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Hot Crossed Realities~ Chapter Two

Summary: One of Brainstorm’s experiments goes on the fritz, with an unexpected consequence. Pulled into another universe, two women have to learn to live alongside their favorite characters on the Lost Light … and all the danger that comes with it.

Warning: This chapter has IMPLIED death and bodily harm. 

Brriiiing! Brriiiiing!

Drift glanced down at the phone in his hand, frowning when he saw the name and quickly understanding that it wasn’t for him. The Captain had run off not too long ago to go find the humans that Swerve claimed he’d seen in Ultra Magnus’ hands, and shortly after Rodimus had practically announced this to the whole bar no one had stopped talking about it. Most were wondering aloud if this was real or if it was another practical joke by Swerve. The poor mini bot had been getting pestered relentlessly for details when Drift had left, deciding to go and find out the truth himself.

Now it was just a matter of locating the orange and red bot.

As he walked by Ultra Magnus’ office, his instinct told him to stop in for a quick visit, figuring that if Rodimus had taken the humans off somewhere, Ultra Magnus would know.  “Magnus?” He called, rapping on the door with his knuckles. He only had to wait a moment before it slid open to reveal the much larger mech who was staring down at him as if he had a bad taste on his glossa. Drift chose to ignore the disdain and instead showed him the ringing phone, Red Alert calling for the second time in a row. “I heard Rodimus was coming to see you, and Red Alert is insisting on talking to the Captain.”

Ultra Magnus rolled his optics, but Drift had a feeling the irritation in that act wasn’t aimed at him this time. “He’s taking the humans to Rung’s office so that they can talk to him and possibly regain some of their sanity from this ridiculous situation,” he told the ex-Con.

Drift blinked in quick succession, surprised to hear that Swerve’s tale had not in fact been just another prank. “How did humans get on the ship?” was the first question that sprang to mind. He had never met a human before and this would be an excellent opportunity to learn about some of the most interesting organics he’d heard about in his travels.

Ultra Magnus growled and said, “I’ll explain later. Let’s get that phone to Rodimus and fix whatever new problem has sprung up this time.”


Jay just barely managed to keep herself from tipping over as Rodimus plopped her and Fay down on a desk, her head spinning. She looked up at the Captain of the Lost Light, still beaming down at them with pride and elation. The whole trip to Rung’s office had been filled with him chattering on about introductions and asking them questions about being human, all while speeding along the halls in his alt mode. 

While she had loved getting to ride in his alt mode (it was so cool), it was apparently only for those who didn’t get motion sickness easily. She had gripped onto the seat underneath her, gritting her teeth at every corner they had precariously turned, willing herself not to get sick. She had instead tried to distract her mind, answering as many of Rodimus’ questions as she could and by the end of the drive, found herself enjoying talking to him. Though it would take her a while to get used to riding with him, she wished it didn’t have to end so soon.

“Hey, Rung!” Rodimus said to the mech sitting at the desk, the smile never once leaving his face. “Mags said to bring them here to get evaluated or something, so here ya go!”

It was clear that the psychiatrist had been in the middle of fixing one of his model ships when they’d entered, tools and parts scattered about on the desk. When Rung had recovered from the unannounced entrance and looked down, it took a second before he realized just what the Captain had brought him “Wait, are…are these two Earthens?” he asked, removing his glasses to see if his optics were playing tricks on him. “Real Earthens?”

He’d heard plenty of stories and seen image feeds of the curious organics, but he’d never thought he’d actually get to meet one in person. Looking between the two humans, however, he realized that the shorter of the two had averted her gaze. Her face had taken on an interesting shade of pink as she looked anywhere but at him, and the moment she glanced over at him she ducked her head against her shoulders before she gave a shy, nervous wave in greeting. She was most likely overwhelmed by all that had happened. Maybe a bit nervous still as well, considering that even though he was not as large as Magnus or Rodimus, he still loomed over them. Hopefully over time that would change as they grew more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Noticing her friend’s reaction  in the face of meeting Rung, Jay coughed lightly to divert attention to her. Once she had his scrutiny, she placed her hands on her hips and gazed up into his own with curious eyes and an animated grin. “No, we’re humans,” she explained before she added, “Earthens sounds so…weird.”

“They got brought here from Earth by another one of Brainstorm’s wacky experiments or whatever,” Rodimus cut in before she could say anything else, shrugging as though it were an average Tuesday before he clapped a servo on Rung’s shoulder. “So! I trust you’ll take good care of them and make sure they’re well adjusted and all that shiz, so that I can take them to meet the others later! Okay see ya later nerd.” As fast as he had come, he left.

Except a moment later he popped his head back in and, looking at Jay, he said, “Looking forward to seeing you again soon, cutie!”

He winked and finger-gunned in her direction before he disappeared once more, leaving the humans alone with Rung.

The orange and white bot turned in his seat to glance at the small beings, humming lightly in thought when he noticed the one who had corrected him earlier was still staring at the direction of the door, twirling a strand – he believed it was hair? – around one of her fingers with a faraway look as if she was day-dreaming. The light in her optics – wait they were called eyes – was something he had seen many times before, he’d been around too long not to recognize the signs. Hopefully that didn’t end in disaster …  Meanwhile, the other human was looking at him out of the corner of her eyes as though to appraise him, but the moment he actually made optic contact with her she quickly averted her attention elsewhere.

Something didn’t quite add up to him. Typically anyone who had just been ripped from their home and thrown into an unfamiliar environment would be uneasy or even skittish. Yet these two seemed to be almost…fascinated? Stunned? Dumbfounded?  Even, strangely enough, pleased as though despite these events they weren’t upset at being torn from everything they knew and loved. He couldn’t quite comprehend why they could be feeling this way, or if this pleasure was towards their new environment or the mechs. Then again, processing something so life changing would take time.

Still, they obviously would need his help and comfort –and he wasn’t about to turn away a patient in need. So with a quiet sigh, he moved aside the the tools and parts scattered about his desk and turned to them with an apologetic smile. “Pardon the mess. I would have had the area cleared had I known I would be receiving company,” he said. “It would have helped if Rodimus would have called first, but, what’s done is done.” He paused for a moment before he added, “I don’t believe he even said what your names were, did he? Or did he simply not ask?”

Seeing as her friend was still soothing her frayed nerves Jay decided to speak up first and said, “My name is Jay. Rodimus I think just got a bit excited about having us on board, heh.”

While Jay introduced herself, Fay had taken the few precious seconds to get her wits in order until she was able to look up at him. “Yeah, he did seem a little enthusiastic about the whole ‘having humans on the ship’ thing,” she began, only a slight waver in her voice as she smiled. 

“Can’t say I blame him. I’m Fay, by the way. It’s nice to meet you. Rung, is it?”

He was surprised for a moment before he smiled softly. It was exceptionally rare for someone to get his name right, especially on the first meeting.“Yes, that is my name. And from what I understand you’ve experienced quite a shock.”

They nodded in agreement, but before Fay could open her mouth to reply, a static noise crackled to life all around them before it settled and a familiar voice spoke. “Listen up everyone,” Rodimus began, his tone seemingly calm and collected (was that a hint of excitement?) before he continued. “There’s been a bit of an incident on the lower decks. Nothing to worry about but as a precaution, I’d like everyone to pair off, go back to a habitation suite and wait inside until I give the all clear. Everyone that is except Ratchet, Trailbreaker and Chromedome - you three need to come to my office immediately.

Just a precautionary measure in response to something absolutely unremarkable and actually quite boring. But if anyone does happen to carry industrial strength energy dampeners or turn into a nullification booth, or is able to generate level 9 containment fields, then hey feel free to come see me as well…so, um, ‘Til All Are One!

“Well that was a rather peculiar announcement,” Rung muttered when the intercom cut off. “Then again, I suppose today has just been full of surprises … as always.”

And yet neither Fay nor Jay could shake the feeling that there was something strange about that  announcement. It almost felt like Deja vu. They had heard those words once before, but from where or when it was difficult to say for certain. It wasn’t until Rung got up to lock the office door that it finally clicked and they looked at each other in slowly rising horror. Rodimus had spoken that very announcement on the bridge in the earlier comics after he had gotten a warning.

Right after Red Alert had told him about the spark eater.

But … how was that even possible? The sparkeater danger was supposed to have happened towards the beginning of the comics shortly after the explosion on the ship and the rescue of Skids. And yet Rodimus had mentioned (during that nail biting, death defying ride to see Rung) that he had been relaxing in Swerve’s bar the moment he’d heard about their arrival, and yet – Swerve had discovered the bar on the ship during the events of the sparkeater attack. If the bar was already up and running …

Why was the sparkeater only now emerging?

Once he was sure that the door was secured, Rung turned back to the humans and said, “Well it’s better to be safe than sorry. And I’m sure it’s nothing to fret about.” Despite his attempt to seem untroubled, both women could hear the touch of worry in his normally serene voice.

That’s when, almost simultaneously, Fay and Jay remembered the incident that had unfolded when the spark eater had escaped its prison. Those the spark eater had killed hadn’t satisfied it, it hunted for the brightest spark on the ship, the ultimate meal.

The very spark that sat right in front of them, a gentle smile of reassurance on his faceplates. “Now, where were we?” he asked, oblivious to the impending danger.


“Okay, let’s find this thing. Magnus has sealed all the interior doors, so it’ll be confined to the corridors.”

“It’ll be disoriented after gorging itself,” Ratchet added. Once it finds its bearings it’ll go after the brightest spark. It sounds like it’s carrying semi-digested sparks, so best not shoot at it. Containment is key.” He gave Rodimus a pointed look, as though it would get his point across.

Whether he had noticed or not Rodimus gave no indication as he held up two digits and ordered, “Split into teams and scour the upper decks. Drift and I will stay here and try to find out how the neutrals kept it trapped for so long.” Rodimus maintained optic contact with the gathered bots, ensuring they understood that this was not up for negotiation before he glanced down at the corpse on the ground.

“You’re not coming with us?” Ultra Magnus questioned, raising an optical ridge at Rodimus’ choice of words.

“No need,” he waved a servo in dismissal. “It’ll come back here and I’ll be waiting.”

“And you’re sure of this because…?”

Rodimus had to resist the urge to roll his optics towards the ceiling at all of the questions. “Because Ratchet said it would go after the brightest –” he shook his head for a moment before he looked Magnus in the optics and said, “Look, I’ve just got a hunch, okay?”

“What about the humans?” Rewind asked in concern, Ultra Magnus and Rodimus having filled the group in earlier on the newest arrivals. “Will they be safe?”

“Humans are organic, Rewind,” Ratchet said. “They don’t have sparks like we do, so the sparkeater won’t be interested in hunting them.”

“See? They’ll be fine, so there’s nothing to worry about!” Rodimus said with a smug grin.

“Unless it crushes them while trying to get at some poor mech,” Ratchet added in a flat tone.

“… Okay, so maybe there’s one thing to worry about.”


“Hey, uh, Rung?”

“Yes, Fay?”

She paused for a moment as she glanced at Jay. They had to figure out a way to keep him safe. If the sparkeater was real, then they had to find a way to make sure that he was standing in the right spot where Skids would have a chance to save him (if that part of the story would stay the same). The only problem is, Rung had been standing near the door – not sitting at his desk.

A glint of gold out of the corner of her eye caught her attention as she glanced at the unfinished model set to the side and she promptly got an idea. “Oh, sorry. This is just … still so new that I don’t know what to say or where to begin! Everything’s so big, and it’s just a little bit intimidating.”

Rung gave a sympathetic smile as he nodded in understanding. “Yes, the Lost Light is quite large even for us.” He reached over to pick up the half-finished model and held it so they could see. “I noticed you were eyeing my current project. Do you like models?”

“I do, though most of the models back home you have to paint and mix the colors together to match the picture on the box. I’m always afraid of messing them up somehow and ruining it completely, so I’ve never done it before.” She happened to look up and noticed the shelves with more models, turning around and bending backwards to try and get a better look at them. “Are there more up there?” she asked as she pointed up.

“Why yes! Would you like to see them?”

It was a simple plan, but if they could get Rung to stand up it’ll put him closer to the vent where he needed to be. If everything went according to the story, Skids would most likely already be somewhere in the vents to avoid feeling trapped in his room … but where exactly he was right now was hard to say. Had he even heard the screams of any of the dying mechs? Or was he halfway across the ship? It was impossible to tell, but they had to try and hope for the best…and hope that they were with Rung during the rescue.

Neither of them wanted to be trapped in the same room as a macabre metal monster.

“Well I know I want to take a closer look!” Jay interrupted Fay before she could say anything, unable to resist shooting her friend a wry grin as she moved closer to the computer monitor. 

Quick as a flash she scrambled up on the various notches until she was on top of the screen, jumping to grab the lowest shelf she could reach. She just barely made it, boots scraping for purchase as she tested her strength, gradually pulling herself up. Peering over the edge, she saw Fay and Rung’s faces and laughed lightly – they both looked ready to faint at the sight of her antics and she waved at them before turning her attention to the models. “Wow, they’re so pretty!” she said with a gasp of amazement, standing up to get a closer look at the details. “Did you put these all together by yourself? Can I touch them?” she asked despite that fact that she was already tracing her fingertips along one of the ships.

“Well, I suppose that is all right,” Rung said, though he seemed uncertain how to really respond after just witnessing her determination to climb something that was obviously a dangerous height for someone so fragile. Looking down at Fay (who, thankfully, had not followed her friend’s example), he noticed her own hesitance and asked, “Would you like to join your friend?”

“Please?” came the sheepish response. Fay slid into the offered hand and held onto his thumb as he reached up, holding still until she was safely on the shelf next to one of the other models. Up close and personal, the models were about the size of a human (give or take a foot taller than them), once more reminding the two just how small they were compared to the mechs. They certainly were impressive in size and appearance – as though they were looking right at a shrunken version of the real ships. “Wow. Are these based on real ships?” Fay inquired, trying to keep up the impression of being ignorant.

“They are indeed. In fact, I only collect ships that I have served on.” He seemed proud of his statement as he watched them. “Soon I’ll order the parts to build a model of the Lost Light itself to add to my collection.”

“Wow, that’s amazing!” Fay said, eager to see a close-up of the famous–if odd-looking–ship itself. “How long does it take you to bu–?” She yelped as her hip bumped into a low engine on one of the models, causing her to balance precariously on the edge of the shelf and instinctively pinwheel her arms. “W-Whoa-whoa-whoa!!”

Upon hearing her friend’s frantic cries Jay whipped around from where she had been admiring another model nearby, curls bouncing erratically around her face. Seeing her friend trying to desperately right herself before she fell off the ledge, she immediately dashed to Fay and grabbed her arms in a vice like grip. The moment she tried to pull them both back to safety her mind conjured an image of the red and violet vortex that had forcibly dragged them here, a wave of helplessness from the memory causing her to lose focus. Without realizing it, her foot slipped off the edge just as Fay lost the battle against gravity, sending the two tumbling backwards off of the shelf with dual shrieks.

“O-Oh my!!” Rung cried as he stood out of his chair, stumbling over his own legs for a second before he caught the two in his servos. He was trembling slightly as he held them up, his face was creased with concern as he looked the two over. “Are you two alright?” he asked, gently brushing a thumb over each of them to check for injuries.

Between the two Fay had recovered enough to nod, taking deep breaths to calm down as she righted herself in his hand. “Y-Yeah, I think … I think we’re okay now,” she managed to say, giving him a small smile. Despite the short but frightening fall, they had achieved their goal and got him under the vent. “Thanks for the save there!”

“That’s a relief,” he said. “For a moment I was worried that–”

It was faint, but it was loud enough to give Rung pause as the three turned to look at the door. Scratching and scraping of metal against metal echoed down the hallway, steadily gaining in volume as it drew closer to the office. “What in the Celestial Spires is tha–?”


The sight of metal blades–no, talons–slicing through the steel on both sides of the door brought forth a shriek from the women, a guttural cry reaching their ears as they clung to each other.

“W-What the –?!”


With the screech of metal being torn from the wall the door was bashed in by a set of four silver tendrils. Rung barely had enough time to jump back away from the fallen barrier with a yelp, his hands reaching up to cradle the two humans against his chassis. There, looming in the doorway, stood the very creature of nightmares, its pale green optics cold and empty as it gazed upon the trio. Acidic saliva dripped from its gaping maw, melting the floor beneath its pedes as it stepped inside, its head jerking slightly as though it were more machine than alive. The tendrils on its body spread throughout the room, effectively blocking any attempts to run past it towards the door. A low, rattling hiss filled the air as it drew closer, knowing that its prey was trapped.


The sparkeater released a bone-chilling howl that echoed through the room, the sound near deafening as Rung hunched over the terrified women to shield them.


“Come here, Eyebrows!” an unfamiliar voice said with a grunt as a blue limb reached down from the ceiling, yanking Rung up by his arm and pulling the three to safety just as the sparkeater lunged. There was a resounding crash down below, followed by a roar of frustration. “Come on, move!” Skids said as he nudged the psychiatrist forward, keeping himself between the three and the open vent.

“Thanks for the save,” Rung said, allowing Jay and Fay to climb onto his shoulders and cling to his neck so he could move more freely. “How did you know we were in trouble?”

“The terrified screams kinda gave it away,” came the slightly mocking response.

Even as they moved away from the office, Jay managed to peer between the combined bulk of the two bots and saw the sparkeater pull itself up with its tendrils. Feeling her heart leap in her throat, even knowing that they would still get away, she couldn’t keep herself from shouting, “MOVE!! That thing’s right behind us!!”

“We gotta keep going!” Fay agreed frantically.

A soft chime chirped through the air, causing the humans to jump in surprise while Rung looked at his side. “Wait, I’ve got an incoming message,” he told them, the tri-screen data-pad swinging around to the front before the screen clicked on.

The familiar image of Rodimus’ handsome face appeared as he said, “It’s Rung, right?” (there was a distinct ‘tsk!’ from Fay) “Oh good! You’ve got the humans with you! Anyway, Ultra Magnus says you might have a sparkeater on your tail, in which case I’m sorry. We thought everyone would be safe in their rooms, but it seems the hab suite doors are a lot thinner than the ones down here …”

While Fay was listening in to the conversation, Jay bit her lip and kept glancing back behind them. The vents were small enough that it couldn’t move as freely or as fast as it could in the corridors, but that meant they were moving slower too. Thankfully Skids and Rung kept going as well, though at an admittedly slower pace now that they were answering a call.

“Listen, Rung,” Rodimus’ voice broke through her thoughts, “I need you to do something for me. I need you to head down here to the engine rooms, and bring the sparkeater with you. I’ll be waiting.” He must’ve noticed the look on Rung’s face and added, “Don’t worry! I’ve got a plan–and it’s a cracker!”

With that, the data pad clicked off, leaving the three of them to sit in horrified silence. That is, until Skids broke it with a wry grin and said, “Congratulations! How does it feel to be used as bait?” The thumbs-up didn’t help either.

“As fine and dandy as all that sounds,” Fay began.

“We need to go, and we need to go NOW!” Jay finished, pointing over their shoulders at the approaching sparkeater. It took only a single glance back for the bots to see that the monster was almost upon them–so close they could practically taste their untimely demise!

They crawled further down the vent system until Skids stopped them at a panel in the side of the wall. “Okay, so the quickest way to the engine rooms … ” With a powerful kick, Skids sent the panel flying down into the abyss as they peered down after it. “ … is down the elevator shaft.” His hand retracted and was immediately replaced by a tri-hooked tool.

“How come you get a grappling hook and all I get is a thumb with a microphone in it?” Rung asked, sounding both impressed and disappointed at the same time.

“A thumb with a–?” Skids shook his head in confusion before he added, “Wow. No wonder our friend is so interested in you. Speaking of which … ” He grabbed onto Rung and pulled his arms over his shoulders, the two humans immediately clinging to whatever surface they could reach as he jumped out of the vent. “It’s time we made a move!”

The sparkeater roared as it swiped at empty air, the grappling hook shooting past its head until it snared something solid above. While Rung clung onto the theoretician for dear life, Jay was tucked tightly against his neck cables and Fay had somehow managed to cling to the underside of Skids’ hood. Their hair whipped wildly around them in the rushing wind, leaving the two breathless and a little bit motion-sick. It was like the ride with Rodimus all over again, but instead they were going to fall to their death, Jay was sure of it. However, with a resounding THUNK they landed on top of the elevator, Rung falling on his skid-plate while Skids managed to land pede-first.

Skids popped open the panel just beneath his pedes, peering inside with Fay only to be greeted by a startled Brainstorm. “Engine rooms,” Skids demanded, managing to squeeze himself and Rung through the opening and dropping to the floor.

Confused and just a bit surprised at the sight of the tiny human clinging to his helm, Brainstorm asked, “What’s going on? It’s Skids, righ-?”

Panic, and adrenaline rushing through her veins, Fay–in a rare loss of control–snapped, “Just take us to the damn engine rooms!

There was a brief moment where she could feel Skids’ optics raze over her skin in surprise but maybe due to the chaos and impending danger, he didn’t say anything to her.

Startled by the sharp command, Brainstorm keyed the button that would start the elevator in its descent. It had only gone a few floors down before something heavy landed on the ceiling, claws tearing back the roof like a tin can to reveal the sparkeater once more. Screams of terror and shock filled the elevator before Skids pried open the door, immediately pushing Rung through the partial opening as he shouted, “Go! Go!”

“But Brainstorm’s trapped!” Rung protested.

“No! We can’t leave him!” Fay cried out even as Skids pushed her back into Rung’s servos with Jay.

The grim expression on his face said it all as he looked down at them. “Then I’m sorry,” he said, “he’s already dead.”

While the words hadn’t meant to be so harsh, they still sent a pang of guilt through her chest as they moved further away from the elevator and the screams of terror. Silent tears slid down their cheeks as the women clung to one another, praying that the sparkeater would leave Brainstorm alone like it had in the comics. It was then that it finally sank in that this wasn’t just a fun world they had come to love and enjoy: this was real. Being surrounded and having the chance to meet their favorite characters should have been the best thing to have ever happened to them. But the gruesome, dangerous horrors that the Lost Light crew had faced over and over again wasn’t just some story to them anymore, and the very real threat of them dying in the crossfire … if the characters here could die, what could possibly keep them from suffering the same fate?

“Rung! Over here!” Rodimus’ voice called out, breaking through their thoughts as they looked up. He was standing next to the generator, a familiar looking mech embedded in its shell.

In a blur of speed and a yelp from Skids, the two women found themselves plucked from Rung’s shaking servos and held against a white chassis. “Hey!” Skids yelled indignantly, a sword pressed up against his neck cables while Rung was forced to run towards his captain.

“Stand down,” an unfamiliar voice ordered as the two looked up, realizing that it was Drift that was holding them and preventing Skids from entering the room. “This is all part of the plan.”

“Why you –” Skids growled, though with a sword pressed against his throat he wasn’t in any real position to argue, even as the sparkeater pushed past the four towards Rung and Rodimus.

“Hurry up, ugly – your dinner’s getting cold feet,” Rodimus’ voice called out, the sparkeater hissing as it lunged for them. At the last second he pushed Rung out of the way, grabbing the sparkeater by the arms and slamming the beast into the generator. “Now Perceptor! Now!” he shouted even as the spark eater’s tendrils had started wrapping around his neck and arms, his near death grip on its neck being the only thing keeping it at bay.

Engines roared to life around them as the ship moved, Fay and Jay falling flat against Drift’s chassis as he curled his servo protectively around them and their world becoming a strange mix of off-white colors. It felt like they were on a demented carnival ride, their stomachs leaving them far behind as the ship initiated the quantum jump. After what felt like an eternity it stopped, the world returning to normal and the two flopping into Drift’s waiting servo with a grunt. Dizzy and a little queasy, the two sat up with twin groans of discomfort before they managed to regain their senses enough to look up and see what had just happened.

The sparkeater was little more than partially exposed limbs, its tentacles lying limp on the floor. Rodimus was smirking the whole time, even with his arms embedded in the engine with the sparkeater. Everyone moved closer to inspect the results, baffled that it had worked and astonished that it had worked. “Wow!” Drift gasped in awe, a grin of respect and delight on his face. “That was just–wow!

Skids gave a low whistle as he peered around the corner of the engine and said, “And I thought I was the risk taker.”

Rodimus turned towards the admirative crowd, but his optics landed on Jay’s own brown eyes as she ogled him like he was her entire universe. Something sparked like electricity in that instant, so when his lips curled into a sly grin and he uttered, “First rule of interstellar travel: never stand next to a quantum generator when it’s about to flout the laws of physics,” Jay could have sworn that she had been set aflame.

-Lily & Silver

First Chapter

Self-Critical (Poly!Hamilsquad x Fem!Reader)

(So I’ve been having a super horrible last few weeks. I’ve been really unhappy with myself, physically and mentally and emotionally. Drama in my love life was making it hard for me to get inspired to write anything. So I tried to channel what I was feeling into this fic. I hope anyone who feels this way overcomes it and realizes how unique and special and beautiful you are. Love yourself, because you deserve it. It isn’t as long as the other two, but I hope you all understand. I’m getting back into it slowly and I’ll try to post something at least once a week.

This fic is SFW!

triggers: self-depreciation/insults/body-shaming 

I hope you all enjoy and I hope this makes at least one other person feel better about themselves.) 

The morning had been spent in front of the mirror. You didn’t have class today, but the boys still had to go to work. You’d woken up alone to the sound of rain drizzling on the window just next to your bed. It was cold and you felt more lonely than you had in a while to be laying in your vast bed with none of your boyfriends beside you.

Lately, you’d been hyper critics of your appearance, specifically your weight. You were silent about it for the most part, but you found it harder and harder to accept the way you looked when you had beauties like your best friends, the Schuyler Sisters to compare yourself to.

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Han Lue was never one to be pegged as a family man. Many people had thought he’d continue on his life sleeping around, mourning the loss of his deceased lover, but the exact opposite had happened. He managed to fall in love again, married, and even had a child with the woman of his dreams. You.

The soft whines from the child in his arms had brought from his thoughts, and he glanced down to see his son reaching for the keys that sat on the table. He grinned at the sight of his son, and didn’t waste a second to hand the child the set of keys.

His son, an exact replica of himself, gave his father a one tooth grin before shaking them in front of his face. Han knew exactly what he was trying to say.

“Don’t you dare,” you warned from your spot beside the two, “The last time you took him on a ride you ended up racing.”

Han rolled his eyes and met your gaze, “He’s the son of a drifter. Racing is in his blood. Isn’t that right buddy?” he cooed, receiving an excited squeal from the boy. He looked at you with his infamous smirk and a raised eyebrow.

You laughed at his antics, moving to grab your son out of his arms. “How do you even drift with a car seat in the back?” you asked.

“I mean, women are attracted to a man with a baby.” he responded teasingly, only getting himself a slap to the chest. He watched as you got up from the couch, carrying your son into the kitchen. He scanned your body, that he still found to be perfect after all these years.

In the new silence, he found himself thinking back on his life. Everything he’d gained. everything he’d lost.  But as he thought hard, in a penthouse in the middle of Tokyo. He realized that he didn’t regret a thing that happened to him. His life was finally perfect.

anonymous asked:

tfp ratchet, mtmte rung, megatron, whirl, drift bot s/o trying to hide that they are wound because someone else's actions.

I will not lie, I love writing this prompt x3

-You can’t hide your injuries from him, he sees you limping by even though he’s got his back to you
-He orders you to come over and let him run an exam or he will force you
-He doesn’t pry for answers, he assumes these wounds are from battle
-He kisses your helm and reminds you he is the medic and when he thinks something is wrong, let him give you a check up

-He knows when you’re hiding something from him and calls you over
-If you rush off, he will search for you until he finds you and learns what’s wrong
-He shocked to see these wounds and asks where they’re from and who did this to you, but he won’t press for answers
-He gives you a kiss and cancels his appointments for the day so he can have a day with just you

-He doesn’t notice for awhile, and when he notices the wounds he is enraged
-He’s angry you didn’t tell him, he’s angry he didn’t notice, and he’s angry at whoever hurt you
-He makes you tell him who did it then leaves, next thing you hear is them screaming and Megatron yelling
-He tells you never to keep secrets from him again, he loves you and no one should hurt you

-He doesn’t notice for a little while
-When he does notice, he doesn’t say anything or ask about it because you would of told him if it was important
-Finally, curiosity gets the better of them and he asks you why you were beaten up, when you tell him he acts like it’s a “whatever” kind of situation
-Next thing you hear is he’s in trouble for pounding that guy that hurt you, even if the guy didn’t do it intentionally

-He notices immediately and catches you in his arms when you try to run
-Gently he kisses you and assures you it’s okay to talk to him, there’s no need to be scared
-He doesn’t force you to tell him who or what did this, but he figures it out and handles the situation as peacefully as he can
-He takes you back to his habsuite to have a relaxing afternoon and do some yoga

 about how marta went from overanalyzing x-men to meta about extent of merlin’s powers.

so, it was already established that my x-men obsession has returned, that much we know, but rewatching and seeing the old movies made me want to point out a couple of things about merlin. see, we have jean grey who’s an extremely powerful mutant and perhaps the only level 5 mutant alive. she has telekinesis, telepathy and her phoenix powers which basically means she can alter the reality to her will, right?

and then i have merlin, and i think if he were a mutant there would probably be no possible class for him, with how powerful he is.

see, i know just fine that magic is obviously different than mutations, but still it makes me consider it for a little longer. because really, when merlin arrives in camelot (he’s eighteen), his powers are still purely instinctual, by the time it all unwraps in the show he’s already extremely powerful (he’s just twenty-eight). and yet it is said he has power he cannot yet conceive. which makes you think that yes, he will be more powerful. even more so, that by the modern times he’s already 1500+ years old. he is so powerful that his magic makes him immortal. as much that he mastered the power over life and death.

now, if we know that and we know he’ll have all the time in the world to develop his skills, let me analyze what he could already do during the young years of his life we already saw in the show. mind you, some of which were accessed through spells, and yet seeing as he is claimed to be the most powerful sorcerer to ever have walked the earth, it’s still the specific abilities he possesses that allow him to do so many things.

keep in mind all of these are canon things he could do just in the show.

  • telekinesis. one of the first abilities he’s ever had. he mentions he could move objects with his mind before he could talk or walk. a very powerful kind he used from day one to the end of the show for very different purposes (as much just levitating things to flying countless people through the air with blasts of telekinetic energy).
  • control over elements. it’s also been shown from early on, in various forms, and all four of them. example is simple lighting fires, creating earthquakes or dangerous creation of handy tornados, etc.
  • control over weather. a little different from the control over elements, but still very valid. could be for example creating fog to cover up, or creating huge ass lightnings (like the one that killed Nimueh or defeated the entire army of Saxons).
  • slowing down molecules / time. it’s actually the first magical ability that was purely instinctual that was shown on the show. it’s hard to say whether it’s just molecules or the time itself, but it’s i think very close to one another.
  • telepathy / borderline mind control. seemingly different, but tied together. merlin first started to hear, as well as communicate with other magic users through telepathy. it was a thing yet to develop, but we could later see him using crystals to communicate with arthur for example. plus, he did use his magic to bend will (of arthur’s once, to get him safely out of camelot).
  • empathy / sensing. he was always very tied to places and magic, as well as being able to sense the magic in places and people. he could also sense spirits or magic cast at people.
  • healing. he could heal great wounds that were not inflicted by magical creatures (with obvious practice) as well as the effect of poison, some injuries or certain types of magic. 
  • projection / conjuring. it’s a very difficult skill that generally speaks against all the laws of magic (ones we even see in harry potter). merlin himself said no one can make butterflies appear from thin air, and yet we see him do the exact thing much later. it’s basically complete bending of reality and making things with actual body and purpose out of thin air.
  • energy / energy blasts / bending life and death. he was able to conjure blasts of pure, raw energy (like seen with killing sophia’s father for example), as well as conjuring energy that could kill things already dead or created from pure magical essence (like griffins for example).
  • shields / defensive magic. he was able to shield himself from many attack from both magical as well as non magical threats, like for example creating magical force protecting him from dragon’s breath. putting barriers around his mind definitely count too.
  • clairvoyance. this was always more of morgana’s true purpose and merlin wasn’t a seer, but he did have prophetic visions, sometimes dreams. he was also one of the very few creatures able to use crystal of neahtid which was essentially one of the crystals from crystal cave which allowed him to see the past, the present and the future.
  • necromancy / mediumship / summoning spirits. all of these appeared, though on yet different level and up to discovering more in the future. necromancy was especially shown when morgana summoned lancelot’s shade and he proved capable of it, and spirit work happened a few times as well, though not always by his hand (but clearly he was capable of both).
  • transfiguration / shapeshifting. it’s very close to conjuring, however it’s about changing the things that already exist into something else. it was for example turning a statue into an animal or conjuring snakes. but it was also himself turning into his various aliases, like ageing spell with dragoon or turning into the dolma.
  • dragonlord legacy. this is something inherited from his father and merlin is the last of his kind. he can command dragons and creatures alike, make them rise to life and many other things tied to his kin.
  • many other abilities. there are plenty of other abilities he had shown, but i can’t possibly name them all. they include things like extremely fast gathering information, very high resilience to things, seeing the path ahead of him, and plenty, plenty other things.
  • immortality. that alone is a result of being so powerful. the druids called him emrys and it’s his second true name, which means sorcerer cursed with immortality. it means that merlin can die, but never permanently, unless he’s ran through a sword forged in dragon’s breath through the heart. the last sword of that kind (excalibur) he both created and cast away to avalon with king arthur after his death, resulting in him being unable to die and having to wait for centuries for the arrival of new age.

now, there are obviously more abilities there which i failed to mention, and keep in mind that these are just things that he could do while still in the show (up till he was twenty-eight). he will develop his skills over time and become truly the most powerful being, and then truly the last of his kind (as it is canon that magic is dying out from the lands). the only things he cannot do is die, truly bring back the dead to life and move in time.

still, also keep in mind that while merlin is extremely powerful and being called magic itself, while he’s half being of old religion, the other part of him is still human (even if that part of him would cool off over time). there is also no doubt that whichever universe he’d be, it’d force him to hide away, because knowing about such power is asking for trouble. people do seek power and whatever it can bring them and that alone has been a trouble back in the show ; it surely will prove to be in the future too.

Sweetwater Confession

A/N: Alright, you guys. I’m total Riverdale trash and I have a major soft spot for Jason Blossom. I don’t know if something like this has been written yet, but if so, I’m not trying to copy anyone by any means! If you guys enjoy this, feel free to request… Because omg. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

Also, I’ve added where you can change (Y/N), to your own name! I see it floating around everywhere and I wanted to join the craze. 

Warnings: None whatsoever. Just expect a flustered reader, charming Jason and a bunch of sweet, lovable fluff!

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Imagine being Raleigh’s ex who is a jaeger pilot and helping him when Mako needs to recover from an injury.

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(I couldn’t help myself. I thought it was just too hilarious not to share. I sort of want to write a full one shot of this now. With like them just being adorable little shits and everyone being like just screw each other already.)

“How the hell do you two even know you’re drift compatible?” Herc asked.

“Well I’m sort of his ex.” You said. “I know him a whole lot better then most people.”

“There’s no way. You dated that asshole?” One of the other pilots asked as Raleigh just grinned.

“High school sweethearts baby.” You replied giving Raleigh a high five. “Now if you don’t mind let’s do our job and kick some ass” You said before heading towards the door feeling someone watching you leave. “By the way, eyes off my ass Becket.” You added grinning over your shoulder at him.

“Now what would be the fun in that?” He quipped as he followed you and swatted it as he walked past making you just roll your eyes and laugh. Same old Raleigh all right.

“Really?” You asked.

“You said nothing about my hands.” He retorted shooting you a wink as you two both went to set up.

Preening | Jamilton One-Shot

Hamilton Clipped AU

Summary: Thomas notices Alexander preening the feathers on his wings. Gaining trust, and Jamilton fluff.

Word count: 1463

Alexander’s face appeared calmer, for once, neutral, as it always was when he was doing…whatever he was currently up to.

“What are you even doing?” Thomas murmured, eyes drifting over his little ezfi.

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Mother, help me,,,theres this girl that I used to be best friends with but then she got a boyfriend and started being very manipulative/mean to me and my other friend. She treated us like we didnt matter and like she was better than us bc she was in a relationship. Eventually she just stopped talking to us altogether but now he does online classes so shes hanging out with us again. Im trying to be nice but I still feel hurt by how she treated me and I feel bad but I cant trust her anymore? Help

oh no sweetums,,, okay, this is a pretty delicate situation, I’m gonna do my best to rationalize it with you. under the cut because i got rambly,, ily

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To the Girl I Thought I'd Grow Old With

There are mornings when I wake up, and just realize you’re gone. After almost a year of trying to act like it doesn’t bother me, like I’m dealing with it just fine, like I don’t give a shit anymore, the tragic thing is I still do. And it’s during these days that all the guilt and pain of losing you suddenly break loose and wash over me in currents.

You, the one constant thing I had in my life since 4th Grade. You, the only person who has kept me rooted on times when I felt like I was losing grip on my sanity. You, my best friend. My soul sister. My spirit animal.

I wish you’d stop beating yourself up, because I know that you still do. And I also know you never wanted this to happen. I know this wasn’t your fault. I know you tried to fix this, even.

It was all me, sweetheart. I was the first to pull back. I’m the one who recklessly replaced our friendship for something so incredibly fleeting. I’m the one who selfishly held one, single mistake against you and used it as an excuse to avoid you. So please, please, please, stop blaming yourself.

I’m so fucking sorry. I don’t know if it’ll ever be enough, but god, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I had to screw things up. I’m sorry I had to take what we had for granted and slowly rip it apart. I’m sorry I had to sever a connection that was supposed to last forever. I’m sorry I couldn’t even tell you I’m sorry in person because even after everything, there’s still nothing I value more than my stupid ego.

And thank you. Thank you for five years of friendship. Thank you for all the days I never had to spend alone. Thank you for all the ridiculous text conversations about crushes and frenemies. Thank you for all the birthday letters and Christmas presents. Thank you for the chances I didn’t deserve. Thank you for still taking time to talk to me even when what we had is gone and over. Thank you for being a part of my life I’m not sure I can even replace.

I’m glad you’re happy. I’m glad you find yourself surrounded by so many people who love you and make you feel nothing short of special. I’m glad they make sure to plan birthday surprises for you, and never forget to invite you to pool parties in the heat of summer. I’m glad you’re comfortable enough to have deep late night conversations with them on the phone. I’m glad they make up for all the things I’ve never gotten to do. And I’m glad that even though we drifted apart, you still haven’t forgotten me.

I miss you too, M.
Happy National Best Friends Day.

i was thinking about how at the end of the sword of summer annaeth wouldn’t be all “sit down bitch and let me tell you about when i was seven years old and ran away from home and met these kids called luke and thalia” because?? that girl has had such a traumatic childhood.  she’s not going to use it to one-up anyone, especially her cousin, and i did a thing:

“Oh, no,” I said. “Your story is so amazing? You go first.”.

To my surprise, Annabeth’s face fell. She was watching me with those scary grey eyes, like some sort of laser scanner, to a point where I considered asking if she was alright. When she spoke, it was softly. “You’re not the only demigod in this restaurant, Magnus,” she said quietly.

I choked. I wasn’t sure what I’d been expecting, but it certainly wasn’t that. “How did you know I was… how do you even know about…” I spluttered.

She glanced around furtively, a hand absently drifting to the beaded cord around her neck. “I guessed,” she said dryly. “I don’t know what’s going on with you, but my mother is the goddess Athena.”

I swallowed. “She’s not Norse,” was all I could manage.

Annabeth winced. “Norse?” It was difficult to tell from her expression whether she was alarmed or extremely exasperated. “No. She’s the Greek goddess of wisdom. Magnus, I ran away from home when I was seven years old. There’s a training ground in Long Island for Greek demigods - Camp Half-Blood. I was basically brought up there. My best friend, Percy, had a prophecy looming over him for four years. I thought he was going to die when he was sixteen. I’ve fought and I’ve killed and I’ve saved the world and I’ve redesigned the city of the gods and I’ve watched my friends die and I’ve watched them betray me,” she said. A moment ago, she’d looked ready to kill, but now her eyes were watery and her breaths short. “I understand a world of gods and monsters. I’m part of it.”

I didn’t know what to say. For once, even a sarcastic remark wasn’t appropriate. “I’m sorry,” I muttered eventually.

She shook her head. “Don’t be. I wasn’t trying to guilt-trip you. I just… this world isn’t a nice one, and I didn’t have someone to rely on for a long time, and… I’m here for you, okay?”

Maybe I should have hugged her, but I’ve never been a sappy person or one particularly comfortable with physical contact. Instead, I nodded slowly and pulled out the cash for our dinner.

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oisuga + 12!!

I also have oisuga+17 so… here they are

12.  “why the heck aren’t we making out?”, 17.  “why are you staring at me”

enjoy finding out how Suga & Oikawa met once upon a time in the Crown Cawfee AU

Suga turns with a sigh and props himself carefully on the edge of his desk.  He can already tell he’s going to regret this decision.  He meets a pair of brown eyes barely a shade darker than his own.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“Why aren’t we making out?”

Yep.  Definitely going to regret this someday.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, you’re pretty gorgeous and I’m, well,” he gestures to himself and grins, “I’m me.”

Suga can feel his cheeks heating up but he’s not sure if it’s out of whatever poor excuse for flattery that just was or because there are now a handful of curious onlookers watching them.

“Do I even know you?”

“I’m Oikawa Tooru and you are…” Oikawa’s voice drifts off as he grins at Suga, waiting, no doubt, for Suga to swoon or something.

Suga admits that it is a charming grin and he does rather appreciate the attractiveness of confidence in a person.  But he can also see that glint under the surface of Oikawa’s smile and it’s just a little too similar to the slice of razor sharp barb wires hidden behind Suga’s own smile waiting to get out.

He plants his hands on Oikawa’s desk and leans forward until there’s just a breath of space between their noses.  The way the hushed voices start spiraling around him as Oikawa’s eyes widen slightly sends a rush through his veins and he smiles.

“Way out of your league,” Suga whispers loudly.

Oikawa’s mouth falls open slightly before his lips curl up into a knowing grin.  “Oh.  You and I are going to get along so well.”