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one thousand reasons we love why don’t we: a fan project

hi guys! so i was lucky enough to be able to get meet and greet tickets for a show on the tour, and i wanted to do something really special for the boys when i meet them. so i came up with this idea.

i want to make a book full of reasons we love the boys. full of every single reason possible, from the little things to the deeper ones. i would also love to put users and little messages and fan art in the book too, like a huge love compilation. but for this to happen, i would love your guys’ help.

i want as many limelights as possible to participate in this project of mine. and by as many as possible, i mean as many as possible. i mean, it is called “a thousand reasons we love why don’t we”, and i literally mean that i want a thousand reasons sent in.

i am going to be giving the boys this book, so if you have anything you’ve ever wanted to say to the boys and haven’t had a chance, i hope you’ll see this book as a chance to tell them how much you love them.

i just really want to show the boys how much we appreciate, love and support them, so if you are willing to participate PLEASE do.

if you want to participate, please do any of these things:

  • send me an ask with your reasons you love wdw
  • send me a message with your reasons you love wdw
  • submit me a post with your reasons
  • make a post of your own with your reasons and tag me in it (@dannyboyseavey) and also use the tag #whywelovewhydontwe


IN ADDITION TO THE REASONS WE LOVE THEM, I WOULD ALSO LOVE TO PUT PERSONAL MESSAGES, FAN ART, AND ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS YOU WISH IN THIS BOOK. so if you want the boys to see them, just add it in the submission and i’ll make sure it gets in there.

all the users who do submit things to me will be mentioned in the book. if you wish, you can also add any other social medias (i.e. twitter, instagram) and i’ll put them in the book as well.

the concert i’ll be going to is on MARCH 24, 2018. so i will be taking submissions up until around FEBRUARY 1ST, 2018.

please reblog and spread this around wherever you would like, like i said before i would love if as many limelights as possible participated in this project.

if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message me.

- maia xx

we have finally found him

 My mom and one of my uncles do family research because why the fuck not. Apparently through the research of church books, family trees, and now the most recently DNA tests we’ve found a number of interesting ancestors and distant relatives, lords, queens, emperors, horse thieves and a man who was at least once named “a devil for a priest” for his charming personality.

 Besides dead relatives, websites that specialise in this also enable you to get the names and facebook contact some of the living people who both share your ancestry and are also doing family research, and apparently both my mom and uncle have found a big, nebulous flock of interesting people of all walks of life who share some of our ancestors.

 But now they found him.

 The black sheep of the family.

 See, due to a number of reasons they may or may not have taught you in history class, lots of people from Europe migrated to the United States in large waves some generations back. They were met with some hostility, endured, adapted and contributed to the culture and lived happily ever after. Many finns were amongst them. Including the dude who is apparently my 15th cousin once removed of something of the sort.

 And now that you know this snowflake’s backstory, here’s the more important half: He voted for Trump because he hates immigrants. He adores Finland, he adores America, he is proud of his heritage and he voted for Trump because immigrants will ruin America. Someone on facebook pointed out the hypocrisy of this as he, too, is a descendant of immigrants.

 And he was like yeah, that’s why I’m moving back to Finland.

 So allow me to recap: This man is from Wisconsin. He was born in the United States, as were his parents. He speaks english as a first language and is trying to study finnish as a second language, and according to my mother his grammar is atrocious. His plan is to migrate to Finland because immigrants are ruining America.

 Bob from Wisconsin, I don’t think you’re going to like it here.

Hello! I was tagged by @chatwiththeclouds

I’m tagging @sprachtraeume @livinglanguages @malteseboy @languageoclock and anybody who wants to do it :) 

01. name: Mirko
02. nickname/s: I have a few depending on the person, but my favourite is Mirkins
03. zodiac sign: Scorpio (I don’t know why everybody hates us, but we’re nice and peaceful…)
04. height: 175cm or a bit more
05. orientation: Why is this a question, I’m shy and reserved gay
06. nationality: Italian
07. favorite fruit: oranges, peaches and apricots
08: favorite season: spring/summer
09. favorite book: I have a few. My first favourite and most important book for me is Cime Tempestose (Wuthering Heights) by Charlotte Brontë. My other favourite books are Le città invisibli by Italo Calvino, Morte a Venzia (Der Tod in Venedig) by Thomas Mann and Il Piacere by Gabriele D’Annunzio. But I also love The Hobbit, Lotr, Harry Potter and others.
10. favorite movies: I used to be obsessed with The Lion King and The Little Mermaid as a kid, now not so much. I think one of my favourite movies now is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2009), La La Land, Frozen, Her, La Grande Bellezza, La Migliore Offerta and probably a few others I can’t remember right now.
11. favorite scent: Stuff that smell like cinnamon or honey and almonds.
12. favorite color: Dark blue.
13. favorite animal: All of them.
14. coffee or tea or hot cocoa: Coffee I think.
15. average hours of sleep: preferably 8.
16. favorite fictional character: Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (only true 90′s kids will know this, sigh).
17. number of blankets to sleep with: A blanket and a quilt. I always covering myself, even if it’s summer and it’s 25+ degrees.
18. dream trip: Morocco and Greece I guess?
19. blog created: I’ve no idea…
20. number of followers: Almost 7k! 
21. random fact: I really love The Smurfs!!!

There’s a lot to say about Jingo, and I wish I was in the right headspace to really write coherently, but I’ve been sitting here with this text post open for about half an hour trying different sentences and finding that none of them quite fit what I’m feeling.

There’s a lot of anger in this book. It’s hard to notice, sometimes, because it’s also an incredibly funny and ridiculous book. There are a lot of jokes! But some of those jokes come to a sharp and unexpected point. That scene with Detritus and the Riot Act is hilarious; it’s got Vimes at his most dry and sarcastic and it’s got Detritus methodically picking up a man and using him to hit a bunch of other men. But it’s also got that sharp moment when one of the men claims that Klatchians have killed people, and Vimes asks “who?” and the man falters and says “…everyone knows they’ve been killing people!” and that’s such a familiar sounding phrase that it pulls you up short.

And any conversation between Fred Colon and Nobby is going to be hilarious, and there is nothing funnier than watching Nobby quietly make a fool of Fred’s casual ignorant racism. He doesn’t even have to try hard! But then: “You know we’re better’n Klatchians. Otherwise what’s the point?

There’s so much of that in this book. Little moments, that betray the frustration and anger behind the entire plotline. When I first read it, I was thirteen, and didn’t notice most of it. But I distinctly remember reading for the first time that scene between Carrot and Goriff:

“We can tell which way the wind is blowing,” said Goriff calmly.
Carrot sniffed the salt air. “It’s blowing from Klatch,” he said.
“For you, perhaps,” said Goriff. 

I’ve never forgotten that. That was how I remembered Jingo after reading the entire series and going back again. There are others that hit me harder now (the “they are us” passage in particular) but this was the scene that telegraphed perfectly to me the bitterness and frustration in this conflict, in watching it, in living it.

And then Jingo gives us what we all want so badly, the whole time, watching this play out. Vimes puts his foot down. He charges in. He arrests the leaders of the opposing nations. He arrests the armies. He stops it, he ends it. And there’s still frustration, there has to be, there’s no way everything can get better overnight. But he saw how stupid the whole thing was and he made it stop. There’s anger in that, too, because it’s what the angry part of us watching the conflict wants to have happen. We want to arrest the armies. We want to arrest Lord Rust and Prince Cadram and everybody like them. We want to end it, and we get to do that alongside Vimes. If only we didn’t have to put the book down afterwards.

I need to make some space for my own anger at the end of this tirade here. Reading the tags on some of these posts, a huge number of them echo the same core sentiment: “relevant.” And it is. It’s so relevant. And I’m so angry. Because it shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t still be here, watching the pebbles bounce. We shouldn’t feel an aching familiarity in the words of a bigot declaring that “everyone knows” something completely made-up, or in a family leaving their home because the people around them are claiming it doesn’t belong to them. Why are we still here. Why is this still happening. Why is this still relevant.

I’m extremely glad to have this book, as an excellent story and excellent social commentary, to be relevant in this time. But I still wish that it wasn’t.

The Greatest Gift (Alexander x Reader)

Word Count: 9,279 (when i said it was long, i meant it…)

Warnings: SMUT, angst, swears


Request: this fulfills 2 requests but it will spoil it so i’m not gonna tell you…



It was unfortunate. Of course you were in love with your best friend, and if that wasn’t bad enough, of course he had a girlfriend. You had met Lafayette through mutual friends, naive and young you thought you wouldn’t fall for the tall frenchman. You did eventually. At first it was denial. You couldn’t love him, he was your best friend.  You didn’t love him surely, but no. Every time you saw him, your world spun around your feet. You felt this way until he introduced Adrienne. She tagged along with everything you guys did and you had no choice but to be happy for them. For him. Because he was so in love with her it hurt you to see them together.

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If you see a theory that you don’t like, just write why WITHOUT insulting and with clear motivation (ex. “I don’t like it because it doesn’t make sense in here”, not “It’S sTuPiD kIlL yOuRsElF Xdddd”).
If you see a fanart that you don’t like, just scroll.
If someone insults you just block them and think about all the nice things someone else said.

Please, stop flaming people because they like other thing, because they have different tastes.
Stop flaming people because they don’t do things like you want.

Please, just try to get on with the other, we can build something really important. Together we can make a platform where people can publish art without being judged, just because they want to show the fruit of their work with people who like the same stuff, how Tumblr has always supposed to be.

If you think the same please reblog and add every show/game/book tag you can mind.
Headcanons for The Outsiders if Johnny and Dally Lived (Happy)

A/N: I know this might not all be realistic, but someone requested happy post-book headcanons (with living Johnny and Dal) and I was in need of some happy writing. I really hope you guys enjoy this! PS: I have to tag @zeusspirits because I know she’ll love this

Word Count: 360

Headcanon Count: 29

Warnings: None

Pairings: None! This is just about The Outsiders characters

- After the rumble, Dally grabbed Pony and they went to go see Johnny
- Dally used a blade on the doctor, but the doctor merely rolled his eyes
- “He’s doing much better, so you can’t see him. We don’t want to tire him out.”
- Dallas Winston, who always fights for and gets what he wants, decided to back down this time
- He wouldn’t dare compromise Johnny’s health
- So, Dally and Ponyboy headed home and told the gang the good news
- A week later, Johnny was released from the hospital
- He would be able to walk again, despite the doctor’s original diagnosis
- He would just need a lot of physical therapy
- The gang decided to work together to pay for Johnny’s physical therapy because his parents refused to
- When it came time for the trial, Ponyboy and Johnny were both very nervous
- Luckily, they had each other and they comforted each other
- The trial went smoothly
- After the trial, the whole gang celebrates with cake
- A year later, Johnny walked for the first time and boy, did the gang celebrate that
- Dally actually hugs him (sort of) after that
- “I’m real proud of you Johnnycake.”
- Life for the greasers actually seemed to get better
- Of course, money and the social classes were still an issue
- However, Darry got promoted
- Two-Bit got a flexible-hours job as a bartender
- Dally and Tim won a ton of fights and became known over time as the toughest greasers in Tulsa
- Steve graduated high school with pretty good grades
- Soda got promoted too!
- Johnny moved out of his parent’s house when he turned seventeen and started living with the Curtis’ and paying them a small rent from a job he got babysitting Two-Bit’s sister
- Angela, Sylvia, Kathy, and Evie continued to be the coolest girl greasers around
- Curly realized he was half decent at football and started playing with Ponyboy and his brothers on occasion
- Ponyboy finished the school year with all A’s and improved in track (he went to state!)
- Life was good and the gang was finally able to relax somewhat

If you’re somebody’s fp:

You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. Take care of yourself. But don’t be an asshole about it. They’re going to be hurt, they’re going to feel abandoned, and unless you want to fuck with their head even more once you tell them you don’t want to be in their life anymore (nicely!!!) then stop all contact so they don’t get their hopes up again.

Logically, we know you can’t provide us with attention/affection 24/7, we know our fp’s are not a professional and are not our therapists, and we know our symptoms can be difficult – we’re the ones who have to live with our own symptoms every second of every single day. HOWEVER, don’t assume we aren’t trying to recover. If we do something that makes you uncomfortable or inadvertently hurts you, tell us so we can work on it with you. Communicate with us! Communicate often and keep our emotional permanence issues in mind!

If you’re someone’s fp and you’re thinking about leaving the relationship, because you’re just not happy anymore, or because they are abusive (no, people with bpd are not inherently abusive but there are abusive people with bpd) I really suggest you read the book Borderline Personality Disorder for Dummies, specifically Chapter 21: What To Do When Your Partner Has BPD. Even more specifically, page 274: “Walking Away from BPD”, page 277: “Leaving abusive relationships” & page 278: “Leaving non-abusive relationships” .. or if you can’t find this book online/don’t want to buy, message me. I own the book and I’ll tell you what it says plus my own thoughts as someone with BPD.

Of course we don’t want to be abandoned, but we also don’t want to have people in our lives who don’t want to be there.

I got a question from someone who wishes to remain anon (sorry, I know it’s a nice feature for some of you, but to me it’s nothing but a source of harassment. Sorry.) regarding Hunger Pangs so here we go:

Hi mom! I’ve got a random question about Hunger Pangs but please dont feel like you need to respond if you dont have the spoons. I’ve been reading through your meta tags and I love love LOVE what youre doing and I know you have said that Vlad suffers from depression (I think?) but I was wondering: do you mind if people headcanon him as autistic? A lot of the things you write about him I recognize in myself and it’d mean a lot to have a character in a book from an author I like be like me. Sorry if this is weird. I just thought I’d ask ^^; I’m looking forward to the book regardless I guess I just wanted to know your opinion on how you feel about people headcanoning your work. Thank you in advance, and also if you publish this could you make it anon, ty <3

Hello anon, thank you for the wonderful message. I’m glad you’re looking forward to Hunger Pangs, I am hoping everyone will love reading it as much as I have writing it.

And to answer your question simply: you can headcanon whatever the hell you want. He’s definitely neurodivergent, his mental health is based somewhat on my own (as is his sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell), he’s the victim of hundreds of years of gaslighting and a few other things I can’t talk about without giving away plot, but he’s definitely not neurotupical. But if Vlad is autistic to you, then he’s whatever you want him to be, and that’s all that matters.

If you want him to be non-binary, he’s non binary. If you want him to be trans, he’s trans. I’m not going to stop anyone from headcanoning my characters into whatever works best for them. 

Nathan is often described in what could be seen as very cis masculine terms, but if you headcanon him as trans—more power to you friend, have at it. If you want Ursula to be something more than what I’ve presented her as, go for it. I’m here 100% for your headcanons and interpretations of them if they provide something you need. 

I’ve tried to make the book as diverse as possible, but with this being my first novel I will undoubtedly fall short of a few things, and I can only apologize and promise I’ll continue to do better as we go along. I will say this though, hardly anyone in the book is what I’d define as neurotypical (or able bodied for that matter). High functioning maybe, but when I said I wanted to write a story for me and people like me, I didn’t just mean that in regards to sexuality. 

Anyway, I hope that answers your question. Take care and have a wonderful night :)

I’ve brought this rant up to an array of friends, and the difference in reactions is incredible. I’m making this post mostly inspired by the Markiplier You’re Welcome tour, which is going on tour again in 2018. However, they aren’t the only ones I’ll be referencing – and I’ll be tagging everyone I mention, too.

I hate seeing another YouTuber announce a tour. Why? They never come to Canada. If they do, they go to solely Toronto – an example would be The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire, the Dan and Phil book tour. It’s devastating. It’s severely disappointing, even when we expect it. I see replies to tweets from Canadians. Multiple friends and I have cried over this.

The population of Belgium is approximately 11 and a half million people, the Netherlands are around 17 million. I use those specifically because Mark will be going to both of them on tour.
As for population of Canada? Around 36 million.
To anyone in the United States, they won’t be surprised. That’s practically the population of California alone. France, Germany, and the U.K. wouldn’t be surprised, either, considering all their populations are at least 60 million.

The other issue – only going to Toronto.

In land size, Canada is the second biggest country, Russia being the first. Canada covers about 3.8 million square miles, 9.9 million square kilometres, which is approximately 40x the size of the U.K. It is more than Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary.

As for me, I live in Saskatchewan – which has none of those listed cities, by the way. While we do get skipped right over often, I feel just as bad if not worse for the the maritime provinces (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick), Newfoundland & Labrador, and northern Canada (Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories). Out of all seven of those listed provinces, only one has an even mildly known city – Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This is a really, really hurtful issue. We are directly beside the United States. It isn’t even required to cross an ocean, and if you didn’t mind driving, you wouldn’t even have to be on a plane. The same goes for South America – often, they go unnoticed, too.

It’s as though we’re entirely disregarded and forgotten every single time. The only people I’ve ever had an interest in and they came to Canada, were Canadian people – Nickelback, Marianas Trench, Hedley, and Justin Bieber have all been to my city multiple times.

I don’t know if Teamiplier intends to announce more dates, and go several more places. Either way, they were only the inspiration.

Please stop forgetting Canada. Please stop pretending we don’t exist. Please stop disregarding us. It’s awful to only ever be mentioned as a joke and forgotten in every other incident, time and time again. As far as I’ve heard, JSE and the Game Grumps have only been around the US as well, but I haven’t seen any official information for either of those tours, nor have I been on YouTube.

Either way, my point is out there as best as I can put it. So, dear YouTubers, Canada exists. Stop pretending we don’t.

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Requested By @standalls

Stiles frowned when the bell rang but you still hadn’t turned up. Just as he was giving up he saw you hurry around the corner, hair flying everywhere, books dangerously close to dropping from your clutches as your bag fell off your shoulder.

“There you are!” Stiles laughed, grabbing some of your things as you opened your locker and frantically balanced everything so you could sort your bag out.

“What day do we have today?” You asked sleepily and Stiles chuckled.

“I think you mean lesson sleeping beauty and we have English first.” He smiled and caught your book, waiting for you to finish. “Is that my shirt?”

“Your shirt?” You asked through a yawn as you finally slammed your locker shut.

“Yeah and you buttoned it wrong.” He said and chuckled as you sleepily fumbled with the wonky buttons before helping you.

“You’re cute when you’re sleepy.” He muttered as he threw an arm over your shoulder, leading you to class where you promptly fell asleep at your desk.

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aeneid book 8
  • evander: and here we have a hill! it's like flat but up
  • aeneas: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
  • another trojan: he's been on the sea for six years he's easily impressed

Do you realize that James Potter was literally the arrogant, popular, rich guy, who’s part of the school team of everyone’s favorite sport and goes around with his mates bullying other students just because he can? We all know one of those guys. Basically every book, movie and tv show about high school ever have one of those. His one redeeming quality is being loyal to his “bros” (which those guys usually are, you know, constantly covering up each other’s shit). He’s the typical douchebag.

Welcome to dailyjonsa a new blog dedicated to Jon Snow and Sansa Stark from HBO’s Game of Thrones and George R. R. Martin’s ASOIAF books.

We’re here to keep you updated on the latest episodes, news, pictures and spoilers about them. We will do our best to keep you updated 24/7. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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I think I’m actually going to be pretty pissed if sjm doesn’t up her diversity game in the next books.

There are a lot of opportunities for her to do this - she has in no way written herself into a corner where diversity is no longer possible (this may have to do with world-building holes, but, anyway…).

There are Courts we haven’t seen yet, characters, Chaol is going to whatever in the hell place he is going that could have diverse people, I’m sure there will be more relationships developing that don’t at all need to be hetero or even monogamous, tbh. There is just… a lot of potential for this.

(edit to move some of my tags to the post bc… my tags got ridiculous…) If I knew before what I know now about these books, I may not have read them in the first place. But I did, and now I’m here, stuck in this fandom dumpster of smut and meta and so-called theories, and I like living in this damn dumpster. I just wish it weren’t filled with white hetero monogamous couples all the time.

And so I’m… going to be quite disappointed if some things don’t change. I don’t know what I’ll actually do. But I know I won’t be happy.


So I’m working on a thing for these two dorks and have have been sketching out a lot of stuff :V I just finished the book like a day ago and stayed up til 4:00 am reading and then going through the Snowbaz tag these two will be the death of me I love them

What I’ve learned so far is that we need more phots of Baz grinning thank you for your time

anonymous asked:

how do u feel abt an au where Jake brings rusty to tallstar and he grows up in windclan.. I wanna write abt it but I dunno if it's plausible bc windclan was kicked out first book

yeah we would just get an adventure of jake trying to find windclan all the while having a baby rusty tagging along 


Guess what guys and girls? This week we will be recording with the amazing @ehayes87 aka ERICA HAYES! For all of you who don’t know who Erica Hayes is, she is a storyboard artist and has worked for shows such as Rick and Morty, Little Big Awesome, Future Worm, Bojack Horseman, The Croods, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, and has done many other side projects like tshirt designs, comic book covers, and comics! She graduated from SCAD in 2012.

Do you have any questions you would like to ask Erica? Submit your questions on our tumblr with #AskEricaHayes or submit questions on these announcement posts on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the same tag! We will read your questions on the podcast and have Erica herself answer them!

You can follow Erica at:

Also credit to Zen Monkey Studios for her illustration we attached to this post. 🙂

Forget it (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hey sunshine. Could I get a Jughead x Reader request where Jug gets a letter from potential Jason’s killer with a threat to hurt the reader if he don’t stop to investigate the murder and he’d decide to protect her from danger? Thank u in advance. I’m sorry if isn’t correct English is my second language.

A/N: Enjoy this small piece! Sorry it’s so short xxx


Forget it (Jughead x Reader)

You weren’t meant to find it.

He was acting weird all week and you just wanted to know why.

You guys were getting so close to finding justice for Jason when Jughead shut the whole thing down. Both you and betty objected but he simply took everything you had gathered. Burning it in the courtyard later that night.

Betty asked you if something was wrong with him. You and Juggie had been dating for a couple months so the gang asked you to ask him. He simply shrugged it off and said the case didn’t interest him any more.

You knew that was a lie but smiled and nodded anyways.

The gang decided to take things into their own hands when Jughead announced he was trashing the novel. You questioned him again and he said to forget it.

But this was his work. He had spent months on the novel. Jason’s case had yet to be solved and Sheriff wasn’t doing his job. Everything was going in a million different directions.

You found it in a book. The Letter.

You had gone to the Andrews to see if Jughead had your copy of “The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe”. Jughead wasn’t there but Mr. Andrews had let you in to grab it.

It was placed in between the story of “The Man That Was Used Up”. One of Jughead’s favorites in the book and you couldn’t help but agree that maybe it fit the whole Jason case. All the secrets. All the lies. Everything. There was a man out there that was used up and was just a bundle of things.

You slid the paper back in the book and headed to Pops where the rest of the gang would be.

Sliding into the booth, you hand the book to Betty.

“Your book of Poe?” She gives you a confused look but you reach over and open it to the page. The letter falls out as the gang watches it fall onto the table.

“What is it?” Kevin asks as You look around to see if your boyfriend was around.

“He’s with his dad right now.” Arch answers and grabs the letter.

Pulling it open, he goes to read it.

His eyes skim the first three lines and his skin pales.

“Arch?” Betty reaches for the letter but he tugs it out of her reach.

“We need to drop it.” He shakes his head and closed the letter.

“Just show it to us.” Veronica grabs it from him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You cross your arms when your boyfriend walks in the room.

“Tell you what?” He places his bag on the desk next to him as the gang gathers inside the Blue and Gold office.

You pull the letter out and wave it. “This.”

Jug’s smile drops as he reaches for it. “Hand it over, (Y/n).”

“Why didn’t tell us?” You ask again.

“Because I’m not losing you too. Now hand it over.” His voice breaks a little as you give him back the letter.


“Forget it.”


I see you’ve taken interest in the Blossom Case. And writing a book on it? Well done. But You should know that if you get too close, you’ll lose the one thing you have left. You wouldn’t want her to have the same fate as Jason, now do we?

Think Carefully about your next move.

You’re a smart boy, Jones.

Choose Wisely.

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