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What in POLLINATION is this??

So we both had joked in one of our recent live streams that we were going to draw Sans and Papyrus as Bees. Well, as we joked, it became a thing. These two are our little bee memes <3 OMG They are super cute! ;v; //Joke AU WHOO//

Both Brothers are bumble bees. Sans flies around all the time to move while Papyrus mostly walks normally, not wasting energy on flying. Papyrus’ armor is based off a wasp so he can look deadly as possible. Sans would rather blend in and not be seen in a crowd. He wears the most simplest clothes he can find. Papyrus’ Antenna’s are always pulled back to keep out of his face. Sans has one broken antenna because of an incident with Grillby.

They both prefer snowdin over Hotland because well…smoke and bees don’t mix very well. Since they are both still half skeleton monsters, they do not have a short life span like normal bees do. Unfortunately out of them both, Papyrus hates being a bee because they can’t stop saying bee puns/expressions.

More to come so BEE prepared! ;)

If you use these designs, please credit back to us! We don’t know if someone made a bee!tale AU already, so we aren’t going to claim it, but these two are our designs sooo yeah .v.

Artwork by Chinchi

Reddie First Kiss Headcannon

(( I am so sorry in advance for this, I’m still new to making Headcannons!! I just thought this idea was, like, super cute?! ))

- Richie and Eddie are hanging out in Richie’s bedroom one day.

- Eddie lies on his back discussing plans they have with the other Losers later that week.

- Richie sits beside him listening to him talk and a feeling of joy washes over him.

- Richie leans down, Eddie mid-sentence, and kisses him on the lips.

- Richie’s face turn red, seeing how he had done something so compulsive.

- Eddie’s cheeks are a faint shade of pink as he stares up at Richie, wide-eyed.

- A large smile washes over Eddie’s once blank face.

- Eddie leans up and wraps his arms around Richie’s neck as the two giggle with glee.

- Richie’s once red cheeks have now faded from embarrassment to happy-pink-cheeks.

The Two Decide to Finally Tell Their Fellow Losers,

- Richie and Eddie walk up to their friends, faintly holding hands.

- Eddie looks at Richie with red cheeks. He darts his eyes toward the Losers hinting that they should say something.

- Richie finally speaks up, “he-HEY, Everyone…”

- Beverly is the first to turn to face them, she greets the two with a smile.

- The rest of the Losers Club turns to see the two holding hands as Eddie awkwardly waves at them with his free hand.

- A silence falls over the Losers Club, but they quickly break the silence.

- Beverly rushes over to the two with a huge smile and open arms, “GUYS!! OH MY- WOW!!”

- The other Losers follow behind Beverly and greet their friends with love and acceptance. (( “CONGRATS!!” “It’s about time!” “We’re so happy for you!!” Can be heard from the group )).

- The Losers Club shares a large group hug of love and caring to support their friends’ new, relationship.

- Eddie and Richie look at each other and smile widely. (( This went better than they could have ever imagined! They hoped their friends would be happy, but never this happy!! )).

- Happy laughter is heard from the entire group.

Their New Relationship Leads to A LOT of Hangouts Between the Couple,


> Movie Dates (( Imagine them holding hands during the movie and Richie sneaking little Kisses on Eddie!! ))

> Walks In the Park (( They Hold Hands the Entire Time. Richie killing bugs to calm Eddie down, too cute!! ))

> Cute Little Gay Picnics In the Park (( Eddie packing them lunch and spreading out a blanket for them to sit on, awWwWe!! ))

> Stay At Home Dates! (( Just them holding hands under a blanket while watching a movie, Richie falls asleep on Eddie’s shoulder ))

> DOUBLE DATES!! (( Just Ben and Beverly out on the town with Eddie and Richie and they all have milkshakes or some shit [RICHIE AND EDDIE GET ICE CREAM AGAIN OMG] )).

- sLeEpOVeRs!!

> Richie and Eddie stripping the sheets and blankets off Eddie’s bed and making a HUGE pillow fort dead-center in the living room!

> Horror Movie Marathons that last until dawn!! (( They watch Killer Klowns from Outer Space and the boys just kinda look at each other with that “Um - That’s too familiar..?” Look, priceless!! )) (( Richie freaking out at the Teen Wolf movie and hiding under the blanket while Eddie just laughs really loud. Richie backlashing with The Creature from the Black Lagoon [Cuz that thing is nasty and Eddie would be afraid of it for sure] )).

> Comedy Movie Marathons where Richie knows every word to every movie. (( Idk why but I feel like Richie would love The ‘Burbs?? ))

> Eddie and Richie sneaking into the kitchen at 2 A.M. for snacks (( Richie would totally shatter something because he would want to be funny instead of sneaky )) (( Maybe they’ll restock on Popcorn? Soda? Brownies Eddie’s Mom Made? Just snacks!!! )).

> The Boys stay up all night and crash at dawn because of a Sugar Crash (( 😂👏🏻 ))

> Richie cracking jokes at Eddie’s mom (( Eddie slightly nudging Richie with a quiet “Beep Beep, Richie!” )).

> Richie and Eddie singing along to every hit on the radio because THEY KNOW EVERY WORD OMG! (( Richie totally went through a Michael Jackson faze )).

- They Have Normal Hangouts with the Losers, but

> Richie and Eddie sit slightly to the side holding hands.

> They both sneak kisses when no one is looking because LOVE IS GROSS 😝

> Eddie and Richie constantly share stories about their love life? (( Stan the Man is like please for God’s sake shut the fuck up omg!! ))

- The Losers Club totally has a tradition of Saturday Morning Cartoons at Eddie’s house.

- Richie always begs Eddie to help him with his homework.

> “UGH!! C'mon, Eds!!!! I need you!”

> “Richard, I know you can do it! NOW STOP COMPLAINING AND GET YOUR ASS TO WORK!!”

> “ *pause* my Cute ass?”

> “ *blush* Shut up…”

- Eddie and Richie totally ride their bikes together for fun (( Richie always turns it into a competition no matter what )).

- (( More Cute Couple Stuff I Can’t Think Of ))

Of Course, The Bullies Have Something to Say,

- The Losers are standing in front of their lockers in between bells one day, talking like they always do. (( Richie and Eddie are slightly away from their fellow Losers, not by much but enough to notice )).

- Henry and his gang approach the Losers. Henry slams Eddie against his locker, causing him to fall to the floor and smashes Richie’s glasses to his face, making him lose his footing slightly.

- The Bowers Gang begins dropping crude comments like “faggots” and “who’s the girl here?” and “y'all are a disgrace to our fucking town!”

- (( Patrick stands behind Henry feeling very sad and insecure. In truth, Patrick loves that there is a happy same sex relationship in their school [something he wished he had]. It’s hard for him to hear his “friends” saying such rude things, but it’s harder for him to go against Henry. [Patrick really likes Henry, but has never been able to admit it to him face to face. He knows that Henry would never be in a same sex relationship because it would make him look week. He couldn’t be the biggest, baddest guy in school if he isn’t seen to be getting the most tail!]. So, Patrick stands behind the group silently being sad. ))

- Richie has taken a knee beside Eddie, checking to make sure he is okay.

- Henry stands over the two, snickering at their “weakness”.

- Bill has had enough and steps in front of Henry. Bill lets out another “Yuh-Yuh-You suh-suh-suck, Buh-Bowers!!”

- Henry is embarrassed as his cheeks turn bright pink and he puffs up his chest. Henry begins storming away from the group, leaving his Gang behind him. (( Patrick hurries behind Henry and catches up with him before the rest of the Gang. Belch leaving the Losers with one last disgusting burp )).

- As the Bowers Gang takes the final corner out of the Losers’ sight, Bill lets out a huge breath of air he had been holding in. The Losers behind him begin celebrating (( Beverly hugs Ben, Stanley and Mike share an extreme high-five, Richie and Eddie look at each other and begin screaming and hugging with joy at their victory )).

The First Time They Say I Love You,

- After countless weeks of harassment at school, Eddie has finally had enough of it.

- He and Richie are talking on the phone.

- Eddie’s loud sobs can be heard through the line, “RICH?! WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US?! WE HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO THEM!! I-I-I-Uh A-Am Hav-Having an Asthma Attack!!”

- Richie hates hearing his boyfriend in such distress.

- Richie tries cheering Eddie up, “C'mon, Eds!! They - um - just hate us cuz they ain’t us, you know?”

- A faint laugh is heard through the phone, “Rich, you always know how to cheer me up!”

- Richie smiles at the phone hearing his boyfriend has been put into a better mood, “Of course I do, Eds. It’s because I love you.”

- Silence is coming from both sides of the line.

- Eddie sits up in his bed staring aimless into his room with pink cheeks.

- Richie’s face turns completely red and he begins panicking inside his head, “BEEP BEEP RICHIE!! WHY WOULD YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!? IT’S TOO SOON, RICH!! WHAT IS HE THINKING?! WHAT WILL HE SAY?!”

- The Silence continues on.

- Richie decides to break the silence, “Eds, I-I-Uh-”

- Eddie interrupts him, “I LOVE YOU TOO, RICH!!”

- Richie’s cheeks become slightly pink (( compared to the previous deep red )), “Yo-You do - I MEAN - Of course you do, that’s why I said it!”

- Eddie begins laughing into the phone at his boyfriend’s apparent embarrassment, “I really do love you, Rich.”

- Richie smiles at his phone hearing these words, “Me too, Eds and I’m so glad.”

🌈 And They Really Do Love Each Other and No One Can Take That from Them 🌈

anonymous asked:

Hello, I read your "About me" selection to make sure you haven't done this tutorial before I asked. I'm having major problems with side view lips. My lips always end up looking like The Simpsons lips. (Google it if you don't know the show to know what I'm talking about) It's Terrible because I can't seem to understand how to draw them on both Males and Females. Can you please help guide me on how to draw them? (If you have time)

Omg dear this is a really difficult thing you are asking to me because I’m not a lips expert ;w; I’ll do my best! 
I even did gifs OHOH it’s the first time, I hope they explains better than my writing.
Lips are not ‘round’ as simpsons one, quoting you. They have more like a smoothed triangular aspect, like a cone with a round tip.
Of course it depends the style you are using when drawing lips, most anime-manga/cartoonish styles uses just a line for the lips and I do use a more complicated but still simple style for the lips I draw. 
For example, I do draw the lower part of the cupid’s bow, I don’t think it has a proper name, so I’m showing you:

When I’m drawing and coloring males, I don’t color the lips because my style isn’t realistic so I don’t bother. That’s why the cupid’s bow isn’t showing (and in non-realistic styles I find it really annoying if it’s only drew, like in certain mangas, for example)

Time to show you how I draw lips. 
First example, the normal smiling side view lips

As you can see the lips are little curves and it’s not necessary that the side lips have to touch the line. Also, look at the third arrow, the line between the lips is more curved because of the under cupid’s bow. 

An opened mouth is different, since the inside of the mouth or the teeth divide the lips:

The smiling mouth:

Normal closed mouth, no smiling:

I am sorry, I hope it helps ;__; I didn’t even know where to start explaining! Anyway you can try to search on deviantart for more accura tutorials ;v;

Keep it or Leave it (Part 4)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None that I know of…
*If you do feel triggered by something, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 570

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Originally posted by pandasubaru

< OMG!!!!!!

Nat, I’m serious! >
What do I do?? >

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  • I ran and jumped on your back because i thought you were my friend but it turns out you’re not but youre really attractive and now this is awkward au
  • I was walking my dog in the park and now he wont leave your dog alone but you’re also really cute au
  • We’re the only two in the theater for the premier of this dumb movie au
  • You always spell my name wrong on my daily coffee but you’re really hot and I’m too intimidated to correct you au
  • We’re both sitting by this outlet in the airport au
  • I was in ikea and i just found you asleep in a closet shit are you okay? au
  • Why are you peeing in my ditch at 3am au
  • You just saw me bust my ass while hiking and now i need medical attention, please help? au
  • I found you hiding while i was trying to get away from my family during the fireworks and you’re really cute and this also happens to be super romantic au
  • We’re at the same party but my ride is no where to be seen and Im kinda shit faced so can i catch a ride with you cutie au
  • We’re sitting next to each other in this packed theater and you’re crying really hard at this movie you okay buddy? au
  • Your mom and my mom are new friends and want us to hang out but I’ve had the biggest crush on you for so long omg omg omg mom no i cant do this au
  • My teacher made me join this debate team and i am extremely unprepared and you’re really good and ohmygod this is so bad au
  • Your cat wont stop meowing outside my window every night and please just let me get some sleep au
  • You threw up on my new shoes at this party and now you feel really bad so you’re trying to kiss me au
  • We’re standing next to each other in line waiting for my favorite band and you have snacks can i sit with you this is gonna be a while au
  • Im being a nude model for your art class because i need money to pay my rent but hey you’re the real work of art here wanna get coffee au
  • We’re at a costume party and you happen to be dressed as my characters love interest so hey lets chat au
  • We’re both waiting for the bus and its raining really hard man are you sure you don’t wanna share my umbrella? au
  • Im your uber driver and you’re pretty drunk and singing really loud but it also happens to be my favorite song i mean who can resist a duet? au
  • I just saw you rip your pants and you dont know what to do and you’re wearing really embarrassingly cute underwear but you want my jacket to cover you up though? au
  • I fell asleep on you on the train but you didnt move and you also happen to be really cute wow okay au
  • We are apparently both trying to get the last book for our book report thats due tomorrow so do you wanna work together on this instead or something au
  • Our teacher told me stop ogling at you and pay attention and ive been in love with you forever and ohmygod no Mrs Ward why au
  • We’re both at the beach and a wave just took my bathing suit help me please omg i dont know what to do au
  • Im your translator for this meeting but they didnt tell me how cute you were omg au
  • We both work out every morning at like 4am in this gym and your butt looks really good in those shorts lets talk sometime au
  • My friend is drunk and is making out with your friend so uh hey whats up au

anonymous asked:

Hullo! \(^~^)/ Please don't feel offended because I might ask something stupid. Anyways, after that precious little disclaimer, how does this 'furry' thing work? I've always loved furries and was wondering how to 'become' one myself. I'm just wondering how to acquire my own furry picture for roleplaying, how to role-play as one, etc. Do I have to draw my own (my drawings resemble a three year old's), ask someone to help me out, or just find one over the internet? I don't want to steal anyone's!

I’m so glad you asked! ^-^ It’s nice to meet you, btw. d: These are some excellent and very relevant questions you’ve asked. ^-^

1. How does this ‘furry’ thing work?

Basically, it’s a community of people who fancy the artistry, music, games, and/or literature based around furry characters and furry members. ^-^

2. How do you become a furry?

A valid question. :D Really, all you need to do is be interested in it. d; Some people would argue that the only way you can be a true furry is if you have a $2,000 fursuit and that’s it, but you really actually don’t. However, most members of the furry community have their own characters, or “fursonas”.

3. How do I acquire a furry photo/furry character?

First thing you should know is that basically every furry character you see on the interwebs is owned by someone. d: The best way to get one is to make/design one of your own. You can buy some characters from artists who do “adoptions” which are ref sheets of a unique character that you can buy to keep. cx It’s pretty self-explanatory, however costs “$”. d: The best way, like I said, is to create your own or have a friend help you. ^-^

To get a photo of your character, I recommend paying an artist to draw them for you. d: That being said, before you go doing any of that, I highly suggest drawing your character out on your own on a piece of paper first. d: It doesn’t have to be an artistic masterpiece. It’d just be something for the artist to go off of. Text is all fine and dandy, but you can only describe so much with words. A photo is worth a thousand of them. ^-^ After that, you can use the artist’s image as your ref sheet. ^///^

4. How do I go about role-playing?

Use *asterisks*, -hyphens-, or //brackets// for actions. d: Whichever floats your boat more. cx I use *asterisks* just cause they’re a lot more common. Basically, RP-ing can be done in little smidgets like “Omg! ^///^ *wags*” or it can be done in full-on detail during a dedicated role-play session, such as “*giggles, leading you to the front door* Come on, I wanna show you something. ^-^ *grabs your hand and pulls you*”

Role-playing can be done both safely and naughtily. d; I prefer the SFW route, myself. cx That being said, many people like to do “The Do” in RP sessions. d:

I hope that I’ve helped! ^///^ *wags*

If I’ve missed anything out, please let me know. I’m happy to assist!

"I'm going to a tegan and sara concert soon and I wanna hook up/get someone's number when I'm there, because when else am I going to be in a room with so many sexually charged lesbians?? But I don't know how to hit on girls at a concert, please help"

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

If I were in this situation, I would 100% start the conversation with, “so… I assume we both date girls?” Because if you do that, one of two things will happen. 

(1) It will be a girl who does not date girls and she will laugh really loudly and say “omg literally everyone thinks I am a lesbian, I JUST LOVE GOOD MUSIC YOU GUYS”

(2) It will be a girl who DOES date girls and she laugh really loudly and say “YOU ARE CORRECT LET’S MAKE OUT”

Maybe she won’t immediately suggest the make out, but YOU NEVER KNOW. 

I also suggest making eyes at people. If you make eye contact with a stranger at a concert more than one time, that means they are interested in the way that you look - or they recognize you from tumblr - EITHER WAY, they want to talk to you. So just walk up and say “So, I noticed that you noticed that I noticed that we were looking at each other” … it is confusing but it’ll work. 

Another tip, I never flirt. I blame flirting on other people. So..I have literally said, “Are you flirting with me?” to someone who I wanted to flirt with…

Good luck with my advice???

Kristin Says:

Listen. I have a brilliant plan.

Make a t-shirt for the show that reads:

I’m not good at flirting. Help?

Wear it to the show.
Boom, done.

Here, I made you a template:













Derek Imagine - Requested by goddessofkittens

Derek one where y/n hates the ‘damsel in distress’ stereotype & bc she’s dating Derek she gets thrown into that stereotype a lot so she decides to prove that she is not helpless & can protect herself but she gets kidnapped bc she was being careless &the pack have to save her??? Can you make it kinda long?? Thank you so much babe!!

“Oh my god, I’m not useless, Derek!” you yelled after your boyfriend as he walked out the door. Once again, you’d been left at home while the pack was out saving the town. Time and time again you had offered to help them, each attempt shot down by the overprotective Derek Hale. You loved him more than anything, but you would give anything to prove to him that you weren’t as fragile as he thought.

A few hours passed, and you found yourself sitting in bed on your laptop. You breathed out hard through your mouth, drumming your fingers on the keys as you tried to decide what to do for the rest of the night. After a few minutes of gnawing on your lip and contemplating, you got out of bed. Pulling on a black tank top, black leggings, and one of Derek’s black leather jackets, you slipped out the door and into your car.

Sitting in the dark of the not-yet-started vehicle, you punched in a phone number and pressed call, listening to it ring. “Hello?” Stiles asked from the other side of the call.

"Stiles, I need you to pretend this is a call from your dad and walk until you’re away from the pack, or at least Derek.”

You smirked as the boy obeyed, making up a fake conversation as he separated himself from the rest of the pack.

“I’m in my car; What’s up?”

“Where are you guys? I’m coming to help.”

“Oh, oh god (y/n), I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Stiles said nervously. “If anything happened to you-”

“Nothing is going to happen to me, Stilinski,” You said, sounding much snottier than you had intended to. “I’m sorry. I just need to prove that I can help, okay? I need to show him that I’m not as weak as he seems to think.” You could hear Stiles’s sigh, and pictured him shaking his head before he replied.

“Fine,” he muttered eventually, and you closed your eyes, letting your breath out. “We’re at the school. They’re all in the vault. God, Derek is going to kill me…”

You thanked him, finally starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot in front of the loft. The school wasn’t too far, and not much later you pulled up, your eyes falling on the now-empty jeep. Not wanting to go in just yet, you pulled around to the other side of the school and parked, sitting in your car and trying to steady your heartbeat. Once you’d taken a few deep breaths, you slid out and started towards the vault. You’d made it about halfway around the school when you heard the screeching wheels of an SUV pulling into the lot. Running footsteps were the last thing you heard before everything went black.

Waking up bound and gagged in a small room should have been scary, but you were more mad than anything else. He’s never gonna let me do anything now, you told yourself, looking up at the sound of a familiar approaching voice. Kate.

“No, no, I don’t want anything, Derek,” Kate was talking into a phone as she turned the corner. “But I have a guest here, maybe she would like something. (Y/n), dear, would you like anything?” she asked, holding the phone out to you. All you could do was mumble against the gag, which was tied too tightly to move your mouth much. “Oh wait,” she laughed, “She’s a little too tied up to speak at the moment.” You could hear Derek threatening her on the other end, but the sentence was cut short as Kate hung up the phone halfway through.

She walked over to you, untying the gag and taking a step back. Crouching down to get to eye level with you from where you sat, she tilted her head, smirking. “Don’t worry,” she said mischievously. “I’m not gonna kill you just yet. I’m gonna give it a few minutes. If pretty boy shows up, I’ll wait until after I kill him to take care of you. If not, well…” She laughed, standing up to walk away.

"Bitch,” you muttered under your breath. You realized too late that she could hear you. She had already stopped and turned around, heading back to where she had been a few seconds before, just inches from your face.

“Honey, you’re going to have to do better than that,” she smirked, taking a knife out from her belt and testing it for sharpness with her index finger. “You need to be creative to get under my skin.” With the last few words, she thrust the knife out, slicing a clean cut that started at the front of your ear and ended in the center of your cheek. You yelled out in pain, fighting against your hand restraints to no avail. Blinking back tears, you glared up at her.

Kate stood laughing in front of you, the sound cut off abruptly as you both became aware of three approaching sets of footsteps. You looked up to find Derek, Scott, and Liam entering the room. Liam had one eyebrow raised as they glanced around. “This doesn’t look too hard,” he murmured. His words were met with more of Kate’s laughter, and a deep growling became audible from behind you as two berserkers came forward. Liam nodded his head to the side. “Never mind.”

He and Scott charged the berserkers, fighting as hard as they could. Kate had disappeared in the midst of the arrivals, so Derek ran for you. He leaned down, looking more hurt than you’d ever seen him, and unsheathed his claws to cut the ties around your arms. He helped you up, then commanded you to run. You obeyed, not stopping until you found the exit, and ran out into the open air. Stiles was waiting in the jeep outside, and you climbed in, jumping into the passenger seat.

"Nothings gonna happen, huh?” he teased, squinting at you.

“I don’t want to hear it,” you snapped, leaning against the window. He gave you his flannel shirt to wipe the blood off of your face, and you held it there as you both waited for the boys. They came out looking beaten up but victorious, and piled into the back of the car.

A few hours later, you sat back on your bed, Derek beside you this time. He carefully cleaned the cut on your face, then looked you in the eyes. “Do you have any idea how scared I was?” he asked, his voice low and stern. You nodded, lowering your gaze. He shook his head, pulling you into his arms. “Please don’t ever do that again, (y/n). I… I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” You promised him you wouldn’t go behind his back like that again, and he agreed to let you help out a little more as long as everyone was involved. Happy with this arrangement, you both turned out the lights and drifted off to sleep.

*A/N I don’t think think this is my best lol but I tried, and I hope you like it! It’s 2am omg I started this around 12. Ahh enjoy!
Suwabe is Mr. Suave


Junichi Suwabe AMUSED over the Filipino song “Mr. Suave” together with Suzuki Tatsuhisa. 

ASDFGHJKL. They are both laughing so hard like do they understand the song… to which really fits Suwabe-san. He is really suave and his voice sounds so suave. This really surprised me. This song is popular here in the Philippines back then and I didn’t know it has taken such heights.

He even sang the line, “Ako si Mr. Suave…” (I am Mr. Suave…) like dream come true.