do y o u u

                                     ❝ – that murdock’s
                                                                                 got a hell of an act. ❞ 

          for most people, it would, generally, be safe to assume that the most DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCE of an accident that robbed you of your sight would be the lack of a PAIR OF WORKING EYES. & for THE MARVELOUS MATTHEW MICHAEL MURDOCK, that assumption held true for most of his life – but the fact that he’s not most people caught up with him eventually. 

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when ppl treat woozi like a baby b/c hes small even tho hes a talented & hardworking 18 y/o who clearly wants to b taken seriously & treated as such


My darling children- Warden Commander Sierra Cousland and Inquisitor Caelia Lavellan + friend’s dwarf inquisitor, Edric Cadash

Haven’t been 2 happy with my art lately but I’m slowly getting back into it 

y’all should send me ur cute wardens, hawkes and inquisitors!!!! (so i can draw floating heads because I’m a mediocre artist)

*gunshots* *people screaming* *babies crying*

bloodthirstygod asked:

❛ dude , you tried to slice my-you-know-what’s off ! ❜

                                      the maze runner saga

                                                ░░▒▒▓█ ▌☼☀ ۞ ☀☼ ﹔﹔

            she almost SNORTS through her nose , a snicker tempting to release from those
           plump lips . but 
something HALTS her . one can argue that it is sense , another can
           debate that it’s all for 
show . emotion overpowers none at all after all , for it shows no 
           weakness ( nor even 
strength ) . a surprisingly DULL tone delivers ;;;;

                       ≺  ❝ ’ next time it will not be a TRY . ‘ ❞  ≻