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Jimin Imagine | Fluff + insinuating smut | the morning after a rough night |<1k

a/n: enjoy reading this little bit :) ~Rooh

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After a long night with Jimin, making love continuously, you have a hard time waking up and leaving bed, your body feels sore, your lower back aches from all the arching you did last night while Jimin pounded into you fast and hard, even your lips are a little swollen. But if someone asked you if you’d do it over again, you’d say yes without blinking, and you’d probably add in a thing or two.

With some discomfort you open your eyes, due to pressure of something soft and moist touching your lips. Jimin’s beautiful face was there to warm you up.

“Morning babe, did you sleep well?” He softly smiled.

“Didn’t do much of sleeping last night,” you said as you tried to stretch “but I did enjoy last night.” You smiled, and moved in to kiss him.

“You’re sore aren’t you?” He asked while rubbing your arms and You complied, but said that it was fine. “I’m sorry I was rough on you, I should’ve been more careful.” He seemed a little sad.

“No, no, it’s ok. I like it when you’re rough, this is just a price I’m willing to pay.” You smirked and kissed him again, then tried to sit up but he softly pushed you back.

“Today’s your special day, I’ll take care of you, don’t need to worry.” He got up, and began dressing.

“What are you-“

“Just stay in bed.” He came with his T-shirt from last night, and he put it on you, then put your panties on, one leg at a time. “I’ll bring breakfast while you watch tv, and then I’ll fill in the bathtub so we can have a relaxing bath together, while I massage that back. Ok?” He kissed your forehead.

“Jimin you don’t have to, I’m fine, we can-“

“I don’t have to, but I want to. And you deserve it.” He kissed you again, but on the lips. “Hang in there my princess.” You smiled in return, as he gave you the remote of the tv. “I’ll be right back.” And he did, with a tray with pancakes, fruits and all the good things you could ask for a breakfast. And that was just the beginning, because the bathtub was warm and more comfortable than your own bed, he kept on massaging your back and shoulder the entire time while asking about things you like, kissing your neck and letting you know how beautiful you are. That day, he was indeed a Prince Charming. 💕

Hey guys.

As most of you have known, yesterday was a hectic day for SFS. I don’t think I need to mention it here. After the news broke up, our inbox and ask blew up that I have to turn everything off. But we can’t do the same for our email.

We received pretty much everything there. There are some readers begging for us to pick CBAW again, there are some readers who keep sending the application without even realising the situation, even after I lock the application documents, they still sent request to view the docs. But above all, there are a lot of readers who sent encouraging messages. Someone even sent a lame joke and it manages to make laugh xD 

I’d like to say thank you to all of you who sent kind words and kindly said you’ll wait for us. I can’t reply to each of them but know that we appreciate every single email that you sent to us. 

Next is regarding private blog. As some of you already know, you can still go to our private blog but you can’t access it, which mean we still haven’t remove it. We decided to give you a second chance and will start accepting the application again tonight. Don’t ask when and where’s the application form or whatever. Just wait for the announcement later.

Thanks to Mia and Nelkk for patiently answering all questions about SFS that were sent to RF. Thanks to Kylie Le, Melly M, Sara Clain, Yosepin, Eduardo Kairos, Angela, Oxybless, Kristina, and more readers who sent their loves, supports and encouragement. You know who you’re. And also Dyule for sending me the lame joke. It totally cracks me up xD

Ohh and also, I still turn off our ask and message, so please don’t flood our email with anything unrelated with the request application.

Lots of love for you,


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okay legit question: what do you think is the difference between aizawa's disdain for heroes that choose the spotlight as opposed to stain's ideals? what differentiates them?

Hiya Nonny!

I have a short answer for you, and a Very Long answer.

Short Answer is the obvious one: Aizawa doesn’t kill. He may dislike certain people, but he will not let it cloud his judgement, and he’s never gone out of the bounds of the law. If you check the Vigilantes spin-off, he even shows up in there as the stern and strict hero who is very much against that whole vigilante thing.
Stain, however, does kill. Rather a lot. It’s his whole thing. It’s how he makes his point.
This makes him a villain, and Aizawa a hero. But that’s probably too obvious of an answer. So let’s get into it.

The Long Answer.

I think, and I’m sorry for putting it like that, that you aren’t asking the right question when you say that Aizawa has a disdain for heroes that take the spotlight.
Aizawa’s best friend is Present Mic. You've… seen Present Mic. His superpower is that he’s loud and flashy. Aizawa is also on friendly terms with the likes Midnight and cooperates gladly with Lemillion and that dragon lady.
All big, flashy heroes.
So I don’t think it’s fair to say that Aizawa hates or feels scorn for heroes that like to be in the spotlight. No, what he hates, is the spotlight itself. Specifically, he doesn’t want that spotlight to be on him.
He’s an underground hero for a reason. His fighting style, his quirk, they require villains to either not see him coming, or to not know what he’s planning. The shadows are his best friend.
Going on late night tv to talk about his love life and his favourite food would legitimately put him and his work, his strategies, at risk.
Canonically, what he hates is not so much the heroes, but the Media.
The media’s job is, in part, to show things that don’t want to be seen, and you can assume that this is one of the reasons he has such a hard time with them. He’s an introvert being pushed in the middle of the dance floor. No one is gonna have a good time until he’s back in a corner next to the punch bowl.
But I digress.
Because it is true that he is shown to have issues with that most flashy hero of all: All Might.
The two do work together, but their relationship is strained. Why? That’s actually not too clear. Maybe their personalities clash. They are pretty opposing, even if they both have the same goals in mind (save the children,mostly).So that could be it. Maybe All Might took one too many arrests from Aizawa. Maybe Aizawa is just tired of every single kid in his class deciding on the dangerous path of a hero, because they look up to All Might.

Now let’s look at Stain.

Originally posted by kurodemon

Stain’s backstory is that he went to a ‘pay for your diploma’ type of hero school, and decided there that all heroes are fakes. He has a very… teenager type of background, but one he seems to have stuck with.
And because this is BnHA, where nothing is black and white, he has a legitimate point, even if he goes way beyond the correct way of bringing it across.
Heroes in this universe are public servants, but they’re also celebrities. Several of them make a Lot of Money doing things like commercials. And that situation is less than ideal. Because why do people decide they want to be a hero? For the fame and fortune? Or to help people?
The motivation thing is kind of a theme that runs through a lot of BnHA. That whole ‘all true heroes have found themselves running in to save someone before they could think about it’. It’s what got Midoriya chosen.
On the flip side, you could see Endeavour’s quest to be number one as a result of this celebrity culture. I personally believe that Endeavour is (or was at the start) truly in it to help people, but that the large, cocky, arrogant part of him just also wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. And if not him, then at least his offspring. This sort of thing legitimately causes suffering.

The same culture also poses questions reminiscent of things Hollywood, politics and the music industry struggle with. Are heroes chosen for their talents, or for their pretty face? That is literally the issue Momo has in her intern arc.

So Stain has a point, but because he’s basically insane, he takes it too far.
His main victim in the story is the older Iida Tensei, and that guy (again, based on Vigilantes) is a cool dude, who puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork, and who is by all accounts a diligent, conscientious man. The guy is well known, but I don’t have the impression that he’s like… modeling or anything.
The original Ingenium is, in short, one of the Good Guys.
But he’s not Good Enough for Stain.
Because Stain is not just fighting corruption or vain heroes that take up too much of the spotlight, or that spend too much time making money on the side.
He basically wants every hero to be All Might. Utterly selfless, workaholic, no home life, dying for the cause. 
Few heroes are like that, because that is a very unhealthy situation. That’s the kind of stuff that leads to burn-out, and those alcoholic divorced cops in tropey crime dramas.
You know who’s like that? Midoriya. All Might. Mirio. Also, incidentally: Aizawa, the guy who does so much overtime that he sleeps in class and who comes to work still covered head to toe in bandages.
But I digress (again).
What Stain wants, is for Heroes to not only be incorruptible, but to be inhuman. He has an almost childish need for the idolized heroes of comics and tales. Not real people with a partner and kids and daily meals and human feelings and doubt and a sleep schedule.
He is, himself, spinning an unrealistic tale. One that catches on, by the way, because in his own blundering way, he has learned the power of imagery.  His PR is amazing, even if part of it is just that one clip of him ranting going viral.

Let’s talk about All Might and images

(yes, I know that wasn’t the question, but bear with me)
Now, the crux of all this, and really of pretty much everything in BnHA, is All Might.
Because he’s the one that started it. The ultimate hero, the one that kicked off Celebrity Hero Culture.
He did so knowingly, too. He set out to be the Symbol of Peace.
That’s the tale he spun. The PR campaign he started.
He needed the media for this. He embraced them and by doing so, probably kickstarted the idea that heroes need an Image.
All Might definitely knows the power of imagery: the smile, the catchphrase, that one youtube clip that keeps surfacing of him carrying like ten people at once.
It is real, he is actually like that, but it’s also a story. It is there to scare villains and reassure the populace.
It is, in a way, what made PR important for heroes. This, too, could be one of the reasons Aizawa is less of a fan of All Might: that guy just made the job of hero harder by adding all the media attention, and Aizawa would be happier if it wasn’t part of his daily life.

So where am I going with this?

Stain’s disdain of heroes in the spotlight is pronounced, but in a way it’s a cover for his very clear and very unsustainable want for ‘true heroes’. He uses it as an easily understandable (because with a grain of truth) argument for his philosophy that deems almost every hero unworthy.
On the other hand, Aizawa mostly hates the spotlight itself. His reasons for being kinda grumpy around All Might are mostly personal, and we haven’t really been given a full explanation of them.

Both of them, in part, rail against a wider culture of celebrity heroes, but because irony is the sweetest of all Horikoshi’s themes, the one that goes along with it the most, the one that uses imagery to his advantage, is Stain. He’s the one going viral with his philosophies.
The one that is closest to the ‘true hero’ that Stain is raving about, is then Aizawa, who just wants to be left alone with his sleeping bag and his cats.

hi growing up is awful and i really wish people understood that i don’t know anything yet and didnt get frustrated with me for feeling depressed all the time now

I feel this. I get the worst fucking migraine

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  • He is gonna treat you like a fallen god when you are having a migraine
  • All the lights are off. Blinds shut. Ice on head. Tea in hand
  • You want cuddles? You get cuddles!!!
  • He’ll even let you sleep with his dragons
  • This man will do ANYTHING to help you feel better


  • He is gonna turn off all the lights in both the house and his suit
  • Also making you green tea.
  • According to him its the remedy for everything
  • The day ends with him giving up on home remedies and just take you to Mercy

imo zine culture in the yoi fandom is harmful and in many ways elitist but you should not, under any circumstances, think of your work as not being good enough because you didn’t make it into zines you’ve applied for.

your content is amazing regardless of what a bunch of randos have to say! you’re out there making your content and that’s amazing! there are people who appreciate your work even if you don’t make it to this stupid “spotlight” zines are. they do not determine your worth.

(and please don’t be mean to people behind zines and artists/writers that are part of this elite. as upset as you have the right to be there’s no excuse for being rude to other creators)

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Bed all day. Todoroki.

Sounds like heaven. 

“Shouto.” No response. “Shouto.” Quiet, not-quite-conscious noise of some sort. “Shouto, come on. Move, I have to pee.” 

He shifted his arm so you could move. His breathing evened out again almost immediately. 

There was a grey, watery beam of light peeking through the curtain, and the clock said it was only 6:12. Shouto had a late night; he’d come home from the office around three hours ago, so you weren’t surprised that he was so dead to the world. 

As you walked to the bathroom, you considered your options: you could either make breakfast for the two of you, go do something until he woke up, or go back to bed (in which case, you probably weren’t going to get up for anything but food for at least half the day, but more likely the rest of the day). 

Well, if you made breakfast right now, it would get cold by the time he woke up, and you had no urge to do anything in particular this early in the morning, so you went back to the bedroom and slid under the covers. 

Shouto immediately snuggled up to you in his sleep, and you drifted off not long after, looking forward to having such a rare lazy day.


Rheinfall, Switzerland

September 30th 2016 with @tamingthetides and @hulahooch

This time we did something more touristy by going to see the waterfalls of the Rhine river near Schaffhausen, not too far away from Zurich. The combination of the loud gushing stream of water along with the elegant castle perched on top of a hill makes for quite a scenic view! The other aspect that makes this place so special is the rock that sits right in the middle of the waterfall, which is easily accessible by boat, so if you feel the desire to get even closer to the rushing water and don’t mind getting a little wet, you can go on a little boat tour. (Since we’re just “poor college students,” we didn’t do the boat tour and decided to save up for something else. At least we’ll have a reason to return back at some point.)

And apparently, the Rhine Falls are the biggest waterfalls in Europe … according to the signs around the waterfalls. It’s not because they’re the tallest or the widest waterfalls, but because of the claim that this waterfall has the biggest water flow. Some internet articles back-up this claim, others don’t, but it’s still a big waterfall nonetheless. 

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Hey fudge I have been trying to come up with a way to come out to my mom and is struggling on how to even bring it up....

Take your time and come out when you feel ready and comfortable. It helps if you drop subtle hints like reposting LGBT related stuff or wearing rainbow stuff! Slowly work your way up to it if you’re afraid, there is no rush just continue doing what makes you happy and don’t stress over this!


You hear me right now.

You have a favorite character/celebrity that you think about when you’re sad or way too stressed? You DON’T have to be ashamed for it and you shouldn’t feel like you’re being childish or ridiculous. Allow yourself to be comfortable in your own head (Even if it’s hard) and think about whataver works for you without feeling bad about it.

You make that character give you the best motivational speech that you can come up with

If it’s your way of feeling better with yourself, do it, it’s not wrong or weird


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What about like mark and guitarist au?            

  • mark being the lead guitarist in a band you make in high school
  • it’s a small bad, just four friends in your garage
  • your best friend is on the drums and mark’s best friend is on bass
  • so you end up being the singer and sometimes do either keyboards or rhythm guitar
  • it’s start out innocently enough
  • you play every other day after school, doing covers of other groups
  • sometimes you’ll go to a midnight venue where they have amateur nights
  • and people begin to know your band because even though none of you are amazing musicians, together you sound fantastic
  • eventually you and mark begin to write songs together your junior year
  • that’s also when you begin to date
  • yea, he asked you out with a song he wrote himself on the guitar
  • it was kinda cringey but also kinda cute
  • so songs ensue and you begin to get more gigs around town
  • now you’re actually getting paid a few bucks to play at smaller venues
  • people actually want to buy tickets to see you?
  • which baffles all of you because? really?
  • eventually the covers stop and you just play original music
  • mark never lets the fame get to his head
  • even as he begins to have more and more fans scream his name
  • because he still insists he loves you the most and no amount of groupies or fans would ever change that
  • so your band continues to garner fame and eventually you get approached by a record label
  • you all agree to sign with them (you were in it for the long run to begin with) and after spending days reading through contracts, you say yes
  • then your friend says yes
  • then mark’s friend says yes
  • and why isn’t mark saying yes?
  • you confront him and realize that he’s on the fence about spending the rest of his life with the musician lifestyle
  • you comfort him and make sure he knows that he has exactly what it takes to succeed
  • but you also don’t want to force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do
  • so you tell him that it’s his decision and that you’ll always love and support him, but that you ultimately want him to be happy with whatever he chooses
  • so a day before the deadline, mark calls you and says that yea he wants to be a famous rockstar
  • so you agree to be his rock and he agrees to be yours as you go with him to sign with the record label
  • and you start your lives together as musicians
Craigslist Girlfriend/Sanvers Thanksgiving Crack Part 2
By Organization for Transformative Works

The much-requested follow up to the Craigslist Girlfriend Chapter 141! It’s all crack and fluff with just a moment or two of discussion about Maggie’s past with her family. As my girlfriend put it, “it’s too fucking cute.” Enjoy!

A/N: Because sometimes I think holidays and a lot of holiday episodes of shows or chapters of fanfic hype up the idea of coming out, just as a reminder, if it isn’t safe for you to come out or you aren’t ready to deal with questions, you’re more than okay not coming out, and you certainly don’t have to do it on a day with a ton of other stressors already happening just because it’s a “convenient” time when the whole family might already be around. It’s a personal choice, not one that society or other people (even family and close friends) get to make for you. And if you have the choice and don’t want to spend today with biological family, that’s okay too! Do what’s best for you personally, and sometimes that means binge-watching shitty TV and eating takeout and ice cream with chosen family.

Chapter Text:

“Did you know about her real job?” Alex demanded, cornering Lucy and pushing her up against a wall.

“Ya know, I’ve had dreams about this exact situation, Agent Danvers,” Lucy taunted, biting at her lower lip and throwing a lewd wink in Alex’s direction.

“I’m being serious. She said you interrogated her with Vasquez. Did you two know?”

“Um, kind of? Not quite. We knew that she wasn’t quite the scumbag she advertised herself as.”

“And how did you find that out?”

“We had her produce all of her old arrest documents and tax returns.”

Alex continued to eye Lucy suspiciously. “They could have been fakes.”

“No, Vasquez brought a computer system and finger print scanner. We knew the stuff was hers, but we let her cover up her last name and all—very generous of us.”

“And so she also covered up everything that identified her prints as belonging to a cop?”

“I guess.” Lucy shrugged, ducking out from under Alex’s arm the moment she relaxed slightly. Now a few feet away from immediate bodily harm, Lucy grinned over at her interrogator. “Now that you know she’s a cop, that change anything? Suddenly noticing how hot she is?”

Scowling, Alex scoffed and shook her head. “She’s still weird enough to lie about herself online.”

“And you’ve never lied online?” Lucy interjected, shooting Alex a disbelieving look.

“Not like that! And I certainly never volunteered to crash Thanksgiving with a bunch of random people!”

“You could have cancelled on her, but you didn’t…” Lucy trailed off, letting the meaning of her words sink in. “I’m just saying, maybe you don’t have that much room to judge.”

“Whatever.” Alex turned back to the two-way mirror, looking in at Maggie, who sat surrounded by large stacks of paperwork all marked up with sticky tabs indicating where she needed to sign, date, and initial. Seeing her look so small at the large table, Alex felt a pang of guilt. After all, the woman was stuck spending a holiday alone with paperwork when the only thing her ad had made clear was that she wanted a hot meal spent with other people, even if she wasn’t quite being honest about whom she was.

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In a world that feels increasingly unstable, confusing, and hate-filled, we continue to do extraordinary things every day. And it doesn’t have to be an extraordinary thing. Even the smallest thing that brings you joy is a huge victory against the injustices of the world. 

We get out of bed every day. We hug our pets. We laugh. We fall in love. We do meaningful work. We create supportive communities. We listen to music that makes us feel like someone else knows how we feel. We reach out to others so they don’t feel so invisible. We create. We take risks that make us feel alive. We speak up and speak out. We try, and sometimes we fail. We make funny things on the internet. And maybe most importantly, we continue to be kind.

I believe love can be felt and received even in the simplest, kindest word. Love exists between people who will never meet, and that can never, ever be taken away. I am grateful for all of you, and send so much love. Be kind, be kind, be kind. 

*gets up on soapbox*

I generally don’t care about what other people headcanon but if you tell me I “have” to headcanon something I will continue to not headcanon that thing even harder and I will start to actively argue against it despite having 0 interest in it previously because my “Don’t tell me what to do” reflex is very strong and I react very intensely

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I HATE when someone tags something Byler but the fanfic only mentions them as friends and has Mileven taking the spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Mileven, but it’s horrible people are mistagging a post like that

oh man i feel you on that….. i think on all platforms (tumblr, ao3, etc) people have a tendency to mis-tag because they want to expose their fic to as big an audience as possible like when general posts on here have ship tag names. i really do think it’s unnecessary because if the main rlship is mileven there’s no need to tag byeler? you can make a note in the fic before that there’s some onesided feelings on will’s part if it’s really necessary….. but yeah. i wish ao3 had a better sideship tagging system? bc tagging every ship even if it doesn’t come up is really not necessary

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ahhhh, okay so I haven't seen Ragnarok yet but I am really excited to read that fic when I do. thank u pia for blessing us with loki fic.

Lol, you don’t need to have seen Ragnarok really! I mean it’s just a PWP set up that was kind of established in the trailers even. Loki is on the Grandmaster’s planet before Thor and gets on his ‘good side’ and it’s never explained how.

I use dubcon to explain how.

That’s it. That’s the fic. :D

All evening

 Kai Parker x reader ft Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore  

Word count: 2367

Summary: Bonnie makes the reader babysit Kai one afternoon which only ends up leading to something else. 

 A/n: *shrug emoji* 

“No. I have better things to do than take care of this.” You snap.

“Kai.” The boy says, pointing to himself.

“Cmon y/n! It’s only one day.” Bonnie pleads.

Bonnie Bennett, even though she was one of your closest friends could seriously frustrate you.While she was always there for you, today was not one of those days. A few months ago, a new problem rolled into mystic falls. The one, the only, infamous malachai Parker. you two had never met before but from what you heard you were glad you hadn’t. But now Bonnie was at your doorstep dropping kai off, making you his babysitter.

“Me and care need to buy dresses for-”

“Yeah yeah I know. Double date.” You wave to her as she pushes kai in and closes the door.

“Bonnie,” you ask, before she can go. “Do you need this-” you point to kai- “alive?”

She rolls her eyes. “Bye y/n.”

You turn around to find Kai, already finding him picking up picture frames and playing with things he shouldn’t be touching.

“Is this you?” He asks, holding up one of the picture frames. The photo was you and Stefan- one that Damon had taken, on your last birthday. You and Stefan sat next to the cake, right before you blew out the candles. For once, both of you looked happy. You had the little cutest smiles on your faces and had to preserve that moment forever. Hence why it was placed right by the fireplace, so you could always reflect on a better time.

“Umm hmm.” You shoot him a bitter smile.

“Jeez, fine I guess I was a little rude. I forgot to introduce myself.” He says, placing the picture down. “I’m kai, I was stuck in 1994 for about- eighteen years? Or no. Umm, wait. what year is it now?”

You let the boy get lost in his own train of thought. He seemed to have so much to say, but so unable to get it out fast enough.

“-and i absolutely love,” he plops down on the couch, seeming to forget his words.

“You love?”

“Pork rinds!” He exclaims.

“Okay, then.” You scoff, walking to the kitchen.

“I just got here and you’re already leaving me?” Kai starts following you around like a lost puppy.

“I’m not leaving. I’ve got better things to do than watch you. The only reason I am is because Bonnie’s sweet and I’d never say no to her.”

“So you like her?” He asks.

“Of course I like her. Everyone does. Why do you ask?”

“No reason.” He replies.


“Bonnie? Come on pick up!” Kai whispers into the phone.

Kai had gone off to the bathroom for the past twenty minutes. You wondered what was keeping him so long, but you didn’t care. You were starting to get suspicious though. He spends the whole day by your side and then he just wastes his time without another word?

“Y/n? What’s wrong?” Bonnie asks.

“No it’s me.” Kai replies.

“Why do you have y/n’s phone?” Bonnie hisses before kai can speak any further.

“Because there’s no other way you’d pick up. Now listen, would you mind just putting in a good word for me? With y/n?” He asks.

“Are you kidding me? She’s my friend kai,  I’m not telling her anything like that.”

“Please. Please just say-”

“I’ll give you an extra hour. If she doesn’t kill you by then I’ll be surprised. Don’t you dare try anything.” Bonnie hung up, not sounding to pleased. But it was enough for kai.

“Kai?” You called out. No answer. Maybe he had finally left. “Kai?”

You find him in your room, sitting on your bed, holding your phone in his hand. He looked so nervous when you found him, you wondered what had just happened.

“What are you doing?” You hiss. “Get out.”

He smiles at you as he walks right by you, without another word. He was definitely one of the weirdest people you had ever met. The way his mood could change was faster than the weather.


“God where’s Bonnie?” You whisper to yourself. She should have been back by now. It’s been hours.

Today had been one of the worst days ever. Bonnie and Caroline as well as Stefan and Damon had been gone for the full day. No text or call from any of them. Kai was really getting on your nerves too. He literally wouldn’t shut up. The two of you stayed on the couch for the most part, him trying to make conversation. He wanted to get to know you but you didn’t want any part of it. Why would you? He also didn’t have a clue about personal space. It seemed like he was smothering you, every second inching closer and closer to you.

“So, tell me. What’s the best part of being a vampire? I mean, being one of the most powerful witches is cool but…” he trails off. You could feel him breathing on you. God.

“Listen, Kai,” You push him off. “I’m not into you. You either leave or I kill you.”

“Oh my sweet sweet y/n.” He stands up, making you back into the wall.

“You can’t kill me. What would dear Bonnie say?” He has his hands against the wall as well, one on either side of your head. He was so much taller than you, and larger, that for once in your life you didn’t know how to get out of this situation.

He stares into your eyes, the fire place illuminating one side of his face, making him seem even more crazier than he already is. He looked like something straight out of a horror movie. 

But then he leans in. So close. Closer and closer and closer. And kisses you. The kiss seemed to last for hours, like it was never going to end. He pulls back and smiles at you.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all evening.” He whispers.

“Get the hell out of my house.” You snap, pushing him back hard.

He tries to apologize but the only way he can is to leave and never come back.

“I thought you liked me back.” He says to himself, rather than to you.

“What part of im not into you don’t you understand?” You hiss. “Get out!” You screech at him. “Don’t ever do something like that again or I swear to god I will kill you.”

He was in shock. For once this whole day, Kai Parker doesn’t know what to say. He’s hurt though, you can tell, but he doesn’t want you to know that. But you put him in his place. He stares at you once more before you slam the door behind him. Screw Bonnie.


“So how was babysitting that little pork rind munching freak?” Damon asks.

“Please don’t bring up his name.” You reply.

“That bad, huh?” Damon knew something was wrong, ever since he got a text from Bonnie saying she returned to you home alone without kai. No one could get it out of you- what had happened that night. Not even Damon.

“Y/n, come on. You know you can tell me these things.”

“No. All you need to know is that i don’t want to hear the name Kai Parker ever  again.”


It was a few days later and you were home alone as usual. Everyone else was busy, but you didn’t care as you lid down on the couch, closing your eyes.


“Lets try this again.” Damon says as he yanks on the doorknob.

“She locks the door?” Kai asks.

“Not until the other day after she kicked you out.” Damon replies.

“What does she think is gonna happen to her? A big bad gemini will attack her again?”

“You attacked her?” Damon asks, beating on the door.

“Not really. But she hates me. What makes you think that she’ll give me another chance?”

“Well I need y/n to start talking to me again. She hasn’t been the same since the other day and I plan on finding out why.” Damon hisses, this time pressing the doorbell repeatedly.

“Besides, If she wanted you dead, you would be. She must like you since you’re still alive. God, why isn’t she answering?” Damon looks in to see you, asleep as per usual.

“Y/n!” He bangs on the door. “Wake up you lazy piece of-”


“What?” You ask, rubbing your eyes, getting off the floor.

“Open the damn door!” Damon yells.

Kai can’t help but laugh at you as you get up off the floor.

“Now,” Damon says before you can unlock it; “No hurting her. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

You open the door to find Damon. Why was he back so early? He only left ten minutes ago saying he had to pick up something.

“I didn’t know you’d be back so early.” You apologize.

“Well…” Damon stretches out as kai pops out from behind him.

“No. No Damon I’m not doing this again!” You try to protest and slam the door on the boy’s fingers but it’s no use. Damon never takes anything but yes for an answer.

“I’ll be back in a few hours y/n!” He whines. He waits for you to say it’s fine but both of you know better than that. Kai pushes his way in anyways, like the arrogant ass he is. Damon uses his vamp speed and leaves, leaving you all alone with the world’s worst mistake.

“How’s my favourite little Salvatore?” Kai asks.

“Don’t talk to me.” You say. What else was there to say? You lie back down on the couch and close your eyes. Maybe Kai’s existence was just a nightmare.

“According to Damon, you have to babysit me. And I’m pretty sure that means you can’t sleep the whole time.” He booped your nose like a little child.

You slap his hand away from your face. “Whatever you’re doing, it’s not working. Don’t pretend that what you did the other day wasn’t wrong.”

“I know. It was wrong. I can be so stupid sometimes you know.”

“No kidding.”

“Cause I actually have a girlfriend.” He finishes.

Your face lights up like a million Christmas lights but things start to set in. No way in hell does he have a girlfriend.

“You have a girlfriend?” You question.

“Yep. She’s absolutely adorable.”

“You’re lying. I can see right through you.”

Kai sits down on the couch as you start backing away from him. Why did Damon leave him with you again?

“Okay so maybe I don’t, but I want one.”

“Do I look like I care?” You scoff.

“I don’t think so.” Kai says, narrowing his eyes. “I get my emotions mixed up sometimes.”

“You’re such an idiot.” You laugh.

“She laughs! Finally!” Kai cheers. “Who knew the youngest Salvatore could actually laugh?”

“Shut up.” You grin.

“Ah ha! I knew it all along! You really can laugh! And all it took was yours truly acting like a fool.” Kai grins too, finally happy that he got a reaction out of you.

Part of you hated kai for what he had done. But part of you liked him? There was something about him that made you happier than usual. If you wanted him dead you easily could have killed him by now, and he knew that. But you had a soft spot for him, whether you wanted to admit it to yourself or not.

“You have an amazing smile, you know.” Kai says as he puts his hands on your shoulders. You never realized how beautiful his eyes were until now. “You should use it more often.” He adds.

You didn’t know what had come over you. Maybe these feelings were there all along and he helped you own up them. Maybe you had tried so hard to push them down but they just fell out, one at a time.

“What do you say,” Kai pauses. “That we watch a movie?” Every word out of his mouth rolled off his tongue like pure velvet. He was devilishly handsome.

“Okay.” You reply, softly, smiling at him. He took your hand and brought you back over to the couch. He sat you down as he proceeded to pick through all of Damon’s dvds, or “horror rejects” as he liked to call them. Of course kai somehow knew which one was your favourite as he popped it in the DVD player and sat back down with you, throwing a blanket over the two of you as he snuggled in tightly to you.

Even though it was only six, the movie dragged on for another two hours. Neither one of you spoke much during the movie but when one of you did, your conversation was always as follows.

“God, this is so cheesy.” Kai jokes. “I mean, why did they have to do that for?” His smile lit up the whole room.

“Because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in this situation and then the movie would be boring.” You explained.

“Well then.” He had a loss of words. You were right and he had no idea what to say. He would stare at you when you weren’t looking, admiring the way you would laugh at his comments.

As the movie credits rolled up, kai laughed.

“Thank god that’s over.” He joked. You quickly learned that he loved getting a rise out of you. It made him laugh when he did, and it was the most comforting thing in the world.

“It was good!” You hit his arm playfully. “Did you like it?”

“Did you like it?” He asks as he leans in, the tv illuminating the living room. You could barely make out his face in the dark but could tell that he was so close, just inches away from you.

And he kisses you. He just pushed into you, and kissed you lightly, but passionately. It felt like nothing else. You kissed him back and he pulls away, smiling.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all evening.” You smile back.

anonymous asked:

hi! i've had a rough couple of weeks where my attendance to class has suffered. I feel so behind and overwhelmed with the semester wrapping up I'm scared i won't be able to pick my grades up. We have thanksgiving break so I have a week off school that I plan on using to catch up, any advice on what do when you've fallen behind? :(

first: take a deep breath or two. you will be fine.

then: figure out a game plan and make a to-do list with everything. have a geography test/final coming up? put study for geography final on your list. have an assignment from a month ago that you never did and is bringing your grade down? put it on the list. (even if late work only gets you partial credit, it’s better than nothing. and it’s a great way to study/refresh material). and email/talk to your teachers! everyone has had those days/weeks/months/years when shit goes down and things just seem to fall apart, and hopefully your teachers can recognize that and help you out. find out if they can offer extra-credit or if they’ll allow you to turn in work that you’ve missed for some (or all) credit. 

if extra-credit/doing missed assignments aren’t an option, then work your booty off for tests/finals. i know, finals literally a pain to even think about. they suck. but they are also an amazing opportunity. get some index cards, start using duolingo, download the quizlet app, find crash-course videos on youtube. (for lack of a better phrase) make that final your bitch. make it your goal to do your best on the final. if it’s worth a decent amount of your grade, then it’ll bring your grade up, easy. if it’s not or if the class is super hard/you’re having trouble understanding it, still study your booty off and do your best. chapter 14 giving you a rough time and it’s just all going over your head? skip it. move onto chapter 15. it’s fine. as long as you know that you are giving it everything you got, you won’t feel bad about a grade that’s a little lower than your liking. 

when i took calculus 1, for the first semester i was super sick and in-and-out of the hospital and missed a lot of the foundation stuff, so pretty much all of the class went completely over my head. i didn’t understand it whatsoever. did do shitty on the final? yep. did i get the lowest class grade i’ve ever gotten in my life? yep. did it bring down my GPA by a bit? yep. do i still low-key despise math because of that class? yep. but you know what else? i can look back at that class and see all of the hard work that i put into it. i know that i studied my butt off for that class even though i didn’t want to do it and it felt pointless since i had missed so much of the class already. but since i know that i tried my best, i don’t even mind that i barely skated by in that class. because i’m damn proud of that final grade of 72% because it’s better than the 56% that i had for most of the class. 

don’t stress it. it’ll all be okay. you got this. 💕

anonymous asked:

While I didn't necessarily agree with everything you said in your YoI fandom discourse earlier I did like that you were able to politely and calmly discuss some of the flaws in this fandom (as well as some positives), so thank you for that. It's important to admit that yes, there are negative parts of fandom, and not only admit that but come up with some ways to deal with it (even if that method is simply avoidance). In short, thanks for opening up this discussion, which is important to have.

aaahhh thank you so much!! 

exactly, there’s always going to be things we don’t like in the fandom, as well as things we like, and the best alternative is to try to talk about it (not like… be aggressive to creators and such, but rethink what we can do to change and make our experience in the fandom better, be it on personal or collective level)

again, people are bound to disagree on things! and that’s fine as long as we’re polite about it. i’m no authority in this fandom (and no one has that authority) to say what we can and what we can’t do, what creators are good or bad, but i’m putting out there my personal likes and dislikes and i do this already expecting people might not all agree with me (though i expect them to be nice if they disagree, which!! is not so hard!!)

you can bring up your own personal view on the matter here and i might agree, or rethink what i’ve been saying, or not agree at all - but we have to have this room to discuss openly and nicely. i think it’s really important.

I try to do these every year and make it pretty and sometimes I fail at them; but graphics aside alone, I want everyone to know how much you guys have influenced me in your life and how much I adore you.

Even if we haven’t written before or whatever the case may be, I love seeing you all on my dashboard and be able to read and catch up on what’s on your characters. There are some people that I want to thank individually and express how much they mean to me, but I want to be able to tell you all the same.

I am grateful for each and everyone of you for trying to make this place such a safe place for people to come to. To my old co-workers on the admin team, you are very much appreciated. It’s not easy running a group this size and let me tell you, these girls deserve a lot of your praise. 

Thank you everyone for being such a warm and welcoming presence in my life. You guys are the best. 



And now, onto the individual thanks. If I forget anyone of you, please know from the bottom of my heart that I am so thankful that you are in my life.

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