do what others wont

Don’t ever let them tell you that you’re too stupid to do something. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy for you. Maybe you’re going to have to work for it a little harder than other people, which I know isn’t fair. But that doesn’t mean you should just give up.
—  Abandon by Meg Cabot

day three of @beyondthebridge‘s 12 days of christmas

It takes barely a second;

Aaron says I love you, please just go. 

Robert refuses, denies, can’t think about doing so. He doesn’t know when things changed, doesn’t even remember slipping from nothing to me to i’d die here with you. It’s a natural progression. A beat. Barely a skip of his pulse. Aaron’s become everything, becomes it

Robert can’t leave, won’t leave. He dives underwater, Aaron still trapped. It feels like an exercise in futility to keep trying. Robert does anyway because it’s the only thing he can do. 

It takes barely a second;

He comes up for air, pauses. 

His lungs scream, his chest aches, he can’t do this for much longer, but.

Aaron needs him to keep going. Trapped and vulnerable, Aaron’s not even trying anymore so Robert has to. The alternative scares Robert. Aaron will die, and then Robert will die too. Maybe not right away, maybe he’ll even fake it, but he’ll die. Without Aaron -

It takes barely a second; 

Robert dives back underwater, tears at the steering column and thinks please, whoever’s listening, please. He’s not the praying kind of guy, not really, but in this he can make an exception. For Aaron, he’ll always make an exception. 

It takes barely a second;

The steering column gives.

messy usopp and sanji doodle for @opshadowships week !!

usopps showing his fave cook his fantastic art and sanji is v impressed

….. CV really doesn’t do grudges.
I think most other clans would have either kicked Bishop out or killed him but CV was like “… yeah I mean it was nasty but also he didn’t do it out of malice.  He did it because it’s literally what his element is geared for.”

And he hasn’t been an issue since.
He’s unlikely to be— as he sees it, he’s done his part to strengthen the clan.  What’s left has survived and proved itself.

He didn’t touch the Shade thing with a ten-foot pole because that was just destruction.  All it wanted was death.
The Variance wanted a home.

i want to know why so many people want to call me daddy im literally not a good parent but also i dont have a daddy kink. i dont even have kinks. im asexual. i have a kink for good and healthy relationships.

Quit downing women

Idk how yall get down…Call it what you want, but what I wont do is watch my significant other be down and as her man NOT uplift her. Whether my relationship or friend, I refuse to be with a weak woman when I can help her be strong. Thats the part of the whole “build together” folks miss out on. Ima make sure me and mine be good regardless.

@krisamaevu I love you baby!
@ladytorturexxx same applies for you too mama!

Booth and Brennan have been together for almost as long as we saw them not together. And in that time, how many times have we watched them break up?

0. Nada. Big fat goose egg

Have they been tested? Absolutely! They’ve been to hell and back together, but it’s never broken them apart. Be it Booth’s relapse or Brennan going on the run or everything else they’ve been through, they always survive and they always comeback to each other. No matter what happens, Booth and Brennan are a unit.

So thank you writers; thank you for not doing what so many other shows are wont to do. Thank you for giving us loving, adult relationship, and thank you for never letting them split up for the sake of “drama”.

it really just makes me so uncomfortable when ppl blame snow for regina’s marriage to king leopold

and say snow wanted regina as some kind of property?

like some toy????

like, did you watch stable boy?

at all?

any of it?

snow thought regina was going to marry daniel when she was getting fitted for that wedding dress

regina told her that daniel left and that she was going to marry her father

she only. ever. wanted. regina. to. be. happy.

she told cora about daniel so that regina wouldn’t lose her mother

like snow lost hers.

because a ten year old wouldn’t know

that cora was a murderer

i get ppl who hate on snow, i get that she’s portrayed as annoying and dumb at times, and i support people not liking her.

but blaming a child for something that cora had purposely made happen 

by her own hand 

from step one.

and this idea that it only happened because snow wanted a toy.

that’s kinda fucked.

People who aggressively push ‘YOU GOTTA STOP LOOKING AT WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING. THATS STUPID. FOCUS ON YOU THEN YOU WONT BE SAD CUT IT OUT’….chill perhaps? Social comparison is literally a natural behavior. No one is weak or bad for feeling sad or anxious or annoyed that they don’t seem to be progressing relative to others; you shouldn’t DWELL too long on those feelings though because they hinder and hurt more than they can help. Allow yourself to feel those things, then take a step back, breathe, and try again when you’re stronger.