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Im Youngmin as your boyfriend

- so turns out he actually takes the same bus as you, and for a while he’s been admiring you
- making sure you have somewhere to sit, even if it means he has to stand for the whole journey
- however, your always too tired to even realise what’s going on
- but its the day of ur job interview and lmao you woke up late!
- and so guess who forgot their bag which contains all their belongings, including ur phone and wallet?
- hahAHAHAHa you…
- ur at the entrance of the bus and of course everyone’s looking at the strange girl who doesn’t have a bus pass but is still trying to get in…
- and all of a sudden someone from behind pays for your bus fare
- your too embarrassed to even look them in the eyes but you still thank them
- what makes it worse is the fact that the bus is extra crowded and you hate standing because you can hardly even reach the handles that dangle down for you to hold on
- “just hold onto me”
- you see an arm held tightly onto the handle and you can feel the other arm wrapped loosely on your waist
- lmao by loosely I mean awkwardly propped on your waist unsure how tight or loose to hold you, as well as unsure where exactly to prop their arm…
- nevertheless you’d rather not embarrass yourself even more by falling over so you start to hold tightly onto him
- can I just say, a wHOLE LOADA STARING
- when you finally have enough courage to look them in their eyes you realise they’ve been looking at you this whole time
- BLUSHING!!!!!!
- warning- youngmin likes to smirk… a lot
- you can feel the laughter coming from his chest
- he follows you out the bus and claims he’s going wherever you are
- ‘I’m youngmin by the way, what’s your name?“
- “why do you keep following me?…”
- your so embarrassed and you really don’t want him to see how red you are because of him
- “fine. You caught me, by now I should probably be in my lecture… But before I go, at least let me get your number.”
- how could you say no???
- and before you both know it your pretty much texting non stop and he asks you out on a date
- your first official date is at a PC bang, and yes he was planning to be romantic and teach you to play one of the games called over watch
- but sIKE, you were a frequent PC bang user back in the day of high school and let’s just say, your way better than him
- “but I just wanted this to be romantic and I wanted to teach you, I was planning so much and now you’ve just completely beat me…”
- youngmin whining, with his lips pouted and hair in a hot mess
- before you knew it, you had your lips on his
- fIRST KISS!!!!!
- you could just about reach his lips but after a few seconds youngmin already had his hands wrapped around your waist
- “youngmin… I’m sorry that you sUCK AT OVERWATCH!”
- you try your best to run away but he catches up to you instantly
- and yay, second kiss
- this time he’s confident and in charge, hands placed lightly on your cheeks and yours were tightly around his body
- “wow, you’re an absolute beast on overwatch- it makes me like you even more…”
- confESSION!!!
- its official y'all are bf and gf!!!!!
- changing his relationship status on all social media
- as well as bragging about you a lot
- “yah, woojin! My girlfriend can actually play overwatch aND SHE’S REALLY GOOD, what can your girlfriend do? SiKE I LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND SHE’S REALLY NICE please stop hitting me…”
- smiling youngmin means your most likely smiling as well
- you can’t help but get lost in his eyes when they crinkle as he smiles
- normally silences with youngmin are the kind which are enjoyable, no awkwardness just a sense of understanding
- he walks you home when its dark and at times like this he’s quite protective, youngmin more or less always has his hand around your waist when your walking home
- which your fine with tbh
- but in general you guys trust each other but sometimes you feel that youngmin is way too chill when your around guys, and you’ve realised he doesn’t really care or get jealous
- “do you even like me? It just seems that sometimes you don’t even care when I’m around these strange men!“
- “are you being serious right now? You don’t even understand how crazy I feel when I see you around these guys but I trust you and I don’t want to be that annoying over protective boyfriend… I trust you, y/n and you should know that i only have room in my heart for you.”
- you both apologize to each other and make up
- but what’s a make up witHOUT any make up sex…
- lemme just say, youngmin likes to take charge…
- and by now your neighbours clearly know his name .-.
- but just in case you haven’t realised what I’m hinting at; a whole loada love bites and delicate kisses on your body as well as hardcore exercise
- “yOUNGMIN, look at all the red marks I have on my neck from last night. Do you realise how hard it is for me to cover it up with makeup?!”
- “well you weren’t complaining last night”
- and there it is again, his smirk is now even more prominent and mixed with his perfect bed hair and morning voice…
- well one thing leads to another and your late for work, again…
- cute café dates and surprise the cafés you normally go to are cat cafés!
- rather than being focused on what your talking about he seems busy with stroking a nearby cat but now this gives you a chance to admire him
- “admit it, I look really cool right now”
- hE was right, with his satoori and his jawline and the cat…
- “you’re the lamest person I know”
- “y/n you make my heart flutter whenever you act like this, so cold and cool… Wow- 100% tsundere style, I’m in love”
- youngmin teasing you was something common but he really did mean the last part…
- you rolled your eyes before a laugh finally erupted out
- journeys on the bus together consists of sharing earphones and normally fighting over who gets to pick the music
- “but youngminnnnn, you love me right? And so you’ll love anything I love, and I love jiyoung oppa so let’s listen to some of his music!!!”
- youngmin doesn’t respond and you notice him flinch at mentioning love but try your best to ignore it so you just change the music to your gdragon playlist
- your walking home together and he’s still not responding
- “youngmin, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking… Are you just going to continue like this? Really?”
- you try your best aegyo to persuade him to open up but unlike usual, it has failed
- “yah do you know how you make me feel? Whenever I’m with you its like I can’t even feel my heart anymore, what do you want to hear? That you’re right? Because you are, I’m probably talking absolute bullshit right now but I just really like you- no, I love you.”
- you pull his face close to yours
- “me too, I love you”
- there’s a smile on his lips whilst you kiss
- “but seriously, y/n why do you call gdragon ‘oppa’ but not me?”
- “because your lame”
- youngmin also likes to play with your hair
- whilst your waiting in line his hand is around your shoulder and reaching to fiddle with your hair
- one night you’ve decided to try and get him to braid your hair
- at least he tried…
- he also likes whispering in your ear, knowing especially how ticklish you are
- passerby’s would think he’s saying something dirty but in reality its just dumb jokes
- “y/n you no longer have to watch asmr videos, I will be your asmr and im available 24/7”
- “hahaha very funny.”
- sharing clothes! He lowkey leaves his jumpers at your house so you can wear them… But he gets highkey turned on whenever he sees you in his clothes
- youngmin also endulges in couple items, making sure to drag you to buy matching t-shirts as well as matching phone cases
- “look, I sent this picture to my mum and she says we look cute… I would’ve expected her to cringe”
- “y/n! How could you do this to me?! Sending her a photo which I probably look weird in- I’m her future son in law and…”
- he stops at ‘son in law’
- “oppa, what are you even- psh, son in law?…”
- awkward silence
- “you finally called me oppa, that’s all that matter right now and we can discuss the future… In the future…”
- his smile reaches his eyes and your heart instantly melts
- “well, youngmin- son in law doesn’t sound that bad, right?”
- all of a sudden youngmin is on one knee and his hand reaches his chest pocket
- “Y/n, will you… ACCEPT MY HEART?!”
- Instead of pulling out a ring box like you were assuming he would, he pulls out nothing but his fingers in the shape of a heart
- “wow, I’m in love with such a loser”
- aNd you both spend the night in each others arms with an empty pizza box and mulan playing on the TV
- your both in love with each other and thats all that matters right now but as to what the future may hold… Well, who knows

Soft soft~

For whatever reason the colored version I made is more embarrassing to post, so I’ll just leave this sketch here and run :,3 I can’t handle my love for these two, like for real, I think they should hug, maybe hold hands.

I’m weak don’t mind me….

All’s Fair (pt 10/final)

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Member: Exo Baekhyun

Type: Fluff/Angst

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

The soft clink of utensils hitting the plates as you two ate was the only noise in the apartment. Really, it had been the only noise for a while. Your eyes glanced up quickly at Baekhyun, who was staring down at his plate, watching it with some sort of interest.

You swallowed, picking up your plate and moving to the sink, rinsing it off before setting it in the dishwasher. You turned around just as Baekhyun finished eating, and he stood, heading to the sink where you were.

You froze as he neared you, opening your mouth to say something but nothing came out. Instead he landed next to you, his gaze on anything except you as he rinsed off his plate and put it next to yours. Before he could escape to his room again like he had been doing the past few days, you found yourself grabbing the back of his shirt, stopping his movements and wrapping your arms around him from behind, his body tensing up at your touch.

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EXO react to another member flirting with you

Xiumin: He’d go to the offending member, patting him on the back harder than necessary, and smile at them in a way that doesn’t reach his eyes. “How are you, buddy? Talked to my jagi lately? How about the two of you just… don’t interact from now on?”

Luhan: Seeing the other member and you from across the room, his eyes get wide and expression cold, catching the member’s attention and then motioning that he’s watching them and he mouths the words ‘Get away. Now.’

Kris: His first thought would be to get you away from that member, pushing you behind him protectively and looming over the other member with a warning glance, hand heavy on his shoulder. “I suggest you don’t try that again.”

Suho: “It’s just one thing after another with you, isn’t it? You couldn’t just let me happily have this one part of my life that doesn’t include you?” More annoyed about them butting into his personal life than about them flirting with you.

Lay: He’d be hurt by the fact that the other members didn’t respect him enough to leave you be. He pulls you away from the other member, hand tight around yours and leaving. “Maybe we’ll go back once they’ve learned some manners.”

Baekhyun: The moment he sees it, he’d raucously let his feelings be known. “YAH! You even do this in front of me?! Hands off. Eyes off. Just get all of yourself off of my jagi.” He’d continue complaining whenever that member is around for a while.

Chen: “Excuse us for a moment, huh?” He’d quickly kiss your cheek before turning to the other member and shoving him ahead so they can talk it out away from you. “If you’re going to be this way, then just stay the hell away from now on.”

Chanyeol: He’d laugh at the others’ attempt to flirt with you, jokingly threatening them in front of you. “Yeah, I know. Completely gorgeous and all mine. That means keep your paws off or I start squirting you with water like the bad puppy you are.”

D.O: Confident that you wouldn’t leave him for any of the others in reality, he’d roll his eyes and only be slightly annoyed at the other member. “As if anyone I dated would ever choose you over me.” He’d get them out of his face and go on with the day.

Tao: Out of all the members, he’d be the most thrown by this, feeling like his trust was betrayed and he’d avoid that member for a while after having it out with him. “How could you do that when you know how important this relationship is to me?”

Kai: “Really, it’s so funny that you think my jagi would go for you. It’s just hilarious!” He’d start laughing hard and hitting their shoulder like he usually does when laughing, but a little harder than usual to get his point across.

Sehun: The spokesman for petty revenge, Sehun would take out his frustration on the other member over a few days when he remembers the incident, whacking them with whatever’s nearby or pulling hairs from their head, claiming he found grey hairs.

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(Why is it always BaekYeol who get the beatings…?)

The Signs as shit I say frequently
  • Aries: That's hella rad
  • Taurus: Why don'tcha go shove a broom up your ass??
  • Gemini: *various cat noises*
  • Leo: Bitchachos
  • Virgo: I'll go abolish the patriarchy after this slice of pizza I swear
  • Libra: My seventh grade emo phase left yours in the dust
  • Scorpio: My grandma is Satan
  • Sagittarius: Eat aspic (Google it) Bob
  • Capricorn: Do you ever feel super gay?? Yah me too.
  • Aquarius: Something about alien vaginas
  • Pisces: Fish are friends not food

That ridiculous doodle I finally finished
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150716 Eunkwang Twitter Update #3: ㅎㅇ육성재

“Hi SungJae”
EK: Sungjae-yah, hi. Are you doing well?
CS: Sungjae-yah, are you comfortable without me? Huh? Do you feel like you can live since I’m gone? How dare you… By yourself without me Huh
EK: Sungjae-yah, finish filming well. We’ll be doing 6 members stage that doesn’t have you. Bye
CS: Because of you! Never mind…

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anonymous asked:

how would jr, jackson, and jb react to their girlfriend getting flustered over them being shirtless? i really love your blog almost as much as i love you <333

impossible. i love you much much more anonnie (/ω\)

Jinyoung: He takes off his shirt, unaware of the fact that you’re right behind him and practically gaping at his toned muscles. Reluctantly, you clear your throat and he snaps his neck back immediately, surprised to see you standing there, cheeks flushed. You avoid his gaze as you fixate your eyes to the wall beside you and he, taking notice of your embarrassment, would pout and cover his bare torso. “Yah… Stop doing that! You’re making me feel embarrassed…”

Jackson: He’s honestly so weird. I think behind his confident exterior, he’d actually get a bit embarrassed each time you get flustered over him being half-naked (despite it being a boost to his ego, of course). He’d cover his chest and pretend to be offended, “Why are you staring at my chest so intently? Pervert…” But honestly, he loves to see you so cute around him like that, so expect him to walk around shirtless 98% of the time from now on.

Jaebum: We all know how amazing our leader’s upper body is; Jackson even accepted the fact that his upper body is better than his (and let’s face it, Jackson almost never admits defeat). So whenever you blush and look away when he takes his shirt off/comes out of the shower with only a towel around his waist, he would smirk and joke, “Like what you see, babe? Of course you do~” before giving his muscles a little flex.

The Perks of Boring Friends [Suho]

Kim Joonmyeon was boring. You bet that when he was younger he always colored in the lines and waited for his turn at the water fountain. He probably never skipped school, sassed back adults, or snuck out after curfew. He was a straight arrow set on the path of justice and righteousness in this horrible dark world. He was also one of your closest friends.

How that had happened you’d never truly understand, but you fell into line with him easily after the two of you had been assigned to a joint project in your introductory microeconomics class. Now the two of you were adults. You had an entry level job in data analysis at a large pharmaceutical company, and Joonmyeon was achieving great things as a rookie investment banker.

Even though you were an adult, some things just didn’t change. Your fondness for a good night out was one example, and last night had been good. This morning, however, wasn’t going so well. You pushed your sunglasses up your nose as you opened the door for Joonmyeon. He was still wearing a suit, ugh, even though it was Friday, which counted as the weekend in your mind. It was definitely time for him to let loose a bit.

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