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at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D

I finally made some cacti stuff and it was fun : D

Claudia and Stiles, June 1998.

Here’s another sneak peek for the final chappy of Home, which I’m aiming to post in June (60 drawings + Lupus = Julie needs extra time) but now it’s 42 paintings down, 18 to go!! Thanks for your unending patience ♥

When the cuteness of Jongho makes me want to scream

That new LEGO Ninjago movie trailer seriously showed us A LOT of differences from the original series.

Thanks for making an actual AU, LEGO. 😂


☆☆ But you and I, we live and die
The world’s still spinning around, we don’t know why ☆☆

When inspiration to draw Klance strikes after listening to THIS SONG by Oasis and watching the new series, Eyewitness, which I highly recommend!

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Has anyone seen Our Family Wedding

Well, if you haven’t, it’s a super fun film that tackles the social issue of accepting interracial relationships. The movie is hilarious, sweet, and just plain awesome so I highly recommend it! 

Aaaaaand yes, I have to annoy you guys with another AU. XD 


Nature vs Nurture: Why Are You Introverted? | Psych2Go

its been like 6 or so years since I’ve been a fan of tbfp; I remember my first exposure of them was their content on machinima, at the point when that was all they exclusively made.

and it’s just weird how even though they’ve gained so much traction and are technically among the big lets player names in terms of internet fame, they’re literally still just “dudes who play video games”.

Like, no unnecesarry screaming, text emphasis on jokes they make, it’s just them sitting on a couch talking about the game, randosm stuff and are just entertaining by just hanging out. It’s nice that they never lost the casual nature they have when it comes to their core content. The most they do is get better equipment, expand their media (podcasts, streaming, occasional vlogging, etc.), and have a different from multiple artists create thumbnails for each new playthrough (which i absolutely love).

It’s just nice that I can still boot up a video, and still think they’re all pretty damn down to earth.


He woke tho