do we need to talk about it

Hey just saying if you have to have a character explicitly state that they or another character have changed, then you’re doing it wrong. If you have to get a character to tell us about this change we’re supposed to have seen, instead of the audience being able to figure it out for themselves, then you haven’t written character development. You just haven’t. That’s not an opinion, that’s literally how (screen)writing works.

Kara and Mon-El talking about how much he’s changed isn’t showing how he’s changed, it’s just trying to fill the hole where his character development should be.

Character development done right doesn’t need to be talked about by the characters. 

  • *Daddy and I out trying to find an Easter dress for me*
  • Me: *In the dressing room, working on my 4th dress* This one won't even zip. I give up. *Opening the door to show daddy how 'fat' I looked*
  • Daddy: do you wanna see if there is a bigger size?
  • Me: *shakes head* this is the biggest size. I don't wanna keep trying on clothes. What's the point. *Tries to slam the door shut, but daddy sticks his hand inside*
  • Daddy: Look at me, baby. You're beautiful. You know your rules; no talking bad about yourself. Does some little girl need a time out?
  • Me: *Blushing, still standing in the too-small dress* No, daddy. I'm sorry.
  • Daddy: *Kisses my forehead* Now get changed, we'll go somewhere else to look.

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Can you do one of your describe a scene posts about the pickax scene? it's the scene that started my shipping.

Why sure I can, I said I would do any that came into my box and I’m good at my word (even while on break) so here goes love..

(I will need to reference gifs for this one cause it was so long ago, talk about way back machine lol)

So we have Daryl, just about to put an ax into the head of the now deceased asshole that passed for Carol’s husband. He’s about to swing it when she come and says “I’ll do it.. he was my husband.”

Her soft, meek, teary voice cuts through Daryl’s gruff and he looks at her, this tiny woman, and hands her an ax almost as big as she is..

He watches her as she takes it and barely having the strength to lift it, manages to and proceeds to swing it awkwardly, with tears in her eyes into her husbands head..

Multiple times I might add.

(gifs by @oohhshiny))

A painful level of overkill that would be echoed by him a few seasons later. The moment being what it was. A liberation in a way from years of abuse. And it always struck me how he almost seems to recognize it. It Knowing what we know now he probably did. 

the way he’s watching her, this small woman wielding an ax and freeing herself in a very real way from the man ruled her life for so long. Even as a man he can relate to the situation. He doesn’t know her that well but he’s gotta admire her strength to be able to do it. What it must’ve took.

Its an early moment, and it passes rather fast but you look at it now and realize that Daryl passed her the instrument she used to free herself from Ed’s reign completely and would become someone very important to her.

A man she loves who, unlike that pathetic excuse for a man she was married to, would fight to protect her rather that ever injure her himself. Someone who understood and could relate to what it was like to be held down and hurt by someone who was supposed to love you.

He might not have known her well in that moment but he helped in a small way that would echo even now, years later.

Damn I should go back and watch that. The beginning of the beautiful thing that is Caryl :)

(I love these things, you guys can keep sending them if you want :) )

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I need more dexzimbits omg wow rarepair hell. Any chance of a fic where Dex drops the fines w zimbits and the team find out why and start fining him too bc he is sappy af

Ok we’re doing this in bullet fic form right now because I can make this so much better later. 

When Jack started talking about Valentine’s Day, Dex shied away from the conversation a bit. He was still so new to this that sometimes he had to be reminded that yes, they were in it together for the long haul. They’d agreed (mostly Bitty and Dex convinced Jack) that they should keep it simple.

“Just dinner,” Dex murmurs over the phone. He’s on a Murder run while Bitty’s working on dinner as Jack’s driving back from the airport. Dex has learned in the approximately two weeks he’s been in a relationship that, sometimes, brief encounters can be extremely meaningful.

“Hmm, dinner and one gift,” Jack counters.

“I make dinner and each person gets one gift,”

“I take us to dinner and I get you flowers?”

“I don’t even like flowers,” Dex scrunches his nose. “Sorry, you meant Bits.”

“No hun, he meant you too,” Bitty chuckles. “But you’re right, that’s not very fair to you.”

“Look, it’s fine guys,” “we can have dinner, you can exchange gifts. I’m seriously too new to this to honestly care if I get anything.”

“Will,” Jack protests. Dex likes the way his name rolls off Jack’s tongue. It makes him feel mature and upstanding, instead of young and awkward.

“Jack please don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day,” “I just want to spend time with you, both of you.”


“Yeah?” Will and Jack chorus. They all laugh despite the obvious tension.

“How about I make dinner, and each person gets one thing from the other two?”

“Only if I can help,” Dex counters.

“Deal,” Bitty triumphantly huffs.

“That sounds great,” Jack agrees.

“Honey, how far away are you?”

“Twenty miles,” Jack responds.

“I’m leaving the store now,” Dex adds because half the time he can’t tell who Bitty’s talking to. It’ll probably get easier once he’s settled on nicknames and Dex knows what names are his.

“That’s great, I love you”

“Love you too,” they chime in

Dex can hear Ransom in the distance shouting fine as he hangs up. Dex trudges back to house with the corn starch, sugar, yams, and other shit Bitty requested. They’re not intentionally keeping their relationship a secret. But it’s new and there’s a lot of uncharted territory. It’s nice not to have everyone breathing down his neck.

The rest is a bullet fic for now 

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I knew she was a hot and upcoming girl, and everyone was telling me I needed to work with her. Then I saw her, and I thought she looked like a supermodel with the personality to match. The good thing about [Gigi] is you understand what you’re wearing and what we’re doing, so you get into it. That’s very rare in our industry, which is why I don’t work with many models.
—  Photographer Mert Alas talking about his first impression of Gigi Hadid to The Daily Front Row
  • A2: we need to talk about your obsession
  • 2b: throwing pens on the ground: 9s can you pick those up and what do you mean obsession?
  • A2: can you atleast look at me when we are talking
  • 2b putting 9s in her lap: fine
  • A2: ... Do you have to grab him like that
  • 2b grabbing 9s drooling and nose bleeding: shhhh let me have this
  • 9s: 2b are you ok
  • 2b drooling heavily and heavy nose bleeding: shhhh let this happen

Niall Blurb Request - The Cruise

This ship was enormous. Like, I’m going to get lost in it constantly, enormous. Holy shit. I walked down the never ending hallway and finally came to a stop at room number 2482. I popped the key card into the door and stepped in. I tossed my bag on the bed as I looked around. It was pretty standard - bed, desk, television on the dresser, decent bathroom. It would do. I never slept that well when I wasn’t in my own bed, anyway, so my expectations weren’t that high.

This cruise hadn’t been my idea but when Melanie had started talking about getting the high school crew back together again, this is what we had collectively come up with. It would be fun, I admitted to myself.  It had been years since we had all been in the same place at the same time so we were going to make the most of it. Besides, I could certainly do with some much needed girl time. Matt and I had finally called our marriage quits six months ago after trying for years to make things work. It was overwhelming trying to step back into normalcy. And the dating world? Forget about it. I was too old for this shit. Not that 32 was old but Matt and I had been together since we were teenagers, so I didn’t even know how to begin navigating the sketchy waters of dating in your thirties. So far, I was failing pretty spectacularly.

“What are you doing? Get changed so we can head out to the pool!” Melanie said as she and Jen walked in. “It’s time to get our drink on.”

I laughed as I dug out my suit from my bag. “Alright, alright.”

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I don’t want to publicly call this person out. I don’t want to mention their name or their usernames. I’m sure people know who I’m talking about or can figure it out themselves. But I find it completely hypocritical and unprofessional that Marc Guggenheim has been sending Olicity-related spoilers to a huge Olicity blog, and has promised to do it every week. I think if the tables were turned, and if he was sending Laurel/Lauriver fans spoilers, then there’d be a huge riot, and he would be forced to explain himself. 

Yes, I’m excited about Katie coming back to the show. Yes, I’m excited that we might get a Black Siren redemption arc. But nothing else has changed. Marc continues to pander to this fanbase. Marc continues to give them the ammunition they don’t even really need to talk down to everyone else in the fanbase and treat everyone else like shit. Marc continues to feed this fanbase and then deny it whenever the topic of “fanservice” or “pandering to an audience” gets brought up. Right now, the Olicity fandom is on Twitter trying to suggest that the only reason Katie has her job back is because she must have slept with the producers. And instead of calling this fandom out for their behaviour — behaviour that has been going on for 5 years now — Marc has chosen to give that fandom encouragement to continue being “passionate” and feed them weekly spoilers about a ship he claims isn’t fanservice. 

“Can we stop doing stereotypical gay relationships? The “bottom” or “uke” doesn’t fucking have to be feminine AF, scared of everything, be helpless and all. The same as the “top” or “seme” doesn’t need to be the world’s biggest macho-man knight in shining armor who has to save the day the whole time. Tumblr always talks about crushing the stereotypes. And yet this is reinforcing them. Oh and btw, not all “semes” have to be tall. Not all “ukes” have to be short. STOP THESE UNORIGINAL STEREOTYPES”

Karamel and Supercorp Rant

Oh my god I can’t take it with this ship war anymore. I could write for days about my thoughts on this whole ordeal but the biggest point I need to make is STOP TREATING MON-EL LIKE A HUMAN, HE IS NOT FROM THIS PLANET! We are talking about a person who has never in his life seen kindness or empathy, who was raised by a woman that didn’t even have to think hard about killing her husband, his planet was not like earth, there were no good people to be role models for him or an example for him to live up to. Despite this, in nine months he has become a totally different person who cares and who is trying to do the right thing but he’s still just a baby in a cape, he’s bound to make mistakes while he’s learning. And yes his family owned slaves and he completely objectified women and acted like an ass for his first several… several episodes but what has happened is called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and it’s the pinnacle of modern entertainment.

Also Kara Zoe-El is not some wilting flower who will break down and die if a man doesn’t hold the door for her, she constantly reverses the gender norms in their relationship and she is a smart girl who isn’t going to let someone take advantage of her. She never would have given him a chance if she didn’t see the goodness in him from the beginning (after overcoming her own racism against him)

If this show fills you with this much rage I suggest not watching it…

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Sleepover: Soooo I think I'm a little confused on if I have a crush on this bestie of mine or just really love them in a platonic way, see whenever I talk to them or anything it's really nice and fun, and we have so much in common. I just really needed to get that out! Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable!!

how to know if you have a crush on someone: everything they do makes you happy, you think about them more than usual, their smile makes your whole day brighter whenever they so much as brush your skin in any form of content you feel completely blessed

that and ur heart goes wh o mo mw ghomwhwmghp

sleepover questions

“The Jumanji sequel will not be about a magical board game.”

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I need to real talk here a minute.

Don’t harass roleplayers for getting ‘in the way’ of ships you have. That’s not cool.

Most writers are multiship and I know the folks I ship with well– we take time to talk about the relationship and how we’d like to see it develop. I understand how you can feel emotionally invested but don’t hop on anon and send hate kids.

That’s immature as hell.

This blog is multiship. Most of my partners are multiship. Which means each relationship gets its own verse.

Bottom line: Don’t send hate anons. Least of all if they involve my muse.

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ugh, now we got a pro life rightist saying disabled people aren't oppressed, people don't talk about ableism as it is, disabled people are oppressed and we do not need hateful people saying we aren't oppressed

Ugh, that’s the worst.

Ableism is a real thing, and disabled people are deff oppressed, and quite often. The amount of discrimination that can be found towards disabled people is - honestly - ludicrous. The amount of people I know that see disabled people as somehow ‘lesser’ people because of their disabilities is astonishing - in a bad way!

A Capitalistic society often views people based on what they can “give” to said society. Disabilities are often viewed in a very bad light because the person with the disability is viewed as someone who cannot give as much “to society” as an able bodied person can. Thus, they are often seen as “lesser” to able bodied people. This is a bias. This is discrimination. There’s no argument about that. It’s basically the definition of discrimination, seeing someone as lesser for one of their “traits”. With discrimination often comes oppression.

This isn’t just for physical disabilities either, it’s for mental disabilities as well. Often those with a visible - in any way - disability are “more” discriminated against, yes, because one can see the disability easily/easier and discriminate because it’s obvious. However, if one tells someone about a disability - because it’s generally invisible - that can very often lead to many kinds of unconscious discrimination as well, once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. I’ve had this happen to me often with my own inadvisable illnesses, both mental and physical.

Just look at the world, the amount of stigma there is for mental disabilities, mental health issues, and physical disabilities, the discrimination is obvious. The oppression stems from that. Employers often do not want to employ people with disabilities. They often do not want to give them accommodations. The world is made for able bodied people, not for those with disabilities, and they are often erased. Those accommodations that are given, are often given with spite and many people complain about disabled people getting accommodations, like those accommodations that the disabled need to function in one way or another, or need to have an easier time of it (aka be closer to working like an able boded person would be able too) are seen as “extras” or “hand outs” or “special” things that they get. When in fact, these accommodations are necessities, not hand outs or special help.

Here are some good articles if anyone wants to read some in depth explanations about oppression of disabled people that isn’t my quick summary here.

Mod Aerrow

A gift from me and Johnson/@furyfire, I hope you feel better dear. I’m sorry things aren’t going well and I’m here to talk if you ever need to

know we’ll never judge you or be upset with you for the choices you make if you think they’re the best for you. we’re just worried about you because of your circumstances, but do what you need to feel better okay, we care about you deeply

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i really need a scene between when maggie and alex had their beautiful heart to heart and when maggie talked with her ex. i need more talking about trauma and alex being the awesome-ist girlfriend. i mean obviously alex had to comfort and coax maggie for her to end up doing something like that. and especially cause alex had to run out. there has to be more.

Darling we all need these things. My entire fix it list just went up so like.

Eat your heart out, because it’s all about trauma and healing and my god I’m exhausted.

today did end up being very good. we drove in the empty farmer’s market lot and long boarded after … i don’t have much experience with either but my friend helped me & then let me eat the brownies she made … a keeper. i cried on the phone with my nana, we talked about a lot of feelings and moving forward with what i need to do and i’m just so thankful to have her in my life. there were some uncomfortable things today but i’m learning to brush them off and focus on better thoughts. i also think that sol’s eyebrows look like black caterpillars. goodnight

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In the promo pics, it looks like Lena is pulling Jack towards her, meaning she kissed him. I have a headcanon that this scene happened after "Who else has seen this?" And she does it to maybe get information out of Jack in order to help Kara

Ahahaha!!! You and I are on the same exact page!! That is definitely one of my running theories I have been pondering, anon. I mean it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Lena has appealed to the nature of someone she is against to get what she needs in order to do the right thing *cough* Lillian *cough*. I think that maybe she still cares about Jack but knows she has to do something. And it wouldn’t be the last time that Lena has gone above and beyond to help Kara get to the bottom of something.

And to take it a step further, when she and Kara are on the couch, we have been talking mostly about Kara’s expression. But maybe Lena feels a bit of guilt as well? Her role in everything if they go down that road could lead to Jack’s fate, whatever that may be and while she knows she did the right thing, she isn’t a robot. She isn’t without remorse. Tie that in with the feelings I mentioned earlier about just another person in Lena’s life being bad, and it definitely works.

I don’t doubt that for a second and I am actually really hoping that is the route they took here. Yes headcanon accepted anon!

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| Luke Hemmings X Person | Very Long |

     “(Y/N)! Come cuddle meee!” my best friend of 16 years, Luke, yells to me from across our shared apartment. “I’m coming!” I reply whilst running down the hallway, towards his room, in my shorts and sweatshirt. When I get there, I don’t slow down, I just burst through the door and jump onto his bed. He was already laying on his bed and instantly wrapped his arms around me, and I him. 

      “Mmmmm, yes…this was very much needed.” Luke says with his eyes closed, as he places his head in the crook of my neck. We aren’t dating, nor do we like each other. We talked about it before we moved in together 5 years ago, we agreed that nothing would happen between us. When we were kids in primary school, I had a crush on Luke, he knew and he still sometimes teases me about it. 

     “Indeed.” I ask him, but it sounded kind of muffled from my head being covered with both blankets and Luke’s shoulder… He moved his face out of my neck to check his phone, I decided to do the same. “What the fuck?” I asked out loud when I saw that I had a message from Michael. We only text when we’re feeling a bit lonely if ya know what I mean.

We need to talk asap’ ~ Mikey

     “What?” Luke inquired, I just showed him my texts. I don’t really have anything to hide from him, I’ve already told him about the messages to and from Michael, we’re too close not to share those kinds of things. He looks at the message a bit sternly and only mumbles a small “Oh…”. “I’ll call him later.” I mumble as I put my phone on my charger that was already in Luke’s room since I spend so much time in here. 

     As Luke was laying on his back now, I took it as he didn’t want to cuddle anymore. I just laid beside him, chewed on the inside of my cheek, and secretly looked at his phone because I’m a nosy bitch. I saw that he was messaging Michael, all I saw was my name and something about ‘a date’ before I got too nervous that he would catch me. Still…a date?

     After a while, Luke puts down his phone and instantly just pulls me into him, in the same position as before. I couldn’t say that I didn’t feel surprised, but I just hold him back and play with his hair. Luke’s been off lately, I haven’t questioned him about it because I don’t want to pry, but I seriously need to talk to him about it. 

     “Sing to me?” He whispers in my ear, causing chills to go down my back. “You want to hear a screaming goat?” I joked with raised eyebrows. Luke weakly chuckled and responded “Yes please.” “What do you want me to sing?” I laughed. “Drive? By Halsey?” Luke asks, I could have sworn I heard him sniffled, but I didn’t question it. I started singing and Luke just held on tighter and I knew he was crying because I felt his hot tears on my neck.

All we do is drive
All we do is think about the feelings that we hide  
All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign
Sick and full of pride
All we do is drive

‘I love you, (Y/N).’ ‘I love you too, Luke.’

And California never felt like home to me
And California never felt like home
And California never felt like home to me
Until I had you on the open road and now we’re singing

‘(Y/N), your entire being is where I belong and I feel most comfortable, you know? Like, You’re my home…’ 

Your laugh echoes down the highway
Carves into my hollow chest,
Spreads over the emptiness
It’s bliss

‘Your laugh is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard, Luke.’

     Flashbacks of moments that Luke and I have shared keep popping up in my head while I sang. I felt too awkward to ask him about him crying, which was weird because I’ve never felt any type of comfortableness around him. I just kept singing and Luke started humming too. “Would it really kill you if we kissed?” he wobbly sang in my ear, while I sang in his.

     We both stopped after we sang the lyric, neither of us wanting to acknowledge what had just happened, but also not wanting to forget that it had happened. I held him even tighter, as if that was even fucking possible. Since Luke’s breathing had calmed after about an hour of me playing with his hair, I assumed that he had fallen asleep. I untangled his arms and legs from around my body, a very difficult jobs when it comes to a giant man-child with freakishly lanky limbs.

     I grabbed my phone and went onto the balcony to call Mikey and also make minimal noise because of the situation between Luke and I, I really didn’t want to wake him and see him have another breakdown.

     “Hey (Y/N)!” Michael chirped into the phone after the third ring. “Hey Michael, what did you want to talk about.?” I ask, trying to be cheery after what had just happened. “Well you see, we’ve been talking for, like, 5 months and I’ve never even taken you out on a date before.” Michael replies, getting kind of nervous towards the end of his sentence. He sounded like a little kid that was trying to talk they’re mom into letting them get a gaming console. I sighed and said “Michael, we agreed that there were no feelings attached in this….whatever we have going on….” “Well yea, bu-” “I can’t Michael, I’m sorry.” I interrupted and quickly hung up before anything else could be sad. The best person at problem avoiding, ladies and gentlemen.

     When I turn around I see that Luke had woken up and was laying on the living room floor, face down. I tried to slip through the door and slip by him silently, just as I thought that I was successful, Luke blurts out “I know you’re right there, (Y/N).” “I could always hope…” I reply and go lay next to him. “You gonna tell me what happened in there?” I try to ask without sounding too invasive. I just figured I would break the ice before him, he didn’t seem to be in the mood to initiate the dreaded conversation.

     He just sat up and said “I love you so much more than you’ll ever know.” I was taken aback, we both love each other unconditionally. “What do you mean? Like, I know that and I love you so much more than you could ever imagine. Luke, You’re my best friend.” He had a pained look on his face and he looked like he was going to cry again. It hurts me when he hurts. “What’s wrong? You can talk to me about anything, I’m not gonna judge you. I’ve promised you that for 16 years and I’m never going to break that promise. Why won’t you just talk to me?” I was starting to get overwhelmed and I didn’t notice that tears were on my cheeks.

     Luke explained rather calmly “When I say that I love you, I mean that I fucking love every fiber of your god damn being. I’m the most comfortable with you, you’re the highlight of my day, you’re my home and I wouldn’t be able to function if I didn’t have you. 15 years, I’ve loved you more than you’ve loved me for 15 years. You’re my everything and when I hear your laugh or even just your voice, it’s the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever heard. It calms me down even if it’s just a simple whisper, I know it sounds ridiculous and that I lied to you, but I love you so much more than a best friend. You’re my other half and I’ve never needed someone like I need you…please don’t be angry with me for lying to you…”

     I didn’t move a muscle while he was talking. The only thing on my body that was actually moving, were the tears that I was letting fall. When he whispered the last sentence I tackled him in a hug. I love him too. I didn’t let go for a solid 45 minutes. “Why didn’t you tell me? Jesus, Luke.” I said squeezing tighter and starting to cry again. “You and Michael are a thing now.” He replied “We aren’t and we weren’t 15 years ago either. I don’t like Michael, we only talk sometimes and we rarely ever see each other in person.” I corrected, trying to be nice and control my emotions at the same time. 

     “Why do you tell me this now after I’ve literally farted, burped, changed, and done basically every other embarrassing action ever thought of in front of you.” I joke. “Because why would you need to hide that from me?” Luke laughs and wipes my tears. “And it’s not exactly terrible seeing you change, sorry I shouldn’t have said that.” he adds, still laughing. I just laugh and grab his face. 

“Would it really kill you if we kissed?” Luke sings with a smile. “I love you too.” I admit with a laugh and kissing him afterwards. “Long wait, great reward. They aren’t lying when they say patience is virtue, are they?” He says with our foreheads against one another’s. I laughed along with him. “Yea, Luke, It is a pretty great thing.”

“Thank you, Luke.” 

“For what, (Y/N)?” 


 “Yea, sure…..Confessing your love really takes a lot out of you, want to go get some food?”

“Well that moment was short lived….but yes, Lucas, yes I do.”