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Rain drops / Tear drops || AFI

In which asshole psychology student ashton falls for a patient.

Yo, this is a bit long and sort of prologue’ish but hey this story is gonna fuck everyone up. 

Warning: Triggering, lots of swearing, alcohol, all of that bad shit, ya know.


Y/N sat up in the bed she was currently in, taking in the room and recalling last night. Well trying to do so. Hungover was her new friend.

But she didn’t even get the chance to change clothes, because the door burst open, a tall really intimidating looking girl throwing Y/N a confused look. 

“Who the fuck are you and where the fuck is Ashton?”

Ashton groaned silently sliding down in his chair. He pushed the glasses further up his nose bridge as he scanned her symptoms again.

- recently lost a family member
- is quite bipolar
- always tired
- has difficulty remembering and focusing on things
- is easily irritated
- has an appetite loss

The Aussie rubbed his eyes letting out a silent huff. The worst thing about about getting wasted as fuck is the hungover after, how the fuck is Ashton supposed to help a depressed teen in a state like this? His head is banging and he still haven’t made up with Courtney. She’s a bitch anyway, I mean great tits, but so fucking bitchy, ugh.

And why did Ashton chose psychology again?

Oh right, because his mum wanted him to. Like yeah. maybe it’s cool, but for fuck’s sake he’s only 23, he just wants to live, make some memories, you know? Party a lot a little, have fun, have sex, maybe make a band, all the fucking things, man. But for sure not to be stuck in this fucking internship, helping his mum with her patients.

Ashton always questions where does she get the strength to do this from raising  ashton ha. Hearing these people talk about how their demons thoughts eat them from the inside is fucking sad. If Ashton ever does become a psychologist he’s sure as hell picking children, not adults or teens.

Y/N Y/L/N, 17 years old.

Where is she anyway? It’s past 20 minutes since her appointment started, Ashton fucking hates people who are late. Yes, in fact he’s always late everywhere himself, but he cannot stand other people being late. Pet peeves, deal with it.

“What family member did she lose?” Ashton found himself asking his mum, Dr. Irwin, as he sat up straighter.

Her eyes darted over to him quickly before she returned to whatever document she was reading. “Her dad. Her mum said over the phone that they were really close and that his death was really sudden. So she and her moved here-”

The knock on the door interrupted her and it’s opening following after. A girl peeked through the slightly opened door, her short hair was a mess even though she attempted to hide it under a hood. Makeup was running down her face and her clothes were drenched from the rain outside.

“Ugh, hi. Is this Dr. Irwin’s office?” She sniffled, and all hate Ashton felt for her being late washed away. She must’ve got caught in the rain and she was fucking cute.

“Yes, it is. Your name is Y/N, am I correct?” Ashton’s mum smiled at her and gestured to sit down in front of her desk.

“Um, thank you. Oh and I’m sorry for being late, I missed my bus, I don’t really know the schedules yet since I’m new, and it took time for me to find the building we are currently in, I’m new, did I mention that? Yeah, oh, I’m rambling, sorry.” She sat down, her cheeks rosy from embarrassment, making Ashton hold in a chuckle. ”And yes, my name is Y/N.” She wiped her face with her sweater paws, her cheeks heating up even more as she noticed how much mascara has actually ran down her face.

“It’s okay, it’s nice to meet you.” Dr. Irwin smiled assuring.”Im Anne, your therapist. I’ll try to be the help you need. And this is my son, Ashton, he’s doing practice here for university, he’s my assistant. You can talk to him as much as you can to me.” She smiled making Ashton mentally gag. How can she always be so nice to everyone? “Oh and I almost forgot, here’s mine and Ash’s number in case you ever need anything, you can call anytime.” She handed her a paper, Y/N’s eyes only now glancing at the boy in front of her. She quickly looked away, her eyes the most vibrant grey Ashton has ever seen.

“Thanks.” She replied, her eyes yet again meeting Ashton’s. Her cheeks crimson now when she saw that he was still staring at her. He smiled amused at how innocent she was.

“Court? Courtney, I was on the couch, fuck you missed me.” Ashton ran up the stairs, his breathing hitching as he saw Courtney standing in front of his room, Y/N still in his clothes. 

“Yeah, why did I miss you anyway? It’s not like you sleep on the couch everyday while a random girl is in your fucking bed!” She shouted, Ashton sighed, the famous I can explain line leaving his lips.

“She’s my patient, and ugh- she needed a place to stay, yeah, that’s what happened.”

Y/N’s heart dropped to her stomach as she heard Ashton talk. “I, um, I’m just gonna let myself out.” Y/N mumbled, gathering her things and walking past the two elder students, her eyes turning glossy. 

“Hey, mum? I’m going out.” Y/N jogged downstairs, entering the living room to see her birth giver scrolling through her iPad. Today was Sunday, which meant that she’s going to chill at home and try to befriend with Y/N, which is why she’s going out.

“That’s lovely, honey, with who?” She smiled at her.

“Um, with my friends?” Y/N squeezed out, mentally slapping herself. With her friends? Yeah, right.

Two weeks since moving and Y/N barely even knew anyone here. It’s not like she’s the most antisocial and introverted person to walk this earth.

“Oh, darling, you already made friends!” She said excited, standing up and hugging her daughter.

“Yep.” She replied, forcing a smile upon her lips. Being fake was one of Y/N’s talents, she hid her feelings pretty well around other people.

“Just make sure to text me.”

“I will.” She replied, taking her penny board and leaving for the local Starbucks.

She entered the cafe, the breeze getting shut down as Y/N inhaled the warm smell of coffee. She ordered and sat down in the back. Look at her, being all social and stuff, she even asked for less caramel in her iced macchiato.

Y/N sighed. She’s lying to her mum and stuff. But dad would’ve wanted her happy, and this is the only thing Y/N can do for her right now, to make her believe that she’s actually a normal teenager, not a ball made of anxiety and depression. She misses dad, he always knew how to cheer everyone up-

“Is this seat taken?” Y/N’s head shot up, looking at a tall boy in front of her.

“M-Mr. Irwin?” She stammered out.

God, he was a pain in the ass. A really fucking hot pain in the ass. Talking about how she feels is hard enough, but when he’s staring at her with those intense hazel eyes the whole time during therapy it becomes impossible.

“I’m gonna sit down anyway.” He slid into the booth, a cup of coffee in his huge hands. “So what’re you doing here, bed head?”

“Bed head?” She knitted her eyebrows together, a blush forming on her cheeks.

“I’m gonna stop calling you that if you’ll call me Ashton from now on.” He shrugged, taking a sip from his cup.

“Okay, Ashton.”

“So, you’re doing here what? Sitting all alone and stuff?” He asked, a smirk appearing on his lips. Fuck, he was so attractive.

“I’m here with my friends.” The girl replied coolly, steadying her breathing.

“Oh, yeah? And they are where?”

“Um, not here yet?” Y/N replied, her statement coming out more as a question.

Ashton laughed, the sound making her smile. He looked at her and soon they were in a deep conversation about how much fun is hell school, how weird it is to be an adult, her stating that I will never be one, because there’s things she could never do by herself, like fix a car or change the curtains. And he actually giggled making Y/N laugh a little as well.

Ashton left for the restroom later, with a promise that when he comes back we’ll finish discussing our favourite All Time Low song. And shortly after that an even taller boy than Ashton appeared in front of Y/N. He smiled at her, a lavender fringe falling on his face.

“So who’s this cutie Ashton ditched me for?” Her heartbeat increased as she stayed silent.

“Aye, Michael!” Suddenly Ashton was sat beside Y/n again, his hand ghosting over hers under the table, making her cheeks heat up, but easing her heartbeat. “I leave for 2 minutes and you’re already scaring her.”

“I’m not, she was just about to introduce herself.” He replied smugly.

“Y/N, this is my friend slash frat mate slash brother Michael.” Ashton stated. “And this is my friend Y/N.” Friend? Well I guess that’s better than patient. She levelled up from the patient zone into the friend zone. Great. ”Oh, and you see that giraffe ordering right now? That’s Luke. Also my friend slash frat mate slash brother.” He pointed to the lanky boy who was now walking forwards the, the nickname he got making Y/N smile.

“So, Y/N, you’re coming to the party tonight?” Michael slid closer to her, making space for Luke to sit with them, who silently waved to Y/N.

“Huh?” Was all she managed to squeeze out.

“Me and the boys are having a party, you wanna come?” Ashton looked at her, his hand still intertwined with hers.

“Sure?” Y/N said, actually not sure at all.

“Well let’s go then.” They said pulling the girl with them.

“No, Y/N, wait-” Ashton called out, this whole situation making his head spin. 

“S’okay.” Was all Y/N said before slamming the apartment door shut, trying to hold back tears as she started walking down the street in the rain. 

Funny, how the weather fit her mood. 

“Ashtom, Ashton, Ashtooooon.” Y/N slurred, the room spinnig around her. Was she drunk? That’s an understatement, she’s completely wasted.

“What?” He laughed, picking her up. Was it really that obvious that she won’t be able to walk by herself?

She stayed quite for a moment, admiring Ashton as he carried her upstairs. For all she knows they can be going to her room, but the house didn’t smell new, so she assumed they were somewhere else. Y/N was only at one party in her entire life, and it was like at 9th grade. And let me tell you, college parties are no where to be compered to high school ones. The boys are way prettier, the girls are way sluttier and the there’s way more drugs and alcohol. And look at her, she can’t even walk, this is the last time she’s drinking. Ever.

“I texted your mum that you’re staying over at a friends house from your phone, hope you don’t mind.” Ashton said, placing me on something soft, which felt like a bed. “Do you mind sleeping in my clothes? I don’t own any girl clothes.”

She was too intoxicated to argue so she just nodded. Ashton came back into the room later, a band tee and some sweats in his hands. “I’ll be just around the door if you need me.”

And apparently walking wasn’t the only thing Y/N couldn’t do. She successfully changed into his shirt, taking in Ashton’s scent. But the skinny jeans just weren’t working.

“A-Ashton? C-Could you h-help me?” She called out, her cheeks tinted crimson from the embarrassment.

The Australian walked in, his giggle filling the room.

“Sit down.” She sat on the bed as he easily slid down the ripped jeans, his gaze locking onto her bare tights for a moment before he pulled up his oversized sweats. “There you go.” He said quietly. “You can sleep peacefully, no one enters my room besides me.”

“Thank you.” She said, burying herself into the sheets. “Do you want to hear a secret?”

“Sure.” He slightly laughed, sitting on the end of the bed.

“This girl, Y/N, she has a crush on this dude named Ashton. But she knows that she’s too broken for him.”

Ashton glanced at her for a few seconds before replying. “Do you want to hear a secret?”


“This dude, Ashton, he has a crush on this girl named Y/N. But he’s too much of a fuck up to be in her life.” He stood up. “Though he’s gonna try to do something about it.” The last part came out silent, more to himself than Y/N.

“One more thing.” Y/N said yawning, her hammered state not letting her process what Ashton just said.


“Can I get a good night kiss?”

Ashton smiled, placing a chaste kiss on her forehead, making her finally drift to sleep.

She shut the door, her sniffles filling the empty house. Y/N called out her mum, just to make sure if she’s at work or not. When no one called back she slowly made her way into her room, her clothes, well Ashton’s clothes, completely wet from the rain outside. 

Y/N stood still for a moment before ripping off the clothes of her damp body and crawling into bed. She closed her eyes, the tears finally running down her face.