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This will (probably) be my last post about the Malec-first-time issue.

I was hoping that episode eight would show us a little more so we would know what happened. But I wasn’t really expecting it. 

We have spoken out about it, loudly, and can only hope they hear us, read some of the reviews that point the glaring problems out, and do better in season 2B.

Until then, I’m not taking Todd or Darren at their word on the topic (not that they have really said anything meaningful, just empty apologies). They, especially Todd, have gotten my hopes up one too many times.

Season 2A is almost over, already shot, nothing will change before the hiatus.

So, I’ll try to have faith in the show and enjoy the good moments. 

I need to se actions, not words. My trust is broken (I know it sounds dramatic, but that is how I feel).

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I just went into the karamel tag, and found a lot of hate. Several are calling mon-el abusive and that supergirl is sexist. Why can't they just use the anti tags? Sorry I needed to vent that really upset me.

Don’t worry, nonie, you can vent to me all you want. I feel you. I haven’t been to Karamel tag yet but I’m afraid to do it now which shouldn’t happen! We should be able to go to our tags without seeing all that hate! I just want to see positive posts about my OTP and it’s so annoying when I can’t do that!

And I’ve seen many ships who argue like that and are jealous of each other but they’re loved by their fandoms and no one even thought about calling them abusive or sexist! I really try to keep calm but in this fandom it’s not easy. So let’s just re-watch our beatutiful ship’s scenes and be happy about them cause no matter how angry haters are, they can’t take that away from us ;)


- Isaac Lahey I thought you were in Paris after S3 but I’m not complaining if you somehow ended up in the past and you have this marvelous accent. Really, I’m far from it. 
- Anne Hastings is growing so much on me, I think I love her. 
- Gimme Mary back or gimme oxygen. I miss my badass nurse like crazy. 
- For a moment I thought that the John Doe was Matron’s son and I was ready to cry. Spoiler: I did it anyway because the letter scene was the saddest ever. 
- Do we really need so many scenes featugring Jimmy? Is there a soul that likes him? 
- Byron and Anne are precious and always make me smile.
- Lisette you didn’t need to go away to not interfere with my Phoster, you can stay. You’re beautiful and talented. Don’t go.
- Finally Emma is caught up on How to Get Away with Murder: Green family edition. 
- Byron passed the exam GIMME A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR HIM. 
- Though really, did you need to make up that horrible excuse about Samuel? He’s your friend, Byron.


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Do you think homecoming will be really popular, I mean there are so many mixed feelings about it and nobody seems really excited about idk all my friends were like do we really need another Spider-Man movie and I was like ugh shut up

I have mixed feelings about it. I think Tom is going to do great, I have faith in Laura but as far as everyone else idk…

Zendaya is going to bring in her “fanbase” but I know people are going to start getting hype when July comes around. We’ll see, hopefully it does well because I want Tommy to succeed it would suck if they put it on the chopping block like they did with TASM and cut if before we could get another movie. 


Yuri on Ice Barcelona Tour: part 1!

Luckily we’ll get the rest done next week, but we needed to do this as soon as possible =_D

The photos aren’t the best and we didn’t manage to align the stills perfectly, but ah, who cares.

First, we have Casa Batlló, constructed by Antoni Gaudí, same man who did Sagrada Família (and many more buildings of the city). It’s located at Passeig de Gràcia, one of the most snobbish shopping streets of the city, with the most luxurious brands.

And there’s the infamous bench XD. Sadly there’s really too much people in Barcelona, much more than the anime showed, so no still aligning XD.

Then, THE MOMENT. It takes place at the Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulàlia de Barcelona, but really, we just call it la Catedral.

More to come in the next few days, with more (hopefully better) photos and more trivia about Barcelona.

Even+Sana & S4.

Even and Sana - we already how great the prospect of having them two becoming and being 2 really, really great friends is - there’s no doubt in that. They’re a major BROTP.

But, whilst analysing S3 (because that’s what me and @josteninski have been doing all day everyday ever since S3 ended), a few very, very direct hints have pointed out exactly WHY Even and Sana’s friendship should - and could - be explored and be seen on screen in S4. If this was to happen, it’d be breaking down so many stereotypes and so many barriers, just like how Isak and Sana’s friendship did in S3. It’d form such an important relationship in S4 for a focus to be on, just like how at the end of S3, Magnus and Even’s little budding friendship became a focus, which there’s no doubt, will continue on in S4 too. And there’s PLENTY of proof in S3 as to exactly why Even/Sana could very well happen in S4.

  • Let’s start from the end and work our way backwards. The last dialogue that was spoken in the S3 finale began when Isak said this:

There’s very, very specific detailing here. 4 systems of belief are mentioned here: Allah, Jesus, The Theory of Evolution and Parallel Universes. These 4 were MAJOR points of discussion throughout S3, and related back to 3 characters:

Allah = Sana and Even (how so? I’ll explain further down as we go along).
The Theory of Evolution = Sana.
Jesus = Even (the Jesus tshirt, 21:21, Even dressing as God etc) and Isak’s Mum.
Parallel Universes = Even.

From the 3 characters, it’s Even and Sana who relate the most back to these 4 concepts - Sana taking 2, and Even equally taking 2. Even and Sana helped Isak, SO MUCH, in shaping his beliefs in S3. Even did, with making Isak learning to live in the now, and Sana did, by making Isak realise that fear doesn’t come from religion, and she became a guide for Isak to gain that courage to reach out to his Mum.

Everything happens on this show for a reason, for a parallel to occur, to come back full circle. I’ve got no doubt that that dialogue was a small hint, a doorway opening into S4, leading me to believe that one of the major focuses on S4 will be on Even and Sana, as friends, together. 

  • Which brings me nicely to my next point: Even and Sana meeting each other in the finale.

I mean, of course we know they’ve met before. Why did they need to show us this again? Your argument will be “because Sana came to return the 10% drugs to Isak, and Even was stood there, so naturally, it’d happen.” But, honestly? At this point in the season, did it even MATTER anymore if Sana gave Isak the 10% drugs or not? Not really. Isak would have been fine without them. He didn’t demand them back. And Sana’s a smart girl, she would have figured out what to have done with them to dispose of them. So honestly, what was the point of this scene - because there MUST have been a point. 

The point was: For Isak to become a bridge, connecting Even and Sana together. It was the EXACT same with Magnus and Even too. Isak introduced the boys to Even and vice versa, and from all the boys, it was Magnus ONLY that hugged Even. Later on, we’d come to find out that indeed, it was because Magnus understood Even, since Magnus’ Mum was bipolar too. That became a link for Magnus and Even, whose friendship, I’m sure, is gonna continue on in S4. I mean, in the finale, did you see how Magnus took on Even’s advice? Not Isak’s, or Jonas’ or Mahdi’s - he took on Even’s. And it worked for him and Vilde! It’s the EXACT same thing here, with Sana and Even too. Look at the look they both share in the GIF above - that’s a look of pure acknowledgment. Of, “I see you. I know who you are, by name now. And Isak’s our common ground.” Just like how Magnus and Even hugged, this is that, only in the form of appreciative glances here. 

But just like how with Magnus and Even, not only was Isak their common ground, but so was bipolar disorder. With Sana and Even, the common ground isn’t JUST Isak. It’s also: Islam.

  • This brings me very nicely to my next point. Even and Islam. Remember above when I said I’d discuss how Even related back to Isak talking about Allah? Well, here it is:

There’s a REASON why Sonja was made to say this specific dialogue so blatantly. And at first, as a Muslim myself, it just really, REALLY confused me up as to WHY they’d say this. Why would they say Even memorized the Qura’an - in Arabic no less. What does that have to do with anything? In fact, it COULD have been ANYTHING else Even could have done - but no, he chose to memorize the WHOLE Qura’an. He seeked out Islam when he felt like he needed it the most. He turned to Islam. Some may say that it was because, in his state of elevation, he did that. But, he still did it, nonetheless? And learning the Qura’an doesn’t just happen in one day. It takes YEARS. So Even doing this, within a year, even though it’s a very short time to learn the Qura’an, he still must have dedicated MONTHS towards learning it. And he learnt it.

Then, when we have Even calling out Emma on her generalisations about the LGBT+ community, Even uses “not all Muslims are terrorists” as an example to give his point of view. Yes, that is a very “go to” example, but it’s still used here. By Even. And now that we know that Even memorized the Qura’an, at a time when he needed to do a bit of soul searching and finding some answers, all of a sudden, it just makes even more sense? That Even knows about Islam. Even has some level of education about Islam.

And you know who else he has now, as a reference, in human form, regarding Islam?


Which brings this all back full circle. And I’m SO excited to see how Even and Sana could be portrayed next season. I imagine Even would seek out Sana when he feels like he needs someone to speak to, because he turned to Islam last time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Even turns to Sana for support, or just as a friend in a time of need, or he goes to her to actually understand Islam and what he learnt about Islam, some more, by her. That’d then disclose to Sana, that Even’s learnt the entire Qura’an off by heart - and the discussions that could flow from that honestly give me goosebumps, in terms of Sana making Even understand what he learnt, or Sana giving Even insight, or Even understanding Sana and her struggles. We could see Sana open up to Even, and Even UNDERSTANDING that. 

This could be SUCH a GOOD SOLID friendship forming, with so MUCH representation being shown. Is it foolish of me to hope for so much between Even and Sana? Maybe it is. But there’s so much to fall back on in S3, that gives me that hope that we could see Even/Sana in S4! 

16.11.06 fancafe - bts_Suga

Today is before we go
I really wanted to talk to you
Preparing for the fanmeeting was very busy heuheu
The second full album WINGS activity has come to an end
It’s a bittersweet feeling but, even though the activity is over it’s not the end of our schedule so I guess I will need more strength right??
Especially during activities this time, we have set many records and good results all thanks to ARMY’s much love and attention haha it really feels as though I have wings. Thank you so much
I love you and the lots of work for the past four weeks. Thank you bbyongbbyong

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i’ve been thinking about time lately.
think about it. they say that
my 20’s will fly by. how many
hours have I spent at a job that
I hate? how many cigarettes
have I smoked until I realize
that if I quit now my lungs
will breathe better? how many
days will I spend on dreaming
rather than doing? how many
nights have I stressed over
something I said to you?
you’re not crazy. you’re not.
we waste so many seconds
being stagnant. every decision
you’ve ever made… every mistake
that you will learn from…
one day you’ll look back
and laugh because it really
wasn’t that bad. they tell
you to live in the moment,
but sometimes you need
to manage that shit.
it’ll consume you if you don’t.
don’t beat yourself over
every little detail. let some
of it go. flow like rivers.
ease into yourself. grow.

“Dude, Horus just croaked. What now?”
Abaddon re-tied his topknot. He totally had an idea. “I totally have an idea,” he said. The Traitor Legions looked on expectantly. “Here’s what we do. We run away.”
Many helmed heads nodded. This seemed a wise course of action.
“Good idea,” said Erebus.
‘Hush.“ Abaddon frowned at the interruption. "But I think we should leave behind our jetbikes, Dreadclaws, Whirlwinds, Landspeeders - pretty much all anti-grav technology, really - as well as our bikes, attack bikes, and pretty much anything else we’ve used so far.”
Fewer helms nodded this time. “Dude,” said Lucius the Eternal, “we might need all that stuff. Some of that stuff is rad.”
“Nah, I’ve made up my mind. Let’s just go.”
“Let’s. Just. Go.” Abaddon waved the Talon of Horus. Its scythe-blade fingers made clickety-click sounds.
“Okay, let’s just go,” agreed Lucius.
Kharn wasn’t so easily placated. “What about Cyclone Launchers? Because I saw those in Horus Heresy: Collected Visions, so we must be using th–”
“I feel like I’m talking to myself, here.” Abaddon pointed a claw at the World Eater. It poked Kharn in the eye.
“Ow, Jesus, man. Okay, okay. We’ll go.”
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
Abaddon pimp-walked from the room, strutting like he owned the place.
“Hey, what about this conversion beamer?” asked Typhus. “Couldn’t we use these in Rogue Trader? These are awesome. They go, like, FWOOOOOSH.”
“Leave it!” Abaddon’s voice called from the other room. Typhus put it down, grumbling.
Fabius Bile sort of shrugged. “So, uh, can I come with you guys? Because I was checking the passenger lists, and none of the Legions are taking their Apothecaries. I mean… don’t you need us?”
Lucius patted his brother on the shoulder. “It’s okay, man. We’ll allude to the Apothecaries in the background text. I mean, you won’t get to ever do anything, but you’ll sort of be there in the fluff, y'know? A bit? Maybe?”
“Balls to this. I’m leaving the Legion. I’ll make my own rules.”
Kharn snorted. “Your rules will be lame for competitive play. Just watch. And people will call you Fabulous Bill.”
The Traitors walked from the chamber, out to the landing pad. It was deserted.
“Uh, Abbs?”
Abaddon turned to Ahriman. “S'up?”
“Um.” The Thousand Son gestured to the empty landing pad. “Where are all our gunships?”
Abaddon ignored him. “Weren’t you red a minute ago?”
“We’re blue now. It’s… it’s this whole… thing. Look, seriously, where are our Thunderhawks?”
“Oh, right. Them.” Abaddon toyed with his topknot, swishing it back and forth, like a kitten with a fluffy toy. “We won’t need those. We can run everywhere and stuff. Or push Rhinos out of hangers and ride them through the atmosphere. It’ll be cool.”
The Traitors shared a glance. This wasn’t going well. Abaddon noticed their hesitation, and sought to calm them. “Relaaaaax. I’ll invent new stuff. Like… spider robots with daemons in, and they have claws and stuff. They’ll defile things. Maybe they can be called Defilotrons. It’ll be sweet. And they’ll have a gun on their chests, and tiny little heads. What? Why are you looking at me like that? You just wait. We’ll rock this place all to hell.”


Guys I could really use your help right now. My 9 month old nephew Austin is in the hospital right now in North Carolina because he is having seizures(yesterday he had 9 in 10 mins) and we don’t know why. There’s a blood test that checks for genetic disorders that my sisters insurance outright refuses to pay for or even bill her for so she can have answers as to what’s wrong with her son and what they need to do to fix it. I don’t have many followers at all so please can you guys spread this like wild fire. Each day that goes on with no answers is agony.if can’t donate to his go fund me please just spread this. We need as many eyes as possible to see this. tag as many things as possible that people will see. Also if anyone is interested in buying physical items from me message me bc I’ll be selling as much as I can to raise money.


So I finally made a Masterlist and I will reblog it once in a while so everyone who wants to check it out can do it.

Bold = Smut

Here we go!

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Episode 12 wishes/headcanons!
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> •Yuri somehow wins then gets married to viktor but they don't do it in a traditional way they sneak their asses off on vacation then come back husbands<p/><b></b> •Yurio and Otabek win second and third place (I want everyone to win but I really want yuuri to win because he needs to marry viktor okay? okay.)<p/><b></b> •Yurio and Otabek become closer and we get to see them hang out again... or hug o̶r̶ ̶k̶i̶s̶s̶<p/><b></b> •apparently Chris has a boyfriend, I want to know who he is and see them be all lovey dovey and have Chris be all sweet not seductive for once...<p/><b></b> •MORE MAKACHIIN/VICTUURI SNUGGLES<p/><b></b><p/><b></b> •more pichit and hamsters... maybe selfies with said hamsters<p/><b></b> •I̶ ̶n̶e̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶s̶t̶o̶p̶ ̶b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶I̶'̶m̶ ̶a̶s̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶a̶y̶ ̶t̶o̶o̶ ̶m̶u̶c̶h̶<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
OTP Promts/Imagines

“You’re that graffiti artist that doesn’t really do graffiti but instead does really meaningful art all through the city but you’re also wanted by the police and I really admire you - and oh my god you’re fucking gorgeous.”

“We went to the same preschool and kindergarten and you hated me because I pulled your hair and threw rocks all the time and then you moved but now you’re back and we’re in highschool and I’m captain of the football team and you’re totally clueless as to who I am and I absolutely will be using this to my advantage.”

“You’re a popular stripper at my favorite club and you just came in to my tattoo shop looking to get a sleeve done, but I don’t think I can do it because I can’t stop shaking.”

“We just became roommates and you’re really hot and I can’t stop mixing up my words and stuttering and I think that you think I have a speech impediment.”

“I have a speech impediment and it gets worse around you and I really just want to say hello but the last time I tried I screamed ‘GOODBYE’ in your face and I’m too embarrassed to try again.”

“I left school and was really sick for a couple years, but just came back and look like a completely different person and people won’t leave me alone about what happened until you start hanging out around me to keep people off of my back about it.”

“You just randomly burst into tears in front of me and now we’re sitting in a corner on a stairwell cuddling and I’m actually really nervous because you fell asleep like an hour ago but I don’t want to wake you up and make you start crying again.”

“I’m a popular writer and you’re one of my fans and I know I made a promise to myself never to daye a fan but I really want to break that promise so I can kiss you and hold your hand because you’re really cute.”

“We go to the same bar and to break the ice every Saturday I come up with a new cheesy pick up line just so I can hear you laugh and we usually hang out for the rest of the night talking about stupid stuff.”

“I may or may not have accidentally let my dog play in a huge mud puddle and now he’s jumping all over you and you’re absolutely drenched in mud and look like you want to break me in half.”

“My cat loves you. The only thing is my cat hates everyone, including me, and I need to take said cat to the vet but I can’t get her to go in the travel kennel and I only have twenty minutes and the vet is fifteen minutes away.”

“I’m homeless and am sitting on the bench outside of a department store freezing because it just freshly snowed and now the employees are telling me to leave and you were there and offered to take me home to get cleaned up and warm and now I can’t stop crying because you’re too kind.”

“I may or may not be drunk out of my mind and I may or may not be an incredibly honest drunk and confessed my undying love to you while sobbing into your t-shirt.”

“You’re that barista that I hate but now that I started coming in more frequently I’m starting to realize you aren’t that bad but I keep being a dick because I’m too prideful to own up to my own stupid judgements.”

“You’re a foreigner and every time you start speaking in your first language I can’t help but blush because it sound really hot even though you could be talking about taking a shit.”

“We’re playing Never Have I Ever and I’m the only one who hasn’t been kissed out of the group and afterwards you came up to me and asked if I’d like to change that.”

“I broke my leg and was really high on pain medication and started crying because you weren’t there and now the video my mother took went viral and I don’t think I can look you in the eye ever again.”

“You’re the only person who knows how to manage my panic attacks and how to calm me down and I couldn’t appreciate that more.”

“We were a thing in highschool and I actually really miss you but you have a partner that’s a total dick and I’m pretty sure you want out but I can never get up the nerve to talk to you.”

“You just dumped your partner and now your sleeping on my couch - and oh my god is that my dildo!?”

“We’re roommates and you just found my extensive lingerie collection an I can’t tell if you’re freaked out or turned on.”

1D Hiatus: Day 434

* Louis and Niall arrive in London, meet fans at the airport

* Unseen picture of Harry and Kendall Jenner at Kendall’s birthday party last year comes out

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Feb 19th, 2017.

so I really don’t wanna talk about The loo but I keep seeing this same anon(s) on so many blogs and I need to address it so I just wanna say: y'all are crazy for listening to them.

don’t tweet about lexa during the premiere. or before or after. just stop giving them more publicity and attention. everyone has forgotten about the show by now and we’re the only ones with the power to make noise so just don’t do it maybe? 

do nothing. don’t interact with the twitter accounts, don’t make hashtags, forget them. the time frame for when we had power to do things with noise has long gone. it could only benefit them now. you know the whole “any publicity is good publicity” thing. if you really absolutely have to do something then just downvote the new episodes on sites like amazon/imdb/etc. don’t even read reviews and give them clicks. and ffs don’t watch live. be smart for once

minor pet peeve: seeing extremely popular fics continuously show up on fic rec lists

You survived to the end my friends, and not everybody survives. You survived ‘till the end of the show, survived the end of the tour. Don’t know if I told you this, but I can’t think of a better place to end this than right here so thank you so much. Now I’m thinking of all the people I mentioned, or I thought of, and we wouldn’t be here without them. There’s so many of them in this room. I’m not gonna name them all. But before last night, the first and only time I’d been in this building, I was nine years old and my grandma took me to see the circus. And my grandma June is here tonight to watch u play on this stage. You know, I also need to mention, my old band mate, Chris. He was the first guy that really showed me what to do to put on a show. He said: “Hey, you see this chord? You plug it in to here, and this is how you get the piano to come out of the system.” He taught me everything I know when it comes to this stuff. He actually is the one who built that piano over there, seven years ago. And he’s here tonight. So thank you Chris, for everything you’ve done for us. We’ve got guys on this crew that have been here from the beginning, Daniel, Mark, Snider. Some I forget. Chris and Brad, you guys have believed in us from the very beginning. I know this feels like we’re accepting an award or something, but honestly, this kinda feels like one. Listen, we wouldn’t be up here if it weren’t for a lot of people, if they didn’t exist. It is very important to know that if you, our fans, The Clique, were not here tonight, this would not be possible. So thank you so much for making this possible. So grateful for you guys. There’s one other person I’d like to talk about- who I would not be up here on this stage right now if it weren’t for- Josh Dun on the drums. Please give it up for him. Listen, I know you’ve been cheering all night, but I know you’ve got something else. Josh Dun on the drums everybody, c'mon. And you know I brought Michael out and it made me think of a lot of older shows, and we’ve bee closing out with a certain song for year now. It’s very cool for us to be showing this song to people. This might be my favorite song live and  I invite you to be apart of that tradition with us as we close out this show. We’ll give it everything we have, friends. We only have a little bit left in us, but we promise by the end of this, we will be nothing. So, join us.
—  Tyler Joseph’s Trees speech at the last ERS show at Madison Square Garden
  • Jyushimatsu: [as a priest] Does anyone have a reason why these two should not be wed? [gestures to Osomatsu and the horse]
  • Todomatsu: [raises hand] Yeah, do we really need a reason? What the hell is this?
  • Todomatsu: OF WHAT?

So. A lot of people in the various groups of petblr have mental illnesses.
A lot of mental illness comes with the following symptoms:
-lack of motivation
-exhaustion (physical and emotional)
-feelings of sadness

And that can really affect how we take care of our animals!
I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with my animals and gotten back on many times before.
It’s important that you get back on as quickly as possible. These animals need you! So this is a little guide for how to do that.

1: read care sheets. Read them again and again and again. Take note of what they need again, and ask yourself if you’re producing that for them.
2: watch YouTube videos of other people’s collections. This is what really helps me. Being able to watch how people care for their animals, how they prepare their food nightly, etc. Really motivates me to want to do the same for mine.
3: remember that they need you. You’re their parental unit. They’re your baby. You wouldn’t neglect your baby, would you?
4: redesign their cage (if possible).
Getting your hands in there and doing something with them will motivate you to move and upkeep the care. It will help you remember why you love the animal and motivate you to want to give it the best life possible
5: take pictures of your animals. Tens of hundreds of pictures if you need to. It will help motivate you.