made your core ignite like a wildfire that would slowly consume you if it weren’t taken care of right at this minute. Biting your lower lip, you shivered as he nipped at your cheek- trailing his way down to the sensitive flesh of your neck while your hips rocked back and forth; meeting his gentle thrusts. 

His hands inched their way up from your thighs to your waist; roughly digging his fingertips into your curves as he thrusts slightly deepened.  
As he continuously rubbed against your sensitive clit, shaky whines escaped your parted lips, “Holy fuck..” You sighed as you felt the wetness between your legs pooled at the arm of his couch. “I need you- I need you inside me right now..”

The moment you uttered out those words he lifted you once more, pinning you against the wall as he roughly pressed his lips against yours in a needy tongue kiss. 
You moaned into his mouth as he gently nipped at your lower lips, your hands explored his muscular upper back. 

As the kiss deepened, he moved away from the wall then practically tossed down onto the couch. 
Your skirt rode up, completely exposing the black lace thong that covered your drenched flower. Shyness suddenly overcame you as his hungry eyes zeroed in on his gift- instinctively you attempted to cover yourself with your hands, your cheeks turning a vibrant flush of colour as he sunk down to his knees. 

YoungWoo’s large hands pushed your legs further apart as his face inched closer to your core, “No, no babygirl..” He purred, gently lifting your hands away. “Don’t cover yourself up, Daddy wants to see every part of you.” 
A chill ran up your spine as he pressed his lips against your inner thigh, “Such a pretty little girl…” 
Hooking his fingers around the crotch of your panties, he gave it one solid tug- tearing them in half instantly. 

You timidly whined at the feeling of the cold air hitting your heat, “Da- Daddy..” You sweetly muttered as his lips ghosted over your folds while one of his long digits immediately found your engorged clit; rubbing it in circular motions. 

“You sound so damn pretty calling me Daddy, little one.” He deeply growled as his assault drew out your lovely sounds, “I’m gonna make you scream for me..” 
The instant he muttered those words, his tongue licked a broad strip along your slit as his finger teased your sensitive pearl.  

The loud, lewd moans that escaped you only urged him to continue. As he put some more pressure on you, his tongue eagerly explored your flowers; prodding your wanting hole every so often. 
Your hands found their way to his jet black hair, entangling them in it as you slowly became entranced by his skilled mouth on you. 

“Oh my fucking g- god..” You airily stutter as he moved his digits from your throbbing clit- moving his way down to your entrance while he wrapped his plush lips around your pearl; flicking and circling it with his skilled muscle.

Youngwoo pushed his digit against your hole, slowly easing his way inside he couldn’t help to groan at your sheer wetness. “Fuck..” He snarled against your cunt, quickening his pace on your clit as he began finger fucking you at a steady speed- immediately curling his fingers to perfectly hit your most sensitive spot.

Leaving one of your hands delicately entangled in his hair, you gently trailed your newly free hand up your body- pulling your shirt up with it as your toyed with your clothed breasts. Needy whines flowed out of your parted, kiss-swollen lips as he sped up the pace of his fingers inside you. 
“Fuck- Fucking hell.~” You cursed as your body tensed at the slightest feeling of your incoming orgasm. 

Your silky walls clenched around his digit just as he slid another in; pumping both in and out of you at a vigorous pace. 
Removing his mouth from your cunt, he glared up at you- carefully watching how your delicate features contorted with his expert touch, “God damn..” He growled as he pounded into you, “You look so damn pretty- I bet you wanna cum don’t you?” 

Immediately you found yourself frantically nodded as his deep voice and animalistic growls had your climax creeping up on you at an alarming rate. You whimpered loudly as that familiar tingling feeling in your core built up with each delicious stroke. 

A smug grin painted around his face as he felt your walls continuously begin to tighten around his fingers, practically begging him to make you cum. 
“Mhm, fuck you really need to cum now don’t you?” He teased as his curled fingers continuously pounded against your spot. 

Your back arched up off the couch, allowing him to sink into your hole as deep as possible. “Your fingers feel so fucking good-” You airily purred, tugging at his hair as his mouth returned to your throbbing clit; relentlessly licking and sucking it, tossing your body straight into overdrive. 
“Holy- Holy fucking shi- shit..” You whimpered, your entire body just tingling with that sense of pure ecstasy as your sudden climax tossed you straight into that lovely abyss. 

As he removed his mouth from you, he proudly watched you come completely undone in front of him, “God-” He chuckled as he slowed the pace of his fingers, allowing you to calmly ride out your high, “Do you even know how fucking sexy you look while you cum?” 
Like a starved predator inspecting their next meal, YoungWoo stood from his spot on the floor; crawling on top of you as he pulled his fingers out of your quivering flower. 

“Open..” He sternly commanded, bring his digits up to your lips. “I want to see you clean every last bit of your cum off my fingers, little girl.” 

Your entire being felt jaded from your orgasm, but you still complied with ease. Opening your mouth, you stuck your tongue out and immediately wrapped it around his fingers the instant he set them down; pulling them into your mouth, licking them clean of your sweet essence. 

The earthy groans that pour out of him as you expertly sucked on his digits shook your core, “Little slut..” He snarled as he retracted them from your wanting mouth, replacing them with his lips; enveloping you in a lust filled kiss. 
Slipping himself between your legs, his predatory gaze fixating on his as he used one of his large hands to hold yours over your head. 

“Fuck me… please…” You whined, just as he slowly pulled away from the deepening kiss. “I want you to break me..” 

With his free hand, he quickly undid his jeans- yanking them down just enough for his lengthy member to spring free. 
“Break you?” He retorted, licking his lips as his stayed on you- that chilling grin of his painting across his face while he began lining his manhood up with your wanting entrance. Before he even bothered to utter another word, he roughly shoved himself inside you- forcing out your shaky, high-pitched whimpers, “Alright princess, but don’t complain when you can’t fucking walk after I’m done with you.”

Immediately, he kept his vice grip on your wrists as he began relentlessly pounding into you; giving you almost no time to adjust to his girth. 
Your constant moans and relief filled whines seemed to fill the entire house, “Holy fuck-” You cried out, laying your head further back into the cushion. 

“Damn-” YoungWoo lasciviously groaned while your muscles automatically tightened around his manhood. “You’re so fuckin tight, you know that princess?” He grumbled, his large hand carelessly groping your voluptuous thigh as he drilled into you. 

You just moan in response, the only thing that crossed your mind at the moment was the pure intoxication you felt for him at that very moment. “Da- Daddy.. Daddy…” You repeatedly mewled as you began tugging against his strength. 
You just needed to touch him, you needed to take off that blasted shirt of his and feel his muscular body. 

The older man couldn’t help but to chuckle at your movements, “What’s wrong, baby? Hm?” He breathlessly purred, “Why are you being so squirmy?” 

“I wanna touch you-” You poutily replied, your needy words followed by your trembling moans. “Please Daddy, please I need to touch you.” 
Slowly, he released his grip on your wrist and they immediately found their way to his built arms. “God fucking… shit..” You cursed, your eyes rolling back slightly as you began clawing into his biceps. “You feel so fucking good inside me..” 

Though you could barely open your eyes, you could tell that smug smirk of his returned, “Really?” He groaned in reply, moving his hands to your hips- digging his fingertips into you so roughly that you knew there would be evidence of his conquest there tomorrow.
“Little slut, you like being stretched out so well, don’t you?” His already powerful thrusts seemed to gain momentum as he moved a hand from your hip, ghosting it over your supple breasts before tightly wrapping it around your throat. “God- you look so damn sexy wrapped around my cock.” 

God were you overwhelmed…
The pressure he placed on your throat plus the way he worked you had you feeling the familiar burning in your core once more. “Oh- Oh my..” You weakly cried out as you felt your walls began to spasm signalling your nearing high. 

“God fucking damn it.” He thundered, pounding into you with hefty elongated strokes after each word he drawled out. “Cum all over this dick babygirl- Cum on Daddy’s cock.” 

You didn’t realise how incredibly fucking close your orgasm was until he spoke those enticingly lewd commands. Immediately your body complied, “Fu..” You mousily cried out, your voice slowly trailing off as your climax seemed to melt you completely; filling your mind with nothing but pleasure. 

“Shit- shit..” He snarled through gritted teeth as your cunt continuously clenched around his dick, bringing about his own climax faster than he previously thought. “God I’m gonna cum..” He growled, practically piercing your hips with his fingertips. 

“Cum- Cum for me Daddy..” You instinctively hummed as his thrusts sputtered, “Please- Please cum..” 

Just then he slowed his pace, “I’m gonna fucking cum all over your tits, little girl…” He hissed just as completely pulled himself out of you, moving onto of you while stroking his twitching length. 
Not even a minute later, his roughly bit down on his lower lip as a shaky breath escaped him, “God- Fuck, I’m cumming…” He purred as he aimed his member down to your breasts, painting them with the warm streams of his seed. 

Both of your laboured breaths seemed to mix as they just dripped with utter satisfaction. 
“Come here..” He breathed, lifted your tired body up off the couch and into his arms. A pompous scoff escaped him as you easily just snuggled into him, lazily his gripped your jaw- facing your tired eyes up to him, “You’re mine now. No one else’s.” 

awalkingaesthetic  asked:

Every time I start to recover from this game I remember that V exists and then I am ABOARD THE FEELS TRAIN. FYI your headcanons are important. Anyway. I would be so incredibly psyched if you could write RFA + Minor Trio learning that MC has a horse, and their reaction to MC's Very Important Very Large Pet.

Fun fact my dad actually tried to get me to like horses as a child. I never really took to them. I have a healthy fear of large, muscly animals who can step on me. I only really like being stepped on by large, muscly women


  • oh god being on top of a horse is scary they’re so tall
  • h e l p
  • You giggle as you lead Bloomington the III around the pasture with a terrified, squirming Yoosung on top of him. He tries to pretend that he’s Cool with this, because he wants to be a Cool Man, but he’s not cool.
  • he’s super not cool.
  • Luckily Bloomington is the chillest of horses, and he does not freak out with this strange blond wiggle-man being on top of him. He manages to stay on him for a good fifteen minutes before needing to get off and hyperventilate.
  • Despite being terrified, Yoosung also thought the experience was great, and wants to continue trying to get used to your horse. Eventually, you teach him how to ride your baby, and Yoosung is SO HAPPY.
  • can the three of you join the SCA please


  • Zen is less thrilled with your very important, very large pet, because your very important, very large pet keeps trying to eat his hair.
  • He puts up with it, however, because your very important, very large pet is beautiful, and he loves posing with him.
  • The internet proceeds to blow up with photos of Zen the Prince on your gorgeous white horse, and you giggle when Bloomington the III becomes a minor celebrity for awhile.
  • People keep sending him treats. It’s adorable. You tell him how handsome he is and Zen gets a little jealous that he’s not getting all of your attention.
  • zen can deal with it. 
  • bloomy deseves it.


  • she. she doesn’t know how to feel about this’.
  • like. just.
  • he’s so big.
  • and so large.
  • and requires so much maintenance. 
  • But you love him dearly, and she loves you dearly, so she tries to get used to his presence.
  • At first, she won’t even come near him. She doesn’t say she isn’t interested, but she slips out of every offer you make to spend time together with him. She’ll watch him, but not much else, until one Valentine’s day when - in an effort to please you - she agrees to go on a walk with you and him.
  • It goes well. You see her smile. She says maybe another day like this wouldn’t be so bad.
  • Slowly, very very slowly, you get Jaehee acclimated to him. You have her feed him, have her pet him, and inch by inch, she starts falling in love with those big, brown eyes of his…
  • and the way you look in a jockey outfit, because HOOOOO DAMN DO THOSE RIDING BOOTS MAKE YOU LOOK MIGHTY FINE.
  • (like tbh her favorite part of horse maintenance is seeing you in your riding gear.)


  • Jumin doesn’t Get horses, but he loves you, so he showers Bloomington the III with all the things a hose could want. It only increases in volume when you mention how hard it was growing up, and how you felt like Bloomy was the only creature in the world who understood you. Jumin gets it. He empathizes. And so, he wants to reward your horse for all of the company and comfort he’s given you throughout the years.
  • Toys, premium food, the best horse finery he can find… seriously, his man buys him a huge mcfreakin plot of land to do his horsey thing on.
  • He even tries to RIDE him, once you give him some lessons, though Jumin is a little absentminded and useless, so that doesn’t go entirely well.
  • He loves watching you with him, though, because you look so happy, and you’re always so very lovely when you’re happy.


  • are you kidding me
  • seven LOVES HORSES
  • you own a HORSE???!?
  • You kinda have to reign Seven in around Bloomington tbh, because he’s a bit too hyperactive and horses don’t really like that. But oh man, once you get him calm
  • seven feeds him treats out of the palm of his hand and he has never looked happier in his entire life.
  • (seven, no.)


  • he’s pretty shy around your horse tbh. He can’t see very well, and he’s not used to animals beyond cats and dogs, but Bloomy is so gentle and so good and V just melts when he nuzzles his hand and snorts on him.
  • He gets really interested in trying to photograph your precious equine pal. There’s some pretty interesting history with horse photography - people didn’t really get how horses moved until they could be captured on camera - and V thinks that historical background is neat.
  • You gallop and trot Bloomington around for V, letting him take his pictures, and you’re pretty sure that your diva of a pet enjoys the attention.
  • V eventually publishes a book of his horse photographs, and right on the very front page there’s a picture of you, riding him, and smiling with the sun in your hair.
  • (he says that one is his favorite.)

Unknown (Saeran)

  • Much like Seven, Saeran thinks your horse is great, but he’s way shyer about expressing his affection due to his severe emotional issues. With some coaxing, though, he consents to an introduction, and forming a relationship with Bloomington the III just… really… helps.
  • It’s healing for him, taking care of such an intelligent creature. He helps you clean his hooves, brush him, muck his stables, and you can see that he’s happy. It’s good work. Honest work. And at the end of the day, Saeran is rewarded with the love of an innocent, pure creature that doesn’t even understand the concept of evil.
  • Saeran gets so into horses, and when you start teaching him how to ride… it’s like the world has opened up for him.
  • After some time, he gets a horse of his own, and the two of you go on rides together through the countryside. It’s where Saeran belongs, out in nature, far away from the people who hurt him…
  • And he finally finds some measure of peace.


  • “uh,” vanderwood says, swallowing something that is definitely not fear. “no thanks.”
  • To Vanderwood, horses are big, stinky, and smelly. They’re unpredictable, dangerous, and they just don’t get the appeal. And… they never really do get the appeal. Vandy just isn’t an animal person.
  • But they’re a YOU person, so they’re going to be as supportive as they can.
  • You can never really get them interacting with him, but they do go to every single one of your horse shows. You do dressage, and while they don’t really like Bloomington on his own, with you riding him? Oh boy
  • oh boy howdy
  • it’s impressive. the two of you are impressive.
  • They can appreciate that, at least, and the bond the two of you share. Vanderwood might not want to directly interact with your horse… but they’re never once unhappy that he exists.

anonymous asked:

list of kinks/fetishes for bokuto, kuroo, kageyama, suga, kenma, daichi?

So, this request made me realize that I am definitely NOT an expert in any sense on kinks or fetishes. LOL, so I’m sorry if this didn’t get as kinky as you were hoping, Anon, but I hope that you still ended up enjoying it!

Also, I decided to go ahead and do all six since they ended up being a single kink for each of them that I went into detail on?


P.s. I wrote all this filth while listening to You Are In Love by Taylor Swift on repeat, omg!

Bokuto Koutarou: Okay, this boy for sure has a thing for praise. Just, like, he loves to know that he’s doing GOOD. Especially when it comes to pleasing his partner, the thing that just gets him going is the words of “yes, you’re so good!” He even goes as far to enjoy almost pet like encouragements like, “good boy” and comments like that. Seriously, if they came home and just talked about how GOOD he did at his game or anything at all, the boy will get hard without even needing to be touched! Fuck, man, just try and see if maybe they can get him to come with praise alone and see what happens to that beautiful man’s face!

Kuroo Tetsurou: I like to think that Kuroo would be an absolute sucker for any kind of dirty talk. Whisper anything in his ear and he’ll be a moaning mess for sure. Oh! Even better, do it out in public, the poor thing won’t even be able to contain himself, chances are things might end up getting a little frisky in the shadows. If they just tell him when they’re going to do to him (”I’m going to ride you until you can’t even remember your own name”) or what they want him to do to them (”I want that hard cock to make me scream tonight”) thinks like that!

Kageyama Tobio: My mind immediately went to this small crow’s ‘king complex’ and decided to run with it. So, like all kings, they need to be in control, which is exactly Kageyama’s issue. And really, everyone’s true personality transfers over into the bedroom, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if he’s big on giving commands, like, “touch yourself for me” and he’d be sitting in a chair across the room. And then he’d totally be all over being on top at nearly all times and to show his power, he’d have no mercy. Get ready for a long night because this boy isn’t stopping until both are completely, one hundred percent, sated.

Sugawara Koushi: I am with a lot of people when it comes to thinking of Suga as the kinkiest motherf-er that ever graced this earth. But despite all of his fetishes - BDSM anyone? - his favorite, I think would be aftercare. Like, yes, he loves to be rough and tie them up and spank them and all that great stuff, but the real bonding and intimacy of the act is definitely when he’s caring for them after it’s all over. Boy loves taking them up into his arms and gently brushing their hair and washing their entire body in the shower. He just wants to care for them and he loves all of the emotions that comes along with it. Chances are it leads into another session just so he can experience it all over again!

Kozume Kenma: Um, I kinda had a hard time with this cause I kinda headcanon this boy as asexual. And when I do put him in a relationship, it’s pretty vanilla, but role-play? I mean, he plays so many video games, I can see him getting a thing for a character and wanting to see what would happen. He probably made a joke about it to his significant other and they just showed up in costume and he was hooked and seriously got into character. He probably keeps his eyes closed most of the time and just let’s his fantasies take over all of his thoughts whether he’s topping or bottoming. 

Sawamura Daichi: Public sex. Or semi-public sex more like. Like, I keep telling myself that this boy wouldn’t do that, but at the same time I’m like, “Fuck, he wouldn’t give two shits who caught them.” Maybe it’s more the idea of possibly being seen that gets him going, like, ‘yeah, I’m fucking a hottie and I know you wish you were me’ kinda mentality. So, imagine it, they’re constantly engaging in explicit activities all over the place - the volleyball court, the club room, the fitting room at the mall, the bathroom at a party, the back alley of that club they went to - ANYWHERE. The rest of the team has learned to check before entering ANY room, lol!

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Hi there!!~ Today's my birthday and that just gives me the question: How would the UT/UF/US/SF bros surprise S/O for their birthday?? :)



He forgot.

The entire day, you think that you’ve got some kind of big date planned, but all he does is take you to the movies and casually falls asleep with his head resting on your shoulder and your fingers entwined.  He doesn’t mention your birthday, and it’s a shame.. because you got dressed up.  You’ve known that he was super laid-back and never really made a big deal about anything, but you also expected him to not forget something like this.  Even if he had just wished you a happy birthday, it would have been nice.

Or if he had even stayed awake during the movie.

You’re frustrated, but you’re still holding onto hope that he’s going to remember.  You start casually dropping hints about cake, but he just makes a few jokes that normally draw a laugh from you, but this time, just leave you irritated.  By the time you get back to his house, you’re hurt.

… And then, when you open the door, all of your friends pop out and Papyrus and Undyne are collectively holding the biggest cake you’ve ever seen.  You start to tear up and turn toward Sans, who shrugs and winks at you.  "what?  you didn’t think i was really going to forget something like your birthday, right?  give me a little cred here, kiddo.“  He chuckles and slips an arm around your waist, pressing his teeth to your cheek.  He’s pulled out all the stops; all your favorite foods are there, your favorite music is playing, and your favorite people have gathered.  A bulk of the presents are also from him, and they’re all things that you’ve never out-right verbalized that you’ve wanted; he pays attention to the little details when he’s out with you.

After everyone’s gone, he’s going to fall asleep with you in his arms.



Sans always makes a huge deal about Papyrus’s birthday, so it’s only natural that he should want to do the same for yours!  Papyrus has spent weeks learning how to bake a cake just for you (it’s still going to taste questionable, and the crunchy bits are eggshells, but he tried really hard, so if you could stomach a piece that’d be great), but before you get to taste it, he wants to take you to all your favorite date spots.  That restaurant you love going to?  You’re there.  Have you ever mentioned roller skating before?  Well, he’s game to try it.  The entire day is devoted to making you happy, and he’s so active that it’s going to be difficult keeping up with him.  

He keeps assuring you that "THIS IS THE GREATEST DATE BECAUSE IT’S ON THE DAY OF YOUR BIRTH!  WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE APPROPRIATELY TO MARK SUCH A MONUMENTAL OCCASION!”  Whatever you suggest, he’s all over with a passion.  He’s going to sing to you when you go back to his house, and he’s especially excited over your wish, but “BUT DON’T ME WHAT IT WAS OR IT WON’T COME TRUE!  BUT I HOPE THAT.. THAT I’LL BE ABLE TO GRANT IT FOR YOU!”

His gift is a hand-made scarf to match his in your favorite color.

Feel free to spend the night cuddled up to him in his race car bed because that’s frankly the best way to end any birthday celebration.


You wake up to a selfie of Red shirtless and halfway covered up by his crimson bed sheets, a devious smirk on his face.  The body of the message reads:  "happy birthday, sweetheart.“

It’s going to be a good day.

He’s bought you a cake, sure, but he’s also gotten his hands on quite a few chocolate-covered strawberries–because he heard they were sensual.  He wants to hand-feed you the strawberries, and the intensity of his eyelights on your face as you eat them incites a blush that he finds adorable.  The day is going to be spent in his house, either on the couch or in his room, though if you insist on going out, he’ll end up complying.  He’d prefer to just stay inside and keep you to himself, however.  He wants you wrapped up in his arms, and yeah, he’s going to be a little handsy.  

For your present, he’s gotten you a bracelet.  It’s simple, with a little skull-and-crossbones charm hanging from it, but the idea of you wearing something that makes you think of him every time you look down at your arm makes him really pleased.  

Red sings happy birthday to you, and with all the lights out and the flickering candles on the cake dancing across his features, you feel like it’s the best part of the night.  His voice is deep and rough, but he’s got a surprisingly good singing voice, and with his arms around your waist and his mouth close to your ear, it’s enough to make you melt.  



You’d better dress up for this one.  Papyrus is taking you to the fanciest restaurant (how in the world did he ever get reservations?  You decide not to question this one), and afterward, you’re going dancing with him. A little known fact about Edgy is that he’s a fantastic dancer, and even if you’re not, it doesn’t matter when he leads you through the steps so expertly.  His usual scowl even softens a little when he dips you back, and by the time you’re finished dancing, he’s smirking at you triumphantly.  "ARE YOU HAVING THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE YET?“  

Back home, his gift is going to be a stylish leather jacket that somehow fits you perfectly.  You’re pretty sure he added a few studs to it himself to make it look a little edgier, but it only makes you appreciate the gift more.  He tried to bake you a cake, but it turned into an oozing, gloopy mess, so he disposed of it and was forced to buy you one from the store.  He mumbled the happy birthday song under his breath while avoiding eye contact and then urges you to "USE YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR A WISH WISELY!  ..AND THEN TELL ME WHAT YOU WISHED FOR!”  


Blueberry wakes you up at your house– even if he doesn’t have a key or didn’t stay the night, he’s there.  He pounces on your bed and straddles you so he can lean down in your face.  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  I WANTED TO MAKE SURE I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO TELL YOU!“

..He says this despite the fact that he called you last night/this morning at precisely midnight and sang happy birthday to you.

The day is spent much like the one with UT!Papyrus; he takes you wherever you want to go, only dinner’s at his place.  He’s cooked tacos (with heaps of glitter) and baked a lop-sided cake.  Both of these creations aren’t going to be pleasant, but he’s so excited for you to try it that you can’t refuse.  He’s going to get Stretch downstairs to help him sing happy birthday to you, and then the three of you can watch movies on the couch while Blueberry cuddles into your side.  

Ultimately, you fall asleep on the couch with him gathered in your arms and your turned with you back resting against Stretch’s shoulder.  

For a gift, Sans got you a rather large plushie because he wants you to sleep with something that reminds you of him when he’s not sleeping over in your bed or vice-versa.    


Stretch had a cake made for you at Muffet’s, and while he’d rather spend the day just chilling and watching TV on the couch with you, he’s going to make an effort to make the day special.

That means you get a picnic in the park.  

Stretch is actually a decent cook, though he’s whipped up a few different sandwiches and snacks to bring.  He’s scouted out the best place in the park to roll out a blanket, and after your lunch, he’s going to just pull you back to rest your head against his chest and enjoy staring up at the clouds rolling by.  

When you’re finished with that, he takes you to a bar that’s got a live band playing that’s just your kind of music.  Whether or not you drink, you still end up seated in the back, listening to the band while being tucked beneath Papyrus’s arm.  If he’s had a few drinks, you’ll be able to coax him into dancing, but otherwise, he’s just going to tap his foot along with the beat.  

Afterward, he gives you a gift pertaining to your biggest interest.  If you’re an artist, you get a sketchpad or new watercolors/colored pencils.  If writing/reading is more your thing, you get a book you’ve been lowkey wanting.  If you happen to collect glass figurines of crying clowns, well he has a whole shitload of those in a box just for you.  Papyrus is way more perceptive than others give him credit for.

He sings to you, his voice low and mellow, standing behind you with his hands resting on your waist and his face right beside yours.  



That means.. you’re going to a theme park!

Did I mention Sans’s brother is coming, too?  Yeah, Papy’s coming because there’s no way in hell that Sans is going to stand in all of those lines, so he wants some back-up intimidating the crowds of humans.  Two skeletons that look as rough and sharp-edged as they do happen to be the ticket to the front of the line, and no one dares to say anything.  At this point, you’re used to receiving some dirty stares from things Sans may say/do, so you’re not even phased.  The three of you ride everything–twice–and on your way back home, Sans pulls over to eat at a nice restaurant.  Papyrus takes a shortcut home.

Since Blackberry failed miserably when he attempted to make you a cake, he relies on the free dessert your waitress brings out when he tells her it’s your birthday.  Embarrassingly enough, a giant group of the staff comes out to sing you happy birthday, and Sans jumps on the opportunity to mouth the words of the song along with them.  Yeah, he doesn’t sing; his face is flushed with the mere thought of it.  

After dinner, he drives you back to his house, where he gives you a collar like Papyrus’s as a gift.  Then, he spends the rest of the night clung to you, repeatedly asking you if you had a memorable birthday and then DEMANDING to know what you wished for when you blew out your candles.  


Papyrus doesn’t want to really go anywhere for your birthday; he’d much rather spend it at your house.  So, he brings over a cake he bought, candles, a gift, a stack of movies, and sets everything up while you’re still asleep.  When you wake up, he’s napping next to you on your bed, his arm lazily thrown across your waist.

"happy birthday, sweetie,” he mumbles when you wake up, pulling you against his chest and nuzzling his face into your neck.  He takes his time getting out of bed with you–and hey, if you decide to grab a quick shower, he’s going to ask if you want company with a sharp smirk.  Once you’re ready to start the party, he’s going to order a pizza and spend the day watching movies with you in bed/on the couch.  If you’ve ever wondered what a massage would feel like with skeleton hands, well you’re in luck because you’re about to find out!  He pampers you, and when it comes time for the gift, it turns out that he’s gotten you something pertaining to your hobbies as well as a simple necklace–with a heart the color of your SOUL.  After all, that’s the part he always finds the most beautiful of all when it comes to you.

He sings you happy birthday in a low, smooth baritone, his fingertips trailing along the skin of your lower back, just beneath the hem of your shirt.  When he’s done, he leans in until his fangs are close enough to skim your earlobe and says, “make a wish~.”

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Why don't you keep your mouth shut about clinton Anderson! Yes you think he's cruel but believe it or not people use his methods. And they work! Not even horse can be walked with. With your shitty 'soft horsemanship' You also need to think about how good his horses are. They win. Do you even ride zeke?

guys, it takes like, twenty seconds to skim my blog and see what I’m up to in my training and riding, come on.

but also FUCK YOU if you think that a method ‘working’ and winning competitions justifies animal abuse, please sell your horses and go fuck your own face, thank you and good night

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Bots finding out about human!reader being on their period? No worries if you don't wanna do it.

Mmmm good ask anon but I feel like that’s already been done well by other HC writers like @letsdiscussrobots for example (I think). Also idk what continuity you were thinking of BUT I’m totally up for a certain asshole birb having a learning moment in particular?

Warning: below the divide there will be a pretty graphic description of how cramps feel

You curl up further into yourself underneath your sheets, tucking your knees towards your chest for a few moments before turning onto your back and jerking them out straight below you. The pain was excruciating and you couldn’t figure out why this time. 

You remembered to drink copious amounts of water (albeit Ratchet forcing you rather than regulating it yourself), you had been cutting down on the sweets AND your recent assignments had you working out a lot more, and yet the cramps hadn’t become any more forgiving. On top of that there were apparently no space equivalents of Advil or Midol, and the heating packs Ratchet had in stock were all too large and way too hot for you to use.

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I follow a few horse groups on facebook, though I don’t spend much time in horseblr and i got to say. it’s wild how many people are utterly convinced of some kind of ‘special bond’ with their horse that somehow precludes any sort of cues whatsoever. Like, many people will claim that even the weakest bit is too cruel and unnatural and represents suffering for a horse, and that riding bitless is the only natural solution (even though bitless bridles and or halter-only work can cause pain and pressure via a horse’s sensitive nose) and that all aids are unnecessary if one is ‘close’ enough and the horse is ‘well trained enough.’

Domestic animals that are doing work, are not somehow communicating on a deep or spiritual level with humans. We have trained them to respond to cues and they have been rewarded for repeating certain behaviors on cue. There’s no level of trust I know of that can somehow transcend too-weak or too-poorly-made cues, and removing aids like a bit suited for the horse (or a bitless cue system they know well) or a seat they are familiar with will make cues less clear and communication less effective. That’s the part of the purpose of bareback ring work, to improve communication and a rider’s seat without stirrups. It’s not an automatic that removing that barrier or the ‘cruelty’ of a girth will somehow open up a heart-to-heart with a large unpredictable herbivore.

It doesn’t matter what apparatus you use, if your seat is poor and your elbows aren’t soft you will be confusing your pony and yanking their head around. A horse can’t understand a human if they don’t communicate outward cues, unless they’re somehow a trained circus riding acrobat or a psychic or a rivendell elf

night king one hit KO’ing a dragon with an ice spear is aesthetic af, and night king x viserion is the new otp.

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Sooo, I just spent the day at Cedar Point and it totally lived up to the hype. My boyfriend and I rode nearly every coaster and loved every second! The Top Thrill Dragster was particularly awesome! 10/10 would go again for sure.

External image

This makes me one of the happiest people to know that you have enjoyed America’s Roller Coast so thoroughly!!! Like srsly, when I get married I half want my reception there and be like “IF YA SUPPORT THE BRIDE URRBODY GET ON THE MILLENNIUM FORCE”

‘Anchor!’ Part 2

Note:So here it is guys the second part for Anchor..Sorry you had to wait this long..I hope that you’re going to like it..Or not,I don’t know but either way let me know what do you think..Oh and if I accidentaly forgot to tag someone please let me know so I can repair it..Enjoy!:)

‘I’m not going to do anything for you,in fact I’m going to use you as a bait the same thing you did with me.’
We were at mourge trying to get away from ghost riders,but standing here and listening to Theo and Liam bickering every five minutes isn’t really helping..‘Would you please stop fighting,the last thing I need is you two killing eachother and leaving me here all alone..Because for your information I have zero chances against this guys.‘I said annoyed.
‘I would never leave you.‘They both said at the same time and I raised my eyebrows as ‘REALLY GUYS,REALLY?! Then suddenly my body froze and I looked at Theo,by the look on his face I could tell that he already knew what was going on 'Ummm guys,do you hear that?'Liam looked confused at me 'Hear what?'Theo walked closer to the door 'Exactly,nothing.'He then walked back to me 'No matter what happens Y/N stay behind me.'I nodded my head..'Or me.'We both looked at Liam 'What I’m just saying.’
Yes,I was trying to move on from Theo but right now I couldn’t think about that.

I was tired of running around in this hospital..Me and Liam were standing next to eachother trying to catch our breaths as we saw a few ghost riders coming into our way.Suddenly I felt someone wraping their arm around my waist and I turned my head seeing Theo pulling me backwards..He pushed me and Liam into the elevator and I looked confused at him 'Theo what are you doing?’
'Being the bait.?He said with a smirk on his face I tried to reach out for him but the elevator doors were already closed 'No,no,no.'Liam pulled me in for a hug 'I’ll bring him back .I promise.’

By now me and Liam were running around school trying to find one of the horses,because Liam suddenly got an idea to ride into the Wild Hunt..And no matter how stupid it was I had to help him..We found one on the lacrosse field and as Liam was about to reach to him I felt someone pushing me and I fell..I saw Liam trying to free himself from a ghost rider but he was failing..Suddenly my eyes widened on a sight of Theo killing the ghost rider and I could see that Liam was surpriesed too..Without thinking I pulled him in a tight hug and I could feel him hugging me back 'Thank God you’re alive.'When I realized what I was doing I pulled away clearing my throat..'Sorry!'He smiled 'Don’t be.'We locked our eyes for a second and then he averted his eyes to Liam 'So what’s the plan?’
'Get a horse and go into the Wild Hunt.?Liam said rubbing the back of his head 'So I risked my life so you could be taken.’
'Kind of.’ Theo shaked his head and looked at me then back at Liam 'GO!'Liam nodded and jumped on the horse 'Do you even know how to ride a horse.'And I heard Liam yelling 'Umm not really.'And then he was gone and turned around and saw Theo slightly smiling and I couldn’t help but smile too..

By the time we defeated the Wild Hunt and before I could talk with Theo he was gone..So now here I am in my bed looking at the ceiling and trying to get some sleep..Suddenly I heard a doorbell and confused I looked at the clock seeing that it was already 3:00am.'Strange…I walked down the stairs and opened the door completely surpriesed to see Theo..'Theo what are you doing here?’
He looked at me unsure 'Can I come in?'I nodded my head and moved aside so he could enter..I closed the door and turned to look at him..
'You were right Y/N,you desrve to be free from this chains,from me..So I came here to say goodbye because I’m leaving from Beacon Hills.'I espected me to say something but I just couldn’t I was busy trying to stop my tears from falling..He kissed me on my forhead and was about to walk out from my house forever..'Don’t go.'I blurted out and I saw him stopping and turning to look at me confused 'Don’t go because I don’t know if I could survive if I loose you this time..'I said walking closer to him and putting my hand on his cheek 'I felt so scared that the ghost riders had killed you,scared that I was never going to see you..Yes you hurted me but it hurts me more knowing that I have to live without you and I don’t want to feel this stupid pain anymore..'I need you in my life Theo because maybe I’m not a werewolf but you are my anchor and I can’t live without you,I won’t live without you.I love you.'He didn’t said anything,instead he put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me..We pulled away and he hugged me 'God I don’t deserve your love..I got scared that I lost you so I thought that the only thing for you to be happy is for me to leave forever.'We pulled away and he put his hand on my cheek 'But now that I got you back 'I’m never letting you go..I love you so much.'I nodded my head and smiled..He kissed me on my forhead and hugged me again..People say that sometime holding on does more damage than letting go..Maybe…But I didn’t want to give up on one thing that makes me feel alive and also happy..That’s the thing about anchors..You hold on even if it hurts..

Imagine you are the only child of the king

Imagine you are the only child of the king. Your family has been pressuring you for a long time to start having children. Your father declares he doesn’t even care if they’re bastards. He just needs you to have babies to secure the succession once he’s gone. You, however, have made it clear that you have no interest in having children and flatly refuse to do it.

In desperation, the king tells one of his best spy-assassins to start putting a mild sleeping potion in your drink, just enough that you’ll sleep through it when he sneaks into your chambers and pours a little of the fertility potion down your throat. This potion is the most potent there is, and is known to frequently cause someone to have multiples. After the spy-assassin has done this, he is to try to impregnate you. More than once in a night if he can. He does so very gently so you don’t even know the next morning that you’ve been violated.

After only the third night of him doing this to you, you decide to take an evening ride just to clear your mind of all the fighting you’ve been doing with your family. Unfortunately, as darkness falls you cross paths with an goblin raiding party. They recognize your livery and grab you. They drag you back to their camp and several of them proceed to rape you for several days. Sore, hurting, and desperately afraid, you finally find a way to escape when all the goblins are asleep. You don’t stop running until you find one of the soldiers your father has sent to find you.

You’re too ashamed to admit what was done to you, and you decide you will never tell anyone. Then the symptoms begin. The nausea all through the day, the cravings for strange foods at strange times, the fatigue and aching, the constant need to relieve yourself. Every day you grow more afraid, hoping you’re really just sick. You don’t get to hold onto that hope for long. Your belly starts to round outwards, growing faster than it ought to. You hide it under your robes, you tell no one.

You do such a good job of hiding it that your father instructs the spy-assassin to re-start his efforts. As usual, he gets you to sleep, then gives you the fertility potion. But when he opens your robes and sees your naked body and the roundness of your tummy. He chuckles in satisfaction and even though he’s done his job, he has one last slow fuck, enjoying the feel of your pregnant belly under his hand.

He tells your parents that you’re most definitely pregnant. They’re absolutely thrilled and pay him handsomely for his services, and to keep him quiet. They summon you to their chambers the next morning and your father says he can tell that you’re with child.

That’s when you burst into tears and confess what happened with the goblins. It’s also when they have to confess what they’ve been doing to you.

Which leaves you and them with a terrible dilemma. There’s no way to know who’s child or children you’re carrying. The two events happened so close together that it could be anyone’s.

You are left wondering what to do with your belly that keeps growing all too fast, seeming to expand another month’s worth by the week. The quick growth could be due to carrying twins or even triplets, the much wanted heirs.

Or you could be carrying a goblin baby. They are much larger than human babies and grow quite quickly. Which makes it very painful, difficult and dangerous for a human to deliver one. A good portion of those birthing such babies don’t make it, and many who do are too damaged from the ordeal to ever conceive again. Your slight build and small hips mean that even a normal human birth would be a risk for you, but a goblin baby would mean you almost certainly wouldn’t emerge alive and still fertile. And the royal line would die with you.

Your parents keep you confined to the palace. You don’t trust anyone. You don’t drink anything you haven’t kept in your hand the entire time, not anymore. You don’t sleep much, either. You just lay there and feel helpless and violated, angry and utterly alone. You feel vindictive and in a way you don’t give a damn what you’re carrying, because you hate it so much. You hate everything, including yourself and how you look now, your once beautiful, slender body ruined by pregnancy that’s turned you puffy and swollen, with a huge belly jutting out in front of you as a constant reminder of how you’ve been betrayed. You can do nothing but wait to see what your parents will do, wondering if they’re going to send you to your death. All you know is that they better decide soon because your belly is only getting bigger and bigger.