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Castiel WIP~

Haha @dragonpressgraphics :D WIP it is then!

I started it directly on the computer (no hand drawn sketch). I wanted to see if I could do this completely digital - so this is my test :)

@weekendartmarathon also working on this during the studio sessions

– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<


26 october 2016 - glendale, az



I finally have the chance to sit down and properly do up some of my notes for korean bc no work during weekends :-))  Currently going through a chapter on pronouns and possessions(words) and it’s quite confusing (・_・ヾ i think it’s probably bc of my lack of practice… 

ps. thank you to everyone who has sent me an ask, I will try to reply asap but i’m planning to spread out the posts to avoid spamming the rest, hope y’all will understand! 

You Look Like You Need a Drink (M)

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Summary: After a bad week with the worst luck imaginable, you happen upon a local dive bar run by an attractive young bartender who livens up your evening.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7,221

Warning: Bartender!Yoongi, tattooed!Yoongi, sexual harassment, sexual themes, power play, manners kink, alcohol use, profanity

A/N: I wrote this last year for my dear friend’s birthday and swore this fic would never see the light of day. I have since “remastered” it, so to speak, so I’m sharing it here. SURPRISE!

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No to Low Stress College Study Strategy

I started using this study method my 2nd month of college, when I realized that it was better for study-life balance and my emotional wellbeing. It makes me feel productive and alert all day, and gives me plenty of free time to pursue hobbies, clubs, and personal interests. It sounds kind of hardcore at first, but it’s seriously wonderful if you give it a try! Here’s the game plan:

  • After the first few days of the semester, I sit down with all of the syllabi from all of my classes and write down every single assignment for the rest of the semester into my planner. Include exams, readings, lab report due dates, worksheets, essays, etc. Everything.
  • Every weekend, I set aside however much time I need to knock out every single assignment for the upcoming week that is possible to do in advance. I do my textbook readings, textbook practice problems, my humanities readings, short essays or write-ups to accompany those humanities readings, etc.
  • Even though I’m doing more work, I generally spend the same amount of time in the library as my friends who only do their work for Monday over the weekend. This is because if you don’t commit to doing a large number of assignments, you tend to spend a lot more time on minor assignments than is truly necessary - do I really need to spend 3 hours on this 1-page essay for my English class if it’s only graded on a 10 point scale? Couldn’t I finish this in 1 hour and then devote more time to the rest of the readings I need to do for that class this week?
  • I still have enough time to sleep in, have long lunch breaks, go the gym, go to parties in the evening, etc.
  • You can do this, no matter your workload. I am a pre-med science major taking 20 credits (max course load) a semester, with two labs, and I can get it done. My roommate is an English major with heavy novel reading assignments and she can get it done. (Disclaimer: this mostly applies to undergraduates.)
  • Research papers and midterm exam studying generally get their own day separate from homework assignments. I like writing essays in 1 or 2 sittings, but if you like to spread it out just break up the essay into manageable pieces and do it over multiple weekends, or do the pieces between classes (see next bullet point).
  • After blasting through most of my assignments over the weekend, during the week I generally only have to do busy-work that is assigned at the end of classes and continue studying for midterms that week. I easily finish these assignments in the breaks between classes during the day.
  • With this strategy, I always complete all of my homework well before dinnertime, and often have days when I don’t have any assignments to do. I use this free time for club meetings, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, marathoning Netflix, pursuing hobbies, working a job, whatever.
  • I also use this extra time to be able to study for exams much more effectively - when you don’t have busywork assignments floating in the back of your mind, it is much easier to focus. You will study more productively and effectively, and with much less stress. Exams are worth way more of your grade than the homework assignments you blast through each weekend, so it’s best to be able to focus exclusively on them Monday - Friday.
  • The best part about this strategy is that your workload is heavy on Sunday and sometimes Saturday, but you get to relax Monday - Friday. You basically have a 5 day weekend every week, assuming you enjoy going to class.

If anyone also uses this method, I’d love to hear from you or hear your variants/study suggestions! If anyone tries out this method for 1 or 2 weeks and finds that it works for them, I’d love to hear about it! If you try it and hate it with a fiery burning passion and loathe me for even suggesting it, I’d love to hear about it!

I believe in you!<3 No matter what study method you choose to use, just do your best and exceed your own expectations.

And I included setting prompt No.18 (also sent by @contrivedcoincidences6!) Set between Redux and Detour. 

25. “What were you like? I mean before all of the shit we’ve gone through.” 

“You’re not going to tell me where we’re going, are you?” Scully tries to sound annoyed, angry even, and she fails spectacularly. They’re in the car, where else, and Mulder is driving. He’s grinning that grin; the one that tells her he is planning something crazy, dangerous or stupid. Maybe all of it. He showed up at her apartment an hour ago, his feet shuffling nervously, asking her if she wanted to go for a drive.

“Is it a case?”

“No. I promise it’s not a case.”

She believed him, dressed casually, and now here she is. It’s barely 10 pm and the cold November night reveals bright stars as the moon winks at them. Scully smiles up at the sky through the car window. If she’s honest, she doesn’t care where they’re going for once. She’s got all the time in the world now. Absent-mindedly, she scratches her neck. It itches sometimes, the small wound that covers the chip. She catches Mulder glancing over at her for a moment. There’s a question on his mind, does she feel tired, is she really all right, and she puts all her answers into a contented sigh. Mulder relaxes his fingers on the steering wheel and nods along to an inaudible tune.

They remain silent, comfortably sharing each other’s company without any words; none could do this justice anyway. They’re here together, neither dead, neither of them deadly ill. For once the stars seem to be aligned in their favor. Any words, both seem to fear, might cause a shift in the cosmos, remind them that this too could end soon; too soon.

“Here we are.” Mulder tells her as he navigates the car into a deserted parking lot.

“Where is here, Mulder?” She gets out of the car and follows him. It’s quiet here, wherever they are. Walking a few steps, a huge sign comes into view: The Greatest Carnival In The World! Come in and have your life changed forever! Scully turns to face Mulder, a skeptical look on her face, and he smiles sheepishly.

“I didn’t name it.”

“What are we doing here? It’s closed.”

“Only for the general public.”

“Mulder…” Scully starts warningly and he dangles a key in front of her face.

“We’re not breaking in.”

“Why do you have a key?” Her question goes unanswered as Mulder opens the heavy lock and leads her inside the gate. “It’s dark, Mulder. What are we doing here?” She repeats.

“You’re not really patient, are you Scully?” He chuckles. He disappears into the darkness for a moment and Scully stands there, nervously tugging at her scarf, until she hears a loud click and everything lights up in bright, warm colors.

“Oh.” Escapes her lips as she takes it all in. Small, carefully decorated booths stand there frozen in time, abandoned, while teddy bears grin up at her. Scully can imagine this place in daylight, in the early hours of the evening, when the lights come up and put smiles on children’s faces.

“You like it?” Mulder’s voice is right by her ear; she never even noticed him coming closer. His hand is on her arm, warm and heavy. Scully nods and the movement causes her head to graze his chest. There is no reason to stand this close, she thinks, in this vast space. Yet, she doesn’t move away.

“This is not why we’re here, though. I won’t win a teddy bear for you tonight.” Mulder’s voice is soft, but laced with something rich and deep. It makes Scully shiver and Mulder, thinking she’s cold, draws her in closer.

“Come on,” he whispers, his breath visible in the cold air, mingling with her own, “I want to show you something.” Mulder takes her hand into his and she lets him lead her. 

“Tada.” Mulder stops, but doesn’t let go of her hand. His voice sounds shaky and uncertain. Scully takes a step forward, dragging him with her as neither is ready to let go just yet.

“That’s what I wanted to show you.” The carousel, an old, used beauty, beckons her closer. Scully reaches out one hand tentatively as if a simple touch could break the carousel horses.

“Oh Mulder…” Her hand on the cold surface, Scully feels herself go back in time to when she was a little girl always wanting to go just one more time, please, just one more time. It had never been enough. Every go on the carousel made her squeal, made her want more. She gently pats the plastic horse; they at least haven’t changed in all these years.

“You know when you,” he clears his throat, “when you were in the hospital I wondered what… I thought if it came to,” Mulder takes a deep breath and Scully, without facing him, reaches out her hand and finds his easily like it belongs there, “You were sleeping a lot… a lot more than you used to. I was wondering what I could do to… I didn’t want your last memories to be of that hospital room. I didn’t want you to think of government conspiracies or how all of this was just not… I didn’t want that, Scully.” His chest is against her back now, his hand still holding hers, and she feels warm everywhere he surrounds her.

“I thought what can I do? Where can I take you? And you know what, Scully? I didn’t know.” His last words not more than a whisper against her hair.

“I didn’t know where to take you. Because I never asked you what you liked to do. I began to wonder, Scully… what were you like? I mean before all of the shit we’ve gone through? I didn’t know and I couldn’t ask you. How could I have possibly asked you? I was desperate,” he chuckles against her and puts his arms around her, loosely, just in case, but she puts her hands above his, finally letting go of the carousel horse, “so I asked your mother. I would have asked Bill, but who could know young Dana Scully better than her mother?“ 

Scully’s eyes drift close; she is warm, she feels loved and safe, and his voice richer than any chocolate, softer than any kiss, caresses her cheek, her ear, and her soul.

"She told me that wherever your family went, you always just wanted to go to the carnival. Your brothers made you shoot for prizes because you were better than them, always. Of course neither of them would ever admit that. You never needed anyone to win you a teddy bear, because you could do it yourself, Scully. But your mother said that’s not why you wanted to go there. No, Dana Scully was obsessed with the carousel. You would use all your allowance and when that was spent you’d beg Melissa to lend you money. Just so you could go another time.”

“When she told me this, Scully… I knew this is where I had to take you. I knew you had to be here more time. I wanted to see it, Scully. I needed to…”

“Mulder, I’m not-”

“Yes, I know. I would have been too late, right? With all this crap, with all my personal shit-”

“Mulder, stop, please.” He nods against her, breathes her in, and relaxes.

“I know, I know. But I thought this works, too. To celebrate. You can go as many times as you want, Scully.”

“As many times as I want?”

“Hm.” He softly kisses her cheek. She knows he wants to kiss her somewhere else, make it more, make it feel real, but tonight is not about that. A celebration, he said, and she turns around in his arms. Her smile is blurry, smeared by happy tears that he wipes away carefully, his face a mirror of her own.

“Will you come with me?”

“Someone has to operate this thing.”

“Oh come on, Mulder. Don’t tell me you’ve never chased a carousel horse,” a challenge gleams in her eyes and he nods, gives her a short peck on the lips that Scully is almost sure she imagines, before he lets go of her to turn on the carousel.

“Get ready, Miss Scully. We’re about to start the race.” Scully giggles and mounts one of the plastic horses. She giggles even harder just thinking of Mulder with his long legs and lanky stature attempting to get on one, too. It starts turning, slowly, with a soft squeak before music starts to fill the air, and then there’s Mulder as the carousel picks up speed. He’s laughing, or she is, and he is by her side and they’re both flying.

I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit

5.5.17 || 9/100 days of productivity

It’s been quite the whirlwind week and I’ve been a little bit scatter-brained but I started my morning of sweet with some coffee, custard buns and of course, planning. However, I got a pesky migraine and didn’t end up doing half the things I needed to do, like work on my essay due next week. The weekend is going to be pretty hectic too but hopefully this migraine is gone when I wake up in the morning and I get to churn this essay out. I hope you’re all having wonderfully productive weeks! 💕

🎶 Told You So - Paramore