do we need to talk about it

  • Cassian: Sweetheart?
  • Nesta: What?
  • Cassian: Where are my fighting leathers?
  • Nesta: What?
  • Cassian: Where. Are. My. Fighting. Leathers?
  • Nesta: I, uh, put them away.
  • Cassian: WHERE?
  • Nesta: Why do you NEED to know?
  • Cassian: I need them!
  • Nesta: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off doing no daring-do. We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Cassian: The Night Court is in danger!
  • Nesta: My evening's in danger!
  • Cassian: You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Nesta: 'Greater good?' I am your mate! I'm the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!

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a part of me really hopes that Touka thinks things through before doing anything rash like everyone's expecting her to. I mean, how cool would it be if, when Kaneki got back from whatever he was doing (assuming he isn't on some sort of secret mission) Touka just approaches him and says, "Hey, Kaneki, we need to talk." and he's like, "Okay." and they go somewhere private, and Touka just cuts to the chase and says, "We're idiots. Why are we still hiding things from each other?"(1)

yay D: i hope she waits for him to return and talk about it, there’s still some time left until the execution day, and the meaning of the scene is very ironic, she went to his room to tell him her secret (one he already suspects..) and ended up finding his secret, so if he comes back they will probably talk about it? and i’m sure Touka wants to know first why he has that report before doing something reckless. We all thought she would do something reckless when Mutsuki showed her the hand/picture and she did nothing, she remained calm.. i’m sure she will do the same now, especially when she’s pregnant.. her priority right now must be her baby. 

One thing that I’ve noted from the conservatives I’ve talked to is that there’s a wide scale hatred of insurance companies. It’s the one thing we can agree on, that insurance companies are corrupt and greedy and they drive up medical bills for everybody whether they have insurance or not. They’ll agree that it needs to stop but I can never get them to take that one step into actually agreeing with the things that will do it. They’ve swallowed so much conservative rhetoric about single payer systems that even if they agree with everything else, they won’t take the step to supporting a solution. It’s like leading a horse to water. But if you focus on the things they can agree to, more and more I think they gradually question the system we’re in. Most hardened conservatives will never support the ACA because of all the rhetoric, but it’s a start.

Book Alec: Jace we shouldn’t do this we should think about all the options.

Book Jace: Alec please don’t talk to me I have to go sulk about Clary

Show Alec: Jace you’re fucking stupid and you need to get your head in the game!

Show Jace: Alec please I don’t want to see anyone and I’m going to go sulk about Clary


These two Instagram pages constantly degrade/objectify Monsta X along with their followers. E.g. calling Hoseok, “Wonhoe” or hoe alone.

We’ve already addressed the name calling of the members several times yet it continues…! This isn’t okay! We constantly speak out against this EXACT behavior within our fan base yet it’s clear that these “monbebes” do not know.

Please let them know that this isn’t acceptable amongst us monbebes, and that Monsta X isn’t to be represented like this to other fan bases.

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If i were the people who's behind 5h and Camila, i would totally allow them to be public about a possible relationship, think about it. Do you even know how much publicity would this first Girl-girl, on the music industry, relation would be? If only they knew what kind of press and money they would have after that, we're talking about maybe the first out of the closet-same sex relationship in the entire music history. It would benefit both parts. Fuck.

It would benefit for a little while but in the long run it would be the only thing the girls would be remembered for, you know what I mean? That’s why they need to be known for their talent first, not their sexuality.

Told Dean last night that after we talked several months ago, I’ve decided that come December I would like to start foster paperwork and possibly do foster -> adopt.

He said he doesn’t know and I told him that’s fine if he doesn’t feel ready for that step. But that he needs to start giving it some serious thought. Either way, I would just like to know he spent some time thinking about it, regardless what he decides, I’ll be able to accept his feelings after genuine reflection. Hopefully we can move forward but I don’t want to start anything we both don’t feel 100% ready for.

Fostering is a little scary. The hardest thing would be having to say goodbye and that’s one of the biggest things he, and I, need to make sure we are ready for.

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im super disappointed that SH is afraid of giving malec more intimate scenes. Theyve been together for over an entire season now and maia and jace swoop in and dry hump in an alley 2 seconds after deciding theyre into eachother. im pretty sure its not the actors who are uncomfortable, so i can only assume its the writing. either way. super bummed.

I get what you’re coming from, but the Jace and Maia thing was a different moment. They’ve had this chemistry since episode 3 and they need some sexual relief, so that was a perfect moment. People don’t have to be in relationship or know each other for a long time to have sex. But still, I know what you mean.

I’ve talked about this before many times and I do think it’s unfair. We don’t need those scenes, you know? I mean, if the show was the kind to not have scenes like that I wouldn’t care, but the show clearly doesn’t have problem with it (Jaia scene is the perfect example), so why not show Malec? Why are they so afraid of showing? The writers and Todd and Darren are very aware of how we feel about this (Todd recently commented about it on his twitter) and I think they will find a perfect moment to do that. To be fair, the last few episode weren’t the moment to do something like that. Though next episode Magnus will expose his feelings to Alec and I think this is something that is going to bring them closer together giving them plenty of moments to add more of their intimacy. I remember Todd said something about 2x18 being a good Malec episode so I’m watching out for that one. 

We need a little patience and a little faith. I think we will get those scenes. Maybe not this season, but I’m hopeful for season 3. It’s so important to have that. To end this stigma that “gay sex” is promiscuous.

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so i told myself that i wasn't gonna bug you too often but now i kind of have to: i got into AEC through kyle himself on the TT discord server and i'm such a fan of it that i'd actually argue with him over how good it is. and the crossover with SF was just beautiful. i know it most likely won't happen again, but hearing y'all talk about how awesome it was to work together just makes me really happy??? we need more creators interacting like that nowadays, honestly. it's nice to see.

We do this kind of stuff in private all the time. You gotta understand that, I’m personal friends with a lot of these people at this point. It goes beyond just making something together, because it’s two friends making something together!

Bothering Lee and Dylan and Adam and most of the crossovers done in episode 29 have just been friends helping friends out and bouncing dumb ideas off each other. And even those I meet through this stuff like Kyle, who messaged me about the potential for the crossover back when those doors were open, become friends of mine as well.

I like the idea of surrounding myself with creative people, because they bring out great things in me. I love these dudes. They’re actually some of my closest friends in my life, completely. And that’s awesome.

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advice on how to stop,,, being,,, sad? asking for a friend ~🌱anon (ps idk if you so this but if you do can i be tagged as the 🌱anon so i can easily find your answers to my asks okay srry bye have a nice day)

If you want to be tagged of course I’ll tag!

about that, I guess it depends.
There’s a million types of sadness: sadness for silly things, sadness for tragic things, sadness that comes in and we don’t know why, so I guess that every sadness has its special cure that works more than a generic one.
Talking about generic sadness, my advices are:
- create. you don’t need to be a great whatever-comes-to-your-mind, just do. Even when you shitpost you’re creating something (and yeah, I’m still a pretty angsty individual but this blog saved my ass from a sadness that was taking my whole days away) this will make you focus on something, maybe not productive, but at least fun.
- love. which means love and be loved: talk to a friend, talk to a stranger online, vent if they let you, let them vent if they need to and talk about things you both like also. Venting makes you reach out to people and feel less trapped in your sadness, helping people makes you feel better and again, talking about stuff we love makes our brain focus on good things.
Also, if you, sad cinnamon roll that are reading this, have a pet, you need to hug/play with them to the moon and back, really. I’ve had the best laughs of my life in my darkest days just looking at how silly my dog is when she runs/plays with me.
- admire. when I say “admire” I mean “enjoy whatever you like”. Bingewatch of Markiplier’s videos? go for it. Thinking about how some people are amazing and care about you? you should definitely do it. Obsessively look at fat cats/fat babies’s photos? same dude, I would do it all day and so should you.
Allow your heart to feel good things. Look at the good things, hug them, talk to them, make a shitty blog about them just because.
Let yourself feel good, even when it’s not easy.
Also, remind yourself that feeling sadness it’s normal, it’s okay and you will feel better.
You’re loved, you’re worth it and you’re strong, no matter how suffocating sadness can feel.
Even the worst days have 24 hours, right?
You will heal.

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Hey.... have we talked about #DanversSistersWeek yet? Cause I'm down for that!!! We need more Alex/Kara sisterly love!

Yes yes yes I’m down to do it!! I need to recover from #SanversWeek and work on some other projects I have coming out, but yes yes yes I’m in!!! :D

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Re: converts vs ethnic, what about ethnic Jews who never studied/practiced the religion? My mother's side is ethnically Jewish, but only one family member practiced and we don't get along so I never learned much. I'm an atheist but I want to learn more about and embrace my heritage. Would I be considered Jewish? Would a rabbi be offended if I wanted to learn but not convert/practice the religion?

My understanding - and please understand that this is very much from the viewpoint of a giyoret and you’ll need to talk to a Rabbi for authoritative answers - is that you are still halachically Jewish, and don’t need to convert. That said, many people in your position do take intro-to-Judaism or conversion classes because those classes exist precisely to help connect someone who was raised outside the culture and faith to it. Some who are looking to connect and become more observant wind up going to the mikveh as a symbolic gesture, but to my understanding it’s not required. Rabbinical support of this varies, but I’ve never heard of one who was against it, and I’m reasonably sure you’d be extremely hard-pressed to find a Rabbi who didn’t want to share Jewish culture with you even if you didn’t want to begin practicing. There’s a whole genre of joke that basically boils down to “Once you get a Rabbi started they won’t stop” for a reason.

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Pls don't take this as me trying to force a ship but I have to disagree with you on Canada. Yes, canon!Canada can be a pushover but I also know you care about historical and cultural accuracy. And we're talking about a nation that had to fight back against the US many times to avoid becoming it's next state and fought the na/zis in WW2. Imo he'd have the capability to call Ned out on his shit when he needs to, but also has the patience to forgive him. Yes, he's nice but he also has a backbone.

((No worries, I’m not taking this the wrong way! ❤ Yes, I do know about the WWII stuff and such but it’s just the way canon!Canada is being portrayed that I can’t properly ship him with Ned. Don’t get me wrong, I do adore this ship and it’s my guilty pleasure, but not if it’s done in the canon way. If someone portrays him accurately as the country he really is, then I’ll wholeheartedly ship this :) ❤ To be fair, I would give anything to see/read Canada call Ned out on his shit, that would be amazing and hilarious xD ))

SKAM S04E08 Clip 6 - Happy Birthday to you

ADAM: We’re fasting. We’re not having hotdogs.

ESKILD: Is that Fedon Lindberg, or who is it?

LINN: I’ve probably had chlamydia like thirteen times, it’s like.. Just take some antibiotics and it’s gone.

VILDE: Yeah.

LINN: But in the eye? I haven’t heard that one before.

EVEN: You can just do it from your side. Should I do it now? Bad hit!

ELIAS: Awesome! Look what he did now.

EVEN: Hey, guys!

MAGNUS: Hey! Hey. I’m Magnus.

ELIAS: I’m Elias.

MAGNUS: You know my girlfriend.

ELIAS: Oh.. The blonde one?


ELIAS: Right! Yeah, yeah, yeah. She has talked lots about you.

MAGNUS: She did?

ELIAS: Yeah, she talked about you a lot.

MAGNUS: What does she say about me?

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