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CW WL Trading

Let’s be honest, you didn’t slot on those because you liked the color.  You slotted because they’re a hot CW and you wanted it for trade fodder for your WL for later.  I just wish you all (yes all because there are too many of you who do this shit!) would be honest at least.  It would make you less of a twat.  It’s hard enough to get releasers to release more than one batch, and then you twats have to swoop in and slot on shit that you don’t even want to use, you want it so you can trade it for that fucking hard to find shit on your wishlist as evidenced by the “I don’t need CSC now though so I’m not accepting that for them.”  Fuck those of us who really wanted that color in the first place, right?  

Fuck you if you do this shit.  Seriously.  F U C K  Y O U!

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Rain lemme send u another one cuz I'm selfish.

Drabble Prompts // Closed

I left this one hanging for too long. I’ve had it in the back of the fridge for like three weeks straight. It’s all moldy and fuzzy, now. I think I saw it move. I’m scared to touch it.

Rain -  I’ll write a fluffy drabble of our characters kissing in the rain.

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               why  won’t  you  let  yourself  be  loved?  his  chest  ACHES,  short  of  breath,  and  deep  seeded  sadness  creeping  through  veins;  fingers  twitching  and  desperate  for  a  cigarette.  he  doesn’t  want  to  deal  with  this,  he  just  wants  to  hold  her.  why  won’t  you  let  yourself  be  loved?  because  i  don’t  know  how.

               and  she’s  so  hurt,  by  his  attempt  to  be  honest  with  her,  because  he  was  telling  the  truth;  a  broken  man  from  a  broken  home,  how  could  he  make  a  home  for  her  that  she  deserved  (  he’d  never  be  what  she  deserved,  though  he’d  spend  all  his  days  trying  )?  he  wants  nothing  more  than  to  do  good  for  her,  by  her,  but  he  has  so  little  faith  in  himself;  a  thousand  omnics  raining  hellfire  upon  him  scared  him  less  than  the  idea  that  he  might  one  day  hurt  her  more  than  this.

               why  won’t  you  let  yourself  be  loved?   ❝  because  it’s  easier  cope  with  the  idea  that  i’m  unlovable  than  it  is  to  cope  with  the  idea  that  i’ve  hurt  the  person  i  love–  ❞


Hi guys !! I need a few bucks to help pay off some things, and to start raising money for college !!!!! WOW !!!!! 

Above are all the rules and guidelines, so if you have any questions, or want a commission, feel free to message me here on tumblr 

OR ! email me over at dont swear tho my dad can see the emails and i dont wanna get in trouble plz forgive me

If you’d like more examples of my art, check out my art tag (which it wont let me link it, so my tag is art-kind) to see if i a m w o r ht you r  t  ii mm e uauhjdmxa;,


  • [Ladybug voice]: chat noir? UGH i can't STAND him. what a DORK. he is just the most annoying- [trips and hundreds of chat noir pictures fall out of pockets] w-what an unreliable idiot listen ok these aren’t mine i don’t even like chat i’m just [trying to gather them up frantically] listen i— just listen [thousands of chat noir pictures spill out onto the floor] fUCK i’m just i’m holding them for a friend ok ju-just listen