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warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Ok so, most of us know that a short promo for the ML Christmas Special dropped in France today. I just remembered this small scene and it got me thinking:

Does this mean that, in canon, Ladybug and Chat do charity work? Like, do they visit kids in hospitals and work with charities like Make-A-Wish? I assume that both of them would have to agree to have their faces represent the charity or hospital. I find this super duper cute. I’m so glad this is a real thing cuz I know the fandom theorized that they did but I suppose it’s canon now!

winter things ➳ 1 day until christmas

reindeer antlers

Got7 College AU - Jinyoung

A/N - Time for Jinyoung’s college AU! I think this one might be favourite of the four I’ve done so far (although that could just be because of Jinyoung hehe) And I’ve had all 5 offers back from universities and have chosen the one I’m going to next year! Who knows, maybe I’ll get to live out a cute little AU like these 😂 Haha, anyway, enjoy and keep sending in your requests~

Mark | JB | Jackson | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • so Jinyoung would probably study something like Law or Business 
  • he’d want to become a CEO of a company and so doing a course like that would really help him achieve that goal 
  • he’d be the kind of student to just keep his head down and study, not really caring much about partying or dating 
  • almost every time you visited the library, he’d be sat there doing work and writing essays
  • you admired how dedicated he was to succeeding and getting a job in his dream career
  • you didn’t know his name but you knew he was dedicated
  • however a small part of you did want to know his name
  • and everything about him, in fact
  • he was absolutely gorgeous but how could you introduce yourself to him?
  • like “hey I’ve been looking at you in the library for the past couple months wanna date?”
  • besides, he was so focused on working that he wouldn’t even hear you or register that you were talking to him
  • well, that’s what you believed anyway
  • but Jinyoung had actually noticed you in the library too
  • he always smiled when you walked in but wouldn’t let himself get too distracted by you
  •  however he would steal glances at you and one time he did and you were looking at him too
  • and he just dissolved into a blushing mess
  • but then one night, JB and Jackson had managed to convince him to go to some college party
  • which was not his ideal way to spend a saturday night
  • but when he walked in and saw you there, looking like you had been dragged there too by your friends
  • he grabbed himself a drink to help him get through the night and build up the courage to talk to you
  • when he felt he could finally go up to you, you’d be super nervous about talking to him
  • thankfully you also had some alcohol going through your system to help with the nerves
  • and once you had got talking, it was difficult to shut you two up
  • both your friends and his were just staring in awe that you had both gotten along so well
  • and they were even more shocked when Jinyoung leaned in to kiss you
  • bc they didn’t even think Jinyoung was capable of speaking to women outside of class let alone managing to make out with one 
  • and you’re friends were freaking out because you had gone on about liking him for ages
  • and finally you were getting some
  • quite literally as Jinyoung whispered into your ear
  • “want to come back to my dorm?”
  • and obviously you said yes
  • I’ll spare you the details but the next morning you woke up next to him and the sunlight hit his face and he was practically glowing
  • you couldn’t quite believe what you and him had done
  • it wasn’t something you usually did but Jinyoung felt different
  • it wasn’t just some college party hookup
  • you could tell this was going to become something special
  • and it really was special
  • the two of you had earned the title of ‘library cuties’ because now you’d both study together and help each other
  • and every now and then you’d give each other little kisses as rewards for getting something right
  • you and Jinyoung quickly became the living definition of ‘relationship goals’ 
  • and it had all started from stolen glances across the school library

I really don’t think pewdiepie is a nazi.

This is getting ridiculous.

Were his jokes in HELLA bad taste, yes.

Did he make sure those people got their jobs back on that website? Yes.

Does he do a bunch of charity work and make a wish visits. Yes.

Will we hear about any of the good he does? No.

I don’t think he’s a bad fella.

Just did something really, really stupid.

I think youtube is going to be more effected by this than he is in all honesty.

He’s pretty much the only reason people have youtube red and cancelling his show….ehhhh

But seriously.

I do not agree with the things he said, but I don’t think his show should be cancelled and the season not shown.

Holidays In Insomia

Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s a bunch of headcanons! I don’t want to put all of them here cause I won’t have any for later, so here are some of them.

  • First off, Regis is a big family man and he claims the entire fucking kingdom is his family. So, during the Holidays, the Citadel is open to the public. He sets up decorations and food and he events for anyone and everyone.
  • Here’s the catch though, inside of just opening up the Citadel for the citizens to visit, him and Noctis actually stay and do some charity work. They help pass out food, talk to the citizens, Noct usually get’s dragged off somewhere by the kids to play in the snow. Stuff like that. It’s the one time everyone is aloud to see their King and Prince laid back and smiling. 

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It's dangerous to read books

Beginning to read new book….more like forgetting your whole life….

I wonder what time it is…?
Shit, I forgot to eat!
I haven’t eaten all day!
Fuck, it’s late!
When was the last time I visited the loo?
Am I dead?
Do I have work tomorrow!?
Is it tomorrow already?
Oh fuck!

Imagine paying DK a surprise visit while he’s a tour with the rest of Seventeen so that you could spend his birthday with him.

It’s been a rough week, especially with the terrible experience I had at the psychological services center (you can read the whole story a few posts down), but yesterday was great.

I’ve been out to my mom and sister since early January. My sister has already helped me a lot by giving me making tips, donating some of her like-new clothes and unused makeup, perfumes, and brushes. My mom has been supportive on theory, but said she isn’t quite sure how to help me or show her support. Well, she figured out a way.

I went over to her place in male mode to visit her as I do quite often. After small talk about work and such, she said that she had something for me. I sat at the kitchen table, she went into her bedroom closet, and came back with a small, red gift bag. She set it front of me and said, “I hope you like them!”

I reached in and to my surprise pulled out a bottle of pale pink nail polish. “Oh, just pour them all out,” she said. A flood of over a dozen nail polish bottles in every color spread across the table.

She works at K-Mart and told me they were having a big sale on beauty products. I thanked her as much as I could and gave her a big hug. The gesture itself was unbelievable, but it was what she said after I thanked her for about the hundredth time that really got to me. “Don’t mention it,” she said, “Every girl has to have her own collection.”

Now, what color should I paint my nails first?


i watched it’s a wonderful life last night (my favorite movie, i love the idea that even one person can change someone else’s life so drastically) and decided to make alternate universe toby who doesn’t follow the path she was suppose to and therefore never meets navy and never gets married and never has children.

au toby is snarky and skeptical and doesn’t believe in much.  she dyes her hair black (to match her soul) and doesn’t make eye contact with people when they talk to her.  she has nobody to make sure she’s eating enough and therefore doesn’t.  toby is a nurturing soul and without anyone to take care of she ends up wasting all that warmth on insipid things like her two goldfish and her collection of coffee mugs.