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I’ve spent YEARS watching the Simblr community from a distance and I’ve finally decided to start my very own. As a bit of a launch event and a thank you to the community itself, I’ve decided to give out a free copy of the new vampires game pack! All you have to do to enter is give me a follow and reblog this post. I’ll randomize a winner, and if I don’t hear back from them in 24 hours I’ll draw another name! 


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The overwhelming support has literally blown me away. I went through a break up as soon as I started this blog and you guys have no idea how much all the kind messages have helped me. MY STINKIN CUTIES. I’m going to REOPEN this giveaway!! Same rules apply. A winner will be selected on Monday (1/30) at 11:50 PM PST!

EDIT 1/31: You guys have been unreal. Thank you so much. This giveaway is officially concluded. I plan on doing more in the future! You guys are amazing. I love you.

Birthday Wish - Peter Parker x Reader

Imagine for @hownottodie101 - hope you enjoy it! xo

Request: Hey!! Can you do anything cute and fluffy with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker? Something reader x Peter. Tia:)

Originally posted by khylinrhambo

After making your wish, you leaned over and blew out the 16 candles that covered the cake. You met the eyes of your mother who looked as if she were going to cry.

“Mom, I’m only 16. Don’t start packing my bags and meeting with suitors yet.” You laughed and she blinked away her tears.

“I’m sorry, I’m just thinking about this very day 16 years ago.” She sniffled. 

“You mean the day you cursed me out in the delivery room and said you hated me?” Your father winked at you and your mother smacked him on the arm. 

“Hey hon, where is that camera your grandmother sent you? You know she’ll want to see some photos from tonight.” 

“When will she get a cell phone?” You rolled your eyes and excused yourself from the table.

You headed straight for your closet to look for the camera package that was most likely buried under your clothes. Once you found it, you stuffed your shoes and clothes back in and headed for the bedroom door.

In the corner of your eye, you saw a figure sitting on your bed, causing you to shriek.

Your boyfriend Peter sat with a grin on his face.

“(Y/N)? What is it?” Your dad called up the stairs.

“Oh it’s nothing, dad. I just saw a spider.” You smirked and closed the door. You crossed the room and tackled Peter in a hug, pulling away to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Very funny.” He sneered. “Y’know, you really shouldn’t leave your window open all the time.” 

“I’ll try to be better about that. I wouldn’t want to find some creep in my bed.” You gave him a playful shove and he laughed.

“I wanted to see you on your birthday.” He took your hand and placed a small blue box in your palm. “And I wanted to give you this.”

You looked up at him with a sheepish smile. “You really didn’t have to get me anything. You being here is enough. That’s actually what I wished for.”

“But I wanted to get you a gift. Open it!” He nudged your shoulder.

You lifted the lid and inside the box was a small, silver heart-shaped necklace lined with little jewels the color of your birthstone. Your heart swelled and a huge smile broke out onto your face. “It’s beautiful! Thank you so much, Peter.” 

“Read it.” He sounded nervous as he cleared his throat.

You gave him a confused look and pulled the necklace out of the box, flipping over the pendant. On the back in small engraved writing read “Love always, Peter”. 

Your stomach flipped and you felt your face burn. You looked up at him through your lashes and saw that his face was equally red, but still gleeful. 

“I’ve had so much fun with you these past few months. You’re the most interesting girl I’ve ever met. You’re so smart and so warm and kind and-and beautiful. I hate when we’re apart because I want to be around you all the time. You make my days so much brighter and…I’m in love with you.” He finished. 

Your heart felt like it was going to beat right out of your chest. You never had any experience since Peter was the first boy to ever really show an interest in you, but what he was feeling, you felt too. 

“Please say something.” He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. You smiled and leaned into him, giving him an eager kiss. 

You had kissed a few times before, but it was nothing like this. This one was deep and electrifying and you knew it would be one of the most memorable moments of your life. 

You finally pulled away and pressed your forehead against his, your (E/C) eyes gazing into his brown ones. “I’m in love with you too.” 

He smiled and pulled you into another kiss, this one much softer. His hand reached up and held your cheek, his thumb stroking it gently. Once again, the two of you pulled away and he tucked your hair behind your ear before planting a kiss on your forehead. “May I?” He tugged at the necklace that was still clutched in your hand.

You turned around and lifted your hair so he could hook the chain. Your hand reached up and grasped the heart as you beamed down at it. 

“Well…” He trailed off, looking disappointed.

“Well?” You looked at him in concern.

“I hate to say it, but I should go.”

You nodded, feeling sad that he couldn’t stay with you. “I understand. Everyone needs you.”

“Go enjoy the rest of your evening with your family. I’ll be back later, okay?”

The frown on your face was replaced with a grin. “You will?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t want to disappoint my girl on her special day.” 

You blushed at him calling you “my girl”.

“Bye, Peter!” 

He covered his cheerful face with the red mask and ducked out your window, disappearing into the night.

This is the first imagine I’ve written in a while, and I really enjoyed it! Requests are still open :)

Boyfriend Jackson

A/N - Here’s Jackson as your boyfriend~ Hopefully you guys enjoy and please keep sending me your requests!

Mark | JB | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • Jackson Wang
  • where do we start with him?
  • okay well first off he’s definitely the clingiest boyfriend out of all of Got7
  • he’ll always be texting you to make sure you’re okay and to tell you he misses you and loves you
  • he’d be lowkey annoying at times but you know he’s only like that because he loves you and wants you to know that
  • he’d be super protective of you as well
  • anyone who makes you feel upset will become his new enemy istg
  • if he ever saw you crying then he’d pull out all the blankets, your favourite movies and your favourite food
  • and then he’d just cuddle with you all day
  • he’d do anything to make you happy
  • jealous!Jackson would be so hot omg
  • he’d see you with another guy and would just switch into a possessive boyfriend
  • obviously he wouldn’t be so possessive that he stops you seeing your friends but he’d make sure to let you know that you are his and he is yours
  • even if you are in public
  • speaking of being in public, Jackson would be really big on pda
  • he’d want everyone to see that he is taken
  • and he’d want every guy to see that you were taken
  • usually he’d just hold your hand but whenever he was feeling even a little bit jealous or protective over you, his arm would be around your shoulders, holding you close to him
  • or if there was a guy who just wouldn’t get the hint that you were taken, his arm would be wrapped around your waist and he’d be pressing kisses onto your face and maybe nipping at your ear 
  • if the guy didn’t figure out by then that you were happily in a relationship then Jackson would just full on make out with you right there and then
  • and his hands may wander a little too much considering you were in public…
  • Jackson would often ask for your opinion on his songs and if there was something you didn’t like then it’d be changed immediately
  • your opinion is basically the only one that matters to him
  • because you’re his little princess and he only cares about you
  • he’d probably use his songs to flirt with you as well
  • like he’d put a really suggestive lyric in there and would play it for you and then ask for your opinion
  • and obviously you’d love it bc flirty Jackson is best Jackson
  • whenever you hung out at the dorm, Jackson would be holding on to you the whole time
  • he’d be like a little koala bear just snuggling you loads
  • and he’d LOVE whenever you sat on his lap
  • and not even in a suggestive way, he’d just love having you in his lap because it showed that you wanted to be close to him and cuddle him
  • but if he was feeling rather stressed from practice or a busy schedule and you came and sat on his lap then god have mercy on you bc that boy won’t hold back
  • Jackson may be really cute and sweet towards you but as soon as clothes are off and you’re in the bedroom or the backseat of his car then a completely new person shows up
  • he knows exactly what to do to get you all riled up and squirming beneath him
  • and the sounds you’d make would just drive him over the edge
  • but then the next morning he’d wake up with messy hair and a husky morning voice and he’d just want to snuggle
  • any remnant of the previous night gone apart from the purple bruises he left on your body
  • basically Jackson Wang would be the cutest and sweetest boyfriend ever who wants to treat his princess like she deserves and would never let other guys near her
  • because she’s his and he’s hers
  • and he loves everything about her
Satans Wife (a Credence Barebone imagine)

(First of all, I have to apologize for my shitty art, I only drew the outlines and was too lazy to do the shading, so I just scanned it and threw something together in photoshop.)

these are three requests in one story because i thought they’d fit together well. i’m also thinking about making this a series but idk, tell me if you want a part two. 

plot: you got kicked out by your family because they discovered that you are a witch and now you seek shelter in the New Second Philanthropic Society Church, how ironic.

warnings: blood and brutality (enjoy lmao) 

‘God, stop crying! Can’t you see? Everyone is looking at you. They know what a pathetic failure you are. Maybe they even know that you are a witch. A wife Satans’. Well, they probably know because you aren’t even good enough to hide it. Look at their eyes, they know! Why do you think the little girl gave you the flyer out of all people? Right stupid, because she knows.’

The voices in your head got worse, the more steps you took. You couldn’t bear this anymore. Fortunately, there was a coffee shop right next to you and you entered it quickly. The cashier greeted you politely but you didn’t have time for small talk. You were standing on the edge of starting to cry. Desperately to find the toilet sign, you scanned the room. After spotting it, you ran towards it and hid in a small bathroom stall. With a loud sob you chuted down the wall behind you. Pulling your knees to your body, you started to cry and soon your crying turned into inaudible sobs and you blankly started at the wall. You were desperate and hopeless, where should you sleep this night?

‘You don’t have anyone to go to. Your whole family won’t speak to you after your accident. That stupid, stupid mishap. Why didn’t you try harder to oppress your feelings? Why couldn’t you wait until you were back in you room? Exactly when grandpa was saying the grace, how freaking pathetic of you. They had to bring your grandma to the doctor, because she got so scared of you. Your own grandma!’

In order to stop your thoughts, you tried to distract yourself by giving the flyer in your pocket a closer look. You got the crumbled paper and started reading: ‘New Second Philanthropic Society’ there stood in bold letters. ‘Witches live among us and we should fear them. We are a society which will not stay silent. We will fight and stop Satans work.’
There was a drawing of two hands breaking a wand. Underneath there was a small box which said: ‘We give out food and shelter for all homeless under majority. Each day of the week. At seven pm.’
You were conflicted. Should you really put yourself in danger just for food and a place to sleep? Well, if you would sleep under a bridge today, you’d put yourself in danger too. You knew that New Yorks creatures of the night, how your dad likes to call the drunkards, weren’t the nicest people and you couldn’t imagine how the people of the witch-hating church would be able to know that you are one. And even if they would discover your secret, you could just run away and try to find shelter somewhere else.
You got out of the stall and checked yourself in the mirror. You looked horrible and half frozen to death. Well, at least they’ll know that you really need the place.
In fast pace you left the shop, trying to ignore the sweet smell of hot chocolate and cookies combined. The cold air hit you harshly and it hit you: How should you know where the church is? It could be in a totally different quarter of the city. Because you didn’t know what else to do you ran back to the girl handing out the flyers. When turning around the corner you were relieved to see that the little, blonde girl was still standing there. You made your way towards her, your hands shaking.
‘I- I’m sorry but does the church have a place for me to stay? I don’t really know where else to go’, you smiled awkwardly at her, your voice quiet.
The girl jumped and she looked at you with big eyes. ‘Follow me!’, was the only thing she responded.
Before you knew, you stood in front of a heavy wooden door. You small companion knocked on it with her tiny, pale fists.
A skinny boy, not much older than yourself, opened. You glanced at him, suddenly feeling bad that you didn’t fix yourself up in the bathroom earlier. The dark haired guy in front of you was gorgeous and you looked like a perfectly human embodiment of a scarecrow.
‘Mother, we- we have another guest’, the boy with eyes of the size of the moon turned around and shouted in a rattling voice.
‘Let them in!’, she answered.
You entered a huge dining hall. It wasn’t a dining hall as in a princess castle. It was everything you expected it to be. Everything was made of dark wood. The windows were dirty and some of them didn’t even exist anymore. Just a few planks replaced them.
A middle aged woman appeared. She observed you slowly from head to toe. Then she gave the boy a nod. ‘Bring her upstairs, she’s going to sleep in your room. You will take the bed that’s in the hallway. And don’t forget to bring her some soup’, she demanded coldly.
You let out a heavy sigh. She didn’t realize that you are a witch, so you passed the hardest examination.
The boy was oddly quiet when he brought you to your new room. He didn’t say anything and what was even more odd than his behaviour was that there wasn’t even a bed in the hallway. He opened a squeaky door for you and led you into a narrow room. It wasn’t much. A bed, a small table, a chair and a cupboard, all made from the same depressing wood. Like mentioned before it wasn’t much but you didn’t need much. It wasn’t freezing cold in here and that was all that mattered to you.
But the fact that there wasn’t one picture or any sign of anyone ever living in here, puzzled you. Only a big bible was laying on his desk.
‘You aren’t much of an interior designer, I see’, you joked with a small smile. However, the boy didn’t seem to be much of a comedian either and just frankly turned around to leave the room.
‘Wait, are you sure that you get to sleep in a bed tonight? Because I didn’t see any in the hallway and I really don’t want to take yours away from you’, you questioned.
‘I- I don’t need a bed, it’s fine’, the boy muttered staring at the ground.

You asked him about his name. He told you it was Credence.
‘Okay Credence, I am not here to invade your home. I’m going to find another place to stay at tonight. Thank you for your hospitality’, you explained to him while putting your coat back on. You strutted towards the door and decided to give him a quick peck in order to show your appreciation. But something went horrible wrong. The kiss triggered something in you. It felt like the dark magic was feeding of the boys’ touch. Black reek started to surround the both of you and in this exact moment someone opened the door. It was Credences Mother. Her face went dark red and her eyes began to fill with hate.
‘I knew it! I knew it! Witches live among us!’ she stared to scream with rage. Shocked from the words of the woman and of what just happened you sank to the floor.
‘And you little bastard are her lover! I always thought you were worthless but you are even worse; having an affair with Satans wife!’, she went for the bible on the desk, took it and raised her hand. In this moment you didn’t wish for anything more than the ability to control your powers but you couldn’t, so the only solution was to get between the boy and his mother. You jumped in front of Credence, a dull pain flashing through your skull. As fast as you had jumped up, as fast you were back on the ground again. You were feeling the cold floor on your cheek and saw black liquid spreading out on it. You brought your hand to your hand only to find out that the liquid was flowing out of the wound. It definitely wasn’t blood. You know what blood looked like and it definitely shouldn’t be black and smell poisonous.
‘Look at what you’ve done to (y/n)!’, the otherwise quiet boy exclaimed. ‘You are a monster, a monster! You should be feared by everyone. Not witches and wizards. You, you, you! You are Satans wife!’ The boy was in a rage and pushed his mother out of the room. He quickly shut the door closed and pushed the desk in front of it.
Then he squatted down and stroked the hair which was sticking to your forehead out of your face.
‘I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!’, he muttered, repeating it a thousand times. He got a shirt from the cupboard and got rid of his belt. His shaking hands manufactured something similar to a pressure bandage. He got a paper bag from under his bed and put everything from his cupboard in there. He reached out for you and helped you get up. A sudden wave of dizziness hitting you. You still managed to keep your balance.
He pushed the desk back to his original place, pulled you out of his room, down the stairs and finally out of the building. His mother following the both of you. ‘Witch, witch, witch!’ she shouted hysterically. All the people were now staring at you but you didn’t bother, you just wanted to get away from the woman. Credences bag started the tear apart and all of his clothes threatened to fall out. So he turned around and aimed his bag at his mother causing her to fall to the ground. You two didn’t stop running until you spotted an old, abounded factory where you two found security. For a minute or two you stood there just staring at each other. One breathing louder than the other. You tried to organize your racing thoughts but you couldn’t. The feelings of shock and fear were stronger than you and they took over. You fell into the boys’ arms, clutching on his vest, sobbing. You felt your hot tears staining his shirt. The boy tensed under your touch but brought his hands to you shyly. He petted your head, not caring that his hands got full of that black goo. You stood there for more than half an hour, nobody saying a word. You slowly calmed down and only now realized that Credence knew your name even though you had never told him what it was, so you asked him where he has gotten it from!
‘You are going to think I’m a freak’, he whispered.
‘You? A freak? I’m sorry but I’m the person who has black poison running down her face, not you’ you exclaimed, laughing in disbelief.
‘I dreamt of you’, he answered so quietly that you almost couldn’t make it out.
‘Yes, I dreamt of you. Countless times. I also dreamt of this a- and everything that just happened. I know this sounds stupid. You don’t have to belie-‘
‘But I do. I do believe you. But please tell me you dreamt further than this because I have no idea what we should do now!’, you begged him, grabbing his face in desperation.
The boy shook his head, his eyes closed. He looked like he was in pain.
‘You didn’t dream further than this?
‘No, I did but I can’t I jus-‘
‘Credence!’, you shouted, immediately regretting raising your voice because the pale boy was flinching.
‘I’m sorry’, you voiced, ‘but please, for the love of god, please tell me what we did!’
The boy turned his face away from you. ‘We- we kissed and then there was a bright light and it- it felt so redeeming and-‘
You cut the boy off, pressing your lips to his. You didn’t care that he was a complete stranger. All that mattered was that it felt like the most important thing you ever did in your life.

Since the start of Arrival era, Youngjae has just been so comfortable and outgoing. When you compare him from before, he would just stay in the back or edge and be quiet, keep neutral. And seeing him now, he is talking when they accept trophies, he is talking when they are interviewing them on Mcountdown or The Show, something he rarely did because it was either the other members but unusually him. He also is so comfortable being there, before he would just stay neutral, do nothing, and now you see him making cute smiles, peace signs, silly faces, throwing hearts and camera bombing the mcs. I really enjoy seeing Youngjae like this. It makes me want to cry because back then i was sad because it seemed he was never talked to or noticed and it makes me happy seeing him now being more open and happy and goofing around. I’m glad his confidence has gone up, it’s all I want, for him to be comfortable and happy.
And I hope one day he will be confident enough to be able to say confidently that he is the Nich.In.Bi.

I’ve struggled with a lot of pain, anxiety, depression, and self harm in my lifetime. I’ve left scars on my body I cannot remove. This pose was very intimate and very special to me. I’ve never been more happy with a photo than I am with this one…OKAY SO!! I’m standing in line for my photos op and I’m coolin’. I’m calm and collected the entire time and than I’m next in line. And my HEART DROOPED. I started feeling lightheaded and watery eyed and I tried to save myself but it was too late, Jensen turned to me with his arms open wide, he smile. I nervously walk up to him and he can totally tell I’m struggling so he makes conversation.

Jensen: hey! How are you? Is this your first convention?
Me: yyyyeessss
Jensen: are you enjoying yourself?
Me: ahhh yyyyeessss
Jensen: *laughs* I’m glad! Is there a pose you wanna do?
Me: ahhhhh yyyyeessss

So we do the pose and as soon as I break away I lock eyes with him and just lose it. I break down crying in front of EVERYONE and I’m SO EMBARRASSED. Jensen just throws his arms around me and pulls me into his chest. So I’m sobbing into Jensen’s shirt and then I realize “oh shit, people need their photos!” So I start pulling away and Jensen just pulls me tighter. I’m like “OKAY GOOD I CAN STAY HERE IM GOOD WITH THAT” I’m in his arms for about a good 45 seconds. I pull away again and wipe my face a little, trying to collect myself. Jensen smiles at me ever so sweetly and wraps his arm around me once more, he says “I’m so proud of you, you’re so important and you’re gonna be alright. I love you.” I said “I love you so much. Thank you.” He smiled SO WARMLY, and before I walked away he rubbed my back a little and it made me melt… I’m finally walking out of the photo op and immediately volunteers are like “are you okay? Do you wanna sit down?!” I’m saying “no, no I’m okay!” One girl wraps their arm around me, another hands me a bottle of water, (😂) as soon as I’m about to leave I hear someone say l “hey! Wait up!” I turn around to see an individual who stood about 2 people behind me in the photo op line running up to me, they hug me tight and say “I know what it’s like to be alone, and it’s okay…would you like to hang out with us for a while?” And with that I made two new friends! I come to found out from them that in the middle of me breaking down in Jensen’s arms, the security and staff was trying to move me along to hurry up the line and Jensen shoved them off. He WAVED THEM AWAY SO HE COULD HUG ME, and that is something I will never fucking forget. That is the reason I hold Jensen so close to my heart. I couldn’t ask for a better first convention.
Thank you Supernatural family, truly

P.S. Jensen smelt like Irish Spring male body wash and musk, of course. #blamethemusk

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On a more positive note:

I just noticed I’m at 9,000+ followers!!!  

I cry every time, I swear. thank you guys so much for supporting my art! To old followers:  Thanks for sticking around fam, I really owe you. Especially those who knew me from my iggy sitting days. To my new followers: WELCOME! I hope you’re enjoying my art!   I love you all

despite what happened today I really think I do have the best followers, I love hearing your feedback and seeing you get excited over the concepts I throw out there! I love making cute shit to hopefully make someone’s day a little better and chatting with some of you every once in a while is always a fun time 

I think once I reach 10,000 I want to do an art giveaway! probably something along the lines of: one like and one reblog counts and the winner will get a chibi/baby character of their choice!   just an idea, we’ll see! 

Leading Suspects: Epilogue

Well, here we are. It’s been quite the journey, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it, especially you, @peetabreadgirl! There’s a strong chance I’d be crying in the corner over something fic related without you in my life. Clearly, you’re my Johanna. ;-) The story will be up on AO3 and in its entirety by the end of the week. I’ve been posting chapters five at a time, so if you follow me over there, I apologize for the flood of notification e-mails. Will make one more post here once it’s complete on the other sites. Smutty MCSmutterson out!

“Do you think they’ll serve pie?”

“Don’t eat the strawberry if they do. Just to be safe.” I smother my laughter at this and lean back against the trunk of the apple tree I scaled half an hour ago, the speakers below me unaware of my presence.

The funny thing about gossip and scandal is that it’s a stupid, fickle thing. Two years after I returned to Twelve Willows to propose a joint Daily Fix and bakery franchise to Peeta and ask him out for real, so much has already changed, and yet so much remains the same.

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Request: If request are still open, could you do something with Kylo accidentally killing the reader in a middle of a battle? I haven’t been feeling the best and I just need something to make me cry. I’m so sorry.

A/N: Idk why requests like these appeal to me so much like….I enjoy writing them even tho they literally rip my heart out??? Thank you anon for requesting this, I hope this makes you cry! [gif not mine]

Warning: Death

Word Count: 2.6K+

We’ll make it through. I promise you. The sound of the sweet voice rung in his head, the sight of something so innocent and pure that took the human form. We’ll make it through. I promise you. The same words repeated in his head, all he could think about was the lovely face he was once able to hold and kiss. The once lovely person he used to call his own. We’ll make it through. I pr-

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Make Me

<p><i>-Based on the song “Make Me (cry)” by Noah Cyrus ft Labrinth. I was listening to it and go this idea so I just started writing and got this. Hope you enjoy!<p><i>


//I never needed you like I do right now//

She quickly sucked her lower lip between her teeth harshly, as she felt tears weal up in her eyes. Her small hands rest in her lap, her long legs crossed as she sat near the top of the messy bed.

//I never needed you like I do right now//

His bare back and shoulders moved as he let out a heavy breath; hands clenching the end of the bad. The bandage around his face could barely be seen as he hung his head slightly, his dark locks falling as a curtain around him.

//I never hated you like I do right now//

An old flannel fell around her as it was much too big; too many days gone by of no meals. Food was a constant battle between the two of them, as well as everything else that comes with a now damned world.

He stood from the bed, stepping into his dirty jeans, pulling them up his slender legs. The tears freely fled from her green eyes as she sat still, knowing nothing would make him stay with her.

Ever since the saviors started taking “half” of everything they had, he shut himself out. Most people in the group were used to it by now, everyone except her. She knew the saviors had effected everyone, but it seemed to get to him the most. All love and affection from him vanished, instead she got cold shouldered and pushed as far away as he could hender. Everyday it broke the already broken girl more. Her bright eyes and happy smile no longer existed, everyone could see it happening. The once young happy couple they all picked on was drifting apart. They no longer held hands and laughter together walking down the streets. They no longer snuck out late at night to go over the gates and escape everything. They no longer sat together at breakfast or dinner, instead she never even would show up.

Their once shared room was now cold and lonely. They both only would occupy it in times like this, when she would be sitting there waiting for him to get out of the shower, hoping and almost pleading that he would lay and stay with her; he never would.

//So I’ll see you in the mornin’, I can’t watch you walk out//

Her small body shrunk into the thin sheets, eyes clamped closed as he finally stood and walked out. The door was softly shut behind him, but not even that could keep everyone from hearing her cries through out the house, not even him.

He slumped down the stairs, plopping down on the small, cold couch once he entered the living room. Whimpers of his name fell from her swollen lips.

//Cause all you ever do is make me..//

Connor McDavid #14

Requested by Anon:  Can you please do a connor mcdavid drabble based on the song “fall to pieces by avril? Happy ending plaese? Thank youu !

*I haven’t listened to this song in years, I totally forgot how much I loved it. Anyway, prepare for cutesy angsty whatever… this was heavy to write. I was very emotional. :)) Enjoy!*

Word count: 993

Originally posted by wonthetrade

“Do you regret me?”

It came out as a very soft whisper that if something else was making a noise in the room, he probably wouldn’t have heard it. You looked up to see Connor sitting in the corner all the way on the other side of your bedroom, head resting on his knees, arms embracing his legs, and his shoulders were shaking. Seeing him so devastated, so helpless, made you cry even more, your tears blurring your vision.

You sat on his side of the bad, wiping your wet cheeks with the back of your hand, “Con?” you bit your lower lip to stop the next batch of tears from falling.

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malec: you’re here.

A/N - this is an odd occurrence for me. it’s extremely rare that i ever share my writing with anybody, and yet now i’m willingly choosing to post it on tumblr, haha. to be honest, i wrote this attempting to make my friend cry (it’s a thing we do sometimes) and it was all written in one sitting. part of me thinks it’s alright and part of me thinks it’s out of character (especially for magnus) but i enjoyed writing it anyway and would rather i shared it than just let it sit stagnant on my laptop forever, aha. 

after watching episode four, i began to consider what would happen if magnus told alec about his dark days in london and i decided to write it down because malec always get me thinking too much. this is the product. it’s set probably a few weeks later than the latest episode but it’s undetermined when. 

hope it’s alright!!

“Magnus?” Alec said as he walked into the warlock’s apartment, setting his bow and arrow down on the coffee table. It had been a long day at the Institute, and all Alec really wanted to do was relax and maybe have a few cocktails with his boyfriend. “Magnus? Mags?” he asked, his voice a little louder. The living room was empty, a rare occurrence for Magnus. Alec frowned, and his hand automatically inched closer to one of the blades he kept on his leather belt. Something was clearly wrong.

Alec took a few hasty steps through the apartment. There was no sign of a struggle, which confused him even more. Magnus was the strongest person he knew.

He sighed, dragging a hand through his dark messy hair, trying to calm himself down. Alec knew that he had a tendency to freak out unnecessarily, and instead forced the other hand away from his blade and to Magnus’ bedroom door, which was shut, but not locked.

“Mags?” he whispered. There was no light in the usually flamboyant room. “You in here?” There was no reply, but Alec creeped in and shut the door behind him once he saw something shaped like a body in the four poster bed. He gave a sigh of relief. Magnus was here. Magnus was safe.

Alec looked at Magnus in closer detail and immediately felt something fall through his body in a swift, swooping motion of sympathy. Magnus’ eyes seemed darker than usual, though the glamour was still up, hiding his warlock sign. Alec shrugged off his worn leather jacket and his shoes and laid next to Magnus, being careful not to touch him yet. Magnus lay on the right side; Alec on the left, and the warlock was curled on his side in thick pajamas, his face wiped clean on any makeup and his hair almost as wild as Alec’s.

Magnus blinked a few times, his eyes travelling up to Alec’s hazel ones.

“What do you need?” Alec asked quietly, not wanting to do something that would discomfort his boyfriend further.

Magnus shifted closer to Alec, laying his head on his chest. “Just… Can you stay?” he replied softly, Alec’s spare hand curling around his.

“Yeah,” Alec agreed, tightening his grip on Magnus’ waist. “Yeah. I can do that.” His lips dropped a light kiss on Magnus’ forehead, and the room returned to silence.

Soon enough, Magnus feel asleep, and Alec was glad that his mind had quietened down enough for him to be able to. He hated seeing Magnus like that. It was odd, and throughout their relationship so far, the warlock had always been the strong one.It was times like this that he bemoaned his inexperience in relationships. Alec really had no idea what to do. He also had didn’t understand why Magnus was so unresponsive. It terrified him; it shook him right down to his core to see the person he had grown to care for so profoundly suffer so harshly, and be seemingly unable to do a thing about it.

All Alec could really do was hold Magnus in his arms and pray that everything would be all right.


It was the middle of the night when Magnus woke up again, and Alec had stayed up just in case that happened. Magnus’ hair, tinted purple this time, tickled Alec’s chin as he shifted.

“Hey,” Alec murmured, offering a slight smile in comfort. He squeezed Magnus’ hand. “Everything all right?”

“Yeah,” Magnus replied quietly as he began to pull away from Alec. “Sorry abo-”

“Don’t, Mags,” Alec cut him off, but not harshly. “You don’t need to lie for me. To the outside world, sure, whatever. Outside, you’re the High Warlock of Brooklyn. But we’re not outside. We’re in here. In here you’re just Magnus Bane, my boyfriend, who is clearly hurting really badly right now.” His eyes softened. “Let me help… please.”

Magnus’ eyes shone with tears. “It’s been a long time since anybody’s said anything like that to me…” he said shakily. Alec didn’t reply, preferring to wait in silence for Magnus to continue. “I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t shut you out; especially not when I pulled you up for doing the same a few weeks ago.”

“It’s okay. You don’t need to apologise. I’m not mad.”

Magnus nodded. “I’m going to try and explain some things to you now, Alexander. But some of it I rarely tell anyone, and… well, some of it nobody knows but me.”

“Magnus, you don’t have to-”

Magnus shifted closer to Alec, shutting his eyes briefly. “I do. Alexander, I really do.” He sighed. “I’ve been alive a long time,” he began. “Obviously. I’ve known a lot of people - cared about a lot of them, too. But even less people are able to stay. Immortality is not that it’s all wrapped up to be. And-and I don’t hate that bit. Frankly, it’s not convenient but without it, I wouldn’t have met so many people.” He looked at Alec. “I wouldn’t have met you. Though, immortality does mean that you lose a lot of people. Sometimes you lose so many people -  get so sick of losing people that you just have enough of it.”

“Go on,” Alec encouraged, both with his voice and with the gentle squeeze of Magnus’ hand.

“It was when I was living in London in the 1870s that I hit rock bottom. I couldn’t really see a way out. I was just so.. so tired of living. One particularly stormy night I got as far as a local bridge in the city.” The warlock fell silent, letting his words sink in. Alec couldn’t stop a tear from falling down his cheek. He may be a warrior, but he was also extremely vulnerable.

“You… you…” Alec couldn’t string a full sentence together. His thoughts were so incredibly erratic. Being faced with the possibility of Magnus not being alive proved destructible to him.

“Yes,” Magnus confirmed, his voice sounding choked up as well. He drew Alec into a hug, and they both gripped onto each other so strongly.

“It was Camille who stopped me,” Magnus told his boyfriend a few moments later when they had both calmed down enough to speak.


“Yeah. So, now you understand why it was hard for me to turn her in a few weeks ago. Even though she’s a monster now… and maybe she always was a monster… without her, I wouldn’t be alive today,” Magnus uttered.

Alec nodded, running a hand through Magnus’ hair and laying a kiss on it. “Yeah, I get it.”

“I’m better now, don’t worry. It’s only every so often that I feel that low again, and it’s never as extreme. Today just happens to be one of those days.”

“I’m always going to worry about you, Magnus,” Alec proclaimed, though still he spoke softly, as if not wanting to disturb the atmosphere they had set in the bedroom. “I lo-I care about you, so so much.”

Magnus released his first true smile since Alec turned up the night before. “I care about you a lot too, Alexander.”

Alec squeezed Magnus tighter to him, and they were pressed together closely, intertwined. “Please never doubt that,” he whispered. “Please never think that there isn’t reason to live… even if I’m not here… you have to live for yourself, okay? You have every purpose in the world, Mags. It would be a much darker place without you in it.”

Magnus blinked as he looked up at Alec, and he leaned in to give him a quick kiss in thanks. “I’ll try, Alexander. I’ll try.” He settled back onto Alec’s chest. “Get some sleep. I know you’ve been up all night worried. But there’s no need to be now.”

“What changed?” Alec asked.

Magnus opened his eyes to look at Alec. “You’re here,” he replied simply, and Alec gave a small gasp before eventually settling down to sleep too, feeling relieved that he had been able to help, and even more glad that Magnus really would be all right.

dickbabs quotes that make me cry

“there’s a warmth in dick’s voice that was never there in bruce’s. he’s done a great job of hiding it lately. and then it goes cold. i miss it more than he’ll know.” 

“just shut up for a second. let me just enjoy seeing you alive, okay?”

“anyone can change and settle down. even you.”
“don’t get your hopes up.”

“you still have it babs!”
“i do, don’t i?”

“whatever my future holds, i hope it includes you.”

“barbara and dick. until the end of the world.”

“i don’t want to spend my life wondering what might’ve been. like you and nightwing.”

“you’re so beautiful. you have no idea… just looking at you makes me happy, but i… i don’t know if i can do this thing anymore, dick.”

“love will conquer fear.”

“you’re right, as almost always. know this: no matter how long i’m gone… i love you, barbara. and i will come back to you someday, i promise.”

“i need him to keep smiling his beautiful smile. to be the sun the earth keeps spinning around.”

“i love you, barb. remind me again why we’re not together?”

“get dressed, true love. we’re going out.”

“babs, you’re stunning and you’re brilliant and you’re probably the strongest person i know… on the inside, where it really counts.”

“i really had a thing for you back then–and bang.”
“it didn’t have to end there, babs. it didn’t end there for me.”
“or me, dick.”

“who loves ya, baby?”

“barbara… we’ve been connected since the day we met. i loved you when i didn’t know what love was. you have been the friend i can never doubt. and the partner i never thought was possible. whatever happens in this world, i know we can bear it if we have each other.”

“i’m just happy and i wanted to share it.”

“babs, you’re a genius.”
“but you already knew that.”
“babs, you’re beautiful.”
“but you already knew that.”

“it’s never going to be perfect. it’s always going to be just us making the best of what we’re given.”

“i know i failed you. i just hope that someday you’ll let me explain. i hope that someday… i miss you, babs. more than you can know. and you were right when you said i was living in the past. so… here’s to the future, okay? as soon as i get there, you’ll be the first person i’ll be looking for. i love you.”

“you never failed me. i don’t know if you’re capable of such a thing. things won’t always be like this, dick. that’s something i know in my heart. i haven’t given up hope that someday– someday i can be for you what you’ve always been for me. i love you.”

  • Aries: "Maybe we should split up. Me and Gemini will go-" *Points at map at random* "Here."
  • Taurus: "Nah. I think I'll stay here. Text me some updates."
  • Gemini: *Sitting in the corner with an attitude*
  • Cancer: *crying* "What are you guys DOING? We'll never find our way!"
  • Leo: "Everyone just chill. I'll use the map to find the way."
  • Virgo: "No need, I'll use the GPS on my phone." *Looks down* "Welp. My phone's dead."
  • Libra: "Guys chill. When life gives you lemons you-"
  • Scorpio: "Shut up Libra. We're in the middle of nowhere. I hate all of you."
  • Sagittarius: "Just enjoy the circumstances for right now. We'll make it out alive, probably."
  • Capricorn: "This is all of your faults! If you'd have listened to me we wouldn't be in this mess."
  • Aquarius: "We should start planning ahead, we're going to get hungry at some point. We should all take a vote of who we'll eat. I vote Pisces."
  • Pisces: *Rocking back and forth and sobbing*
Chocobros and their S/O reuniting after the final battle

I finished the game yesterday and god save me….

Because I’m a sucked for happy endings, this is very important to moi and I’m Determined to make it happy and long(ish).

As per usual, you (the reader) are part of the gang. BUT you were seperated from each other.

I want to say last time I didn’t capture the bros all that well. So I’m going to try something a little different.

Hope you guys enjoy!

PS. THERE WAS NO OLDER GLADIO GIF SO I HAD TO IMPROVISE! And Iggy’s one made me cry…. but I don’t know why.

But do enjoy… And don’t forget to send requests my way :)

It all happened so fast. One minute, you and the love off your life were fighting side by side. The next? No one was next to you. Just buildings and rubble. You were hurt. Not terribly so. But the velocity in which the rubble and came down had knocked you backwards, knocking you out cold. And when you awoke, your head pounded. You felt dizzy, nauseous. And then the grey wardens daemons came.

Gladio had managed to stand up relatively quickly. He coughed, dust from debris getting down his throat. He braced himself against the stone work, taking a few moments to regain himself.

Once he straightened himself up, he looked around. The others were okay but…where were you? Were you seperated from them?
He worried now.

“____?” He called your name. There was no reply. “___!?” He called it again, louder this time. “Answer me, ___!” His concern washed over him in a flit of anger.

“Gladio, we have no time to waste.” Ignis spoke calmly. And Noctis put a hand on his shoulder.

“We’ll look for her once this is sorted.”

Gladio could only sigh, defeated. “Right.”

~~~ 💕 ~~~

When the light from the crystal pushed back the darkness, Gladio could only smile, the deamons bursting into particles at the bright light. Ten years without light had made the day so much brighter. So blinding. But he couldn’t care less.

He had you to find. He wanted you to see it so badly. He let the others know where he was going and set out to find you.

When he did, you were staggering. He watched you for a few moments, amused that, despite your new injuries, you were still carrying a smile.

He shook his head and walked towards you, reaching you quickly. You were now showing at him. When you went to speak, however, he brought you into a warm embrace.

No words were needed. The warmth of his embrace was enough to assure you that everything was okay.

And it was even better when Gladio received a call. Noctis was alive. The king had called him personally. The King’s shield couldn’t help but laugh in joy. He put his phone in his pocket and lifted you by your hips, spinning you around for a few moments before lowering you to his chest.

“No more daemons every day. You okay with that?” He grinned as he held your wrists.

“I’ve have had enough of them to last a lifetime.” You leaned into him, smiling gently. “I love you, Gladdy.”

He laughed that dorky laugh you loved so much and kissed you gently. “I love you, too.”

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Prompto was in hysterics. Even after ten years of fighting daemons, he still couldn’t bear to lose you all over again. He missed you terribly when he was captured. He almost lost you to multiple daemons. You had almost lost each other throughout the years. He ran to the rubble, calling out your name constantly. He fought back his emotions, the constant night having dwindled his optimistic self slightly, when you never replied.

But his heart became heavy, weighing down til it felt like it was in his stomach. Worry made him feel nauseous. But he knew that the King needed his throne. That the prophecy must be fulfilled. 

He took a deep breath. An placed his forehead against the rubble. “I’ll come back for you, Princess.”

~~~ 💕 ~~~

Prompto looked at himself, then at Gladio and Iggy. He tought he was dreaming. They were alive. They lived. He was sure they were going to die. Emotions took over him and he collapsed to his knees, hitting the floor as laughter of disbelief and tears of shock overwhelmed him. 

The sun as back. It was blinding. It was heavenly.It was beautiful. It was warm. It was summer. It was beautiful. 

“Prompto, the hell are you on the floor?”

He looked up from the floor, finding Noctis standing there with a bright smile on his face. Prompto only cried harder and hugged the King’s leg. “We must be heaven. You should… should’ve….”

Noctis’ laughter filled the air and he crouched down, resting a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “We’re very much alive. I’m as surprised as you are, to be honest.”

Prompto hugged Noctis properly now, causing the King to pat his head. “Really?”

“Hm-hm. Now you have the love of your life to find don’t you?”

Prompto’s eyes widened. How could he forget about his wife like that? “Yes! I do!” He released his hold on Noct and stood quickly, running as fast as he possibly could to where he last saw you. 

When he arrived, you were on the floor, bracing yourself against your weapon, breathing heavily. He gasped and rushed to your side, getting onto his knees in front of you.

“___. You’re hurt. You need to - “

“Where the heck did the daemons go?” Your question made him smile, the grin your wore obvious in your words. “Because thank gods their gone.”

Prompto hugged you tightly, careful not to hurt you. He littered light kisses over your face, neck, arms, wherever there was bareskin, as if to prove to himself that it was all real. Even more tears rolled down his cheeks as he laughed joyously, It was over now. No more crazy guy. Just you, him, the guys and a happy life.

There was a future now.


“Yeah, Prompto?”

He pulled back to look into your eyes, his eyes, despite being full of tears, coated with a softness you had not been ble to fully see in ten years. “It may be a little too soon to discuss this but… how does children sound?”

You smiled and pecked his lips and cheeks. “Sounds great. Should we get to it?”

The embarrassment on Prompto’s face was a sight for sore eyes.

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Ignis, although blind, just knew that something was wrong. And he hated it. Hated was actually an understatement. Although he could no longer see what he never wanted to - the full blown destruction of Insomnia - he also could not see you. And that was the hardest thing.

Right now, all he wanted to do, was to see you. All I.. All I wanted…was to save you. That was all he needed right now. He needed to know if you were okay, if you were alive. 

Lingering was no option. They had to keep moving and never look back. That was the only way the world could be saved for once and for all.

~~~ 💕 ~~~

He could not see the sun. Could not see the day breaking through the night. As he walked, he could feel it’s warmth. He felt a great bitter-sweetness flow through his body.

It was comforting. And tears pricked at his clouded over eyes. He wanted to see it again. To see the sunrise, the sunset, the noon. To see the happiness of the people. He wanted to know it. But, instead, he was kept within the darkness. Even though it burdened him, he was taught to focus on sensations. And the warmth of the sun upon his skin was one of the best feelings he had ever experienced. The best? You.

He called your name out once, and heard your reply instantly. He began to hurry over, listening to your footsteps as he ran quicker and quicker. It was arguably dangerous for him to do so. But he no longer cared. He wanted your warmth. Your comfort. He wanted you. 

Ignis felt you wrap your arms around him, your lips upon the junction of his neck and shoulder. He reciprocated your gesture, burying his face into the crook of your neck, Your hair brushed over his face, soft against the harsh reality that he would not see what you do. Would not see the beauty of the day. Your scent was the same as it always had been, floral, sweet and distinctively you. It was a great comfort to him, and he released a breath he never knew he was holding, nuzzling his face into your warmth instinctively.

And that was when the first tear fell, staining your neck. You rubbed his back, stroked his hair. You knew his pain despite the happiness the world was to see right now. And he hated that.

He took your wrists and trailed his hands up your arms as he pulled his face away, eventually resting them on your cheeks. He smiled softly and he could only wish to see your own smile. 

No words were needed to be exchanged. The gestures were enough to portray the immeasurable happiness the both of you shared.

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Noctis knew he had no need to linger. But he had to. He couldn’t handle losing you after getting you back. But he was forcibly pulled away from the scene by Gladio.

And Ardyn’s words against you, trying to make him vulnerable, only made him angrier than, perhaps, it should have done. No one had any right to speak against you. Especially if they were greedy assholes who couldn’t come to terms with the blatant truth. And who the hell drives a pink automobile? And who wears such a stupid robe and hat? And the heck hangs dead people in the throne room? 

That’s gross and…highly disturbing. Then again, Ardyn is also disturbing. Guess it suits him.

Regardless, Noctis was pretty miffed at the illspoken words that poured from the horror’s mouth an he had to get it over and done with.
Of course he had let the man rest in peace after the bout and took his final stand, finally able to seat on the throne meant for him.

~~~ 💕 ~~~

When he came round, he was confused. Initially he thought he was in heaven, seeing the spirit of his father in front of him. But, looking around, there was disphoria and rubble. Clearly not anything heavenly.

At his father’s beckoning he stood and followed in his father’s footsteps, leaving the citadel and seeing the courtyard. The rest of the guys were together, bowing to him, waving at him. He smiled gently and began his descent down the stairs. The same as he did all those years ago… 

He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes, exhaling slowly before opening his eyes. He bowed at his friends and stood straight again. He had to fin you.

He didn’t have to look very far, for you were just entering the courtyard. He raced towards you and you to him, only stopping when you were a few centimetres apart. He stared into your eyes as he breathed heavily, cupping your cheeks.

Screw it. He kissed you deeply right then and there, not caring about the others being able to see. Ten years felt like a goddman century. Hell, it was difficult for him to even control himself.

When he parted the kiss, he was amused, and somewhat embarrassed, from the surprise edged onto your face.He furrowed his brows and then swallowed deeply.

“A king needs a queen.” He spoke earnestly and got down onto one knee, a blush decorating his very kingly cheeks. He took your hands and looked into your eyes once again. “So…be my queen.”

You nodded but didn’t verbally (or physically) agree until that night. Where you answered in…more ways than one. All. Night. Long.

So royal duties were thoroughly put on hold (because even ten years sleep wasn’t enough for the now thirty year old man.

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Cause you're mine Pt II (Tyler Joseph x reader)

Hello frens. I’m back at it again with a second part to my Cause you’re mine imagine. A couple people asked me for it so here it is and I hope you all enjoy.

Also remember to send me any requests. I’ll do anything with Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun (not smut though)


It had been a week. One whole week of no contact with Tyler. He hadn’t called, texted, stopped by, anything. He had been completely cut off and you couldn’t blame him. You found yourself unable to make the first move too. So there you were again, laying in your small, crappy apartment, crying your heart out over the boy with the brown eyes and tattoos. You weren’t saying that night wasn’t great, but it certainly wasn’t worth it. You had lost your best friend of years due to a stupid mistake. Although, screwing your best friend wasn’t just one little mistake. It was a huge mistake and it caused your world to crash and crumble around you.

You loved Tyler. Genuinely loved him. He was your best friend. He was the person you could rant to, talk to, joke with. You told him everything and supported him. You’d surprise him during the tour. On late nights, you two would play video games or watch TV, laying on the couch, sometimes cuddling. Your heart swelled with joy whenever he accomplished something or was happy. His sly smile he had when he saw you always made your day better. The way his hands fit yours so well when he would hold them when you were nervous or lonely was perfect. Maybe there were feelings. Maybe the whole reason you talked to Tyler all those years, back in high school, was because you had a crush on him. But he had grown on you and you guys formed an unlikely bond.

As you laid on your couch, staring at the random show on the tv, you heard your doorbell ring and slowly wiped your tears away. You had washed Tyler’s hoodie and you were wearing it, again, because it still smelled like pine needles like him. You wore sweats and your hair was pulled into a bun. You were an absolute wreck. You slowly slid the door open and was met with Josh, who looked at you with a small, sad smile on your face. “Oh, um, Josh, this isn’t the best of times.” You lamely said, sniffling.

“What happened between you and Tyler? He won’t tell me anything but he has been sulking around for the past week and I know you two haven’t talked at all.” Josh said, a concerned look painting his face.

“I’d rather not talk about, to be honest.” You muttered walking away from the door as Josh walked in, closing it behind him.

“(Y/N), come on. I’d never seen him like this. He is beating himself up for whatever happened. He feels so guilty for it. He is so afraid he’s lost you and you haven’t contacted him all week.”

“He hasn’t contacted me all week either.” You throw yourself down on the couch, looking down at your feet. You heard Josh sigh.

“Okay, you two are so fucking stubborn. What the hell happened?” Josh said. You looked up and were shocked to see Josh almost looked mad. Josh was a happy guy overall and you didn’t see him mad often. But right now he looked annoyed and exasperated.

“We went to his place the night we went to the night club.” You looked down at your feet, too ashamed to look at Josh.

“So what? He usually takes you to his place and watches you.” Josh said with a hint of confusion in his voice.

“Josh, we slept together.” You let out, feeling tears prick your eyes as you continued staring at the floor. Not only had you lost Tyler, but here you were, loosing Josh while you were at it.

“As in, like together together?”

You looked up at Josh who met you with a soft look as you started to cry. “We were both so drunk and he said some stuff and next thing I know, I’m waking up in his bed, naked. I don’t want to lose him, Josh.” You felt your body start to shake and Josh walked over to you, holding you as sobs left your throat.

“(Y/N), you aren’t gonna loose Tyler. He couldn’t last without you. He loves you to death and he hates himself for what happen. He feels so guilty. You really need to talk to him.” Josh said, stroking your back with his hand.

You collected yourself and sat up softly, looking at Josh and giving him a small smile. “You’re right. I’ll do it. I promise.”

“Good. I’ve gotta go but I’ll hopefully see you later, okay?”

“Yeah. Thanks.” You said as Josh got up, heading towards the door. He looked back at you and smiled, giving you a small nod before he left you alone.



I looked up, seeing Josh standing there, looking at me. “I just paid (Y/N) a little visit.” He plainly said and I looked back down at my feet.

I felt like a monster. What happened was my fault. Usually I protect her when we go drinking or partying or anything. I watch her all night, make sure nothing happens, make sure no one bothers her. I usually take her to my place and give her my bed to sleep in. But this time, I completely lost all inhibitions and I hurt her. I couldn’t protect her from myself. Tears pricked my eyes.

I was in love with her. Every bit of me loved her. The way she snorted when she thought something was hilarious. When she was having anxiety, I would hold her and sing to her and she would calm down. The way her eyes sparkled when she was excited or inspired. She was my all and everything since high school and I fucked it up.

“Listen, why didn’t you just tell me? I’m sure it will be fine if you just talk to her.” Josh said in a soothing tone but I didn’t think I could say anything to make things better.

“Josh, leave me alone.” I barely said but he sighed in response.

“I know you are in love with her. I know you didn’t want to hurt her. But you ignoring her and not talking to her is hurting her a whole lot more than what happened that night. She is blaming herself, Tyler, when it’s not her fault or your fault. So what? You got drunk. You had sex. You messed up.” Josh said, sitting next to me and patting my back. “Things could go back to normal if you talk to her. Or maybe you could tell her about your feelings.”

“I took advantage of her. I saw she was vulnerable and I proposed the whole entire thing, Josh. It’s not her fault but it certainly is my fault. What happened that night shouldn’t have happened.” I spat, hating myself.

“Man, I don’t know what to say anymore. You are beating yourself up way too much over this. It takes two to tango and you both fucked up. Make sure it doesn’t happen again. Just talk to her.” Josh got up, walking out of my apartment, leaving me alone.



You slowly brought your hand up the door, timidly knocking, afraid of the reaction you’d be met with. Would it be anger? Annoyance? Sadness? You had no clue but it had taken every fiber of your being to exit your car and ride the elevator to Tyler’s floor. It had been two days since Josh has paid a visit, and those days had been full of you planning what you would say. But, as you stood in front of his door, you remember nothing you rehearsed and turned into a trembling mess. Tears threatened to spill from your eyes and your hands clutched at Tyler’s clothes that you had in your hands. It shouldn’t be this hard to talk to Tyler. He was your best friend.

The door opened and you were met with Tyler’s face. His hair that he shaved was starting to grow back a little and you could see he looked tired and broken. Your heart twisted in your chest, knowing you were part of the reason why he was hurting inside. You hated seeing him like this and wanted to hold him in your arms. But that wouldn’t exactly be appropriate in this situation. “Hey.” you timidly said, giving a nervous smile to Tyler as he stared at you in shock.

“(Y/N), what…what are you doing?” He asked. Of course he wanted to know what you were doing. He probably didn’t want you here in the first place.

“Well, I told y-you that I’d bring your clothes back that you let me borrow.” You looked down at the hoodie and sweats in your hands and Tyler’s vision also looked there before meeting your eyes again.

“Well, come in.” He said, opening the door wider for you as you timidly walked in. He closed the door behind the two of you and you turned around, standing in the entry way, staring at each other. “So…” Tyler quietly said and you shoved your hands out, offering him the clothes. He took them out of your hands and held them, this time looking at the clothes instead of you. “Thanks.”



“I’m sorry.” You whispered, tears escaping as your head hung low.

“No, (Y/N), it wasn’t your fault at all. I shouldn’t have pressured you. I’m so sorry.” Tyler dropped the clothes and walked over you, grabbing one of your hands and stroking it with his fingers as you cried.

“You didn’t pressure me. I practically threw myself at you that night. I don’t want everything to be ruined though. I can’t loose you. Please don’t leave me, Tyler.” You begged. You felt Tyler’s hands grab your cheek, raising your head so you were staring into his eyes which were full of tears. He smiled at you softly, stroking your cheeks with your thumb. You felt at home for the first time in over a week. You had missed Tyler so much and in that moment, you realized how much you loved that adorable goofball.

“Nothing could make me leave you or ditch you. I care for you too much to leave you, (Y/N).” Tyler said, only love in his eyes as he smiled even brighter. His face looked completely different than the man who opened the door and you smiled. Tyler wiped your tears away and pushed your hair behind your ears before pulling you into a huge hug. His arms wrapped around your whole body and you put yours around his neck. He smelled of pine trees as always and he was warm. You clutched on tighter and Tyler chuckled, pulling you closer to him.

“Why are you so good to me?” You mumbled as your pressed your head against his neck and you felt his body rumble as he laughed.

“Cause I’m in love with you.” He nonchalantly said before realizing what escaped his mouth. You both froze in the moment before you slowly pulled away, Tyler’s arms still loosely wrapped around you. His face was covered in shock, much like yours as you both stood like that for what felt like hours, staring at each other. “I’m so sorry. I am so-”

“Tyler, how long?”

Tyler finally pulled away from you, still staring into your eyes as he nervously played with the hem of his shirt. “Since high school, to be honest.”

“Tyler?” You nervously let out.


“What would you do if I told you I love you too?” You couldn’t bring yourself to look away from him as his jaw dropped a little, giving you an awry look.

“I’d probably kiss you.” Tyler responded and your cheeks flushed.

“Well, in which case, I love you too.” Tyler smiled as he stepped forward, pulling you back into his arms and softly letting his lips meet yours. They both danced together, much like that one drunken night in the cab that now felt so long ago. But this time it was true and genuine, and you felt yourself smile against the kiss. This was bliss.

You both pulled away, letting out deep breaths as Tyler ran his hand up and down your back. “You are never allowed to leave me again.” He said with a smile.


“Cause you’re mine.”

ok i know katelyn’s 10.0 from today was a lot less controversial than the one she got last week (? it feels like longer than that?) but i just wanna say that im #emotional bc of how much she struggled all throughout her elite career with injuries and constant comeback status just to get injured again and it was so hard for her but now shes at ucla and shes just enjoying being a gymnast and doing gymnastics again and shes in a place where shes successful and appreciated and it just makes me wanna cry bc i look at her and i see that girl from 2012 junior nationals and the 2013 american cup but i also see how much shes grown and idk it makes me so happy that shes so happy you know???

theres not enough bottom!phil porn blogs and it hurts me to know that some bottom!dan shippers are dickheads to us and will be like “oh dan bottoms you fucking useless piece of shit! ahahhaha” while their other bottom!dan friends laugh with them in the background. (some funniness added) and like?? why can’t they just accept us?? yea we may have a different opinion?? but?? please?? i’m a small child who just likes change for fucks sake. and honestly i could rant and cry about this all day and some will still be baby’s who only accepts their opinions and if someone disagrees with those opinions they’ll fucking lose their shit and kill someone. like i know some people have gone from that but HAVE improved, and it makes me happy. but to you bottom!dan shippers, please, give us a break and let us enjoy our bottom!phil things without you’re shit. and maybe, it WOULD be cool to have a few of you do some bottom!phil things or something. i’m just trying to speak up for us cause i know a few bottom!phil friends of mine are actually getting bullied for it and it makes me pissed. this is longer than intended, sorry, but like i said earlier, we have our own opinions just accept that. and i know some people do “bottom!phil week/day” and they’ll post all kinds of bottom!phil things and that amazes me. thank you for reading my annoying rant. and, have a good day/night. (: (sorry for typos this was written on mobile!)

Dearest Cousin (pt 1)

Okay so there has been SO MUCH ANGST on my dash lately and like yeah angst is cool but you guys keep making me fucking cry so I decided to do a two part fic about the Lysandra, Aedion, and Aelin reunion because IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN DAMNIT. Also feel free to drop a prompt and a Tog or ACOMAF pairing in my messages, or just a scenario you want done because I’m already having ToG and ACOMAF fic withdrawals so fuck it, I’ll write it myself. Anyways, enjoy pt 1! 

     Aedion Ashryver was tired of waiting. Rowan’s cousins had found out weeks ago that Lysandra was not Aelin, though the rest of their alliances remained blissfully unaware. Endymion himself had sworn not to tell anyone. Darrow, however, was getting closer and closer to figuring it out. His Bane, of course, knew, but if the Lords found out, if the Whitethorns decided the secret was not worth keeping… 
     They needed hope, and fast. And Aedion… Aedion needed his cousin. His real cousin, not just the skin suit that Lysandra wore. It was already tense between them. He couldn’t figure out how to apologize, or if he even wanted to. Because she had known. She had known that Aelin didn’t expect to live. And that conversation they had had-about them- had it even been real? Or had she said what she said because she knew she’d have to one day have children with him just to keep everyone from getting suspicious at her life-long rouse? 
     As for Aelin… one of their last conversations had been a fight. He had doubted her, doubted everything, while she had had bigger plans in the works. And that may have very well been one of the last things he ever said to her- He shook off the thought furiously. No. No. Rowan would find her. Rowan would never stop looking until he found her. He knew that. But what state would she be in? Another foolish thought. He needed hope. He needed to believe the Gods would answer his prayers- that she’d come back to them safely.
    He glanced behind him and, as per usual, it hit him like a punch in the gut, seeing his cousin but knowing it wasn’t actually her. Lysandra was frowning, though, so he didn’t have much time to dwell on the pain of seeing Aelin’s face. He perked up. "What is it?" 
    "Darrow’s up to something,” she said quietly in Aelin’s voice. “He’s called upon the both of us. Ren said he seemed… triumphant. Smug." 
    "That’s never a good sign,” he replied tightly, hauling his shield onto his back. “Let’s go, then.” They moved out of his quarters and into the hallway. They were still aboard their ship, although docked. It didn’t matter to him whether they were docked or not. The General just wanted to sleep on solid land, thank you very much. His eyes slid to Lysandra, and, as always, he felt the urge to either break something or weep at how easily she became Aelin, swaggering and confident, a smirk on her face. 
     He did his best to slip into the mindset he needed to play as well- the General prince, happy to serve his Queen. But it was hard when he knew who stood by him wasn't her. They made it to the captain’s cabin, where Darrow had opted to meet them. Lysandra swung open the doors in the way Aelin herself would, and drawled, “Well how nice of you, Darrow. You’ve summoned an entire party." 
    And he had. All of the other Lords were there, most of them looking confused as to why they’d been called there. Ansel leaned against one of the walls, and Galan sat in one of the chairs, looking perplexed and wary. On the other side of the cabin, as far away from Ansel as he could get, was Ilias, Enda and Sellene flanking him. But the Whitethorns… they seemed to have some guess at what this was about. 
    Wait… no. Shit. Shit. 
    If Lysandra noticed anything off, she didn’t comment on it. She only said in Aelin’s best irritated voice, "Any particular reason you wished to see us?" 
    More alarm bells went off in Aedion’s head when he saw the look on Darrow’s face- the bastard looked smug, almost happy. If he even knew what happiness was anymore. The General schooled his face into disinterest, flanking his fake Queen as she took another step into the room. Darrow got up from where he’d been at the captain’s desk, and said too casually, "We received word from a passing vessel this morning, Your Highness." Highness. He’d made the title his own little mockery- just another reason Aedion wanted to punch the Lord in the face. "Any idea what they would have told us?" 
   "Are we really playing the guessing game?” Lysandra purred, sauntering forward towards the desk with complete confidence, but Aedion smelled the change in her scent. She knew what he was most likely getting at, too. “No, sweet Darrow, I have no idea. Care to share?" 
    Darrow’s smile was serpentine. "The sailors were thrumming with excitement and fear. They informed us that the Fae Queen Maeve fell a few weeks ago… at the hands of Aelin Ashryver Galathynius." 
    Lysandra, to her credit, did not miss a beat, even as Aedion himself almost wept in relief. Aelin had gotten out, she’d killed Maeve, she was alive… "Do I have a twin you never told me about, Darrow?” She gasped mockingly, turning to Aedion. “Aedion, how could you not inform me that I have a long lost sister? This is an outrage! She must have had a terrible lot of fun destroying Maeve." 
    "Your antics truly never tire, princess,” Darrow said, voice dripping with sarcasm. 
    "E-enough of this,“ spoke up Lord Sloan. He was a sniveling whelp of a man, and Aedion was surprised he’d said anything at all. Maybe because he was beginning to suspect that THIS Aelin couldn’t burn him to a crisp. "We’re all here because we demand an explanation… Majesty.” Darrow gave him a tired look at the last word. 
    Lysandra barked out a rough laugh, her grin positively giddy, though her scent said otherwise. “I don’t know what ‘explanation’ I can give you, Lord Sloan. What I can give ANY of you. I’m here, aren’t I? Is that not proof enough that the sailors were wrong?" 
    "Show us your fire, then.” It was Galan who spoke. His tone was harsh, unlike anything it had been over the weeks as he’d fawned over 'Aelin.’ His Ashryver eyes were as cool as his voice. “Prove to us, cousin." 
    "Unfortunately, my fire is still recovering,” Lysandra lied smoothly. “I believe I’ve told you that." 
     Darrow was absolutely gleeful. "How convenient an excuse,” he said. “How convenient also that you haven’t been sparring with Aedion and his Bane lackeys in the mornings. What happened to the princess so prone to bloodshed and fire?" 
    Still, Lysandra grinned. "Why don’t YOU try burning away 500 ilken, Darrow? Then perhaps you can get back to me.” Aedion had expected someone else to jump in, but it was eerily quiet- hell, even Ren was silent. Briefly, the General met his eyes, which were almost pleading. Aedion looked away. “Honestly, will nothing please you? I got you and your little Lords armies, like you asked." 
    Galan was on his feet within a second, his calm slipping away. "YOU have done nothing. My cousin could be continents away,” he nearly snarled. “She fights for her country, only to have an imposter gunning for her place?” Okay, well, it was good to see that Galan still was 'Team Aelin,’ because it looked like no one else was, except perhaps Ilias, who watched the whole exchange with a furrowed brow.
    Lysandra’s eyes narrowed in the exact way Aelin’s would. “I AM your cousin,” she retorted. “Did you ask those sailors for proof that I was in another country? Did you ask them to back up this crazy theory, or did you all just assume the word of some men in a boat, men you do not even know?” Aedion held himself stiff, ready for action. 
    Darrow turned to him. “You’re awfully quiet.” He’d said the exact words to him before. Aedion gave a lazy grin. 
   "If my Queen weren’t in our company, I’d be the first to know.“ 
    The Lord was around the desk by that point, and the air was tense, everyone watching him and Lysandra, waiting for a move to be made. Finally, Darrow inclined his head in the slightest tilt. "I suppose you are right. Maybe you do know.” He moved faster than old men ought to be able to, and by the time Aedion had lunged forward, snarling, Lysandra’s sleeve was pulled up and her old brand was visible. 
    Aedion’s heart stilled. 
    If Darrow had been gleeful before, he was alight with excitement now. “Lady Lysandra was it?” he purred, and Aedion was immediately shoving himself between the two. But Lys… it was all she could do to let the grin melt off her face before she was morphing. There was no reason for her to stay in that body any longer. 
    He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed her face. 
    Everyone-hell, even Murtaugh and Ren, who’d witnessed her morphing before,- started. Galan’s face turned from enraged to incredulous, Ilias stood silently, the Queen of the Wastes looked like she was watching a show put on specifically for her entertainment. For a split moment, it was silent. And then the shouting commenced, mostly the blustering Lords. It was Ren who finally demanded, “Where is Queen Aelin?" 
    Lysandra was taking everything surprisingly well, even though Aedion could hear her heart pounding. "Our Queen had things to attend to." Obviously. 
    "Your Queen?” Sputtered Galan. “You are a part of her court?" 
    Lysandra glanced at him guiltily. "She wanted to meet you. She really did." 
    "And instead she sends common whores to impersonate her while she goes gallivanting around the world?” Sneered one of the other Lords. 
    Aedion snarled at him. “She was not gallivanting. At least she is making an effort to WIN this war.” And really, most of them, other than Ren, Murtaugh and even Darrow, who did love his country, had done nothing beneficial so far. 
    "Is that what she’s doing, going after a foreign Queen?“ Snapped Prince Galan, obviously wounded by the entirety of the ordeal. He had one hand on the hilt of his sword- Aedion tracked the movement warily. "At least we know part of the rumors are false. My father concluded years ago that Maeve cannot die. Aelin left her people for nothing." 
    And just like that, Aedion’s temper snapped. "Maeve can’t die?” He sneered at his cousin. “Is that why your father was too much of a coward to defy her orders and help us when our people were dying?” The Crown Prince of Wendlyn went red in the face. 
    "This is doing nothing,“ snapped Lysandra. "Aedion and I were given orders. We followed them. That does not mean Aelin didn’t wish to be here in this moment." 
    Darrow opened his mouth, probably to make another 'common whore’ remark that might end with a knife to his throat, but there was a knocking right before the door burst open. "My Qu-” the crewmen trailed off, shaking his head when he saw Aelin was indeed not there, then addressed Darrow instead. “My Lord, a fleet approaches, bearing the Terrassen flag." 
    "From what direction?” Aedion demanded. 
    "West, General.“ From where they were docked, West meant the fleet very well could have been sailing from Wendlyn. Where Aelin most likely would have been kept. He was out the door before anyone could protest, Lysandra at his side, once again the steady rock in the crashing sea of his rage and other turmoil of emotions. He could think about the awful things he’d said to her, and how to go about apologizing, later. 
    For now, he only prayed to the Gods that on one of those ships was his cousin. 

Things my parents have asked about lately:

-My grades


-My studying habits

-My college plans

-My job plans

-How school is going

-Are you enjoying you classes?

-Why do you have one C?

Things they have NOT asked about:

-My mental/physical health

-My friends

-My hopes and dreams

-My relationships

-Are you okay?

-Why I seem so sad

-Why I’ve stopped doing lots of the things I used to love