do we live in the canon

okay but? tony and the tapes?

so you know how you have to listen to the tapes to know why you’re on them/ who you have to pass them on to?

DOES THAT MEAN THAT MY FAVOURITE BEAN TONY PADILLA THOUGHT HE WAS ON THE TAPES? BECAUSE WE NEVER GOT TOLD IF HANNAH GAVE HIM INSTRUCTIONS OR ANYTHING SEPERATELY? so did he put the first tape in and hear about her suicide -then go to her house and everything that happened canonically occurred - but he had to go back home and listen to the tapes to know everything? wondering why he got them and if he’ s on them?

so, once he had to live through that horrible truth, he knew he had to be the angel that carried out her wishes, doing something that, no matter how much the person deserved it, ruined lives?

i’m just gonna go ahead and tell you that I cried when he explained to his bf Brad what was going on and you just saw how much pain he was in and then they hugged and I was bawling like HE HAD SOMEONE FINALLY THERE FOR HIM? HE HAD TO LISTEN TO THOSE GOD-AWFUL TAPES - THAT HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH - ALL ALONE and to top it all of he saw her fucking body and had to keep so many fucking secrets but now he wasn’t alone. ALSO AT THE END WHEN HE GAVE THE FILES TO HANNAH’S PARENTS THAT MUST’VE BEEN SO HARD BUT DID YOU NOTICE THAT WHEN HE WAS WALKING AWAY BRAD WAS WITH HIM? I WAS LIKE YEASSS

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW HE WAS BLAMED for shit that he had nothing to do with like clay starting a fight with him for no reason?

So what i’m trying to say is TONY DIDN’T DESERVE WHAT HE GOT and yes I know how bad Hannah’s life was- but that was probably one of the cruellest things she could’ve done? putting both tony and clay through all that shit



I feel like Disney's evolution of gay LeFou was like:

“Hey, Josh Gad would be great as LeFou, he has experience as a funny bumbling heterosexual manly sidekick!”

“Lol that character of LeFou from back in the day is actually quite homoerotic lol”

“Let’s re-write some lines to make them sound even more homoerotic”

“Hey wait up, Josh Gad is acting this character as the campest man on the planet”

“Lol whatevs let’s throw some even more homoerotic jokes in there hahaha shooting from behind get it”

“Let’s throw in some wistful homoerotic subtext too… why do you need a girlfriend when you have LeFou, Gaston?”

“Fuck this has gone really far people are going to pick up on this, let’s tell the press we’re aware of it and gain some diversity points”

“People are going to be offended by this unless we somehow make it canon QUICK FILM TWO SECONDS OF HIM DANCING WITH A MAN”

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I'm just gonna assume you are half-turtle. If you never died in canon, then what would you be doing right now? Turtles were also said to live for 100 of years, so you can't be with Komugi forever. You will have to see her die first.


we live forever or we die together

Haikyuu height difference: rarepair edition

inspired by this x

Aohina 27.8 cm (10.9 in)
Tananoya 17.7 cm (6.96 in)
Ushiyama 9.5 cm (3.74 in)
Kurohina 23.5 cm (9.25 in)
Tanatsuki 11.9 cm (4.68 in)
Kuroyama 7.7 cm (3.03 in)
Kenhina 5 cm (1.96 in)
Asadai 9.7 cm (3.81 in)
Levken 25.3 cm (9.96 in)
Yamahina 15.8 cm (6.22 in)
Bokuroo 2.4 cm (0.94 in)
Terudai 0.5 cm (0.19 in)
Aoyama 12 cm (4.72 in)
Ushihina 25.3 cm (9.96 in)
Asatana 8.2 cm (3.22 in)
Kuroteru 10.5 cm (4.13 in)
Tsukihina 25.8 cm (10.15 in)
Oisuga 9.7 cm (3.81 cm)
Tanahina 14 cm (5.51 in)
Asasuga 11.8 cm (4.64 in)
Washikono 9 cm (3.54 in)
Ennotsuki 14 cm (5.51 in)
Bokuteru 8.1 cm (3.18 in)
Akaken 13.1 cm (5.15 in)
Kagesuga 7.3 cm (2.87 in)
Kurodai 11 cm (4.33 in)
Tanatora 1.5 cm (0.59 in)
Akatsuki 7.8 cm (3.03 in)
Aoasa 5.6 cm (2.02 in)
Sugahina 10.4 cm (4.09 in)
Teruyama 2.8 cm (1.10 in)
Iwakyou 0.5 cm  (0.19 in)
Kurotsuki 2.4 cm (0.94 in)
Ennotana 2.1 cm (0.82 in)
Akakage 0.4 cm (0.15 in)
Ushioi 5.2 cm (2.04 in) 
Bokuhina 21.1 cm (8.30 in)
Oihina 20.1 cm (7.91 in)

Kiyoyachi 16.5 cm (6.49 in) not rare but they weren’t on the other post

I wrote a thing:

The apartment is far too quiet when Justin finally gets home.

Adam always makes it home first, when they work on the same day, and he’s usually in the kitchen making dinner, or singing along to something in the living room, or perched precariously on the table in the front hall, waiting to tell Justin all about his day.

All of the lights are still off, and Justin heads blindly in the direction of the living room, brow furrowed in a mix of confusion and worry.

He lets out a breath of relief when he sees Adam’s head poking over the back of the couch.

Justin flips on the floor lamp just past the doorway and walks around the couch.

Adam doesn’t move. He’s pulled his feet up onto the couch, and is hunched over his emergency pint of ice cream, glaring at the opposite wall silently. He has a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, but he’s still wearing his dress pants and button up shirt.

His suit jacket is on the floor in front of Justin, and Justin picks it up, placing it over the back of the couch before settling himself down on the middle cushion, close enough that he’ll be able to touch Adam if Adam wants, but far enough to maintain a bit of space in case he doesn’t.

“Hey,” he says quietly.

Adam doesn’t say anything, instead shoving a spoonful of vanilla and cookie dough into his mouth.

“Rough day?” Justin continues.

Adam shrugs, keeping his gaze firmly on the opposite wall.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Justin offers.

“No,” Adam says, as though  that question had been particularly stupid.

“Okay,” Justin says, shrugging and ducking his head to hide his fond smile.

Grouchy-Adam is kind of adorable, but Grouchy-Adam definitely does not appreciate having that pointed out.

“Can I sit with you?” Justin asks.

Sometimes Adam finds cuddling helpful; other times he needs to be alone, and will come find Justin whenever he’s ready.

This time, Adam shrugs again, and lifts a corner of his blanket.

Justin stops trying to hide his smile as he shifts to settle himself under Adam’s arm, pressed up against his side.

Adam wraps his arm tightly around Justin’s shoulders, bringing the blanket with him. It’s too small to adequately cover them both, but Justin figures it’s more for comfort than warmth at this point.

“Want to watch something?” Justin asks.

Adam shrugs again, jostling Justin’s head where it’s resting against his shoulder, and Justin wiggles out from under his arm to go grab Adam’s laptop from the bedroom. He impulsively grabs a pair of sweatpants and an old, worn t-shirt as well, then heads back out.

“Do you want to get changed?” Justin asks, “I’ll order something for dinner.”

Adam nods, face still pulled downward into a frown, but he’s glaring slightly less so Justin will count it as a win.

He passes over the change of clothes, and gets the laptop set up, sending off an order for pizza, then pulling up a random episode of 30 Rock.

Adam settles down next to him just as he’s pressing play, and leans his head on Justin’s shoulder, picking his ice cream back up.

“You’re not going to have any room for pizza,” Justin test-chirps him, half-holding his breath while he waits for a response.

Adam snorts something that could be considered a precursor to a laugh and Justin relaxes.

“I’m a giant,” Adam grumbles, “I can eat as much as I want.”

“You’re only two inches bigger than me,” Justin points out.

“And those two inches are entirely ice cream.” Adam shoots back.

“As a medical professional, I’m going to have to disagree,” Justin says.

“Well as an ice cream professional, I think I’m the authority here,” Adam says, eating another spoonful for good measure.

Justin is about to respond, but suddenly there’s a spoon shoved in his face and he has no choice but to join Adam in ruining their dinner.

Being grown ups sucks, like, most of the time, but being able to eat ice cream for dinner definitely helps.

“Does this mean I’m going to grow two inches?” Justin asks, stealing another bite that Adam definitely intended for himself.

“In your dreams,” Adam huffs.

They settle into comfortable silence, only broken by the arrival of the pizza, which they still manage to eat most of.

By the time they head to bed, overly full, and still wrapped around each other in their blanket, Adam seems nearly back to normal.

“Hey,” Adam says, as they crawl into bed, getting their limbs tangled in the most comfortable way possible, “Thanks.”

“Any time,” Justin tells him.

Adam falls asleep with a tiny, almost invisible smile.


Important notes about the thing:
1) I feel like we, as a fandom do not do enough with the fact that Holster is canonically the most giant grump on the face of the Earth. (Except for maybe Jack, but that argument was never resolved to my satisfaction)
2) No, this has no plot. I didn’t even try, tbh.
3) This could kind of take place in the nebulous future where they live together and somehow got together and Ransom still refers to himself as a medical professional (whether or not he is one)
3) I had more things to say before I got home. I may remember them later and add them in.

For @artemis-rae​ A collection of Percy/Annabeth set in canon universe. welcome back to the fandom! We missed you! Some of this fics were written in canon universe before the the last books came out, so now it can be also considered au’s. I didn’t included any fic from @greenconverses because I’ve a feeling you have read them all. 

Privacy by books4belle

“Do you know the best thing about living in Cabin 3?” Percy slid his cheek along hers and brought his mouth close to her ear so he could whisper the answer: “Privacy.” Set between Last Olympian and The Lost Hero.

Things We Could Be by @rongasm

Three times that Annabeth is prematurely called Mrs. Jackson and one time that it’s long overdue.

Where We Go From Here by icy roses

How much of love depends on memory? Percy/Annabeth, post-TLH

Waiting for Tomorrow to Come by whispered touches

“Love is not knowing what you have until it’s gone.” Annabeth takes her time before she speaks, and “I love you” is no different. But she’ll regret her silence. Pre-TLH through SoN. One-shot.

Something Blue by @starksgrace

It’s five years after the Giant War and Percy has a question.

Rite of Passage by @ignitesthestars

Annabeth and Percy have dinner with Sally and Paul for the first time after they get together.

After by @ignitesthestars

It’s like this every time. She can remember thinking, four years ago now, that she didn’t know if it hurt more being with him, or without him. And every time the months and the distance stretches out a little further between them, she convinces herself that they’re definitely better apart. That a scarred heart is better than an open wound with him lodged inside it.

And then they see each other again, and she’s pitched right back into that uncertainty. Three and a half years should be enough to get over a boy, shouldn’t it?

A story of how Annabeth and Percy fell apart, and what it took to piece them back together.

Stained by @ignitesthestars

Annabeth has never baked cookies before. Percy decides to rectify this.

The Perils of Being Alone by @ignitesthestars​ 

Set in some indeterminable post-Heroes of Olympus time. Annabeth and Percy realise that, for the first time in a very long time, they’re actually alone. With no chance of being interrupted. Banging ensues. (Explicit)

Table, Interrupting by Burst-ofSILENCE

Like many other things, it’s Percy and Annabeth’s fault why the Hedge hologram on Buford keeps yelling “PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!” Or: a continuing saga on how Percy and Annabeth can’t make out in peace. Percy/Annabeth

Witnesses by AnnabethLuna

Percy and Annabeth probably thought they were being subtle, but everyone knew about them even before they did. These are their “moments” from the perspectives of the people who just happened to be watching. Viewpoints include Beckendorf, Silena, Malcolm, Michael, Rachel, and more.

A Kiss for Luck by @suchastart

It’s all you can think about this summer: kissing Percy Jackson. Which is a total waste of energy, because there is entirely too much for you to think about. Kronos. The Titans. Mount Olympus. And while you’re trying to focus on all these other, more important things—like not dying—Percy Jackson walks around with his stupid, clueless face.

can’t you feel my heartbeat by @seaweedbraens

trusting is hard for demigods, and to love is even harder. percy and annabeth don’t have it easy. [bits and pieces from all the books :: percy/annabeth]

Tattoo by ricecookerwritings

She had disliked the tattoo from the start. It ignites their first argument since the reunion, but the patching up opens her eyes to new things. Set during the first day of MoA, all the culture clash, misunderstandings and comfort fluff I personally missed in the book. Bonus dash of Hazel/Annabeth friendship. One-shot.

All These Versions by conniehdez

They were together. They were alive. They were happy (ignoring the angry horde of Romans). Isn’t that what they were in all her scenarios? Together, alive, happy? Annabeth’s wasted plans to say “I love you”. 

Everything by conniehdez

This is better. This – lying down on Percy’s bunk in Cabin 3 on a lazy summer afternoon, him hovering over her as though scared she might break, kissing to their heart’s content – is so much better. This is everything. Pre-TLH, Percabeth.

may the bridges i have burned light my way back home by @lesbabeths

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

par for the course by @lesbabeths

She kind of wishes she could look away, but there’s nowhere else to look, because there’s an the elderly lady in the aisle next to them looking for soap who keeps scoffing at them and shooting them scandalized looks, and she’s also fairly certain that if she spares a glance at Percy, she’ll spontaneously combust from mortification and all that will be left of her is a sizzling pile of ashes on the floor.

Sight of the Sun by @psychohannahlyze

All things considered, Annabeth figured she did an okay job as a young mother.

Annabeth Wins a Bet by @bananannabeth

Not for the first time in her life, Annabeth wondered if she was the butt of some cosmic joke. She’d barely gotten into her story (which was definitely going to win the bet, come on) when her cousin Magnus interrupted her with some nonsense about Norse gods. Because of course the Chase family wasn’t complicated enough as it was.

Impossible Year by @bananannabeth

Percy and Annabeth lean on each other to recover after Tartarus, but as the rest of their friends slowly settle back into a semblance of normalcy they realise that maybe they’re holding each other back from healing. Scared of being too codependent and hurting in ways she doesn’t want Percy to see, Annabeth makes the painful decision to take a break – a choice which impacts Percy, all of their friends and herself in ways she’d never imagined.

Annabeth Loses Sleep by @bananannabeth

Annabeth was exhausted. She was trying to do way too many things at once, and she barely had time to catch her breath. So when the opportunity to get to sleep while her watch still said PM rather than AM came up, she was so grateful she almost burst into tears. But of course her one night of rest with Percy had to be interrupted by her butt of a cousin.

It’s A Long Way Down by @romanitas

Five times Annabeth and Percy held hands.

Eighteen Years a Hero by @romanitas

It’s Annabeth’s birthday. Everyone celebrates.

Transplant by @romanitas

Percy tags along with Annabeth on a visit to San Francisco. After the war, after Tartarus, interacting with her family is mildly surprising and weirdly grounding.

Provisional Education by @romanitas

Annabeth doesn’t know how to drive. Percy does. It’s not often he’s the one giving lessons.

Flaws by @romanitas

Percy’s always been angry. Tartarus just made it harder to hold back.

Breaking and Entering by @romanitas

Sneaking in and out of Annabeth’s dorm is always an interesting and challenging experience, for all parties involved. Especially with nuns.

And It Scares You Being Alone by @romanitas

Rachel Elizabeth Dare storms into Percy’s life at just the right moment. For him, at least, as he clings to his mortal side, leaving Annabeth alone with her thoughts on the demigod side. And okay, maybe she’s avoiding him, too, but mostly she’s just tired of losing people. Set somewhere vague in that time period between Battle of the Labyrinth and the Last Olympian.

Academics by @romanitas

Learning how to kiss is it’s own kind of homework. Probably best done away from the company of parents.

I got this ask last week, but since the answer is lengthy and it’s reference material I will probably want to find again, I’m publishing it as a post.

Anonymous asked: About half a million titans? Where did the First King found such amount of people? How many people are living inside the walls anyway? Or rather lived, I remember a lot of people died after Collosal titan’s invasion.

What is the current population of the walled world?

We have a good idea of how many people are living within the walls after the fall of Shiganshina. Episode two on the anime states that 250,000 people died in the sham effort to reclaim Wall Maria. The manga calls that same number 20% of the population.

If we take both numbers as canon and do the math, it means there were 1.25 million people before the operation to reclaim Wall Maria and 1 million after. So the current population inside the walls is around 1 million people.

The 250,000 that were sent out were refugees–survivors of the fall of Wall Maria, so it represents only a fraction of the original population. I’d guess the original population of Wall Maria, including the outlier districts was close to a million before the wall fell. (Edit: @daylelight makes a good argument that this number might be much lower.)

How many titans are inside the walls?

According to chapter 86 the manga, the number is “tens of millions”, but it’s likely that number was Marleyan propaganda intending to scare the population. 

I’ve seen several posts on Reddit where people have calculated the circumference of the walls and the size of the titans. They put the number closer to half a million or less. I believe numbers are closer to the truth.

Who are the people contained within the walls?

I don’t know if we can trust all the history contained in Chapter 86, but it claims that the walls were in place before King Fritz brought his people there. This matches much of the art and mythology we’ve seen. The walls were in existence before the people came.

With all that in mind, it makes sense to me that the mindless titans contained inside the walls are the original residents of Paradis Island. And my personal fun head canon is that this is why the East Sea Clan is basically extinct :)

anonymous asked:

does Vader like Stormtroopers, or he just ignores them and somewhat tolerates them?

This is a really good question– I think form just what we have in the movies the latter is far more likely, and the former is really only a wide-spread because of generous extrapolations by fandom. 

Fortunately, this blog fucking lives for indulgent canon-extrapolating so lets do it

I think the idea that Vader is a ‘man of the people’ comes from his willingness to attack (both figuratively and in an extremely literal sense) the ranking brass. Lucas tells us that the Galaxy is run by sneering oligarchs with plummy accents and one of the first things Vader does is try to choke one to death for being smug. That rules, essentially. Vader is evil, sure, but he’s also evil in a way that is weirdly acceptable to– and here I’m really, really stretching, but I think to a certain part of the American ~zeitgeist~. Whereas Tarkin has other people do his dirty work, killing a billion people in a second without even pressing the button himself, Vader gets his hands dirty in what is technically a fair fight– except he literally never encounters one until Luke finally Gits Gud at the lightsaber, but I digress. Vader clearly has some kind of place in the Galactic hierarchy, but he’s also– becuase I am a hammer and everything is a nail– doing work, rather than just ordering work done. That would make him closer to a stormtrooper than a high-falutin’ planetary governor. 

Then comes what we learn from the PT and TCW about Anakin, and his past as a slave and then the Chosen One– in both instances he is made for one singular purpose: to take orders at the behest of others. (He is *supposed* to destroy the Sith, it is not a task he chose). Anakin knew what it was like to take orders from your superiors, your betters, all those people who thought you were expendable or just didn’t even think of you at all. Similarly, he gets along really well with his Clone troopers (again, Made For A Singular Purpose, ie, war), comfortable with his men just one a personal level and also because they are united in the struggle for the Glorious Cause. Vader, true believer of the Empire, has much more in common with the grunt out there doing the Emperor’s Glorious Bidding than he does some slimy fuck who’s trying to backstab everyone for more wealth, prestige, whatever. 

this is an awful post but you get the idea

Raise Your Hand If You've Been Ignoring OUAT Canon For The Past Three Seasons

And I’m glad I have been. I’m tired of the writers for doing this to us repeatedly. I really feel bad for all the wonderful ships that have also been thrown under the bus for Craptain Swine. #PRAYERSFOROUAT

anonymous asked:

Is it possible that Harry chews because of the frustration he and Louis have to live? Maybe he can't dump it in any way so he chews

My gut instinct says no.

Unpopular opinion again: I think Harry and Louis are actually pretty happy together, despite everything.

At the end of the day, they have each other. They can converse, spend time, entertain, have friends– pretty much like normal people. What the world sees doesn’t really affect their everyday lives.

We hear all these receipts about their spending time together. It’s all fun head canons, but what do they prove? That celebrities can go undercover? Isn’t that obvious, though? I’ve seen celebrities in NYC just walking around, existing, without people mobbing them, in discreet, residential neighborhoods. They can disappear when they want to.

Harry and Louis consult each other about the important matters: their professional lives, their families, their investments, the direction of their careers. They’re the fortunate pair that shares their creative work, so that they can work together, learn together.

Every young couple has restrictions on their lives. Most couples have much greater restrictions than Harry and Louis– e. g. schooling, money, job prospects, maybe children, in-laws that don’t get along, disapproving parents.

Harry and Louis have families and friends that love and support them, in every photo that I’ve seen.

Yes, as a fan it’s disappointing not to see them interact for so long. But that doesn’t change the reality of their lives.

I don’t think they’re disappointed about not being able to be openly affectionate. For all intents and purposes, they are openly affectionate, in their private lives.

Their biggest unhappiness, I would think, is in the thorny negotiations of contract release. It’s undeniable that Louis is not able to sever ties with Simon Cowell, for whatever reason. A blind man could see that he is miserable in this situation, and has to do this for some reason. So I’m waiting for the end.

I know they will prevail. Harry and Louis are incredibly smart and they are fighters. They don’t give up.

anonymous asked:

Do you think that Dave and Karkat cuddle a lot when they are alone in their home? I mean,like Jade visiting John or Rose and being out for hours,and Dave and KK use this time to cuddle and be sweet with eachother? Like,the moment Jade is out they look at other and smile and hug in the sofa trying to watch some movie but Dave is too busy kissing KK's cheek and giggling and Karkat is hugging him and kissing his forehead and just being really cute. This is my fetish.

im of the mind that jade doesnt actually live with them because the house next to theirs is far closer to her shade of green than the canon limeblood color we got (which is more yellowy, and also we dont even know if limebloods were revived) and the shapes are way more organic looking than the straightup rectangles on the others

either way mr I DON’T DO ANYTHING QUIETLY and mr im going to ramble off until i verbally step on a rake are probably too much to live with 24/7. and considering they both really need a lot of privacy (especially karkat) and are used to having it over the 3 year trip i think jade is aware enough to notice and not want to overstep on that anyway

and even if they DID get their own room to have privacy in do you really think karkat wouldnt die of embarrassment of having the fact that him and dave sleep in the same one and retire to it every night so plainly out in the open. also yeah. theres the volume issue there in particular as well if you catch my drift

either way to your point i definitely think that the reason why they didnt show up to johns birthday is cause they got distracted because they cant stop snuggling when theyre on a couch together alone and the second jade walked out they immediately clicked together like the most revoltingly adorable magnets in existence

i also headcanon that when theyre out in public they almost dont do any pda but when everyones distracted by something and no one else is looking theyll sneak eachother looks or quick pecks and then kanaya worries over them wondering if they both have fevers cause theyre blushing like mad which only makes it worse

If anything, people should be offended about the fact Rose was used as a plot device for heteronormativity as a means to distract blind readers from the gayness between Scorbus. She appears only for that reason alone. It’s insulting to the character. She doesn’t have her own storyline. I do not like Rose because of the way she treats Scorpius and thinks nicknaming him will erase her wrongdoings. She stands in the way of a real and meaningful relationship that should have gone canon to the full extent. Instead of having two gay characters together who are deeply in love with each other, we have to see a straight couple live in delusion without a foundation and build up. That’s the queerbaiting of Cursed Child.

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Hey! I know you dislike Solas, but coming from a more meta/in-game perspective, why do you think he dislikes the Dalish for something that they ultimately had no control over? Like, we know he's not the typical "bad"/cynical guy since he liberated slaves etc etc. and I just find his opinions of the Dalish... weird? Is he just bitter? Does that have any bearing on why he wants to rip down the veil?

I think he dislikes the Dalish because he has been asleep several millennia while the world recovered from his snafu, and is gravely out of touch.

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People, Cole would 1000% support Anders.

Not for the fact that Cole is a spirit of compassion and Anders is a man who has faced plenty of horrors and is just trying to do right.

No, Cole would support him because he is canonically pro mage and Anti-Circle.

The original Cole, not the Cole that we know, was a young mage, brought to the White Spire and abandoned in the dungeons, where he died of starvation. The Cole we know, the spirit of compassion, took great pity on the original Cole and assumed his identity as a way to give him a chance to live.

He acted as a spirit of mercy to the mages in the White Spire, ending their lives when the beatings from the Templars became too brutal to handle and the only chance at release was death.

He fought beside the mages when the White Spire rebelled. He slaughtered Templars who had been abusive to their charges, even going so far as calling himself a demon as he did so.

His contact on his War Table requests, Rhys, is a mage and his best friend. Evangeline is Rhys’ lover, a former Templar who also fought beside the mages during the rebellion.

Cole is a mage supporter, and would completely understand Anders’ need for action, especially as Meredith had already called for the Rite prior to Anders destroying the Chantry.

Chapter 91 Thoughts.


The moment I clicked the new chapter was the moment I had the very same thoughts. I even double checked the titles. Then the penny dropped to my mind.

So Isayama decided to make another time-skip and also a change of character views as well.

It has been almost 80 years after this:

Almost 40 years after this:

Almost 30 years after this:

Almost 20 years after this:

9 years after this:

4 years after this and other events from the first chapter of manga:

And 3 years after this:

And we are at the year 854 now.


Continue under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think coldwave is super canon plausible? Sorry if you answered this a long time ago.

The fact that they’re interpersonally compatible is a given by them being friends since Len was 14, and having worked closely together off and on likely for the majority of their adult lives, even if it wasn’t all them working together for years straight or anything.

They love each other, we know that. Len in Legends S1 (I’m ignoring that Aruba bullshit) would lay down his life for Mick, and in fact did at the end of S1. Mick followed Len on this journey in the first place and I personally believe part of why he came back around after Len died was to honor Len’s memory and sacrifice, and because he was inspired by Len.

And though they’re often at odds, pulling their guns on each other, they have a natural ebb and flow. They understand each other. They have secret codes and a very deep shared understanding and intuition for one another on a job and in almost any space. They literally move in sync in the first few episodes of Legends. They communicate a lot without words and trust each other pretty implicitly, which is why betrayals outside their norm feel so heavy to each of them when they occur. 

And then there’s this:

Originally posted by coldtomyflash

They’re partners. That’s love. And I’m not against reading it as platonic love, but I can see quite easily how it could be them in love, in their own way.

“I prefer to draw a line between canon and fanon”

It seems that a few people are misunderstanding what I wrote here, but this is a very important point actually.
I am not talking about “whether a pairing is canon or not”, I am talking about whether a certain fact is something that happened in the series (or was explicitly confirmed by one of the creators) or not.

Very simple example:

-Does Yuuri move to St.Petersburg after the end of the series?
Yes, we could see that in the last episode and it’s also confirmed by the creators. = it’s canon

-Does Yuuri go to live with Victor in St.Petersburg?
The fact that he is running together with Makkachin in the ending might potentially hint at that, however it’s not confirmed visually nor any of the creators have ever mentioned it. = it’s not canon (not yet at least)

-Do I think that Yuuri is living with Victor in St.Petersburg?
Yes I like to think that because I believe it makes sense, however since it’s not explicitly backed up by any official information that is currently just my headcanon.

It’s the same reason why, even though I personally do think that the scene at the end of episode 7 was a kiss, I will never refer to it as “kiss” in any of my translation notes, because the creators explicitly said that they are not going to provide an answer to that question and they are leaving that scene open to each viewer’s interpretation. To respect the creators’ will (I respect the creators’ will and their work above anything else), regardless of how I myself interpret the scene I will comply with what they say and not force one single interpretation on the readers of my notes.

I am taking interview translations very seriously (maybe even too much, lol) and one of the things I’m most careful about is not to mix my headcanons and/or personal views with facts. For this reason, I try to keep the fangirling to a minimum (mostly I’m just not commenting at all), and this might sound cold to some, but it’s really just because I don’t want to influence who is reading. I want people to just read the interviews as they are. Then of course I might frown if I see some interpretations that I think are completely off the point, but usually I don’t go around flaming people’s posts because of that. I think, however, that translators have the responsibility to convey a meaning as correctly as possible, especially when what they write has an impact on the whole fandom, hence I get more upset if the one off the mark is a translator and not a reader. Then again it’s not like I make a post about every mistranslation I see around.

I am sure that most people reading this blog understand what I’m trying to say and that the ones who are misunderstanding are just a minority, but I wanted to make this one clear since it’s very important to me. If people still manage to misunderstand what I mean even after reading all my last explanation posts, well… *shrugs* You are free to prefer other translations. I am always open to criticism, so if you have doubts about something I translated just message me with the details and I will reply. 

Thank you for reading.

me: while the actual writings within Marxist canon are insufficient to address things like colonialism, white supremacy, and patriarchy, it is still vital that they give us a framework for understanding the forces that shape the actual material conditions under which we live. dialectical materialism is applicable to & even essential to understanding–along with other approaches–many of the problems that we face in analysing things like race & gender. furthermore–

a white Marxist (a dramatisation but just barely): yeah like!!! this is what those silly brown people don’t understand!! Marxism is The Answer, for everything, why do people keep talking to me about race when it’s clearly just superstructural & will take care of itself if these people just do as they’re told

me: actually…….. you know what……. I changed my mind.. fuck you and fuck a Marx

The Problem With the “If it’s gay, it’s good.” Mentality.

Hello, various fandoms that will be seeing this.

While I focus on some specific fandoms and shows in this essay, rant, overanalysis, what have you, I believe that the concept is pretty far-reaching and overarching across the majority of the shows that this website freaks the fuck out over.

Gonna go out right here and establish that I’m panro-ace and male, so don’t worry, a “straightie” isn’t preaching to you about what LGBTQ+ representation should look like in media. (that is to say, though, that contrary to popular belief on here, it is possible for cishets to have the right idea about topics such as this.)

Anyway, on to what I want to talk about.

In recent months and going back to when I first joined Tumblr two and a half years ago, I’ve started noticing this disturbing trend with the types of media that we as fans consume. Particularly, those of us who are in the LBGTQ+ community.

Ask anyone who’s spent more than three seconds on here, and they can give you a seemingly endless list of shows that either fucked up representation (Steins;Gate, Rukako/Lukako specifically), baited representation, i.e. “queerbaiting” (Hetalia, Love Live Sunshine/School Idol Project), or killed off one of the two queer partners for “shock value” or some other bullshit reason (e.g. Clexa).

But then, here in late 2016, the year of Hell, we are suddenly graced with Yuri on Ice, the first mainstream anime in recent memory to have a canon gay couple in a non-BL or Yaoi setting. In other words, the first show to treat a homo pairing like a hetero one.

Naturally, we’ve exploded as a fanbase. People obsess over each screenshot pulled from the show, there’s a shipping web more complex than most ones created by spiders, and each Wednesday there’s so much YOI on my dash that sometimes I wonder how anything else is reblogged on those days. Hell, I even changed my URL the day of the reveal to celebrate. It’s a fantastic thing and that shouldn’t be overlooked.

However, it’s not all good. And I think that the popularity Yuri on Ice and shows like it, such as the aforementioned Love Live School Idol Project, Hetalia, even Hibike! Euphonium depending on who you ask (though if you ask me, I believe there’s been enough confirmation from the staff to say they’re canon, but another post for another time there) creates and sets a bad standard for representation in media as a whole.

It’s the standard of “If it’s gay, it’s good.”

We, as fandoms, have an extremely bad habit of completely ignoring a show’s flaws, shortcomings, or queerbaitings if we either 1) see our pairing become canon (Yuri on Ice) or if the show is bait-y enough that all fans have to do is connect a couple dots (NozoEli, ChikaRiko, in Love Live).

Yuri on Ice is being hailed as this masterpiece that can do no wrong, has perfect characters, a deep story, and gorgeous animation.

I’m here to say that that’s simply not the case, that we’ve been blinded by the greatness that is Viktuuri, and how dangerous that is for LGBTQ+ representation going forward.

Firstly, the characters, while not bad, are relatively one-dimensional, save for perhaps Yuuri and Viktor. There’s not much complexity to Yurio’s “tough on the outside, soft on the inside” facade, and the majority of the other side characters in the show could be described pretty vaguely. 

“The fanboy one from Thiland.”

“The hot guy people ship with Yurio”

“The one that looks like Pew-Die-Pie”

As for the animation, while I admire Mappa as a studio, and I think Zankyou no Terror/Terror in Resonance is one of the best animated shows ever, I think they really dropped the ball on Yuri on Ice.

I would ask that the only explanation that this point requires is for you all to take off your manservice glasses and look at how dopey most of the skating scenes are. If you want an ice skating scene, look up the one in Death Parade, a show by Studio Madhouse a year or two ago. (Honestly, please just go watch Death Parade, it’s such an underappriciated show as a whole)

The thing that really irks me, though, is when people say the story is this complex interweaving of perspectives and plot threads, when it’s really just a bunch of flashbacks through the lens of not one, but two whole characters, those being Yuuri and Viktor.

Think Yuri on Ice is a masterpiece for having two perspectives with flashbacks? Compare it to a show such as Durarara or Baccano. I’ve watched all the way through the former while I’m still working on the latter, so I’ll use it as an example.

Off the top of my head, I can think of twelve different perspectives that the show explores and fleshes out in twelve episodes (one more than YOI)

Namely, the perspectives of:

Shizuo Heiwajima, Izaya Orihara, Masaomi Kida, Mikado Ryuugamine, Simon the sushi dude, Celty Sturlenson, Shinra Kishitani, Anri Sonohara, Walker, Erica, Kyohei, and a fucking sentient sword.

All of those characters have well-established backstories, characters, and motivations after twelve episodes.

How many characters does Yuri on Ice flesh out to that extent? Yuri, Viktor, and Yurio.

I know what you’re thinking…at least I think I do- So, ok. Yuri on Ice isn’t as deep as the fandom says it is. Big whoop. Even still, the representation it so boldly carries with that makes up for all the shortcomings, right?

No. Representation does. not. equate. to quality.

And here’s why.

Since anime is my forte, I’ll be focusing on that, but again, this is applicable to all kinds of media Eastern, Western, or otherwise.

The single greatest motivating factor for any animation studio (or any company in general) to produce a show is how much money they can make on it. So naturally, they start looking for easily exploitable means to that end. One such means is the inability of fandoms such as ours to distinguish representation or baiting from quality.

Yuri on Ice is a now the standard for representation, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s kind of a shitty standard, at least compared to what it could be.

Like, think about it for a second– yeah, YOI is a fantastically entertaining show, but just imagine if you had a show that was, say, on the level of quality as some of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time with that sort of representation.

That’s a great thought, isn’t it?

Well until we as fandoms start to distinguish quality from representation, there will be very little opportunity, if any at all, for the quality of the media in which said representation takes place to grow.

I am sick and tired of scrolling through my dash to see text post, after fanfic, after comic, after whatever reducing either a canonically LGBTQ+ character or a character that’s commonly baited/implied/headcannoned as such be reduced to that and one other charactaristic.

Nozomi is gay and likes parfaits.

Eli is gay and is Russian.

Yuri is gay and likes Katsudon.

Rukako is trans and shy.

Umi is gay and has a stick up her ass.

Shizuo’s gay and strong.

You see where I’m going with this?

Like, I’m perfectly ok with joking around about these characters. That’s not what I’m talking about.

But when the prevailing works of media in a fandom are these stupid crack fics or fetishy artwork that’s justified under the context of the artist “exploring their sexuality” that do nothing to develop characters in meaningful ways, that’s a problem.

It’s a problem because the creators of mainstream media look at that and think that that’s all we as a community want– one-dimensional characters in easy-to-write shows that take no effort to create yet sell oodles of merchandise due to the fact that “it has gays in it.”

And you know what? It works. Because we as LGBTQ+ people are so starved of representation in the first place, we latch on to any representaton (or teasing thereof) that we see, even if it’s really shitty.

No. If something’s gay and cliche, than it’s still cliche and therefore as bad as something that’s straight and cliche. And until we get past the mentality that that’s not the case, we won’t see any drastic improvement in either the quality and/or quantity of good representation in media.

This post was created for the sole purpose of creating discussion and raising awareness to what I believe is a big issue. Please reply, reblog, send me an ask, whatever with your own opinion of things. I’d love to hear it.

See ya!