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Cookin’ with Link!

Everyone put your hands together for the Savior of Flavor, the Hero of Thyme, Bearer of the Triforce of Porridge… Chef Lincoln McNealy!

“Just Link, thanks! I hope you all have your biggest rough-hewn wooden spoons at the ready, because today we’re going to be making…”

“…Uh… Did I… Did I just… Ahem. As I was saying, no spoons necessary, because today we’re going to be making that Hyrulean classic, APPLE PIE!”

“Apple Pie is a traditional dish, with some historical GBA games showing it as having existed as far back as the rule of King Daltus! You can taste the history!”

“To start, gather the ingredients for the crust. Now, you may wonder why I’m using unmilled wheat rather than ground flour. You don’t get to be a legendary chef without doing something daring once in a while!”

“Next is the filling! You can’t have an Apple Pie without apples, and I say the fresher, the better! Just make sure your neighbors don’t see you!”

“While the apples will release juice and caramelize themselves while cooking, I like to use a little sugar to counteract the bite of the Goron Spice, which– wait, where’s the Goron Spice? What? They were out? Well. Hmm. Y’know, let’s be adventurous! Improvisation is a part of cooking too, after all, so we’ll just have to find something that will work as a good spicy substitute!”

“Okay! Now we just bring everything together and wait for it to bake…”

“Voila! The perfect Apple Pie!”

“Whether you’re so hungry you could eat an Octorok or just looking for a midday snack, this simple five-ingredient pie is sure to satisfy!”

“That’s all the time we have for today! Be sure to tune in next week, when we’ll be back in the kitchen cooking up inspiration and PLAYING GOD. Until then!”

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mellowmew20  asked:

Hello~ I absolutely love your blog! I was just wondering how would 2D and Murdoc (separately) react to their s/o to owning a Harley-Davidson night rod? If you don't want to do this I understand (◡‿◡✿)

no no it’s fine! my dad’s a big motor cycle geek, so i kind of think that it’s an interesting topic

Murdoc Niccals:

  • What are they driving into the driveway?
  • Oh god, is that a motorcycle?
  • As you tighten your helmet, you yell over to your boyfriend “Hop on!”
  • Mudz is lost for words.
  • As he gets on and puts on the helmet you gave for him, he grabs your shoulders and attemps to kiss your neck as you rev up the motor.
  • “You can’t do that while I’m driving, you know that, right?”
  • “I know,” he would say, his mouth only a couple inches from your ear. “But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t sexy as hell.”


  • Cue “WaaaOOOoaOOOaoOOHhHh” noise
  • “So… (y/n)… Whatcha got there?”
  • He’d be so shook
  • “A Night Rod, silly! What does it look like?”
  • a death machine A motor cycle…?”
  • You’d laugh, handing him a helmet as he timidly walked over to your bike. Stu would be weary about the idea of riding a motor cycle, since he’s rode one with Murdoc before, and… Well, Murdoc isn’t the best driver as it stands.
  • “It’s okay, Stu,” you’d say, patting the back seat. “It’s safe, I’m a good driver- I won’t let anything happen.”
  • After reluctantly getting on, he feels fine for the most part. He latches onto your back, yea, but his mood could definitely be compared to a dog sticking his head out of a car window at this point in time.
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I'll finish the ones I have currently but not taking any more, sorry, been feeling drained and every day more and more flood in so I just want to do some of my own ideas for a while, you can still send me asks and other junk but not requests, Thank you 

There’s so much that you can do with a queerplatonic relationship while still being respectful to a character’s (such as Jughead’s) canonical boundaries. (I am going with comic canon, as this is partly directed as a criticism of the show). 

Of course, each queerplatonic relationship is unique and what boundaries it needs to respect differ depending on the people/character’s in the relationship. However, when writing a character that is sex-repulsed and/or romance-repulsed, especially if that ties in with their respective asexual and aromantic identities,* then respecting that in your works is important, due to prevalent asexual and aromantic erasure.

In Jughead’s case, these boundaries include not having sex, not giving romantically coded names to his relationships (dating, marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend, ect.), and not engaging in romantic activities such as kissing. (I also write him as touch averse, but idk how canon that is). 

You can, however, still:

  • have Jughead regard someone else as the most important person (or one of the) his life
  • have Jughead prioritize someone in a way commonly associated with romantic relationships
  • have Jughead live with someone else [done on the show, but you could in fanfiction do it with anybody. Or emphasize that they like the setup and would do it even if the need disapears]
  • have Jughead be intimate with someone by sharing secrets
  • have Jughead make sacrifices, including ones he would otherwise be not willing to make, for someone else.
  • have Jughead go out of his way for someone else to be happy
  • have cuddling [if touch averse headcanon have the other person ask for permision]
  • have Jughead and someone else holding hands [see above]
  • have Jughead leap to someone else’s defense

As shown, there’s still plenty of stuff you can do while respecting Jughead’s character. I also for example have a ‘qp jarchie’ tag cause I enjoy that stuff. If the show and shippers wanted to explore the dynamic Jughead has with Betty, they could have done so respectfully. But, the show chose not to, and plenty of b*ghead shippers chose to celebrate the show’s choices and invalidate the discomfort aromantic people (among others) felt at the show’s decisions. 

*And, yes, not all asexuals are sex-repulsed and not all aromantics, are romance-repulsed. But, it can be a part of the identity, a part that for some people is inseparable from the rest (in terms of their personal experience).

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Everything is so quiet I'm stressing

Everything is really quiet, but I’m enjoying it while I can because you know when they do these silences that last a week or longer, it means they’re going to dump everything within like 3 hours. So I’m preparing for some Drama with a capital D….. This is the equivalent of sleeping before an all-nighter. Just enjoy it cause… It won’t last forever. 


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Voltron retail AU

- lance is the jewelry guy
- he wears dangly blue earrings
- his regular customers are cute old ladies who always think he needs to eat more
-when he’s not attending customers he flirts with the cute dressing room attendant
-Keith is the dressing room attendant
- it’s mostly slow, but he can see the jewelry department from his post
- people ask him for opinions on their outfits
- he’s uncomfortable sharing his fashion advice, but he’s really good at it
- hunk and pidge are markdowns. And backroom. And overnight.
- They pretty much live in the store.
- they have their own secret lingo for the goings on.
- they will drop everything if someone brings in a cute dog
- shiro is the head cashier/coordinator.
- the customers love him. He’s charming and they forget how much they’re spending.
- he organizes breaks and returns
-lance always pesters him about it
- he and allura work well together
-they have their own sign language they use to talk from opposite sides of the store
-they think they’re sly about it (they’re not)
- allura is their favorite manager
- she is scary but treats them well
- she loves setting up fancy feature tables
- matt is security
- when he applied he thought it was tech security. Orientation was awkward
- he actually does really well though
- he blends in wearing regular clothes and his low center gravity is perfect for tackling would be thieves
-Shiro find this hilarious
-the galra are the walmart across the street
-more stuff available. But no morals

Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)


sarahurieBeing able to watch you perform your heart out every night was so special for me. You couldn’t see me, but most nights I’d tear up from how much pride was spilling out of me while seeing you do what you do. Can’t contain it. You were born for this exact life. I can’t wait to see you shining up on that broadway stage next! I love you. ♥️ 📷: - @jakechams


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)