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clary’s reaction to finding her mother’s body


The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 4 (7/12)

Six Davids with Blowing Hair

Sansa/Jon - 1970s police station au

The man across the interrogation table squints at her and kicks back, chair tipping on its legs. The angle of the chair is abruptly stopped by the handcuffs secured around his wrists, the chain pulled taught from where they’re secured to the table. Sansa purses her lips and waits for his answer.

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lil-dragons  asked:

I have a Latino character (15-16 yr old) whose family life is super important to his personality. He's an only child, and his parents are neglectful. Except, they aren't verbally or physically abusive, they just ignore him. Both parents work jobs that pay around 100k annually(which, in California, is enough to live comfortably, or 'middle class'), so they're more concerned with their work than their child. However, this makes me feel like i'm ignoring his culture completely. Any advice?

Culture in Character Design for a Latino Teen 

I think that your issue will solve itself as you build his character.  

Look at the traditional holidays.  From my Mexican-American perspective: do they do tamales for Christmas like we do, do they set up an altar for their loved ones come the weeks before Dia De Los Muertos? Since family life is important to him and these sorts of things are an opportunity to connect to family, maybe you could incorporate culture and characterize his family orientedness by his desire to participate in some traditions as a family. 

Then there’s the dinner table, which is a stage for setting family dynamics one way or the other. What do they eat as a family?  Throw in some traditional staples. I’m not sure if you are talking Salvadorean, Mexican, Honduran, or what, but if you do have a dinner scene, put it with some traditional food.

The way he connects to his family also can be portrayed in how much Spanish is spoken in the house versus among his peers.  Does he just hear it when his parents are angry or have something rude to say in public, does he hear it all the time and not so much around his friends and he tries to teach them, does he feel disconnected from fellow Latinos because he’s no good at it? Et cetera.

You can incorporate culture into his memories. Maybe there’s some music that he’s picked up from the times he was younger and his parents were happier and they used to rock out together to some specific band, like with my mother it was Eydie Gorme, Celia Cruz,  and Kumbia Kings, and with my grandmother it was Julio Iglesias (one of her favorite songs was begin the beguine).  You can also put in superstitions, like scaring the crap out of him as a kid with el Cucuy. 


I normally choose to post Mashima’s artwork here, and nothing more. This blog was not made for any purpose but to share Mashima-senshi’s art, I have had no intentions of speaking out, or spreading any word. However, I was greeted with this in the mailbox and this is not okay

Here are the reasons as to why:
1. Anon hate is never okay. It shows that you are a coward who do not have the guts to speak out with your identity attached, likely because you’re afraid of the repercussions. If you do not have the guts to speak out openly about your apparent disgust, you do not have the right to speak out at all, especially not a blog where his work is being shared and loved. That being said, hate in general is not okay. 

2. If you would like to word your dislike for a well-known artist, kindly structure your distaste clearly. We Do Not Type like this in a normal setting. I assume you were attempting to state your opinion of “Hey, do you know that Hiro Mashima’s drawings are disgusting? I hope someone will fucking kill him one day. He is not a great artist at all in Fairy Tail. Story is horrible!!!” At least, that was my inference, I had a little trouble at the end. 

3. Let’s break down point 2, shall we? Firstly, we do not need to know that you find Hiro Mashima’s drawings disgusting. What are you doing on a blog that does nothing but post Hiro Mashima’s artwork if you find it disgusting? It seems you may have a problem. If you find something disgusting, I suggest that you stay away from it. Perhaps you can try a blacklist function, it is easily found with a quick google search. Going to a blog that posts nothing but something you find disgusting may mean that you have an issue, please see a doctor if it persists, it is not healthy for you to continually visit something that contains things you find disgusting.

4. Secondly, hoping that someone will be killed simply because you dislike their drawings is a very dark thought. It is extremely unhealthy to channel so much hate over drawings that does not belong to you, and can be avoided if you take the steps suggested in point 3. Mashima-sensei has done nothing wrong to you, it is not as though he has threatened your family, or harmed you in any manner; such hate is unwarranted, especially if your only beef is with his drawings. If you phrase this in another manner, it can be taken as a death threat, and you may and can be reported for that. That will get you in a whole lot of trouble, as the police may be involved. 

5. Thirdly, we have established that you find Mashima’s artwork disgusting, and in your opinion, lacking. However, do note that the term ‘great’ is a subjective term. For example, you may think that you’re being oh so very great when you send an anon hate ask like this to a Hiro Mashima artwork blog, but in my personal opinion, I think such an action is quite the opposite of great. On the other hand, I’m sure many others following this blog for his artwork would agree that his artwork is rather great in their opinion. As this is a subjective determination, I will leave this as such.

6. Based on inference, it seems that you were attempting to tell me that his art in Fairy Tail is not great. Please be gently reminded that Fairy Tail belongs to him. He created the manga, and the style, and the art for the characters. Be mindful that the canon appearance, art style, literally everything, belongs to him. You may think that it’s not great artwork, but in Fairy Tail, it’s as canon as it is, which technically makes it the greatest, especially if you’re measuring upon the likeliness of artwork with canon. 

7. If you find that the story is horrible, you may choose to drop Fairy Tail like I know many have done. What is the issue here? I find it hard to understand why you continue to apparently torment yourself with art and story that you do not like and find horrible. Like previously mentioned, Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima, What he chooses to do with it, and what he ultimately does with it, is his own choice. You have no right to dictate his actions or decisions. If you dislike it so much, please leave the fandom. No one is stopping you.

8. Lastly, I just want to say that I do not advocate hate in any forms. If you dislike something, the smart move is to unfollow, blacklist, and avoid. Going forward to send messages like such to a blog that enjoys what you do not is honestly not the action you should be taking. You take the fun and happiness out of others because you dislike something. One can not expect everyone to like the same thing, and on the same note, one cannot expect everyone to dislike the same thing. You would not like it if I came up to you and said horrible things about the things you like, you would not like it if I came up to you and said that someone you like, and I quote “I wish someone will fucking kill him one day.” Even if you can not enjoy something, you should not take that enjoyment away from others. It is never okay to hope for someone’s death, especially over such a small thing as artwork or manga that would not be detrimental to your life. 

People who come to this blog came here for Hiro Mashima’s artwork. If you do not have that intention, or like them, please just leave. There is no place for your hate here. This is a place for people who enjoy Hiro Mashima’s artwork to unite and connect. 

If any word is spread in this post, let it be this.



Grumpy Adorable Idol.

Set Up

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: will you do one where the reader is best friends with the marauders and one day she starts talking about this guy she thinks is cute and how she plans on getting to know him better and all of the boys know Sirius has a secret crush on her so they’re all like “nonononono we have to do something quick” and they set the reader up with sirius? xoxo

Originally posted by petraalexandra

Y/N sits on the couch with a rather vacant look on her face, grinning at nothing in particular. As the boys begin to notice her, the conversation about the right way to polish a golden snitch – led by James, of course – dwindles out and they turn to look at her with varying degrees of concern.

“You okay, Y/N?” Remus inquires, to which she lets out a giggle, startling the boys. “I’m wonderful, Moony!” she says enthusiastically. “I just had the most riveting conversation with Thomas.” She sighs happily and lets her head fall back on the couch, leaving the boys to stare at her with bemused expressions.

“D-did you say you had a conversation with Thomas?” James asks, amusement coloring his tone. Remus and Peter snigger a little to themselves. Thomas is known around Hogwarts for a lot of things, but being a great conversationalist isn’t one of them. “Why is that funny?” Y/N responds, levelling the boys with a harsh glare that makes Peter recoil a little. “Love, he’s not very… you know…” James taps his head three times and looks at Y/N meaningfully as he does so, making sure to get his point across, and Y/N scoffs. “You just don’t know him, Prongs.”  

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cece: every1 goes im tellin u. its fun. right mr woods??? blue should totally go to the romance festival righT!!?!?
arthur: :) u should go my sweet lil baby blue u will have fun
arthur: btw maybe dont sit on the table ur mom will yell at me 4 not yelling at u :)
cece: see blue!!!!!!! u should go. we can go do something after like bball or set something on fire. and blah.b lah .a BLAHLHLH

blue @ bluematty will be there……..
blue @ blue: but idw c him
blue @ blue: yes u do. u can look at his arms
blue @ blue: >_> 
blue @ blue: his face too
blue @ blue: ……..
blue: ok fine ill go



fact: when working on a film or a drama, the person hired does not work under the group’s name but as an actor, as an individual person. this is not only the case with yixing, but also with chanyeol and kyungsoo. where was the outrage then? or is it only bad when it’s a Chinese member?

@subspacerunner​ || cont. from [x]

The awkwardness was becoming tangible at this point. The twins were now trying to shut it all down. Hands shoved in their jacket pockets, they glanced around. Ken scowled at the grey sky outside, whilst Kyle decided to glare a hole into the floor.

They could see her digging through her bag out of the corners of their eyes, however. Probably looking for an umbrella or something.

Please. They thought. Find one and get out of here.

God, this sucked.

And of course she had to make it suck even more by talking to them.

“Don’t worry, we know.” Ken said, his gaze flickering down to her for just a split second. They couldn’t argue with that – this was the first time they’d seen her since their… reunion.

“Yes, we’re not accusing you of anything.” Kyle agreed.

The twins had more biting words that they wanted to say to her, but right now they were cold, wet, and tired. They were in no mood to fight. Just smile (okay maybe they wouldn’t go that far) and keep it civil.

( @kiramillerx LIKED FOR A STARTER )

Nemo stood outside the armoury loading up a clip, a bag stood at his feet with nothing much in it but water and a bite to eat. Everyone had something to do, he had volunteered the previous day to go on a supply run, the man that had stepped up to go out with him backed down last minute, wanting instead to do something within the safety on the walls. Not everyone was ready to step up to the mark.

His eyes flickered up from the shiny, new bullets he was sliding into the clip to Kira was she was passing by.

 “Hey, you busy? Wanna come on a run?”

being an atheist, and just disbelieving of supernatural stuff in general, there’s always this moment of disconnect when i find out that someone is religious. it’s the same whenever i find out that someone is superstitious. or believes in astrology. or numerology. i have this moment of like oh people actually believe this stuff, i forgot


It’s dangerous out there in space!

I really wanted to do some @commanderholly fanart, and I ended up designing some of the cool gear she might wear.