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Camren 2017: They’re So Obvi

Okay. First let me apologize for the delay in getting this theory out to you guys. The last few days have been crazy busy. Secondly…grab a bowl of popcorn and warm cup of tea…this is going to get interesting. I’m sure the skeptics will try to refute any and all evidence I am going to provide in this post. So, “screw you in advance. don’t like it? don’t agree? ignore it. please don’t insult me or my fellow munchkins”. Now that all the preliminary stuff is out of the way…

Camren is alive in 2017. I believe that Lauren and Camila are not only on good terms but also seeing each other on the low again. Crazy right? Hard to believe, I know but the evidence I’ve gathered has me convinced. I’ll start with the release of Camila’s CITC and IHQ video and single. Camila released her debut single CITC on May 19th…two days before on the 17th I came across this photo…

I’m not sure if she followed the Camren account on the 17th or if she followed them along time ago, but I think it was recent. It showed up in my recent suggested likes and posted the same day I found it.
Then on the 19th, the day CITC was released, a photo of Lauren was posted to a stylist IG wearing a wig with bangs…

Not a big deal for most. But my delusional triggered camren mind sees the wig with bangs as a nod to Camila and the release of her single and her new hairdo. I get it. I’m reaching super far with that one right? Well when was the last time we saw Lauren with bangs in a photo? (where she wasn’t a toddler) And the photo happens to post the day Camila’s first single debuts? Coincidence? If you’ve been in this fandom long enough you know that word doesn’t exist.  On May 16th before the picture of Mani following the Manip Squad surfaced and before the Lauren wig pic posted another screenshot surfaced. 

…on the 16th Camila posted some snippets from her music video and supposedly Lauren liked the video. Speculation says that Mila deleted the third video clip because Lauren “accidentally” liked the video. 😏 we know how Lauren likes to accidentally like things…funny how her likes are only accidental when it comes to Mila. Camila is well into her press tour for both her new singles and on the 19th of May after the successful debut of CITC, Mila did an interview with Power 106 FM…  (link to interview)

in the interview she clarifies the interviewer that her album is NOT about boys…now I know that can be interpreted many ways. But if you’re singing about experiences and relationships and you say the album isn’t about boys (I’m sure she will discuss some 5H things but not for the entire album) then who is the album about Mila? Sorry to inform your representatives…but I think your gay is showing. 

Okay, still hanging in there with me? Excellent. Let’s keep going. On May 21st, Camila made her solo performance debut performing IHQ and CITC at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards…she killed both performances. 😩🙌 Anyway…some of her red carpet photos surfaced and there are some inexplicable scratches on her arms that kind of look like they could have come from a dog or cat.  And who recently got a puppy named Leo? Lauren, that’s who. And who also has a dog named Leo? Camila, that’s who. Lauren was definitely around when Camila got Leo so I’m sure she knew what naming her dog Leo would do to this “delusional” fandom of ours. Don’t believe me about the scratches? Check out the photo.

Now some poor overly dramatic souls speculated that Mila was self harming…😒 smh. Sometimes this fandom is just too much. They are clearly scratch marks from a small animal. Also, since we’re the talking about the BBMAs, MGK and Halsey were there looking very close and cuddly and “coupley”. And I think its very funny that they are both VERY CLOSE to both halves of Camren. I mean come on…do you really think they don’t have the tea? MGK refers to Mila as his sister and Halsey is a die hard Lauren supporter and fan. The pair (halsey and lauren) have gotten super close recently after their collaborative project of Strangers. Which is a bop and I fall in love with it more and more every time I hear it. I feel like with MGK and Halsey being as close to Camila and Lauren as they are if the two (camren) weren’t getting along wouldn’t that cause issues with MGK and Halsey too? Ever hated someone your best friend or significant other like? It will definitely cause tensions to rise. I just want MGK and Halsey to spill all the tea about their double dates with Camren LLS…since Lauren spilled the tea all over Halsey’s carpet its only fair she return the favor…😂😏.

Then on the 27th of May like clock work….Ty$ and Lucy came through to distract us. Ty$ liked a provocative pic of Lauren’s… You guys know the one😏. And Lauren went like crazy on his page too. I wasn’t surprised or derailed by the interaction seeing as how all signs have been pointing to camren since a couple days before the release of Mila’s debut single. Then…supposedly Lucy did an IG live where she was asked to stick out her tongue if Camren was real…or something like that. And she did. 😮 Now I did not witness her doing it. But I have a screenshot of the request and Lucy responding with her tongue out 😜

…but again. I can’t confirm if it happened exactly like that because I did not see the video myself.  

With all that being said. I can say that I am thoroughly convinced Camren is alive and well in 2017. I’m sure I missed a ton of stuff as my personal life has been kind of hectic over the last month or so. But May has rewarded us for sure with Camren indirects/proof. Let me hear your thoughts? Do you agree? Why? Do you disagree? Keep it respectful but tell me why. Did I miss something? Help me fill in the blanks. I hope this theory wasn’t disappointing or too far fetched. I’m just relaying my thoughts on the current Camren situation. Don’t be distracted by Mila’s hetero narrative or Lauren’s PR BS RS…lol. Nothing can Kill Camren. Its the cockroach of Relationships. Their connection will exist long after the nuclear holocaust and Zombie apocalypse. 😂😂 IT’S CAMREN YO!!!

everyone in be more chill as out-of-context things ive said
  • Jeremy: "Give me ten minutes and I'll come up with something cool and funny and maybe you'll be proud of me like my parents aren't."
  • Michael: "I'm single, limp, and a notably homosexual tapeworm."
  • Christine: "Help, I think I stabbed the prop chicken too hard during my solo."
  • Jenna: "Yo, hey, dude, you have to hear this thing I heard from someone the other day! It's this cool thing called 'validation,' wild, am I right?"
  • Brooke: "I raise you a concept: ice cream is gay."
  • Chloe: *One pant leg of her jeans is missing* "Looking as passingly decent as I do today makes me believe I have my life together."
  • Rich: *raises hand* "So, hypothetically speaking, what if you've burned your textbook for this class?"
  • Jake: "I'm not saying I broke my leg on the second day. I'm saying I tore my ligament which is almost as bad."
  • SQUIP: "Algebra is not a creative colour."
  • bonus:
  • Mr Heere: "I only just remembered people are coming over today and they're going to be arriving in approximately five minutes, so hold up while I go and put on some clothes."
  • Mr Reyes: "The day the legalisation of the marriage of food arrives is the day I ascend with my forever beloved poptart and leave you sorry humans in this hellhole"


*Shows up three weeks later with pizza.*

Hey yo, sorry, I didn’t miss the event, I was just busy being sad and studying for my Sanskrit exam.

Then I decided to get my shit together, don’t mind me.

Random thoughts

Sometimes when I listen to ‘I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One’ I get a little sad because “Autumn Sweater” is one of the first songs I recommend to you. This was just a few weeks before you asked me out and I thought Yo La Tengo would give you a better sense of who I was. I remember sending you the file from Spotify and, while you listened to it, I kept thinking to myself, “I really hope he likes it, especially those last thirty seconds. That’s my favorite part.” And you did — you liked it.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I’ve been thinking about you lately. I had this dream where we bumped into each other. You were running to catch a train and you pushed me out of the way. I didn’t know what to do except shout as loud as I could, “I’m sorry I let you down.” You stopped, turned around, and looked at me… and then I woke up.

I don’t know what to make of it except that it’s been, what, five months and you’re still there, in my thoughts. I guess when a person is truly good, it’s hard to really forget them.

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What would the Sakamaki boys reactions be to becoming a father?

(This is when their lovers tell them they’re preggers )
Shu: Ugh gross…you’ve been puking all week…did Reiji keep poisoning your dinner or something. Hmm or maybe you have morning sickness? *chuckles but stops when she looks at him my seriously* what…? Don’t tell me…*she tells him and he stands there for a while before smiling lightly* I guess….im happy to become a father I’ll raise this child right…*chuckles and nuzzles into her cheek* even if I get to give up 9 months of sex.

Reiji: (Y/N) I know what you’ve been hiding from me. I’m not stupid I know what the symptoms are…morning sickness…cravings…you missed your menstruation. And all of it occurred after we had sex last week.  I just want to hear you say it for it to be true…*she tells him and he smiles* Good.  *kisses her cheek* I expect you to be a good mother and I will be a good father. This child will be put to high expectations.

Ayato: Yo (Y/N) you’ve been acting so boring after the last time we fucked!!! What do you mean “how”?!?? Aside from not walking straight, you never wanna play basketball or cuddle!!! …Why do you want me to sit down? You wanna tell me something? Tch…make it snappy, Yours Truly doesn’t have a lot of time..*she tells him and he pales* You’re what? Like pregnant pregnant? Holy shit…I…I can’t be a dad!! Wait no! Don’t worry I’ll be here with you I mean..I’m the best at everything! E-Even at being a dad!

Kanato: This is unfair! Everytime I share my cake with you, you puke it up in the morning! It’s as if you don’t appreciate it! Not only that but you’ve been very distant from…do you hate me?!?!? No I won’t allow it. I will cage you if I hav- *She tells him* ….But how?!?!?! …oh I forgot…sex makes babies…but NO!!!!! IT’S NOT FAIR! YOU’LL BE PAYING ATTENTION TO THE STUPID BABY INSTEAD OF ME? …you promise you’ll still love me and stay with me? …Okay, I’ll help with the baby…in fact I’ll help more than you! It can’t be that hard can it?

Laito: Eh~ Bitch-chan your scent has changed…a lot…Have you done anything? Oh..I don’t know maybe run off with another man or get a tattoo without my permission…how dumb of you Bitch-chan to think I won’t notice~ Now you’re gonna confess~? Well tell me…*she tells him* Eh~? But…did the condom break?! Aww~ we’re gonna have a baby~ How cute~ *hugs her tightly* Don’t worry I’ll be a great father~ I just hope you’ll be a great mother nfu~

Subaru: Tch..Hey…What the fuck’s your problem?!?! Everytime I try getting close to run off! Did..Did I do something to you? Did…I hurt you too much last night? Tch…I knew I should’ve been more gentl- *she tells him and his eyes widen* No way…Shit..I…well fuck…N-no!! I can handle being a father…I just want to know if you’re comfortable with being a mother. *Smiles gently* Good…then we’ll give this child the best we can give him..or her.

fangirl part 1!!


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Mystic Messenger Imagine With Seven -when you couldnt see each other for one week-

It’s been almost one week since you last saw each other. You missed him so much and it’s gotten worse when you broke your phone so you couldnt talk, too. You can’t make video chats with him on laptop since he’s too busy too.
Yoosung is with you at home because Seven told him to look after you -wtf are you a kid? the kid is YOOSUNG and seems like you look after him because of his childish behaviors- you play monopoly while LOLOL is updating.
You dont really like playing but you have to do something but missing Seven.
“You missed him huh?” says Yoosung with a sad face.
“What?” you didnt even hear him because you were so busy thinking Seven.
“You missed him…”
You try yo smile but fail. “He’s coming after tomorrow… All I can do is waiting.”
Yoosung stands up and smiles with a funny way. “You know what will make you happy?”
You are confused. “What?”
He screams “fooooooooooooooooooood!!”
You laugh at him “well… I’ve been cooking for a really long time and it doesnt feel different haha”
“This time, we’ll cook together, follow me!”
You start cooking together, he tries to make jokes and to be honest, he makes you laugh.
In the end, even Yoosung’s cooking skill is really bad, you make such a nice dinner. Yoosung decorates table as if it’s a romantic dinner. You look frustrated but say nothing. When everything’s ready someone knocks the door. “oh, on time” says Yoosung. Yoosung goes to open the door and you sit on sofa because you’re so tired. It’s not important who came. You close your eyes and wait Yoosung to come. You hear him closing the door and coming back. You dont open your eyes but suddenly you feel lips on your lips. You slap his face and open your eyes.
Well, it’s Seven.
You open your eyes wide open as you watch him laughing. You stand up and say “Luciel? My god, Luciel I’m so sorry…”
He says “My sweet kitten knows how to act when someone else but me kisses her, I like it hahahahaha”
You hug him tight and say “My god.. I missed you so much Luciel how did you come here?”
He whispears to your ear “Did you like our surprise? Yoosung made it pretty well.”
You laugh and kiss him. You hear Yoosung say “Hey… Uhm… I think I gotta go… hello? Do you guys hear me? Okay… then I’m going… have fun hehe.”


“I’ve seen you cry way too many times, when will you decide to be alive?”

The party was going quite well. All of Solana’s family members and friends had arrived, and were enjoying the beautiful evening. Her little cousins were swimming in their pool while her uncles and aunties were playing a game of bid.

With everyone having a good time, Solana was still distraught from what occurred earlier with her mother. Older relatives had congratulated her on her success, but she couldn’t even grasp what was happening because of her gloomy mood. All she could do was blame Monica Rowe.

This wasn’t the first time this happened between the two of them. The comments that were dished out towards Solana were nothing compared to the time she was thirteen years old coming from a dance recital.

The crowd roared as the ballerinas bowed and walked off the stage gracefully. They had just performed their first recital for the season. Every girl that participated had done an amazing job, at least that’s what their Coach Maria told them. All the hard work and dedication they illustrated was shown in their performance tonight, and that’s what made the routine perfect.

Everyone had left but Solana. Her legs kicked back and forth at a steady pace, while she sat on one of the concrete steps. Monica was always late to pick her up from practices, but tonight she’d thought for once Monica would prove her wrong.

She didn’t.

Solana couldn’t even be mad at her because she’s the one that got her hopes up, not Monica. But was it so wrong for thinking that on this one night things could change?

“Where’s your mother niña?”

“I don’t know..”

Solana had mumbled that to herself quietly while sulking in her own embarrassment.

Maria’s car keys jingled while she took a seat next to her. This had became a routine for both of them. Maria would ask the obvious question about Solana’s mother’s whereabouts before she sigh and take a seat next to her on the concrete steps. Sometimes no words would be spoken between the two. They would both just stare at the moonlight while their minds roamed with endless thoughts. It never bothered Solana that they wouldn’t talk because the company of someone else would be just enough for her.

“I know I told you and all the other girls this earlier, but Lana you did an amazing job tonight. I’m proud of you niña.”

Maria brushed away some of Solana’s curly thick tresses out of her line of vision. She glanced at Maria while a small tear droplet had escaped from her tear duct.

“Solana why are you crying sweetie?”

Her lips trembled as she tucked her bottom lip between her front teeth. She didn’t know why she was crying, or she just didn’t want to explain her reason to Maria. She had never had anyone tell her that she made them proud. For once in her life she felt worthy. She felt like she was actually loved by someone else other than her grandma. Maria saying she was proud of her was one of her biggest achievements in life, and one day she hoped her mother, Monica, would say the same thing too.

Monica had arrived fifteen minutes later after the heart-to-heart moment Maria and Solana shared. The car ride home was awkward and silent. Solana wanted to ask her mother where she was tonight and why she would miss this important evening, but she knew better than to question her.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight. My boss had me work overtime. You understand right Lana?”

Her face scrunched up as lines grew on her forehead. “You understand right?” No she didn’t understand and she was dumbfounded on why her birth giver would think she would be okay with it.

“Actually mama I don’t understand. You know how hard I worked my butt off for this night? I didn’t do it for me but for you mama! And you wasn’t even here to see it because of your god damn job!”

Her nostrils flared up while her body temperature rose. She was on fire. It wasn’t because of this one night that she missed, but for everything she had missed in her life. Solana was fed up and felt her mother should hear how she felt.

“Look at who thinks they’re all grown now. You cursin’ at yo mama? Have you lost yo rabbit ass mind girl? You lucky I’m drivin’ right now.”

“I don’t think I’m grown. I’m still a child that needs her mother, but you can’t see that. All you care about is your job. That’s why daddy left us! All because of you mama!”

The tears were flowing like a river. Her eyes were now berry beat red. The pain and sorrow her poor broken heart endured showed on her baby face. Solana’s father had called a divorce on Monica when she was 5 years old. She never knew the reason why her parents were separated, but she surely blamed Monica for it. She’s the blame for everything else wrong in her life, so her father not being in the picture had to also be her fault too.

The car had come to a sudden halt because of the red light that was appearing on the traffic signal. Her heart was racing rapidly as she tried to get ready for the words her mother was about to say. But nothing in this world could brace her for what Monica had said to her.

“You wanna know why your daddy left us baby?”

Her voice was calm. Too calm for Solana. The only response she could make was a simple head nod.

“He left us because he didn’t want me or your ugly fat ass! The truth hurts Solana. Since you wanna talk ta me like a grown woman, you’ll get talked ta like a grown woman.”

Her lips trembled vigorously as she blinked a few dozen times, tears impairing her vision. She wasn’t mad because of what her mother said, but the reasoning why her father left them.

“That’s not true mama! Stop lyi-lyin’ ta me!”

“It’s true baby girl, deal with it.”

Now being eighteen years old, Solana dealt with it like her mother commanded. While dealing with it, she suffered from bulimia for 5 months until her grandma noticed the weight loss. It took all of her might to tell someone about what was happening, but luckily she made it through.

She snapped out of her reminiscent nightmare when her cousin Mackenzie announced that her cute boyfriend was finally here.

“I don’t have a boyfriend Kenzie.”

“Uh huh! He’s standing behind you silly.”

A strong pair of arms wrapped around her waist. His face nuzzled in between her neck as she let a couple of giggles escape from her lips.

“Ya stink girl.”

Her smile quickly faded. In one swift motion, she turned around to slap the back of his head.

“Shut up stupid.”

“Hit me again and see what happens and fix me some ta eat.”

She rolled her eyes as she began making her way to the kitchen. She easily moved pass relatives that were too occupied in conversation to notice her presence. The food her mother prepared was spread out on the granite counter tops. She grabbed a plate for August and began putting food on it that she knew he would devour without second guessing it.

With his filled plate in hand she started looking for him, but didn’t find him in the kitchen nor the living room. The only place she could think of was her bedroom. She reached for a fork and a bottle of water to drink before heading upstairs. Pass the threshold of her room, she noticed his gold colored Foamposites were planted on her pink rug. The game was on and it made sense why he didn’t want to be around anybody else. Knowing him, he probably put a bet on the game.

“Here and don’t get food on my bed August.”

“I hear ya. Thank ya tho’.”

“I hear ya. Now move over.”

She giggled as August smacked his lips together. He moved over allowing Solana to get a space on the bed. Her feet were bare instead of being covered in heels. She was comfortable now thanks to his presence and loved every second of it.

“How was yo day today?”

August put down his plate as he gave her his undivided attention.

“Cool I guess.”

Her eyes shifted from August to the game being played on the flat screen. She slipped into her favorite pose as her front teeth tucked away her bottom lip.

“We not doin’ this shit today Lana. Like on some real shit. Now how was ya day?”

“It fuckin sucked okay! My mom hates me and my body. And ya know what? I’m okay with that.”

A small laugh came from her end as unexpected tears began to slip down her cheeks. The thought of pleasing her mother seemed to no longer weigh on her. She could only do so much without breaking down, and she finally broke down. Knowing that she tried was enough for her.

“I’m proud of you. Ya know I don’t like ya mama but I tolerate her for you. You have a beautiful body and ya mama doesn’t hate you. She got her own problems so she tries to bring you down with her.”

“Thanks Auggie. I’m done cryin’ and I deserve to live my life how I want. Shit, I have a full ride to college and a great person to go with me.”

“That’s my freckles.”

August wore a proud smile on his face as Solana wiped her tears away and mirrored his expression. They were both leaving for school tomorrow, and they were both stoked. Not because they were leaving the bird’s nest, but because of the new beginnings they would be sharing together as one.

If Solana’s mother didn’t love her as her, then she was the one missing out on a great human-being.

Not Solana.