do we need to talk about it

Ok so about season 4

Ok so what the fuck was up with the shafting the team gave keith this season?

Like, he’s on approved missions, he’s gathering intel on the enemies movements with the blade, what are you guys doing while he’s doing that

bringing in supply ships? ok good you dont need voltron for that

air show? why not just record voltron doing its job and send video footage of that to all the potential allies? lets you do your work and by the time the galra get there hands on the footage you should have packed up with your saved ship or pilfered supplies and been gone, the universe can live without lances rope dancing with red (and bless the red lions patience for allowing that display i would have wagged the rope)

spreading out supplys?plenty of hands for that if you trusted some of those allies you made to help you, its basically for appereances anyway your not even using the lions.

You guys approved of him going on these intel missions, he is getting information the enemy Does Not Want You having, there is a new type of quintessence to worry about! who knows what there using that quintessence for they might revive zarkon with it (oh WOOPS already happened guess we should do another air show after finding this out)

and the butt fucking keith gets for the doing the job he said he would! like-

“dont talk to me about how your mission went immediatly go help them grab these four supply ships stuck in space obviously they need you right now and not allura and blue who are already here and always ready to help those on her side”

“Oh look who finally got back from his important mission and not helping us get supply ships back to base when we clearly needed him and not allura who is doing-uhhhhh I dont know what but not this you should be HERE jerk omg”

and then shit hits the fan while keiths working, there was no attack planned by voltron at this point, it was a routine day, keith was already on the mission before everyone got attacked, nobody tried to stop him from the imformation gathering mission becouse they did not plan anything that required voltron

the attack wasnt.keiths.fault. and all that came from the attack was a good thing in most peoples eyes 

the attack could have happened anytime, hell it could have happened when pidge was looking for her brother or when pidge hunk and lance were getting supplies last time without allura and keith

and when he gets back from his mission

OH when he gets back

You cant fucking look at this image and convince me they were not gonna bench keith or tell him to go with the memora permanently with how angry they were

they only calmed down in my eyes once keith said “I know I fucked up and I’ll leave now that im not needed you dont have to say it yourselves” 

and just- what they say to him before that moment

(he has nothing to be sorry about damn it)

he was doing a job that needed to be done, that you need done and have been writing off as unimportant compared to your air shows, its like saying its voltrons fault for a galaxy having its life force drained across the universe while voltron is saving a different galaxy(which by the way, voltron isnt even saving planets if voltrons doing fucking air shows)

and then he says “hey if theres anything good about this at least shiros piloting the black lion again im gonna complete my very important information gathering mission and spend more time on it now that shiros back in the pilot seat” 

and SUDDENLY  everyone is totally happy with him doing the mission! there making sappy good byes and saying “oh yeah we dont need you here anymore sure totally go complete that mission we were mad at you for doing for these past few months” 

he’s been trying to tell everyone how big this damn mission is and there only now listening when there angry at him and hes leaving!

this episode

really really soured every episode voltron wasnt in battle

I couldnt fully enjoy pidge and matt reuiniting, epidose 4 had to be skipped I was just, couldnt care after this episode

Im pretty sure Im not articulating all the points and how this episode made me mad at team voltron, but its what im able to get out right now, ill probably talk more later



Three’s Company (Ethan & Grayson)

Authors Note - I don’t know how I feel about this but it was highly requested and I forgot I finished it so here ya go. I probably won’t ever write something like this again FYI but I hope you like it anyways! 


You awoke to the sound of your alarm going off loudly in your ear. You squinted at your phone reading 9:00 A.M. You shut it off quickly in fear that you’d awake your sleeping boyfriend, Ethan, who laid snoring quietly beside you. You had intended to get up early and make breakfast for him and Grayson since they had the day off and they were sleeping in. You crept out of bed and padded down the hallway to the kitchen, grabbing the ingredients. You heard shuffling down the hallway and expected it to be Ethan but instead you were met with a nearly naked Grayson who stood in nothing but a towel. His body was still dripping wet from the shower you presumed he just got out of and you tried your best to tear your eyes away. Grayson had a banging body, it was a known fact, so you really couldn’t help yourself.

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Soft Spot ~Sweet Pea Imagine~

Summary: What if instead of you being ashamed of being in a relationship with Sweet Pea, it’s him?

Author’s Note: Role switch baby! Surprise.

Part Two

Y/C/N: Your cousin’s name

Originally posted by howtoamuseacoolperson

You were a Northsider but you were proud to be in a relationship with Sweet Pea. Although your parents were Northsiders, you had family in some parts of the South Side of Riverdale. That’s how you both met.

“Come on, Y/N. Let’s go inside,” Your cousins said, referring to a bar. 

“Are you sure we’re aloud to be here?” You asked them.

“We’re just going to play some pool. Come on,” Your cousin dragged you inside. 

You all pitched in for a few rounds before going over. You all started to play as some people stared at you guys.

“Yo, is that Sweet Pea?” One of your cousins asked.

“Hey, Sweet Pea!” You stood there awkwardly as they talked to Sweet Pea a little.

“Who’s the Northsider?” He asked.

“This is our cousin, Y/N. She’s cool,” Your cousin introduce you to him.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Y/N,” You smile. 

“I’m Sweet Pea,” He said. 

“Sweet Pea? Interesting name,” You say, tilting your head a bit.

You and Sweet Pea talked for a while. When you had to go back to the North Side, Sweet Pea offered a ride home. 

“Actually Sweet Pea, we need to pick up something at her place,” Your cousin said.

“Thanks for the offer,” You say.

“Do you want to go to Pop’s sometime?” Sweet Pea asked you.

“I’d love that,” You tell him.

That’s how it started. After weeks of talking, you both started to date. Your friends were hesitant about you dating him but you manage to convince them otherwise. However, you never met any of his friends. 

You were with Sweet Pea at the Quarry until you heard a motorcycle roar. Sweet Pea got up and walked over to them. You watched as he walked over to a group of Southside Serpents before talking to them.

“Hey, Sweet Pea, what are you doing?” Fangs asked him.

“Nothing,” Sweet Pea lied.

“Isn’t that Y/C/N’s cousin? The Northsider?” Fangs asked.

“She was here waiting for them but I guess they cancelled last minute. I just saw her here and offered a ride home,” Sweet Pea lied.

Sadly to say, he was a little embarrassed to introduce you to his friends. They expected some Southsider girl who was very outspoken. They expected some girl who wasn’t a Northsider. When you proved to Sweet Pea that you weren’t like the rest of the girls, he fell for you. 

“Oh well, hurry up. We’re going to dunk water on Toni soon,” Fangs told him.

Sweet Pea walked over to you making you smile. 

“Hey, who were they?” You asked him.

“No one. You know, I feel a little tired. How about I take you home  before your parents get upset,” Sweet Pea tells you. 

“Sweet Pea, my parents are okay with me being with you,” You tell him.

“Oh yeah. Well, let’s just go. It’s getting crowded,” Sweet Pea tells you. 

You got up and tried to hold his hand which he just quickly shoved into his pocket. You looked up at him in confusion before walking over to his motorcycle. 

When you went to the Whyte Wyrm to bring back one of Sweet Pea’s flannel he let you borrow, you saw your cousins playing pool.

“Hey guys,” You say before hugging them.

“Hey, Y/N. Visiting Sweet Pea?” One of them asked.

“Yeah. Have you seen him?” You asked.

“Over in the back,” They tell you. You walked over to hear him talking to his friends.

“Dude, are you like dating that Northsider? Y/N, was it? Cause we overheard her cousins talking about her dating you,” One of his friends say.

“I’m not dating her,” You heard Sweet Pea say. You felt a little heart broken about what he said.

“You’re not?”

“I’m just using her. You know,” Sweet Pea said. You walked in and threw the flannel at the back of his head before walking out. 

 You grabbed one of your cousins and dragged them outside. They looked at you in confusion as you walked to their car.

“I need you to drop me off home,” You tell them.

“Now?” They asked.

“Now!” You yell.

You both got inside the car and started the car. You saw Sweet Pea come out and look over at you. You looked away as your cousin drove off. 

“What’s wrong?” They asked you.

“Nothing. I’m not going to the Southside as much anymore,” You mention.

“Why? Did you and Sweet Pea get into a fight?” They asked.

“More like we’re over. Just drop me off home. Please,” You say. 

When you got home, you cried. You sat in the corner of your room and cried. How could he have done that to you? You heard a knock on your window making you look over. You got up to see Sweet Pea on the tree by your window. You opened it but didn’t let him in.

“Can we talk?” He asked you.

“No,” You shook your head at him.

“Y/N, please. Let me explain,” Sweet Pea begged.

“There’s no reason for you to explain to me on what you said. I heard you and you broke my heart. We’re done, Sweet Pea,” You tell him.

“Y/N,” He said heartbroken.

“Just go, Sweet Pea,” You say before closing your window and shutting your blinds. You slid down crying again. 

Sweet Pea stared at your window for a bit before climbing down. He walked over to his motorcycle where Fangs and Toni were waiting for him.

“So?” Toni asked.

“We’re done,” Sweet Pea tells them before getting on his motorcycle and driving off.

Coming Home (Chapter 16)

We get to see Tony smile this chapter and honestly its the best. Short chapter building up to bigger things!


Enjoy :)


Clint was still wearing his collar the next morning, and Tony couldn’t go more than five minutes without snatching the Omega close and nosing over his face and into his hair, mouthing down his neck to dig his teeth into the thick collar.

Clint didn’t do much more than lay his head back to encourage his Alpha closer, dragging his fingers through Tony’s feathers and backing up into any available wall or door so Tony could rock against him.

The first batch of pancakes burned because Clint had purred something into Tony’s ear that made the Alphas eyes shoot to red, and when Bruce came running up from the lab to see why the hell the smoke alarms were going off, he found Clint up on the kitchen counter, Tony wedged between his thighs crooning something about smart ass and beautiful and mine.

Bruce said a silent prayer of relief that he was basically immune to the pheromones that were no doubt flooding the kitchen, and pushed and poked at Tony until the Alpha laughed and peeled away from Clint, leaving a sweet kiss on his lips and turning to take care of the disaster that was the pancakes.

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EXO Reaction to their little sister dating Junmyeon

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Oh.. so you are dating my sister… oh really.. make her happy how? Whatever you do you can’t kiss her okay? Don’t even dare to hug her either” *Passively aggressive*


“That was a good joke… it was a joke right? You don’t think I will allow it right? She’s my sister!” *So protective this boi*


“So my brother is with her… and she’s with him… I can’t sleep in his room anymore.. who’s going to give me love now? This is not fair!” *He’s more worried that he might get lonely than his sis actually dating Suho*


“Aigoo this boy… when did you even met her hm?? So naughty… promise me you’ll take care of her!” *He actually trusts Suho very much*


*I wouldn’t want to be Suho right now to be honest… he better be nice to Nini’s sis* “My family is all I have… do not dare hurt her! I won’t care even if you are my friend. Consider yourself warned!” *So scary this brother*


“Oh god! I don’t know if I should congratulate him for getting the girl or be disgusted because he just kissed my sister…” *Really confused here*


*Eevry time he hears Suho talking about you* “Too much information… too much… please stop this nightmare… what did I do.. this must be karma… next time I’ll lend him my eyeliner… ugh”


“We are going to have The Talk… I don’t care if you have it again when you meet my parents… As a big brother I need to warn you and make sure you don’t hurt her!” *So manly this manly man*


“So you like my sis hm? And you didn’t tell me this because… didn’t even ask me for her hand? I don’t care if I’m not her dad and you didn’t propose! She’s my sis…” *So protective*


“Just make her happy okay? And please don’t tell me details about your relationship… thank you” *So chill about it that is actually scary*


“Wait… you asked my sis out? She said yes?! Oh wow! You have to tell me!! I want to know everything!!” *Brother/friend goals*


“Hello I’m Kim Junmyeon… and you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met” *Probably this is how he got your heart the first time you met xD*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Get Help

Okay but can we talk about “Get Help”? like they both knew what was going on? they’d clearly done it before at some point? but when? when did Loki and Thor use “Get Help”??? how long has it been since they’ve used it??? was it just when they were kids??? or were they doing it when they were teens/adults??? like Thor just throwing Loki like Y E E T! like is that common at asgard? just occasionally walking through the halls and getting hit by Loki as the brothers were practicing??? please i need answers

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hey how did u like/ what did u think bruce in justice league. i loved how this bruce was so awkward trying make friends as his actual person and as a secret identity which is the only way he known how to act around people other than alfred and minimum 1 robin for years of his life. you have any thots,hopes, aspirations for that bat fucko. i always love when u talk about him


  • i enjoyed seeing him joking around - made me feel happy, wholesome. i especially enjoyed seeing him smile, which made me happier, wholesomier. it does feel like there’s been a definitive, powerful change in his life, and by god do i respect that.
  • his vindication in saving the world and needing to bring hope (designation: superman) back to it…….. [aquaman voice] MY MAN
  • he is awkward! the bruce we’re following is far more isolated than other bruces have been - snyder’s ballparked jason’s death at being ten years ago, meaning it’s likely been almost a decade since bruce has had meaningful interaction outside of alfred. maybe selina. possibly dick. that’s maximum three people, one of which he’s definitely on glacial terms with, another he grows to be on glacial terms with (alfred), and another who has a grab-bag of commitment issues of her own and probably made herself scarce before bruce started cooking up a plot to murder superman, which would be over two years ago at this point. basically, people? what are they
  • his humanity. the scene where diana pops his shoulder back into place is so raw, so powerful, and when she says, “you can’t do this forever,” and he says, “i can barely do it now,” it just underscores the fact that in these movies, batman is the representative of humanity. in batman v. superman (note: it’s v, as in a court case) batman literally puts superman on trial, like he’s the district attorney of mankind, and superman is the defendant. except it’s not a fair trial, because batman is the prosecution, the judge, the jury, and the executioner - because batman’s terrified out of his mind, just like everyone else, of what he doesn’t understand. and then we come to JL, which follows up on this thread: batman is just a man. he makes mistakes; he gets injured; he self-medicates for the pain, and there’s going to be a day where he won’t be able to do this anymore. but the important thing is? not for a second does any of that stop him. now THAT’S the batman i know
  • which brings me to my next point: the batman of BvS was going to hunt superman down or die trying, because that batman lived in a world where he was certain that the light would never come again. hope was so dangerous to have, he had to spear it through the throat - but in JL? he’ll spear himself in the throat to bring it back. bruce is still trigger-happy in JL - each plan he comes up with in the movie involves him dying in some fashion - but maybe it’s not because he’s ready for everything to just be over. maybe it’s because he’s found something that is so important to him, to the league, to the world, that it’s worth dying for. 
  • but while batman can’t carry away a building full of people, and he can’t even save a carload, but he can save one person. and every single person matters, from the little girl sobbing in the wreckage to superman himself. he can get martha kent her house back, he can get barry a foot in the door, he can get the league a place to meet so they can save the world - he can do ten, twenty, forty, a hundred little things to save as many people as were in the building superman carried. he doesn’t need to be a god to run with the justice league - he just needs to save one person at a time, because every single life matters.
  • because if every single life had mattered to joe chill, or the joker, how much better would the world he’s living in be?
  • so someone on discord made this to describe me and i’d like to use it here
  • because it’s very accurate as to how i feel

Exom vs Exok Before A Show


Okay guys, let’s do our best! D.O honey please try to remember to blink and don’t worry, you always look adorable! Chanyeol sweetie, you know we love you exactly the way you are but try not to be too hyperactive. Kai dear, don’t be too shy and have fun! Sehun, just smile and try your best! Baekhyun, just be confident and be yourself! Exo K, FIGHTING!


Lay I swear to god if you forget your name again I’ll cut you and Luhan stop flirting with all the members! Chen don’t you dare mess up your Mandarin and Xiumin stop talking about food. Also Tao, aegyo needs to go. Alright, let’s do this shit.

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Do you like historical fiction?Do you have any favorites?

Like period dramas or fictions ABOUT history? Because if we’re talking FILMS about HISTORY *everyone who knows me groans*


that’s probably not what you meant, but I needed to yell about that movie for a second 

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw) 

star wars has a redemption arc: it’s finn’s

look, this is such an unpopular opinion, but its so important: finn has a redemption arc.

i know finn didn’t chose to be kidnapped, trained, and brainwashed by the first order, but i feel like its important to recognize that finn DID unintentionally contribute to what the first order did. we know of two incidents (the murder of a group of miners before the movie and the villagers at the beginning of TFA) where finn did nothing to prevent their deaths. now i know no one likes to talk about this, but the only reason finn saved poe is because he needed a pilot. i know that finn didn’t really have a choice in these matters, but bear with me, because he freaking did: finn could have fought his fellow stormtroopers, or saved poe legitimately because it was the right thing to do.

it is SO important to recognize this doesn’t make finn a bad person. it makes him a flawed person. flaws can be redeemed. this is the BIG difference between him and kylo (@kylo stans this post is for you)

at the beginning of TFA, finn is scared. he doesn’t agree with what the first order is trying to make him do, and he wants to make a change and run away. he wants to be a better person. he wants to get away. his pure instinct is to run away and never look back.

finn has an opportunity to run away on takodana, but he doesn’t. instead he goes and fights the people who have abused him his entire life. he is no longer standing by doing nothing while innocent people die. he is so BRAVE. he is so scared, but he still does the right thing. even on starkiller, finn goes back to the worst possible place he could be and saves the GALAXY. he fights kylo with a lightsaber he barely knows how to use, for a cause he barely knows anything about, because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO.

this is a redemption arc. the redemption arc of the new movies isn’t for kylo, because his actions are irredeemable (the genocide of millions, the torture of rey and poe, freaking enslaving countless stormtroopers, murdering luke’s students at the jedi academy, choking people for fun, slaughtering the villagers, trying to murder rey and finn) kylo is a bad fucking guy stop babying him

the redemption arc is for finn, the black, queer, good and brave male lead of the new star wars movies. finn is one of the best characters star wars has ever had, and i am so eager to see what brave things he does next


She didn’t know the woman before her–and yet she did.  She knew the face beneath the mask was the one she’d seen in her dreams, crying out to her.

This is why we’re not supposed to form attachments, right?, Ursulina asked herself.

“Mother…” she heard her voice crack.

“You betrayed me!” Brontes screeched.  “They all do!”

“Who are you talking about?”

“The galaxy!  It laughs at me–”

“Everyone thinks like that, Mother.”

“Do not mock me, child…”

“I want to help you,” Ursulina insisted.  “Come back to Tython with me–”

“I am not–cannot be a Jedi!!”

“You don’t have to be–but you need help.”

“You mock me…my legacy…”  The Dread Master laughed.  It was false, a weak shield towards a daughter who disappointed her–and whom she believed was disappointed in her.

Ursulina closed her eyes as she drew her dualsaber.  No death, she thought, only the Force.  And she gave the signal to move on the fortress.

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Do you watch The Gifted with Amy Acker?? In the latest episode, her character (suburban mom; they couldn't have her play a mutant?? 😭😭) she has a line after someone says "I didn't mean to pet it killeed me "just don't go looking into my college experimentation" and on Twitter she replied to someone asking what that was about with "we all knowat this meant" and I just!!!! I miss root!!!! I need Amy To play another badass wlw character!!!!

I haven’t no, but @lena-lipbite-luthor watched the pilot and she liked it, so maybe I’ll get to it eventually ^^

Amy is so soft and cute, but she can always pull off playing these badass characters… I love her! And it would be amazing to see her playing another wlw! ^^

anonymous asked:

Why would a writer need personal experience/have talked to someone with experience to write about certain issues? I doubt that most writers have experience with the stuff they write about, e.g genocide, murder, kidnapping or something like that. As long as they treat the subject with the necessary respect I don’t think personal experience is important. I doubt we would have gotten some of the great literature we have if writers were limited personal experience 🤔

Yes, you don’t need experience with genocide, murder, etc to write about it, but when it comes to stories where the primary focus is on the mental health of a person you need to actually understand what you’re dealing with. That either means talking with people who have had X issue or doing outside research, because the people who don’t typically don’t end up writing the topic with respect. A lot of fics dealing with issues of EDs, rape, mental health either play into stereotypes or essentially butcher the topic.

Mental health is a very fine line and if you don’t do research, it’s going to show and it’s going to seem offensive. Writing about murder and writing about depression/EDs/etc are very different things. In one situation, you have one person hurting another, and in the other it’s an entirely internal conflict. Most people don’t need to research murder because it’s fairly straight forward. However, people should be doing research on mental health before trying to write about it.

Why is talking to people and doing research important? Because when it comes to eating disorders (which was my main focus), everyone likes to write about the pretty high school girl that starves herself because she’s sad because X,Y,Z. Usually a decently attractive male somehow helps her through this and she discovers she’s beautiful no matter what, blah, blah, blah. No one ever writes about the binge eating, or the self induced vomiting. No one mentions the hair loss, the shaking hands, or the black outs because you’ve become anemic.

People don’t want to talk about the “ugly” parts of eating disorders. And that is the most insulting thing that comes with people not knowing what the hell they’re writing about.

I feel like you didn’t actually read any of my posts besides the snarky first one I made. I explicitly stated that I’m fed up with the people who don’t do research and it shows the writing.

Also, most “great literature” about war was written by old white men that were war veterans themselves.

Hey again. This is just a warning for some more sensitive people but, I have a few more problematic ships. I won’t post too much of that, and I’ll give warnings if I’m about to, cause I know a lot of people are uncomfortable w/ that. But if you feel the need to judge me because of fictional pairings, something that matters literally nothing at all in real life and should not effect your opinion of me, GTFO. For reference, I’ve talked about ships in the real world before, and when I mention anything such and Maxvid (don’t ship it, but whatever, you do you), or Rickmorty (don’t start w/ me, fucking luv this), people just go, “Uhh, okay?” and then I’m like, “oh sorry we can talk about something else.” and they’re like, “sure. it’s whatever. I don’t really care, it’s just a show.” and we move on from there. So like, chill. It really. doesn’t. matter. That said, I’ll still give a heads up for those who are more iffy on it.

I have a really serious topic to talk about…

If anyone says that drugs aren’t something to be avoided, and to be indulged in, please tell them otherwise. My mother, who was wonderful when I was 6, stopped being so great when drugs came into her life. She’d be gone for days, stealing money from my family to the point that we were broke, and only needed us when something didn’t work out for her. I love her, I really do. But now she’s homeless, jumping from house to house, and shelter to shelter. She ges beat up, she gets mugged, she gets all her belongings stolen from her, and it’s all thanks to drugs. And she wants me to make sure everyone is aware that any little drug can be a gateway to a huge mistake. I don’t see her more than once a month now, and it’s harder every time I see her, knowing that she’s living that life, and degrading. She can hardly form sentences now, and it’s heartbreaking.

TAZ Episode 19 Minutes 28-38

Justin: No wait, that sucks, is there a spell- it seems like there should be like… Lock opening spells.

That’s exactly what D&D needs, more ways for magic users to contribute.  They’re normally so shoehorned into their own little role and can only do that one thing and nothing else.  While we’re at it, let’s give them unarmed attacks since they don’t usually use weapons.  Oh, and what about-I was going to make a joke but I literally can’t think of any other major class features they don’t have access to through spells.  OH WELL!

Travis: [talking over Griffin] Okay, let me try constitution.
Travis: [already rolling dice] Uh, that’s.. sixteen plus two… Eighteen.
Griffin: Okay. You, and the box, both drink poison!
Griffin: And you survive, but the box has died.
Clint: That means it’s open, right?
Griffin: [flatly] Yes. With that, the box pops open. It has 900 gold pieces inside.

This whole bit was amazing and I loved it.  

Taako: [dubiously] I- We- can’t take these.
Taako: This is a bank. No-
Taako: This is-
Taako: We’re not looting! We’re st-
Taako: We’re literally stopping a bank robbery.
Taako: Just cause you found money in a bank doesn’t mean that you can just take it with you!
Taako: Great, I grab some chairs. Like, I grab furniture. What- why are we looting!?
Taako: This isn’t a dungeon, people do business here!
Taako: [incredulously] Nobody’s gonna do anything, you’re gonna get arrested! You’ll go to jail! You- We’re literally talking the chief of police is outside. 

Taako: You guys can split it 50/50 if you want, I swear to god, first thing I do when I get outside is I rat you out.

I just love that Taako is the sane man here.  Like yes, of course we can’t steal from a bank, we aren’t criminals.  Magnus, no, please.   I just love how Justin is playing this whole thing. Don’t steal.  It’s bad.

Griffin: Um… Alongside this lockbox you also find-
Griffin: Uhm, you find an odd-looking… Square key.
Justin: Aw man, was that the key to the lockbox? [laughs]
Griffin: [tense pause] No.

That would be a really shitty lock-box then.  For safe keeping, i actually have chained the  key and the lockbox together so we don’t lose the key to it.

Griffin: Does everyone get that I have an elevator fetish at this point? It’s just like, what’s not to like about them. Uh, and uh, the door… opens up!

There’s just something about an object opening to you and slowly being put inside it as the thing then closes and you’re stuck inside it and then go down the throat elevator shaft.

Griffin: Well, if you will. But we won’t, ‘cause it’s not that. It’s just a glass elevator with a glass, uh, bottom, glass walls, the uh- the top of the elevator car is a, uh, a sturdier metal, with some, uh, lights built into it. And the exterior of the elevator shaft is also glass, so you can sort of, uh, look out over the city of Goldcliff, or you would if the building had not been sort of surrounded by these vines. Um. So there’s little shafts of light poking in? Uh, but uh, otherwise it’s mostly just sort of vines that you can see through the… through the elevator, uh, wall.

That’s neat.  I do wonder why it required a key though.  I would understand needing it for certain floors but it sounded like they needed the key to use the elevator period.  I wonder if The Raven is on the top floor yet?  I guess it depends on if she knows what she is looking for or not.  Trent said he was born half an hour ago, which either means she made him half an hour ago or she made him before that and half an hour ago he actually was done forming.  SO let’s say she’s been in here for an hour, which is being pretty generous.  If she needs to search each floor, she would need to do a full search of each one in about 3 minutes to have reached the top by now.  That being said, I’m guessing she knows the top floor has something she wants and she booked it to there after the main vault.

Griffin: Okay. You go up one flight of stairs to the second floor. And the elevator door opens and there they are and you’re on the second floor. And that was- boy, that was boring.

You solved my elevator puzzle!


A bunch of Ezra

This was a lot of fun to draw even if it took longer than initially intended … oops
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Never let me get invested in a voting gauntlet again.