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James: Hey, could you hold this for me?

Aleks: Yeah sure.




Aleks: That’s your hand…

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:

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Nickname: cj; coob; scobles; scoob.

Sign: aries

Height: 5′4″

Last Thing You Googled: ‘john everett millais’ i don’t even remember why tbh

Favorite music artist: i love EVERYONE i listen to (check out my spotify *wink wink*)

Song stuck in my head: hayloft by mother mother. also! dead girl walking from heathers is constantly in my head.

Last movie you watched: the history boys

What are you wearing right now: skull shirt and minnie mouse pj bottoms. i’m a fashion icon.

What do you post: voltron, lots of pidge.

Why did you choose your URL: faerie is such a visually appealing word and pidge is just appealing. mash them together.

Do you have any other blogs: too many. they’re in my links if you’re actually interested lmao.

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: it was a 2 day relationship. it’d be a wonder if i learned anything. well ok, i learned that i wasn’t interested in him lmao.

Favorite Color: yellow!!

Average Hours Of Sleep: 3-5 hours

Lucky Number: 2 & 72!

Favorite characters: pidge [vld], dirk [dghda], haruhi [ohshc], sailor venus/minako [sm], marceline [at], sayaka [pmmm], tracer [ow], lapis [su], yurio [yoi]. i have so many so i’ll stop here fhajdkdjak. 

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one duvet and my fluffy blanket if i’m ill or especially cold.

Dream Job: eh, it changes. thinking about jobs is stressful. i don’t have any talent really so there’s nothing i’m good at.

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Uber: Day 2

Second night of driving was straight. I love making money, but I hate doing a lot of physical labor, so this is the perfect job for me. I made about $115 in 5 hours.

My first rider came almost as soon as I turned the app on. It was a young girl (17-18) that lived about 10 minutes away from me. Her mom was worried about the safety of uber and stood at the door looking concerned until I pulled off. 🐸☕️. The ride was pretty chill in terms of conversation. She just wanted to get there. I think “there” was her boo’s house.

It took a while for me to receive my next call. Sometimes you gotta drive to the action and just wait. I went to Decatur to see what would happen and I got a call from a woman and a man who wanted to go Buckhead. They were from Wisconsin and turnt. They talked to each other the whole time, but they were nice. They just wanted to hit some more bars up.

The next rider was Kevin. Quick and uneventful.

After him, a GSU student named Rosie requested me. She put in the wrong pickup address on mistake, so that was awk. Her and a friend needed a ride to a bar in Buckhead. They seemed fun, but would probably be annoying in a discussion about social issues. I gave them the aux cord and they played some cool music. Whatevs.

Next dude was Ryan. I also had a hard time pinpointing his exact location, but we got it eventually. I believe he was visiting his bae at Georgia Tech, but I could be wrong. He sat in the front seat, which is unusual, but it’s okay. He seemed like a nice guy and he helped out with directions.

It was pretty late after him, and I wasn’t expecting much else. I went to the publix on Roswell Road to just relax and wait for a hit. It came almost immediately. 2 older men needed a ride to their hotel around the block. They were here (not sure why) from Nashville and probably have a lot of money (they were eating at a restaurant with burgers that look like they cost $20+). It was a very short ride, but the minimum fare is $6.
The next two rides were the coolest people of the night. First guy was a black dude named Jamonté. Very cool dude who laughed and joked with me the whole ride. “Oh you hang out in Little 5 Points? I see you. You the eclectic type.” Just stuff like that. He told me to finish school strong and to get my paper up.

The last girl was Leah. She was an attractive woman who needed a ride to Follies, a strip club not too far from where we were. We talked the whole way. It was her first time using uber and she had a lot of questions. She was a little apprehensive to use the app, for safety reasons. That’s understandable. She’s hoping to get into nursing school, and she can’t risk getting another dui. I can definitely respect that. She said she was recently divorced, so I really hope she had fun last night.

I have the car all weekend. I’m bouta be getting to the paper. In fact, I’m getting paper now.

Also: It’s fun to key in on people’s faces when I tell them I just started driving a few days ago.

no offence but do yall even read the posts u reblog or think…‘this has a lot of notes, it must be right I’ll reblog it so I can follow the herd’