do what you are afraid to do

I used to be very shy and soft-spoken, I was afraid to ask for and about things. In part I was cautious of asking questions because I feared being told “no” which made me feel embarrassed, or seeming like I was stupid for asking when I didn’t understand something. My father always used to tell me, “a closed mouth never gets fed!” As in, if you don’t open your mouth and verbally ask you will not get what it is you are looking for. You will not be guided if you do not ask for clarification, you will not be fed knowledge if you do not further question information. He was a gemini mercury. Now I preach this, as a gemini mercury myself and I’m not afraid to be the ever-questioning individual who is perpetually asking for explanations, the youthful wonder that urges me to ask “why?” This causes others to perceive me as opinionated. I am. By asking I receive, by receiving I learn, by learning I formulate my own principles and opinions, by doing so I am able implement them accordingly as a form of self-expression. I will not keep my mouth closed and starve myself of answers or information, nor should you, as a closed mouth never gets fed. In addition to this, a closed mouth is a closed mind.

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Do you know what's really bad about the Dirty Laundry discourse? The way Mexicans are represented isn't the only misrepresentation going on, but do they occur because the writer is racist or phobic? Or did they occur because the writer's still learning to write? What I do know is the writer seems to have distanced themselves from the story over on A03 now.

I think the problem with fan fiction is you have to remember these writers are amateurs there is a high chance they’re going to get things wrong often without realising what they’ve done so yes if they do something bad you should mention it to them so they know and can not do that again but at the same time I don’t think they should be eternally dragged though the mud with it because fanfics aren’t novels they’re written by amateur writers online. Like how that girl who wrote my immortal is now a professional writer and is afraid of people finding her bc of my immortal like it shouldn’t be that way all writers start off writing crap it’s how it works I wrote some horrific fan fiction when I was younger that’s kinda what fanfiction was there for. People shouldn’t be dragged for dumb shit they wrote as kids bc without writing crap nobody would ever be a writer. As my creative writing lecturer said: “You have to first write crap, to write something good”

Kancolle Kaga: I’m in love with your aesthetic! Especially that eyeliner! What brand do you use?

AL Kaga: Brand? Oh! Like makeup brand!

KC Kaga: Yes! do they have blue?

AL Kaga: Oh, this isn’t makeup.

KC Kaga: So you got them tattooed? That’s really practical of you!

AL Kaga: It’s not tattooed, either, I’m afraid.

KC Kaga: 

KC Kaga: Well what-

AL Kaga: it’s blood. My sister and I use blood. Specifically, the commander’s.

AL Kaga: Every morning.

KC Kaga:

KC Kaga:

KC Kaga: Alright.

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H. Jack Morrison please?

H. Someone’s greatest fear.

He used to be afraid of being alone.

Not physically. That was doable. Enjoyable, sometimes. But emotionally. Left without support, without those few people that kept his brain even and comfortable to be in.

It was one fear Jack never actually planned on facing. But there it was happening anyway. Such is life.

Buzz out the sounds in his head with whiskey, kill the silence with radio chatter, and shove down the jumbled thoughts by keeping busy. Go, go, go. Do, do, do. Don’t think, just act.

When he’s suddenly not alone anymore it turns out to be a tough habit to break. He can’t stop. Just keeps on pushing down any hope of balancing out his head again. Even with Ana reaching for him. Even when, eventually, Gabe’s reaching for him too.

“What are you so afraid of?”

Gabriel asks him rhetorically, face half smooshed into his shoulder and body heavy against his back. It’s 6am and he woke up and nearly darted out of the room in a panic before he realized nothing was wrong. Realized he doesn’t have to hide his fear anymore.

But the answer comes to him anyway. “What if everything falls apart again?” he asks. He feels Gabriel tense, arms snaking around his waist protectively. “Am I… are we even allowed to feel safe again? After everything?”

“No one’s going to take me away from you again,” Gabriel whispers in the dark. It sounds like a promise. Like an oath.

He used to be afraid of being alone. Still is, really. But at least it’s an irrational fear now.

Rowoon; College! AU [2].

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Part 1

okay but the gif consider me dead. Anyway, here’s the part two of Rowoon’s college AU. I hope you like it!

  • So! You honestly had no idea what you’d do about your crush on Rowoon, because you were afraid he might reject you if you confessed.
  • And maybe things would turn very awkward and would end up not talking anymore.
  • Plus you had never confessed to anyone in your life before, how the hell are those things done honestly??
  • But one day you overhear the dancing kid, Taeyang, say Rowoon should just confess to that person instead of just playing dumb like he’s been doing for so long. 
  • And your heart breaks a little, but you think you sort of should’ve expected that. 
  • So little by little you stop talking to Rowoon because you think it’s for the best.
  • Even if your friends tell you it’s also immature.
  • And that you’re still so dense, like, they can’t stand you doing that.
  • And Rowoon is so confused??? Like he thinks he did something terribly wrong.
  • So he asks his friends what the hell did they say when you were around.
  • But they seem just as lost.
  • So he doesn’t really know what to do, this bub would honestly be like a lost puppy.
  • Because what did he do wrong??? nobody knows.
  • So one day when you think you’re over the whole situation because, come on, it was just a small crush, (huh, sure) you follow your friends to this party.
  • Because having fun is nice and you feel like you could try that sort of thing.
  • And of course he’s there because why the heck not???
  • So anyway, after a while you lose your friends and you decide to sit outside for a bit.
  • And some random people talk to you because they’re friendly and nice but they disappear soon enough.
  • So you just sit there, reloading energy to go back inside. 
  • And then someone sits next to you.
  • “It’s very cold, what are you doing outside?”
  • It was very cold indeed, your hands were freezing but you didn’t mind much, you were going back inside anyway.
  • “Oh, I just…”
  • “Here…” he took off the jacket he was wearing that night, which didn’t make much difference in size to you like the previous one you had borrowed from him.
  • This Rowoon kid really loves giving you his clothes wth.
  • “Thank you…?”
  • “I told you you could borrow my jackets whenever you wanted” he shrugs.
  • “You’re very nice, thanks…”
  • Awkward silence.
  • “I should go back inside…”
  • “Wait Y/N” he’d stop you because he really wants to know what is wrong between you and him because it’s pretty much killing him.
  • So you sat back like in a sec because you haven’t talked to him in ages.
  • And he’s like “Wh… I just… I wanted to ask you, are you mad at me or something?”
  • “Me? Why? No, pff…”
  • “Why did you stop talking to me?”
  • “I… did… not…”
  • And he’s like ‘you really think I buy that’? but he doesn’t know what to say next because you seem not to be willing to talk to him even then.
  • “I’m sorry Rowoon, I didn’t mean to. It’s just… well…”
  • And the dancing kid appears again! Because Taeyang was meant to intrude in important moments.
  • But he’s like “Oh, sorry nvm hyung ttyl”
  • And you remember the whole issue you made all by yourself over what you overheard Taeyang say.
  • Awkward silence again.
  • So Rowoon is like “I guess you already know then omg”
  • know what? What is the talking about?
  • “I like you, I mean I understand if you don’t return my feelings, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable…”
  • The kid just confessed thinking you don’t like him.
  • And you’re just so confused and so happy, you’re speechless.
  • “You what?” is the first thing you reply with this huge smile on your face but he doesn’t notice because he thinks he literally just messed everything up even more.
  • And he’s like “Wait, you didn’t know?” And he feels embarrassed like he thinks he just made a fool of himself. 
  • All you can think of is “omg was that person me?”
  • And he just facepalms himself but he’s like “Well, now you do… I still don’t mean to make you uncomfortable…”
  • “Rowoon I like you too!” you interrupt him because holy shit you like him and he likes you, what kind of sorcery is this.
  • “You do?” he’s even more confused because wHY WOULD YOU JUST STOP TALKING TO HIM OUT OF NOWHERE.
  • But the issue is quickly forgotten when he wraps his arms around you. 
  • And you two stay there for a while just close to each other and holding hands.
  • Until he finally asks like “So… are we dating now?”
  • And you say yes shyly because it waSN’T A SMALL CRUSH WHO WERE YOU KIDDING.
  • And you go back inside still holding hands and everyone is between “Thank God” and “What the hell is going on?”
  • But for the rest of the night all you can do is focus on each other.

Hiii! This is really long (again) but I hope you liked it! The last part is coming soon! Man, I love Rowoon, please bear with me💖

Hellevator s1 sentence starters (2/4)

change pronouns / fill in blanks as necessary

  1. “Are you trembling? It looks like you’re trembling.”
  2. “Do you think he’s like having some kind of mental breakdown from fear?”
  3. “I think we’re gonna have our first total fail.”
  4. “Loosey goosey.”
  5. “I just figured it out! ___ is afraid of speaking!”
  6. “I hope you go there by yourself, honey.”
  7. “You know I think that’s what ___ is best for, being a human shield.”
  8. “If I can do it, you can do it.”
  9. “We lost her/him.”
  10. “___ come out, come out, wherever you are.”
  11. “That won’t stop the nightmares you’re going to have for the rest of your life.”
  12. “Okay, let’s get in trouble.”
  13. “To this day, you can hear them in the basement.”
  14. “Just a friendly warning.”
  15. “It’s just like your nightlight.”
  16. “My heart is beating so fast.”
  17. “Guys, he’s moving.”
  18. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did we forget to mention this house is haunted?”
  19. “There’s something behind you.”
  20. “Such a sassamafrass.”
  21. “You look like Carrie right now, on prom night.”

20 Questions Tag

I was getting the same tags many times so I decided to make a new one

1. Favourite memory: my elementary school years

2. What are you reading? re-reading Paper Towns by John Green

3. Spirit animal: maybe a pufferfish

4. Who/what would you be, if you could be anything? An extroverted person who can make friends with anybody easily

5. Do you believe in astrology? I read daily horoscope sometimes, but I don’t strongly believe in it

6. Your last emojis: ❤💕😘🐇🐶🐕💓

7. Do you have sister/brother? a younger brother

8. Do you remember your great-grandparents? I remember only 2 of them :(

9. Would you like to have children? yes, 1 or 2

10. Have you ever cheated on a test? once, I’m afraid the teacher might notice it

11. Hot-headed or calm: calm

12. Favourite subject: Grammar, Chemistry

13. A random thing: I like my new school and I think my life is better now than it ever was

14. Result or process: process

15. Food you don’t like: seafood, liver

16. Vegetables or fruits: both

17. House parties or nightclubs: I’ve never been to a party yet :D

18. Dreaming or daydreaming: dreaming

19. Morning or evening: morning

20. Team sports or individual: individual

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It actually kills me when we don’t talk, it kills me when you ignore me, it kills me when you’re busy with your life.

All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

also after the philly show tonight i just want to say a big fuck you to everyone who says “”harry isn’t doing enough” or “that isn’t activism” or claim that we’re praising him too much when it comes to harry holding up the pride flags at his shows, or the trans flags now as well (or any other flag he may choose to wave. i saw a few bi flags there tonight as well). never in my life have i been to a concert where i felt just so universally accepted by everyone there for being queer, both by harry and his band and also by all the fans. when the mini pride flags were being handed out for the project, everyone was so excited to take a flag and thought it was amazing. i saw huge genuine smiles break out on peoples faces. we were sitting on the streets with mini pride flags out all day and no one questioned it. everyone felt free to be open without a worry. do yall know how meaningful that is to me?? people on the street even smiled at it. i saw at least 6 pride flags, big ones, on the line and in the front of general admission. one girl had a pride flag with “treat people with kindness” on it and held it up for harry to see. i walked around with a mini pride flag hanging out of my pant pocket all day, walking up and down the town and i had no concern about it?? i wasn’t scared of what was going to happen, i felt empowered and like i could truly just exist unapologetically as a queer person that day. the event staff took pride flags as well and had them in their pockets. harry was so clearly moved by the fan project to hold up the mini pride flags during sign of the times - i saw him turn to adam beforehand and just whisper ‘wow’ when he noticed. my point is, harry has created the environment in which all of that can happen!! harry created this space where fans can truly just be themselves without a worry and that is so liberating to have?? it matters that he holds the pride flag up so proudly. it matters that he made it a point to bring a pride flag out after it had been wrongfully confiscated. people are getting arrested for daring to bring a pride flag to concerts in other countries right now. so don’t yall dare act like what harry has been doing isn’t important or isn’t a form of it’s own activism and it’s incredible. do you know how moved i was that just… no one cared about people being queer in that room?? everyone walked out of that concert with their flags held high instead of shoving them into their bags and hiding them bc they were afraid to be themselves outside of that room. i saw people empowered to just truly be themselves, maybe for the first time in their lives. i waved the flag out my window as we drove out and people who weren’t able to get a mini pride flag for the project were saddened when there weren’t anymore. yall gotta stop acting like this isn’t some of the most fucking important shit harry has done. creating that strong of a safe space for his fans is an incredible thing he’s done so when yall say “he’s not doing enough” where exactly is he not doing enough??? pull your head out of you ass.

Dave Matthews: Lead Vocalist, Dave Matthews Band

Q: What is the one message or action you hope viewers and attendees take away from today’s concert?

A: If there’s one I’d like people to take away from this, it’s don’t be quiet. Don’t say “I don’t like that but I’m afraid to talk about it.” Speak, because the people that will do you harm, and do harm to the things you love, and do harm to your freedom, they will not be quiet about it. They will be noisy, and they will say they’re right, and they will say it meanly, and you will be afraid. But don’t be too afraid to speak. You can go shaking to the pulpit and say, “I believe in love.” 

To all women, never be ashamed of -

● Periods
● your body
● sexual orientation
● breastfeeding
● your curves
● being skinny
● being chubby
● flaunting your body
● going to parties
● doing what you want
● wearing makeup
● not wearing makeup
● dressing as you feel comfortable
● having short hair
● being educated
● being smarter than all boys
● dying your hair
● having a attitude
● not wanting to be married or have kids
● having no interest in cooking and cleaning and looking pretty and do nothing else
● spending weekends by going to movies by yourself
● wanting to live in your own way
● going for shopping
● not going for shopping
● not having/wanting a boyfriend
● looking like hell
● putting career first
● being girly
● not being girly
● not wanting to have sex
● not wanting to give a blowjob
● returning late from work
● working in another country
● being badass, punkish,goth, emo
● wearing ratty leather shorts
● making tattoos
● making your own decisions
● decorating your body as you like it
● wanting to sleep 5 minutes more
● going to the college you want
● going for higher studies with your fav subject
● being ultra modern
● listening to rock metal
● drinking only if you want to
● B E I N G A W E S O M E

Morally Grey But Still Likable?

Writing morally grey characters readers will love.

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Do you have any tips about writing from the point of view of a manipulative character? I don’t want him to be an asshole but i am afraid the readers would see him as such. 

The large majority of the characters in The Warlord’s Contract are morally grey in one way or another, with one in particular being rather manipulative, and I’ve found that the same basic principles and tricks apply to them all, no matter which negative “asshole” attributes they exhibit.  

1. Why do they do what they do?

Readers will forgive most morally gray actions if they feel the character has a good reason for it. This reason can be anything number of things, often compounded. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The character’s goal is worth the sins they commit in the process.
  • Their past has conditioned them to do what they do.
  • They believe that they (or someone else) will suffer if they don’t.
  • They believe everyone else is already doing the same and they’re evening the playing field.
  • They believe their actions will benefit others in the long run.
  • They’re convinced they’ll be hurt if they don’t do it.

The reason(s) you character has do doing what they do should also make sense within the context of the story itself. Thematically, it should match or mirror other cause and effect situations you’re presenting, and it should fit (and often intertwine) with the character’s backstory and personality.

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Aries: Personal planets heavily influence how the Aries energy is expressed in my experience. Some may be introverted, quiet, hardworking and passive whereas others are aggressive, confrontational and loud. Protective of their family and close friends. Will avoid crying in public at all costs. Works hard to maintain an intimidating or “strong” image; they do not want to be considered as weak or emotional. Most Aries tend to have some sort of superiority complex and often look down on their peers. Often make snide remarks.

Taurus: Extremely private people. They’re more than happy to listen to you vent about your problems but will rarely open up completely about theirs. Experts at befriending a plethora of people whilst remaining relatively mysterious. Self-serving. Tends to have a lot of pent-up emotion; whether that be good or bad. Taureans have trouble letting go of failures or mistakes. Highly driven individuals that give in too easily to procrastination and laziness. 

Gemini: Generally able to get along with a wide range of people. This is due to their ability to adapt to their surroundings. May struggle in life with finding somebody who truly understands them due to this. Can be extremely philosophical people. Very intelligent but tend to stretch themselves too thin in regards to the number of interests they have; Gemini’s have trouble allocating 100% attention to 1 thing. Strong desire to be surrounded by people. Most begin to feel restless and agitated if they’re unable to be productive or useful for extended periods of time. 

Cancer: Extremely strong exterior. May only cry or show weakness around close friends and family. Prone to feelings of guilt and shame. In tune with their emotions and thus able to control them very well. Tend to have a somewhat calm and aloof demeanor to them. Can be loud and obnoxious. May use their shortcomings as an excuse to treat others poorly. Intuitive and is able to recognize what people need emotionally. Nurturing and somewhat of a parental figure to those closest to them. 

Leo: Leo’s hold loyalty to an extremely high standard. Have a tendency to walk over those they consider “weak” or befriend and rely on those that are “strong”. Opinionated. High achievers and will always strive to be #1. Extremely competitive in regards to matters they are passionate about. Ambitious and intelligent. May encounter many conflicts in their life due to their personality. Very proud and self-confident individuals; this tends to rub people the wrong way. Can be generous and sacrificial to their loved ones.

Virgo: Most likely to possess a superiority complex; tend to think those around them are incompetent. Strives to be useful to others or feels the best about themselves when they’re helping others. Rarely raises their voice in arguments. Dignified and elegant. Can be extremely condescending. Most often attracted to a clean and crisp type of aesthetic. Relatively formal and businesslike in social interactions; may find it difficult to form meaningful and long-term bonds because of this. Has a tendency to jump to conclusions due to the fact that they overanalyze and think about every minuscule detail. Where 1 aspect of their life is extremely organized, 5 other aspects are chaotic. May become easily overwhelmed by stress or negative emotions such as sadness or anger.

Libra: Extremely charismatic people. Know exactly how to use words to favor themselves. Have a tendency to hold onto emotions and victimize themselves. Often hold pity-parties for themselves and complain about their shortcomings. Can be shallow. Have a great appreciation for beauty. Romantic relationships are generally of great importance to a Libra. Have an inability to gauge the responses of those around them and act according; never know when to shut up. Fairness, justice, and equality are held in high-esteem and will feel exceedingly slighted if they experience some sort of unfairness (more than others). Absolutely detest arguing and want their relations to be civil at all times; may find themselves being walked over by stronger personalities as a result. Due to their intensely conflict-adverse nature, they have the capacity to become passive aggressive or manipulative.

Scorpio: Not nearly as scary or intimidating as some may think. They are however intense in romantic relationships; they want to know everything about you and your past, for you to open up completely to them. Relatively private and secretive. Judgemental. Rather empathetic and painfully emotional individuals underneath. The type to fall hard and quick for somebody. Struggles to accept reality. Gets caught up in their thoughts and convinces themselves that a situation is something that it isn’t. Will always struggle with cutting ties with people; would rather gradually distance themselves from the person than talking about it. 

Sagittarius: Always wanting something more. Very blunt and straightforward people. Strong presence and personality. Intimidating to those who have a “softer” personality. Tend to get along with the opposite gender extremely well. Has strong opinions and is not opposed to sharing them. Very persuasive. Able to maintain a conversation effortlessly. Intelligent and have a great ability to think outside of the box. 

Capricorn: Will always have their own self-interests in mind; selfish. Has high standards of what they expect and can be extremely stubborn. Cannot stand wasting their time. Has a great sense of timing and knows exactly when and when not to say or do something. Patient. Not the most physically affectionate person. May struggle to understand the emotions of others. Much prefer to keep to themselves but have no issue in socializing. Strong opinions. Motivated and knows what to do to achieve their goals. Despises feeling unproductive or lazy and will experience extreme bouts guilt and shame if they become sedentary. 

Aquarius: God-complex. Aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Brutally honest. They will make it abundantly clear when they do not like you. Able to hold an objective opinion on most things. Rarely invest themselves into relationships. May have more acquaintances than close friends. Either a social butterfly or social recluse. Needs social interactions to feel energized. Original and unique; they take pride in this. Will seldom follow trends. Very blunt, detached and aloof. Rarely makes a scene.

Pisces: Have a tendency to soak up the personalities and emotions of those around them due to their empathetic and emotional nature; difficult to describe their true personality or “put into a box” because of this. Have an innate desire to be liked and accepted by their peers. Easily influenced, persuaded or convinced and may be prone to substance abuse due to this. Can be very soft and loving individuals. Value friendships immensely. May find themselves being taken advantage of frequently. Extremely intuitive and perceptive. May appear shy and timid but are generally the polar opposite around those they are comfortable with.


“[…] I hope I can be half the person he is. And if I have to choose between caring for my friend and believing in your God…then I choose…m-my friend!” Kitty Pryde (x)


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Serendipity | (M)

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❝ The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. After forgetting to click out of his pornhub incognito tab last night, you find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with Jungkook at 3am watching the rest of it.❞

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