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Ok so YES I love the long distance internet friends au but consider! Long distance wrong number au

honestly anon, thank you so much for this tonight. 

i took long distance and made it loooooong distance to the point where it probably doesn’t make sense, but ~~suspension of disbelief~~

texts between adrien and the mystery person (wow i wonder who) are in italics because theyre in french. also i didnt want to bother anyone so ‘numéro inconnu’ is from google translate so im sorry for….that

finally i tried to streamline how i do texts for this just because the way i do texts is usually a lot clunkier? so it looks more like wanna chat but isnt in like….the contact names are still what the other person would see? like when it says pretty boy thats ninos contact name for adrien and—

frick just tell me if its too confusing and tell me how to fix it im really tired

[on ao3 in case the read more is a butt and wont open]

2:51 PM
unknown number: Did this work?????
unknown number: a;slkdfjadj its me btw
unknown number: I mean duh its me who else would it be
unknown number: If you screenshot this conversation al I swear to go d Ill kill you

Adrien squints at his phone. Not only does he not know this number, but the text are in French. That’s…unusual. He thinks that it’s a lucky coincidence that his father is from France and insisted he learned the language before replying.

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The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

A fic for @komadoriwonder​ .
Set in Cor Et Cerebrum Continuity and a follow up to “Jason’s Gots Kids?” 

Rated: G
Gen/Family Bonding
Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Isaac Wayne, Damian Wayne, Kiran Devabhaktuni
6463 words
AO3 Link Here


The Babysitter’s Club: Tim and the Toddler

The ceiling fan whirs slowly above the bed while Tim stares at it and holds his cellphone to his ear.

“But why me?” he asks, in a voice that sounds too close to whining for his own comfort. “I don’t know what to do with a baby.”

“He’s not a baby. He’s three,” Jason answers. “And he likes you.”

This point seems feeble to Tim.

“Isaac likes everyone. What am I supposed to do with him? Why can’t Alfred watch him?”

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bless me

On Calling Marvin Bisexual

So sometimes in reviews or summaries of Falsettos, Marvin will be identified as bisexual. Nowhere in the text is Marvin explicitly described as “bisexual” OR “gay”. Below, I spend 1500 words explaining my complex feelings around this.

TL;DR I don’t think Marvin is bisexual based on his characterization and how his relationships are described, but, as a bi person myself, I think it’s important not to assume that if someone has a gay relationship after a history of straight ones, they must be gay and their previous relationships were invalid.

So, can you say that Marvin is bisexual? Sure.
Does it make sense to call Marvin bisexual in the context of his character, the show, and the Marvin trilogy? I don’t think so, but I also don’t think it really matters. Also he’s fictional so it doesn’t matter, so why did I write so much fuck

The Essay:

Obviously, perpetuating the “if you have had straight relationships in the past as soon as you start a relationship with someone of another gender it means you’re now only attracted to that gender” idea is stupid. I want more stories where that’s not true, so having a bisexual Marvin would be awesome!

BUT it is also true that for some people, that is exactly what it means. Maybe they were trying to force themselves to be straight, or were in denial, or didn’t realize being gay was an option, or a million other things, and then finally were able to come to terms with being exclusively attracted to the same gender, and acted on it

And also there might be some cases in between, obviously, because I don’t think anyone’s sexuality or relationships are so simple, I mean insofar as gender is already a wishy washy subject, like who fricking knows, man? Labels are just to help us understand ourselves and communicate our traits & tendencies to others

My point is, if there’s a male character whose relationship history is:
(i.e. high school sweetheart, Trina, Trina, Whizzer)
there are still a million different things that might mean about his sexuality, depending on how he feels about those relationships and his sexuality

You can’t really say “oh he’s definitely gay and just was in the closet for a while” or “oh he’s definitely just bisexual” based on just relationship history. In real life, I would say that you can only make statements like that if the person tells you. In fiction, obviously, you can make more informed decisions also based on how their relationships are portrayed, how they feel about them, what the other characters say about them, what makes thematic sense, or, like Dumbledore, what the author says.

So let’s take our case of Marvin. I think we can safely assume that Marvin is, at the very least, sexually and romantically attracted to Whizzer. Now, the question moves to his relationship with Trina.

My first reaction to Marvin bisexuality is “obviously you’ve never heard The Nausea Before the Game” but it’s also fair because while we call it the Marvin trilogy, it doesn’t mean that the Marvin of In Trousers is entirely the same character in Falsettos. They are definitely characterized differently, I would say, which is even evident in that Alison was Trina in both IT and March, but Michael was brought in as Marv even though Chip obviously was available to reprise the role (though that might be because Chip is straight and they wanted someone queer, like Michael, to portray Marvin)

Anyway, in terms of Falsettos alone, I still think it’s evident that Marvin was not attracted to Trina the same way he was to Whizzer. Like, Trina didn’t even think he was, though that could have been based just on his relationship w/Whizzer. See: “Marvin was never mine, he took his meetings in the boy’s latrine” and “I only want to love a man who can love me” and “He told me how he loved me, how he needed and/or valued me” which always implied that he was trying to say the correct heterosexual thing to her

Also, a big clue, when Marvin’s talking to Mendel “Did she ever drive you wild? No. Never? No. Never? No no no” like I’m pretty sure that’s very explicitly saying he was never sexually attracted to Trina. Now, romantically? Harder to determine, but I’m pretty sure no. He definitely loves her, I mean they shared each other’s lives, and they continue to be, he talks her up to Mendel, etc.

I think it’s also important, thematically, for Marvin to have no romantic or sexual interest in Trina, because of the way he reacts to Mendel getting with her. Like, if he was at some point attracted to her or in love with her, it makes sense that he would be angry and jealous and generally upset, even though he divorced her. *But* if we assume he was never attracted to her, it becomes purely about the power thing, which is a consistent theme around his character, that he cares more about being perceived as powerful and desirable (you chose him to make me look bad), as well as being secure and cared for (I want a tight knit family, love me or break my heart, his obsession with being made food) than he does about others’ feelings, or even his own. I mean the man ostensibly broke up with his boyfriend because he beat him at chess.

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wakeup call.

length: 2233 words
genre: im throwing up oh my god
insp: this gr8 gifset thank you
plot: you’re in a long distance relationship with hyungwon and after a year of not seeing each other you decided to wake him up on a particularly rough morning
a/n: hello everybody!! I just want to let y’all to know, that yes— we are alive— as you can tell from this fricking scenario bc i wrote it back in like november— BUT REGARDLESS, I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY YOURSELVES! ( we are not accepting requests at this moment )

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Starting Fires

Bechloe One shot. Set during PP2. As the World’s and Graduation approach, Beca reflects on her and Chloe’s relationship

Rated M for language and some minor smut.

Also available on and ao3

Enjoy :)

It was never supposed to happen like this. College, you mean. Four years ago you had it all figured out; the plan was simple and easy to follow. You go to college for a year to keep your Dad off your case, get through the year mostly by sleeping through classes and going to the bare minimum (namely just enough psych 101 classes to keep yourself off the attendance office’s radar) before leaving to go to LA.

So no, it was never supposed to happen like this.

The ‘this’, in your case is where you are right now. In your fourth and final year, drunk at a party hosted by a group of guys into organised nerd singing, one of which is your boyfriend.

You scan the room for said boyfriend but can’t seem to place him. Probably with Benji somewhere talking him down after another less than successful episode with Emily.

You can however, place a certain redhead over by the edge of the pool. Chloe. Chloe Beale.

That most definitely wasn’t supposed to happen.

You’re not sure when you started to fall in love with Chloe, but if you’re being honest it probably wasn’t long after she barged into your fucking shower in first year, something that seems like forever ago. You are sure of when you started fucking her though.

It’s honestly not as complicated as it sounds. It’s actually quite simple really. Some best friends watch movies together, or go to museums, or go shopping. Sure, You and Chloe do these things too, but you and Chloe also fuck.

You take a sip of luke warm beer and blanch internally at the word ‘fuck’, but it’s the only way you describe what you and Chloe do. There’s nothing tender about it, there’s no lingering kisses or post coital cuddles or any of that bullshit, it’s strictly a business transaction.

That’s what you tell yourself anyway, it’s easier to pretend that there are no feelings when you’re driving her to the brink of insanity, tearing her apart from the inside only to put her back together when you thrust in just the right way.

The first time was a complete accident. It was near the end of first year, in the run up to the Finals. Of course you were both wasted and it was fumbling and messy. She’d walked you back to your room after you’d chugged one too many of ‘Amy’s Surprise’, the surprise being that there’s most likely rat poison and bleach in there. Think Tom Haverford’s Snake Juice.
You’d told the girls you were fine and didn’t need a chaperone, but Chloe saw through you. She always did.

So that’s how you’d found yourself wrapped up under one of her arms as she tried her best to hold you up. You’d managed to stumble through the door after dropping your key three times, before the marginally more sober Chloe picked them up and let you both in.

You remember grinning like a fucking dork at her and whispering “my hero”, which made her giggle, something she did a lot around you.

She’d managed to get you onto the bed and started yanking your shirt off your head, trying to help you get into some pyjamas.

You both laughed when your arms got tangled up because you’d been flailing around to make her job difficult. You’d do almost anything to hear her laugh.

Her arms grabbed yours and you yanked her onto the bed with you.

It was silent then. Her face was inches from yours and you didn’t dare breathe. There’d been moments like this before, ones that you couldn’t quite describe. Where there was something almost palpable, some weird and messed up vibe that seemed to pass between you both. Her blue eyes, god those fucking insanely blue eyes would be screaming at you to do something. What that something was you never knew, but they pleaded to you, trying to get you to understand.

Before you could figure out what it was she was trying to say, she’d always look away. Whatever she was trying to tell you or trying to see in your eyes she’d obviously never got the answer she wanted.

Except this time she didn’t look away. She just kept looking at you for what felt like forever, her eyes burning into yours.

And that’s when you thought you knew what she wanted. You thought you’d got what she’d been trying to say. That’s when you kissed.

You couldn’t say who made the first move. One minute your eyes were open and you were looking into her bright blue ones, and then your eyes were closed and you could feel her soft, warm lips on yours.

The kiss turned sloppy and hot, breathy and needy. God you’d never felt such need before, and not just from her, but from yourself. You didn’t just want her, of course you wanted her, but you needed this. You needed her hands that felt like they were burning you as she practically tore your clothes off to get to your skin underneath.

You moaned into her mouth as she begged you to touch her. Over and over.

“God Beca touch me. Touch me”

You couldn’t refuse. You could never refuse Chloe anything.

Her body was radiating heat, moving so smoothly against your own as you clawed every inch you could touch. Her shoulders, her back, her thighs, scraping over and over again hoping to make her feel the same burning that was tearing through you. You needed to make her feel what she was making you feel.

You took her quick and hard. It wasn’t the tender and sweet way you’d imagined it would be in the few daydreams you’d had about this. It was too rough, too rushed but she wasn’t complaining. And seeing her ride your fingers that you kept pumping into her faster and deeper with every breathless moan she gave you, hardly encouraged you to slow down.

You know that you’ll never forget seeing her fall apart that first time. Eye contact, there was just so much of it. Her bright blue eyes never left yours, her red hair matted and sticking to her face, probably the only time you’d ever seen it not looking immaculate. And she’d never looked so perfect.

After one final thrust from you and one high pitched moan from her, one which probably fucked up her nodes even more, she was done.

Her hands softly lingered on your chest, lightly tracing the marks she’d left from her nails digging in as she rode your hand.

And then she smiled. And that’s when you realised three things: first, you though you’d answered the question that had constantly been in her eyes every time she looked at you. You’d worked out what she’d been asking; she’d been asking for you. The second thing was that she’d never looked so fucking beautiful and that there was no way you weren’t going to do this again. And the third thing was that you couldn’t do this again and you could tell no one.

You tried not to let that last one get to you. This was your moment together. The one that the whole of first year had been building up to whether you knew it or not. And fuck, you were going to enjoy it.

That was the only night she ever stayed over after. She’d collapsed onto your chest, kissing hungrily and restarting the fire inside you that you thought had been sated by pleasuring her.

She fucked you just as hard, using her absurdly talented mouth relentlessly on your embarrassingly wet entrance until you couldn’t hold on anymore and released after she’d ordered you to cum for her.

When you woke up the next day, hungover and aching like a bitch, she was gone, leaving only the faint smell of her perfume on your skin and the raised red marks on your chest.

Things returned to normal after that. Well, as normal as they ever could be between you and her. Her eyes still bore into yours but with an entirely different question this time. When are we doing this next?

It was always unspoken between the two of you. You knew there couldn’t be a next time. She had Tom and you had Jesse. Maybe.

Jesse was a problem and a complication, one you didn’t need. But he was nice, and safe and he didn’t scare you like Chloe did. There was never a question in his eyes and he never set fires under your skin. But that’s a good thing.

That’s why you kissed him. Because after winning, the only thing you could see was Chloe. Chloe was there and she was pleading with you again. Again again again, there could be no again. You couldn’t get attached like this, you couldn’t need someone like you so badly needed her.

You didn’t need Jesse, so you kissed him.

And you and Chloe were friends. You could do friends. So things were fine. You went through the motions, hanging out with Jesse and trying to like him like you should like your boyfriend, to love him, to be in love with him.

The sex was fine. Just fine. There were no fires or primal urges. He didn’t make you want to tear his skin off and taste him, to feel his soul and hear his every breath come just for you.

You and Chloe stayed true to your unspoken promise and never spoke of the incident. Not to each other and not to the other girls. And certainly not to Jesse.

You’d thought about telling him before you started dating, it’s not like you were together or anything when it happened. He couldn’t be mad for something that happened before you were even together, right?

But then things got complicated when it happened again.

You hated cheating. You still hadn’t forgiven your father for it, not entirely, even if you knew your mum and dad were better off apart. It was the one thing you couldn’t condone, and yet you did it to a sweet guy who cared for you so much.

And to make things just that much sweeter, you weren’t even drunk this time.

It was your third year and you’d just officially started back. You hadn’t seen Chloe all summer and texting her near constantly just wasn’t enough. You never thought it was possible to miss someone so much. You even the most irritating things about her like her constant optimism or the way she’d snuggle up to you when you were watching a movie even though she knew you hated both movies and human contact. Well, most human contact at least.

You guys had just moved into the Bella’s house and you’d assumed you’d be the last one. When you arrived however, you found only Chloe had already moved her stuff in. Not that you’d planned your move in date around when she was planning on moving or anything. Definitely not.

Either way you were both alone. Together. And before the words “Oh! I guess we’re the first ones here!” Had fully left her mouth and before she’d even hit you with her dazzling smile you knew what would happen. It didn’t even feel like a choice, at this point it was inevitable.

You managed to hold off for far longer than you thought. She helped you unpack your stuff into a room on the top floor, one you’d agreed to share with Fat Amy (sharing with Chloe was a definite no go, for obvious reasons).

She told you about her summer and how she’d spent it volunteering at a school for underprivileged children with a knack for music. Even though you knew almost every story she relayed to you as she’d told you via text, you still laughed with her and reassured her of her talent when she voiced her doubts of her ability to teach.
Just being around her made you smile. You felt like you could finally breathe again, like for the entire summer you’d been on edge, so restless and lost and you’d finally found your place again.

After you told a particularly funny story about your step monster choking on some water you’d got her and ‘aca-accidentally’ spilt salt into, Chloe snorted and then sighed.

“I’ve really missed you.”

There was something in the way she’d said it. It was vulnerable and fragile, like you could break her if you said something typically 'Beca’. Basically anything sarcastic or devoid of emotion.

Her eyes shifted downwards as she’d said it and god you needed her to see your face when you said it back.

You’d leant across the kitchen island and tilted her chin up so she was looking at you.

“I missed you too, you weirdo.”

You assumed you’d said the right thing because her eyes lit up again and she was smiling back at you.

Strike one.

She suggested the movie. After a day of playfully unpacking and brushing up against each other as you placed random kitchen utensils in drawers and cupboards, you knew it was a bad idea.

Every time she’d brushed by you you’d tried so hard. So fucking hard not to imagine taking her right on that kitchen counter. Tried not to stare at the tiny strip of skin on her stomach that flashed when she reached for a high shelf because you were too small. And no you definitely weren’t purposefully suggesting putting all the pots and pans on the top shelf just to see her do it. Not at all.

Of course you failed, and more often than not imagined dragging your tongue across that strip of skin and making her beg for it, making her want this as much as you did.
She’d turned around when you were openly checking her out and you’d blushed. She’d only raised an eyebrow and winked before brushing past you again, letting her hand graze over the waistband of your jeans.

Strike two.

You’d let her pick the film as always. You couldn’t give a fuck what you watched because you knew you’d end up just playing with Chloe’s hair and forcing yourself to keep your eyes glued on the screen instead of meeting her eyes.

She’d picked Marley and Me, which didn’t really surprise you. Cute puppy that presumably dies meaning she’d probably cry and have to snuggle further into you. Sounded perfect.

It was about halfway through the movie. The puppy was no longer a puppy, even though Chloe still referred to him as 'puppy’ as she said “all dogs are puppies no matter how old they are” She looked too cute for you to argue.

You were in your usual movie watching position. You were sat almost bolt upright with your legs stretched out and propped on the coffee table, whilst Chloe rested her head on your shoulder and had an arm slung around your waist. She’d idly play with the fabric of your shirt and you’d somehow end up with your arm around her and toy with loose strands of her hair.

Of course you’d lost interest in the movie. You had after about 10 minutes, but it was Chloe so you at least tried to feign interest for a while.

You were partway through braiding a random section of her hair when you realised she’d stopped watching the movie too.

Your hand froze where it was and you’d looked at her.

And that was Strike Three.

She moved first this time, her hand trailing up your arm and quickly tangling in your hair, effectively pulling you to her.

There it was again, building up inside. How she managed to get you so worked up from just a kiss you’d never understand. Kissing Jesse was nothing like this, there was no passion, no spark and there never had been. Not like with Chloe.

You pulled her upright and onto your lap, keeping her lips locked on yours as she gasped allowing you to explore her mouth with your tongue.
It felt right. That’s all you could think. Every other coherent thought slipped away and Chloe filled your senses. Her touch, her scent, her taste - Chloe Chloe Chloe.

You couldn’t get her t-shirt off quick enough. You needed to feel her against you right then and there. She must’ve felt the same as she discarded of your shirt and t-shirt almost in one motion.

You buried your face in her neck, biting, licking, sucking any flesh that you could. You revelled in the soft and breathy moans. She was making those noises for you. You were doing that to her.

Her hips rocked with yours, trying to find friction in any way possible.

“I need you.”

You didn’t say it back. You didn’t have to. Pulling back to look at her, her eyes blazed. She knew. She fucking knew.

A smirk played on her face as she got on her knees unzipped your jeans, pulling them down to your ankles.

Ecstasy. As soon as her tongue caressed your folds. This was how it should feel. This is what it’s like to be loved.

You came undone easily, even though this was only your second time together, she understood exactly how you wanted to be fucked.

With your head thrown back against the sofa, one hand in her hair pushing her impossibly closer to your centre and the other clenched in between your teeth to keep you from crying out.

“Look at me when you come.”

Your eyes snapped open and your head bowed down to Chloe Beale.

With one final thrust of her fingers and flick of her tongue it was over.

You could feel the guilt hit you almost immediately. Except it wasn’t really guilt, and that was the worst part. You knew you should feel bad, really really bad. But you felt like you should feel guilty, not actual guilt. Like some weird echo of a feeling. Pre-guilt almost or like second hand guilt. Was that even a thing? How could you feel guilty about something that felt so right?
Her eyes stayed on yours and in that moment you didn’t give a fuck. This weird non-guilt could wait.

You were soft with her to begin with. You didn’t dive straight in despite every fibre of your being telling you to do just that. This was your last time with Chloe, and you wanted to savour it. But then didn’t you want to make it count?

The internal battle was interrupted by Chloe roughly grabbing your hand and pushing it against her breast.

“Take me how you want me.”

You wanted her every way. You wanted her hard and quick against the wall, soft and long on your new bed, her new bed, primal and angry on the floor of every fucking room and full of love on the kitchen counter.

The kitchen counter.

You lifted her up by her ass, feeling her arms lace around your neck and thighs clamp around your waist.

She bit your neck hungrily as you moved as quickly as your dumb, tiny legs could carry you to the kitchen.

You all but threw her on the counter top, not even bothering to take her skirt off, instead simply brushing the hem upwards and plunging two fingers straight inside her.

You both moaned loudly and her fingernails dug into your neck in response.

“You’re so wet”

Her bright blue eyes glazed over as she reattached your lips, rocking her hips to meet every thrust of your hand.

The kitchen island wobbled under your movements, a banging sound floated amongst your heavy breathing and Chloe’s moans.

“Beca. Beca. Beca.”

It was torture. No one should feel this good. No one deserved to feel like this.

Her breath tickled your ear and it was all too much. Too much Chloe.

You needed more.

Stopping momentarily, much to Chloe’s dismay (if her groan was anything to go by) you pulled her skirt down off of her legs sharply, swiftly followed by her lacy underwear.

Her legs remained around your waist and you gave her a hard kiss before travelling south to lick at the expanse of soft skin on her stomach, like you’d wanted to all day.

“I’ve wanted to take you like this all day.”

It came out before you could stop it. Chloe had that effect on you. Nothing was too much for Chloe. Nothing you could say was too much or too far. Nothing you could say would make her run.

Her hands gripped your hair and pushed you down desperately. You pulled her legs to rest on your shoulders and tasted her in one smooth lick.

Heaven. Like fucking heaven.

You couldn’t believe you’d gone over a year without this. How. You couldn’t believe you’d forgotten how it could feel to make a fallen angel curse so loud and scream to the god that banished her. How anyone could banish Chloe Beale you’d never know.

Long after she’d climaxed, you continued to lazily stroke with your tongue. You never wanted this to end, you never wanted to live without this again.

You only stopped when she feebly tugged on your head, pulling you back up to her.

She eagerly tasted herself on your tongue, which did nothing to douse the flames inside of you.

You stayed like that for a while whilst you both calmed down. Both of you completely naked in the kitchen, Chloe sat on the kitchen counter and you stood between her legs just resting your forehead against hers. You occasionally kissed her cheeks, her nose, her lips, the scar on her forehead, tasting her salty skin.

Neither of you said a word, just let the world be for a while, just the two of you suspended in time.

The clock on campus struck 2am and you both knew it was over. Chloe looked at you funny. She looked almost sad, but so so happy too.

You knew how she felt. Knew exactly what her bright blue eyes were telling you. With the strike of that clock it was back to being friends. Back to Jesse.

With the second strike you kissed her as tenderly as possible, pouring as much of yourself into that kiss as you could. You tried to say what you couldn’t, what you wouldn’t. Tried to tell her that you loved her and that you were leaving Jesse, that you weren’t afraid anymore, that this would happen again.

As you pulled away, she nodded. And it broke your fucking heart. She understood you. She always did.

You held up a finger, asking her to wait a moment. You made your way back to the living room and picked up the discarded clothes on the way.

When you got back, Chloe was sat exactly as you left her.

She smiled sadly at you again, a smile that didn’t reach her eyes and you tried not to cry. This was your fault. This was all your fault.

You showed her you loved her in the only way you knew how. You hooked her bra back on over her shoulders. You lifted her arms up, kissing her shoulder, her forearm and her hand before putting her t-shirt back over her head. Her pants were slipped back on as you lifted her off the counter and slid them under her. You redressed her with the tenderness that was lacking when you undressed her. Maybe you could put her back together in the same way.

She reciprocated, of course she did. She’s Chloe Beale. She’d never take and not give back. She’d always give back and go one better because that’s the kind of selfless person she is.

She took her time in straightening your collar and brushed non-existent dirt off your shoulders, giggling when you took the opportunity of having her face near yours to lick any part of her face you could reach.

You both stood, fully dressed in the kitchen. You couldn’t move, couldn’t leave. If you left the room then it was over. And that terrified you more than you could say.

As always, you didn’t have to be scared because Chloe made the decision for you. She held out her arms and pulled you into a hug, squeezing you tight.

“Goodnight Beca.”

And with a kiss to the top of your head she was gone.

You’d stood in the kitchen for a while and tried not to cry. You failed.

And now here you find yourself, stood on the outskirts of the party, trying not to think about her.

Downing your beer, you sighed and entered the party. You should probably go and find Jesse, you did say you would after all. He’d text earlier asking where you were and you’d told him you were working late at the studio. You lied.

You weren’t with Chloe either. She didn’t know about the internship and you didn’t want her to either. Not for the reasons that you kept telling Jesse, the go-to “She’s just so focussed on World’s and I don’t want her to think I’m getting distracted” or any of that bullshit. You don’t want her to know because it’s a sign of things changing. Of life beyond College. Life beyond Chloe. And that’s unthinkable.

You hate it. You came here to do one year, speak to as little people as possible, make no attachments and leave. Pursue your dream and focus solely on that. And now it’s 3 years later and you’ve managed to fall in love with your best friend. Fall so hard that the thought of leaving this stupid fucking college makes you sick.

You have the dream internship, your shot to do what you want, and now because of one girl you don’t even know if you want it anymore. If leaving College and pursuing your dream means leaving Chloe, then perhaps Chloe failing to stay at Barden doesn’t seem so crazy after all. You’d fail too if it meant staying with her.

You needed time. It was going so fast and you just needed some time to figure all of this out. You’d never been a fan of change, anything new or scary and you’d run. And now so much was happening all at once and you’re barely holding it together.

Grabbing another cup of beer, you go in search of Jesse.

When you find him he kisses you and you fight back the urge to vomit. And then you have to stifle the shame you feel at being such a terrible girlfriend. If only he knew.
He grills you about not telling Chloe about the internship and just hearing her name makes your stomach flip and you feel woozy. But not in the way that Jesse makes you woozy. It’s not nausea, it’s that sickeningly sweet fire taunting you.

Thankfully he says he’s heading home. He looks exhausted and you feel even worse. You’ve been such a shitty girlfriend recently and it shows on his face. He knows it’s done, he’s just waiting for you to find some fucking guts and tell him. He deserves that.

He doesn’t kiss you goodbye, just kind of awkwardly pats your shoulder.

You feel relieved. You feel horrible.

Another beer later and you’ve spoken to Emily. She seems nice. So enthusiastic and it makes you smile. She reminds you of Chloe in that way.

Skip to another beer and you know you’re drunk. A nice level of drunk. You feel warm and floaty and you’ve temporarily forgotten about graduation and leaving Barden.

You’re about to go grab another beer when you smell vanilla and cherries and home.

“There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

You almost don’t want to turn around. You haven’t even looked at her and you already want to cry and to drag her inside and make her yours.

But of course you turn around, because it’s Chloe.

Fuck. She’s a little drunk too. You can tell by the way her eyes are dropping slightly and her mouth is smiling lazily. She looks so goofy and adorable that you can’t help but smirk back at her.

Before you can think of anything smart to say, she’s grabbing your hand and leading you away from the party.

This is bad. You know it’s bad but you can’t make your feet stop moving even if you wanted to.

“Where are we going?”

You’d hoped that you wouldn’t sound as nervous as you felt, but your voice shook slightly. Chloe always made you nervous in the best way.

She carried on leading you away from the party, dragging you through the hole in the bush and towards the Bella’s house.

“Somewhere quiet to talk.”

This is really really bad.

To your surprise Chloe stops on the doorstep of the house and flops down, gesturing for you to do the same.

You raise an eyebrow waiting for an answer.

She shakes her head slightly and gestures more fervently to the step.

“Sit. I don’t bite.”

You can feel yourself smirking even more now. Can’t make any jokes about her and biting, you know you don’t talk about it. You never talk about what happened between you and her.

“Pretty sure I have scars on my thighs that say otherwise.”

Shit. You’re just as shocked as Chloe is, but you try to shake it off.

Chloe however, looks completely thrown. Her mouth is slightly agape and her eyes seem to have gotten even bigger and brighter than usual if that’s even possible.

Her eyes look for yours. And that’s it.

You don’t care anymore. You’re not sure if it’s the beer or talking with Emily, a next generation Bella, or the defeated look you saw in Jesse’s eyes or whether it’s just Chloe, but you know that this is it.

Chloe. Chloe sat in front of you. Chloe jumping in your shower and singing her lady jam with you. Chloe teaching you the dance moves even though she knew you knew them already and just liked having an excuse to have her touch you. Chloe who fought for you to be in the Bella’s, who stood up to her best friend because she believed in you. Chloe who wiggled her way into your life and broke down all of your stupid walls. Chloe whose eyes light up every time you enter a room. Chloe who listens to your mixes and believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. Chloe who you love. Chloe Beale.

And it’s that simple. It’s what she’s been saying for four years now. You thought it was lust, that she needed you, which she does. But that’s not what she was asking. She was asking you to love her. And she’s sat on your porch looking at you with the same love in her eyes as she did when she first met you and you feel so stupid. She loved you all along.

And you loved her too.

You smile. It’s not a smirk, it’s an actual smile.


You hold out your hand and you know she’ll take it without asking why.

She does and you lead her inside, climbing the stairs to your room.

You gesture to your bed and she sits, looking at you questioningly. She’s nervous. Good. Because you’re nervous too.

“Okay. You know I’m no good with words but I need you to just be quiet and listen to me.”

She nods.

This is awful. You don’t know what to say. Your mouth is dry and you’ve sobered up completely. What can you say to a girl who you’ve broken so completely so many times throughout the past years? You’re still with Jesse, how can you do this now?

You’ve been quiet for a while and you’ve almost forgotten that Chloe’s there. You’re lost inside your head and you can’t do this.

“Hey… Hey.”

And then she’s there. She’s stood in front of you and she’s taking your hands.

You look at your interlocked fingers, look at the way her hand fits perfectly in yours and how your thumb automatically started making small circles on her hand.
Looking at her is almost painful, but you do it. Because by god it’s the sweetest kind of pain you could ever ask for. You’d endure any kind of pain for her.

She’s smiling at you. She looks like she’s going to cry too. You hope she doesn’t feel pain when she looks at you too, but you know she probably does.

But her eyes are full of forgiveness. And of love.

And you know what you need to say.

“I love you.”

It’s cracked. It’s broken. And it’s true.

Your eyes never leave hers, even as she’s leaning in and you feel the heat from her skin radiate onto yours, starting the fire that never really leaves when you’re around her.

Her lips are on yours and it’s perfect. It’s Chloe.

Your lips tell her everything that you could never articulate. They tell her of all of your fears, your doubts, your worries and they get washed away in her mouth.

You break apart and can taste salty tears, whether they’re hers or yours you don’t know, but it’s one and the same.

She giggles. Softly, but it’s definitely a giggle.

“I know.”

There’s not much you do know. You don’t know how you’re going to break up with Jesse or what exactly your plans are after you graduate, but the one thing you do know… Fuck the only thing you’ve ever known, is that whatever happens, you will always be in love with Chloe Beale. And she will always be in love with you.

Here’s a silly Hoperai oneshot to hopefully brighten your day

The Nature of Patience

Post-LR (New world stuff)

Hope was a damn attractive boy.

Like, he was almost too pretty, Lightning thought. Those expressive, pale green eyes and full, soft-looking lips and that fluffy silver hair, so fine and smooth…he was like a doll. A platinum-haired, pale-skinned, green-eyed doll boy; beautiful and soft-featured like a girl, but just masculine enough to distinguish him from the lady-folk. Yes, Hope could seem a tad girly at fist glance, no denying that, but…

Then he’d open his mouth, and god damn.

There was no mistaking that voice. The kid had a panty-dropping voice. Especially now, after he’d lived for a millennium and entirely abandoned the higher, more boyish tones he’d used back when his appearance had actually matched his age. Lightning could sit and listen to him in fascination for hours, just admiring the sound as he happily chattered on about topics she doubted she’d ever be able to wrap her mind around—because goddamn, the little shit was brilliant as fuck. (He was also sassy as fuck, as she’d learned during the thirteen days she’d spent tethered to him via wireless com.)

Of course, Lightning had always recognized that Hope was a damn attractive boy, ever since she met him. How could she not? How could anyone not? However, she had never had any kind of romantic or sexual interest in him back when they’d first adventured together. Well, in the beginning, anyway. He was seven years her junior and acted like a little princess—certainly not the kind of person to ping on Lightning’s romantic radar. But you see, the problem with Hope is that once you get past his bitchiness and general aura of weakness, he’s actually a badass motherfucker. The kid was borderline nuts and could hold a hell of a grudge, but he could also cast a blizzaga like nobody’s business, he had surprisingly sharp senses, and he was somehow able to understand Lightning better than anyone, bar her sister, ever had in the past or would in the future. He’d quickly grown into someone that Lightning cared about despite herself. And then he’d gone and closed the age gap as well. More than closed it; reversed it. The sneaky bastard.

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The Girlfriend Tag (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Originally posted by teenagedfricks

Summary: Youtuber!Ashton is doing the girlfriend tag with Youtuber!Y/N

Requested: Yes, by @neversurvivedanightinthemaze 

Warnings: there might be a swear or so and this is poorly written 💔

A/N:I know nothing about this challenge thingy but I did my best.Sorry this took forever im on semi-hiatus! But I hope you enjoyed it :) not been proof-read, but gimme feedback on this

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a imagine with Calum based on the numbers 11 and 24 of that prompt list? xx

#11 “Lay one more hand on her/him…”

#24 “Do it, I dare you.”

“Ooh, let’s play truth or dare!” Michael suggested.

Everyone knew it’d be a bad idea and yet we all sat down, drinks in hand to join. It was me, the guys, Jack, a couple of guys they knew, Bryana, Arzaylea, and a couple other girls. I didn’t really know the others, just the guys from when we were best friends back home. I watched Calum take a seat, smiling at something one of the other guys said. God, he was so cute when he smiled.

Ever since we met back in 8th grade, I’d had a small crush on him. He was just always so nice to me. I mean the other guys were nice, but Calum was the one who was always there. If I needed someone to pick me up late, he was there. If I had a bad breakup, he was there with his arms around me before I could shed a tear. When my dad passed away, he was the one who stayed with my family after the funeral, and refused to leave my side until I felt better, which took months. As I got older, the crush grew stronger, and every time I started to feel strongly for him I found someone else to be with. But every time, when the relationship ended, he was there, and I was back to loving him. Even after he went on tour, we still talked over Skype and text, and he flew me out for a couple concerts.

I took a seat in one of last open areas and looked around. There were about 12-15 of us. I watched as people went. Some played it safe and said truth (which was’t actually all that safe because the questions people asked were brutal), and some daringly chose to do whatever action we told them to. One guy had to streak in the ocean, another had to give Michael a lap dance (which was hilarious).

“Y/N, truth or dare,” a guy named Mason asked. He’d been talking to me a good chunk of the night. He was cool, but I could tell he was the type to start stuff.

I weighed my options quickly in my head. I mean with truth, he could ask about anything, and I didn’t really want my personal life out there. “Dare,” I called out, and everyone goes “ooh” under their breath, wondering what I’ve been subjected too.

“Very bold, I like it!” he pauses to think. “I dare you… to go make out with Jack.”

I can hear everyone chatting in the background. Jack? I’ve known him for years, but I’ve never felt that way about him. But the alcohol flowing through my system tells me it won’t be that bad, and that Jack’s a cool guy.

“For how long?”

“At least 10 seconds.” I nod, looking around for a way to escape this. My eyes meet Calum’s, who happened to be next to Jack, and he looks angry. Part of me hopes and wishes it’s jealousy pointed towards me, but I know it’s not. He’s made it clear on plenty occasions he doesn’t feel that way for me.

Like when he came to watch movies with me after he broke up with his girlfriend and I told him i loved him to which he replied, “I love you too. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.”

I moved towards Jack, who looked slightly excited, but that was probably just the amount of alcohol he’d had. Everyone was silent as I leaned into him, and I felt a little weird with all eyes on us. As my lips lowered to his, I felt his hand teasing at the endue of my shirt, which had ridden up to my mid-back.

I hovered over him. It hit me quickly that I really didn’t want to kiss Jack. He smelled like tequila, and I liked him too much as a friend to be cool with this.

“Well, do it! I dared you.” Mason says.

I close my eyes and brace myself. I’m sure my face look disgusted but whatever, nobody will remember this tomorrow. Ugh, his hand was getting lower.

Suddenly Jack is knocked over and I open my eyes to see Calum bent over him. “Lay one more hand on her and I’ll kick your ass so hard that no doctor will be able to fix you.”

He took my hand and pulled me up, pulling me back to the beach house the guys rented for the weekend. He dragged me into the living room, plopping me down onto one of the couches. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I was okay out there too,” I can see a slight red tinge all over his face.

“No you weren’t. I can tell you didn’t want to do it.”

“I didn’t. But I also didn’t need you to save me from it. You need to apologize to Jack by the way. He did nothing wrong.”

“He was touching you.”


“I… I just don’t think it was appropriate.”

“You sound like a fricking teacher.”

“I don’t mean to!” he yells.

“I know,  it’s okay. ….Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I just… I just wanted to protect you.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you’re my best friend.”

I want so badly to yell at him that I wish we could be more than that. Whatever drinks I consumed earlier push me to ask. “That’s it? Just because I’m your best friend?”

He closes his eyes and wipes a hand down his face. “I like you, Y/N. Like more than as a best friend. Okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? I like you, and seeing you with other guys kills me,” he says angrily.

I lean back a little, “Woah. I was not expecting that.” Every time we have intense conversations I try to push him like that but he never budges.

“Yeah, neither was I. I just can’t take it anymore. Ever since that Ron guy in 9th grade, I’ve liked you and wanted you more than I could say. But every time I got close to doing something, some other guy would come in.” My mouth drops. He’s liked me that long? “I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. And if this ruins our friendship then so what? I can’t take spending time with you as just a friend anymore.”

I watch as he broodingly makes his way to the door. “Wait!” I say, catching up to him quickly. “I like you too. Have for a while now,” I say trying to be calm. “For like, oh, I don’t know 6 years now.”

He turns around. “No fucking way. You’re just making that up to make me feel better.”

“I wish I was. I also wish we would’ve had this talk back then.”

He wraps his arms tightly around my waist and picks me up, kissing me. And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the most amazing and relieving thing I’d ever experienced. He kissed me with a passion I’d never experienced, and it made me feel like the kiss had gone on forever and would continue to, and I didn’t mind it one bit.

When he finally put me down and stopped kissing me. I said, “You still have to apologize for being so rude to Jack.”

“My intentions were good,” he said.

“Yeah sure. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

“If I get to walk it with you then I definitely wouldn’t mind,” he says, smiling.

“I’d prefer we stay away from hell,” I say, bursting out laughing with him. 



A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you like it. I didn’t really know if you wanted 2 stories or them to be combined or what, but I decided to just combine them into one story. I know it’s a little cliche, but I like it that way, hope you do to.


best friend to boyfriend: dino
  • you guys have known each other since you were toddlers 
  • as you guys grew up together you considered him like your brother and vice versa
  • you call him “dino” because of a dinosaur toy he had for the longest time
  • he’s young but he’s advanced far beyond his years ok
  • in a group roast he will burn everyone to the ground
  • if you’re playing against him in any edition of Just Dance he’ll kick your butt
  • he’s really good at games in general, esp those wii sports ones that require a lot of moving
  • the biggest michael jackson fanboy, has all of his songs and the This Is It DVD and he learned the choreography from all of his music videos and even has a shiny glove like him he sings man in the mirror while getting ready for the day every day
  • but he has a broad taste in music and he listens to both mainstream top 40 hits and underground up-and-coming musicians
  • he’s a pretty open minded person bc he believes in constantly improving and growing so he doesn’t have a lot of strong/negative opinions abt things
  • when you guys text he uses a lot of emojis and quick comebacks
  • he’s the kind of guy who’s down for anything when it comes to getting together
  • “hey dino, wanna come over and watch the entire first season of this show i just found?” “heck yeah”
  • he’s such a pleasant, laid-back person to be around
  • he has a sixth sense abt people and what mood they’re in so he knows when to cheer someone up or quiet down if they’re v irritated
  • he takes it really hard if someone’s frustrated and they snap at him bc he feels responsible for that kind of stuff 
  • one time someone was being super, super rude to him and you stepped between him and the perpetrator and you were like
  • UM
  • and that jerk finally left dino along and you asked dino if he was okay and he looked really caught off guard but he was like “yeah i’m fine……i didn’t know i was your best friend.”
  • and you’re like “dino……listen…….i would die for u ok…..u nerd”
  • he smiles bc he’s so lucky to have a friend like you 
  • except now he’s feelings abt you……..weird things……what is happening…….
  • he’s confused for the most part bc this is pretty new to him and he’s trying to figure out all the feels he’s feeling for u
  • if you’re having a bad day he’ll immediately do something about it like tell a funny joke or change the subject in your conversation
  • sometimes he’ll just wrap his arms around your shoulders and lean his head on you and not say anything and it’s literally the most comforting thing ever
  • one time you were gonna go on a date with someone but they stood you up so you were at home crying your eyes out when all of a sudden dino texted you
  • he asked how you’re doing and you told him your situation and he was like “mind if i come over in like 20ish minutes????” and you were surprised but you were like “yes pls”
  • he showed up at your house with your favorite candy bars and a movie you both loved and you guys watched the movie together while eating candy and sharing a bowl of popcorn and wearing blankets over your legs
  • he listened to you rant abt your date’s cop-out and on the inside his blood was boiling bc how dare someone just treat you like that, who gave them the right, he’s gonna give them a stern talking to
  • as you were talking he got this really intense, stony look on his face that you’d never seen before and you were like…….dino…….you ok buddy….
  • he snaps out of it and he’s like “yeah i’m fine, i just can’t believe someone would do that to you, that’s awful”
  • he looks so fricking sad and you’re like noooooooo!!!!!! and apologized for all the ranting you’ve done 
  • and he’s like “no you don’t need to apologize…’s just……i would do anything to go one a date with you”
  • that hit you like a train   
  • you were like ????? dino????? wants to date ME??????? awwweeeeeeeee
  • your heart swelled like eight times in size 
  • bc you would be HONORED to go on a date w dino
  • so you’re like “i mean if you asked me i would be up for i-”
  • and his face light up like the fireworks in the sky and he was like CAN I TAKE YOU ON A DATE and you said yes
  • best. day. of. dino’s. life.
  • on your first date he took you to a cafe and bought hot cocoa for you and him with his own money…….he was so proud
  • dino’s the type to be all old-school and get you flowers and candies and hold your hand all the time wherever you go
  • but he’s also cool if you guys just chill at each other’s houses under piles of blankets and pillows
  • you make pillow and blanket forts with him in the living room
  • lots of cuddling… much cuddling…..
  • when he gets tired he just clings to you and you can’t move for like an hour
  • one time he put on a candlelit dinner for you at his house and he made the food himself and everything
  • he overcooked the meat but you thanked him for the lovely meal and gave him a kiss on the cheek
  • and his face turned as red as a stoplight
  • dino is the best boyfriend……ever
Earth 2 Harrison part 1

Request: anon-  can you write something (imagine or oneshot) where Harry x reader (they are together) but in Earth 2 the reader already died so when Harry comes to Earth 1 he sees reader and automatically kisses them and the reader slaps him?(either bc she doesn’t know him or bc of Harribard) (and more fluff like him standing next to reader, holding hands, being protective)

A/N I don’t think this necessarily counts as an x reader one shot, so I’m gonna leave it out. Also, I’m gonna do something maybe a little different? This part wil be back story and the next part will be the second part of the request (harry & earth 1)


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"Leaked Nudes" Cashton/4 (Preference)



Find @Y/N/T nudes here

That was the only thing you could see on your timeline at the moment. Photos of your nudes that you didn’t even remember sending. It couldn’t have been Ashton because you’ve never actually sent any to him. Your eyes suddenly widened as you remember your two year relationship with Elijah from six months ago. But why would he leak them. The break up was a mutual agreement, no fighting involved. You grabbed your phone and texted Elijah to meet up with you at the Cafe from down the road which he agreed to.

As you sat impatiently in the Cafe you noticed you had several calls and texts from Ashton. You couldn’t deal with him until you got to the bottom of why Elijah had leaked them. You heard the door opening and looked up to find Elijah sat in front of you. Not a thing had changed about him.

“Long time no see (y/n),” Elijah smiled.

“Not long enough apparently,” you mumbled,

“So what’s up?” he asked, taking a sip from his coffee. 

“What’s up? You leaked my fricking nudes,” you whisper-yelled at him.

“Oops,” he shrugged.

“Are you serious? Why the hell would you do something like that?” you ask, trying not to throw your iced coffee at his face.

“So Ashton will break up with you and we can be together again,” he smirks.

You stare at him in disbelief and shook your head, “Nope, I’m not doing this. You are a sick fuck,” you hiss, and tip your ice-coffee onto his head.

“Asshole,” you said, walking out.

As you walk into your house, you kick off your heels and head to the kitchen to start on dinner. You double take as you pass the lounge. 

“Ashton…what are you doing home so early?” you asked.

“Well it’s kind of hard to keep rehearsing when you find your girlfriend’s nudes all over Twitter,” he mutters.

“Ash, I’m sorry that I haven’t answer your calls or-,” you begin.

“Why? Are you cheating on me? Am I not good enough for you?” Ashton asks, sounding broken.

“No no no no no,” you said, rushing to his side.

“My stupid ex of a boyfriend leaked them because he wanted us to break up and obviously you are and I’m so sorry,” you ramble, crying into your hands.

“Hey, no I’m sorry for assuming you would cheat on me,” he whispers pulling you into a hug. The both of you sat there in silence as Ashton held you into his arms giving you soft kisses.

“How come you’ve never sent me a nude?” Ashton ask, with a cheeky smile. You roll your eyes and head off to the kitchen.

Calum: You were currently studying for your finals while Calum was upstairs trying not to distract you with his constant need for attention.

“(Y/N)!’ you heard Calum yell.

"Calum whatever it is it can wait,” you yell back, as you typed on your laptop. You heard Calum jog down the stairs as he walked into your open study room. 

“What do you need Calum?” you ask, writing down some notes. 

“I need to know why your nudes are all over Twitter,” he demands.

You look up at him as he shoves his phone in front of your face and there it was. A full frontal nude of yourself. You knew this photo all to well, It was the one your ex took of you.

“Well it’s quite simple really,” you mumble, trying to think of an excuse.

“C'mon (y/n), I know this is you but this is one has never been in my possession,” he says.

“My ex took that one of me,” you mumble, hiding your face in your hand.

“Your what?” he asks.

“My ex,” you repeated.

“Oh thank god, I thought you were cheating on me for a second,” he sighs of relief.

You look at him in confusion. “Aren’t you mad at me?” you ask.

“Well I’m sorta annoyed but it’s not your fault,” Calum shrugs as he leans in to kiss you.

You smile as you give him a kiss.

“We can be nude buddies now,” Calum cheekily says. You slap his chest and continued studying as Calum annoyed you for attention.

(A/N): Hi! Hope you like it and let me know if you want Muke :)

monhoarmy  asked:

hi admins ! can you write about pros and cons for NCT ? Thankyouuuuuuuuu saranghae !!!!! ps: i love your blog too much hehehehe

Taeil —


  • dat voice
  • you’d get to see them abs that he claims that he has but won’t show
  • super sweet
  • super handsome
  • wouldn’t be jealous
  • would trust you asf
  • would be proud asf over everything you do
  • patient


  • awkward shit
  • constantly nervous omfg
  • doesn’t like sushi (this is a huge con for me at least)
  • wouldn’t take initiatives
  • it’d take a while for him to open up for you
  • it’d be hard for him with PDA (this can be a pro too)



  • Macho Busan man
  • Adorable Busan accent
  • You could go shopping together
  • Tall
  • Warm and sweet to the people he loves
  • You could cuddle the whole day
  • He’d help you out with house chorus
  • Good friends with SHINee Jonghyun


  • He enjoys shopping too much tbh
  • He’s kinda stupid
  • Can’t handle spicy food
  • Naive
  • Quiet and reserved (could also be a pro)



  • American aka English
  • BacK huGs
  • Can drive a car
  • Mature
  • Tall
  • Open minded
  • Bro is fucking hilarious
  • Would keep you entertained 365 days a year
  • PDA (could also be a con)
  • Skinship 24/7
  • Optimist
  • Daring
  • Experienced in relationships
  • Friends with hella lot of people ex. EXO


  • Endless fights with Ten over him
  • If you’re the jealous type, he has a lot of friends
  • Probably a super deep sleeper
  • I can see him being bad at being on time
  • He’s a dork ok
  • Doesn’t have a filter

The rest ↓

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You Again, Chapter 3!

Hey Maksyl fam!

It’s me again!

Alright, so after a grand total of 45 ASKS (I love you all so freaking much), I decided to give you the update you were asking for! I was going to wait a few more days but since I received the massive amount of feedback I decided to update today.

It took me way too long to update but schoolwork is kicking my ass right now.. Please forgive me?

I love you all so much and I hope you adore this chapter!

Keep reviewing/sharing your thoughts/sharing your ideas for future chapters! They will be incorporated somewhere into the story.

Without further adieu, here is Chapter 3 of ‘You Again!’


The camera crew comes today. Don’t forget that we’re reuniting for the first time in years, so act as happy as you possibly can. Big smiles. Big laughs. We clear?

Meryl’s phone buzzed to life in her lap. She glanced down, let out a martyred sigh, then replied to Val’s ‘friendly reminder’ with a quick Gotcha.

Val and Meryl still weren’t on the best of terms after the first few days. They had made a bit of progress—they could now stay in the same room without erupting into an explosive argument—but even that, admittedly, wasn’t much.

Part of her wanted to try to make peace with Val and move on from the whole thing, but the majority of her refused to back down. Backing down would mean submitting to Val’s name-calling, his yelling; his mistreatment it would mean going against the woman she had become to make nice with her ex-boyfriend’s fricking brother.

Meryl was not about to throw her dignity away to try to appease a man she wasn’t even sure she liked anymore.

If the two engaged in any type of argument, Meryl decided she would stand her ground and fight like the spitfire she was.

“Who was that?” Fedor’s anxious voice resonated from her computer’s speakers, abruptly drawing her out of her thoughts.

Honestly, if they hadn’t been videochatting, Meryl would have sighed at her boyfriend’s blatant display of jealousy.

They’d been having a decent conversation before the text, but she could already sense a change in direction was going to spin their chat on its head.

“It was no one, babe,” Meryl shook her head in quick dismissal.

“…Alright,” Fedor narrowed his eyes, skepticism evident in every part of his countenance. Meryl chose to ignore it.

As frustrated as Feddy seemed, he acquiesced.

“So, MerBear,” he chose a safe topic, “what’s it like to be back with your friends?”

Meryl’s eyes lit up at the mention of her longtime comrades.

“It’s great,” she squealed, Val’s borderline-hostile text long forgotten, “I got to see Dinah and Jim again! Tonight after filming I’m going to see Rudy and Jacque. I think it’ll be a lot of fun!”

Fedor chuckled, “I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself.” Then, in a softer tone, “Y’know, I miss you. The house is lonely without you..Our bed feels empty without you by my side.”

Oh yeah? Maybe you should have taken the chance to sleep with me when you had the chance instead of sleeping on the freaking couch. Meryl was momentarily stunned by how forcefully the bitter thought hit her.

“Yeah, Feddy, I know what you mean. The first few days were absolutely terrible,” she replied, willing the downright nasty thought out of her mind. “I’m just happy things are getting easier. I mean, I’m so busy all the time, I hardly have a spare moment to miss anything!”

She’d meant it as a lighthearted joke, but the second she saw his wounded expression, she realized she’d made a mistake.

“Well, Meryl; I’m glad things are getting easier for you. I’m still in hell, but hey; it’s good to know you’re over it all, even while I’m torturing myself waiting for your return,” he frowned.

Meryl’s was about to blurt out an emphatic ‘THAT’S-NOT-WHAT-I-MEANT,’ but he continued.

“It’s terrible to know that while I’m here, alone, you’re having the time of your life with your ex’s brother and his friends. It’s horrible…” he harshly expelled air from his mouth.

She was going to jump in with a pity-induced apology but Fedor hadn’t yet ended his rant.

“Honestly, Meryl, I just.. I wish you’d gotten off your high horse and agreed to not go back in the first place.”

“Wait, wait. What did you just say?” Meryl was floored by Fedor’s sudden adaption of an accusatory tone.

“Oh, stop it with the innocent act. You know what you’re doing isn’t fair to me. Hell, you just told me yourself that you don’t even miss me,” Fedor raved, fury flashing in his eyes.

Meryl paused, carefully choosing her next words. If there was any way she could avoid another confrontation, she’d try it. After all, she did have to go and meet Val in a little while, and she didn’t have the energy to battle it out with one handsome Ukrainian after another.

(On top of all of that, she still hadn’t told Charlie about her return to the show. She was certain he would have a few choice words about her decision…)

“Listen, Fedor. I do miss you—”

“Right,” Fedor let out a harsh laugh, his tone practically oozing condescension, “you miss me so much that you don’t mind taking the time out of one of our video chats to text another man back.”

“God, it was just Val,” she scoffed. Every ounce of self control was slipping out of her grasp.

“Is that fun fact supposed to make me feel better somehow? Tell me, Meryl, should I feel relieved that you chose to reply to your first love’s brother over me? Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but I don’t care who you’re talking to. If you’re replying to any man over me, we have a problem.”

Yep, that did it. The last shred of her sanity fell away.

“You know what, you freaking assbagel? I’m done with this conversation. Call me back when you get over your ridiculous jealousy and possessiveness issues.”

She slammed the laptop shut, effectively ending the Skype call.


Meryl stepped into the studio, a sense of dread manifesting in the pit of her stomach.

<i>Same directions as before.</i>

To distract herself, she shot a quick wave at Dinah, who returned Meryl’s greeting with a mischievous grin.

‘Talk later?’ Meryl mouthed, and the perky redhead nodded eagerly in reply. ‘Perfect,’ Meryl grinned back.

Okay: down the hall, to the left, elevator to 2nd floor, Room 10E.</i>

The trek to the room didn’t take as long as she’d wanted it to.

She was standing at the engraved door within minutes.

She exhaled slowly, twisting the brass doorknob to the left. The door clicked open hesitantly, and Meryl could just make out Val standing there, his expectant eyes glued to her door.

Just a bit further beyond him, the camera crew was recording. This, of course, meant she had to make her entrance absolutely perfect.

Don’t overthink this too much.

It was showtime.

Meryl re-shut the door, prepping herself for the performance of a lifetime. She paused for a beat, then flung the door open, shouting an all-too-giddy “surprise!”

Val let out a loud laugh at the sight of her and sprinted towards the door.
“Hell yeah,” he crowed happily, a giant grin splitting across his face. He was all smiles and laughter, and she made sure to be the same.

This is all fake. Fake, fake, fake.

The very second he reached Meryl, his strong arms engulfed her in a bear hug. Val twirled her in the air, making sure to keep his eyes locked on hers at all times. Around and around she soared, her (still famously-long) hair whipping behind her back as she spun.

Val kept his arms secured around her waist, even as he lowered her to the floor.

This was the welcome I wanted to begin with.

“Hello, Valentin Chmerkovskiy,” she giggled against his chest, and he pulled away to look her in the eyes.

“Why, hello, Meryl Davis,” his hands ran up and down her arms, an excited expression permanently plastered to his face. “God, I’m so freaking happy you’re my partner! I just know we can win this, Mer.”

She stuck her hand out for a high-five and he willingly indulged her, taking it a step further by intertwining their fingers together.

She tried (in vain) not to look so surprised.

Her apparent shock at the move was met with an overconfident smirk from Val.

“I’ve got you blushing already? I am good! Alright, so let’s get to work, Davis,” he drawled.

She recovered from her silence and playfully rolled her eyes. “What’s our first dance, Mr. Cockypants?”

“‘Mr. Cockypants’? What are we, five years old?” Val mocked, grinning.

“Just answer my damn question,” Meryl giggled, swatting at Val’s arm.

“Ouch,” he slapped an overdramatic hand to his chest, “you’re violent!”

“What dance are we doing?” Meryl repeated, slightly exasperated, slightly amused.

Val jogged over to the other side of the room, the prying eyes behind the cameras following him as he ran.

Woah. Was that…Was he holding a giant sign?;

“I’m actually glad you asked,” he winked, unfolding a large scroll of paper.

Sure enough, on the poster were three words crudely scribbled in Sharpie and decorated with a failed coloring attempt and a meager smiley face sticker to serve as punctuation.

“Cha cha cha,” she read the phrase on the poster aloud.

Then, because that in itself wasn’t enough, she tacked on a playful, “I don’t suppose you made this sign yourself?”

“Ha-ha-flipping-ha. I think you’re just jealous because I’m clearly a better artist than you will ever hope to be,” he grinned back.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” she quipped, causing Val to muss up her hair.


Eight Hours Later.

“Amazing work today, guys. Thank you for making my job so much easier!” Gary, the man specifically assigned to be <i>their</i> cameraperson, grinned over his shoulder.

“Any time, boss,” Val nodded, and Meryl let out an agreeable laugh.

The crew had just begun their departure, packing their mic packs and their high-def cameras. Still aware of their presence, however, Val wrapped a strong arm around Meryl and tugged her small frame against his.

Gary paused in the doorway at the affectionate gesture.

He turned back towards the duo again.

His eyes shifted between the two of them for a brief moment, a grin slowly lighting up his face. “I genuinely think we have enough footage to turn this into something magical.”

Meryl shot him a thumbs up, offering a kind smile, “Awesome! I can’t wait to see what production puts together!”

“Great! I’ll see you two lovebirds the day of the show!” Gary chuckled as the last of the crew cleared out, then shut the door behind him.

Once the crew was gone, Meryl lightly tugged herself out of Val’s slack grip.

“So, apparently we’re getting a magical storyline secured in our packages,” Meryl mused, more to herself than to Val.

“That’s what happens when you’re nice to people, Meryl. You get good things,” Val spoke, his voice devoid of the coldness Meryl had expected to be there.

Maybe pretending to be friends all day kind-of helped the reality of our situation? Or maybe he was just coming off of the ‘performing’ high?

“This is true,” she acknowledged, hoping to maintain their unspoken truce, “what do you think our story’s going to be?” Meryl grinned.

Val shot her a confused smile, but remained silent. He was clearly as lost as she.

A few beats of contemplative silence passed between them.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, disjointed comments began to connect themselves together.

Hold up…‘magical storyline’



She could immediately feel her heartbeat quicken as she realized the connection.

Oh my God.

She turned to face Val, whose face had paled.

Apparently he’d connected the dots, as well.

“You don’t think—?” He trailed off, too horrified to even finish the question.

“Oh, yeah,” she put her head in her hands, “we’ve definitely got ourselves a budding showmance.”

Val ran a hand through his hair, distressed.

So much for their possible reconnection.

“But why would they choose that storyline out of them all? Isn’t that angle a bit overplayed?” He shook his head fervently.

Any excuse to deny the inevitable.

“Normally, yes. But this season, your brother’s a judge,” she couldn’t help herself; she flinched at the very mention of Maks, “and you and I are partners. A showmance between us would create a whole new level of drama and excitement to she show, especially after the way things ended how they did… It’s just what the producers needed to make this season the ‘best one yet,’” Meryl’s voice was uncharacteristically hollow.

“What do we do?” Val’s voice was frantic.

“We can go to production and ask to switch up the storyline?” Meryl offered.

“No; we signed our contracts today. They now have the legal right to do whatever they want to do with the footage they have,” Val trailed off

“Then there’s only one thing to do,” she said slowly.

He turned to look at her, curious. She met his eyes with a dull certainty, a shared feeling of bitter acceptance passing between them.

“We go along with it.”

Long Way Home ~ Luke

Originally posted by lydsiamartin

Short Summary: Luke notices you in the crowd of the 5SOS concert and wants to find you.

Words: 1.5k+

Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

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Preference #3: He thinks you're cheating on him (Mashton, part 1)

Hiii :) I got request to do the opposite situation where it’s actually you who think he’s cheating and I’m goona do that in the future, but today I decided to do this version. :) I hope you like it, please write me some feedback/requests ! :)

Michael’s kinda short,but he would be longer in the part 2 (If you would like to read that, please let me know :) ) I’m goona post Cake later today. :)


3am. Three, fricking hours after midnight and someone had the courage to rape your doorbell at this time. You hated when someone woke you up from sleeping, especially if you needed to sleep before something important the next day. And you did. You were having an important presentation in front of your whole class tomorrow with one of your classmate and you hated public speaking. Well, who doesn’t? Even though you were practicing it with your classmate the whole afternoon and you practically knew it by heart, you were still really stressed and that’s why you needed to sleep. But that is impossible to do so, if someone is banging on your door like your house is on fire, so you dragged yourself out of bed to stop it. You looked through your peephole only to find your boyfriend Mike there. You open the door, without a word while looking very angry at him, so that it is very clear to him, that you’re not impressed.

“I need to tell you something.” He looks at you huffily while leaning on your door frame. He was drunk. You could tell not only by the fact that he couldn’t even stand still, but also by the fact that he smelled like walking mini bar.

“What in the world is so important that you need to tell me right now, at 3am, on school night? Please, enlight…” You said sharply but Michael cut you off.

“I’m breaking up with you.” He said while looking in your eyes. You lowered your head and looked at him sarcastically.

“Really, you’re breaking up with me, is that so?” You said, slightly irritated. You knew he didn’t mean it. You two were in love. You were made for each other, so you didn’t know what joke was your drunken boyfriend playing on you, but you weren’t entertained. He just flicked his eyes to the side, than back at you and nodded.

“That’s great. So my drunken boyfriend wakes me up at 3am, only to tell me the he is breaking up with me for NO APPEARENT REASON. YOU THINK THIS IS FUCKING FUNNY MIKE?  HUH?” You asked while raising your voice, your crankiness getting to you. He was looking at his feet, trying to avoid eye contact. “DON’T YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY TO  ME?” You shouted. Mike suddenly looked at you, with tears in his eyes and shouted back at you.

ME? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? YOU CHEATED ON ME!!” It took you by surprise that what he said was meant seriously and you didn’t know what to say. You would never cheat on him. And he knew that. At least you thought he did. So what the hell was he talking about? With hurt evident in his shaky voice, he continued. “So what did you want me to say? Oh, I’m so sorry I woke you up, from your beauty sleep? Well guess what, it won’t ever happen again.” He said while shutting the front door in front of him, giving you no time to recover.


Being away from him while he was on tour was hard. No, scratch that, it was awful. But nobody told you it was gonna be easy. And you were well aware of that. You were aware of the fact that your relationship with Ashton is not gonna be normal in any way when you first started dating. You two have been together for almost a year now. Back then, they were just getting big. Since then, it was a lot of traveling, lots of long distances and lots of goodbyes. But you always somehow made it work. Skype calls, visits, tour breaks. Sure, you were lonely a whole lot when he was on the other continent and not with you, but what could you do? He was living his dream. And you’re not gonna make it hard for him by telling him all the time that you’re sad and that you miss him. Did you miss him? Of course you did. Sometimes you even cried yourself to sleep, because you wanted him beside you. But you could never tell Ashton. You never did. Because you knew him. You would mention the word ‘tears’ to him and the second that you do, he would be flying back home for you. Besides, you were never really the clingy type. You were torn out from your thoughts as your phone rang, with picture of Ashton in the zoo on the screen. You answered almost immediately.

“Hey babe” You said happily.

“Hi.” He said flatly.

“Where are you, how are you, what’s new? Tell me everything” You said while lying on your bed, knowing this will be a long call. It always was.

“Uhm, I’m fine. We’re on the road to, uhm New Orleans I think.”

“Aww, that’s awesome. What’s new, tell me everything”

“You tell me. What’s new with you?” He asked curiously.

“Same old, same old. You know, school, work and so on. Nothing important. Back to you now…”

“Uhm, yeah, nothing new here either.”

“Are you kidding me? We haven’t talked in three days and you’ve already been to like two towns, done like four shows and you tell me there’s nothing new? C’mon Ash, don’t lie to me.”

“You would know about that, won’t you?” He said quietly.

“What does that supposed to mean?” you said, being taken back by his words.

“Nothing, I gotta go.”

“What? You just called me.”

“(Y/N), I don’t have time for this right now”

“Time for what, for…” You were saying, but the beeping sound signalizing Ashton hung up on you made you stop. You tried calling him again, but all you got was a busy tone so you didn’t try again. You didn’t understand anything that juts happened but you just let it go and went to sleep. The next day, you decided to text him, not knowing what to expect.

‘Sooo… are you talking to me yet or not?”

‘That depends…Are you gonna be honest about it already?’ You though that this was ridiculous, so you called him as soon as he texted you.

“Honest about what? What are you talking about?”

“(Y/N) don’t play dumb with me. The pictures are all over the Internet.”

“What pictures?” You said dumbly.

“The pictures where you are clearly cheating on me.” He said, emphasizing the word ‘clearly’.

“Well you’re clearly wrong, because I didn’t cheat on you Ashton.” You said calmly, knowing that the pictures must have been some sort of misunderstanding. But he didn’t listen to you.

“Oh yeah, right. I called you yesterday, waiting for an explanation..”

“Ashton I didn’t cheat on you.”

“..But I guess I’m not gonna get one. You know, I would understand. Maybe even forgive you…”

“Ashton I didn’t cheat on you!”

“But you can’t even tell me the truth! Instead I had to find pictures of you kissing some other dude on the Internet. Nice. I though…” He didn’t listen to you. You googled the pictures he was talking about and it all clicked in a second. But he still continued in his speech.

“..It all makes sense now. You never telling me you miss me and stuff. Maybe that’s because you never really misses me. It must have been really convenient for you, wasn’t it? Me leaving for tour, so you could make other plans with whoever he is. People were warning me about you, that you’re only with me for the fame but I never really listened to those people. But I guess I should have. I guess you never really loved me at all.” You were really hurt by what he said. Out of all the people, you though Ashton would be the last one to say this.

“Is that really what you think?” You asked, with tears slipping down your face. He didn’t say a word. You sighed.

“Fine then. I want you to know, that I’m extremely hurt if this is what you think of me. I though you knew better. But I guess not.” You said while you sniffled. “Oh and by the way, that’s my step-brother.” You said and hung up on him.

imjustuptheblock  asked:

Prompt: Dan is setting up a surprise for Phil and acts suspicious which leads to Phil thinking he's cheating on him. You choose how it plays out I guess xx


Pairing: Phan

Word Count: about 1700

POV: third person but it follows Dan (although there are a few moments in Phil’s POV because yeah)

Genre: angst?? Idk how this “genre” thing works

Warnings: it might make you sad and I’m mega sorry I’m a cruel phanfic writer

Dan was excited to say the least. The moment Christmas was over, he started preparations for Phil’s birthday- whether the older boy knew it or not. Ever since they’d met, Dan made sure to do something special. He felt he almost owed it to Phil, the way he’d given Dan everything- a relationship others could only dream of, a very successful YouTube channel, a radio show.  For one day, at least, Dan felt like he could dedicate things to Phil.

It wasn’t until New Year’s that Dan brought it up.

“So your birthday is approaching,” he said as they sat on the couch eating breakfast.

“Yup,” Phil glanced at Dan out of the corner of his eye, quirking up the side of his mouth into a joking smile. “Why? Are you already making plans?”

“I don’t know,” Dan shrugged, trying to sound nonchalant. “I didn’t know if you wanted a big party this year.” He glanced at Phil, trying to gauge his reaction.

“It’s only twenty eight,” Phil smirked. “Not exactly an important year. We really don’t need to do anything special.”

All my years of drama training have led up to this moment, Dan thought excitedly.

“Good, because I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do a huge thing this year. I mean, we’re still going to celebrate, but I’m all out of creative ideas.”

“That’s completely fine,” Phil laughed.


The next day Phil went out to do some clothes shopping. He invited Dan, but the younger boy claimed a headache and stayed behind.

The moment Phil was out of the house, Dan called up a few friends. “Guys, as you all know, a very important date is fast approaching. Rendezvous at the apartment ASAP. We all need to start planning. Project PSP is a go.”

Dan recruited PJ as his main assistance in party planning.

“Project Phil Surprise Party,” Dan opened a document on his computer. “I’m a genius.”

“How on earth are you going to keep your flatmate from finding out about a surprise party?” PJ  asked. “You kind of live together.”

“Like Phil will notice,” Dan said. “He’s travelling to see his family this month for a week, and he’s also doing a lot of shopping for gifts for all of them, so we’ve got plenty of time.”

“But how are you going to get him out of the house on his birthday?” PJ asked.

“Not sure,” Dan answered. “But it may include a lot of lies and the promise of food. Now come on. Let’s get planning.”

There was nothing Dan appreciated more than the fact that Phil always texted when he was close to home. Normally he just appreciated knowing that he was safe, but now more than anything it meant that he could get PJ out well before Phil arrived at the apartment building.

Dan was just sliding his pajama pants back on (he wouldn’t have changed out of them if he hadn’t had company) and falling onto his bed when Phil opened the front door.

“Dan?” he called out.

“I’m in my room,” Dan replied, shifted himself into the browsing position as Phil poked his head in.

“A productive day while I was gone,” Phil smirked fondly.

“Yup,” Dan opened tumblr and started scrolling.

“I’m gonna go see what we have for dinner,” Phil left.

Dan breathed out a sigh of relief and stood, stretching like he’d been in bed all day, just in case.

“Dan?” Phil called from the kitchen. “Did you have someone over?”


“No,” Dan joined Phil and looked down at the unfinished coffee cups of him and PJ. “Why?”

“Because that’s not the mug I used,” Phil said, “and I’m pretty sure you don’t need to drink out of two at once.”

“What I do while home alone is none of your business,” Dan said, picking up the mugs and taking them to the sink.

“Alright then,” Phil raised one eyebrow. “So… dinner?”

The moment Phil left to visit his family, Dan invited over a plethora of people- mainly his fellow YouTubers. PJ was the first to show up with bags of supplies.

“I figured if we decorated now,” he said, “we could just leave them all up until the day Phil comes back.”

“Makes sense,” Dan smiled just as he received a text saying Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, and Niomi had arrived.

“Joe and Caspar are caught up in traffic,” Zoe said as they entered. “And Tanya is at a meeting, so just Jim is coming, but he’ll be here soon.”

Dan couldn’t help but smile as his friends spread out around the room and started hanging decorations.

“The plan is,” he said as he assisted PJ in decorating the ceiling with hanging stars, “that everyone comes over a few hours before Phil arrives so we can blow up the balloons. Then I’m going to greet him at the door, and there will be some cue for when you all jump out and-“ his phone buzzed in his pocket just then, and he paused.

“Just a second,” Dan pulled his phone out.

Phil Lester:

Things here have calmed down from everyone’s arrival so wanna skype? J

“Something wrong?” Alfie asked.

“Phil wants to skype,” Dan said. “And I can’t really say no, and if we do skype he’ll want to know why you’re all here.”

“Why can’t he know?” Joe asked.

“We can’t have Phil thinking we’re having a party with him gone,” Dan answered. “Or he might suspect something about his birthday!”

Phil Lester:

Dan?? You alright?

Dan Howell:

I’m fine it’s just I can’t skype right now :/

Phil Lester:

Why? Is someone over?

Dan Howell:

Just PJ

Phil Lester:

Alright well maybe we can talk later??

Dan Howell:


“Trouble in paradise?” Marcus asked.

“It’s fine,” Dan answered. “Everything’s fine it’s great we’re great.”

“Alright then,” Marcus said. “Shall we carry on?”

Phil stared down at his phone, frowning slightly. Normally Dan would’ve instantly taken up the offer to talk, even if they hadn’t been apart that long.

Maybe something’s wrong…

I’m sure it’s nothing, he told himself, shoving his phone back in his pocket. Maybe he’s just too lazy to try and look presentable.

But somehow Phil couldn’t believe himself.

What if he’s cheating? What if he can’t skype because he has someone over? What if he’s going to leave me?

Phil couldn’t get the thoughts out of his head no matter how hard he tried.

That mug could be only the beginning…

The day of the party had arrived. Dan was silently screaming as he ordered everyone around the house.

“Jim, the cake goes there! Marcus, you are too tall to be hiding behind a fricking lamp. Zoe, where’s Alfie?”

“He’s got a meeting about his book,” Zoe answered from where she had gotten herself tangled in a string of fairy lights. “He’s going to come a bit later- preparations and all- and then leave before Phil gets here.”

“Is Phil here yet?” Alfie barged through the door just then.

“Not yet,” Joe dumped a roll of streamers into Alfie’s arms. “But he’ll be here soon. Hang these.”

“Phil’s going to see you leave and guess what’s happening!” Dan could feel his anxiety rising.

“It’s fine,” Alfie reassured him as he stood on a chair. “I’ll make sure he won’t see me.”

“He’s going to!” Dan could feel his heart beating faster.

“Do you have a hoodie I could borrow?” Alfie asked. “So I could kind of shield myself in case he’s there.”

“Right,” Dan grabbed his red hoodie and threw it at Alfie. “Make sure he doesn’t see you.”

After only twenty minutes Dan received a text.

Phil Lester:

I’m almost home.

“He’s going to be here soon!” Dan tried to keep the panic out of his voice as he grabbed a bouquet of flowers that he unironically bought.

“That’s my cue to leave,” Alfie glanced at his watch. “Have fun guys. Tell me all about it later.”

“Bye!” everyone chorused as Alfie ducked out the door.

Phil’s cab pulled up to the front of their apartment building. Just as he was getting out and grabbing his bag, he noticed a guy running out. Normally he wouldn’t have noticed, but that hoodie was awfully familiar.

“Oh my.”

Phil paused a moment to collect his thoughts before entering the house.

It was time.

It was time!

Dan hushed everyone in the lounge several thousand times before going to stand by the door under the broken bulb. He hid the bouquet behind his back and tried to keep the smile off his face as he heard the lock click.

“Phil!” Dan exclaimed.

“Hey, Dan,” Phil seemed subdued.

“What’s wrong?” Dan asked, half prepared to give the signal, half prepared to stand and comfort his boyfriend and forget all about the party.

“Listen,” Phil took a deep breath. “I know. So it’s fine. You don’t have to lie anymore.”

“You know?” And Dan had thought he’d done such a good job hiding the party!

“Yeah,” Phil couldn’t look Dan in the eye. “And I don’t appreciate it. If you had a problem with me, you could’ve just told me.”

“What?” Dan was dumbfounded. He tightened his grip on the flowers behind his back.

“You’re cheating on me,” Phil said, hardening his gaze. “I know it. You don’t have to lie.”


“Just stop!” Phil suddenly shouted. “There’s no use lying, Dan. I’m not an idiot. The signs were all over. The extra coffee mug, you not being able to skype, the guy who just ran out of our building in your hoodie…” He paused as if fighting off tears.

“Phil, I-”

“Don’t try to defend yourself,” Phil said. “I don’t want to hear it.” He picked up his bag once more. “I’m leaving. We’re through.”

“Phil, please don’t-”

The door slammed shut.

Dan dropped the flowers. Tears filled his eyes faster than he’d imagined possible as he stared dejectedly at the bouquet he’d taken hours to pick out, one to match Phil’s eyes perfectly.

“Happy birthday, Phil… I love you.”

anonymous asked:

Omg you went to jingle ball??? How was it? Tell us about liam!


background: i’d only seen 1d once (7/28/15 in KC) and when i saw them harry was my fave then i fell in love with liam at my show (i didn’t realize i had til like a month later)

ANYWAYS my point is at my first show i just watched and listened to harry mainly. it was a little overwhelming to try and focus on all of them haha. 

but this time, i was ready and waiting to watch for liam. yall he’s so talented i didn’t know what to do with myself. the other boys sounded so good and they were so funny and happy it was wonderful. (niall spoke in a spot on country accent - i was crying, and harry was soooooooooo on point, and i flipped out when louis started talking about no control - cuz that song is one of my faves i about screamed my head off when he said they were about to sing it)

but i’m here to talk about liam. yall that boy can sing. hearing him live is just something i’ll never get tired of. his voice is so smooth and pleasant and rich. there were a couple times when he would be singing where i would just close my eyes and listen, because it was so beautiful. 

he danced around a LOT (it was funny cuz during no control i was dancing around and i looked at liam and at point he was doing the exact same thing i was) and he was constantly moving all around the stage and waving at people. i had horrible seats i was at the very back, on the side, but he came over to that side of the stage a lot, so even though i was a million miles away i could still see his face. and when he danced, he was in the middle of the stage, so i had a great view. and i can tell how handsome he is despite his distance from me. his watch caught the light a couple times and i just smiled to myself cuz i looove his watches. 

and his speaking voice is so deep. frick. like a couple times he chuckled and i could feel it in my chest because it was so deep. i did a girlish shriek when he said he could see us up top (cuz clearly he saw me alllllllll the way on the back row ;)) like i was eating out of the palm of his hand. he said the crowd sounded beautiful and i was sweating just hearing him say ‘beautiful’. 

i cried a few times. once when they walked out, another when i just got a good long look at liam, just realizing there’s my boy. then the third was when they took their bow and walked off the stage. i cried hard. idk when i’ll see them again. i’ve seen them twice in one year and i want to see them again and again and again. too much is never enough. 

i’m content though. just getting to see liam now that he’s my fave made me so happy.