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who’d be interested in doing like a Adrino Blast day?

I know a lot of people are burnt out because we have too many fandom weeks and months, but what if I was to pick a date and we all post anything adrino on our blogs? 

anyone up for that? it would be just that one day and i know most people wouldn’t be free but even a few is better than nothing, right?

When someone insults me : 

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When someone insults Sansa Stark:

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How can we tell if us Taekookers are being harsher to other ships than ours? any tips????

I didn’t really understand the ask but if u meant how can we [taekook] shippers be nicer to other ships there are a few things we can do 2gether as a community :))

1) Ignore problematic shippers. If u see someone commenting hate about taekook just IGNORE. don’t try and prove them wrong or insult their ship back cause then we’re just being petty and equally as problematic. IDC if they’re on a taekook account or a taekook video just go along with your day and don’t let their comment phase you ~ If u do feel the need to comment just go with something simple like “Ok” or a smiley face :))) 2) Don’t compare your ship to other ships :( “Taekook is so much more real than j*kook” UNNECESSARY. and no one actually cares if our ship is more “real” cause in the end everything we know and see is what they want us to know so nothing is 100% real and all ships are just speculation :( 3) Don’t go onto other ships accounts and videos and talk about taekook. that’s their safe space and they don’t have to deal with our problematic selves. 4) Don’t hate members because of a ship. PLEASE. DONT. HATE. MEMBERS. BECAUSE. OF. A. S H I P. 5) In the end we have to remember that we’re all apart of the same fandom and we all love all seven boys with all our hearts; we should be coming together to bond over our love for all of them not create a rift between us over ships we don’t know are actually real or not?? why spend your energy over something insignificant like that when we can spend it spreading love for all the members and supporting all ships?? because OT7 IS LIFE. Lol sorry if this seemed rant like I didn’t mean for it to sound mean?? I hope it didn’t sound mean.. anyways ! That’s all from me pls spread love and positivity because y'all are some of the nicest people around and I HATE when I get asks talking about how horrible taekook shippers are D: again another ask I turned into an essay kudos if u made it to the end! (also I’m sorry it took me so long to get to this ask >

Sometimes I see some disgustingly toxic people up in the tag. And it makes me so livid and makes me wanna go off on them, which is exactly what they want because they feed off of that. 

But then I take a deep breath and block them and I don’t see their biting words of hate in the tag ever again and then I forget about them completely and keep scrolling. And life is good again. :)

Sometimes we get so worked up when we see someone demean us for simply liking a ship, and all we want to do is jump down their throat. But remember: that’s not who we are. We don’t thrive on the desire to harm or belittle others. It can be difficult, but we have to try not to get upset. Just block, and forget. When our windshields get dirty, we don’t get angry, we clean off the gunk and dead bugs obscuring our view and we keep going. Because dirt and muck is out there, we’ll never get rid of it completely. But we can clean off what’s directly blocking our view.

Clean it off so you can keep scrolling and enjoy the beautiful view you came for. :)


-Sally Face- Amino Receipts part 3

1. We didn’t ban gore we have it restricted it so that it must be tagged for warning, and we do not ban shipping??? Idk where you got that from. Unless you didn’t read the rest of the rules. We banned SHIP WARS, not shipping as a whole.

2. Comparing us to a genocidal fascist dictator that killed hundreds of millions because we have stricter rules and are more concerned about the safety of our community is bullshit and belittles the events of the holocaust.

I messaged Leader Stephanie about this and nothing was done. She chooses to remain “neutral” in the situation.

Check the discourse tag on my blog for more.

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what r all the anatole ships/relationships


basically there’s danatole (anatole x dolokhov) which i personally do NOT ship, but most of the fandom does, and it’s a pretty good ship

anatasha (anatole x natasha) unpopular opinion but i ship this, and before you yell at me, i’m aware of how unhealthy it is

hélènatole (anatole x hélène) this is a terrible ship. please do not ship this. 👏🏻 THEY 👏🏻 ARE 👏🏻 SIBLINGS 👏🏻. i mean we all know they fucked in canon, but that doesn’t change the fact that incest is gross

I can’t believe a year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down. And now…

And now we’re friends.

Yeah. We are friends.

I loved watching these two kids, burdened with a past they never wanted, learn how to balance between fulfilling their duties to the world and being themselves. They grew so much by the end and their relationship development is one of the best I’ve ever seen. 

Sometimes Todoroki doesn’t sleep well and Iida notices, so Todoroki tells him about his fears and nightmares while Iida reassures him and also confesses his own worries. ((Fucking Deku is a heavy sleeper and drools throughout the night)) 

So there's this thing

So where I’m from, we have this thing with ships. They have weird names and we always refer to them by those names as a classification.

•The Titanic
These are the ships that will never be canon. Mostly like those gay ships of straight guys that every fandom has.

•The Sailboat
These are the weak ships that are kinda like “I wouldn’t have a problem, per se, if this happened, but I don’t ship it hard.”

•The Fleet
These are the ordinary ship. Like, you ship it more than the casual “I ship it,” but less than the battleship.

•The Battleship
The strongest of the ships. It’s like the commander of everything shipping.

•The Pirate Ship
These are the ships that are already canon. They destroy other non-canon ships and plunder the remains, but we still love them.

•The Submarine
These are the obscure ships that we still love. Whether it’s a random pairing that nobody seems to ship or just an obscure source, maybe some book nobody seems to have ever read. But usually, these pairs are basically like two subs passing without their lights on.

Named after a sunken Soviet sub, these are like the normal submarine, but will never be canon, and will probably sink with their nukes onboard.

These are the classifications of ships.


•Santa Maria
@yuzuling pointed this out, but it’s a great addition. These are the old ships, the ones that practically everyone has forgotten, but for you, they’re basically classics, those ships you know you can always go back to.

•The Mayflower
@thereonce-was-a-girl named this one. It’s a “toxic ship”. For most of us, it’s the ship that we don’t like or support. We don’t openly spread hate for people who do ship it, but for us, these are the canonical ships that tend to cause the impossibility of a Titanic rather than allowing a ship to be a fleet ship or pirate ship.

  • Jungkook: Goodnight Jimin
  • Jimin: Goodnight Kook :)
  • Jungkook: Goodnight monster that eats boys who are bad
  • Taehyung: *through radio under bed* GOODNIGHT